The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Chelsea Dilemma

(MC, MF, MD)

Chapter Three: The Consummation Dilemma

To be honest I was not really looking forward to Chelsie arrival as one might think. The issue in question was the consummation of our relationship. Yes, we had not had sexual intercourse or to be crude we had not fucked. We both had a clean bill of health but our allergies were an issue. I am allergic to latex and Chelsea had indicated that her body did not respond well to the pill. So the only option left to us was the rhythm method and we all know how unsuccessful that is.

What a dilemma, I had a young hot slave willing to do whatever I said; her body and mind becoming more and more mine with each passing day and I was literally afraid to fuck her. The thought of impregnating a girl with my fortieth birthday just around the corner did not appeal to me. True I could order her to abort it but as strange as it might seem I have always been pro choice and I would feel compelled to give her the choice regardless of the impact on me.

The only good news, from my point of view was that according to her, the ‘window’ of opportunity had closed Saturday and she was ‘safe’ for a while. Now I just had to hope she was accurate. We had engaged in phone sex twice over the weekend and she was more than rearing to go. In fact I had to order her to go to work when she all she really wanted was to check into the hotel and spend the day in bed.

When we arrived at the hotel there was another surprise; she had cancelled her room and had every intention of staying in my room and my bed. We had a ‘discussion’ but she had covered all her bases. In fact having told the office she would be staying at a girlfriend’s place, her getting a room would have resulted in some unwanted scrutiny. Furthermore, as the saying goes there was no room at the inn, the place was booked solid.

She did not even wait for me to unpack but quickly bared her breast and wearing nothing but a pair of crotch-less panties; took my hands and placed them on her naked tits.

“I am ready master…master I can’t believe I could not call you that all day long. You should know master that I was a good slave and every time I spoke your name, in my mind I was saying master.”

“Ready for what and I do not mean the obvious, but what are you ready for aside from sex?”

“For you to change how I feel and think and believe; I’m not stupid master I know that whenever you play with my nipples it is not just my body that is putty in your hands.”

“I take it that you are ok with this Chelsie?”

“Of course master, umm I love saying master it really makes my pussy tingle, master…master…master.” She continued, “Anyway why should I object master; I told you I wanted to be your submissive little slut of a sex slave. Now whenever you even look at my breasts, my nipples get hard and all I want to do is drop to my knees and beg to serve (her smile grew bigger) or service you”

I began to play with her nipples and her eyes glazed as she moaned in response. “What do you think of sucking my cock after I fuck you?”

In a dreaming voice she responded, “Whatever you tell me to think master, I think whatever you tell me to think.” It looked like the changes had gone further and deeper than anticipated at this point. In her mind Chelsie no longer had an opinion on any subject I brought up, while I played with her nipples; well at least until I told her what it was.

Since she no longer had any opinion or option in the matter her instructions were far easier than ever before. She only needed to hear them once and her world view rearranged itself to fit her new beliefs and desires. It wasn’t long before her nipples were released and her mouth was captured by mine in a deep and cock enlarging French kiss. After a few minutes she had reached a hand down to try and release what she had already felt pressed against her cunt. After struggling briefly she dropped to her knees to use both hands and her mouth to free and sample my hard desire for her. My full rod popped out and her mouth homed in on it; my cock looked like a guided missile in reverse, returning to its silo.

It felt like it was home after those few days without her. How could I have become so accustomed to her and her mouth in such a short time? She had improved by leaps and bounds from just a little over a week ago. Her mouth however, was not where either of us wanted me to spill my seed, at least not the first time tonight. I pulled her reluctant mouth off my cock and pulled her lips back to mine. Her hands replaced her mouth fondling and caressing the cock she loved. I moved her to the bed and worked my way down giving each nipple the attention it deserved. Slowly a kissed my way down until I reached her eager pussy. I had not had the opportunity to get a good look but now I noted that her hair was barely there but what was there was in a strange shape.

I stopped. “What did you do to your pussy?”

I trimmed it in the shape of an ‘S’ so every time I see or touch it I will know I am your slave, master.”

What could I say to that; I returned to her pussy ordering her to pull the lips back a little to give my mouth, full and unrestricted access to her wet and eager cunt. I licked along the edges and worked my way up and down but just avoiding the clit. She squirmed, moaned, and finally begged. “Please master…my clit…pleasssse…I need…please.”

There was more along the same line her mind unable to form full sentences even if it was what she needed. Finally, I captured her clit in my mouth and sucked at it. She came with a barely muffled scream. Instead of letting up I plunged two fingers inside pushing at her favorite spots extending the orgasm and triggering a second one. Her pussy was thrusting as if on its own against my hand and mouth. When I pulled away, she moaned and almost cried out in need but when she felt the head of my cock pressed against her wet hot need she had a change of attitude. She moved both of her hands to guide my cock inside of her as her mouth sought mine out without the slightest hesitation.

She was tight as I slid inch by inch into her eager and desperately needy pussy. She tried to force me in deeper and faster but I managed to hold her back as I eased in. Finally, my full length filled her cunt and my balls were just touching her. I began to pull back but she would have none of it she wanted me as deep inside of her as possible and was unwilling to let me go. Before long, we reached a rhythm but I was not getting the thrust I wanted and her pussy was contracting like a snake swallowing its dinner. I need to take control because if I did not I would cum pumping my seed into her in seconds. In order to delay that eventual outcome I managed to pull all of the way out. She was vocal in her protest but those complaints quickly changed to moans of pleasure as my mouth made a return engagement with her clit. This time she grabbed my head and did not release it until she came.

I was able to take control again and began to thrust into her. It was less than four minutes before I felt that familiar building of impending orgasm. I pulled out lay on my back and ordered her to get on top and ride me. I never asked her if she had ridden a horse but she had obviously ridden a cock before as she proved quickly. I grabbed her nipples to have something to hold onto as she used her talented pussy to bring me to the brink again in mere minutes. This time there was no escape and I moaned as I burst inside of her pumping what felt like gallons of cum into her receptive pussy, while she came again crying out in ecstasy. Once her orgasm had calmed she slipped off my cock and replaced her pussy with her mouth. She did not hesitate but licked and sucked my cock clean of all evidence of our lovemaking.

Instead of stopping, she continued to suck until once again my dick was like steel rod. She did not stop there. Once she had accomplished that, she slid down the full length of my cock until I could feel the edges of her wet lips on my skin. She did not thrust or even move up a little, just rocked back and forth soaking me with her juices. Her pace picked up a little but she was obviously in it for the long haul. This time I lasted almost twenty minutes. We showered together and dressed. We had a leisurely dinner and returned later and I fucked her and came inside her pussy for the third time.

Do not think that she had forgotten about using her mouth. Every morning she woke me with a blowjob that seemed to get better each day. During the week, we tried to limit our intercourse to twice a night but I will admit we somehow managed to go at it three times on several nights. The weekend seemed like a nonstop fuck-fest. There was one item of interest when she asked to go dancing I took her but she not only refused all free drinks the boys offered her but also she would only dance with me.

By the third slow dance, I was worried I would be fucking her on the dance floor the next time we got out there. We left and hurried back to our hotel room for a night of hot sex made even better (in my mind) that my slave had only wanted me.