The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter 8

As Nurse Diane pushed Madison along the hallway toward the Brain Conditioning room, her mind felt like it was full of bubbles. After she had changed into her uniform, Nurse Diane had give her a shot that made her feel all nice and relaxed. Her uniform felt really comfortable and she was glad that Dean Peters had brought her here. “Here we go Miss Madison, all ready for brain conditioning.” Madison smiled. Brain conditioning sounded fun. Nurse Diane helped her out of the wheelchair and up onto the table. She removed Madison’s new white Keds. She laid back and Nurse Diane secured her with the Velcro straps. There was another girl on the other table. She had a dome over her head and her body seemed to be experiencing some type of pleasurable sensations.

“Is that girl okay?” Madison asked.

“She’s just fine sweetie. She is just experiencing the pleasure of obedience. You will learn very soon what that feels like.” Madison smiled. “Just relax and Dr. Jennings will be here soon to begin your brain conditioning.” This sounded wonderful. Meanwhile, Dr. Jennings had accompanied Judy to her room. The medication in Judy’s system had helped her relax and her uniform felt very comfortable.

“Now, Judy, the nurse is going to give you a series of enemas. These are designed to clear out your system. I have found that patients that are older than 30 tend to be constipated due to all the poor eating choices they make. Once we get you nice and cleaned out, then we will start you on a bland diet that will not put all the same toxins back into your system.” Judy nodded. “You will feel some discomfort, but will be much better off when we are finished.” While the nurse prepared Judy for her enemas, Dr. Jennings headed to the Brain Conditioning room. When he entered, Madsion was on the table awaiting her treatment.

“Madison,” Dr. Jennings said smiling, “are you ready to begin your treatment?”

“Yes, Doctor.”

“Good, this is going to help you relax and purge your mind off all of the stress that has built up while you have been a student. Stress is bad for you and it shortens your life. Brain conditioning will help you feel pleasure and learn obedience. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Doctor, I understand.”

“Is that something you want?” Dr. Jennings said even though Madison really had no choice but to receive brain conditioning.

“Yes, Doctor. I want brain conditioning.” Dr. Jennings smiled.

“Good girl. This may hurt a little, but you will feel much better when it is done.” He nodded to Nurse Diane, who lowered the dome onto Madison’s head, place headphones on her and started the brain conditioning program. Soon her eyes were closed as the program did its work. On the other table, Melody Turner was receiving her third round of brain conditioning. At first, she had fought the program, but soon, like all the other girls that experienced it, she began to feel pleasure in surrendering control of her mind and body. Using the program, Dr. Jennings had been able to remove much of the anger and hostility that had polluted Melody’s mind and had driven her to become a disobedient and hostile teenager. He had replaced those negative emotions with happiness and obedience. When her mother came for a visit, she hardly recognized her daughter. The nurses had washed and trimmed her hair, removed all of the remaining piercings and helped her to remember simple courtesy. Dr. Jennings had also given her one session of sexual therapy to help her understand that pleasing men was an important part of her life. He believed that her life after leaving the Institute should be focused on becoming a homemaker, having children and serving her husband. Dr. Jennings had used brain conditioning to adjust Melody’s IQ down to make her happy in that roll. Melody was scheduled to be discharged from the Institute this weekend. Her mother would find a girl who was much different from the one she left.

Dr. Jennings watched as the brain conditioner worked on Madison’s brain. The first session of brain conditioning started with removal of emotional and intellectual clutter. By emptying the patient’s mind, brain conditioning made the patient receptive to new thoughts and ideas. Madison was no exception. As the clutter was removed Madison’s face took on an expression of contentment. After almost an hour, Nurse Diane stopped the program and helped Madison sit up on the table.

“How are we feeling sweetie?” Madison smiled.

“So empty and obedient.”

“Good girl. Let’s get you back to your room for dinner and sleep.”

“Yes, Doctor.” Nurse Diane wheeled Madison to the room with Judy. Judy had received three full enemas to clean her out. She was having her dinner which consisted of a bowl of protein mush and jello. She also looked very relaxed. Nurse Diane helped Madison into her bed and removed her Keds. She pulled a rolling tray in front of her and gave her the same bland diet. Madison was exhausted but hungry. The food had little taste, but she shoveled it into her mouth all the same. Nurse Diane gave her several capsules to swallow to relax her and she laid down. She then helped Judy into the wheelchair for her first session of brain conditioning. Like Emma, Judy was a member of the Claremont faculty and Dr. Jennings did not want to subject her to damage her ability to return to the College and serve his needs. Her session was shorter than Madisons’, but sufficient to secure her obedience. By 8:00pm, both Judy and Madison were sleeping deeply in their beds. They would both receive two more sessions on Saturday and Madison would receive her first session of sexual therapy.

Dr. Jennings also checked in on Wendy and Cherie. Although both girls were still bald, they were beginning to get stubble back on their heads. In time, their hair would return and cover the scar left from their brain surgery. Their brain implants were working perfectly and both girls were obedient and docile. Both spent their time either in the day room with other patients or outside in the garden. Wendy no longer was burdened with the anger and hostility that had polluted her mind, especially after Dr. Jennings had decided that Cherie would remain as a patient. Both were cheerful and happy and considered themselves fortunate to be under the care of Dr. Jennings. Cherie’s sexual therapy was proceeding nicely and Nurse Diane was convinced that she was pregnant. Once that had been confirmed, she would be transferred to the pregnancy wing. Wendy had asked Dr. Jennings if she could begin sexual therapy, but he had not decided yet.

* * *

Back at Claremont College, Dean Peters took the necessary steps to remove Cherie from the student database. Once Dr. Jennings had confirmed that she would be a permanent patient at the Institute, there was no reason to keep her on the rolls. As Dean Peters filled out the forms to remove Cherie, she listed as the reason “transfer to mental health facility.” Dean Peters thought about the fact that she might ultimately become a permanent patient if Dr. Jennings permitted it. Her short time there had convinced her that living there would be the closest thing to paradise she could imagine. She hoped that by her work on behalf of the Institute might one day secure her the right to wear a uniform permanently. She was scheduled to pick Judy and Madison up tomorrow afternoon. She imagined that they too were probably enjoying their time there. She spent her afternoon drafting a proposal for the Academic Counsel that would require all female students to spend a minimum of one weekend a year as a patient at the Institute. She was sure that Judy would sign off on it and that the two of them could get it approved. With any luck, the proposal would be expedited to allow immediate implementation. About that time, her secretary handed her a note from Dr. Jennings saying that both Judy and Madison would be staying an extra day through Monday.

* * *

As Madison lay in her bed, she felt wonderful. All of her stress seemed to have vanished. Just as Dean Peters had promised. She was grateful to Dr. Jennings for the work he had done on her mind. She was eager to experience sexual therapy and hoped that Dr. Jennings would give her the privilege of receiving his seed. Although she was not eager to leave the Institute, she knew that Dean Peters would be picking her and Judy up. She was determined to help Dean Peters bring other young women to the Institute. Nurse Diane had taken Judy for another round of brain conditioning. Madison dozed off until she was awakened by Dr. Jennings.

“Good morning, Madison. How are we feeling?”

“I feel wonderful Doctor. Thank you for allowing us to spend the weekend here.”

“It is my pleasure. I hope that when you return to Claremont, you will encourage other girls to visit us for treatment.”

“Absolutely. I was going to talk to Dean Peters about starting a relaxation club. One of the requirements for membership would be spending a weekend here at the Institute.”

“That sounds like a wonderful idea sweetie. While we are waiting for Judy to return, I thought that a bit of sexual therapy would help you.” Madison smiled. That was exactly what she was hoping for. She had talked to some of the other patients during exercise period and they had encouraged her to undergo sexual therapy. Dr. Jennings closed the door to the room and removed his lab coat, pants and underwear. His erection was enormous, every bit of 9 inches. Madison had been fucked before, but this was somehow different. Sexual therapy was good for her and would help her be happier. She lay back on her bed and pulled up her gown. Dr. Jenning unfastened her diaper. Her pussy was already sopping wet in anticipation. She guided Dr. Jennings cock into her and it slipped in easily. Soon he was pounding her as waves of pleasure coursed through Madison’s body. “Fuck that feels good,” she cried, “harder, harder.” Finally, Dr. Jennings erupted, filling her womb with his rich seed and she orgasmed.

“Thank you Doctor. That felt amazing.”

“I know that is going to help you be relaxed and happy,” he said smiling. Madison nodded. He replaced her diaper and helped her slip back under the covers. “Time for a nice nap sweetie.” Madison was asleep in minutes. Dr. Jennings dressed and dimmed the lights. Madison’s pussy was really tight and felt good. He was glad he had given her therapy before she left. He decided to go check on Judy’s progress. As Dr. Jennings entered the Brain Conditioning room, he observed Judy strapped to the table. Her back was arching and her socked toes were curling from the pleasure she was experiencing. As the program sucked her brain dry of any thoughts other than obedience and devotion to the Institute, she was rewarded with orgasmic pleasure.

“How is Judy progressing?”

“A few more minutes and she will be done, Doctor. She is reacting very well. We have reduced her IQ some, but not enough to interfere with her work on behalf of the Institute at Claremont College,” Nurse Diane said. Dr. Jennings smiled.

“Good. Dean Peters will be picking Judy and Madison up tomorrow and I want each of them to have a third session. Madison has had her sexual therapy and is napping. I think Judy would also benefit from sexual therapy later this afternoon.” Nurse Diane nodded and continued to watch the monitor as the program did its work. Dr. Jennings returned to his office. Melody’s mother would be coming by in an hour to retrieve her daughter. Dr. Jennings had already signed the papers releasing Melody, but also requiring that she continue on her medication and return to the Institute every three months for another session of brain conditioning. He had considered implanting a chip in her head, but decided that he would hold off. He decided that the changes in Melody would be significant without returning her to Mrs. Turner with a shaved head. The new Melody was docile and cooperative. All of the venom that had turned her into a goth monster was purged. She was now polite and respectful. There had been a significant IQ reduction, but that was sometimes the price that had to be paid. Dr. Jennings welcomed Mrs. Turner into his office.

“I think you will be very pleased with the work we done on Melody. We have been able to purge all of the hostility and anger that had taken over her mind. It was not easy and she experienced some pain as a result of the process, but I think she is much closer to the daughter you remember before her detour into delinquency.” Mrs. Turner smiled.

“Thank you Doctor. Melody was always a good girl.”

“I think you will find that she is back to being a good girl, but you will have to be patient with her. The toxins that had been polluting her mind were difficult to remove, but they are gone.” Dr. Jennings pressed the buzzer on his desk and a few minutes later, Nurse Diane entered pushing a wheelchair. Instead of being occupied by a goth princess, Melody was now dressed in a floral print dress, pantyhose and white Keds. She had a somewhat dazed look on her face, but a nice smile.

“Good afternoon mother,” she said, “such nice weather we are having.” Mrs. Turner was blown away. She reached around Melody’s arms to embrace her. Gone was the rage and ugliness that had been the old Melody. The new Melody was docile, but also devoid of personality.

“Melody will be a good girl from now on,” Dr. Jennings said, “but the adjustments we have made will work best if she gets married and becomes a housewife. College is really out of the question. She will need to continue to take her nerve tonic pills twice daily and I would like her to spend one weekend every three months back here at the Institute. If you have any further problems, feel free to give me a call.”

“Thank you so much Doctor. I cannot thank you enough.” Dr. Jennings smiled.

“It is our pleasure.” He handed her an envelope. “As we discussed, this is the bill for our work on Melody.” Mrs. Turner opened the envelope and found a statement for $25,000. She nodded.

“You will have a check by tomorrow.” They shook hands and Nurse Diane wheeled Melody out to her mother’s car. Although many of the patients at the Institute had their fees waived or paid by insurance, Dr. Jennings did not hesitate to bill where he knew that money was available. “I mentioned the Institute to my sister. Her daughter, Rachel, had been showing signs of rebellious behavior.”

“How old is she?”

“She just turned 18”

“Have your sister give me a call. I’m sure we could help Rachel just like we have helped Melody.” Mrs. Turner nodded. Dr Jennings headed back into the Institute. Judy needed her sexual therapy and he wanted to give Dean Peters a call.