The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter 4

When Wendy came to, she found herself strapped to the table in the Brain Conditioning Room. She had been changed back into her patient gown and white crew socks as well as a diaper. She still felt light headed from the sedative. As her eyesight returned, she could see one of the nurses standing next to her.

“Where….where am I?”

“Where you should have been a long time ago,” Nurse Diane said with a sarcastic tone. “If you had received the treatment you were supposed to receive you would be much happier by now and you would not have involved an innocent student from Claremont College.”

“Cherie? Where is she?” Nurse Diane smiled and looked at her watch.

“She is just finishing up her first session of sexual training with Dr. Jennings.”

“No! That’s not right. She didn’t do anything wrong. Let her go.”

“I’m afraid it’s a bit late for that. Actually, she helped you escape and that is a violation of the law. Dr. Jennings thought it was best that she stay and the Institute and receive the necessary attitude adjustments. She will be much better off when he is finished with her.” Wendy strained against her restraints. “No reason to struggle. Dr. Jennings will be here shortly so we can start with your brain conditioning. Don’t make me sedate you again.”

“Fuck you bitch!” Wendy screamed.

“One more word from you and I will gag you.” Down the hall, Dr. Jennings was giving Cherie therapy. He had removed his trousers and underwear and was straddling a very docile Cherie, who laid back with a laxy smile on her face.

“Now Cherie, I’m going to help you feel amazing pleasure. This is going to help heal your mind. I want you to really enjoy this.” Cherie nodded her head on the pillow.

“Yes Doctor.” Dr. Jenning guided his erect penis into Cherie’s waiting pussy. The lube helped it slide in easily, but he noticed that she was very tight. Clearly, Cherie did not regularly engage in sex. Once he was in, he began to pump in and out. Cherie began to moan with pleasure. “That feels so good, please don’t stop.” Dr. Jennings was happy to oblige. After about 10 minutes, he filled her with his cum as she orgasmed.

“That felt good, didn’t it?”

“So very good. Thank you. Can I have therapy again soon?”

“Of course my dear. We want you to get better very soon. The more therapy, the better.” He slipped back into his underwear and pants. Looking at his watch, he noted he was running late for Wendy’s first treatment. “Why don’t you just relax and rest, the nurse will be back shortly to take you to your room.”

“Yes, Sir.” Cherie rolled over. She was feeling sleepy. She felt really good and was grateful to Dr. Jenning for her therapy. She was so glad that she was going to be able to stay at the Institute. A few minutes later, one of the other nurses came and helped her into a wheelchair and took her back to her room.

“Dr. Jennings wants you to take a nice long nap sweetie.” She pulled the covers up and Cherie was asleep in minutes. She could still feel the warm cum as it leaked into her diaper. It felt really good. To the extent she still had any memories of being a grad student at Claremont, they were distant and weak. She now considered herself a patient at the Institute and could not think of any place she would rather be. After finishing Cherie’s sexual therapy, Dr. Jennings returned to Brain Conditioning to supervise Wendy’s first session.

“Well, the prodigal daughter has returned.” Wendy glared at him.

“What have you done to Cherie?”

“Only what was best for her. She has responded nicely to brain conditioning and she feels much better now. I hope that you will respond as well as she has.”

“I hate you,” Wendy snarled. “You are just plain evil. Cherie was just being a nice person and now you have turned her into a vegetable.” Dr. Jennings smirked.

“You were the one who took advantage of her, so you have a lot of gall spewing your hatred at me. Besides, her life is so much better now. She has no worries, no concerns, she has a good diet and gets plenty of sleep and plenty of sex. What more could a girl want?”

“Maybe she might want her own life back. Is that so hard to imagine?” Dr. Jennings shrugged.

“Well, it’s a bit late for that I’m afraid. Pretty soon, you will understand the bliss she feels. Once you begin your conditioning, all of those pesky memories and concerns will just evaporate and you’ll be docile and happy, just like Cherie.” He nodded and Nurse Diane gave Wendy an injection. “This will help relax you and prepare you for conditioning.” Wendy could feel her body growing more limp and unresponsive. She wanted to fight back, but her mind was clouding over. With a second nod from Dr. Jennings, Nurse Diane secured the dome over Wendy’s head. “Now then, let’s see if we can clean a bit of the clutter out of that mind of yours.” Nurse Diane engaged the computer and the now-familiar hum began. “Nurse, I think Wendy’s mind needs to cook a bit more. Why don’t you set the timer for 90 minutes.”

“Yes, Doctor.” Although she was feeling drowsy, Wendy could feel the device probing her mind. Each thought that popped into her head seemed to vanish just as quickly. As each thought vanished, she felt more and more pleasure. She had done her best to avoid brain conditioning since she came to the Institute, but now she wondered why. This wasn’t so bad after all. She could hear quiet whispers telling her to relax and obey. She desperately wanted to rub her pussy, but her hands were restrained. Before she knew it, the session was over and Nurse Diane was helping her sit up on the table.

“Now then, that wasn’t so bad was it Wendy?” Dr. Jennings asked smiling.

“No Sir,” Wendy said trying to be as respectful as possible. She wasn’t sure why, but she felt like Dr. Jennings was an authority figure who deserved her respect. He lifted her gown and probed her pussy under her diaper, which was sopping wet.

“I would say we made a lot of progress this morning,” Dr. Jennings said. “A few more sessions and your brain will be just where we need it. I know if feels so much better not to have all of those angry thoughts cluttering your mind?”

“Yes, Sir,” Wendy said.

“Nurse, please take Wendy back to her room for her nap. She will need a fresh diaper and something to eat. I would like her back here in a few hours for her second session.”

“Yes, Doctor.” Nurse Diane helped Wendy down off the table and into the wheelchair. Her diaper was completely saturated. She pushed her down the hall to her room. When she arrived there was a second bed occupied by another woman. Wendy vaguely recalled her, but her memory was faint. “Wendy, this is your new roommate, Cherie,” Nurse Diane said in a hushed voice, “she is napping.” The nurse helped Wendy into bed and changed her into a fresh diaper, which felt really nice between Wendy’s legs. “Just relax, I’ll go get you something to eat and then you can take a nice long nap.” Nurse Diane returned with a bowl of what looked like Cream of Wheat. “This is a little bland, but Dr. Jennings does not want you eating anything that will upset your stomach and cause you to miss your follow-up treatments.” She handed Wendy several capsules. “This medicine will help relax you after you eat.” Wendy was hungry and finished the mush quickly and then took her medicine. Her head was again feeling drowsy and she laid down and was off to sleep in no time. Nurse Diane returned to Dr. Jennings’ office.

“Well, are our two patients comfortable?”

“Yes, Doctor. Both of them are napping. I doubt they will remember each other, although there may be some lingering memories.”

“Good. I want Wendy to have her second session of brain conditioning this afternoon after she wakes from her nap. She still have some aggressive tendencies and I want her nice and docile before I implant her control chip. I think that Cherie has met most of her conditioning goals, but one more session could not hurt. You can do her after Wendy and we will schedule their chip implant surgery for tomorrow. Also, the Dean of Graduate Students is stopping by this afternoon to talk about Cherie. I contacted her to inform her that Cherie was now a patient at the Institute and she was a bit concerned. I told her that I was happy to meet with her and that Cherie was perfectly content with her new life as a patient. I suspect she will want to see Cherie, so plan on bringing her to my office about 2:00pm.”

“Yes, Doctor.” Nurse Diane left to attend to other patients. About an hour later, she checked in on Wendy and Cherie. Both were still sleeping peacefully, but it was time to get up. She gently shook Cherie. “Cherie, sweetie, time to wake up.” Cherie sat up in her bed and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. “Did you have a nice nap?”

“Yes, but I think my diaper is wet again,” she said blushing a deep shade of red. Nurse Diane smiled.

“Don’t worry sweetie, that’s why you wear a diaper. Sometimes big girls have accidents too. You were just sleeping really deeply. You were pretty tired after your sexual therapy with Dr. Jennings.” Cherie smiled remembering how good her therapy had felt. “Dr. Jennings wants you to have a little more brain conditioning this afternoon.” Cherie giggled excitedly.

“I am so happy,” she said clapping her hands. The nurse then woke Wendy. “Time to wake up from your nap, sweetie.” Wendy sat up reluctantly. She seemed unfazed seeing Cherie in the bed next to her.

“Do you girls remember each other? I think you have met before.” Cherie looked at Wendy, but could not seem to recall who she was. Wendy, on the other hand, still had memories of Cherie, although they were cloudy.

“Cherie?” Wendy said softly. “Are you okay?” Cherie looked back completely puzzled why this stranger would be asking about her wellbeing.

“Of course, silly. I feel so much better since I had my conditioning. It’s so much nicer without all those confusing ideas in my head. Dr. Jennings says I’m a good girl and that all I need to do is to submit and obey him.” Wendy looked down. She had lost Cherie. She had lost the only other person on the planet she actually cared about. Even worse, she was responsible for putting Cherie inside the Institute. Fuck it, she thought. Why even bother to fight back since there was nothing to gain. Nurse Diane gave her an injection to help her relax and then helped her into her wheelchair.

“Time for our next brain conditioning session Miss Wendy. After a few sessions, you’ll feel just as good as Cherie does,” Nurse Diane said with an evil grin. “Miss Cherie, I’ll be back in a few minutes. Dr. Jennings wants to see you. He has a special visitor in his office.” That made Cherie even happier. She loved surprises and Dr. Jennings always made her feel pleasure. After wheeling Wendy down to the Brain Conditioning Room, Nurse Diane left her with one of the other nurses and returned to get Cherie. Cherie happily climbed into her wheelchair and Nurse Diane helped her put her sneakers on.

“Who is the visitor?” Cherie asked in a child-like manner.

“That’s the surprise silly girl. You will find out soon enough. Remember to obey Dr. Jennings and be polite.” Nurse Diane knocked on Dr. Jennings office door.

“Come in.” She entered with Cherie and closed the door behind her. She pushed Cherie closer to Dr. Jennings’ desk. Seated in the other chair was a young lady professionally dressed in a sweater, skirt and high heels.

“Miss Cherie, I’d like you to meet Dean Emma Peters from Claremont College. She is the Dean of Graduate Students.” Dean Peters carried with her a file with Cherie’s name on it. Cherie was a bit disappointed. She did not know the visitor and had never heard of Claremont College. Why would Dr. Jennings introduce her to a stranger. Dr. Jennings could tell by Cherie’s reaction that she had absolutely no memory of being a student at Claremont. That part of her life had been successfully erased.

“Cherie, my name is Dean Peters. Do you remember me? I am one of your thesis advisors.” Cherie shook her head and became a bit agitated.

“You’re not here to make me leave are you?”

“No Cherie. I am only here to make sure that you are okay. You were a grad student at Claremont up until two weeks ago. We were worried that something happened to you until Dr. Jennings called and advised us that you had been committed as a patient at the Institute. If you are happy here, there is no reason for you to leave.” That calmed Cherie. The last thing in the world she wanted was to leave the Institute.

“That’s fine Nurse. Cherie can go back to her room.” Nurse Diane pushed Cherie out of Dr. Jennings office and back toward her room. Dr. Jennings finished his conversation with Dean Peters. “You see, she is in good hands. She is much better than when she first came. She was completely stressed out and I was worried that she might be considering suicide.” Dean Peters shook her head.

“I saw her almost every day and never had a sense that she had such severe mental health problems. I’m glad you guys were able to diagnose and treat them.” Dr. Jennings nodded.

“Yes, we find that many students do a good job of hiding their stress. Unfortunately, sometimes it goes undetected and can end in tragedy. If only we could treat it before it gets to a critical point.” Dean Peters nodded.

“I think you’re absolutely right. I think I need to talk to the Academic Board, but I am wondering if we should send more of our students here to be examined to make sure that they don’t have hidden problems.” Dr. Jennings smiled.

“I think that would be a good idea. They could spend a weekend with us a patients and be properly tested and, if necessary, treated.”

“I like that plan. I am going to recommend it to the Academic Board,” Dean Peters said.

“May I make a suggestion?”

“Of course.”

“Perhaps the proposal might have more credibility if you had been through the process yourself. You could spend a weekend with us as a patient and then tell the Board what wonderful services we offer.” Dean Peters was briefly stunned. She had no mental health problems. But, Dr. Jennings was right. If she had been through the process, the Board would take her more seriously.

“You’re right. When could I come?” Dean Peters asked apprehensively.

“Well, as luck would have it. I have an open bed this weekend.”