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Chapter 7

Dean Peters reluctantly pulled her car out of the parking lot of the Institute. It was Sunday afternoon and she had just spent one of the most relaxing weekends of her life at the Claremont Female Institute. Before Friday, she had paid almost no attention to the Institute, despite the fact that it was adjacent to the campus of Claremont College. She had always heard that it was a mental health facility used to house juvenile delinquents or worse. Nothing could have been further from the truth. She had gone there to find out what had happened to one of her advisees, Cherie, and left as a patient. It was all she could do now not to turn her car around and check herself back in. She had stayed there less than two full days, but the peace and contentment she experienced were beyond measure. She could only imagine what it would be like to stay there for a week or a month. To some degree, she was envious of Cherie, who had been admitted as a permanent patient. However, Dr. Jennings made it clear that he needed Emma to help recruit other patients for the Institute and to help sell it to the Academic Council. It was the least she could do to repay him.

* * *

Nurse Diane pushed a stainless steel cart into Wendy and Cherie’s room. On the cart was a pair of electric shears, shaving cream and two disposable razors. “Dr. Jennings wants both of you to have your heads shaved in preparation for your brain surgery. Who wants to go first?” Both girls threw up their arms eagerly as if they were responding to an easy question in class. Nurse Diane smiled. One of the reasons she loved working at the Institute was the fact that the patients were mostly cooperative. Even those who were not became so after brain conditioning.

“Alright Miss Cherie, let’s start with you.” Cherie moved to the chair that Nurse Diane had pulled up and took a seat. She then clicked on the shears and began to remove Cherie’s beautiful brown hair, which feel to the floor in clumps. When her hair had been reduced to stubble, Nurse Diane applied shaving cream and shaved her smooth. She then held a mirror up for Cherie to see. Cherie smiled because she knew that she was one step closer to receiving her brain implant. Nurse Diane repeated the process with Wendy and soon she too was shaved bald. The girls were then taken to the brain conditioning room and secured on the tables. Dr. Jennings prepped for surgery and then put each of them under a general anesthesia. While they slept, he made a small incision behind the right ear and then accessed the cranium so that the chip could be implanted. Each girl received a chip and then he closed the incision. He tested each chip to make sure that it was receiving commands and was satisfied that all was in order. Both Wendy and Cherie were revived.

“Now then girls, your implants are in place and functioning,” Dr. Jennings said. “Let’s do a bit of testing.” He accessed Cherie’s chip on the computer and activated the pleasure mode. Instantly, Cherie was pushed to the point of orgasm. He then tried what he called the “teaching mode,” which was designed to inflict punishment. Cherie experienced pain like she had never felt before. He repeated the process with Wendy and was satisfied that both chips had been successfully implanted and were fully functional. From now on, Cherie and Wendy would no longer have to go to the Brain Conditioning room, but could receive their therapy remotely. Nurse Diane took both girls back to their room to sleep.

Dean Peters’ first day back at work was not easy. She was still recovering from her weekend stay at the Institute and the peace and contentment that it had given her, which was now replaced by the chaos of her work. She had taken her nerve tonic pill at breakfast and it gave her some peace; however, she had to force herself not to pick up the phone and call Dr. Jennings and beg to be re-admitted. She knew that her mission was now to recruit new patients and help them to find the contentment and happiness she had tasted. She was scheduled to meet with the Academic Council that afternoon and she made some notes to support her petition that all female students at Claremont College be required to spend at least one weekend each year at the Institute. This would allow Dr. Jennings to evaluate them and determine which of them needed permanent treatment. She knew that the proposal would be met with some skepticism, but that in all likelihood, the President would refer it to a subcommittee for review.

Dean Peters had lunch with another of her thesis advisees and a colleague, Dr. Judith Brock. The student, Madison Carter, was working on a thesis in anthropology with Dr. Brock. Dr. Brock had been recently added as a member of the Academic Council. Lunch was served in the faculty dining room to give them privacy. Eventually the conversation came around to the grad student missing from campus, Cherie King. Both Dr. Brock and Madison had known Cherie. “I hope something bad has not happened to her,” Madison said. Dean Peters smiled.

“You needn’t worry, Cherie is in good hands. I visited her this past weekend at the Claremont Female Institute,” Dean Peters said.

“That’s a looney farm,” Dr. Brock said, “I mean a place for mentally ill people.”

“It is not a looney farm or a place for mentally ill people,” Dean Peters said, “it is a place for women dealing with stress and emotional problems.” Both Madison and Dr. Brock shrugged. “Cherie has been a patient there for over a week. I went by on Friday and ended up spending the weekend there under the care of Dr. Jennings.”

“Really,” Dr. Brock said, “so what is it like?”

“It is probably one of the most relaxing places I have ever stayed. Dr. Jennings is a wonderful man who has devoted himself to helping women deal with stress in a peaceful, non-judgmental environment. Cherie was apparently very stressed out from dealing with her thesis and just needed time to relax and get better. She feels vastly better than she did when she was first admitted. I think more young women and faculty could benefit from a stay at the Institute.”

“There are certainly times when the stress gets to me,” Dr. Brock said. Madison nodded.

“Me too. That is especially true around exam time. How much do they charge?”

“The Institute is free to faculty and students. Dr. Jennings like patients to spend at least a weekend there to allow him to determine the extent of the patient’s emotional problems and then to treat them. After only 48 hours, I felt 100% better. Cherie will be staying longer.”

“Is it hard to get in?” Madison asked.

“No, but Dr. Jennings has asked that I coordinate any requests to be admitted. If either of you are interested, I would be happy to contact him on your behalf.”

“I know I would,” said Madison. “A break from writing my thesis and being a teaching assistant would be more than welcome.” Dean Peters smiled.

“Put me on the list too, Emma. I could use some time away from the grind,” Dr. Brock said. Dean Peters was delighted. She had her first new recruits. Dr. Jennings would be happy with her.

“I reach out to him later today and schedule a time for both of you to be admitted. Just remember, you cannot take work, a computer or even a cell phone with you. The Institute is designed for complete relaxation.” The group finished their lunch and Dean Peters returned to her office. It was time for her nap that Dr. Jennings required. She activated the app on her phone and put in a pair of earbuds. Soon, her eyes closed and she dropped into a deep sleep. Her mind was bombarded with messages of relaxation and obedience. When she awoke, she felt better. She decided to call Dr. Jennings to inform him about Dr. Brock and Madison Carter.

“Claremont Institute, how may we help you?”

“Yes, this is Dean Emma Peters at Claremont College calling for Dr. Jennings.”

“Of course, Dean Peters, I will connect you.”

“Emma,” the voice on the other end of the phone said cheerfully, “so nice to hear from you. How are you feeling?”

“Feeling good Doctor, I have been taking my medicine and I just woke up from my nap.”

“Good girl. I am proud of you. Always remember, good girls obey.”

“Good girls obey,” Emma repeated with a blank expression on her face.

“How may I help you, Emma?”

“Yes, Doctor, I have done as I was instructed. I have recruited two new women at Claremont for treatment at the Institute. One is a current student and one is a faculty member.”

“Good girl, Emma. I am very pleased with you. When you obey me, you feel great pleasure.” Emma could feel waves of pleasure and she desperately wanted to push her fingers into her wet pussy. “Please take the steps necessary to bring both women to the Institute on Friday afternoon at 2:00pm so that they may be admitted for treatment.”

“Yes, Doctor, I will obey.”

“Good girl. Continue your work on behalf of the Institute and continue to feel wonderful pleasure. I will see you on Friday with your new recruits.” After talking to Dr. Jennings, Dean Peters came out of trance. It was nearly time for the meeting of the Academic Council. She headed toward the college’s administrative building. She saw Dr. Brock headed in the same direction.

“Hi Emma. I enjoyed lunch.”

“Me too, Judy. Hey, I spoke with Dr. Jennings and he can fit you in on Friday at 2:00. Madison is also scheduled at that time. I will give you both a ride over there.” Dr. Brock smiled.

“Thanks so much, that will be perfect. I will see Madison later and let her know. We can meet up in the faculty parking lot.” At the Academic Council meeting, Dean Peters decided to hold off on reporting on her recommendations for a week until both Judy and Madison had completed their treatment. The rest of the week seemed to move smoothly. Dean Peters continued to take her nerve tonic pills and her daily nap, both of which relaxed her mind and made her feel wonderful. Friday morning, she saw Judy who asked if she should pack anything. Dean Peters told her that the Institute would provide everything she needed. By 2:00pm, both Dr. Brock and Madison were waiting in the parking lot. They climbed into Dean Peters’ car for the short drive. When they arrived, they were escorted to the waiting area while Dr. Jennings finished with a patient.

“Emma, so nice to see you. And these wonderful ladies must be Judy Brock and Madison Carter. We are so glad you can join us for the weekend. Emma has told me all about you and I think you will find that the Institute has a lot to offer.” Looking at his newest patients, Dr. Jennings knew that Madison would require sexual therapy and possible impregnation.

“A break for the hustle bustle of the college is more than welcome,” Dr. Brock said with a smile. Madison nodded.

“Well, let’s get things rolling.” Dr. Jennings had Nurse Diane paged and she arrived pushing two wheelchairs. “Ladies, please have a seat. I will need your cellphones and, of course, no computers or smart watches.” Both Dr. Brock and Madison surrendered their possessions and took a seat in one of the wheelchairs. “Good, Nurse Diane will take you both back and get you changed into your uniforms.” Neither Dr. Brock nor Madison knew anything about uniforms and their expressions changed.

“Don’t worry, the uniforms are very comfortable and you will enjoy wearing them,” Dean Peters said. Her words eased their concerns and Nurse Diane and another orderly pushed Dr. Brock and Madison down the hall.

“Emma, thank you for being so prompt in bring new patients to us. While they are being prepared, please come into my office.” She followed him and he closed the door. She took a seat. “Relax and be a good girl.” Emma’s head dropped to her chest and she dropped deeply into hypnosis. “Relax Emma and feel deep pleasure. Your mind and body belong to me.”

“My mind and body belong to you.”

“When you return to the campus, you will continue to help find new women to receive treatment at the Institute, is that clear?”

“Yes, very clear, Master.”

“Good girl. Your goal is to get the College to adopt a policy that all female students and faculty undergo treatment at the Institute. Is that clear?”

“Yes, very clear, Master.”

“Good girl. Now waking in 5-4-3-2-1. Wide awake.” Emma’s eyes fluttered open. She must have dozed off. She was overdue for her nap.

“Let’s see how Judy and Madison are progressing.” They exited Dr. Jennings office into the lobby area. Nurse Diane and the orderly were just bringing Judy and Madison down the hall. Both were now dressed in white gowns with white crews socks and white Keds sneakers. Both women were wearing diapers. They both had docile expressions on their faces. “I see our newest patients are nicely checked in nurse?”

“Yes, Doctor.” He examined them and checked their patient bracelets. Judy’s bracelet read: “Brock, Judith. Patient No. 16246. Code Blue” and Madison’s bracelet read: “Carter, Madison. Patient No. 16247. Code Pink.” The opposite side of both bracelets read “Patients wearing this bracelet should be considered severely mentally disturbed. Do not interact with them for any reason.”

“Perfect. Nurse, I would like to begin Madison’s brain conditioning immediately, please take her to the Brain Conditioning room. Judy can be taken to her room for now and given an enema.”

“Yes, Doctor.” Dr. Jennings smiled.

“Why does Madison’s bracelet say ‘Code Pink’?” Emma asked.

“Code Pink means that she has been cleared for sexual therapy. Many of our patients receive sexual therapy to help them deal with emotional problems. Cherie is currently receiving sexual therapy and has responded nicely.” Emma smiled. It was so wonderful that Dr. Jennings took such good care of his patients. “Now, it’s time for you to head back to the College. Because this is a holiday weekend, I will be keeping Judy and Madison until Monday when you may pick them up.”

“Yes, Doctor. I understand and will obey.” Dean Peters turned and walked back to her car. Leaving the Institute was always difficult, but it was important to help other women discover its many benefits. Judy and Madison were now on that path.