The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

A Christmas Conundrum? The Sinister Storm Of The Snow Queen!

by HypnoticHarlequin

Chapter 8 — Bigger Than Before

Mara held on for dear life as Hitomi wove through the streets. The Snow Queen was still decently ahead of them, mostly because she kept ducking into side streets and turning back on herself.

“Where is she going?” Grumbled Mara.

“I have no idea!” Shouted Hitomi. “But she has something in mind. If she cared about getting away she would be running for the border.”

As she said this, Snow Queen ran into a building and slammed the door behind her. “What?” Shouted Mara as she looked at the building. It obviously used to be a gift shop of some form, but it had long since been abandoned. The windows had trash bags taped up on on the inside and all of the paint was faded and peeling.

“Something is up,” grunted Hitomi as she motioned for Mara to stay still. “The door was unlocked. She was coming here for a reason.”

“What reason?” Blinked Mara.

“They’ve got her cornered!” Shouted Sharon as Ulla continued to surf the rails.

“Why did she run into a building?” Questioned Ulla.

Suddenly, the windows of the store exploded, sending shards of glass flying everywhere. Mara and Hitomi covered their faces as glass shards bounced off their armor.

Sharon could only watch as several larger robots climbed out of the wrecked windows. Unlike the comical snowmen, these robots were large humanoids with guns mounted to their arms.

Snow Queen sat on the shoulders of one of the robots. “Onwards!” She screamed madly as the robot started to wobble off down the street. All but one of the robots followed Snow Queen. The one that remained moved towards Mara and Hitomi, its gun raised.

“Hold on!” Screamed Hitomi as she jammed the throttle forward, causing her tires to smoke as her bike spun around before shooting off. The robot fired a few rounds towards the pair, but Hitomi’s weaving was enough to make it miss its mark.

“I need to stop it!” Shouted Alicia. Instantly the Sky Skimmer turned and plummeted off the building, its speed increasing massively. “Does this thing have guns?” Screamed Alicia, furiously pressing all of the buttons.

“Weapons available.” Replied the computer. “Quazar suit upgrade is in holding phase. Red Dwarf suit upgrade is in holding phase. Eternal Princess is in extreme locked phase. Password required.” It continued as the craft flew towards the robot.

Alicia desperately tried to figure out what the computer was trying to say but she couldn’t make heads or tails of it. As she reached ground level, Alicia saw the robot fire more bullets at Mara and Hitomi. She realized that she was running out of options, the robot wasn’t going to miss forever and she didn’t have time to stop and read the manual.

“Just crash into him,” she shouted as she pounded her fist into the console.

“Impact maneuver active.” Replied the computer. “Brace for impact in 5 seconds.”

“What?” Shouted Alicia as she squeezed the handlebars as hard as she could. The Sky Skimmer accelerated to an insanely high speed and flew straight towards the robot. Alicia closed her eyes and awaited impact, expecting the worst.

However, the impact didn’t come. Alicia felt a wave of nausea wash over her body. It was like her stomach was being twisted around. Almost like she was trapped in a giant washing machine. All of her muscles started to burn like she had been slammed onto a bed of nails over and over. It was a sensation that Alicia had never experienced before and one she wasn’t sure she could endure for very long.

Alicia gritted her teeth and continued to squeeze the handlebars, doing her best to struggle through the pain. She took a long deep breath, trying to ignore the fire that was filling her lungs. As she did this, the feelings started to subside. Seconds later the feelings vanished, leaving only a faint feeling of nausea. .

“Impact complete.” Chimed the computer, shaking Alicia from her thoughts. Alicia opened her eyes and looked around. She quickly realized that she was on the other side of the street. The robot was now behind her. It was sparking and twitching due to the massive hole that had been ripped through its torso, almost like it had been shot with a large bullet.

“What?” Groaned Alicia as she wretched a little bit. “I don’t feel good.”

Hitomi’s bike flew past Alicia as she and Mara continued their pursuit. Before Alicia could think the Sky Skimmer started to move again. Alicia looked around in dazed confusion, she hadn’t touched the controls nor had she thought about moving.

“Alicia?” Shouted Kitty, her voice crackling through the Sky Skimmer’s speaker.

“Huh?” Mumbled Alicia. “What happened?”

“You just went quantum! I’ve never seen someone do that before!” Giggled Kitty. “I’m going to bring you to me. I’m right on her tail.”

“Sure,” groaned Alicia.

“Don’t worry, you’ll feel better in a few minutes.” Replied Kitty as the Sky Skimmer started to accelerate again.

“That’s my girl!” Cheered Sharon as she slapped Ulla’s shoulder. “She is the best!”

“Kitty is going to have a field day, I couldn’t get my head around that thing,” replied Ulla as she continued to dash along the rails. “I’m going to get in front of the Snow Queen and then drop down. Hopefully, we can surround them.”

“Good plan,” nodded Sharon.

“Kitty is scouting ahead. So she won’t be able to hide,” added Ulla as her suit let off another jet of steam.

Hitomi continued to push her bike to its limit. The robot was faster than she first thought, so she had to keep herself at top speed for as long as possible.

As they started to enter the industrial quarter the Snow Queen turned and shouted something to one of the robots. This robot instantly turned and started to move away from the group.

“It is going to try and stop us,” growled Hitomi as the robot raised its arms and aimed at them.

“Got a good grip?” Shouted Mara.

“Sure?” Replied Hitomi quizzically.

“Trust me?”

“To the gates of hell doc,” nodded Hitomi.

“Then hold on tight and keep the throttle down!” Shouted Mara as she opened her suit’s control panel and pushed as switch labeled “magnet”. A loud thunk echoed out as Mara’s suit magnetized and clung to the metal of the bike.

She then pressed another switch, causing her chain and hook to deploy. Mara quickly looked around before firing the chain towards a nearby pillar.

The chain quickly wrapped around the concrete as the claw dug into the structure. As the bike continued to move, the chain grew less and less slack.

When the chain was as tight as it could be, Mara leaned away from the robot and retracted the chain, causing the bike to rise into the air and fly towards the robot.

The robot moved its guns as the wheels careened towards it. It moved its arms rapidly, unable to work out how to handle the current situation.

A loud scraping sound echoed around the street as the tires made contact with robot’s metal chest. The rotation of the tires mixed with the force of the impact shredded the robot’s torso, sending sparks flying in every direction.

The robot started to fall backwards. Mara undid her hook and pulled it back in, allowing the bike to land on top of the downed robot, instantly crushing it. As the back tire spun on the robot’s chest, Mara noticed something that made her blood run cold.

“No,” she mumbled as Hitomi jammed the throttle down and tried to catch up with the Snow Queen.

“What’s up doc?” Asked Hitomi as she started to weave around the street furniture.

“That robot, it had a synaptic soda port. This is Momo’s tech.”

“She’s locked up. I keep a close eye on her.” Shouted Hitomi.

“Right. And hers robots were better,” mumbled Mara before shaking her head. “Not important. We’ll work out the why later. We need to disarm her bots before they explode.”