The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter 5

Dean Peters looked nervously at her watch. She had scheduled a staff meeting for 3:30pm, which it was beginning to look like she would miss. When she had entered the main office building of the Institute, she never imagined that she might be admitted as a patient, even if it was only for a weekend. There was a knock at Dr. Jennings’ door.

“Come in please.” The door opened and Nurse Diane entered pushing an empty wheelchair.

“Doctor, we are ready for Dean Peters.”

“Wonderful. Dean or may I call you Emma?”

“Yes, please.”

“Emma, Nurse Diane will take you to your room and get you changed into your uniform.”

“Is that really necessary? Can’t I just keep my clothes since I am only staying the weekend?”

“I’m afraid not. We have a strict policy that all patients are required to wear a uniform and a patient ID bracelet during their time at the Institute. We find that it promotes good order and avoids any confusion. You’ll find that the uniform is most comfortable.” Dean Peters shrugged and turned to take a seat in the wheelchair. “Oh, and I’m afraid that patients are not allowed to have cellphones or laptops with them. I will hold those for you during your stay here.”

“I had better let my secretary know that I won’t make the staff meeting.”

“No worries. I will give her a call for you. Why don’t you go with Nurse Diane and get comfortable and I will be around to your room very soon.” Dean Peters reluctantly surrendered her laptop, purse and cellphone to Dr. Jennings and took a seat in the wheelchair. Nurse Diane wheeled her out of Dr. Jennings’ office and down the hallway a room. The room already had her name on it “Peters, Emma”. On the bed was her uniform consisting of a white gown, a diaper, white crew socks and a pair of white Keds sneakers. Nurse Diane helped Dean Peters slip out of her sweater and skirt, her pantyhose, panties and bra and into her white gown and crew socks.

“Is the diaper really necessary?”

“Yes, all patients wear diapers to avoid accidents. You probably won’t need it, but better to be safe.” Dean Peters lay back on the bed, while Nurse Diane slipped the diaper under her bottom and fastened it in place. “There now, that’s perfect.” Dean Peters was surprised at how comfortable the diaper felt. Nurse Diane helped Dean Peters under the covers. She then retrieved a syringe. “This is a mild sedative. It will help you relax before we begin your testing.” Dean Peters offered her arm and Nurse Diane injected the medicine. Almost immediately, Dean Peters felt relaxed. Nurse Diane then placed her patient bracelet on her arm. The bracelet read “Peters, Emma. Patient No. 16246. Code Yellow.” The opposite side of the bracelet read “Patients wearing this bracelet should be considered severely mentally disturbed. Do not interact with them for any reason.”

“I feel so sleepy,” she said.

“That’s perfectly normal sweetie. Just relax and Dr. Jennings will be here shortly.” Dean Peters was having a hard time keeping her eyes open. A few minutes later, he came into Dean Peters’ room holding her chart.

“How’s my newest patient?” Dean Peters released a sigh. “Just relax and enjoy your time here. Remember, I want you to give a glowing report to the Academic Board, so that more students from Claremont will be coming to the Institute. Dean Peters smiled. She had not felt this relaxed in years. Her job was a stressful one with few opportunities to truly relax. “Nurse, first thing tomorrow morning, I would like Emma to receive a session of brain conditioning. I think it will help her tremendously.” Dr. Jennings had decided that referring to Dean Peters by her title was inappropriate. She was just as much a patient at the Institute as any other patient and she did not deserve a title. In his eyes, all patients were equal.

“Yes, Doctor.”

“I also think she would benefit from a nice enema. Please see that she receives that tonight before bedtime.”

“Yes, Doctor.” Dr. Jennings found that most of his patients benefited from a good enema now and again. It helped relax them and clean the impurities out of their system. Emma spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping. Nurse Diane had placed a pair of earphones over her ears to help her adjust to being a patient. She checked on her and woke her about 6:00pm for her dinner. Emma sat up in her bed and stretched. She still felt groggy from the sedative, but felt good and a bit aroused. “Wake up sweetie, time for your dinner.” Nurse Diane pulled up a rolling tray and placed a plastic container in front of Emma. It contained a generous amount of protein mush along with some jello. “Dr. Jennings likes his patients to have a bland diet while they are here, so that we don’t have any digestive problems.” Emma winced at the first taste of the mush. “Now, now, let’s have none of that. Dr. Jennings knows what’s best for you and you are going to eat every last bit of this.” Nurse Diane shoveled the rest into Emma’s mouth along with the jello. The mush was laced with more sedative and a strong laxative. By the time she was finished with her dinner, Emma was again feeling sleepy. “You can rest for another hour and then it will be time for your enema.” Emma dozed off.

Nurse Diane gently shook Emma. “Wake up sweetie. Time for your enema.” Emma rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. Nurse Diane checked her diaper. Sure enough it was not only wet, but filled with poopies. Clearly, the laxative had done it’s work. “Someone has a messy diaper.” Emma blushed. She could not imagine how she had not managed to wake up to use the bathroom. She was a college dean after all. “No worries, big girls have accidents too.” Nurse Diane unfastened the diaper and slipped a pad underneath Emma’s bottom. Her diaper smelled awful. The nurse wiped off her bottom and then had her turn over onto her stomach. “We’ll clean the rest of those poopies out and you will feel much better.

Although Emma felt humiliated by the process, it was nice to feel somewhat pampered. Not unlike the feeling of going to a spa. However, when Nurse Diane wheeled in the stand holding the two quart enema bag, her feels began a bit different. “You are going to feel a bit of discomfort, but relax and allow the warm enema to fill you. Once it’s all in, we’ll let it do its work and then you can expel into the toilet.” Nurse Diane rolled Emma onto her side and lubed her asshole and inserted the tube slowly. She then unclamped the tube and Emma could feel the warm water flowing into her bottom and gradually filling her. Nurse Diane massaged her stomach to help more to flow in. The red enema bad emptied slowly. “You need to take all of this Emma. Just relax and let it flow in. Good girls are regular and you are a good girl.” Her words were comforting to Emma. Although she tried to eat a good diet, her busy administrative schedule meant that she often grabbed a cheeseburger rather than a salad. She would be the first to admit that her bowel movements were anything but regular. Emma grimaced as she felt the first wave of cramps. “Relax sweetie, that’s just the enema doing its work.” After what seemed like an eternity, Nurse Diane announced that the bag was empty. She withdrew that tube and inserted a butt plug. “There now, that will hold everything in nicely.” Emma had never felt a butt plug before, but it felt nice even though she was still cramping badly. Dr. Jennings entered the room to check her progress.

“How’s our patient?”

“She is doing fine Doctor. A bit of cramping, but that is to be expected.”

“Good. I think a second bag may be in order. I want to make sure she is cleaned out.” Nurse Diane nodded. The prospect of having a second enema did not sound good to Emma.

“But is that really necessary?”

“Young lady. I know you are used to being in charge at Claremont College, but here at the Institute, I make the decisions. I know what is best for you and you will do as instructed or you will be punished.” This was not the response that Emma expected. She had just asked a simple question and wanted to engage in an adult discussion, but Dr. Jennings was treating her like a 5 year-old. Even so, she knew he was right. Right now, she just wanted her bowels to stop spasming. After about 10 minutes, Nurse Diane announced that Emma could sit up and make her way to the toilet to expel. Emma sat up slowly. She shuffled to the toilet and sat down. Nurse Diane removed the plug and a torrent of water came out that included all manner of feces.

“Dr. Jennings was right. Your bowels are a mess. You definitely need a second bag. She helped Emma back to her bed. “Just relax and I will go prepare the second bag.” Emma lay back. Her experience at the Institute was not what she had expected, but it was not unpleasant. About that time, Nurse Diane returned with the second bag. “Okay sweetie, just over on your side. You know the drill.” Emma did as she was directed. She did not want to incur Dr. Jenning’s rath. Nurse Diane repeated the process. This time, Emma’s cramps were less severe. Nurse Diane smiled. “We are making nice progress.” When Emma expelled, the water was much clearer, although still some old feces. “I think that will do for now. A third bad would not hurt, but we can wait on that. Let’s get a clean diaper on you and get you off to sleep. You have a busy morning with Dr. Jennings.” She cleaned off Emma and slipped a new diaper on her. Emma really enjoyed the feel of a diaper between her legs. The nurse pulled down her gown and helped her back under the covers. Emma was exhausted. Even though she had spent much of the day sleeping, the combination of the medication and the enemas had drained her. “Sleep tight sweetie,” Nurse Diane cooed. She place a pair of earphones over Emma’s ears and turned down the lights. Emma could here soft music and voices in the background. She was asleep in no time.

As the daylight filtered in through her bedroom window, Emma slowly opened her eyes. She could not remember sleeping so well. Her stress level was way down. Normally, she had a hard time getting to sleep due to the stress at work, but here at the Institute, all of those problems seemed like distant bad memories. “Good morning sweetie,” Nurse Diane said in a cheerful tone. “Did we sleep well?” Emma nodded. “Wonderful. I brought your breakfast.” She uncovered the plate. Breakfast looked much like dinner. A bowl of mush and orange jello. “I want you to make this all gone. We want you ready for your brain conditioning this morning.” Normally, the words “brain conditioning” would have elicited a refusal from Emma, but she now understood that Dr. Jennings knew what was best for her and if that included brain conditioning, then she would happily comply. As before, the mush had a mild sedative in it and Emma was feeling a bit groggy by the time she finished. “Good girl,” Nurse Diane said. She helped Emma to sit up on the side of her bed and slipped on her socks and sneakers. “Let’s take you down the hall and let Dr. Jennings work on that mind of yours.”

When they arrived at the Brain Conditioning room, Dr. Jenning was already working on another patient. Emma did not recognize Wendy, but she looked completely content. She had a lazy smile on her face and a sting of drool was hanging from her lower lip. He turned to see Emma in her wheelchair. “Good morning, Emma. I am just finishing with Wendy. The nurse will get you situated on the treatment table.” Nurse Diane helped Emma out of the chair and up onto the padded table. She removed her sneakers and had her lay back. The table was very comfortable. She then secured her with the Velcro restraints. As Wendy was wheeled out of the room, Dr. Jennings turned his attention to Emma. “Are you ready for brain conditioning?”

“Will it hurt?” Emma asked nervously. Dr. Jennings smiled.

“Just a little bit. Part of our job here at the Institute is to help girls like you relax and remove the stress from their lives. Sometimes that causes a bit of pain, but, in the end, we are better people. The girl that I was just working on has been with us for months. She led a very destructive life and hurt herself and others and did not seem to care. With the help of brain conditioning, most of those destructive impulses have been removed from her mind and she has become very content, docile and happy. No more acting out or hurting others.” Emma nodded. “In your case, your job has many stresses and it causes you to eat poorly and to make other bad lifestyle choices. I want to change that. We want to remove those toxins from your mind, much like we removed the toxins with the enema yesterday. Think of it as an enema for your brain.” That made sense to Emma. Dr. Jennings made the adjustments in the program. He was not looking to reduce Emma’s IQ by too much. He needed her to return to Claremont College and recruit other new patients for him. But he wanted her to be compliant and obedient to him. Her first session of brain conditioning should achieve those goals. He was certain, however, it would not be her last session. In her ears, Emma could hear a low hum as it grew louder, she drifted off into oblivion.