The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Chelsea Dilemma

(MC, MF, MD)

Chapter Two: The Dilemma Continues

“I need my nipples sucked!”

That was how Chelsie greeted me at 11:00 am, on Sunday morning. “What happened to good morning and for that matter what happened to master?” I asked as I ushered her into my room. Her programming worked almost perfectly I thought.

“I can’t deal with being polite and you really do not expect me to call you master every time I speak, besides can’t you see I’m in need.” With that she thrust her chest out even further. She was wearing a skimpy top and no bra her nipples were more than evident. “Please will you suck them…master?”

“Actually I do not expect you to call me master every time you speak, but I do expect you to show the proper respect that a slave should show for her master. Now turn around and I will see what I can do to you.”

“But…my back would be to you.” At my frown she stopped and added as she turned around, “yes master, your slave obeys.”

I slipped her top off and filled my hands with her plentiful breast and began to play with her nipples, if anything they became even harder. She moaned as her body responded fully to my touch, she pushed her rear into my crotch. She rubbed her self against my crowing erection but did not try to turn around; she was not able to move.

“Did you dream about anything last night Chelsie?”

“Yes!” Her voice was both dreamy and aroused. “Dreamed of being your slave and serving you in any way you desired, master.” Again she pressed her backside against my obvious interest. “Please master,” she moaned, “need you, please use me any way you want.”

Pulling on her nipples elicited a moan of pure lust, but Chelsie could not turn around. Instead she had no choice but to continue to use her body anyway she could to tempt me. “Chelsie, do you like to suck cock and swallow cum?”

She stiffened and hesitated but a squeeze of both nipples not only got a response but a moan as well. “No they are gross I have never had a penis in my mouth and I would certainly never taste let alone swallow any cum!” She was actually showing signs of resistance and independence.

She stiffened and then cried out due to my first smacking the right nipple while holding the left and doing the same to her left. “You will address me as master in every sentence until I say otherwise, slut!”

“Yes master.” Was her only response.

“Now let’s continue. You think that all cocks are gross…except for one…my cock. You find my cock a thing of grace and power. You want to hold it, kiss it, lick it, and of course suck it.” I spoke in an even and gentle tone as I kneaded her nipples. “Tell me slave, what do you think about your master’s cock?”

“I…I…love your cock…it is so wonderful, master.”


“I want…to hold it master, and kiss it, and lick it, and…and of course suck it.” She was responding as programmed and every word I spoke while manipulating her nipples was going deep into her subconscious and becoming part of her core belief system.

“What about ‘my’ cum slave?”

“I told you master I don’t want to even taste cum, I hear it is awful.”

“Are you sure? I am sure if it was mine and only my cum that a good slut like you would love to taste it, and relish it and of course swallow it. In fact it will be the best tasting thing you have ever savored. What about ‘my’ cum slave?”

“Master, I am a good slut and I would love to taste your cum, and relish it and of course I would swallow every drop of your cum. In fact, I am sure it will be the best tasting thing I have ever swallowed.” Her responses had already grown more sure and definite even as she spoke, her mind and body under my full control.

We continued on in a similar manner repeating and reinforcing her new desires and needs. Finally, I released her and told her to face me. “What do you want to do first slave? I will allow you to choose, between sucking on my cock and having me suck on your nipples as you first requested.”

She dropped to her knees, her hands already undoing my pants. “Master, your needs come before mine but if you want me to choose, I choose your cock.” She looked up at me desire burning in her eyes. “Please let me have your cock master, please.”

“Stand up.” When she did I grabbed her nipples and pulled gently on them, while looking directly into her eyes. “You may suck my cock but after I cum you will dress and leave. You will go to your room and await my call. Do you understand?”

“Yes master but…”

“No buts Chelsea, unless of course it is your butt we are discussing.” I interrupted her as I pushed her down to kneel in front of me once again.

She finished removing the remaining cloth in her way and dived into her new love, kissing, licking, and sucking on her master’s cock that she loved so well. Unfortunately her skills were limited but her enthusiasm was boundless and her breast slapping against my thighs helped. Before long I felt that familiar surge and poured my sticking cum into her mouth and down her throat. She continued to suck and lick even using her hands to press out more cum but finally realized she was done. Once the realization hit her she stood, dressed, and was out the door with only one glance back as if awaiting a change of mind but seeing none continued on.

The phone rang once (maybe) before it was answered with an enthusiastic “Yes Master?” It had only been two hours since Chelsie had returned to her room but she was obviously eager to continue where she had left off.

“I have two questions for you. How were you sure it was me and did you play with yourself while you were waiting?”

“Who else would it be and yes I did but I did not cum and I am even hornier and my nipples are even harder…master.”

“Put a thong on, no bra, your shortest dress, and get her within five minutes.”

“But Master I only have one thong with me and I wore it to go dancing.”

“I did not ask you anything I gave you your orders…you now have four minutes and no seconds.” Who knows if that was right as long as she believed it was all the time she had. A knock came at the door in under four minutes. She was there out of breath and straightening her dress but she was there.

“Come in, go into the bedroom.” She did as she was told. Once the door was locked with the do not disturb sign on the door handle, I joined her. “I have music picked out, you will do a strip tease for me and if you make me hard I will reward you. If you do not get me rock hard; you can return to your room, minus your thong.” She looked as if she would protest but just nodded after a few seconds. Soon the music was playing and her ‘dance’ was underway.

I don’t think she had ever stripped for money before but she certainly was far better at this than she had been at giving a blow job. When she was finished I was hard and ready for action. “Lay on the bed slave.” She did as ordered. I began by kissing her lips and just flicking my tongue at the edges of her mouth before moving to her ears. Progressing down her throat and tasting her neck I eventually made it to her breast. Licking here and there, but avoiding her nipples I moved further down her body.

I was surprised that I had to move her legs apart and even more so that she flinched when I went to taste her womanhood. “What is the problem, slave?”

“Well master you know how I used to have a thing about cocks; actually I still do except for yours, well you see I have a thing about pussies too. I mean I may have one master but they are really the last place someone should put their mouth. Plus you would have pussy breath and the juices on your face and all.”

I moved up coincidentally pressing the head of my cock against her lips which she parted eager to be fucked. I stopped her and began to rub her hard nipples while forcing her to focus on my eyes. “You love the thought of your master and only your master kissing, licking, and sucking your pussy. Only two things are better than having me your master kiss and lick and suck your pussy and especially your clit. Being fucked by your master and sucking his cock while he licks your pussy. Tell me what you think of oral sex slave, I know how you feel about blow jobs what about having your pussy licked?”

“Oh I love oral sex master, I know it is selfish of me but I love having you lick and suck my pussy and clit even more than giving you a blow job. If I am sucking your cock while you do me, it would be perfection.”

Her response was enthusiastic and in her mind an honest statement of the way she had always felt. It took little repetition to reinforce this new attitude. Before long any statement made as long as her nipples were in my hands would instantly be her reality. Returning to her pussy her legs spread automatically and her response enthusiastic. However, she still did not cum. Her moans grew louder and her body even more responsive to my ministrations.

“Master…Master why can’t I cum? Please master I need to cum so bad it hurts.”

I moved up my mouth close to hers and she turned away. I grabbed her nipples and moved my mouth close to hers. Before I could say anything she spoke. “Master You want me to love kissing your mouth while it taste of my pussy, don’t you?”

“Yes,” was my surprised and eventual response.

She grabbed the back of my head pulling me down to thoroughly French me. When we parted at last she spoke, “I love the taste of my pussy in your mouth (she stopped and licked my face) and on your skin, master.”

Now she was not only accepting any changes I made to her personality and beliefs but she was changing them in anticipation of my desires, eager to serve and please me. I decided it was time to give her the release she needed. I took her left nipple in my mouth and had barely done so before she exploded in an immense orgasm. The same occurred with her right nipple but the combination of the two pushed her into unconsciousness. Now that her initial changes had been accomplished she could cum whenever and would in fact do so far more often than ever before.

When she woke we got into the ‘69’ position and licked and sucked each other until I came once again to match her multiple orgasms. Chelsie sent the rest of the week improving her oral skills and her enslavement.