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Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

Chapter 2: Two Sluts’ Depraved Contest

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Clara is eager to send out her next tweet. People had noticed her first and posted some kinky things about the bullying cheerleaders. Some were claiming Pete was fucking them. Clara didn’t believe they would ever touch an unpopular nerd like him.

She didn’t care. She just liked that her gossiping lie was spreading and growing. Everyone would think it and the cheerleaders would be humiliated. She had no idea that her tweets were somehow warping reality and mind-controlling her subjects.

Clara, sitting on her bed, thought about the next tweet to send. Juliet and Annabelle. Those two sluts need to pay.

They were frenemies. Always competing. Not caring whose lives they impacted as they played their dumb games. They would bicker over stupid things and then ally to pick on Clara. It was so annoying.

Now Clara would get her revenge.

@ realgossip sends out: “Did you know that the Juliet and Annabelle are always fighting over who is the best? Only Mr. Finch has the standing power to decide who is the best slut.”

Clara thinks that last part’s genius. Mr. Finch is her school’s janitor. A man ever girl knows is creepy. That’ll ruin their reputation.

* * *

Mr. Finch

I whistled as I pulled out the heavy-duty garbage back and dumped it into the bin I was pushing around the school. The day was over. All the students had left. Blissful silence settled around me as I pushed the cart towards the next can.

The end of the day was always the best part. Soon, I would be off. I’d be home where there were no snot-nosed brats sniveling around. They were technically adults, but you’d never know it from how they whined about the simplest things. They were useless. Couldn’t do a damn thing on their own.

I was just about to lift the lid of the next can when I heard the echo of arguing girls. I groaned. There were still some students here. I could tell they were arguing by the clatter. They were getting louder and louder.

Then one screeched.

“Fuck,” I muttered and headed to the nearest sink. I turned on the water and washed my hands. If they were fighting... “Fucking little cunts.”

I didn’t bother drying my hands, just flicked my fingers out before me as I hurried to the sounds of the shouting. It led me out of the cafeteria to the classroom hallway. One of the doors was open, the yowling, like two alley cats fighting, came from there.

“No, I’m the best!” one shouted.

“You? You?” A derisive laugh. “Every guy knows I’m the best. How can you be with that tiny mouth.”

“Tiny? I can take any guy at any time!”

I frowned. What were they arguing over?

“Not like I can! I can suck the biggest cock into my mouth. I give the best blowjobs at this school.”

“Better than Tracy?”

“Fine! Not as good as her, but I’m better than you.”

“Are not!”

“Am so!”

“I’m the best cock-sucker in this school! Me!”

I reached the door to find Juliet and Annabelle. I groaned. I should have known it was those two. They were always fighting over the dumbest shit one moment and then appearing thick as thieves the next. And fighting over blowjobs.

They hadn’t seen me, their argument continuing.

“I am the best at giving head!” Annabelle said.

“Even if you are—and I’m not saying you are—” hissed Juliet, “my pussy is better than yours.”

“My asshole’s even better than your cunt!”

“You can’t make a cock cum with that scrawny ass!”

“Oh, they dump all their cum in me!” Annabelle snarled back. “It’s that dry cunt of your that has trouble. I hear it’s like sandpaper!”

“You fucking bitch! My tits are way better and you know it!”

“Shouldn’t you girls be having this sort of argument off the school property?” I growled, putting a stop to this.

They both faced me. Juliet, a blonde with a nice pair of Double D’s that she showed off in her blue crop top with a scoop neckline, favored me with a considering look. Beside her, petite Annabelle did the same. A redhead who had a slender form, her breasts barely forming mounds in the spaghetti-strap tank top she wore.

Juliet definitely had better tits.

“Mr. Finch!” Annabelle said. “This is perfect.”

“You’ll know which one of us is better, Mr. Finch.”

“Yep,” Annabelle said. “You’re perfect.” She grabbed her tank top and ripped it up her body. I gaped. She wasn’t even wearing a bra beneath it. Her small breasts came into view. They were cute tits topped by pink nipples. Her nose ring flashed as she attacked her jean shorts’ fastener.

At the same time, Juliet pulled off her crop top, her big boobs held in a black bra. Her tits jiggled as she played around where the two cups met. Then her bra snapped open, cups spring back from her breasts. They spilled out before her, nipples fat and pink.

“What are you two doing?” I gasped as they both were ripping down their shorts.

“You’re going to decide who’s hotter,” Annabelle said. “Me or that whore with the cow udders.”

“They’re beautiful and bountiful breast that shows just how fertile I am!” snapped back Juliet. “That’s why guys like the big tits. They like to get with a healthy girl, not a scrawny beanstalk!”


I winced at Annabelle’s screech.

She spun around, ripped off her black panties, and shook her curving rump at me. “Look at that ass, Mr. Finch. This ass has curves. This is a sexy booty. Mmm, don’t tell me you wouldn’t want to hit it. So much better than Flatbutt McGee over there.”

“Flat!” Juliet shoved down her panties, a shaved pussy coming into view. “My butt is wonderful. A delight. Besides, tits are what boys like more.”



“Girls, girls,” I groaned, my dick throbbing. They were both eighteen, but this broke the school regulations. I could lose my job if I was caught with them like this. “You can’t do this.”

“Sure we can,” said Juliet. She cupped her tits. “Which one of us hotter. My beautiful and gorgeous tits.”

“Or my curvy and bubbly butt!” asked Annabelle as she wiggled her rear at me.

I stood there stunned. This couldn’t be happening. I knew the girls all thought I was creepy. I had seen them avoid me before. They whispered about me and gave me dirty looks. So why would these two girls be doing this? It made no sense.

They were both waiting for me to say which one of them was hotter. How could you judge the perfect pair of teenage tits versus the perfect peachy ass? It was impossible. They were both gorgeous. Both sexy. Both going to get me fired.

“My ass is so hot, I stunned him,” groaned the redhead.

“You mean, my tits are so hot.”




“Fuck it, I know how to solve this. I’m the biggest slut, and I’ll prove it!”

“What?” shrieked Anabella as she whirled around.

But Juliet, facing me, already launched into action. She grabbed the front of my jumpsuit and hauled down on the zipper. It rasped open in a flash, revealing the white tank top and boxers I wore beneath. My cock was hard—whose wouldn’t be with those two eighteen-year-old teases before them—and tented my underwear.

With a skill that could only come from a lot of practice, the busty blonde fished out my cock from the fly of my boxers and fell to her knees. As Annabelle screeched in protest, Juliet opened her mouth wide and sucked my cock past her lips.

I gasped at the feel of a barely legal slut sucking on my dick. Juliet nursed hard. Her boobs jiggled beneath her as she bobbed her head, golden strands dancing around her face. I groaned, my feet contorting in my boots.

“Oh, that’s not being slutty,” said Annabelle. “Sucking dick is for kiddies. A true slut does this!”

I couldn’t even think about what she meant. Not with Juliet blowing me. I hadn’t had a mouth that warm and wet on my cock in months. I groaned as the schoolgirl swirled her tongue around my cock. She teased me with it, building and building the pressure in my balls.

Annabelle darted behind me and pulled my green overalls off my shoulders. It slipped down my torso and my arms came out of the sleeves. She pulled them down to my feet. I groaned, confused by what was happening. Why these girls thought I was the guy to judge which of them was sluttier.

The redhead hooked my boxers and yanked them down. I gasped in shock as she pulled them off my butt-cheeks. They bunched along the top of my cock thrusting out the fly. She couldn’t get them off of me. But I don’t think she cared. She pressed her face in between my butt-cheeks.

She kissed me on my sphincter.

“What the fuck?” I bellowed as the feel of her lips kissing my asshole.

“Rimming you!” she moaned. “That’s what a slut would do. Not suck your dick like we’re in middle school.”

Juliet snorted with anger around my cock and sucked even harder. The pleasure surge down my shaft to my balls. I groaned as the pressure swelled in them. This heat that had me groaning. My heart pounded in my chest. This was incredible to enjoy. It was fantastic. A true delight that would have me just bursting with ecstasy.

At the same time, I had the strange sensation of having my asshole licked by the redhead. My butt-cheeks clenched about her face. I held her in place as she swirled her tongue around my sphincter. She rimmed me. Kissed me.

“Oh, god,” I groaned, the two sensations building and building in me. I shuddered, this heat swelling and swelling in my balls. My chest rose and fell. “You two... Jesus.”

“I know,” Annabelle moaned. “I’m so much more of a slut than Juliet.”

Juliet shook her head and then she slid her mouth up and down my cock faster and faster. She nursed with passion. Her tongue caressed my shaft and crown. She rubbed my spongy tip along the roof of her mouth and the insides her cheeks.

She sent such pleasure shuddering through me. I couldn’t believe how great this felt. I groaned, my asshole tingling. Annabelle’s tongue added more delight that swelled the pleasure of Juliet’s sucking. My orgasm came closer and closer.

“I’m going to explode!” I growled. “Jesus!”

Juliet slid her mouth up my cock until she just had the tip. She sucked hard, cheeks hollowing. Her blue eyes stared up at me with such intensity while her hand fisted my cock. Her other grabbed my balls, kneading them. Her tongue caressed the tip.

My nuts tightened beneath her fingers soft massage. My face contorted, my asshole drinking in the heat of Annabelle’s dancing tongue. I swelled towards that explosive moment. I could feel it building and building. I was at the point of no return.

I had to cum. I had to explode.

“Fuck!” I gasped. “Juliet, I’m... Shit!”

As I erupted, she pulled her mouth off my dick and jerked off my cock. My cum fired out and splashed over her face. Pleasure hammered my mind as I pumped blast after blast of cum onto her face.

“Yes, yes, jizz on me!” she moaned. “Shower me in your cum!”

“What?” Annabelle shouted and ripped her head out from between my butt-cheeks.

“Facial!” moaned Juliet as I kept cumming. I basted her face with my passion. I coated her with all my jizz. “That’s slutty!”

I groaned through the pleasure. My body bucked while my dick kept unloading my cum into her face. I basted her in all the jizz that I had brimming in my balls. I ran dry after a minute. The spunk ran down her cheeks. It reached her lips; she licked it up.

“Oh, this is slutty!” moaned Annabelle. She crawled out from behind me, her nose stud flashing. She pushed Juliet down and then attacked her face. “Licking up cum off your cheek. That’s slutty.”

“No, it’s not!” Juliet moaned as Annabelle did it a second time, gathering up a thick glob of my pearly spunk.

I groaned at the sight. My dick throbbed and ached as I watched Annabelle cleaning up my spunk while her bubbly butt wiggled at me. A fiery bush peeked out from between her thighs. I took a step back to see her pussy lips through her red curls.

“It’s slutty if he fucks my cunt while I lick your face!” groaned Annabelle. “Mr. Finch, Please, please, fuck me. Fuck my cunt with your big dick. I want to feel your cock slam into me and make me cum like a real slut!”

“Shit,” I groaned and pulled my cock out of the fly of my boxers. I shoved those down, too. My cock ached for it. I was still hard. I couldn’t remember when I stayed hard after jerking off. I wasn’t eighteen any longer.

“Yes, yes, fuck my slutty cunt!” Annabelle moaned, her tongue sliding over her friend’s face and cleaning up my spunk.”

It was so hot and depraved all at the same time. My dick throbbed, aching to slide into Annabelle’s barely legal cunt. Eighteen-year-old snatch beckoned. I shouldn’t do this. I should yank up my boxers and coveralls and get the fuck out of here.

I peeled off my tank top and fell to my knees. My cock smacked Annabelle on the rump. She moaned in delight. Her tongue licked up her friend’s chin, gathering up my spunk, only for their lips to then meet.

They kissed.

They swapped my cum back and forth like they were true sluts. I groaned, my heart racing. This was incredible. My dick throbbed and ached. I swallowed, staring down at my dick on Annabelle’s peachy rump.

Her cunt awaited.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I muttered. “Going to lose your job. Fuck.”

I slid my cock down Annabelle’s crack. There was nothing in this world that could stop me from enjoying her teenage snatch. I had to be in her right now. I had to savor that pussy wrapped around my cock. That would be incredible. I shuddered, their tongues flashing.

Lips smacked as they traded my cum back and forth. The sounds echoed through the room. My cock reached Annabelle’s taint. Then I found the curls of her bush. Her wet folds lurked beneath. I groaned at her hot flesh caressing the tip of my dick.

I pushed against the entrance to her cunt, my heart pounding in my chest. I was really going to do this.

Moaning into her kiss with Juliet, Annabelle pushed her hips back. Her pussy lips spread over the crown of my cock. Hot, wet, silky flesh massaged me. Teenage flesh. Forbidden. I groaned, my heart bursting with activity. She then rocked forward, her pussy lips sliding off my dick.

“Fuck!” I snarled.

I thrust into her cunt.

I buried to the hilt in her twat. Her hot flesh spilled around me. She was so tight. I squeezed my eyes shut, savoring her barely legal cunt. This was no loose pussy from a whore who’d been run through a thousand times. This was a nearly pristine cunt.


I enjoyed it. I stayed buried to the hilt in her cunt, loving every moment of it. Then I drew back. Her silky flesh squeezed down on my cock. She squealed into her friend’s kiss while my dick throbbed and ached in her twat. This was incredible.

I gripped her hips and slammed back into her. My balls smacked into her bush. Pleasure rippled down my cock and soaked my nuts. They brimmed with all the cum I would unload. I’d just fire spurt after spurt of my spunk into her cunt.

I gripped her and slammed back into her. I fucked into her snatch with hard thrusts. I buried in deep and hard. I reveled in the way her twat squeezed about me. How she held me. It was incredible to enjoy. Her snatch gripped me with such passion.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I moaned, pounding her.

“Oh, Mr. Finch!” gasped the girl. “Oh, fuck, yes!”

“Mmm, is he fucking that slutty cunt!” asked Juliet.

“Of course he is!” Annabelle moaned. “While I lick his cum off your face.”

“Ooh, a bit of cum licking while getting fucked in the pussy.”

“It’s fucking slutty in my book!” I panted, thrusting away hard and fast at Annabelle’s cunt.

“And his book is what counts!” moaned Annabelle. “He’s the judger of sluts. He knows who’s the biggest whore.”

“Me!” Juliet moaned.

“No, no, me!” groaned Annabelle, her cunt clenching down on my cock.


Her pussy was amazing. I gripped her hips as I pounded her. I fucked her with passion. I buried my dick to the hilt in her again and again. Her cunt squeezed about me. She held me tight as I buried into her hot snatch. She gripped me with that amazing cunt, swelling the bliss at the tip of my dick.

I groaned, my balls tightening more and more. My hands slid up her side as I fucked her with passion. I buried into her cunt again and again, my balls tightening. My hand found those small breasts. I played with them.

“Oh, Mr. Finch!” moaned Annabelle. “Fuck my cunt.”

“Yes, yes, get off in the skinny girl!” purred Juliet. “Pump her cunt full of all that cum.”

“Do it! Bust your nut in me! Just dump all your cum in my pussy. Bareback creampie me! That’s how much of a whore I am. You might even breed me!”

“Fuck!” I groaned, my balls tightening. My cum swelled in them. The strength grew with my every thrust into her snatch.

I hammered her cunt while kneading her small tits. Her nipples rubbed into the palms of my hands as I reamed out her cunt. I fucked into her again and again. I buried to the hilt in her snatch, her pussy squeezing about me.

I groaned, my face twisting in delight. The pleasure was intense. Insane. I slammed into her snatch, the pressure building and building at the tip of my dick. Her pussy clenched down on me, her hot flesh massaging me.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” Annabelle moaned. “I love your cock, Mr. Finch. I love your big dick in my cunt. Oh, fuck, this is... I... Yes!”

Her pussy went wild around my cock. Her cunt spasmed about my thrusting dick. I groaned as I buried to the hilt in her twat. I shuddered, loving that wonderful flesh writhing around my shaft as I fucked into her. I pounded her with such passion.

The pleasure rippled through my body. I groaned, my face scrunching up in rapture as I hammered her convulsing cunt. Her red hair tossed as I plunged into her quivering depths. Her pussy juices bathed my balls.

“Cum in me, Mr. Finch!” she howled. “Flood me! Pump all that cum into my unprotected depths!”

“Fuck!” I howled and exploded.

My cum pumped into the whore’s cunt. Her teenage twat rippled and writhed around me. She sucked at me, her pussy drawing out my jizz. My balls emptied in her while my mind reeled from the pleasure that pumped out of my cock.

I groaned, my heart pounding hard and fast. The pleasure swept through me. It was intense. Amazing. Stars danced before my eyes. I loved every moment of the pleasure that I pumped into her cunt. I basted her with all my spunk.

“Yes!” I growled. “Oh, goddamn, yes!”

I hit the peak of my pleasure. The rapture bathed my mind as her pussy wrung my cock dry. Then I was panting. My chest rose and fell. Juliet grinned and set up, cum still streaking parts of her wet face. She shuddered, kneading her tits.

“Oh, my god,” Annabelle moaned. “That was a great cum. Mmm, Mr. Finch, you’re an amazing fuck. You know how to pound a slut’s cunt.”

Juliet snorted. “Any girl can take a dick in her pussy.”

“And get creamed by the guy?” Annabelle crawled forward, sliding her pussy off my still-hard dick. I groaned as I popped out of her. My cock bobbed before me, dripping with her cunt cream. Then she rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide. “See!”

White cum dribbled out of her depths and spilled over her bush. I shuddered at the sight. I had never cum in a girl before. I had always wrapped up with a rubber. I swallowed, seeing my see dribbling out of her. It was such an inspiring sight.

“A slut eats creampies while begging to be fucked in the ass!” purred Juliet. She crawled between her friend’s legs, her big boobs swaying beneath her.

“Because your cunt’s like sandpaper,” Annabelle said. “Drier than the Mojave desert. No guy wants that. That’s why you have to have him fuck you in the ass. Just ignore her butt and fuck mine, Mr. Finch. It’s way better than even my pussy.”

“No, no, he wants my ass,” groaned Juliet. She leaned her head down and licked at Annabelle’s sloppy cunt.

My dick twitched. I was still hard. I groaned as Juliet wiggled her ass at me. It wasn’t as curvy as Annabelle’s, but it was still cute. An adorable ass that I would gladly fuck. I would pound her hard as she licked my cum out of Annabelle’s pussy.

“Goddamn, what is going on?” I muttered.

I had no idea. This was insane, but I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to ass-fuck Juliet. Or any other teenage sluts that went to this school. She was eighteen. An adult. No reason not to slam my cock into her asshole and make her scream her head off.

I fell to my knees, my cock bobbing before me. I dripped with Annabelle’s pussy cream. The redhead squirmed on the floor, getting her twat devoured by the naughty Juliet. The blonde moved her head, licking and lapping and devouring her friend’s twat.

I shook my head at the sight. This was insane stuff. Insane and I loved it.

My dick throbbed as I pressed that wet tip into Juliet’s tight bowels. I savored that sweet ass squeezing about my dick. It was incredible. I went lower and lower, sliding through her crack until I found my goal.

Her bowels.

I pressed against her asshole with all the pressure I had in my nuts, so ready to sodomize her and make her scream her head off. My lips spread wide in a smile. Her anal ring widened to swallow my cock like the slut she was.

“Yes, Mr. Finch,” the whore moaned as my cock slid into her snatch. “That’s it. Sodomize me.”

“You’d be better off fucking my ass.”

“Naw-huh!” Juliet groaned as her sphincter swallowed the tip of my cock, the velvety flesh spreading over me.

Annabelle bucked and gasped. “Hey, don’t bite my clit.”

“Mmm, I thought you were a slut,” purred Juliet. “A slut likes some pain.”

“Oh, I’m a big slut!” she moaned, grabbing her nipples and pinching them hard. “See, Mr. Finch!”

“Yes,” I growled as my cock popped into Juliet’s asshole. Her velvety flesh slid over my dick. It was incredible to enjoy. I groaned as inch after inch of her cunt swallowed my bowels. My heart pounded in my chest as I loved every minute of sodomizing her asshole. “Fuck!”

Her bowels swallowed my cock. It was clear that the slut knew what she was doing. She was a whore for big dicks. She loved them. I growled my delight as I bottomed out in her asshole. Her flesh squeezed about me.

Such a tight and hot delight. She was just a thrill. I groaned, my dick twitching in her flesh. My balls rested against her taint. Her velvety flesh had fully engulfed my cock. What an absolute delight to have this pleasure. It was amazing.

“Oh, Mr. Finch!” moaned Juliet, her bowels squeezing about my dick. “You have been holding out on us sluts. This cock is amazing.”

“Right?” moaned Annabelle. “That’s why I love it more. Because I’m a bigger slut than you.”

“There is no way you’re a bigger slut,” growled Juliet. “I’m the one eating cum out of your cunt.”

Annabelle gasped. Her body bucked as her friend clearly jammed her tongue deep in that teenage twat. I groaned at the fact one barely legal slut ate my spunk out of another’s cunt. And my dick was buried in a tight, young ass.

“Fuck me,” I breathed, loving this.

I drew back my cock, the velvety grip of that tight asshole clinging to my dick was incredible. I groaned, my balls tightening from the girl’s hot grip. I shuddered and then thrust back into her snatch. I buried to the hilt in her. It was incredible.

My nuts smacked into her taint. I buried hard and fast into her bowels. She moaned into Annabelle’s cunt. The blonde’s hips wiggled as I ass-fucked her. She stirred her anal sheath around my cock in such an exciting way.

It was magnificent. I loved it. I savored that amazing asshole squeezing about my dick. I shuddered, my cock throbbing and aching. I pumped into her hard and fast. I rammed to the hilt in her with such passion.

“Oh, yes, yes, this is amazing,” I groaned, savoring that tight, hot ass around my dick. I thought Annabelle’s pussy had been remarkable, but this velvety anal sheath squeezing about my dick was even better.

“Fuck my ass hard, Mr. Finch!” gasped Juliet. “I’m a slut. I can take it!”

“I can take it harder!”

“Ooh, fuck my asshole raw while I make this skank cum!” moaned Juliet. “I’m not just an anal-loving slut but a pussy-licking slut, too!”

“You call this pussy licking?” asked Annabelle, rolling her eyes. “I would have had you cumming already with my whorish mouth.”

“Oooooh!” shrieked Juliet, her bowels clenching around my dick as I buried to the hilt in her.

I fucked her hard and fast. I pumped away at her bowels. I pounded her with passion. It was amazing to feel. I groaned, the pleasure swelling in me. It was such a wonderful treat to experience. This was passion. I groaned, my bowels clenching about that thick dick slamming into me.

The pressure at the tip of my cock swelled. It was incredible being in her asshole. Just the best. I groaned, savoring every last second of slamming into her bowels. The pressure rose and rose at the tip of my cock.

That ache to cum.

“Fuck!”I growled.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned. “Oh, my god, that’s good. Just keep ass-fucking me like that!”

“Oh, my god, you slu...” Annabelle clamped her hands over her mouth while her petite body shuddered.

Her thighs squeezed about Juliet’s head. The blonde must be coming closer and closer to making the redheaded slut cum. They were both such whores. Teenage tramps willing to do anything to one-up the other.

God, it was my lucky day to have stumbled on them.

I fucked hard and fast into Juliet’s asshole. I buried to the hilt in her again and again. I plunged in hard and fast. I savored her tight asshole squeezing about my dick. I hurtled towards my orgasm, fueled by how wild this was.

Then Annabelle squealed into her hands clamped over her mouth. Her body bucked and small tits quivered.

“Yes, yes, bathe me in pussy cream like the slut I am!” moaned Juliet. “Oh, you’re cumming hard. My whore-mouth made you cum!”

Annabelle trembled through her orgasm. Her friend licked and lapped up the cum that gushed out of her snatch. I groaned, slamming into the blonde’s tight bowels. The pressure reached that breaking point at the tip of my dick.

“Cum!” I growled.

“Yes!” Juliet moaned.

Her bowels went wild around my dick. Her flesh spasmed around me. It was intense. Delicious. I groaned, my mind melting beneath the onslaught of her anal sheath convulsing around me. I groaned, slamming forward. I buried to the hilt in her asshole.

I erupted.

“Fuck, yes!”

Another orgasm slammed through me. Stars exploded across my vision. I gripped her hips, holding on tight as I pumped load after load of my spunk into her bowels. It was incredible. I loved every moment of it. This was fantastic. I shuddered, the pleasure rippling through me.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped, the ecstasy blazing through me.

Her bowels milked my cock. Her tight and velvety asshole worked my nuts dry. I groaned as my mind drank in all the ecstasy that pumped out of me. I shuddered and then fell into panting bliss. I felt incredible.


“Right, because I’m just that much of a slut,” Juliet said, lifting her head and looking back at me over her shoulder. Pussy cream spilled down her chin.

“No way!” gasped Annabelle. “I’m way more of a slut than she is. I’ll show you something that’s just nasty.”

“What?” I groaned, both curious and slightly exasperated by their behavior. Their constant bickering almost made this not worth it.

But I did feel like a million dollars, and if this slut was going to do something sexy, I wanted to experience it.

She rolled onto her hands and knees as she moved towards me, her eyes locked on my cock. I frowned. My dick was dirty with Juliet’s asshole. I should go clean it off with some soap before we did anything else.

“What are you up to?” asked Juliet. “Going to suck his cum out of my asshole?”

“While you might like that,” said Annabelle, “how’s that going to help him out. Mmm, no, no, I’m going to suck his dick clean of your asshole and then drink down all his cum.” She licked her lips. “And if you have to piss, I’ll drink that, too.”

My jaw dropped. “The fuck?”

She grabbed my cock and brought it to her lips. She sucked it into her mouth. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. She kissed the tip and then swirled her tongue around that dirty crown, tasting her friend’s asshole.

“I’m going to polish this cock clean,” she moaned and then sucked me into her mouth.

I groaned as she slid her lips down my dick. She swirled her tongue around my crown, buffing me clean of her friend’s asshole. Juliet watched, her finger casually swiping up the jizz that bubbled out of her asshole and popped it into her mouth.

She looked worried. That last part, drinking piss, was the sluttiest thing I had ever heard in my life. Juliet knew it, too. She must be thinking of something to top this. But what? What could possibly top this vile of an act?

I didn’t know as Annabelle kept sucking on my dick. She bobbed her head, working her lips up and down my dick. I groaned at what she was doing to me. She sucked on me wish such hunger while her tongue polished my dick clean of her friends’ asshole.

Annabelle caressed every bit of my cock that was in her mouth, her tongue moving down from the crown to buff the shaft. Pleasure rippled down my cock from the suction. Her lips slid further down, taking more and more of my cock into her mouth.

“Fuck,” I growled. “This... I just can’t believe... Fuck.”

Juliet popped more of my cum into her mouth, her blue eyes distant.

I glanced down at Annabelle. Her green eyes stared up at me, her nose stud twinkling. She took another inch of my dick into her mouth, tongue stroking along my surface. She moaned in delight, obviously liking the flavor the way a slut should.

My cock reached the back of the throat. She had half of me in her mouth. Half of me clean. It was impressive. Her tongue swabbed around while she nursed. I groaned, the pressure in my nuts swelling with intensity.

Then she slid her lips a little farther down my shaft.

My eyes widened as she slid her gullet around my cock. I groaned in shock as she deep-throated my dick. I shuddered at how impossible that was. This shouldn’t be happening, yet here she was doing the impossible.

“Oh, my fucking god,” I groaned. “You... She...”

“She’s deep-throating your dirty dick!” Juliet hissed. “I can do that. I just thought facials were sluttier.”

I just groaned as Annabelle worked more and more of my dick down her throat. I shuddered at the pressure of it. I groaned, feeling dizzy from this moment. My heart pounded hot blood through my veins. I sucked in deep breaths at how exhilarating this was.

Her lips slid closer and closer to my dark bush. My dick throbbed in her throat. She swallowed to massage my cock and hummed. His vocal cords vibrated. My cock ached while her tongue kept nursing my dick clean of all of Juliet’s asshole possible.

I growled, watching Annabelle take that last inch of my shaft into her mouth. Her lips pressed into my bush. She moaned, the passion massaging my cock. I groaned at how incredible it was, the pressure at the tip of my dick swelling.

“Fuck,” I groaned, her tongue polishing the base of my cock.

Then she sucked on me the entire way back up it. I gasped at the powerful suction. It was incredible. I groaned, my nuts tensing. I threw back my head at how amazing this felt. My heart pounded in my chest. This was insane.

I balled up my fists as she sucked and slurped. Drool ran down her chin. My cock popped out of her gullet. Then she was just sucking on the crown, her tongue probing at the slit of my dick. She fluttered up and down, caressing me.

“Goddamn,” I groaned, the pressure in my balls swelling. “You fucking slut.”

“Oh, I’ll show you a slut!” moaned Juliet, a wicked smile crossing her lips. She had thought of something slutty.


I erupted.

My cum fired out of my dick. The pleasure slammed into my mind. I groaned, my thoughts bursting with pleasure. Annabelle moaned as she sucked down my cum. She swallowed every drop I fired into her.

I couldn’t believe that I had so much cum in my nuts. Stars danced before my eyes as I savored this pleasure. It tingled over my thoughts. It was such a delicious thrill. A wild bliss that had me growling out my delight.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I moaned. “Oh, my god.”

I suddenly had to pee. She kept sucking as my cum ran dry. I shuddered. Pissing after cumming was always intense. My bladder relaxed and then my urine streamed into her mouth. I gushed. I groaned, splashing the back of her throat with every drop of piss I had in me.

She gulped it down, her eyes bursting with delight. My urine streamed out of me and into her mouth. Her throat worked. Some of the yellow spilled out of the corner of her mouth and ran down her chin.

Juliet darted in and licked up the yellow droplet. “God, I’m such a slut.”

“She’s the one drinking it!” I groaned. “Oh, damn, that’s good.”

The stream petered out and then died. I shuddered and panted. My chest rose and fell. That was exhilarating. I just did that. I just pissed in a teenage girl’s mouth and she drank it down with glee. Her green eyes sparkled.

She slid her mouth off my cock. “Out slut that, Juliet!”

“Oh, I will,” Juliet said and laid down on her back, her legs spread wide. “Come fuck my pussy!”

“Bareback creampie?” asked Annabelle. “Been there, done that.”

“Just come fuck my pussy, Mr. Finch,” the girl moaned.

I was still hard. I moved to her and stretched out over her. She pressed my cock into her cunt, her big boobs jiggling. I supported myself on my left hand while my right squeezed her soft yet perky titty. She was ripe with youth.

I felt the entrance to her cunt beckoning. I thrust into her wet, juicy depths. She moaned, her thighs wrapping around me. She shuddered and squeezed about me, her pussy massaging me. I groped her tit as I enjoyed her twat.

“After you cum in me, piss in my cunt!” she moaned. “Now that’s slutty.”

“Oh, my god,” I groaned. “It is!”

I had to do it. I had to fuck this girl, dump my jizz into her fertile pussy, and then piss in her. If the whore wanted it, the whore would get it.

I fucked her hard. I slammed into her cunt, savoring the way her tit jiggled in my hand. I buried into her. I fucked her hard, eager to cum in her pussy. I shuddered, thrusting hard and fast. Her pussy clung to my dick.

“Oh, yes, yes, you’re going to pump so much cum in me!” moaned Juliet. “Then you’re going to piss in my slut pussy.”

“That’s not as slutty as drinking the piss,” muttered Annabelle.

“Oh, you know it is!” gasped Juliet.

“If he can even cum in that sandpaper dry pussy!”

“Oh, she’s wet,” I groaned, pumping away at her. “She feels as amazing as your pussy!”

“I’m a slut! Of course, I’m wet!” She thrust out her tongue at Annabelle.

I shuddered, just slamming hard into her pussy, my balls smacking into her taint. My nuts had another load of cum in them. I could feel it building and building. I would have such a huge cum. I would just explode into her.

I groaned, her pussy squeezing about my dick. The ache swelled at the tip of my cock. She massaged me with that wonderful pussy. She gripped me with it, bringing me closer and closer to exploding. I would have such a huge eruption.

I hammered her snatch. I fucked into her twat. I buried deep and hard into her. My balls smacked into her taint. My hand squeezed her tit while her face scrunched up in delight. She groaned, her blue eyes sparkling.

“That’s it, Mr. Finch!” she moaned. “I’m going to cum on this amazing cock. Ooh, yes, yes, keep fucking me!”

“Yes, let me feel that cunt spasm around my dick, slut!” I growled.

“I’m the slut!” Annabelle moaned.

“Nope!” Juliet groaned. “Ooh, cum in me, Mr. Finch. Cum in me and piss in me!”


My orgasm built so fast with her saying such depraved words. I thrust into her as fast as I could. I jack-hammered her cunt. She moaned, her face scrunching up. Her pussy grew hotter and hotter around my dick.

I grinned, knowing she built to her own orgasm. I slammed into her so hard that she would soon cum. I couldn’t wait to feel her snatch going wild around my cock. I buried into her again and again, her pussy gripping me. Massaging me.

“Goddamn, yes!” I groaned, so close. My body tensed.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she gasped and her pussy went wild around my dick. “Cum in me and then piss, Mr. Finch!”

“Fuck!” I growled, hammering into her pussy. I squeezed her boob, my balls tightening. Before I could even draw back, her pussy’s sucking pressure had me erupting.

I fired my cum into her snatch. I basted her cunt with load after load of spunk. I growled through clenched teeth as I basted the teenager whore’s pussy. Stars exploded across my vision. The pleasure slammed into my mind.

The intense ecstasy blazed across my thoughts. My nuts emptied their contents into her fertile cunt. I pumped her unprotected pussy with every drop of spunk I had in me. I groaned through the pleasure of this moment.

“Fuck, yes!” I gasped as I fired the last of my cum in her.

“Now piss!” she moaned. “Show Annabelle how much of a slut I am!”

I suddenly had to piss like a racehorse.

I groaned, my bladder relaxing. The urine gushed out of me. The stream splashed against her cervix. Her pussy grew warmer and juicier. She groaned and shuddered on the ground as I filled her with more and more of my piss.

“Fuck,” I groaned.

“Damn,” muttered Annabelle. She knelt nearby.

My body shuddered. It was almost orgasmic to piss in her. My dick tingled, pleasure rippling down the shaft. I sucked in a deep breath as my cock plugged up her cunt, keeping my urine from gushing out.

I strained, forcing out every last drop that brimmed in my bladder. I wanted to make sure that I had her pussy full of all the urine that I had in me. Then I groaned. It was over. I stared down at her shaved twat, her pussy lips sealed about my cock.

I ripped out fast and stood up before the piss gushed out.

Yellow urine spilled out of her pussy, mixed with streaks of white cum. It splashed on the floor. I danced back,not wanting to get any of that on me. Juliet groaned, her body shaking as the flood spilled out of her.

“Now this is slutty!” Annabelle moaned and pounced.

She had anticipated this. She licked her tongue through the flood of urine on the floor and lapped up a clump of my cum. She shuddered and licked again. Then she pressed her lips to the puddle and slurped it up.

“I can do that!” Juliet gasped and rolled over. she bent down, holding back her blonde hair with one hand, and pressed her mouth into the puddle. They were both sucking up my piss and cum. I shook my head.

“You both are the biggest sluts ever,” I growled.

“What?” cried Juliet in dismay.

“It’s a tie!” Annabelle asked as I pulled up my boxers.

“Yep,” I said. “You’re both disgusting sluts. Look at what you’re doing.”

“I know!” the moaned together and went back to licking up the piss and cum.

I drew on my coveralls, shaking my head. I zipped up and whistled, heading back to finish my job. As I was about to close the door, Juliet called, “Tomorrow, I’m going to show you that I’m a bigger slut than her, Mr. Finch.”

“No way, I am!” Annabelle said.

I grinned, eager to see what they would do next. I had a feeling every day would end in a tie so they would have to come back for me to judge them next time.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...