The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Chelsea Dilemma

(MC, MF, MD)

Epilogue: The Final Dilemma

Not much changed the third trip except that instead of returning home she flew back with me and stayed the weekend. The only thing I was dreading was the end of the assignment. There was really only one choice; I had to let her go. We lived and worked in different cities. I was literally old enough to be her father.

She tried to raise objection after objection but I played with Chelsea’s nipples and she agreed that I should hypnotize her again and give her back her freewill. She made one request just before I put her under. She asked that I allow her to decide; what memories she would retain and what she would forget and that when the time came I would instruct her to do so.

She agreed to the following set of rules:

  1. She would not attempt to harm me by action or inaction.
  2. She would not inform anyone of what we had done in any form of communication.
  3. She would not discuss it with me unless we were alone.
  4. She would avoid all hypnotists, other than me.

It was Tuesday night we only had one night left after that but the only way to make sure that the unmaking of my sex slave worked was to free her now. We made love, I could say we fucked but we made love as much as a master and slave could.

I had already arranged for her to take a separate room. After we cleaned up and I put her under, I went through the long process of bringing her to the point of freedom: “Now Chelsie it is time for you to decide what you want to remember and what you want to forget. This is very important whatever you decide will be irreversible; you will remember and forget as you determine and I cannot change, erase, or restore those memories. Do you understand?”

“Yes master, your slave understands.”

“Begin, when you are ready I will awaken you and you will no longer be my slave.” It was over 40 minutes before Chelsie said she was ready. Once the process was complete, I woke her and looked at her closely to check her expression.

“Are you ok Chelsea?”

After a short pause, she responded. “Oh yes…I am fine are you sure I can not stay with you one more night? You know for old time’s sake.”

“No Chelsea, you are my coworker and I’m responsible for your behavior. Besides I need to see how the deprogramming worked and if we are sleeping together it will just confuse things.”

She pouted but agreed, she looked like she wanted to kiss me goodnight but looked at me for a few seconds and left with her luggage to move into her hotel room. The next day she acted normal if a little subdued. She looked like she wanted to ask if she could spend her last night in my room but perhaps it was my imagination because she said nothing.

We parted ways with a handshake and both returned to our respective cities and jobs. We might work together in the future but who knew when and for how long. It had been an incredible trip and the only thing I regretted was that I had to let her go. I did not attempt to contact her preferring a clean break and she did not contact me either.

A month passed and another, I will admit I was getting a little depressed. I had just decided to volunteer for a three-month job in Seattle when orders came telling me to go into the office.

“I am glad you arrived first, because I wanted to talk to you, before she got here.” My boss said the second I walked into his office. “Since you worked so well with her in the past and she expressed an interest in your specialty you will be working closely with her for the next 18 months.”

I must have looked as confused as I felt because before I could even ask it he answered my question with a question. “You are telling me that you did not know that Chelsea had asked for a transfer and began working for this office as of yesterday? I was under the impression she had talked to you first and that you had no problem teaching her the ropes.”

Finally catching up I hoped I covered for whatever she might have said. “Oh no, we talked about it, I guess I just figured it would be when we were on the same assignment. I did not know we even had any official kind of specialty training.”

“We don’t but it seemed like a good opportunity. So, you are ok with this?”

“Sure, just let me know when we are to get started.”

“In about ten seconds, she is just outside the door.”

I turned and there she was. We made small talk and when I had a chance, I asked her what she was doing. Her response was that she would come over that night and we would discuss it in private.

Once again, the Chelsea dilemma had reared its sexy head. I was nervous pacing back, forth waiting, and wondering: What did she want? Had I messed up and she had plans to…? I try not to dwell on the negative but I was literally sweating when the doorbell rang. I swung open the door and there she was. It was obvious why she had needed a full two hours to get ready. She wore the shortest skimpiest dress I had ever seen with stockings and “fuck me” four-inch heels. Behind her were her bags it looked like it was everything she owned (I was wrong of course, she had a walk-in closet full in storage).

I was clearly in shock so she insisted that I help her move everything inside before we talked. When I did, my mind was still not functioning so she took the lead.

“To make a long story short you told me I was not going to be your slave anymore. You also granted my request so while you waited so patiently I decided to forget about any desire, interest, or idea of being anything other than your sex slave. I made sure I remembered how wonderful it was to belong to you and how my body needed and responded to yours. Oh and I decided to remember that you were and would always be my master.”

“Than why did you act like you were free, how did you manage to act as if you were what you had been before we started?”

“It was difficult master, but I had time to think about it and the last memory I decided to retain was that I needed to trick you for your own good. You see I told myself over and over again that being freed would harm you and I must do whatever it takes to not only remain your sex slave but to keep it a secret from you until the time was right. The time is right, by the way.”

“Well I can just put you under again and free you without your little additions.”

“Sorry master, I really do not like correcting you but you said whatever I decided would be irreversible. Now would you please fuck me master, it has been a very lonely and frustrating month and my battery expenses were way up?” She had the grace to blush.

I led her to what was now our bedroom, whatever we did about her housing she would live with me from now on. I sat on the bed after turning on some music. “Dance for your master slave.”

She smiled and asked, “Do you want me to strip?”

“No I just want to admire my property before I unwrap my present.” She smiled and proceeded to show me just what I had coming to me.