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Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

Chapter 1: Cheerleader Sluts Controlled

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Clara hated school. Nothing but a bunch of terrible bullies. The guys could be cruel with their jokes about her thick glasses and tiny tits, but it was the girls who were the most vicious. The most cutting. They said such horrid things about Clara.

She no longer went to school. She couldn’t face them. Couldn’t stand it any longer. She stayed in her room all the time, leaving only to use the restroom. Her mother would bring her food and beg her to come out, but the world was terrible.

How Clara yearned to get back at them. They had spread so many terrible lies at her. “Did you know that Clara pissed her panties during PE?” or “Did you know that Clara only has one pair of panties and never changes them.” or “Did you know that Clara eats dog food because her family’s that poor.”

All these terrible lies about her. She could tell terrible lies.

She created a Twitter account @realgossip. Twitter was the perfect social media platform to spread hate and lies. The cesspool of the internet, Twitter had sent out so many bullying messages by righteous people. Now it was Clara’s turn.

She concentrated so much on wishing her lies were truth as she typed her first-ever tweet: “Did you know that every time after practice the Cheerleaders fuck the first guy they see until all her holes are full of cum?”

She posted it to Twitter, a vicious surge of satisfaction racing through her. That’ll stick it to them, she thought not realizing just how her tweet would go viral. A new way that would forever change three cheerleaders’ lives forever.

* * *


I peered around the corner of the building, looking for out for any of the beefy members of the football team. Assholes, all. You’d think turning eighteen would mean I wouldn’t be bullied any longer, but those assholes didn’t care.

The area around the gym was clear. They would never think I’d go this way. The idiots would be out front waiting for me to “kick my ass.” Who would have thought that Derrick would have figured out I was insulting him? I chewed on my lip and pushed up my glasses.

I could slip out the back way of school and avoid Derrick and his asshole friends. Tomorrow, they would probably have forgotten it. I mean, how much information could their pea-sized brains hold, anyways? I took a deep breath, adjusted my backpack, and then hurried at a quick and brisk pace towards the gym. I’d skirt down the length of it and head for the back gate.

I cast a gaze around for any signs of the meatheads. I saw one guy walking down at the end of the field, but he was too skinny to be one of the jocks. I pushed myself to nearly a jog. A power walk. My glasses slipped on my nose again.

I reached the side of the gym and hurried alongside it. Elation rose in me. I would get away from those bullying assholes. My phone beeped with a twitter notification. I ignored it. I just kept walking, my khaki pants whisking together as—

The door to the gym opened.

“Oh, my god, you are so right,” said Kim. The perky, redheaded cheerleader was looking over her shoulder as I slid to a halt to keep from walking into her. “We so totally have to get over there. We’ll find the perfect guy.”

“Think the perfect guy is right there,” said Sarah, another of the cheerleaders. She was a Black girl with her dark hair in a pair of braided pigtails. They fell down her shoulders. Her large breasts swelled out the front of her purple top, the sort that cheerleaders wore.

“Oh, my,” the third cheerleader to step out said. Ai had a big smile on her face. The Japanese cheerleader must have the biggest tits in school. They were said to be G cups. They looked impressive in her cheer outfit, jiggling beneath the tight, purple top that left her midriff bare. She had a sweet smile that was set off by her pixyish bob of brown hair that framed her adorable face.

The only cheerleader who wasn’t a bitch to everyone.

“Well, well, Pete,” said Kim as she turned to face me. She put her hands on her hips, her red hair swaying about her shoulders. She wore purple and gold pleated skirts that fell to her mid-thigh, her green eyes intense. “You know, Sarah, he’s just what we need.”

“Yes!” Ai said, bouncing up and down which made her big tits jiggle. “He’s perfect.”

“P-Perfect?” I swallowed. This was Kim. She had nicknamed me Stinky Pete, Pimply Pete, Pickled Pete, and Shit-Breath Pete. She was one of the cruelest girls in school to those who didn’t play on the football team or were on her cheer squad.

“Yes,” Kim said, smiling. “To pump your cum in all our holes.”

“Pussy, mouth, and ass,” Sarah said. “Come on, stud, we need you to fill us up. Cheer practice is over.”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Ai cheered, clapping her hands as she bounced in place.

“Wait, what?” I gasped. “You want me to...? I mean... What the fuck?”

“Didn’t you know?” Kim asked. “After cheer practice, we have to have all our holes filled with cum by the first guy we see.”

“Congratulations, that’s you!” Ai squealed and threw her arms around my neck and planted a kiss right on my mouth, her big boobs pressing into my chest.

This could not be happening. This had to be a dream. A prank. Some new, Machiavellian way for Kim to pick on me. I panted for breath when Ai broke the kiss, her lips so sweet, the warmth lingering on my mouth.

“Come on, “Sarah said, taking my right arm.

“Yes!” Ai cheered and grabbed my left.

Kim whirled around, her skirt swirling over her perfect ass, and back sauntered inside. The other two cheerleaders dragged me into the gym after her. This could not be happening. I looked over my shoulder at the door closing behind me with a loud boom.

Derrick and his meatheads had baited a trap for me. They were going to jump out the moment I got back there. They would kick my ass while the cheerleaders, well, cheered them on. I swallowed. I had to escape. I squirmed.

“Don’t be afraid,” Sarah cooed.

“Yeah,” Kim said and popped off her cheer top. My eyes bulged as she peeled the stretch, purple fabric up her back and then off her head, her red hair spilling down. Her sports bra came off next in a quick motion. She turned around and there were her naked breasts. Large double D’s that swayed with her walking. They were perky, nipples pink and hard. “We’re just going to fuck your brains out.”

“Mmm, so hard,” Ai cooed.

“This can’t be happening,” I breathed.

“Oh, it is, big boy,” Sarah cooed with such breathy intensity.

Kim vanished into the cheerleader’s locker room. The two others pulled me in. I was at full mast now. My dick throbbed in my slacks. I shuddered as I entered this holy space. A place where boys weren’t allowed to enter. It was...

Pretty much like the boys’ locker room but with pink instead of blue lockers. There were benches to sit on, showers in the back. My heavy pants echoed through the room as Kim licked her lips and then smiled at me.

“Undress him!” she cooed. “Let’s see Pete’s big peter!”

I swallowed as Ai and Sarah pulled my shirt out of my pants and then hauled it over my head. They threw it on the ground before attacking my belt. They opened it and then yanked my pants down. My cock tented my tighty whitey underwear. I swallowed, my dick pulsing as I stepped out of my pants, the two cheerleaders on their knees.

Then they peeled off their tops and then their sports bras. I groaned as Sarah’s coffee-brown double D’s appeared. They were rounder than Kim’s, Sarah’s dark nipples fatter but not as long. She grinned up at me, her black braids swaying bout her face. Ai’s huge tits appeared. They were soft and heavy, her nipples fat and dusky-olive. They quivered with her every breath as she beamed up at me with such a gorgeous and adorable smile.

Then they hooked my underwear’s waistband and tugged it down. My cock popped out before them. I tensed, waiting for the football players to jump out and kick my ass, or for the camera to snap the photo of my cock so everyone could make fun of my size.

I blinked down at my cock thrusting out before me. Was I bigger? Was I so excited by the three topless cheerleaders that my dick had reached even greater engorgement? I swallowed as the cheerleaders all cooed.

“I knew you were perfect,” Sarah moaned and grabbed the base of my cock.

“Just yummy,” moaned Ai. She grabbed the middle of my dick.

Then Kim fell to her knees between her two fellow cheerleaders, her big boobs jiggling. She grabbed the top of my cock, her green eyes smoldering. Then she ducked her head in and sucked on my dick.

I gasped at the feel of her mouth on my cock. Her tongue danced around my dick with hunger. I groaned at the feel of a girl’s lips around my dick. The feel of their soft hands gripping my shaft instead of my own.

Three hands.

Three cheerleaders.

“Holy shit,” I groaned as Kim sucked.

There was no way this could be a prank now. Kim and the other two had gone way, way too far for that. I groaned at the feel of the redhead sliding her mouth up and down my cock. Sarah and Ai leaned in. Their tongues licked at the side of my cock. They fluttered their wet tongues up and down my dick.

I groaned, naked in the cheerleader’s locker room while three of them pleasured my cock. It was insane. Intense. I groaned, my hands balling into fists. I swallowed as Kim sucked and the other two licked at my shaft.

Then Kim popped her mouth off and Sarah swallowed my cock. The Black girl sucked with hunger, her braided pigtails swaying. She suckled as she bobbed her head, working her mouth up and down my cock. Her cheeks hollowed as she nursed on me.

“Oh, damn,” I groaned.

“Mmm, that’s what we should be saying for having such a big dick to fill us with cum,” Kim said.

Ai nodded, still smiling. Then she licked at the side of my shaft up to Sarah’s lips wrapped around my dick. She caressed her friend who was sucking me. Sarah groaned then popped her mouth off and the Japanese cheerleader sucked me into her plump lips.

I gasped at the feel of Ai’s tongue dancing around my dick. She stared up at me with her slanted eyes brimming with such heat and excitement. She suckled hard, bobbing her head while her two friends watched her.

“Go, Ai!” Sarah said.

“Love Pete’s big peter!” moaned Kim. “Mmm, yes, yes.” Her green eyes flicked up to me. “You’re going to give one of us a big mouthful of cum, right?”

I nodded.


Ai popped her mouth off and Kim sucked me back into her lips. She danced her tongue around my tip while the warmth of her mouth sank down to my balls. This was insane. I groaned, unable to believe this was happening. That I had three cheerleaders sucking on my dick.

I clenched my fist, wanting to make this last. It was my first blowjob. My breathing quickened. My heart hammered as Kim bobbed her head. Then Sarah nuzzled in and Kim passed my cock on to the Black hottie.

I groaned as Sarah sealed her lips around my shaft. She sucked with passion on my dick. She nursed on me with hunger. I groaned at how good this was. My balls tightened. My fist clenched tighter. I moaned.

“Oh, fuck,” I panted.

Sarah winked at me and slid her tongue around the top of my cock, brushing my slit. Pleasure shot down to my balls. They were boiling with my cum, so ready to unload all my jizz right into Sarah’s sucking mouth.

The Black cheerleader popped her lips off and Ai sucked me into her hungry maw. Her short, brown hair swayed about her face while her delicate cheeks hollowed. She suckled with hunger. Her eyes squeezed shut as she moaned.

“I know,” Kim purred. “He’s got delicious precum. Oh, Pete, you got yourself an impressive peter. I wish I had known.”

“Yeah,” Sarah panted.

“Really?” I groaned, the pleasure rushing through me.

“Oh, yes,” Kim moaned. The redhead winked at me. “I would have jumped your bones if I knew. Mmm, and that’s what I’m going to do today.”

Ai slid her mouth off my cock. “Me, too. You have to fuck all our holes.”

“Nine of them?” I gasped as Kim sucked my cock into her mouth. “I don’t think I can do that.”

“But you have to,” Ai said and pouted at me.

She was so adorable and Kim’s mouth felt so incredible that my battle against cumming ended. With a growl, I erupted into the redhead’s mouth. My cum fired from my dick. Spurt after spurt of jizz flooded the cheerleader’s mouth.

Kim moaned, a sound of pure satisfaction. She gulped down my cum. I heard her savoring the jizz that I fired into her mouth. I groaned, the pleasure slamming into my mind. It was better than masturbating in my bedroom.

“Oh, yes!” I groaned as she gulped it down. I hit that peak. “Oh, damn, that’s good.”

I pumped the last spurt of jizz into her mouth. Kim purred and then slid her mouth off my dick. She turned her head and kissed Ai on the mouth. I shuddered, seeing the jizz on Kim’s lips. Their tongues danced together. It was so hot to watch. Their hands slid off my cock.

But not Sarah’s.

The Black cheerleader pumped her hand up and down my dick. She brushed the crown. I groaned and glanced at her. She had this naughty gleam in her eyes. This wet and horny need for my dick. I shuddered as I realized she wanted my dick in her.

I groaned as she winked at me. Then I realized I was still hard. I had just cum, and my dick was stiff. Ai and Kim were kissing with hunger, their boobs pressed together, Ai’s G-cups almost swallowing Kim’s double D’s. I swallowed at the sight, my heart pumping fast.

Then Sarah tugged on my cock. I found myself falling to my knees before him. She darted in and kissed me on the mouth with hunger as she pushed me down onto my back. Her large breasts piled into my tits. They were firm and her nipples hard. Her tongue danced around in me as she straddled me.

She guided my cock beneath her skirt. Then I gasped as I felt my tip rubbing into hot flesh. Wet flesh.

Her pussy.

She broke the kiss and sat up, her thighs flexed, her pleated skirt of purple and gold rustling. She sank her weight down. I gasped as the Black cheerleader impaled her pussy down my cock. She swallowed my dick.

“Holy shit!” I gasped at my first taste of pussy.

It was incredible.

Her hot and silky flesh engulfed my dick. My toes curled. I groaned as she bottomed out on me. Her cunt gripped my cock. Every inch of my throbbing shaft was in her pussy. I twitched in her while my toes curled.

“Fuck me,” I groaned.

“Mmm, isn’t that what I’m doing?” she purred, planting her hands on my doughy chest. I was a plump guy. Not the muscle-bound hunks the cheerleaders dated. “Mmm, fucking your big dick, Pete. It’s the best.”

“Better than Derricks?” I asked as she slid up my cock, her pussy massaging me.

“Way better!” she moaned as she reached the peak.

I smiled at that then groaned as she slammed her cunt down my cock again. Her brown breasts heaved before me. They bounced with such perky delight. Her pigtails swayed. She grinned down at me, grinding her pussy lips into my crotch. Then she slid up me again.

My balls tightened. I groaned at the suction of her cunt when she rose up before the silky twat engulfed my cock all over again. It was such a wonderful rhythm to enjoy. The cheerleader’s cunt massaged my cock again and again. Teasing me with her silky touch.

Ai and Kim spun around and were in a sixty-nine. Despite that, I was just watching Sarah and her boobs. They were so hypnotic as they bounced up and down. At the same time, her pussy massaged my dick. That hot and silky sheath worked up and down my cock again and again.

I was the luckiest guy alive.

“You can touch them, Pete,” she moaned. “My tits. Grab them. Oh, yes, that will get me to cum faster. And I want to cum on this dick!”

My hands shot up. I grabbed her double D’s and groaned as I felt a girl’s tits for the first time. Perky and soft yet somehow firm. They were wonderful to squeeze, better than a stress ball. She smiled at me, a purring groan rising up from her throat.

Her pussy clenched tight about my cock as she rode me. She built me towards another orgasm. Another burst of pleasure that would drown me. I couldn’t wait for it to sweep through me. It would be amazing. Intense.

I groaned as she slammed her cunt down my cock and then rose back up me. She squeezed her snatch about my dick with that wet and incredible pussy. She felt so amazing squeezing about my dick. Just a delight to enjoy.

“Fuck,” I moaned. “Oh, Sarah.”

“Mmm, Pete!” she gasped while her two fellow cheerleaders squealed as they ate the other’s twat. “That dick. That fucking dick! I’m going to cum so hard.”

“Do it!” I said, feeling more and more confident. This was amazing. I didn’t get why this was happening, but I was glad. Thankful.

Fucking rejoiceful.

Her pussy clenched about my dick as she slid up me. My fingers dug into her tits as I groaned, the pleasure sweeping through my body. Then she slammed down me, taking every inch of my cock in her pussy. Her boobs jiggled and swayed.

The ache swelled and swelled. My balls grew tighter as her pussy massaged the crown of my cock. She whimpered, her pigtails dancing as she tossed her head. Her cunt felt hotter. Wetter. She impaled her snatch down my dick.

Squealed, “Pete!”

Her voice echoing through the locker room, her pussy spasmed on my cock. She bucked on me, no longer riding me but massaging me. I groaned as her juices gushed out and bathed my balls. My eyes widened.

“You’re cumming?” I gasped.

“On your big dick!” she howled.

I erupted.

I fired my cum into the hot delight of her pussy. I shuddered, pumping spurt after spurt of cum into her cunt. The pleasure slammed into my mind. Dizzying stars burst across my vision. Intense rapture swept through my body. It was amazing to experience.

I groaned and gasped, my mind melting from this wonderful pleasure that surged through my body. Her pussy rippled about my cock, sucking at my dick. She milked out my cum, her hands squeezing my fingers into her tits.

“Yes!” she moaned. “Oh, Pete, I need that cum.”

“Ooh, my turn!” Ai squealed, spilling off of Kim with her face smeared in pussy cream.

“Let me lick that pussy clean,” Kim moaned as I fired the last of my jizz into Sarah’s pussy.

“Yes!” Sarah moaned and ripped her pussy off my dick.

I sat up on my elbows, panting. My cock throbbed, my body wreathed in bliss. Sarah sat on the floor beside me, legs wide. Kim crawled forward and buried her head in between Sarah’s dark legs. Red hair spilled over Sarah’s brown thighs.

Then Ai was on me. The smiling, Japanese cheerleader piled her huge, G-cup titties around my dick soaked in Sarah’s pussy cream. Ai squeezed those lush mounds around my dick. The tip peeked up the top.

Damn, I was engorged today.

“Paizuri!” Ai said in delight.

“What?” I groaned as she worked her tits up and down my cock.

“What they call a titty fuck in Japan,” she said, her hands squeezing her soft boobs tight around my cock and masturbating my cock with them.

I groaned at the silky delight of her breasts engulfing my dick. She slid up and down, swallowing my tip. When I emerged, she ducked her head down and sucked just on my crown for a moment before she slid her tits back up and engulfed the tip.

Lubed by Sarah’s pussy cream, Ai fucked her tits up and down my cock with relish. I gasped at how great a titty fuck was. It was so different from the blowjobs and the pussy. Her tits molded around my cock in a way Sarah’s cunt hadn’t.

Sarah moaned beside me, Kim feasting on her with hunger. The Black cheerleader’s tits quivered as she shook. I groaned beside her, my dick throbbing every time Ai’s lips slid over the crown just long enough to suck once.

Then her breasts slid up and engulfed my cock, and we started it all over again.

Another load of cum somehow brewed in my balls. I didn’t know where this virility came from, but I was glad I had it. My dick throbbed in-between Ai’s tits. I savored the way she pumped them up and down, massaging me.

My toes curled. This was so awesome. I didn’t get how this could be happening, why the bullying cheerleaders were now cock-hungry for my dick, but I didn’t care. I was in heaven. I put my arms behind my head, resting on them, and grinned as Ai worked those big and lush tits up and down my cock.

“That’s it,” I groaned, my confidence swelling. “Just a slutty cheerleader loving my dick with her tits.”

“I am!” Ai moaned. She sucked on the tip of my cock for a moment. Then her tits slid back up and engulfed my crown. “Just want your cum in my mouth and pussy and asshole, Pete!”

“It’s the best way to end cheer practice!” added Sarah as she shuddered, Kim devouring her pussy and licking out all that spunk I fired in her.

My nuts tightened beneath this bliss. I smiled up at the ceiling as Ai worked those lush boobs up and down my cock. She massaged me. Stimulated me. Her lips sucked at the tip of my cock, bringing me closer and closer to that moment of eruption.

I would fire all that cum from my dick. Just fire blast after blast of spunk into her mouth or own her face. The pleasure swelled. My toes curled. I groaned, the ecstasy building and building. I was hurtling closer and closer to erupting.

“Fuck!” I groaned as her tits slid up. “Ai!”

My dick erupted. She gasped as my first blast splashed across her face. Then she ducked her head down and sucked my dick into her mouth. Her plump lips swallowed about my spurting shaft. I groaned, my balls unloading blast after blast of cum.

The pleasure slammed through my body. Stars burst across my vision. I groaned, squirming on the tiles as the heat swept through me. It was intense. Incredible. I groaned, loving every minute of this. Every last second of this bliss. My eyes melted beneath the onslaught.

I groaned, savoring all this ecstasy. It was incredible. Outstanding. I moaned, my mind melting beneath all the rapture that surged through me. Stars danced across my vision. I shuddered at how wonderful this was. How amazing it was to enjoy this ecstasy.

“Fuck, yes!” I moaned.

“Kim!” Sarah squealed, her tits heaving. “You nasty slut! Yes!”

I smiled as my cock erupted over and over again. I pumped so much spunk into Ai’s mouth while Sarah came beside me. I growled out my bliss as I hit the peak of my rapture. The pinnacle of bliss. I hovered there.

“Fuck,” I breathed. “Oh, fuck, that’s good.”

“Right,” moaned Kim, lifting her face. Then she spun around, her gold-and-purple pleated skirt swaying over her rump. She flipped it up and revealed her shaved twat and cute rump. She parted her butt-cheeks. “Ram that cock right here.” She nudged a finger into her asshole. “You got Ai’s spit on your dick. That’s more than enough lube.”

“She’s a slut who loves it up the ass!” Sarah said.


Her ebony hand left a bright, red handprint on Kim’s ass. The redhead groaned as Sarah grinned at me. “See. Just fuck her hard.”

Ai popped her mouth off my still-hard dick. She had cum on her lips and running down her chin. More had dribbled onto her boobs. She lifted one up and licked the cum off. I groaned, my dick throbbing.

I was still hard. I still had more in me. “Fuck!”

I sat up and knelt behind Kim. So far, the girls had blown me, rode me, and titty-fucked me. Now I was doing the fucking. I was the one thrusting forward. I was so eager as Sarah grabbed my cock in her dark grip and guided me right for Kim’s brown hole.

I groaned when the tip of my cock pressed against Kim’s asshole. I didn’t hesitate to thrust. I was finally fucking Kim, Queen Bitch of my school, in the ass. I savored the feel of her anal ring spreading and spreading.

Her head threw back. She moaned out, “Oh, god, yes! Fuck that big peter into me, Pete!”

Her asshole spread around my cock. I groaned as her velvety flesh engulfed the tip of my dick in the heaven of her asshole. I shuddered at that wonderful delight. Her tight hole slid over the crown. I groaned as my shaft pressed into her velvety sheath.

I entered the heaven of Kim’s asshole. The redhead tossed back her head, moaning out her pleasure. She squeezed her bowels down on my cock. The pleasure of this moment rippled through me. I shuddered, the heat of her asshole felt so amazing as I sodomized her.

“Yes!” I growled. “Kim, you’re my fucking anal slut!”

“I am, Pete!” she moaned. “Oh, god, I’ve never had a dick this big in my asshole. It’s amazing.”

“Mmm, it was,” moaned Sarah. “You got some cum on your face, Ai. Let me get it.”

I heard them licking and kissing behind me as I pumped away at her bowels I fucked into her hard and fast. I buried in deep. I plunged to the hilt in her. It was incredible to enjoy. I groaned at how amazing this pleasure was. It swept through my body as I bottomed out in her asshole.

I shuddered and drew back. I held her hips tight, loving the feel of her bowels around my cock. Her asshole squeezed about my dick. She was amazing to feel. I grinned as I pumped my cock away at her bowels. I fucked into her with hunger, my balls cracking into her taint.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I groaned, slamming into her depths. “That’s amazing. Oh, fuck, that’s good. You got such a tight asshole. I’m going to dump so much jizz in you.”

“Yes, yes, I need that cum in me, Pete!” she moaned, her asshole clamping down hard.

The pleasure swelled as I savored the heat of her bowels. I slid up and grabbed her tits. I groped those Double D’s, loving the feel of them in my hand. She moaned louder as I slammed into her bowels. I fucked into her with all the force I had.

The ache built at the tip of my cock. I couldn’t believe I would cum a fourth time. But I would. I would flood Kim’s ass. I would baste the cheerleader with every drop of spunk I had in my balls. She would squeal like a whore, too.

I slid my hands down her boobs and pinched her nipples. She gasped, squeezing her asshole down on my cock. “Mmm, you like that?”

“Yes, Pete!” she moaned, her bowels gripping my dick. I slammed into her hard, savoring the friction. “SO much.”

“You going to cum on my dick?” I grunted, pumping away at her bowels. I fucked her without restraint.”

“I am!” she moaned. “I’m going to cum on your cock. Just explode! Oh, my god, yes, yes!”

I twisted those nipples. I tweaked them. She gasped, her bowels clenching down hard on my cock. She whimpered, her head tossing back and forth. Her bowels grew hotter and hotter as I thrust my dick into her hard. My nuts cracked into her taint.

The pressure swelled in my balls. My next load of cum was ready to erupt and flood into her asshole. I ached to pump every drop of cum I had into her bowels. I shuddered, slamming forward with hard thrusts.

Kim moaned, her asshole squeezing down around my dick. Then she gasped, “Pete!”

Her bowels convulsed around my cock. I grinned as I felt her asshole rippling and writhing around my cock. I shuddered at how great that felt. Her flesh nursed at me, hungry for my cum. I drew back, through the heaven of her spasming bowels.

“Fuck, you’re such a slut!” I growled.

“Your slut!” gasped Kim. “Your anal slut! Oh, my fucking god, Pete! Your dick!”

I slammed into her bowels, her flesh sucking at me. My balls tightened. I groaned as I drew back again, hurtling towards my climax. Her asshole sent such wild stimulation sweeping through my body. I shuddered.

I buried into her asshole and growled out as I erupted. I fired blast after blast of my cum into her bowels. I flooded her asshole with spurts of jizz. The cum fired from my cock. I shuddered as the jizz spurted out of me over and over again.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” I growled, stars bursting across my vision. “That’s it. That’s so amazing.”

“Ooh, flood my ass!” Kim moaned as I basted her bowels.

The pleasure hammered my mind. The thrill of cumming in a cheerleader’s asshole was such a rush. What could top this rapture? I twisted her nipples as I growled through my orgasm. I fired my last, shuddering blast of spunk into her.

“Mmm, now I need you in my pussy,” moaned Ai.

“Straight from her asshole?” I groaned, panting, my dick still hard. Of course, it was. I could fuck them all until I had flooded all three of their holes. “You don’t want me to fuck you in the ass?”

“My pussy, Pete!” moaned Ai. “Sarah was so naughty. She had her fingers in my cunt, teasing me. I need a real cock in me.”

Sarah sucked on her fingers, cooing as she did.

“Fuck,” I growled. I was wrong about anal being the best. Fucking a cheerleader with a dirty cock had to be the best pleasure in the world.

I turned around to find busty Ai lying on her back, her huge G-cup titties piled into two lush mounds. I shuddered and crawled to her, my cock bobbing before me. I had to be in that pussy. I had to plow into that tight cunt with my dirty dick.

Ai smiled at me, looking so adorable on the ground. My cock swayed beneath me as I crawled over her. She grabbed it and pulled me towards her pussy. I lowered my body down onto her busty form. She had no cum left on her lips or face. Sarah had cleaned her up.

“Yes, yes, lick that cum out of my asshole,” Kim moaned behind me.

“Fuck,” I groaned. “This is so hot.”

Ai nodded, pressing my dick into her trimmed bush. I groaned at the silky curls spilling over the crown of my dick before I found the entrance to her cunt. She smiled at me, her eyes so smoky. I grinned back at her and thrust.

I fucked into her cunt. I buried to the hilt in her in a single thrust. It was incredible. I shuddered, my dick throbbing as it plunged to the hilt in her pristine pussy. I soiled her with my dirty dick and loved every second of it.

“Pete!” she moaned, her arms and legs wrapping around me.

She pulled my chest down. Her big breasts pillowed against me. I groaned as I loved it. She smiled at me, her eyes twinkling. I grinned back at her. Then I drew back my cock. I pulled out of her cunt. Her pussy squeezed about me, polishing my dick clean.

Then I rammed it back into her pussy. She gasped, her eyes widening. Her fingernails scratched at my back as I pumped away at her cunt. I buried into her pussy, loving the feel of her silky walls buffing Kim’s ass off my cock.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned. “Your dick is so mighty! I love it, Pete!”

“And your tight cunt’s cleaning it off!”

“Yes!” she moaned, her pussy clamping down on my cock. “Cleaning off all of her ass. Ooh, ooh, it is so naughty.”

“Yes, it is!” I groaned, thrusting away at her. I fucked into her pussy with hard strokes, my balls smacking into her taint.

She grinned at that, her smile so cute and adorable. She was so gorgeous, and here she was polishing my dirty dick with her cunt. She was as much a slut as the other two. Her innocent face only made it hotter.

I loved the feel of her soft breasts rubbing against my chest. I groaned, slamming into her pussy with hard strokes. My balls tightened from the silky friction of her pussy. She polished my pole with that wet sheath, squeezing about me.

She rotated her hips, stirring her cunt around my dick. The pleasure swelled in me. It grew stronger and stronger as I buried to the hilt in her over and over again. I slammed deep into her cunt. hard. I fucked into her pussy with powerful strokes.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes!” she moaned. “Oh, that’s so good. That’s amazing. I love your cock plunging into my pussy.”

“Mmm, I bet you do!” I growled. “Such a whore for it.”

“Can’t you tell?” She beamed at me. “Yours is the best dick I’ve ever fucked.”

“Amen!” Kim moaned. “Shit, Sarah, suck that out of my asshole. You are a nasty slut!”

“Uh-huh!” Sara moaned.

They were all such nasty sluts, and I was so thrilled to get to fuck them. I pumped away with passion at Ai’s cunt. Her pussy was so wet, my dick had to be clean by now. I groaned, thrusting away at her. I buried deep and hard into her cunt, the pressure in my nuts rising.

Her pussy clenched about me as I pulled back. Her face twisted with passion. I stared into her slanted eyes as they burned with such desire. She wanted my cum pumping into her cunt. I buried to the hilt in her pussy hard.

“Yes!” she moaned. “Just a little more.”

“Cum on that dick!” moaned Kim. “Cum so hard. Just milk his cock.”

“Yes, yes, I will!” Ai gasped, her fingernails biting into your back. “Please, Pete, cum in me. Dump your spunk into my pussy.”

I thrust into her hard. I buried to the hilt in her, grunting with each one. Her pussy was bringing me to that moment of release. I shuddered, slamming every inch of my huge cock into her. My dick had gotten so big because of how hot they were.

I slammed into her hot sheath. She arched her back, pressing those big and soft tits into my chest. Then she squealed in delight. Her thighs squeezed about me. Her pussy went wild around my dick. Cream gushed out, bathing my balls.

“Pete! Please! Cum in me!”

“Cum in the slut!” Kim gasped.

I buried back into her cunt. I slammed to the hilt in her and threw back my head. I howled out in rapture as I pumped my cum into her pussy. Spurt after wonderful spurt of my cum basted her pussy. Her twat rippled around me. She sucked at me.

I shuddered on her, those big tits massaging my chest. I groaned, stars bursting across my vision. The bliss spilled through every inch of my body. My brain drank it in as her cunt rippled and writhed around my cock and worked out every drop of jizz I had in them.

“Fuck, yes!” I gasped, feeling so energized. “Who’s next!”

“You have to fuck me in the pussy!” Kim moaned.

“Pound my ass!” groaned Sarah.

I looked over at them and saw their naked rumps facing me, pussies gleaming between their thighs. I shuddered, eager to fuck both those holes. A smile crossed my lips as I rose. I savored my power as I pondered on the question.

What was the hottest way to fuck them both?

“Sarah’s ass first then your pussy, Kim,” you growl.

“Yes, Pete!” they squealed in unison.

I moved up to Sarah’s ass. Wet with Ai’s pussy cream, I slammed to the hilt in Sarah’s bowels. She threw back her head, her braided pigtails dancing. Her asshole clenched down on me, that velvety sheath loving my dick.

I ran my pale hands over her ebony body. I stroked her flesh as I fucked her bowels with force. I plunged away at her. I buried into her over and over again. She felt so incredible squeezing about my dick.

“Fuck, yes!” I growled.

“Ooh, fuck her hard,” moaned Kim. “Fuck her hard, dump your cum in her bowels, then fuck my pussy with your dirty dick!”

“Hell, yes!” I gasped, thrusting forward. “You’re such a filthy slut, Kim.”

“I am!” she moaned. “Oh, god, I am.”

I grinned, savoring Sarah’s asshole. I fucked into her bowels hard and fast. I plunged to the hilt in her over and over again. My nuts tightened. I came closer and closer to flooding her with all my jizz. I groaned, rising towards that powerful explosion.

I would have such a big one. A mighty burst of cum. I reveled in my every thrust. In my every plunge into her cunt. It was awesome. Amazing. This was the delight that I craved. The pleasure that I needed.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she gasped. “Oh, my god, that’s good. That’s amazing. Oh, fuck, that’s wonderful. Just keep fucking me like that. Pound me.”

“Pound her,” Ai cooed.

“I fucking am!” I moaned, thrusting away at Sarah’s bowels.

I grinned, slamming into her hard and fast. I buried to the hilt in her bowels. Her asshole clenched down on me with such force. The pressure built and built at the tip of my cock. That need to erupt swelled in my balls.

“Shit!” I groaned.

“Cum in her!” whimpered Kim, eager for my dick to plunge into her cunt. “Please, please, just flood her!”

“Yes!” Sarah gasped and then her asshole spasmed around my dick. “Pete!”

I groaned at the feel of her spasming bowels writhing around me. I gripped her hips as I fucked her, savoring the feel of her asshole sucking at my dick. My balls smacked into her taint, heavy with my cum.

Kim quivered beside her, so ready to be fucked. I grinned, loving every moment of this. These cheerleaders were my sluts. I slammed to the hilt in Sarah’s bowels, her asshole worshiping my dick with hunger.

“Fuck, yes!” I howled.

I slammed to the hilt in Sarah’s convulsing asshole and erupted. Her bowels rippled around me while the pleasure crashed into my mind. I groaned, savoring the thrill of pumping all my cum into her bowels. The delight of basting her with my jizz.

It was incredible.

“Fuck, yes,” I growled and ripped out of her bowels.

Kim knelt right beside her. I shifted over and slammed my dirty dick into her cunt. She moaned like a whore, loving it just as much as Ai. I growled and plowed into her pussy. I fucked her hard and fast. I buried into her again and again, savoring every inch of her cunt.

Ai and Sarah cheered me on as I buried my cock over and over into Kim’s tight cunt. The head cheerleader moaned, her red hair flying as I fucked her slutty cunt with my filthy dick. She buffed me clean, though.

And she lubed me up.

I dumped my jizz into her and growled at Ai, “Time for that ass.”

“Yes!” she moaned and lay on her back.

She threw her legs over my shoulders, lifting up her ass. I rammed into her bowels while Kim sat on her face. Ai licked my cum out of Kim’s cunt. I sodomized the Japanese cheerleader hard. Fast. I buggered her without mercy.

She came like an anal whore, squealing into Kim’s pussy.

The redhead came right after, flooding Ai’s mouth with pussy cream. I grinned as I watched and buried into Ai’s asshole. The pleasure of my eight orgasms blazed through my mind. I pumped her full of my jizz.

Which left one more hole.

I ripped out of Ai’s asshole. Sarah was waiting. She didn’t hesitate to suck my dirty dick into her mouth. She polished my pole with her hungry lips, staring up at me as she suckled hard. Her chocolate-brown cheeks hollowed as she nursed on my cock.

“Clean that dick, slut!” I growled as the Black cheerleader nursed with all her hunger.

She sucked and slurped on me, bringing me towards my ninth orgasm. I growled, grabbed her braided pigtails, and fucked her mouth the way the slut deserved. I drove my dick down her gullet, my balls smacking into her chin.

She sucked and slurped and moaned the entire time. She was such a whore about it. She loved every moment of taking my dick. I groaned, my balls tightening. I growled, the pressure building and building in my nuts.

I fired my load straight down into her belly.

“Pete!” the cheerleaders panted. “Oh, Pete, thank you. We needed that. We needed all three of our holes pumped full of cum.”

“You’re welcome,” I told them.

I strolled out of the locker room leaving three cheerleaders dripping in my cum. I felt like a million dollars. There was nothing Derrick or his asshole friends could do to me now. I had pleased Kim, Sarah, and Ai. I had made those girls cum and cum.

I had no idea what had gotten into them. No idea at all.

I pulled out my phone, whistling. I saw a twitter recommendation from @realgossip. I frowned as I read her tweet and smiled. Looked like those three cheerleaders secret was out. The other guys they had fucked must be blabbing.

But I had the biggest cock that fucked them all.

My phone chirped again. It was a message from Ai. “Cheer practice ends at 4:30 tomorrow. Make sure you’re waiting for us. We all want to fuck your dick again. Don’t make us settle for another guy’s cock like Derrick. We want you!”

I grinned and marched home feeling like a stud for the first time in my life. I would be there for the end of every cheer practice. My sluts needed my dick plugging up their holes. Already, I thought about how I could fuck them tomorrow.

The dirty acts I would get them to perform.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...