The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter 6

While Emma was undergoing her brain conditioning, Dr. Jennings decided that it was time to provide Cherie with another session of sexual therapy. When he entered her room, she sat up cheerfully and greeted him. “Good morning Doctor, is it time for my therapy?” Dr. Jennings smiled.

“You are such a smart girl. I wish all my patient were as smart as you are.” Cherie grinned. She loved the compliment and since her first session of sexual therapy, she had been longing for another. Her roommate, Wendy, or whatever her name was, was sound asleep. The nurse had brought her back a short time ago from brain conditioning and given her some medicine that made her sleepy. Dr. Jennings closed the door to the room and slipped out of his lab coat and then removed his pants and underwear. His rock hard erection was a sight to behold and Cherie could not wait to have him inside of her. She lifted her gown and Dr. Jennings removed her diaper. Surprisingly, the diaper was not wet. He then straddled her and applied some lube to his cock. “This is going to feel really good Cherie. I want you to enjoy it. Just let yourself relax and take my cock. Cherie guided his cock into her and soon he was pumping in and out in a rhythmic manner. She could feel an orgasm beginning to build.

“Oh god, that feels good,” she moaned. Dr. Jennings slowed his pace. He wanted her to enjoy the pleasure. After a few minutes, he could not hold back and his penis filled her with his cum deep into her womb. In response, she orgasmed.

“Good girl,” he said, “I know how much you love being bred. It’s good for you and will help you feel better.” Cherie nodded enthusiastically, although she was spent from experience. She no longer had any memory of how or why she came to the Institute, but had the abiding believe that this is where she belonged and would belong for the rest of her life. Being bred by Dr. Jennings was just a natural and normal part of being a patient, but one that she relished. As she laid back in her bed, Dr. Jenning’s ample cum leaked from her pussy. Although she had never been pregnant or even thought about having a child, the idea was now in her head. She had seen other pregnant patients at the Institute and never paid much attention. She now wondered if she would join their ranks.

“Doctor, am I going to have a baby?” Dr. Jennings smiled.

“Being pregnant is a wonderful thing. It helps to heal your mind and to give you new purpose. My sexual therapy is designed to help you achieve that goal.” Cherie smiled. That was exactly what she wanted to hear. “Now, the nurse will be in shortly to clean you up and put on a new diaper.” He pulled up his pants and slipped his lab coat back on. About that time, he received a message from Nurse Diane that Emma was completing her first session of brain conditioning and that his presence was needed. “I need to go attend to another patient, please just relax. I will be back later to give Wendy her sexual therapy.” Cherie felt wonderful. Being bred by Dr. Jennings made her feel whole for the first time in a very long time.

Dr. Jennings entered the Brain Conditioning room looking a bit disheveled. Nurse Diane admired his stamina. She knew that sexual therapy took a lot out of him, but he was devoted to the well-being of his patients. “Doctor, Emma has about 8 minutes left. I thought that you would want to give her instructions while she is still under.”

“Thank you, nurse. As usual, you are correct.” Dr. Jennings slipped on a headset that fed directly into the earphones over Emma’s ears. “Emma, sweetie, can you hear me?” Emma’s mind was still foggy as the brain conditioning program continued to remove undesirable memories and increase her obedience.

“Yesssss……..I hear.”

“Good girl. I want you to listen to me carefully. Everything I say to you is the truth. You will accept it without question or hesitation. Do you understand?”

“Yesssss…..I understand.”

“Good girl. You have enjoyed your stay here at the Institute. Your time here has helped you become a better person mentally and physically and you wish that you could stay here indefinitely. But, you have duties at Claremont College that must be attended to. Even though you will be leaving us, you will always consider yourself a patient of the Institute and you will always have a bed here waiting for your return. You will periodically ask permission to return to the Institute to continue your treatment and to all me to tune-up your mind. Is that clear?”

“Yesssss…..very clear,” Emma whispered.

“Good girl. When you return to Claremont College. You will give glowing reports of your experiences at the Institute and the good work that we are doing here and you will recommend to other girls, both faculty and students, that they contact the Institute to be admitted for treatment. I will make the decision of whether they will be temporary or permanent patients. Do you understand what is expected of you Emma?”

“Yes, understand,” Emma said in a resolute voice.

“Good girl. Now, I will let you finish your brain conditioning. Just relax.” Emma completed the program and Nurse Diane helped her back to her room for a nap. Dr. Jennings returned to the room occupied by Cherie and Wendy. Cherie was now asleep in a fresh diaper and Wendy was beginning to stir. Dr. Jennings was very happy with Wendy’s progress. Since she had received the brain conditioning that she had avoided for months, she was much more docile and cooperative. No more fits of anger or profanity. She enjoyed her sexual therapy and was well on her way to being an ideal patient. Dr. Jennings had decided that both Cherie and Wendy would be the next recipients of the mental programming chips. Once the chips were implanted, neither of the girls would need additional brain conditioning. The chips were designed to regulate behavior and to administer both rewards, in the form of pleasure, and punishments, in the form of pain. The installation of the chips would mean that both girls would be permanent residents of the Institute. Dr. Jennings wanted to meet with both girls before the surgery.

Dr. Jennings checked on Emma to make sure she was recovering from her brain conditioning. She was a bit groggy, but cheerful. “How are you feeling Emma?”

“I feel really good Doctor.”

“I’m so glad. I told you that brain conditioning was not so bad.”

“You’re right, I did not feel any pain at all. I feel like all of my stress has just disappeared.” Dr. Jennings smiled.

“Well, perhaps not all of it. You have only had one session. Stress removal is a long-term project, but you have responded well. It’s a shame that you have to go back to Claremont College.” Emma looked heartbroken.

“I don’t want to go back. I want to stay here at the Institute and become a good girl.”

“That’s commendable, but I’m afraid you have duties to attend to. Besides, you are welcome to come back here anytime. There will always be a bed here for you. Just give me a call and we will make the arrangements.” Emma tried to hold back tears. Dr. Jennings sat down next to her and wiped away her tears. He also groped her tits, which she willingly allowed. It felt good. “Just relax Emma. You are in good hands.” His words calmed her. “Get a little more rest and Nurse Diane will help you get dressed and ready to leave. He kissed Emma on the forehead and left. Emma felt nothing but gratitude for her time at the Institute. It had changed her in so many important ways. From now on, she would be an advocate for it at Claremont College. She laid down and fell asleep. She would miss having a diaper between her legs.

Dr. Jennings returned to Wendy and Cherie’s room to talk to them about their surgery. Although he thought is was the best option for both of them, he knew that it was not without risks. Neither of them had the right to refuse the surgery because they were both patients under his care. Essentially, they had no rights. But, he wanted them to understand what would be happening to them. “Girls, come sit next to me and listen.” Both Wendy and Cherie got up from their beds and sat next to him on the floor. “This afternoon, both of you are going to have some minor brain surgery. Both of you have bad brain conditioning, but I will be implanting a small computer chip in your head that will take the place of brain conditioning. It will allow me to give you training and conditioning directly into your mind.” Both girls nodded attentively. “It is part of your treatment and will help both of you to be good girls. I do not anticipate any problems, but there is always a risk that the surgery goes poorly or that your body rejects the implants, which could lead to permanent brain damage. I want both of you to agree and to ask that the surgery go forward.” The girls looked a one another.

“I would like a brain implant,” Cherie said.

“Me too,” Wendy echoed.

“Wonderful. Both of you will need to have your heads shaved for surgery. No worries, your hair will eventually grow back or you can choose to keep your head shaved.” It sounded wonderful to Cherie. The thought of having Dr. Jennings control her using a chip in her head seemed really hot. Wendy nodded eagerly. Her brain conditioning had removed all the rebellious spirit that had gotten her in trouble and had brought Cherie to the Institute. “The nurse will be in shortly to get you ready. For now, just lay back down and relax.” Both girls did as they were instructed. For some reason, both of them were feeling aroused and Cherie had a hard time not pushing her fingers into her cunt. That, however, would have required her to remove her diaper and that was a violation of the rules.

Nurse Diane helped Emma change back into her regular clothes. Soon she was back to the old Emma, but the changes inside her head were profound. Nurse Diane let her slip her crew socks back on over her pantyhosed feet and to wear her Keds. “Just think of it as a souvenir of your stay with us,” she said. Emma smiled. Leaving the Institute was the hardest thing she had ever done. It was in her soul now. Nurse Diane wheeled her out to the lobby while Dr. Jennings completed the paperwork. A mother and daughter were seated there. The daughter looked like some kind of goth princess with jet black hair, black top, leather mini skirt, black tights with runs in them and Doc Martens. Her hair looked like someone had cut it with a weed whacker. The girls kept telling her mother, “I don’t see why I have to be here.” The mother responded, “The judge ordered you to come unless you would prefer the county jail.” Emma looked at the girls and smiled.

“Don’t worry sweetie. This place is wonderful. They will take good care of you and you will enjoy your stay here.” The girl glared not appreciating Emma’s interference. The mother smiled as if to say, thank you for the supportive words. Dr. Jennings came out to see Emma off.

“All ready to go I see.”

“Yes, Doctor.”

“I hope you enjoyed your stay with us.”

“More than I can say. I am grateful.” Dr. Jennings smiled. He loved patients who appreciated what he did for them. It also did not hurt that the girl and her mother overheard Emma’s praise.

“I’m so glad. I hope that you will pass along your thoughts to the Academic Board.”

“No question about it. I am also going to recommend that we make it a requirement that all of our students spend at least a weekend as patients at the Institute. There are so many benefits from coming here.”

“Thank you Emma. I look forward to having you come back for a little tune-up and more conditioning. I put an app on your phone that I want you to listen to each night before bed.” He also handed her a small bag. I have also prescribed some of my nerve tonic pills to help you cope with your stress. Take one in the morning and before bed. I also want you to take a 30-minute nap each afternoon.” Emma nodded. Nurse Diane wheeled her out to the parking lot and Emma got into her car. She knew deep inside that if she ever came back, leaving would be impossible. Dr. Jennings turned his attention to the mother and her daughter. “You must be Melody Turner and this is your Mom?”

“Yeah that’s right creep. I’m here because I have to be.” Her mother blushed, embarrassed by her daughter’s disrespectful tone. Dr. Jennings chuckled.

“It’s not that bad. Once you have begun your therapy, you will feel a lot different about the Institute.” Nurse Diane appeared with the wheelchair. “Please have a seat and Nurse Diane will get you checked in. Your Mom can wait while that is done before she says goodbye.” The goth girl reluctantly sat down determined to resist anything forced upon her. She would show these guys who was in charge. Nurse Diane wheeled her down the corridor and the two disappeared around a corner.

“Doctor, I have to apologize for Melody. She used to be such a good girl, but she has being hanging out with the wrong crowd and now we hardly recognize her.” Dr. Jennings smiled.

“No apology necessarily. We deal with lots of rebellious girls here at the Institute. With the proper medication, diet and treatment, we will have your old daughter back in no time.” She looked relieved. She and her husband had tried everything to get Melody back on track. She had been an “A” student until her senior year in high school and then she seemed to change over night. Her grades dropped and she lost two scholarships to college. She was lucky to get admitted to community college. She ended up getting arrested during a violent campus protest and the judge gave her the option of going to the Institute or spending three months in jail. Dr. Jennings nodded and handed the mother some papers to sign. She signed them gratefully without reading them. They gave Dr. Jennings complete authority over Melody and agreed to any of his decisions regarding her treatment.

“Thank you, Mrs. Turner.” About that time, Nurse Diane appeared pushing Melody in a wheelchair. She was now dressed in a uniform and white sneakers. The makeup had been removed along with most of her piercings. She had a glazed look on her face. “Here she is now. Nurse, has Miss Turner received her first dose of medication?”

“Yes, Doctor.”

“Good. She needs to rest for now and then we can begin her brain conditioning.”

“Yes, Doctor.” Mrs. Turner kissed her daughter on the forehead and Nurse Diane pushed her back toward her new room.

“Mrs. Turner, why don’t you come back next Sunday and visit. I think by that time, we will have made some significant progress with Melody.”

“I will. Thank you.” She left feeling much better than when she arrived. She only hoped that the Institute could return Melody to the person she recognized. Dr. Jennings had no doubt that he could change Melody, but the changes might not be exactly what her mother had in mind.