The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Challenge

Chapter 3

The knock on Kyle’s door came at 6:30pm, a half hour early just as with the previous night. Kyle was expecting it though and quickly opened the door to see Shayla standing there in yet another pair of jeans and oversized sweatshirt. “Early again hmm?”

“Yeah well I was thinking that maybe the clock in my car was messed up. When I left it said it was almost eight and there ain’t no way in hell that I was at your place for no hour and a half,” Shayla said walking into the apartment and then into the living room. “Looks like you have everything set up for us again.”

“Yeah I wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to take you under again.”

“You mean try and take me under at all,” Shayla said with a smirk. “You ain’t done it a first time yet.”

Kyle smiled back, “Of course. Let see how you do tonight. Maybe we can get you to go under tonight and settle this once and for all.”

“Do your worst, hon.”

“Just like yesterday I want you to watch the flame and focus on its center. Breathe in deep and let it out slowly. Let yourself relax as you watch the flame dance back and forth. Focus deeply on the center of the flame and relax as it becomes crystal clear.” Kyle watched as Shayla’s eyes locked onto the flame much faster this time. “Let everything else around you blur and fade. Everything around you but the flame and my voice fading away. Feel your body relaxing. Let your mind focus deep into the candle’s center and let your body get tired and heavy.”

Shayla was clearly focused on the candle’s flame as her posture had shifted down and forward. She was barely even blinking. “Now just let your eyes slip closed Shayla and sleep for me. You can see the flame deep inside your mind even while your eyes are closed. That candle flame is going to lead you down deeper into sleep and deeper into your mind,” Kyle said watching as her eyes dropped slowly closed and her body slumped even more. “Listen as my words fill your mind. When I say the words ‘wrong way’ you will take off one item of clothing but you won’t realize what you are doing. You will take it off and set it beside you but not notice that you have taken it off or that it is laying there. Do you understand, Shayla?”

There was a long pause and Kyle began to wonder if the suggestion was pushing the girl too far. “Yes,” Shayla finally slurred out as if finally accepting what was being said.

Kyle breathed a sigh of relief and continued on, “Every time I say ‘wrong way’ you will take off another piece of clothing. You won’t notice anything out of the ordinary until I say the word ‘naked’. What happens when I say ‘wrong way’, Shayla?”

“I take off one thing,” Shayla said her voice dull and slow.

“Do you realize what you are doing?”


“Good. Now I am going to take you deeper and we will repeat these instructions. Do you understand?”


Kyle repeated the suggestion over and over taking his subject down deeper each time wanting to make sure that the suggestion was deeply rooted in her subconscious. Finally he was satisfied that he had ingrained it as deeply as he could. It was either going to work perfectly or blow up spectacularly. “...and wake.”

Shayla’s eyes fluttered open and blinked a few times letting the candle come back into focus. Not hearing Kyle’s voice any more, she looked up to see him sitting there watching her. “So did you give up? Here I thought you was gonna give it all you got.”

“Well I thought we should talk some about it in between our attempts,” Kyle said giving a half grin. “I wouldn’t want to go about this the wrong way.” He paused holding his breath watching to see what would happen.

Shayla kicked off her sandals under the coffee table. “Hey is that drink offer still good. If we’re going to be talking more I just realized how dry my mouth is.”

“Sure thing. I have water, pop, or juice,” Kyle said trying to hide his excitement at the subtle signs of his success.

Shayla grinned, “A real partier you are.” I’ll take some pop, Pepsi if you have it.”

“Sure thing,” Kyle said getting up and heading into the small kitchen to get the drink. He returned quickly ready to continue. “Here you go. Don’t want to get to thirsty and make this evening go the wrong way.”

Shayla set her drink down on the table and reached down to grab the bottom of her sweatshirt. She pulled it up over her head and set it on the couch beside her before picking up her glass and taking a long drink. “Thanks. Was thirstier than I thought. Something wrong?”

Kyle was staring openly at the huge mounds of flesh held in place by a dark blue bra. Having no idea on sizes he simply knew that they were massive. They concealed a fairly small waist flaring out to generous hips still covered by her jeans. Kyle snapped his head up and tried to cover his open mouth gaping, “Oh nothing. I just realized how thirsty I was too.”

Shayla set her glass down and leaned back giving Kyle a gorgeous view. “So trying to get your second wind huh? I just don’t think you are going to be able to pull this off.”

“Umm, yeah. I don’t have a chance of it working now do I?” Kyle said recovering his initial shock. “Although you never really know. I have the rest of our time here as well as tomorrow’s session.”

“So far you ain’t got much of a result,” Shayla said. “From how much you supported it in class I figured you had at least something to put behind that.”

“I think you are going the wrong way about that. I have had more experience with it than you think and I have a feeling that I can have just as much success with you,” Kyle replied while watching Shayla stand up and slip off her jeans. She took them and set them on top of her discarded sweatshirt beside her on the couch. Her generous hips and full round ass were now clearly on display. As she wiggled out of the jeans, Kyle enjoyed the show of her round tits swaying back and forth.

“Well I’ve been waiting and there just hasn’t been much to show for it,” Shayla pouted, folding her arms across her chest still unaware of her state of undress.

“Oh I see now,” Kyle smirked enjoying the beauty on display and even more so the fact that she was completely unaware of her exposure. “You are saying there just hasn’t been enough shown. Well if I am going about it the wrong way then maybe I need to change things up just a little bit.”

Shayla uncrossed her arms and reached behind her to unhook her bra. Her massive mammaries swung into view for Kyle’s pleasure. They were each far more than a handful of dark flesh and Kyle was looking forward to doing more than just looking at them. As Shayla set her bra on top of the growing pile of clothes beside her Kyle gawked at her thick puffy nipples as they hardened in the cool air of the apartment.

“Well you better change something up. Are you going to put me under or give up and admit that you are wrong about all the shit you been saying?” Shayla said lean back against the couch, causing a distracting amount of jiggling.

“I have to say that I think that we have both shown enough to realize that you have been going about trying to get me to hypnotize you the wrong way,” Kyle said watching as Shayla stood up to drop her panties. “But I think that is about to change.” Kyle admired the short busty beauty as she flopped back onto the couch now completely naked displaying her unshaven bush and round full ass as well as her full tits. “And that’s the naked truth.”

Shayla started her retort and suddenly froze looking down at her fully naked body. “What the fuck?” She screamed. “What the fuck did you do to me? Why in the hell am I naked?” She shouted as she grabbed bits of clothes and tried to cover herself.

“I hypnotized you just like you asked me to. And to prove that I did I had you strip for me. I wanted something that would make you realize it for sure.”

“Stop looking at me. Turn the fuck around. How could you do this to me?” Shayla continued to rant. “What else did you do?”

“Nothing else. Just hypnotized you like you wanted,” Kyle said shocked at her violent response to what he had thought she had wanted.

Shayla got her panties and jeans up and threw on her sweatshirt. “You had me naked,” she said grabbing up her bra. “I just...” Her voice trailed off and she spun quickly and dashed out of the apartment.

Kyle stood there with his mouth open for a solid minute trying to register what had happened. He had done what she had asked and from her ‘anything’ attitude he thought having her strip was fairly tame. His confusion rolled through his brain as he sat back down in his recliner trying to process where he went wrong.

Shayla sat in her car trying to calm down. Her breath rasped through her chest as she was nearly hyperventilating. She wasn’t sure if she was more upset that she seemed to have lost the bet or that he had made her take off her clothes. He had really gone inside her mind and made her do things without realizing it. He had controlled her in a way she was so sure was bullshit. Her hands shook as she held onto the steering wheel knowing that she wasn’t about to drive anywhere in this shape. She was glad that she had parked further away from Kyle’s apartment so there was no chance of him seeing her like this. Why had she taunted him like that? Why had she asked him to hypnotize her? She tried to slow her breathing down again. As she focused on calming herself the faint image of the candle’s flame came to mind. “Get the fuck away I ain’t ready for you again yet,” She told herself. “Yet? Did I just say yet? God I must be fucked up.” Shayla released the wheel and leaned back against the car seat. So many things were running through her mind and she needed to sort through them all.