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Chaya’s New Pet—Chapter Two

James woke up the next morning, curled up on the floor at the foot of the bed, laying on a soft pallet, with a blanket laying over him. He frowned, not recognizing where he was, and it took him a minute to recall what had happened to him the night before. When he did, he jerked upright, then started to scramble to his feet.

He didn’t make it past his knees.

His eyes widened as his hands lifted and his fingers brushed over the leather of a collar secured around his neck. It was then he noticed that it was attached to a leash that was connected to a heavy ring in the floor. He couldn’t get the collar off, couldn’t figure out the clasp, and started tugging at the leash.

It was his tugging and rapid breathing that woke up the woman he both wanted and slightly feared. She stirred, rolling onto her back in the bed, stretching lazily, and he froze when he saw her breasts thrust upward, immediately growing hard.

Chaya smiled as she sat up, leaning back on her hands as she watched him. “Well good morning, pet. Did you sleep well?” she murmured in a tone that made him shiver and relax, though he didn’t let go of the leash. Part of him wanted to stay, but another part still wanted to run, to escape.

“Yes,” he whispered, trying to look away, but he couldn’t take his eyes off her tits, even as the collar cut into his neck as he struggled.

Chaya’s eyes narrowed as she said, more sharply, “Yes what?”

He ducked his head and winced at the tone. “Yes mistress,” he mumbled, only to moan at the sudden shaft of pleasure that lanced through him at the word.

Chaya pushed herself forward, so she was kneeling on the bed with her legs spread wide, looking down at James, eyeing his stiff cock. “I don’t believe I heard that, pet. Yes what?” she asked, brow arching, her hands cupping her breasts, drawing his attention to them.

“Yes mistress,” he said automatically, staring once more at those lush mounds that had made him cum so many times the previous night. Remembering that, remembering how he had given into her so completely, made him angry, made him fight against the initial hypnotic programming she’d given him the night before.

“What have you done to me? You can’t just decide to keep me. So I fucked you at the club, so what? It doesn’t mean anything,” he spat at her.

It infuriated and shocked him when she just laughed and slipped down so she was sitting on the bed, her legs spread, and for a minute he couldn’t decide whether he wanted to look at her glorious tits or her already slick pussy. She decided for him.

She reached down, detaching the leash from the ring and slowly pulling him towards her, keeping his head up so he was staring at her breasts. “I can decide to keep you, pet. But you decided to stay. You were a slave to my tits before I ever did anything to you. Just look at you now. I haven’t even tried anything and you’re rock hard,” she said, smirking at him.

He shook his head slowly, but he couldn’t look away. “No. I’m no one’s slave. Women obey me, I don’t obey them,” he protested, though even to his ears the denial sounded weak.

“Perhaps before. But now you’re with me.” She moved quickly, forcing him onto his back, straddling him. Before he could say a word she had impaled herself on him, sheathing him completely in her hot, wet sex and making him groan.

She started to ride him, hard and fast, making her tits bounce with each thrust down onto him. He groaned and arched up into her, unable to lay still or push her away. Nor could he look away from those breasts as they moved up and down.

“Now pet…Keep watching my tits…That’s it. You can’t look away, can you? It feels too good. Looking at them, it makes you want to touch them, to suck on them. You desire them more than anything. More than your freedom, isn’t that right, pet?” she cooed as she continued to slide over him, watching as his eyes followed each movement of her breasts. Watched as he tried to shake his head no, but against his will he spoke a soft, “Yes.”

Chaya smiled, stroked a hand over his cheek. “That’s a good pet…Now, the longer you watch my tits, the deeper under my power you get. So deep, and it feels so good. You know that the moment you cum, it’s going to drain all your will to resist me. You’ll be completely mine. My pet, my titty-slave. And every time I call you my titty-slave, you’ll slide right back into this perfectly willing, relaxed, and obedient state. Isn’t that right, pet?” she purred, rolling her hips with every downward thrust against him, making him arch up into her and cry out. And though he tried to fight against it, tried to deny it, he found himself nodding, answering “Yes mistress” in a hoarse, but earnest tone.

She kept one hand wrapped firmly around the leash, and began to wind it around her hand, pulling him up, forcing him to sit up while she remained in his lap, never broke the rhythm of her fucking. Her other hand slide into his hair, and she pulled his head towards her breast. “Drink, my titty-slave, taste me and cum and be mine, completely mine,” she said softly, with a smile.

His lips closed around her nipple with a low groan, his eyes closing at the feel of the hard nub between his lips, the taste of her milk on his tongue. His arms wound tightly around his beautiful, perfect mistress as he drove up into her, each thrust powerful, almost bruising her hips. With the last thrust his teeth closed down against her breast as he came, sending shot after shot of jizz up into her body.

Chaya smiled, tilting her head back in satisfaction, in smug pleasure, and continued to grind herself onto him until she felt his orgasm subside and his body go loose and relaxed against her. She stood, standing over him, holding the leash loosely now. “You’re my titty-slave, aren’t you?” she asked.

“Yes mistress,” he mumbled, laying there panting, looking at her adoringly.

“Completely and totally mine, to do with as I will?”

“Yes mistress.”

“Then prove it, pet. On your hands and knees. I want to sit down.”

Eager, almost desperate to please, James forced his body to move quickly, getting into the commanded position, his head turned so he could watch her.

“Eyes straight ahead, pet. Furniture doesn’t need to look around,” she said sharply, forcing him to obey before she settled her ass on his back, letting him feel the wetness of both their sexual fluids on his skin. And though she was big for a woman, he was strong, and her weight was nothing to him.

She sighed softly and shifted around, drawing a whimper from him as he felt her pussy rubbing against him. “Isn’t it so nice being my furniture, pet?” she purred at him, petting his hair.

“Yes mistress. I love pleasing you,” he said, voice unsteady, his cock already hard once more.

“Tell me, pet…Do you believe yourself as dominant to women?”

He hesitated, lifelong beliefs warring with a need to please Chaya. He took so long in answering that a hand came down sharply on his ass. “Answer me, pet! Do you believe yourself as dominant to women?”

“Yes mistress!” he cried out, and Chaya lifted a hand to deliver another sharp spank, but she paused as he continued. “Except for you. I am your worshipping submissive.” The answer made her laugh, and the single sound was so filled with scorn and pleasure both that he shivered beneath her.

“Ahh…I’m not through training you, so I will not punish you for that since you know precisely where you stand with me. Soon though, I will show you that you are submissive to all women, but none so much as me,” she said, smiling and rubbing the stinging handprint on his ass gently.

She rose and started towards the door to the bathroom, giving the leash a small tug, to let him know he was to follow her. “Come, pet. On all fours. You haven’t earned the right to walk upright, yet.” He trailed after her, awkwardly, trying to keep up and prevent the leash from jerking on his neck.

When she led him into the bathroom he winced at the cold, hard tiles beneath his knees, but he didn’t complain. He nearly groaned when she bent over to start filling the large tub, her pussy just inches from his face. He could never resist a deliciously displayed pussy, unless the alternative was a large, gorgeous rack. He leaned forward impulsive, tongue sliding over her folds.

Chaya looked over her shoulder at him, brow arched, a look on her face that made him cringe back. “You were not told you could do that, James.”

“I-I’m sorry, mistress. I wanted to see if your pussy was as delicious as your tits,” he stammered out, already scared to find out what his punishment for this small transgression would be.

“Sit there and stay,” she said, pointing to the floor, and he scrambled to obey as she left the bathroom. She returned a minute later with a ball gag, which she quickly secured as he whimpered in distaste for the gag.

“You’re not allowed to speak or taste me for the rest of the day, pet. And after my bath, you’ll be punished. And each time you do something you’re not supposed to, or that you haven’t been given permission for, you will be punished, until you learn how to behave for your mistress. If you understand, nod your head.” He nodded, his eyes nakedly pleading.

She turned her back on him as she adjusted the temperature of the water, and he followed her every movement. She left him there until she turned the water off and slid into the water with a pleased sigh. She relaxed in the bath, head leaned back, her breasts half covered by the steamy hot water.

It was several minutes before she paid him any attention, turning her head and looking at him. One hand lifted from the water, and she crooked a finger at him. “Come here pet, on your knees by the tub. You’re going to bathe me.” He crawled towards her, then rose up on his knees, picking up the washcloth. He looked over her nude form for a minute, before he began to gently run the cloth over her.

Her eyes closed as she felt the slightly roughened texture of the washcloth moving over her skin, over her sensitive nipples, then between her legs, making her sigh and shift under his touch. She spoke not a word until he pulled his hand back, and looked at her expectantly.

“Did I tell you to stop, pet?” she asked, eyes barely opening to look at him as he shook his head. “Then do not stop. Only get rid of the washcloth. I want to feel your hands on me. And do not play.”

James hesitated for a moment, but part of him was thrilled to be allowed to touch her, to feel her body under his hands. As he stared at her tits his hands moved over her shoulders and slid down her arms. He knew he should listen to her, that he shouldn’t earn himself another punishment, but this wasn’t him. He was the one in control, always, and her body was so lush, so inviting…So perfectly fuckable.

His hands slid down over her breasts, and he hesitated for a moment as he fought, as he tried to push past the hypnotic suggestions that had made him so biddable. She arched a brow, but did nothing to stop him, said nothing, simply waiting to see what he did.

It took him a full minute before his eyes lifted to meet Chaya’s, staring at her for another minute, weighing the challenge in her eyes with his desire to rebel. And, staring at her, he very slowly, very deliberately took her nipples between his fingers, pinching and tugging on them.

Her reaction was instantaneous. A hand slapped at his fingers as he toyed with her, then she stood out of the water and grabbed his leash, jerking him forward so sharply that he nearly tumbled into the water, just barely managing to catch himself.

“What did I tell you, pet? I told you not to play. You have deliberately disobeyed me, and now you will be punished,” Chaya hissed at him, stepping out of the bath. And even in his stubbornness, in his fear of punishment, he was still awed and aroused by the sight of her wet, nude body.

She stalked out of the bathroom, and the leash jerked at the collar, forcing him to follow or be dragged, and he scrambled after her, awkward on all fours. She dragged him to the bed, then over her knees. His eyes widened when he found himself in the humiliating position, and his cheeks flushed bright red, even as his cock began to stir again. The fact that he was turned on by such a childish pose, such a humiliating one infuriated him and only made him more aroused.

He gasped in surprise and pleasure, as well as pain, the first time her hand came down sharply on his bare ass. “You were a bad pet. You were testing me, and I don’t like that. You will not disobey,” she said, tone as sharp as the repeated open-hand slaps that came down on his butt over and over, until his ass was reddened and sore. The entire time he gasped and moaned, and after several minutes of the spanking, he was wincing at how sore his flesh was.

“Please mistress…”

“Please what?” she asked, not yet stopping the spanking.

“Please, I’m sorry. Don’t do this anymore. Please…Mistress,” he whimpered when she did not immediately cease.

A few more loud slaps sounded before they stopped and Chaya dragged her nails lightly over his tender ass, making him hiss. “Are you really? Does that mean that you have remembered that I own this ass and every other part of you? That you are mine to abuse or adore?”

“Yes, you are my mistress, please, don’t spank me anymore,” he begged, so hard he was aching, his cock pressed between her thighs and his stomach.

Chaya continued to rub and delicately scratch his ass while she considered. “Very well. But you must make this up to me. I am very angry with you right now, toy.” She pushed him off her lap so he sprawled onto the floor with a soft groan, then rose to her feet. “You still believe you are better than women, that you are the one who should command us. It’s time to prove just how wrong you are.”

He looked at her, baffled and cowed, then just blinked as she went to the open bedroom door. “Eliza! Come here, slut.” She turned back to him, arms folding under her more than ample rack as she waited.

It was just a minute later that a woman stepped through the door. She had deep reddish brown hair, pale blue eyes, and was, like Chaya, nude. James’ eyes widened as he looked over this new woman. She was a few inches shorter than Chaya, but her breasts were even larger. Her body was slim, her muscles toned, leaving her body wonderfully firm and shaped.

Her voice was low and smoky, enough to send a shiver through the already erect James. “Yes mistress?”

Chaya motioned for Eliza to approach her, smiling warmly at the woman. To James’ pleasant surprise, the two gorgeous women embraced, kissing passionately, their breasts pressed together, and he found his cock throbbing with need as he watched the act.

Finally Chaya broke the kiss and stroked a hand over Eliza’s breasts as if petting her. “Eliza, this is James. He is my new pet, but he thinks that he is better than women, that he commands us. He has begun to accept that I am his mistress, but I am the exception rather than the rule.” She smiled and dropped her hand to tease between Eliza’s legs, making the brunette moan softly and spread her legs. “Would you like to have him for the day, slut?”

Eliza looked over James as he lay prone on the floor, then she stared hungrily at his cock as a wicked smile spread over her lips. “May I, Mistress? I have been wanting a toy to play with, even if for just a day.”

Chaya’s eyes settled on James as a mixture of anticipation and horror settled onto his face. “He’s yours.”