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Cherry Popping — Smells Like Teen Sex

I had before me a glorious sight; ten panty clad schoolgirl bottoms, all in a row. The girls knelt on a line of tables, with their heads down and their bums high, their legs slightly parted to reveal cotton or satin covered vulvas. I walked along the line running a finger between each set of teenage nether lips. If I stopped to look between each pair of thighs I could see breasts of various shapes and sizes hanging down or squashed against the tables. The panties ranged in colour from white to black to yellow and pale blue, and the styles were just as varied. White puffy panties were next to flimsy thongs and filmy see-through cami-knickers. I had an erection like a steel poker.

We were less than ten minutes into a two hour revision session, held in a classroom on the third floor, with windows that couldn’t be overlooked. To put it simply, it was my intention to fuck all ten of the nubile nymphettes before me. I knew I couldn’t cum ten times in two hours but I reckoned I had three ejaculations if I timed things right. If things went to plan I’d have had penetrative sex with six virgins and four slightly more experienced girls before the bell went. Time to get started.

My finger test had determined that a girl called Amber, wearing high-waisted white panties, was the wettest of the ten. She was one of the virgins. I pulled the panties down over her round bottom and noted the foam formed along her cleft of Venus. This was a girl literally creaming it for sex.

I told her to turn around and sit up and instructed the rest of the group to move aside and watch. When Amber was in position at the edge of the desk I stepped between her legs and fondled one of her ample breasts. Her pink nipples were stiff, jutting from the soft flesh of her bosom. I leant forward to take the teat into my mouth and she arched her back to present it to me. In doing so her pussy moved slightly forward and the very tip of my penis brushed against her soft nest of pubic hair. Without releasing her tit I positioned my cock head at her virgin entrance and with one quick thrust entered her, breaking through her hymen and embedding my tool some way into the depths of her deflowered vagina. Amber let out a yelp of pain and tensed up for a few seconds before forcing herself to relax and surrender to my ministrations. She lay back, pulling her breast from my lips, and propped herself up on her elbows. This gave me better access and I pushed in until my head pressed against the teenager’s cervix. Amber wrapped her legs around me and rocked together setting up a stimulating rhythm.

As I fucked Amber I was aware of rest of the girls watching intently. They were all under the influence of my device of course, their arousal heightened almost to the point of madness but constrained by an equally powerful compulsion to obedience. Any one of these girls would perform any act I desired of them, and I could see that from the way hands were slipping between leg and down the front of knickers they were more than keen to demonstrate this to me. I withdrew from Amber’s tight teen tunnel with a popping noise and she gasped in frustration. I knew I couldn’t fuck ten girls, however wet and willing, to climax in the time I had, I had to pace myself. However, I couldn’t leave Amber in this state so I called over a slightly chubby blonde girl named Beccy and ordered her to pull up a chair and sit between Amber’s spread thighs.

“Beccy,” I instructed, “bring Amber to orgasm using only your tongue.” I watched with satisfaction as Beccy enthusiastically started to lap at her partners open labia, soon learning to focus on the bud of her throbbing clitoris. Judging from the way Amber settled back with her eyes rolling she was not missing my dick too much. My dick, on the other hand, needed a new hole to plug. I looked at the group of eager schoolgirls, several of whom were openly masturbating, and took my pick.

“Bethany, strip off and lie on that table.“ The girl was out of her clothes in seconds and I got to see her very hairy snatch opening before me. She was another virgin, I knew, but I didn’t have time for niceties, and simply slid my hard tool into her gaping hole. Her large tits bounced and rippled as I pounded her towards my growing need to ejaculate. Once again I withdrew before my teenage partners climax and directed another girl to finish to finish her off orally. I turned to Mandy, easily the smallest girl in the class at under five foot tall with a tiny waist and small pointy titties. She dropped her little tight panties in a moment, revealing a virtually hairless vulva. My cock was engorged and pointing upwards, ready for action. Mandy hoiked her school uniform skirt up around her waist and I lifted her up bodily up and prepared to drop her slowly down on to my erection. I supported her weight by holding her little round buttocks and she opened her legs so my cock head rested against the entrance of her tiny hole. For a moment I thought I was too big for her, but then her arousal, sexual lubrication, and gravity did their work and she slipped down my pole with a squeal of joy. My cock had never been in such a tight teen snatch before. It felt enormous inside the panting little schoolgirl as she wrapped her legs around my waist to support herself better. Then, with her arms around my neck, she leaned back and we found a point of balance and could begin to fuck properly.

The whole group had paused to watch me spear the diminutive Mandy on my rod, but once they had seen me enter her vastly stretched vaginal lips and saw her sink down my shaft they went back to masturbating. The smell of schoolgirl sex was heady and I knew we’d have to open the windows before the session ended. I don’t know if it was our position or Mandy’s state of sexual readiness but it took less than two minutes to bring her to a cunt crunching climax. Her tiny channel clamped around my penis so tightly I wondered for a moment whether I would ever be able to withdraw from her. She started to pant and moan whispered obscenities.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. Oh my fucking god. I’ve never cum so hard in my life before. I want your cock in me forever.”

To be honest, the sensation of her tight tunnel muscles milking my straining dick made that offer tempting, but I was perilously near my own orgasm and I didn’t want to fill my tiny partner’s receptive womb full of little baby making sperm. Lowering Mandy onto a table I pulled my cock out of her still clasping cunt. Grabbing and standing on a chair I towered over her and jacked my ultra-sensitive cock a few times, pointing it at her pink nipples. With an ecstatic release cum boiled up from within and splattered copious amounts over the teenager’s tits. I nearly fell off the chair so great was the sensation. Streams of white sperm dripped off each little nubbin of a nipple as Mandy lay beneath me and she was grinning like the cat that got the cream.

As blood and my senses returned to my brain I climbed down from my hosing position and sat heavily on my desk. I directed two girls to clean up Mandy using their tongues and indicated to Beccy to kneel before me. When she was in position I plopped my still semi-rigid penis into her willing mouth for a clean up. She obliged with an enthusiastic thoroughness that left to itself would have soon resulted in a second ejaculation had I not stopped her.

I needed a bit of time to recover. This was hard work and I needed to pace myself if I was going to achieve my goal. Three cherries popped, three to go, and four more pussies to plunge.

The girls had watched with a fair degree of amazement at the sheer volume of cum I had produced to spray over their classmate and were now chatting among themselves and making lewd comments about wanting me to pump them full of my cream whilst casually fingering themselves. I decided to set them a challenge,.

“Right girls, I want every single one of you to have an orgasm.” There was a murmur of appreciation and not a little relief from among my horny playmates. “But you are not allowed to touch yourselves. Off you go then.“

I watched with satisfaction as the girls began to organise themselves, hands slipping down panty fronts and mouths to nipples. Quickly underwear was removed and legs spread apart for better access. Soon moans and giggling could be heard in equal measure as the girls found tables to splay themselves upon. I could see fingers disappearing into slick vaginas and passionate kissing of mouths, tits and, eventually, pussies. My cock rose in appreciation and I stood to move among the sex obsessed teenagers stroking and fondling each other. My hands caressed breasts and stroked between open legs. I found willing mouths opening to receive my throbbing penis and sucking happily upon it causing me to harden almost to the point of pain.

I took hold of a girl called Kelly who had had her face buried between another girls open legs and rolled her over so her ass was positioned nicely before me. I was so engorged I just rammed myself into her wet slot. Kelly was no virgin and so I met no resistance as I hammered her tight teen tunnel. My hand circled round her front and grabbed one of her soft breasts. Her ruddy pointed nipple pressed against the palm of my hand and I squeezed hard.

“Oh fuck, sir,” she groaned. “Harder. Fuck me harder. Ram your cock up my tiny, slutty cunt. I want you up me. I want your prick deep in me and I want you to fill me with baby teacher sperm.” I responded by increasing my pounding rhythm causing Kelly to rapidly reach a quivering climax. “Oh, oh, oh, ooooooh! Yes!”

Seconds later I was buried up to my pubic hair in Beccy’s welcoming love box. She was wet and warm and keen to milk my cock by clamping her vaginal muscles around it like a tight machine. I let her wrap her legs around me and pull me deep within for several sensual minutes before moving to my next schoolgirl lover.

And so it went on. Rachel, then Suki, then Gwenda. Each girls vagina opening like a flower for me to pollinate. I lay back on a table and enjoyed the sensation of Gwenda’s slick, tight channel sliding up and down as she squatted over my shaft. She was slowly gyrating her hips to maximise our mutual pleasure. Any second now I knew I would blow my load into her receptive schoolgirl womb and so reluctantly I ordered her off my primed pump and told her to use her hands instead. Obediently she lifted herself off of my cock and stood at the end of the table between my overhanging legs. Then she took hold of my penis in her right hand and cupped my balls with her left before slowly wanking me. Little Mandy came and positioned herself over my face, offering her wet slit for my tongue to probe. I felt, rather than saw, other girls kissing my inside thigh and my nipples. As I lapped at Mandy’s little lower lips, pushing my tongue up between them, I felt Gwenda’s grip tighten and the speed of her up and down masturbatory movements quicken. Soon the teenager’s hand must have been a blur as my world focussed entirely on the pleasure I was receiving between my legs. With unbelievable suddenness my orgasm hit me. Hot sperm boiled up my cock like lava and flowed over my cum making schoolgirl’s hand. Above me, Mandy obliged with her own climax and I watched as her cunt trembled and vibrated it’s excitement just above my nose. Then I felt warm lips engulf my still pulsing penis and suck away the cream I had delivered. The sensations were so intense it was well over a minute before I could move. When I did I sat up to find Kelly still gently sucking on my now flaccid member. A glance at the clock and a quick calculation told me I still had nearly forty-five minutes to go and two cherries to pop. God, this was hard work.

The two girls left to be plucked were Pamjit, a lovely Indian girl, and Stacey, a sexy little brunette with big breasts and a neatly trimmed pussy. I looked at them, both naked before me, ready to perform absolutely any sexual act I asked them too. Amazingly, even after it’s recent volcanic eruption, my cock began to stir. The ability to command such innocent loveliness was for me the ultimate aphrodisiac. That these virgin schoolgirls would so willingly surrender themselves to me was unbelievably erotic. I thanked my lucky stars for the set of circumstances that had led to this world of pleasure. My eyes drank in the bodies of the cavorting, naked teenagers around me and I watched bouncing breasts and tight bums writhing as each girl sought to maximise her sexual enjoyment. I determined that my third and final ejaculation would be my most intense so far.

Pamjit and Stacey stood directly in front of me when I moved to sit on a chair next to my desk. Pamjit was slim with apple sized breasts capped with dark brown aureoles and little nubs. Her pubic hair was black and untrimmed but fairly sparse. I asked her to stand with her feet wide apart and to squat slightly. This meant it was easy to trace the length of her slit with my finger. Her nether lips were clearly visible as I gently pushed my middle finger up between them until I felt the resistance of her hymen. Using my lightly embedded finger I pulled her towards me and kissed each of her brown breasts, drawing the nipples into my mouth one at a time. Pamjit put an arm around my head and pulled me against her soft mounds. She smelt of spices and I could feel her heart beating fast with the excitement of sexual arousal.

Next I told Stacey to turn around and to bend over and touch her toes. I got her to part her legs a little and found myself sitting eye level with her shaved clam. I leant forward and planted a kiss on the exposed slit. Her puckered anus was there before me, just ripe for penetration, and I was sorely tempted to find some suitable lubrication and avail myself of it’s tight charms but it didn’t seem right that Stacey’s first penetrative sexual experience should be anal rather than vaginal. A quick probe with my finger confirmed the lack of a hymen which didn’t surprise me. I pushed a second finger into her and enjoyed the look of feverish anticipation on her young face. I could feel her muscular tunnel squeezing my fingers and knew that my penis was in for a treat.

I directed the two girls to lie on their backs, side by side, on a table, and pulled my chair up to between Pamjit’s legs and buried my face in her muff. She groaned in pleasure as my tongue found her erect clitoris and began swirling around it. I spend three or four minutes bringing her to the edge of climax and the brink of sexual madness. She was vibrating with excitement by the time I moved my face from her now overly sensitive clitty and let out a long hiss of frustration.

I treated Stacey’s shaved sex centre to the same oral stimulation. She squeezed my head with her thighs trying to stop me pulling away from pleasuring her but my now it was me wanting more. I reached up and tickled her bare, soft tummy causing her curl up and release me as she giggled helplessly. Once free I moved my tongue from her sex to her left nipple and then sucked the large tit into my mouth.

“Oh, sir,” she moaned. “Stick your penis in me, please. Take my virginity. I’m begging you, sir. Fuck me. Make me your slutty little schoolgirl whore.”

I stood up and looked down on the two welcoming pussies spread open below me. My cock was back to full attention and I rubbed its head casually over Stacey’s clit. Stacey opened her legs obscenely wide, offering herself to me. I positioned my cock at the wide open hole and slowly pushed into its welcoming warmth. As I sank deep into her she started to moan.

“Yes, yes, sir. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Bang that cock in me. Take my virgin cunt and fill it with your dick.” I started to fuck her harder and harder. She muffled a scream by pressing her mouth onto my shoulder. Next to her Pamjit wanted my attention.

“Don’t forget me, sir. I want you to take my virginity too. My pussy is yours.”

I pulled my penis out of Stacey’s gripping cunt and moved across to the welcoming hole of Pamjit’s vagina. She would be my last cherry of the session and I was determined she would be the sweetest. My cock head pushed between her stretched lips and pressed against the film of her hymen. When I felt she was ready I thrust firmly forward and felt it give as Pamjit gave a squeak of pain. I paused to allow her time to get use to having a penis deep inside her, and then slowly began to fuck her with long slow strokes. As Pamjit began to get over the pain the pleasure of the sexual act began to wash over her. Her mouth opened and her head lolled back, eyes rolling. I squeezed one of her breasts as I picked up the pace and began to thrust more urgently. Her natural lubrication meant my cock was sliding in and out of her like a piston. Pamjit’s legs folded up over my shoulders and her lovely little bum was suddenly fully accessible to me. I couldn’t resist it. My cock slipped from her sopping vagina and, using the slick coating of her juices, I stabbed directly in to the little brown button of her anus. It was tight, but my cock was like a steel bar and I worked it passed her sphincter muscle with a long, hard thrust. Pamjit, forbidden to make a loud noise by my device, let out a long ooooooh! And then I was in her little ass and I knew I was going to cum in it. Her ass gripped my shaft like a vice and I pounded hard to make her little tits jiggle. I reached across and grabbed one of Stacey’s breasts. And then I came

My cock, squeezed by Pamjit’s ass muscles, was milked to a shattering orgasmic climax. Sperm boiled into her bum and leaked down my length increasing the lubrication so I could slip out of her still dripping cum.

A few minutes later the girls were back in their school uniforms with their knickers on and their tits back in their bras. The windows were open and the heady smell of schoolgirl sex was dissipating slowly. I had told the girls that they had had a productive revision session during which they had daydreamed about sex. Because of my device they accepted it completely. I even handed out revision notes and gave them instructions to read them and easily remember them. I’m not all bad you see. There was no need for the girl’s exam hopes to suffer because I wanted to screw them. All the girls would rush home and have a shower or bath. I hoped no one would notice the leakage in Pamjit’s panties. I instructed her to put them straight in the wash.

I was looking forward to getting home myself. I really needed a rest.