The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Challenge Pt 3

Chapter 6

Kyle slowly let consciousness seep back into his world and stretched slightly. It was at that point that he realized that there was a warm wet mouth engulfing his morning wood and he remembered his bedroom guest. “Well this is a very good wake up, Shayla.”

The dark skinned girl looked up and let his cock pop momentarily past her thick lips. “And a good morning to yourself sleepyhead. I woke up with a mighty need. I fucking swear this shit is stronger today than it was yesterday. And damn did I need it yesterday.” She dove back down on his waiting cock like a starving woman causing Kyle to moan in pleasure.

“And here I thought you wanted to talk today,” Kyle groaned enjoying Shayla’s attention. “And there is always our next session as well.”

Shayla bobbed her head up and down a few more times before licking her way up his full shaft. “I do but I need this so bad. And knowing you did it is making it hotter. I’d go fucking crazy if I couldn’t suck you right now,” She said before engulfing him again. She slurped loudly and began truly fucking her mouth with his cock. Each time down she took him a little deeper gagging slightly and pulling back up only to dive hungrily back down.

Kyle couldn’t resist this onslaught and grabbed a handful of hair as he arched his hips upward exploding inside her waiting mouth. “Fuck!” He growled as his cock pumped jet after jet of thick sperm.

Shayla swallowed relishing the taste in her mouth and then slowly licked up each drop teasing a bit more out of Kyle’s softening dick. “Damn that shit tastes so good. I can’t believe that is after just one day.” She crawled up next to him and laid her head on his chest. “This is so hot for me you just have no idea.”

“Well I’m not complaining,” Kyle said with a chuckle. “But that is something that I can remove for you so that you aren’t always dealing with that craving.”

“So you telling me you don’t like having a black girl addicted to your cum?” she said with a grin lifting her head up off his chest to look at him.

“I never said that. But what I like and just how altering that is for you is two different things.”

“Ok I guess we do need to talk before we go much further. You are a nice guy and that makes this easy and hard all at the same time. I mean I knew that if you could do the things you wouldn’t fuck me up cause you wouldn’t do that to a person but now that I know you can do the shit I need you to not be quite as nice a guy, ok?”

Kyle looked at Shayla frowning slightly. “I am not getting what you are saying here. You like that I am a nice guy but now that we have done a few things you don’t want me to be a nice guy?”

Shayla sighed, “Yeah that is what I’m saying. But from that look I can see you just ain’t getting it. I’m fucked up.”

Kyle sat up against the headboard and his frown deepened, “You are not fucked up Shayla and I don’t want to hear you say that about yourself again.”

Shayla sat up and looked hard at the man on the bed with her. “Ok I am going to go over a lot of shit. Try not to interrupt me too much cause this is going to be hard for me to get out. When its all done you can decide where we want to go from here. You may not think much of me when I get there though.”

“Shayla I think you’re pretty awesome. I mean its not like I would,” Kyle began but was cut off as she put her hand over his mouth.”

“For someone as smart as you are you sure are dumb sometimes. Let me get this out. I’m going to ramble a bit and it might not all make sense but hear me out.”

Kyle nodded and Shayla eased her hand down. “Ok. I’m listening and I will do my best not to interrupt but you know me and I am probably going to ask some questions.”

Shayla smiled and swung her leg over his lower body so she could straddle his waist. “Yeah I do know. Alright this is going to kinda pick up from what I was saying yesterday. I was learning a lot about what turned me on and what didn’t. I wish I could say that there was more that didn’t turn me on but that list is pretty fucking short. One of the things that I learned and I guess the most fucked up if you ask my sister is that not only do I completely get off on being controlled but when its a white guy it just takes it over the top for me.”

Kyle started to open his mouth and just closed it so that Shayla could continue. But there were questions already swirling around in his head.

“Yeah I’m objectifying you so live with it. Anyway I had all this shit building up and I needed someone to talk to. I know none of the girls I hang with would get it at all so I thought maybe my sister would kinda understand. I mean she was blood and all. So she took the control thing pretty good at first. I mean she teased me about probably wanting to get tied up and that I was nasty. But you know in a kinda joking way. And then I told her some more of the things that I thought of like leashes and collars and she stopped teasing and kinda got this look. I guess I didn’t catch it cause I kept on talking about how I was finding out there was a lot out there that people were into. And then I pulled the cardinal sin for an independent black woman, I said I wanted to submit to a white man. My sister looked at me like I was some kind of mutant freak and started yelling at me. Asking what was wrong with me. Telling me that I was a traitor to the entire community. That I was a fucked up piece of shit.” Shayla said the last few words with tears starting to flow freely down her cheeks.

Kyle leaned forward and hugged her tight against his chest. “You are no such thing Shayla. You are an incredible, intelligent, strong woman. She had no right to say any of that to you.”

She looked up and wiped the tears off her cheeks. “Yeah I kinda know that now but man that hit me like a brickyard. But I’m not done and here you are interrupting me and being sweet and nice and its making the rest harder.”

“You deserve care, Shayla. Especially when things are hard and emotional. You have to have that and it sounds like you haven’t had nearly as much of that as you should have. And why does me being nice make telling me harder? I am not judging you at all. You can tell me anything.”

Shayla gave a small smile and leaned down to hug Kyle tight. “Well let’s see how you feel about that anything once I’ve spilled more. Anyway my sister threatened to tell mom about what I was thinking if I didn’t get my head on straight and act like a normal person. So I told her that they was just thoughts and I didn’t really want that and that I was just saying stuff to get a reaction out of her. I could tell that she didn’t completely buy it and we was never really the same afterwards. I found the next black guy who looked at me with some interest and went out with him. Just kinda went through the dating motions with a few guys but it felt really empty. Then I met this guy who was into bondage and although it wasn’t hypnosis level control it was something that really got me going in a way I hadn’t felt since I started discovering who I am.”

Kyle nodded and kept silent but also watched Shayla closely to make sure she was ok.

“It was good at first, I mean really good. I thought it was going to be exactly what I needed. I had to keep me seeing him secret cause he was white but that wasn’t too hard because everyone had their own things going on and so long as I kept to a pretty normal routine no one noticed. Well we started doing more than just bondage. I mean it wasn’t as if he hadn’t spanked me or anything before but this one time he brought out this leather paddle and asked me if I wanted to try it out. I was thrilled and excited so of course I said sure. Long story short I loved it. But it didn’t stop there. And I didn’t want it to stop. He brought out a flogger and asked if I wanted to play and I said yes. And he brought out nipple clamps and asked if I wanted to play and I said yes. And then he brought out a ball gag and asked if I wanted to play and I said yes. Now I don’t know exactly when it happened and yes part of that shit is on me but he stopped asking. He just did it. And I loved that he did it. I didn’t want asked.”

“But you should always be asked or at least checked on,” Kyle blurted out. “Where the fuck was the safety words for playing like that?”

“Yeah. I told you I’m fucked up. I should be asked but I love it when its just done to me.”

“You are not fucked up. You just love to be controlled. There does have to be some checks and safeties in there though.”

“Yeah I know that now. And that is part of the story. Anyway not only does he stop asking but its starts getting harder. Heavier. More degrading. And here is me loving it and not paying attention. When I finally realized that he was a twisted motherfucker I was pretty deep. He was at the point he was really hurting and not caring. I had been going deeper with a sadist and when his true colors finally showed I was way deeper than I should have been. Like I said I was fucked.”

“That bastard!” Kyle growled. “What the fuck was he thinking hurting you like that?”

“Yeah he was and is a bastard but its not all on his plate. I was getting off on this up till that point. I wasn’t paying attention to who I was with and how he was changing. Kyle I wanted what I was getting. That’s what I am trying to tell you. I need to be controlled and some of the things I enjoy are pretty fucking dark. Well maybe not as dark as hurting or getting hurt but you kinda get the picture.”

Kyle nodded although this was a lot further than he had experienced. He had a girlfriend in high school who enjoyed a bit of pain but what Shayla was describing was something else entirely. “Is that why you said it was going to be hard to tell me because I am a nice guy?”

Shayla sighed, “Yeah. I mean I know you say that I’m not fucked up but that is just the nice guy talking. You don’t know how I really loved what he was doing to me at first. That helplessness was just...” She trailed off caught up in past memories and sensations.

“Ok let’s get a few things straight,” Kyle began. “Yes I am a nice guy. I can’t deny that one but I also made you strip for me hypnotically bound you, and made you addicted to my cum”

Shayla smiled, “Mmmm yeah you did.”

“And I have done some things that definitely wouldn’t be classified as a ‘nice guy’ in anyone’s book. Not as messed up as your sadist but certainly not run of the mill.”

Shayla leaned forward mashing her heavy breasts into his chest and kissing him deeply. She pulled back and smiled. “So you aren’t upset that I’m broken? I mean I ran away from you when you first hypnotized me. I’ve kinda given you a lot of extremes in the past couple of days.”

Kyle chuckled and gripped the sexy ebony girl’s hips, “No I’m not upset at all although I do have to say I am surprised. I honestly have to say that I would have never guessed any of that about you even knowing you through our classes.”

“Yeah. It ain’t been easy being in those classes with you. When I found out you knew hypnosis was real and shit damn was it hard not to throw myself at you,” Shayla laughed. “It was part cause I knew how nice a guy you were that I didn’t. I mean what was the chances that a cute white guy who was into hypno would also have any kinks. Especially being as kind as you were. You’d be safe to play with and let go and be controlled. But I wanted to know you better. I wanted to see just how much you knew about hypno and if there was anything else that you might be into. And I am fucking rambling like an idiot.” Shayla buried her head against Kyle’s chest and giggled.

Kyle laughed, “It makes so much more sense why you really started talking to me more after I got talking hypnosis with the professor. I should have seen it then. You went from casual hellos and some banter to really jabbing. I thought you didn’t like me. Apparently I was a bit wrong.”

“Yeah just a bit,” she mumbled into his chest. “And I did offer the ‘anything’ for the bet on purpose. I wanted to see just what you would do. I was hoping for hot and then you gave it and I went spastic on you. I am so sorry for that.”

“You did catch me off guard on that one,” Kyle said. “Here I thought it was a little risque but well within the realms of anything and you started shouting. I didn’t know what to do on that one.”

Shayla raised her head, “I am so so sorry. I set you up to give me even more than that and I kinda blew it.”

“Well considering you are straddling me naked I’d say that you didn’t mess it up too bad.”

“Hey I can’t argue with that one. But that does kinda bring us back to where do we go from here. I know you wasn’t thinking of more than seeing me naked and a bit of naughty oral but here we are and you know what I am into and I really don’t know if you want to go anywhere with that.” Shayla said looking Kyle dead in the eyes. “I know its a lot to take in and the fact that you haven’t run screaming like I did says a lot about you. Cause I’m fuc..... I’m not normal.”

Kyle smiled as Shayla caught herself. “Yeah neither of us are normal and I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.”

“Oh from where I’m sitting its a damn good thing.” She reached around behind her and started stroking his cock where it rested close to her plump ass. “I’m not saying we have to jump into anything but I would like to know if you want to keep going or not. I know what answer I want but I’m being pretty selfish there.”

“Knowing what you want isn’t being selfish,” Kyle began enjoying the attention his slowly hardening shaft was getting. “But before we head in any direction we need to talk about expectations and boundaries. And you are going to need to stop that if you expect much of an intelligent conversation out of me,” Kyle said reluctantly disengaging Shayla’s hand.

“Fine,” she pouted bringing her hand around and resting them both on his chest. “I expect to give up control to you and you to use it however you want. My boundaries are don’t injure me and don’t get me arrested. Oh yeah try not to get me expelled either.”

“And? That’s it? That is not much in the way of boundaries. And that is wide open for expectations.”

Shayla reached forward and smacked Kyle open palmed on the forehead. “Didn’t you listen to a damn thing I just said? I want to be Controlled! Up until the shit got dangerous I was loving what he was doing to me because he did it. He took control and did it to me. Yeah I should have stopped things a bit sooner but that is what I am trying to tell you. I love the control. And you can take it to that place I fantasize about. You can make my body do things just by telling me.”

Kyle sighed, “And that is dangerous. You have to have limits and boundaries in place to keep you safe. And it sounds like you really need that in place because it sounds like when you get going there is no turning back.”

“Exactly!” Shayla exclaimed. “Which is why you being a nice guy makes this so much safer for me. I know there isn’t much chance of you doing anything that is going to be unsafe for me. I mean its likely to take time to get you to where I want things to be and you just having your way with me but it means I can let go like I need to.”

Kyle gave a small smile as an idea popped into his head. “What if I froze you in place and came on your face and just left you there?”

“Oh god that sounds hot.” Shayla responded.

“What if I bent you over my knee and spanked you?”


“What if I put a collar around you and walked you around the apartment like a dog?”

“Woof!” Shayla replied grinning.

“What if I hypnotize you and make you think you are a stripper?”

“You’ve already seen me do that. And hell strippers have more limits than I do.” Shayla countered.

Kyle pondered for something more intense and finally landed on something, “What if I tranced you to not be able to cum till you got your nipples pierced?”

Shayla cupped her breasts and held them out for his viewing pleasure. “Bars or rings, sir?”

“Argh!” Kyle shouted in frustration. “So do you see yourself as my potential girlfriend?”

“Girlfriend, slut, slave, playtoy, possession, whatever you want me to be. And yeah I think I can see you’re finally getting it. Kyle this has taken me years to finally wrap my head around this shit. I don’t expect you to understand all this in a single morning. But I do want you to know that I am up for this and that I do trust you.”

“Alright I have to admit I am really interested in where this might lead but there is one thing that I am going to have to insist on,” Kyle began sliding his hands up Shayla’s smooth thighs.

“You name it,” came the rapid reply.

“You make an appointment with your doc to get on birth control. Even with condoms it doesn’t hurt to have extra things in place.”

“Yeah that could make things way more complicated than either of us is ready for just yet. Its something that I should have done awhile back and just never got around to it. I mean its not like I was having sex that often,” Shayla said leaning back again.

Kyle looked at her confused, “I thought you were doing things with the guy who was tying you up?”

“Oh we were doing things but sex like that really wasn’t one of them. He, um, he got hard when he tied me up and spanked me and slapped me. So he would then just usually jack off on my face or tits. Then if I was being a ‘good girl’, and it was his choice on what defined that, he would finger me till I came. His control over my orgasms like that got to me every single time.”

“So he had you helpless and ready and didn’t enjoy you like that? I think that is far more twisted than you loving being controlled.” Kyle said disbelievingly.

Shayla laughed, “Hey we all got our kinks. I guess his wasn’t pussy.”

“His loss,” Kyle said reaching forward to slide a finger slowly up her visibly damp slit. “But I guess I’ll just have to make sure that things are a bit different for you this time.”

Shayla let out a soft moan, “Ok.” She pushed her hips forward slightly wanting more of the delightful stimulation that Kyle was providing.

Kyle pulled his hand back further keeping the lightest touch on her lips, “Just ok?”

Shayla shook her head, “Ok, sir.”

Kyle smiled, “That’s not what I meant.” He grinned and unexpectedly thrust his finger deep into her wet, waiting pussy. His hand pressed in against her furry mound as he probed deeper.

Shayla gasped as the sudden pleasurable intrusion. “I know,” she panted. “But I like calling you sir. It makes it hotter for me. Please can I call you that?”

Kyle pulled his finger back only to add a second one to the next thrust. “Only when we are alone.” He pulled out and plunged back in beginning a slowly building rhythm.

“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir,” Shayla moaned as Kyle’s fingers worked in and out of her dripping pussy faster and faster. She began thrusting against his hand harder. She was getting so close when he suddenly pulled his fingers out. “Please,” She begged.

“No,” Kyle said firmly. “Now lick them clean.”

Shayla eagerly leaned forward to take his fingers deep into her mouth. She made a show of slowly sucking on them as she drew them back our of her mouth. “Like this, sir?”

Kyle was momentarily speechless as he still tried to get come to grips with who Shayla was compared to how he thought of her previously. “Yeah, yeah like that.”

“So now can I cum?” Shayla asked with a mischievous grin.

“Nope,” Kyle said rolling her off him and then getting up and heading into the bathroom. “Its shower time and then we are going out for a bit.”

“Out?” she asked propping her head up on her hands. “I thought we’d be staying here and doing our next session and then some other things. Although showering with you does sound like it might be fun.”

Kyle stopped and headed back into the bedroom and started rummaging through his dresser. He tossed a t-shirt and a pair of basketball shorts onto the bed. “Not exactly a perfect fit but they will do for now. You’ll have to wear your bra and panties though.”

“My sweatshirt will be fine. I can make do. Keeps the body covered better anyway.”

“Did I give you a choice about that?” Kyle said with a smile.

“No, sir.” Shayla held up the t-shirt realizing just how snug it was going to be over her breasts. “Does it have to be this one?”

“Yes it does. Just be happy I’m letting you still wear your bra.”

Shayla nodded and set the shirt back down on the bed and headed for the bathroom as well.

“You going to shower first then?” Kyle asked.

“Nah. I was thinking that it really would be fun to shower together.” Shayla stepped into the bathtub and bent over at the waist to turn the water on. When Kyle stepped in behind her she made sure to push back against him wiggling her ass up against him.

He gripped her hips and pulled her back against him enjoying the feel of his hardening cock resting between those plump cheeks. He then slid his hands under her till he could cup her weighty and now wet breasts in his hands so he could pull her back upright against him. He leaned over and nibbled lightly on the side of her neck enjoying the water running down both of them.

“Oh fuck that feels good,” Shayla whispered tipping her head to the side letting Kyle have more access.

Kyle turned her slowly around and looked down into her eyes as he raised her arms up over her head and placed her hands on the shower head. “Bound.”

“Hey!” Shayla cried trying to lower her hands down. “How am I supposed to touch you like this?”

“That’s the idea,” Kyle said with a grin. He spread her legs a bit further apart till they were braced against the edges of the bathtub. “Bound,” He said again. “Now let’s see if we can get you clean.” He grabbed the bottle of shampoo and poured a generous amount in his hand. Rubbing his hands together he began soaping up Shayla’s breasts smearing the suds all over her flesh.

“You are such a fucking guy. Shampoo? Really? Where’s the body wash? But damn does that feel good.”

Kyle grinned and ran his hands all over her body soaping her from head to toe letting the water rinse her off as he went. He then gave himself a quick wash off enjoying how helpless Shayla was to do anything about her predicament. As he finished up he slid two fingers back up inside her pussy. “What’s the matter? You feel a bit tense.”

Shayla gasped as she felt Kyle’s newest attack on her body. “You are driving me insane here. Please I need to cum so bad. Please!”

Kyle plunged his fingers in and out of her pussy mercilessly leaning in and kissing her hard as he did so. “Cum for me,” he whispered against her mouth.

Shayla started shaking and trembling all over and the orgasm wracked her body. Kyle pulled her tight against him until the tremors subsided. He whispered in her ear, “Release.”

Shayla slumped against Kyle’s body relying on the bigger man to hold her up until her muscles would respond again. “Damn that was intense. I could get used to it though.” Reaching behind her she turned off the water and leaned back against Kyle. “Do we have to get dried off now?”

Kyle chuckled at the sexy black girl in his arms, “Yes but I have a feeling you aren’t going to stay dry for long.”