The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Chelsea Dilemma

(MC, MF, MD)

Chapter One: A Dilemma Arises

I had tried to avoid Chelsie. It was nothing personal; it is just that I really am trying to stay out of trouble. Perhaps a description would help. She is about 5′ 7″, very feminine body, with just enough for curves in the right places and nothing extra. Her young beautiful face was framed by long auburn hair running just past her shoulders. All of those excellent features were overshadowed by her most prominent feature or should I say features. Her chest was at least a double D and she liked to display them. The fact that she was very intelligent and capable was rarely mentioned by the male staff members.

Now I know you are thinking what is wrong with this guy, he has a thing against a well endowed girl. The dilemma is that I was already on probation for watching another young woman too closely. If you ask me, it was the poor review I gave her and not my eyes that were the cause of the complaint. Frankly, I did not see how it was my fault but I did my best to avoid another situation where I would have to spend days, not looking at this very attractive package. It worked for almost a full year and than I was sent on an eight week job out of town in nowhere CT. My only companion young Chelsie who at 22 was roughly half my age. Not only was a warned to behave myself but I was also instructed to keep an eye on her since it had been rumored that she had tied one on more than once and god forbid that our company be embarrassed.

So there I was on our first day sitting across the table from this young lady doing my best to focus on her green eyes and nothing else. Much to my surprise we hit it off quite well. Once we got past the first day we were not what she would call bff but we certainly were getting along just fine. We only had one car and basically spent all of our time together, morning, noon, and night. This was fine until the first Friday night, our orders to spend the first weekends and return home every other weekend. Chelsie wanted to get a start on the weekend and insisted we go to a bar/dance hot spot. She was drunk before long it did not help that every young stud in the bar was sending her drinks. Once she started dancing and the boys realized she was not “taken” the drinks flowed even faster. She was one of those girls who believed dancing was a full contact sport and more than one guy left the floor sporting overly tight jeans (if you know what I mean).

When she took an infrequent break to sit with me I got a chance to talk to her during a lull in the noise volume. “I thought you told me you had a boyfriend?”

“Well…kind of…he said if I was only going to be home every other weekend he was not going to be 100% monogamous. I was just dancing with them not going to bed. Besides I like older men.”

She got drunker the dances got more suggestive and I remembered my responsibility to the company. I got her off the dance floor and poured her into the car.

It was an interesting ride back to the hotel, she was constantly leaning into me and her perky breasts were pressed against me more than once.

The next morning or should I say afternoon she came by the room. I ushered her in and told her to have a seat. She wanted to go get something to eat and since I had been swimming in the pool I needed to change. Fortunately I had a suite; unfortunately I had my computer in the outer area. Chelsie was sitting at the computer reading with intense concentration.

“What are you doing Chelsie?”

“I was reading your story. The story you wrote for the mcstories site. Do you really do hypnosis as well as write?” She hesitated than plunged on. “You see I recognized your name and I have read some of your stories before, including the one with the hypnosis script. I almost went under; if I hadn’t had a phone call you might have had me.”

“Yes I do hypnosis. I guess having you read my work is flattering and illuminating, but why were you reading anything on my computer?”

“I was bored…but I am glad I did. I want you to hypnotize me.”

“What?!? Are you nuts?”

“What is wrong with wanting to be hypnotized? You said you do it, why not me?”

“I do girls on-line, girls I will most likely never meet, or even talk to other than by IM. You I work with, you I will see almost every day for the next seven weeks.”

“Well I want you to hypnotize me and turn me into your slave!”

The conversation went downhill from there. She insisted that she was tired of being the dominant person in a relationship thanks mainly to her tits. She wanted to be submissive and obedient. She wanted to be completely brainwashed until she would do anything and everything I wanted. She just could not believe that I did not leap at the chance.

We had a subdued lunch and dinner. About 9:00 pm there was a knock at my door. It was Chelsie dressed in what had to be the sluttiest top I had ever seen, short, short white shorts that clearly displayed the red thong she wore underneath and 3″ heels. I reluctantly invited her in and before I could speak she made her argument.

“I want to be hypnotized and enslaved. You have a choice either turn me into your personal sex toy or I will turn you in for harassment.” On the surface it just sounded too ridiculous to believe.

I’ve got to be honest the dilemma was not should I but could I. Was I capable of doing in person what I had done more than a dozen times on-line?

In return for her silence it was agreed that she would be turned into a sex slave. Chelsie never said how long she wanted to be a slave nor to what level; all she just wanted to be a slave.

I had her sit on the couch and relax.

“You are not going to show me something shiny or swing it back and forth?” She sounded almost disappointed.

“First, why don’t we see if you are very suggestible or just intrigued by the idea? If you are a good subject it will go rapidly. Now the best subjects are both intelligent and have a good imagination. I know you are smart, but do you have a good imagination?”

“Yes of course I do.” Her response was just a touch indignant.

“Ok, we will do one of the oldest tests I know of. I want you to stand up and put your arms in front of you. Just relax and hold them at chest height. Now I want you to take your right hand and turn it so it is palm up. Imagine that I have placed a brick in your right hand; feel the roughness of it, feel the weight pressing down on your palm, let it push your arm down, do not resist the weight of that brick. Very good Chelsie you are an excellent subject. Now I want you to take your left hand and close it making a lose fist but with your thumb pointing up. You are doing great Chelsie. Now relax and feel me tying a string around your thumb. That string is attached to a big balloon filled with helium. I am letting the balloon go slowly; soon you will feel the string tugging on your thumb, tugging it gently upwards. Make no attempt to resist just let it carry your thumb up and with it your hand and arm. Feel it gently pulling up and up until your arm is pointed straight up. Excellent.”

Her one hand was at her side and the other was pointed up above her head. It was just a matter of telling her that the brick and balloon were gone and in seconds her arms had returned to their original position.

“You are already in a light trance Chelsea so we will continue to put you deeper and deeper into a trance. Sit down. All you need to do is focus on me, focus on my words and nothing else. Just follow my words down and down, relax your mind, relax your body. Just let yourself go, focus on my words and my words only. Relax nothing exist but you and I, you have nothing to do but relax and focus, relax and go deeper and deeper.” She was so relaxed that I decided she needed to sit before she fell over.

“Chelsie, I want you to relax and listen closely to what I say. Do you understand?”

“Yesss.” She was one of those, oh well I can deal with it.

“I read once that the stages of hypnosis can be compared to a yard stick with 36 being fully awake and zero being fully entranced. The numbers in between are the various stages of hypnosis. Do you understand Chelsie?”

“Yess, I underssstand.”

“Good, 30 is a light trance, 24 is a moderate trance and 12 is a deep trance. When a person reaches zero they are as deep as most hypnotist believe a person can go. If you understand this I want you to count down in your mind from 36 to the level of trance you are in. When you reach that number tell me by saying ‘I am at…’ and say the number. Begin now.”

I waited and waited and waited. I was about to push for more information when she finally spoke. “I am at 16.”

I moved her down deeper and deeper until she was at zero. It was almost 11:00 pm. Before I woke her I gave her some very specific instructions and some powerful post hypnotic suggestions. I really had little opportunity to find out much about her.

She soon knew I had put her under when she woke because her first response was. “You must not have tried very hard, Master, because you…” She gasped covering her mouth. After a few seconds she spoke again. “Will I always call you Master, Master? I can see where that might be awkward in public.”

“No, only in private, for now, but I think you should get to bed we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.” She agreed and headed for my bedroom, undoing her top as she went.

“Where are you going Chelsie?”

“You said I should go to bed, master, I was going to bed.”

“Not my bed, your bed.” Her lips gave a little moue of disappointment but she put herself back together and headed for the door.

She stopped and turned at the door leaning into me her lips parted. We kissed our tongues wrestling for a good five minutes. She pulled back her nipples jutting out. “See what you are missing, master.”

“They will keep; tomorrow morning they will still be right where I left them.” I shooed her out the door and headed for bed.