The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

A Christmas Conundrum? The Sinister Storm Of The Snow Queen!

by HypnoticHarlequin

Chapter 9 — The Chase Is On

Alicia coughed as she tried to pull her head together. She didn’t feel as sick as she had before. But she felt far from normal. Thankfully the Sky Skimmer seemed to control itself without any issues.

It flew up walls and over rooftops as it headed towards Kitty. Alicia tried to keep her eyes focused on the Snow Queen, but her vision was very blurred. Everything was just splashes of color.

Despite this, Alicia could make out Kitty as she flitted from place to place, doing her best to stalk the Snow Queen. However, she seemed slower than normal as Alicia was easily able to follow her movements even with blurred vision.

As the Sky Skimmer jumped across a gap, Alicia took another deep breath and dug her nails into her palm. She was attempting every grounding exercise she knew, determined to focus on the situation at hand.

As she did this, her eyes roamed the skyline, her thoughts wandering for a few brief seconds. Suddenly her brain surged back into life as she realized something.

“I can get around,” she thought to herself. “The end of River street is a dead-end! She has to turn and head towards McKensy. But I can go across the rooftops, I can go straight there! I’ll be faster!” She said as her heart started to beat faster.

Alicia gritted her teeth and concentrated as hard as she could, hoping this strange bike would pick up her thoughts. “Directions accepted,” chimed the computer as Alicia’s smile grew wider.

“As fast as you can!” She shouted as she squeezed the handlebars and leaned forward.

The girls continued to pursue the Snow Queen. They all knew that they had to stop her as quickly as possible. Both to disarm her robots and to make sure that civilians didn’t see the chaos she was causing.

As they raced through the industrial area, Mara tried to work out what to do about the robots. The fact that Snow Queen was running made it clear that she didn’t need the relays. She could only conclude that this meant that the Snow Queen had the controls on her person.

The Snow Queen ran down the street, only to realize what Alicia had realized a few minutes earlier. The street was a dead end. “Turn around!” She screamed as she started to hit the robot she was balanced on.

She looked around in a panic as she tried to work out where to go. “There! There!” She screamed as she pointed to a side-street that branched off from the main road.

The robots slowly turned and started to move towards the turning. The Snow Queen could only watch as Mara and Hitomi barreled towards her.

“We’ve got her!” Shouted Mara.

“Faster!” Screamed Snow Queen as the robot wobbled a little bit. It was obviously trying to move faster, but the weight of the woman was throwing its balance off.

“Stop right there!” Shouted Hitomi as her bike screeched to a halt. “The longer you run the harder I’m going to beat you!”

The Snow Queen aimed her gauntlet and fired an icicle towards the pair. However, the robot’s swaying caused her to totally miss her target.

Suddenly a loud crash echoed through the area as the ground shook. The intense vibrations made the Snow Queen topple off the robot and hit the concrete. As she lay on the floor, she could see Ulla standing behind her. The concrete around Ulla’s boots was cracked, clearly displaying the power of her landing.

“It is better if you come quietly.” Shouted Ulla as Sharon jumped off her back.

“Or we’ll make you come quietly,” chuckled Sharon.

“Go! Go!” Screamed the Snow Queen as she quickly scrambled up from the floor. Two of the giant robots turned and aimed their weapons at Mesmera.

“You think I’m scared of a gun?” Laughed Sharon. “Sweetie, I’ve been threatened by professionals!” She added as she ran towards the Snow Queen.

“Shoot her! Shoot her!” Shouted Snow Queen as she stared to sprint down McKensy street with a few of the robots following behind her.

Ulla saw her chance and charged shoulder first into the robot, sending it crashing to the ground. In one flowing movement, Ulla stomped her foot as hard as she could, crushing the robot’s head like a tin can.

The other robot turned to aim at Ulla. However, before it could even raise its arm, Hitomi hit it with a powerful jumping punch that knocked its head clean off. The headless bot sparked a bit before collapsing.

“Wonderful!” Shouted Mara as she quickly ran up to the robot and started to poke at it. “Ulla, Hitomi, chase her! I’ll try and work out if I can disarm these things!” She shouted as the other two girls nodded.