The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter 9

Monday morning was bright and clear and both Judy and Madison were permitted to walk in the garden with the other patients. Dr. Jennings had scheduled their final brain conditioning sessions for 9:00am ahead of their departure to return to Claremont College. As their white Keds crunched the gravel beneath their feet, their minds were empty of any cares or concerns thanks to several sessions of brain conditioning. And yet, they were happier than they had ever been and both of them adored Dr. Jennings. He was the source of their contentment and they now existed to obey and serve him. The evening before, he had come to their room to give Judy her sexual therapy. The pleasure of having him inside of her was like nothing she had ever felt and it erased any doubt that she now belonged to him. As the tone sounded over the speaker system, both Judy and Madison got into line and showed the orderly their bracelets. “Good girls,” he said smiling.

Nurse Diane was waiting when they returned to their room. She had two wheelchairs ready. “Time for your last session of brain conditioning before you leave.” Both girls obediently took their places in the chairs excited about opening their minds to Dr. Jennings. Within a few minutes they were both secured to the treatment tables. During this last session, Dr. Jennings would be speaking directly to their subconscious minds and implanting ideas that would control their behavior once they returned to the College. Once they were relaxed and the brain conditioner had continued its work emptying their minds, it was time for Dr. Jennings to implant his orders.

“Judy, can you hear me?”

“Yes, I hear,” she said in a monotone voice.

“Madison, can you hear me?”

“Yes, I hear.”

“Good girls. You will listen carefully to my instructions and you will obey them to the letter. All that you will know is that when you obey, you feel great pleasure. Although you are both leaving the Institute, you will consider yourself a permanent patient. You will always have a bed here awaiting your return and all that you need to do is call me and your treatment will continue. When you return to the College, your purpose will be to serve me and to help other young women find the joy and contentment that you have found here at the Institute. You will encourage them to come here so that we can help them relax and feel the happiness that you have felt. You will encourage the College administration to send more and more women here for treatment. Do you understand?

“Yes, I understand,” the girls said in unison.

“Good girls, feel incredible pleasure surging through your body when you obey.” Both girls began to moan and arched their backs in response to the orgasmic pleasure they were feeling. Dr. Jennings smiled. He had never imagined that getting students and faculty from Claremont College to become patients would be so easy. The more minds that he conditioned for servitude, the more came to his doorstep. Both Judy and Madison would make good slaves and eventually the College administration would be begging him to allow their students to be admitted as part of their education. Dr. Jennings just needed to find a way to receive funding from the College. Nurse Diane removed the restraints holding Judy and Madison and allowed them to sit up. Both had smiles on their faces.

“Let’s get you back to your room and get you ready to leave.” Their smiles were instantly replaced with expressions of sadness.

“Will Dr. Jennings allow us to stay just one more day?” Madison pleaded. “I’m not ready to leave.” Nurse Diane smiled.

“Dr. Jennings needs both of you to return to the College and help other young women get the treatment they need. I know that leaving here is difficult, but think about all the other young women you will be helping.” That seemed to make both of them feel better. After all, if it had not been for Dean Peters, neither of them would have found the Institute. The least they could do is to pass along that information to other students and faculty who needed help. They returned to their room and reluctantly dressed in the clothing that they had arrived in. Like Dean Peters, Nurse Diane allowed both of them to wear their socks and white Keds. They were also allowed to keep their gown and cardigan sweater. “The Institute will always be your home.” Madison hugged Nurse Diane before climbing into Dean Peters’ car. She had been there barely three days, but it felt like it had been a lifetime of pleasure and contentment.

“I hope that you both enjoyed your visit to the Institute?” Dean Peters asked knowing the response. Madison had tears rolling down her cheeks as she sobbed.

“It’s the most wonderful place I have ever been. I have been at Claremont for two years and I never paid any attention to it. I feel so stupid.” Dean Peters smiled.

“Sweetie, there is no reason to beat yourself up, both Dr. Brock and I feel the same way. I always thought it was a mental institution, but it’s a place that every woman on campus needs to visit. Dr. Jennings is an amazing man and the College needs to recognize him for his work.” Madison looked down fighting the urge to finger herself. She remembered how good it felt to have Dr. Jennings thrusting his cock into her and filling her with his cum. She wondered if she would get pregnant, but dismissed the thought as a fantasy that was unlikely to become true. Dean Peters slowed her car and dropped Madison off at the dorm where she served as the resident advisor.

“Thanks Dean Peters,” she said.

“Come see me tomorrow so we can talk. I am going to work on a proposal to require all female students to spend a weekend each semester at the Institute.” Madison smiled.

“I will do anything I can to help out.” She slammed the car door and headed into the dorm.

“She is a wonderful girl,” Dean Peters said.

“Yes, she is,” Dr. Brock agreed. She leaned over and kissed Dean Peters. “Thank you for helping me find total happiness.” Dean Peters returned the kiss.

“You’re welcome. I love you and I love Madison.” Dr. Brock invited Dean Peters into her apartment. Before her time at the Institute, her life had been empty of any meaningful relationship. That would no longer be the case. Dr. Jennings had given them something deeper. Happiness without the traditional gender restrictions. When Madison got back to her room, she removed her street clothes and slipped back into her treatment gown. It felt so good, so comforting. The bag that Nurse Diane had packed also contained a bottle of nerve tonic pills prescribed by Dr. Jennings to be taken twice a day along with instructions that she was to take a daily nap and make sure that she was in bed no later than 7:30pm each evening. It really felt good to know that they were so concerned about her welfare. About that time, there was a knock on her door. She opened it to find two of the students on her hall, Samantha Rice and Brittany Moore.

“Hi, Maddie, we noticed you were gone this weekend and wanted to check to make sure you were okay.” Madison smiled.

“Thanks, you guys. I was fine. Just had a very relaxing weekend. You want to come in?” Both girls stepped in and Madison closed the door.

“Where’d you go?” Samantha asked drawing a stern look for Brittany. Madison smiled.

“It’s okay. I spent the weekend at the Female Institute that backs up to campus. Dean Peters suggested that I go and it was really nice. Dr. Brock went too and we both had a wonderful weekend.”

“But, I thought that place was for people with mental problems,” Samantha said.

“It may have been at one time, but it’s more like a retreat now. They help you to get rid of your stress and pamper you a bit. Kind of like a spa,” Madison said sugar-coating it a bit.

“Wow, that sounds really nice. Is it expensive?”

“No, not at all. If you are a full-time student or faculty member, the weekend is free.” Madison sat down on her bed and unlaced her Keds. She needed to take one of her nerve tonic pills and lay down for her nap. “If you guys are interested, go see Dean Peters and tell her that I suggested it.”

“I definitely will,” Brittany said, “Right now I need to head to my Chemistry class.”

“And I’m late for French,” Samantha said. Madison ushered them back to the door and they headed off. She wandered back into her bedroom, got a glass of water and swallowed one of the nerve tonic pills. Within a matter of minutes, she was feeling really sleepy. She slid under the covers and put her ear buds in and pressed the app on her phone. As she dozed off, she could hear Dr. Jennings’ voice telling her to relax and obey. There was no doubt in her mind that she belonged to him now.

* * *

Dean Peters had worked on her proposal for the Academic Council for over two weeks. She wanted it to be flawless so that it would not get bogged down in committee. She then invited Judy and Madison over to her apartment to review it and make suggestions. When Judy and Madison arrived, they changed into the uniforms like Dean Peters. All of them hated wearing street clothes, but did so only when necessary. Their at home hours were always spent dressed as Institute patients. With Judy on the Academic Council, Dean Peters were certain that her proposal would make it to a vote. Madison was happy to speak in support on behalf of the students. The only person that gave Dean Peters any concern was the representative from the English Department, Dr. Jane Worsham. Dr. Worsham frequently butted heads with Dean Peters and seemingly took a contrary view just to be difficult.

“Maybe I can help with Dr. Worsham,” Madison said, “I had a number of classes with her as an undergrad and we got along pretty well.”

“That sounds promising, but I think we should talk to Dr. Jennings about this. He always knows what’s best.” Dean Peters pulled out her cellphone and dialed the number that Dr. Jennings had provided.

“Good afternoon, Emma. How are we feeling today?” Dean Peters stifled a giggle.

“I feel wonderful Doctor. I have Judy and Madison with me.”

“Good afternoon girls. I hope you are also feeling good.”

“Doctor, at your request we have put together a proposal for the Academic Council that would require all female students to report to the Institute once each semester for a weekend of treatment. We believe that the proposal will pass the Academic Council with the exception of one member, Dr. Worsham, from the English Department. Madison knows her and is willing to talk to her, but we want to make sure that we can be positive that she will not oppose the proposal.”

“I see. I am very pleasure will the work you all have put in. Just close your eyes and relax.” All three women closed their eyes. “Listen to my voice as it replaces all of your thoughts. My voice is the most important thing to you right now. You are feeling more and more pleasure. The more you listen and obey, the more pleasure you feel.” All three women were beginning to feel waves of pleasure building. “Deeper, deeper, more and more pleasure overwhelming you, feeling better and better.” The girls began to moan as their hands lifted their gowns and began playing with their pussies. “Deeper, deeper, more and more obedient. You will listen and obey me.”

“Listen and obey…” their hollow voices repeat.

“Good girls. No one person can be allowed to interfere with my work at the Institute. You have experienced my authority and the pleasure that comes from obeying. Dr. Worsham must learn this lesson and must support the proposal enthusiastically. Madison will schedule a meeting with Dr. Worsham to discuss the benefits of treatment at the Institute and to introduce me. After my meeting with Dr. Worsham, I feel certain that her mind will be open to supporting the proposal. Is that understood?”

“Yes, I understand and will obey,” Madison said.

“Good girl. Now, all of you will wake from trance feeling rested and happy in 5-4-3-2 and 1. Wide awake.” Madison yawned and stretched. She felt so rested.

“I think I should head over to the English Department to see if I can schedule a meeting with Dr. Worsham.” Emma and Judy agreed.

“Madison, you will let me know when the meeting is scheduled.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good girl.” Dr. Jennings hung up. Madison stood and headed for the door.

“Wait, don’t you want to change?” Judy said reminding Madison that she was still dressed in her uniform. Madison sighed.

“No, my uniform feels really good.” A few people took note of Madison’s attire, but, for the most part, it did not draw much attention. She arrived at the English Department and found Dr. Worsham’s office number on the board. She headed to the third floor. A student was just leaving Dr. Worsham’s office and Madison knocked on the door.

“Hi, Dr. Worsham, I don’t know if you remember me, Madison Carter.” Dr. Worsham smiled.

“Yes, Madison, so nice to see you again. You were in my seminar classes on modern English prose.” Madison nodded. “What can I help you with?” Dr. Worsham took note of how Madison was dressed, but seldom judged students by their dress.

“I was hoping to talk to you about a proposal that is going to be coming before the Academic Council. You are familiar with the Female Institute that backs up to campus?”

“Yes, I don’t know much about it, except that I think they deal with mentally disturbed women.” Madison smiled.

“That used to be true, but not any more. The Institute now helps women deal with issues of stress and emotional problems. The hope is to prevent women from becoming depressed or even suicidal. They use their technology to help women relax and be happy. I spent this past weekend there and it was wonderful.”

“I see,” Dr. Worsham said trying not to roll her eyes.

“The proposal will require all female students and faculty to spend time at the Institute to help them become more relaxed and happy.”

“Well, I would probably be opposed to such a proposal because it might distract students from their work. Claremont College is not a day spa. We want hard-working students.” Madison looked disappointed.

“Before you decide, please let me introduce you to Dr. Jennings. He is the medical director at the Institute and he can answer any questions you have. Can I bring him by your office tomorrow around 2:00pm?”

“That seems fair,” Dr. Worsham said as she put the date on her calendar. “No one can say that I don’t keep an open mind.” Madison smiled. Dr. Jennings loved women who kept their minds open and he would happily take advantage of that. Madison was delighted. Anything she could do to promote the Institute was a privilege. She called Dr. Jennings and gave him the information on the meeting. They were no one step closer to reuniting the College and the Institute.