The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Challenge

Chapter 4

The knock on Kyle’s apartment door came over an hour later. He looked up from the recliner and wondered who would be knocking this late. He had far too much on his mind to be dealing with neighbors. The knock came again and he sighed as he got up and walked in to answer it. Opening the door he looked down at the last person he expected to see.

“Hi,” Shayla said looking rather subdued compared to her normal self. “Can I come in?”

Kyle stared in disbelief for a moment before stepping back and holding the door open, “Sure. Come on in.”

Shayla walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. “I wanted to say I’m sorry for freaking out on you,” she began. “I ain’t got a real answer for why I did it but I’m sorry. You did exactly what I had challenged you to do and then I go all insane when you actually did it.”

Kyle stood across from her not yet ready to sit down. He watched her facial expressions and saw the sincerity there. “It’s okay. I have to admit you stunned me when you started screaming at me like that.”

“Yeah I fucked up pretty bad. You just did shit I didn’t think was possible no matter how much I wanted it to be.”

Kyle took a moment to register what Shayla just said. “What? What do you mean wanted it to be? I thought you said it was bullshit?”

“Yeah. I said that ’cause it’s too close to hitting home. That kind of control or even the thought of being controlled like that... well, it gets to me,” Shayla continued slowly. “It ain’t something normal and it sure as hell ain’t something you can just talk with your girls about.”

“So you got what you wanted and you freaked because you got it?


“Okay I’m really confused now,” Kyle said finally sitting down. “Then what was all stuff about you saying I could do what I want if I could hypnotize you? Was that part of it as well or was that something else?”

Shayla lowered her eyes. “That was part of it too. And I’m back ’cause you did what you said you could. I wanted to say I was sorry and to hold up my end.” Shayla stood up and took off her top swinging her breasts into view again. She had neglected to put her bra back on so they swung back and forth with each movement.

“Hey you don’t have to do that. From your reaction I get that you didn’t want me to see all of you.”

“I want to. If you hadn’t noticed I keep my body pretty hidden. I’m not exactly happy with how I look but it seems pretty obvious that you enjoyed looking at it. And I ain’t shitting you. Whatever you want is yours. And its not just the bet it’s ’cause I want to so get that out of your head right now. All I’m gonna ask is that you keep it between me and you.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem,” Kyle said watching as Shayla continued to strip for him. “Now the next question is do you want to get hypnotized again or not?”

“I agreed to do whatever you wanted so you don’t need to hypnotize me to do that,” Shayla said walking toward Kyle. “Although I wouldn’t be against it.”

Kyle reached out and cupped Shayla’s left breast in his hand feeling the weight and pliable flesh filling his palm to overflowing. “Close your eyes and tell me what you see.”

Shayla let her eyes drift shut enjoying the warmth of Kyle’s hand squeezing her tit. “I see the candle flame.”

“Focus on the flame and let yourself relax. Drift down for me Shayla,” Kyle said slowly and gently massaging the warm brown orb in his hand. “Let it all go and sleep for me. Feel yourself dropping down deeper and deeper.”

“Deeper,” Shayla slurred, slipping under smoothly.

“Feel my words becoming a part of you. Whenever I and only I touch a part of you and say ‘bound’ you will feel as if you are bound and tied. You will feel the ropes binding you and restraining you until I release you. If I bind you to an object or a place you will be unable to move from that place,” Kyle said taking the time to ingrain the commands deep into Shayla’s mind. He repeated each command over and over until he was certain that they were planted within her subconscious. All through the time that he was implanting each suggestion Kyle continued to knead and massage Shayla’s lovely breasts. He shifted from one to the other feeling her nipples hardening under his touch. Another idea popped into his head. “Shayla is this a one time thing that you want to happen or would you like to do this again?”

There was a long pause and Kyle wondered if he had pushed things too far with this question. Then Shayla answered, “Again. Want to do this over. Need this.”

Kyle smiled and started the next suggestion. “I am going to use your mouth very soon,” Kyle began. He felt Shayla press her breast more firmly against his hand and her lips parted in obvious enjoyment. “When I cum in your mouth it will be the most incredible taste you have ever experienced. You will realize that you need to taste that again. Do you understand?”

“Yesssssss,” Shayla hissed with pleasure.

Kyle repeated the suggestion a few more times and then brought her up out of the trance, “...and wake.”

Shayla blinked once and focused on Kyle’s face, “Please. I need this.”

Kyle released her breast and took each of her arms and gently but firmly pushed them behind her back. As her wrists touched he said, “Bound.” He released her arms and moved around in front of her.

Shayla struggled a couple of times testing trying to move her arms. “I can’t move them. This shit is so hot.”

Kyle grinned and pushed on her shoulders, “Kneel down, Shayla.” Once she had gone to her knees he touched each one, “Bound. Now that you aren’t going anywhere let’s have a bit of fun.” He unzipped his jeans sliding out of them and tossing them to the side. His underwear quickly followed allowing his already hard cock to spring into view. He let it rest against her cheek enjoying the contrast between its paleness and her ebony skin. “Open up and say ‘ah’.”

Shayla eagerly opened her mouth waiting for whatever Kyle’s desires were. Kyle rubbed the swollen head of his cock over the kneeling girl’s plump lips teasing her. Shayla leaned forward wanting more of a taste of what was right in front of her. Kyle simply shifted his hips back keeping just out of Shayla’s reach. Just as she was about at the limits of her balance Kyle thrust forward pushing his hard shaft into her warm wet mouth. Taken by surprise Shayla gagged momentarily as she adjusted to the intruder inside her mouth. She recovered quickly though and began bobbing her head up and down on the pale rod in her mouth.

“That’s it,” Kyle groaned enjoying the ministrations of the ebony beauty in front of him. “Take it deeper.”

Shayla slurped loudly shifting her shoulders trying desperately to free her hands from behind her to use them to aid in her pleasurable task. No matter how she struggled, her hands remained firmly bound behind her back. Mumbling around the warm hard cock buried in her mouth she increased the tempo of her sucking.

Kyle gripped her hair tightly slowly pulling her back off his cock, “What was that? Trying to say something?”

“Fuck this is so hot. Please let me taste you. Please.”

Kyle released his grip on her hair and Shayla dove back down on Kyle’s dick like a starving woman. With the renewed attack Kyle knew he wasn’t going to last long. He tipped his head back and enjoyed the sensations. “Fuck!” he shouted as he let go filling her mouth with cum. His knees started buckling and he had to shift his stance to keep from stumbling on top of the sexy woman beneath him.

Shayla slurped and swallowed every spurt that poured into her mouth. She felt her body spasming as the incredible flavor filled her in a way she never expected. She leaned back licking her lips savoring the taste, “Holy fuck you taste good,” she moaned . “Not saying I’ve sucked a lot of dick before but nothing has been that good. What you eating that makes you taste so good?”

Kyle smiled down at her, “I’ll let you in on my secret when we are all done.” He shifted his hips making his still hard cock swing side to side. “But I’m still ready for a little more of you.”

Shayla leaned forward sticking out her tongue trying to get another taste.

“Oh no you don’t,” Kyle said leaning down to touch each of her knees. “Release.” He helped her to her feet and then bent her over the back of the couch. Rubbing his hand between her legs brought a moan of pleasure from the helpless girl. He put the slightest pressure on his finger and felt it slip into her wet heated slit.

Shayla drew in a sharp breath feeling the pleasurable intrusion followed by the unmistakable feeling of her own juices trickling down her inner thigh. She was always embarrassed by how wet she got when aroused but at the moment she was far too distracted to be embarrassed. She whimpered slightly as the finger withdrew but gasped as something far more filling plunged deep inside her. She reveled in the sensations of the slick shaft pumping in and out of her heated pussy and it was a moment before reality struck. “Please put a condom on I ain’t on the pill,” she gasped between thrusts.

Kyle let his cock slip from the dripping opening he had been ravaging only moments before. “As strange as it may sound this was not something I was exactly planning. I don’t have one.” He stepped back restraining himself from what his body was aching to do.

“Fuck my ass,” Shayla said barely above a whisper.

“What?” Kyle exclaimed, wondering if he heard right.

“I said fuck my ass. Please. I need you inside me so bad.”

Kyle rubbed his fingers up and down her slit causing more juices to flow. He pushed two fingers up inside her pumping in and out furiously. Shayla couldn’t stop her body from thrusting back against the invading fingers pushing them deeper inside her body. She was quickly panting from the overwhelming pleasure rolling through her body. Kyle reached up and around with his other hand squeezing a warm breast and tugging on the nipple. The combined sensations sent the dark skinned girl over the edge. Warm juices flooded over Kyle’s hand as Shayla came hard. She bucked against his palm as she began slumping over the back of the couch, her legs no longer able to support her.

“Oh fuck!” Shayla panted. “That’s so much. That’s... that’s I don’t know,” she stammered.

Kyle touched her wrists, “Release.” He pulled her gently up and helped her around the couch and eased her down beside him. She curled up against him shivering slightly. He smiled down at the beauty lying against him, “So was losing the bet so bad?”

Shayla looked up and grinned weakly, “Can I lose again, please?”

Kyle chuckled, “I think we might be able to arrange something.”

Shayla sat up partially. “So why didn’t you fuck my ass? Just about any other guy would have jumped at the chance to stick it in there.”

Kyle paused for a moment. “Don’t think that I didn’t want to. But I didn’t want to hurt you and I was in no frame of mind for slow and easy. I’d like to do this again and that wouldn’t have been the way to get you to want more.”

Shayla grinned and reached over to start stroking his cock. “Oh I want more I can promise you that.”

“Speaking of you wanting things I do want to tell you that I did implant a trigger making you crave my cum. Now that our session of play is over I can remove that even though we didn’t exactly get to explore it fully.”

“Don’t you fucking even think about that or I’ll kick your ass. I want to see what its like for at least a little bit. I trust you won’t abuse it. Hell you had the shot at abusing the hell out of my ass and you didn’t so let’s see where this goes.”

Kyle smiled and stood up guiding Shayla up with him. “Let’s take this into the bedroom for a little more... discussion. I think we have quite a bit of exploring to do.”