The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter 3

After five minutes had passed in the Brain Conditioner, Cherie stopped struggling. She could feel her memories and thoughts being stripped away. As they were removed, she felt pleasure and happiness. Deep sexual pleasure that made her pussy wet. The more she let her mind empty, the more pleasure she felt. Finally, the humming stopped. Nurse Diane removed the dome and removed the restraints.

“There now, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Dr. Jennings asked. “How do you feel?” A vacant smile came to Cherie’s face.

“I feel so much better now. So peaceful. So happy.” Dr. Jennings smiled.

“There now, I told you not to fight it. You do as you are told and you feel pleasure.”

“Yes,” Cherie said, “so much pleasure. When can I have my next treatment?” Dr. Jennings smiled.

“I’ll schedule you for tomorrow morning.” Cherie smiled.

“Thank you doctor,” Cherie said. All of the fear and worry she had felt prior to her treatment had evaporated. She felt so blissful now. Obeying Dr. Jennings made so much sense. Nurse Diane helped her off the table and back into her wheelchair. Her diaper was wet, but no poopies.

“Good girl. We’ll have you in a fresh diaper in no time.” That sounded wonderful to Cherie. She was feeling sleepy too. She did not even know what time it was and really didn’t care. Nurse Diane was taking such good care of her. At that point, all of her needs were being met and nothing else seemed to matter. When they arrived back at her room, Nurse Diane helped Cherie back into bed. She lifted her gown and removed the damp diaper. She used wipes and applied some ointment to help prevent any rash. “We don’t want my good girl getting any rash.” She gently lifted Cherie’s butt and slid the fresh diaper on and then attached the tabs. The new diaper felt really good. “Time for a nice nap sweetie. We want you to get plenty of rest so you get better soon.” That sounded good to Cherie. She slipped her socked feet under the covers and Nurse Diane put on her headphones to help her to relax. Soon, Cherie was fast asleep as the new programming was pumped into her brain. Thanks to her conditioning, her brain was a much more welcoming place. Nurse Diane turned down the lights and slipped out of the room. She received a message that Dr. Jennings wanted to see her in his office.

Dr. Jennings had a nice wood-panelled office. Nurse Diane knocked on the door.

“Please come in,” Dr. Jennings responded. She entered and took a seat in front of his desk. “Well, she is the spitting image of Wendy Perkins, but she is not Wendy.” Nurse Diane shook her head.

“I thought something was odd, but wasn’t sure what. Whoever she is, she is a lot more cooperative than Wendy.”

“While I am glad we have a new patient, I am concerned about where the real Wendy is. I suspect she conned this girl into taking her place. No telling where she is now.”

“Shouldn’t you call the State Police?”

“I may have to but not just yet. I think with a bit of encouragement, this young lady will help us find Wendy. When she wakes up from her nap, give her an afternoon snack and bring her back for another session in the Brain Conditioner. Hopefully, we can encourage her to tell us the truth. Also, she seems like an ideal candidate to receive one of the new mental programming chips I have been testing. I know we have had mixed success, but a fresh brain should not be wasted.” Nurse Diane nodded.

“Yes, Doctor.” She exited his office to make her rounds. Cherie slept peacefully for over an hour when Nurse Diane returned to wake her. “Time for your snack sweetie.” Cherie rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and sat up in her bed. She was amazed at how relaxed she felt. As a grad student, she was always stressed out because she had to complete research on one topic or another by a deadline. Her time at the Female Institute had given her a break from all of that and she felt almost grateful to Wendy, although it would be nice to get back to her studies. She ate the bowl of protein mush that was offered. Within a few minutes, she again felt sleepy. “Now then, time for your next session of Brain Conditioning. Dr. Jennings wants you to get all better.” Cherie nodded hesitantly.

“But I don’t feel sick.” Nurse Diane smiled.

“Now then. Don’t you think that Dr. Jennings knows what’s best. It’s always best to obey him so that he doesn’t have to punish you.” Even in her drugged state, Cherie did not like the idea of receiving some type of punishment. Nurse Diane was right, it was best just to cooperate. After all, she and Wendy would be changing places again after tomorrow. That thought made her a bit sad. Being at the Female Institute had been a refreshing change and the people here were so nice.

Although she had intended to take Cherie’s car and leave town, Wendy was actually feeling bad about abandoning Cherie. Wendy had never given a crap about anyone other than herself, but Cherie had been nice to her. She began to think that there must be a way for both of them to leave together. Sharing a kiss with Cherie had warmed her heart. There must be some way for them to be together.

“Sweetie?” Nurse Diane’s question startled Cherie from her daydream. “Time for you next Conditioning session.” She patted the sit of the wheelchair and Cherie stood and took her place. A few minutes later she was back in the Brain Conditioning room and she obediently climbed up onto the padded table. On the table next to her was another woman whose head was obscured by the conditioning dome. It was humming and her body was pulling against the table restraints. Another nurse was administering the session for a laptop as Dr. Jennings observed. He was clearly pleased with the progress she was making.

“Nurse, I think Katie has made great progress in her fourth session. You may power it down now.” The nurse obeyed and the humming faded. She then removed the dome and removed the wrist restraints allowing the girl to sit up. “There now Katie, how are we feeling?” Katie smiled, but there was a noticeable stream of drool from the corner of her mouth.

“Katie feels so good,” she said speaking in the third person.

“That’s so nice to hear my dear,” Dr. Jennings said, “your conditioning is helping you to get better and be a good girl.” Katie giggled. Dr. Jennings lifted her down and groped her tits. Katie giggled again.

“That feels so nice.” Dr. Jennings smiled scribbling some notes on Katie’s chart.

“Nurse, I think Katie has achieved the goals I set for her. Looks like her IQ is down almost 30 points. You’d never know she was an engineer when she came to the Institute a month ago. I think it is time for her to begin her sexual therapy, which I will see to personally. Please return her to her room.”

“Yes, Doctor.” The nurse said helping Katie down off the table and into a waiting wheelchair. “Someone has wet their diaper again,” she said sternly glaring at Katie.

“That’s alright nurse,” Dr. Jennings said, “it was a tough but productive conditioning session for her. Please change her into a fresh diaper when you get her back to her room.”

“Yes, Doctor.” With that, the nurse wheeled Katie out of the room and down the hall. Dr. Jennings turned his attention to Cherie. He smiled looking down on her. She layed back on the pillow as Nurse Diane secured her with the restraints.

“Welcome back Wendy. We are going to do a little more work on that brain of yours and she if we can’t empty that mind of yours. Nurse, for this next session, I would like to target the portions of Wendy’s brain that control her cognitive abilities. She will be much better off without having to do so much thinking. Her history would suggest that thinking only gets her in trouble.”

“But, I’m not Wendy,” Cherie pleaded. Dr. Jennings smiled.

“Yes, I know that now, but it’s a bit late to change course now. You were very foolish to allow Wendy to talk you into switching places with her. You helped a patient escape from the Institute and that requires punishment. I could turn you over to the authorities, but, in all likelihood, they would just bring you back here, so we might as well skip all those unnecessary middle steps and give you the treatment you so desperately need.” The nurse inserted an IV into Cherie’s arm and secured it with tape. “This medicine will help you relax for your next session. I’m afraid this one will be a bit longer than the last, because we have so much work to do. Dr. Jennings could see the fear on Cherie’s face. Up until that point, Cherie had enjoyed her stay at the Institute, but now it was clear she was no going to be able to return to her life as a grad student at Claremont College.

“Please, don’t do this to me,” she pleaded, “I will help you find Wendy and she can return to the Institute.” Dr. Jennings looked at her sternly.

“That may be true, but you have interfered with her treatment. I think you need to be taught a lesson. When your brain has been properly conditioned, you will no longer feel the need to disobey or to be so disrespectful. This is for your own good.” He nodded that the Nurse Diane started the IV drip. As the drug flowed into Cherie’s arm, she began to feel more and more sleepy. “That’s it, just let the medicine do its work and we will begin your conditioning session shortly.” The nurse lowered the conditioning dome into place over Cherie’s head and soon a pulsating hum began. Every thought in Cherie’s mind seemed to vanish. The mild headache she had experienced in her first session came back but now increased tenfold. She wanted to fight, but she couldn’t. “Just relax, there is no reason to fight it. You cannot win. Nurse, please monitor Cherie’s conditioning and notify me when it is nearly complete. I am going to begin Katie’s sexual therapy.”

“Yes, Doctor.” Between the medicine and the conditioning, Cherie had no fight left in her. Slowly, she began to give in. Letting the conditioning program strip her of her thoughts, memories and her intelligence. All of her work as an undergraduate in Literature, her thesis research on Romantic Poetry, her experiences studying abroad in France were gradually stripped from her brain and disposed of. The emptier her mind became, the more pleasure she felt. Besides, all of those were things that she would no longer need in her new life at the Institute. It was best this way. Struggling was a waste of time and energy. Good girls obey and Cherie was a good girl. Soon she stopped fighting and let the device scrub her mind clean. The session ended peacefully enough. Nurse Diane released Cherie from her restraints and had her sit up.

“How are we feeling Miss Wendy?” Cherie giggled.

“Like I feel so way much better.” Nurse Diane smiled.

“Good, Dr. Jennings will be very pleased. He will be back shortly to examine you. For now, just lay back down.” Cherie complied. She still felt very sleepy, but her mind seemed unable to hold any thought for more than a few seconds. “Doctor, Wendy has finished her second session of conditioning and we have made some real progress dealing with her anxiety.”

“Wonderful. I like when my girls get better. How are we Miss Wendy?”

“So totally good,” she chirped.

“Excellent. You were telling me some story about switching places with another patient. Do you remember that?” Cherie puzzled. It sounded vaguely familiar, but why would she want to change places with someone and why on earth would anyone ever want to leave the Institute.” She shook her head.

“I don’t remember that at all.” Dr. Jennings smiled. This confirmed that even recent memories had been successfully purged, although he was not sure if that was permanent. Memories had a way of resurfacing. Only with additional conditioning sessions could he be sure that her mind was a blank slate.

“No worries. Remember, you are here to get all better. Please follow the nurse back to your room.” Cherie hopped off the table and into the waiting wheelchair. Her diaper was a bit soggy.”

“I see someone needs a fresh diaper.” Cherie blushed. Wearing her diaper felt good and it helped with accidents. Cherie had lost track of her time at the Institute. It no longer mattered since it had become her new home. Wendy had been unable to leave town as she had planned. She had put Cherie in a terrible position and abandoning her was just wrong. The last couple of days, she had gone out to the garden that backed up to the Institute to look for Cherie. The time for their planned meeting had come and gone with no sign of Cherie. Wendy waited for over an hour hoping to see Cherie, but was disappointed. She decided she would try once more before giving up and leaving Claremont.

The next morning, she was in the garden before 8:00am. She had brought and extra set of clothes for Cherie so that the two of them could sneak away together. After 45 minutes, Wendy was starting to lose hope. She had seen several patients walking around, but no Cherie. And then. Was it Cherie? Yes. It was Cherie. She was wearing her white patient gown, white crew socks and white sneakers. She seemed to be walking as if in a trance. As she neared the fence, Wendy tried to get her attention.

“Psssst. Psssst.” No luck. “Psssst. Pssst. Cherie?” Her efforts got Cherie to turn her head toward the fence. Wendy could see that Cherie’s eyes were glazed over, her stare blank, a small amount of drool hanging from her bottom lip. “Cherie, Cherie!!” she called in a loud whisper. Cherie turned and walked toward the fence. “What have they done to you?” Wendy said in an angry tone.

“Do I know you?” Cherie asked in almost a child-like voice.

“It’s me. Wendy. Wendy Perkins. Remember. We changed places about a week ago. I’ve come to get you so we can leave together.”

“Why would I ever want to leave the Institute. It is my home. They take such good care of me here.”

“You’re not a patient. You were a student at Claremont College. We swapped places, remember?” Cherie looked confused. She narrowed her gaze.

“No, I am a patient here at the Institute. I am here for treatment and brain conditioning. I am happy here.” In her efforts to communicate with Cherie, Wendy had not noticed that two large orderlies had snuck up behind her. They grabbed her. Before she could scream, one of the orderlies injected her with a sedative. Her body went limp. Nurse Diane walked toward Cherie.

“That’s a good girl Cherie. We needed to bring Wendy back to the Institute for her treatment. Now, both of you can be patients here. You’ve done well.” A lazy smile came to Cherie’s face. She loved being praised by Nurse Diane.

“Is it time for breakfast yet?” Nurse Diane smiled.

“Of course my dear. Let’s go back to your room. You can have a nice breakfast and then have a nap before your next session of brain conditioning.”