The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter 3: Quarterback and His Naughty Little Sisters

Clara has a big grin on her face. Rumors are whispering about that those two skanks, Juliet and Annabelle, are having slut-off competition with creepy Mr. Finch as the judge. Some tweet that the two are always asking people for crazy sex acts for them to prove who’s the biggest whore.

Clara loves that her tweets are spawning more rumors. Obviously, none of her tweets were real. She just made them up. But the fact that her tweets are spreading more stories is awesome. Like how Pete is nailing three of the cheerleaders after practice. One’s even supposed to be pregnant.

“God, I love this,” Clara says. For the first time in years, she’s happy as she thinks about the next asshole who’d bullied her in school to punish.

Time for the guys to get some humiliation.

“Bjorn is such an asshole!” she mutters as she tweets: Did you know the quarterback is fucking both his younger twin sisters! #twincest #incest #littlesister

He’s going to pay.

* * *


My lead pipes were backed up.

I came home, sore from football practice. I needed to ice my shoulder. Had to be ready for the game on Friday night. I had to lead my team to victory. But to do that, I needed to fucking get laid. And my cunt of a girlfriend kept saying she was too tired after cheer practice.

Everyone was sniggering about that. Two weeks, she’d been using that excuse, and rumors were swirling that she and a few others were getting fucked by that dweeb, Pete. I heard Kim might even be pregnant by that fucker.

She was my girl. The head cheerleader and the quarterback.

“I should pound that cock-sucker into mincemeat,” I muttered as I headed inside. But that would just prove the rumors right. That Kim was cuckolding me not just with some guy, but one of the ugliest at school. “Fuck!”

I burst into the house. I had to masturbate. Again. When Kim was polishing my knob and riding my schlong every day, I didn’t ‘need to spank one out, but now... Christ, what was this world coming to when a slutty cheerleader like Kim isn’t fucking her boyfriend but some nerd.

I slammed the door hard.

“Hey!” shouted from upstairs. One of my bratty sisters. “Don’t slam the door, Bjorn. You’re going to break something and piss off Mom.”

“Shut the fuck up,” I growled. “I’ll slam the fucking door if I want to.”

“I’m telling Mom you yelled at me!” Her bedroom door slammed hard.

Hypocritical little cunt. I wasn’t in the mood for Kirsten or Sibylla this afternoon. I just wanted to get on YouPorn, find some cheerleader getting fucked hard, and cum. I took the stairs up two at a time, my balls swollen.

Blue fucking balls when I was the quarterback. I was done with Kim. I had to find a hotter girl and start fucking her so she’d be humiliated. Where could I find one hotter than her? Definitely Juliet or Annabelle. They were fucking that greasy janitor that was always leering at the girls.

Had to be some girl.

I opened my door and tossed my stuff down. I headed to my bed to rub one out when I remembered I needed lotion. Mom kept a bottle of Jergens in the bathroom. I’d steal it and return it none the wiser.

If my little sisters found out I was jerking off, they would tell my mother who’d do another search for porn in my room and on my phone. Thank god for incognito mode and my mom being a complete boomer about technology.

Last thing I’d need was another lecture about how degrading porn was to women and how she wouldn’t stand for it under her roof. I’d get another tedious lesson on toxic masculinity and why guys suck and all that BS. If I objected, she’d start panicking that I was getting red-pilled by Joe Rogan or something.

I needed to move out, but football took up all my time and my scholarship didn’t provide me room and board. So I was stuck at home like a fucking loser with two snooping cunts of little sisters and a mom who was so vile. Dad had booked it as fast as he could. I hated him when I was younger, but I got it now.

God, I had to kick Pete’s ass. That would make me feel better.

I marched out of my room and then threw open the bathroom door to reach for the—

“WHAT THE FUCKING HELL!” screeched Kirsten. She was sitting on the toilet, her jeans and panties bunched around her ankles. “GET OUT!”

I winced as she grabbed the bottle of Jergens and hurtled it at me. It struck me in the forehead. I winced as it bounced off. She snagged up a towel and threw it next, her legs pressed tight, her blonde hair dancing about her furious face.

“You fucking PERVERT!” she screamed in that ear-piercing way only a teenage girl could, even one that was eighteen.

Another door banged open. “Pervert?” Sibylla demanded. “What are you doing, Bjorn!”

“Fucking sorry,” I muttered.


“Are you trying to watch her pee?” gasped Sibylla. She marched down the hallway, all a hundred and five pounds of her puffed up like I didn’t ‘have a foot in height and over a hundred pounds in muscle on her. “FREAK!”

“SHUT IT!” Kirsten shrieked.

I yanked the door shut. “Sorry,” I muttered. “It was an accident.”

“Right!” Sibylla sneered. “I know that whore you’re dating’s fucking that dweeb, but you can’t perv on your sisters. That’s sick!”

“DISGUSTING!” Kirsten added through the door.

“I’m so telling Mom that you’re spying on us peeing!” Sibylla said.

“Fuck, I didn’t realize she was in there,” I muttered, my anger growing. I couldn’t take it out on my sisters. I’d never hit a girl, even my own bratty sisters, but I wanted to hit something. That fucking dweeb. “I’m sorry, Kirsten.”

“FUCK OFF!” She made a retching sound. “He tried to see my puss, Sibylla.”

“I won’t let him,” Sibylla said, standing before the door. “You finish up in there. Take all the time you need.”

“I need a shower,” she muttered.

“I’ll make sure he doesn’t try to peep!” Sibylla glared her blue eyes at me.

“Goddamn, I’m sorry,” I growled.

“Right. Mom says all guys are dogs sniffing around any ass they can find, even their own sisters.”

I retreated into my room and slammed the door shut.

“Don’t slam the doors!” she shouted.

I fucking hated my mom and my sisters. Like I wanted anything to do with them. They were brats. Even if they weren’t those tattletaling bitches I grew up with, they were petite things. No real tits to them. No curves. I liked a girl to be a woman, not look like she was just starting puberty.

My phone beeped with a notification. I pulled it out and saw a tweet from that @ReAl account. Whoever it was, they were breaking all the salacious rumors going on at our school, including the one about my girlfriend and her fellow cheerleaders needing to get fucked in all their holes after practice.

I read the tweet and... “The fuck?” I asked. “Why would I be fucking my sisters. What sort of BS was that? I mean...” My dick throbbed. “They’re cute and all, but they’re my sisters. That’s incest. And that’s...”

I had to jack off. My sister’s adorable faces danced in my mind. I loved jacking off to them. They were so sensual and dainty. They needed a big brother to protect them from all the dangers of the world. Just hold them in my big, strong arms and keep them safe.

But they hated me. Mom had poisoned them against me with all her shit about how men suck and were responsible for all the problems in the world. I sighed. I could masturbate to them. I needed that right now. Kim wasn’t putting out. I should find a girl that looked more like Kirsten and Sibylla. Someone...

A light rap knocked at my door.

“What?” I groaned. “I said I was sorry. I wasn’t trying to peak.” Oh, I was. I wanted to see my sisters naked so badly.

“Can we come in?” one of the twins said. She sounded contrite.

“Er, yeah,” I said, adjusting my hard cock in my athletic shorts. “Come in.”

Kirsten and Sibylla pushed the door open and crept inside like they were scared. They both were wearing jeans, though Kirsten had on a purple tank top that molded to her petite torso and small breasts. Sibylla wore a baby doll t-shirt, light blue with a unicorn riding before a rainbow on it. They both had the same blonde hair and blue eyes, the beauty of Scandinavia in their cheekbones and plump lips.

“What’s up?” I asked, feeling nervous. The two sexy girls were in my room.

“I’m so sorry for throwing a bottle at you!” Kirsten said and then threw herself at me. She hugged me tight, rubbing her face into my chest. “I just... I don’t know why I did that. I mean... Of course, you’d want to peak at me. I’m so cute. What big brother wouldn’t.”

“Er...” I swallowed. There had to be a trap here. Were they trying to get me to admit that I was trying to see Kirsten naked? God, just the memory of those thighs pressed tight had my cock throbbing, and now she was hugging me. “I... I mean...”

“Does it hurt?” Sibylla asked. She moved closer, squirming. Her blue eyes were so liquid. “I mean... I’m so sorry for saying you’re a dog. I mean, dogs are great and... and...” She squirmed. “It’s not like it would be wrong or anything... If you noticed how cute we were. I mean... You’re a hunky guy. Nothing wrong with sisters noticing their brother’s hot, right?”

“Uhh...” I still did not get what was going on here.

“We’re just saying that...” Sibylla came closer to me. “That we don’t mind... If you look at us. I mean, there’s nothing wrong in looking. We’re family. There’s really nothing wrong with me doing this.”

I gasped as she ripped off her t-shirt and threw it to the floor. She wore no bra. Her small tits were quivering there. They were just so firm, the pink nipples standing out hard from her mounds. I swallowed, my dick throbbing. I had fantasized about these tits so many times, and here they were. Right there for me to stare out.

I swallowed and groaned, my heart pounding.

“Yeah,” whispered Kirsten. She stepped back. “And we can kiss. Like this.” She rose on her tiptoes and brushed my lips with hers. “Just quick ones. Nothing wrong with that.”

“N-no,” I said. Where was the trap? There had to be a trap. Were they baiting him into molesting them. My heart hammered in my chest, my cock throbbing so hard. They were gorgeous. Stunning. I swallowed, my mouth so dry.

“Yeah, so this is what you wanted to see, right?” Kirsten asked. She pulled up her tank top, and then there were her nipples standing out from atop her small breasts. Their titties were identical. Two sets of cute and adorable boobies.

I groaned.

“Or maybe this,” said Sibylla and she unfastened her jeans. She opened them, a pair of blue panties peeking out, a white bow on just below the waistband. She shoved down her jeans.

Kirsten followed, her panties a pale pink and with a narrower cut. A few strands of her blonde pubic hairs peeked out the side. My mouth was so dry as they stepped out of their jeans, their boobs jiggling.

“W-what is going on here,” I whispered as they hooked their panties.

“Just... We’re family,” said Kirsten, her cheeks as red as mine felt. “There’s nothing wrong with being naked. We’re your sisters.” She shoved her panties down, her blonde bush coming into view. Sibylla followed, her golden curls spring into view.

I groaned at the sight of them stepping out of their panties. They were naked and in my room. My cock throbbed in my shorts. I rubbed a hand through my short, blond hair. The ache faded from me at the sight of them.

“Do you know what you’re girls are doing to me?” I croaked.

“We’re making you hard?” Kirsten said. “I mean... We’re your sisters. We understand. Maybe...”

“Maybe we can do something to help with that,” murmured Sibylla, her eyes staring right at my cock. “We could, I don’t know, uh, suck it?”

She winced like she expected me to freak out. Kirsten tensed beside her. I swallowed and realized this was no game. They were here to seduce me. My little sisters wanted to fuck me. If they did, that tweet would be real. All the school would know I was fucking my sexy sisters.

But who’d really believe something that preposterous? No one did incest, right?

My sisters knelt before me. I swallowed as they unlaced the gray ties of my black athletic shorts. Then they tugged them down. My cock appeared twitching in my boxers. My breath quickened. This was happening. My little sisters, those sexy twins, were about to give me a double blowjob.

“We’ve never done this before,” Kirsten whispered, kneeling on the right side.

“We promise that we’ll be amazing at it,” added Sibylla. “And if not, we’ll keep practicing.”

Kirsten nodded as they tugged off my boxers.

The fabric slid over the sensitive tip of my cock. Then I popped out and bobbed before them. Their eyes widened at my girth. They stared at my cock with awe on their faces. They stopped pulling down my boxers, leaving them bunched around my mid-thigh, and grabbed my cock.

Two sets of delicate hands gripped my dick. Their touch sent warmth shooting down my shaft to my balls. They tensed with a load of cum. I groaned as they leaned in. Their breath washed over the tip of my cock.

“What about Mom?” I asked.

“Fuck her,” Sibylla whispered. “She made us think that you were terrible for being a boy. If she hadn’t, well, we would have loved you earlier.”

That was so hard to believe because of how they used to be such brats, but it had to be true. It wasn’t like that tweet had made this happen or something. That’s crazy. Shit didn’t work like that. This was the real world.

Their lips kissed at the side of my cock. I groaned as their tongues fluttered over the crown of my dick. I groaned, the pleasure fluttering over the sensitive tip. My shaft throbbed in their stroking hands as they explored my tip.

They found my slit beading with precum. They took turns licking at it and gathering up that drop. It was so hot. I couldn’t believe this happening. My sisters were so naughty. They were loving me. I swallowed, my heart hammering in my chest.

They were so beautiful as they did it. They were gorgeous. They fluttered their tongues around the crown of my dick. I shuddered, my face scrunching as they did it. This was incredible. Incestuous bliss swept through me.

“I’ve wanted this for so long,” I groaned.

“We did, too,” Kirsten said.

“We’re so sorry for being such cunts to you, big bro,” Sibylla said. “We love you.”

And then, as if to prove it, she sucked my cock into her mouth. I gasped as her teeth scraped over my sensitive crown. I winced but then she suckled on me. I growled at the pleasure of her nursing on my dick, the pain fading away. My chest rose and fell.

“D-do you like it?” whispered Kirsten.

“I fucking love it,” I groaned, Sibylla suckling with passion.

Her cheeks hollowed as she nursed on me like I were a lollipop. She stared up at me with these blue eyes glossy with her passion. Her love. This incestuous thrill shot through me. This was so hot. I loved it.

She bobbed her head, sliding her lips up and down my cock. Her tongue danced around my cock. My balls tightened. I growled, my hands balling into fists. This was the best thing in the world. Just amazing to experience.

“Sibylla,” Kirsten whimpered. “I want to suck on him too.”

“Yeah,” I panted. “Just watch your teeth.”

Sibylla ripped her mouth off my dick. “Oh, no, did I hurt you when my teeth scraped over your cock?”

“It’s fine,” I groaned, loving the sight of drool running down her cheek.

Kirsten darted in. Her identical lips slid over my cock. I groaned as she did. Her lips sealed about my cock. She suckled on me with hunger. My dick throbbed in her mouth as I enjoyed her enthusiasm. She kept her teeth away.

I sat my hand on the top of her head and groaned. I stroked her as she sucked on my cock. This was what I needed. Kim could fuck that dweeb. I had my sexy sisters. Twins! What big brother wouldn’t be in heaven right now.

Kirsten bobbed her head, working her lips up and down my shaft the way her twin had. She nursed, making such sloppy sounds as she loved me. It was incredible. My shoulders rolled. I groaned, savoring the pressure.

It was building and building in me. I would have such a mighty explosion. A big burst of pleasure exploding out of me. My nuts tightened. It was incredible. This would be awesome. I was so eager to spurt jizz into her mouth.

“Fuck,” I growled.

Kirsten slid off my cock and moaned, “This is so awesome!”

“It is!” Sibylla groaned and then swallowed my cock. She sucked on me with hunger, her teeth also keeping away from my cock.

She nursed happily while Kirsten said, “Suck that dick, sis. Ooh, how’s she doing?”

“You both are amazing,” I groaned. “You feel the same. Damn, I’m going to be cumming soon. I’m all backed up. I don’t know who’s mouth to cum in.”

“Oh, no, I want it,” Kirsten said, her cheeks blushing again.

Sibylla slid her mouth off my cock. “Me, too. Maybe, I could get it first?”

“Why you first?” Kirsten asked. “I’m the oldest.”

“You threw the shampoo bottle at him.”

“Hey, hey, no fighting,” I said. “I love you both. I’ll tell you what.” My stomach tightened. Could I really do this? “I’ll come on your faces instead. You’ll both get the cum.”

There was no way they would agree to that. It was such a degrading thing. Mom ranted about the money shot in porn how it was patriarchy and humiliating to the women.

“Yes!” Kirsten moaned.

“Cum on our faces, big bro!” moaned Sibylla, her blue eyes shining up at me.

“God, yes,” I growled, shocked and pleased. I wanted to jizz all over their cute faces.

Kirsten sucked on my cock, her tongue dancing around the tip. She sucked on me with such hunger. I groaned, my heart pounding as she nursed with such passion. She bobbed her head, working her lips up and down my cock. It was amazing.

Then Sibylla took over, drool running down Kirsten’s mouth. Sibylla’s felt just as amazing. She sucked on me with such hunger. She worked her mouth up and down my cock. I brushed the back of her throat and then she sucked up.

My balls tightened.

“Cum on our faces,” Sibylla said as Kirsten sucked on my dick.

“Ooh, ooh, just spurt all that cum on our faces, big bro,” Kirsten purred as Sibylla bobbed her head and worked her mouth up and down my cock.

I tried to hold this off for as long as I could, just enjoying my sisters sharing my dick. But the pressure in my balls was growing too strong. I had to explode. I had to cum sooner rather than later. I shuddered, my brow furrowing.

“Fuck,” I growled. “It’s happening. Jerk me off!”

Kirsten slid her mouth off my cock with a wet plop. She stared up at me, drool running down her chin. I shuddered at the sight. She stroked my cock with her twin. They both pressed their identical cheeks together.

“Cum on our faces, big bro!” they moaned in unison.


I erupted on the twins’ faces.

The depraved delight of giving my sisters a facial slammed rapture through my body. My cock spurted jizz that splashed all over their cute features. I growled, my balls emptying as I splashed jizz over their features.

I growled, loving the pleasure burning across my thoughts. I shuddered, bathing their faces with all my spunk. My nuts tightened as I growled through my clenched teeth. I pumped spurt after spurt of cum onto their faces.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I moaned.

They shuddered as I fired the last of my cum, my mind brimming with lust. They dripped in cum. They had jizz running over their features. I shuddered at the wicked sight. The spunk ran down to their lips. Their tongues flicked out.

“Oh, that’s so good,” Sibylla moaned.

“Ooh, it is,” Kirsten moaned. Both their blue eyes dazzled at me, the jizz coating their faces.

“Now...” I swallowed. “Lick it off the other’s face. That’ll be hot.”

I had to be pressing my luck, but the twins turned and faced each other. Then they licked up lines off cum off the other’s cheek. They both shuddered and did it again. They licked and lapped up my cum, cleaning the other’s face in a show of forbidden passion.

My cock didn’t even go soft. Not with the hottest sight in the world before me. I groaned as my sister’s lapped up the cum, gathering the pearly jizz on their pink tongues and swallowing it. My heart hammered.

“Now kiss each other,” I groaned. “Share it with each other. Snowball it back and forth.”

“That’s really pervy, big brother,” Kirsten said, looking so adorable as she stared up at me dripping in my spunk.

“Yep, our big brother is a perv!” Sibylla exclaimed, a big smile spreading on her lips “But that’s okay. We still like you anyway.”

“We do!”

They each licked a line of my spunk off their faces, holding the jizz on their tongues. I groaned as they came together and kissed. Their tongues came together, white cum flashing as they made out. They moaned, sharing my seed back and forth.

It was the sight every big brother of twins (or who just had two little sisters) should enjoy.

My cock throbbed and ached as I watched them snowballing my cum back and forth. They were getting into it. Kissing and licking and loving each other. I shuddered, savoring the sight. My hands balled into fists. I wanted to stroke my cock, but I didn’t want to erupt.

I just wanted to enjoy the view.

It was so hot watching my sisters sharing my cum. They were licking and lapping back and forth, sharing my cum over and over. It was such a delight to witness. I groaned as they swapped my jizz back and forth.

“So good!” whimpered Kirsten.

“Love it!” Sibylla groaned.

“I bet you two do,” I groaned. “Just hungry for your big brother’s cum, huh?”

“Big time!” they both squealed.

They licked more jizz up, their tongues hungry. They were exploring everywhere. Kirsten gathered cum from beneath Sibylla’s ear. Kirsten lapped up the jizz matting Sibylla’s blonde eyebrows.

It was enough to make me groan.

Then, sadly, they could find no more cum. That was until Kirsten spotted an errant drop of pearl that had landed on her sister’s small tit. Then she darted down and licked it up. In her excitement, her tongue flicked over her sister’s nipple.

For a moment, she just froze there, her tongue on her sister’s nub. Then she moaned and sucked that pink, little bud into her mouth. Sibylla gasped. Her back arched, her face twisting in delight. Her hair danced. It was such a wicked sight to witness.

I shuddered, my heart pounding so fast. This heat rushed through me as Sibylla cradled our sister’s mouth to her tit. This was just such a wicked delight. She suckled and throbbed. It was such a wonderful sight to witness.

My dick throbbed as my sisters whimpered and moaned. Sibylla grasped Kirsten’s tits. She kneaded those little mounds and then pinched those fat nubs. Kirsten groaned and sucked harder on her sister’s tits.

“Jesus, you two are so sexy,” I growled.

Sibylla cast her gaze up to me and beamed. “We’re so glad you think so. We’ve wanted this for too long, but Mom...”

“Yeah, she’s a fucking cunt,” I growled. My cock throbbed and ached.

Sibylla stared at my dick, her tongue flicking over her lips. Kirsten kept suckling, unaware of where her twin’s attention had turned. Sibylla wiggled her hips from side to side. Her pussy must be so wet. She must be dripping with such delight.

She needed my cock in her. She needed to lose her virginity. My little sister begged for it with her eyes. She stared at me with such intensity. It was awesome to see. This was an amazing passion. I couldn’t wait to take her cherry.

But what about Kirsten?

Could I fuck them both at the same time? That would be hot. I could just slide into their pussies. I could fuck them one after the other. Just ram back and forth between their cunts. It would be glorious. I would have such a wild time plowing into their pussies. Going from pussy to pussy. Just reveling in this passion. It would be an incredible delight.

“You two need to lose your cherries, don’t you?” I growled,

Sibylla nodded, her eyes staring up at me with such pleading need.

Kirsten pulled her lips off our sister’s nipple. “Yes, yes, yes! I want it! I’ve wanted it so badly! I ache!”

Sibylla nodded harder, her blonde hair dancing.

“Who’s first?” she asked.

I grinned. “Well, you two go lie on the bed. Roll around. Don’t let me know which one is on top and on the bottom, and I’ll fuck one first. Then the other. I’ll go back and forth.”

The two girls squealed in delight.

I turned away from them as they stood up. Then they threw themselves on the bed. I heard the bedsprings creaking. They scrambled, giggling. The bed groaned. Their skin whisked together. It was such a sound to hear, my cock throbbing hard.

“No, no, I’m on top!” one said.

“No, me!” the other answered.

They squirmed longer, my cock aching the entire time. My blood pounded through my veins. Anticipation shuddered through me. My dick twitched with every beat of my heart. I would fuck them hard.

I would pound them.

“Ready!” they sang together.

I turned around to find them pressed tighter, their legs entwined, their blonde-furred muffs aimed at me. I couldn’t tell them apart from behind. It was only with the subtlest differences in their faces that only those closest to them could recognize to tell them apart. That could be Sibylla on top.

Or it could be Kirsten.

I shuddered. It didn’t matter who it was. They were both my little sisters. I would love them both. Fuck them both. My cock pulsed with my passion as I moved to the bed. I pulled them to the edge. Kneeling, thanks to my height, my cock was level to fuck into their pussies and pound them.

It would be magnificent.

I aimed at the bottom one, since they had been fighting for who would be on top. I pressed my cock through her bush and rubbed on her pussy lips. The incestuous contact with my little sister’s flesh was amazing.

“Oh, wow,” she groaned. “I knew it! I knew he would pick on the bottom.”

“That’s why you surrendered?” gasped the girl on top, her ass clenching.

“Yep!” she squealed.

“Oh, so maybe I should fuck the one on top,” I said, sliding my cock from her wet pussy up to our sister’s. It was so hot to feel their juices mixing on the tip of my cock.”

“No, no, please don’t, Bjorn!” the bottom sister gasped. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Just fuck my pussy. You picked me. Don’t be mean.”

“Be mean!” the one on top moaned.

“Well, I don’t want to be mean...” I slid my cock to her pussy lips and pushed. “So...”

I felt her hymen, the holy membrane that wanted to part. I shuddered as I pushed against her. She groaned and shuddered. She squirmed beneath her twin, her hands grabbing our sister’s rump. Then her cherry popped.

I plunged into my little sister’s cunt.

“Fuck!” I bellowed as I sank inch after inch of my cock into her pussy.

“Oh, Sibylla, he’s in me!” squealed the bottom sister. Kirsten felt amazing about me.

“Yes, I am!” I groaned, sinking to the hilt in her. My crotch rubbed into Sibylla’s bush. She had a more golden hue to her blonde curls than I did. That was great to see.

I pulled back my cock and loved the way her snatch clung to me. She held on to me with passion. I groaned, loving the way her pussy massaged my dick. It was amazing to enjoy. My dick throbbed in her snatch. The pressure grew and grew to fuck her but...

I had another little sister to deflower.

I slid my cock out of Kirsten’s cunt and shifted up to Sibylla. Kirsten moaned her disappointment. I got it; I missed her cunt, too. I pressed my cock against our sister’s pussy. I pressed forward against her, eager to thrust into her. It would be amazing taking her cherry now.

I would have such a fun time fucking them both.

I pushed against her hymen, loving the way she squirmed as her maidenhead stretched. I loved the feel of that membrane. It was as exciting as deflowering Kirsten’s only moments before. Sibylla whimpered.

“You’ll love it,” Kirsten promised.

“I know!” Sibylla moaned.

I popped her cherry.

My cock slid into her pussy. I groaned as I penetrated into her snatch. It was such an amazing delight to feel her tight cunt sliding over my cock. She felt just like Kirsten. I’d fucked a lot of girls, and all pussies felt different, but not the twins.

“Fuck,” I groaned as I bottomed out in her, my balls resting on her sisters pussy lips.

“So big!” Sibylla moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, you’re so big, Bjorn. I love it.”

“Yep,” Kirsten moaned. “Now come slide that big dick back into my pussy, big bro.”

“No, no, stay in me. I love it. You’re filling me up and—”

She squealed as I pulled out of her cunt. I drew back and back, loving the way she gripped me. This felt amazing. It was such a treat to enjoy. Her snatch clenched so tight about me. She held me in her pussy’s embrace.

I thrust back into her. I buried hard and fast into her snatch. It was a thrill to feel her pussy squeezing about my cock. I fucked Sibylla’s cunt. Burying into her again and again. I groaned, my balls smacking into Kirsten’s pussy.

She needed her big brother, too.

I ripped my cock out of her cunt and then shifted down. I buried to the hilt in Kirsten’s pussy. She squealed in delight, her fingers biting into Sibylla’s rump. The twin on top moaned her disappointment, clearly wanting me back.

“Oh, yes, yes, big brother!” squealed Kirsten. “Love your cock!”

“I do, too!” whimpered Sibylla. “Didn’t you love my pussy?”

“It was as amazing as Kirsten’s!” I panted, thrusting away at her, my crotch smacking Sibylla’s rump. “I’ll be back in you, but I have two sexy sisters to love. I can’t ignore either of you.”

“We are sexy!” Kirsten groaned, her pussy clenching down on me. “Ooh, I feel so sexy with your cock in me.”

“Then sorry,” I groaned and slid out of her.

“Wait!” she gasped.

I slammed into Sibylla’s cunt.

“Yes!” she squealed.

I pumped away at my little sister’s cunt. Her pussy clenched about me, welcoming me into her snatch over and over again. Her silky snatch massaged me. It was an amazing delight. It was fantastic to pump away at her.

My balls smacked into Kirsten’s pussy. She held me tight in that sung, silky sheath. I groaned, slamming into her twat over and over again. I wanted to stay in her, but what about my other sister. I had to fuck them both.

I reveled in fucking them both.

I ripped my cock out of Sibylla. The ache at the tip had a moment to cool, letting me last longer. To enjoy their cunts for as long as I could. I loved every second of it. I pressed my dick into Kirsten’s snatch and slid into her inviting depths.

“Big brother!” she squealed.

I pounded her cunt. I fucked her hard. Three strokes. Four. Five. Six. Then I switched. Back into Sibylla’s cunt to revel in her pussy’s amazing grasp. I pumped away at her, fucking her with all I had. She groaned, squeezing about me.

It was amazing.

I loved it. I savored this amazing bliss. I buried into their twats again and again. I fucked them with such passion. I went back and forth, sister to sister, making them gasp and squeal and love me. They squirmed together as their pussies massaged me.

Brought me closer and closer to cumming.

My jizz boiled in my nuts. That mounting pressure would explode out of me. I would have such a huge orgasm. Just a mighty blast of cum that would spurt over and over into their snatches. It would be incredible. I groaned, loving every second of burying into their cunts.

I fucked my sisters hard and fast. I plunged to the hilt in them again and again. I loved this passion. The tight embrace of their cunts. It was something special to enjoy. Something to revel in. I groaned, plunging deep and hard into their snatches.

“Big brother!” they squealed.

“Keep fucking me, big brother!” Kirsten begged as I thrust to the hilt in her tight, silky cunt.

“Don’t stop pounding me, big brother!” Sibylla moaned as I plunged into her juicy, hot twat.

I wanted to fuck them both at the same time, but I only had one cock. I could only do so much. I fucked them with all the prowess that I had. I pounded them with my strength and passion. I savored it. I shuddered, burying to the hilt in their snatches.

It was amazing. Awesome. I savored that wonderful delight as I ripped out of Sibylla’s pussy and buried back into Kristen’s. Her snatch squeezed about me. I slammed to the hilt in her. She gasped, her fingers digging into her sister’s rump.

Butt-cheeks parted. A brown asshole winked at me.

“Damn,” I groaned.

“I know!” Kristen gasped. “Just... Just... please, stay in me for... for... Yes!”

My sister’s cunt spasmed around me. I groaned as I felt my little sister’s orgasm shudder through her pussy. She squealed and moaned, her cunt sucking at me. I wanted to stay in her cunt. Unload in her snatch, but...

“Sibylla!” I growled and ripped out of the spasming heaven of Kirsten’s cunt.

“Are you cumming?” Sibylla moaned as I lined up at her juicy snatch.

“Yes!” squeaked Kirsten.

I buried into Sibylla’s cunt and fucked her hard. She squirmed atop Kirsten. Sibylla moaned, her pussy clenching tight about my cock. This was such an awesome sensation. I shuddered, pumping away with powerful strokes. I buried to the hilt in her snatch, my balls smacking into Kirsten’s cunt.

Her juices bathed my nuts.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Sibylla gasped. Her pussy went wild around my cock.

I groaned as I felt the spasming heaven of her pussy now. I had made both my sisters cum. The pressure in my nuts swelled to that explosive release. With a growl, I ripped my cock out of Sibylla’s cunt and erupted.

My cum sprayed their blonde bushes. I hosed them down. I groaned, spurting over and over again. I stroked my cock, soaked by both their cunts. I shuddered, bathing their twats in my jizz. Their bushes dripped in my spunk.

“Ooh, ooh, that’s hot!” Kirsten moaned. “You’re jizzing on our twats!”

“Big perv!” Sibylla moaned, still trembling through her orgasm.

“Uh-huh!” I groaned and then fired the last blast. “Such a big perv.”

“So are we,” Sibylla moaned. Then she scrambled and turned around. My eyes widened as they fell into a sixty-nine.

Sibylla licked my cum off of Kirsten’s bush. One twin lapped at the other. Kristen must be doing the same. They were so sexy. My cock throbbed. It was clear they weren’t eating each other’s pussies but just cleaning off my jizz.

“Oh, wow, I can taste you,” purred Kirsten. “Is that what I taste like?”

“Yummy and sweet?” Sibylla asked.


“Then our pussies taste amazing.”

Sibylla pressed into our sister’s bush and licked. I watched the twincest before me, my cock throbbing. I was still hard. I needed more. I had to fuck them over and over again and... That asshole winked at me in my memory.

I had to fuck their asses.

Sibylla first since I pounded Kirsten in the cunt.

I moved on the bed until I was behind them. I could see Kirsten’s blue eyes staring up at me. She was licking at Sibylla’s pussy. I winked at her, my cock thrusting out dripping in their cunt cream. I pressed it in between Sibylla’s butt-cheeks.

I found her asshole. I pushed right against her sphincter. Her anal ring parted as I drilled into her. Her head snapped up. She looked over her shoulder and stared at me, pussy cream dripped down her chin.

“Anal?” she gasped.

“He’s a perv,” purred Kirsten. “Fuck her ass hard, big bro!”

“I will!” I growled and pressed forward.

I felt her anal ring parting. That wonderful sphincter widened for my cock. I slid into her bowls. I groaned at the heat of her anal sheath engulfing me. It was amazing to enjoy her sliding over him. That wonderful, velvety grip held me tight.

I sank to the hilt in her, my balls resting on Kirsten’s nose. She licked them for a moment, batting them. It was just an amazing delight to be in my little sister’s asshole. I drew back, my cock throbbing. Her velvety flesh massaged the crown of my cock.

I drew back. She clung to me. She held me tight. It was such a treat to feel her gripping me. I groaned and slammed back into her. I shuddered, the hot sheath massaging my cock. My orgasm built and built. It was amazing to feel her squeezing about me.

“Oh, yes, yes,” gasped Sibylla into Kirsten’s cunt. “Lick me and fuck me! This is awesome!”

“I bet!” Kirsten moaned.

I loved their sounds. They feasted on each other as I ravished Sibylla’s asshole. I pounded her. Fucked her. The ache built and built at the tip of my cock. My balls tightened. The jizz brimmed in them. It would erupt from me.

I growled as I fucked her harder and harder. I thrust to the hilt in her. This was incredible to feel. Her bowels squeezed about him. She moaned into Kirsten’s cunt, her bowels clenching about my cock. I growled, hurtling closer and closer to cumming.

“Oh, this is so good!” Kirsten moaned. “This is amazing!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Sibylla groaned. “I’m going to cum!”

“Good!” I growled.

I slammed into Sibylla’s asshole. Her bowels clenched about me. She squealed and then her anal sheath writhed around me. She spasmed with such passion. Her bowel sucked at me with such incredible delight. I groaned at how amazing it felt. My back arched, my teeth clenching.

“Fuck!” I moaned.

“She’s cumming!” Kirsten moaned. “Ooh, she’s bathing my face, big bro!”

“Bathe hers!” I gasped, slamming into Sibylla’s spasming asshole.

“Yes!” squealed Kirsten. “I am!”

My twin sisters both moaned and gasped as they came. The ache swelled at the peak of my cock. That need to explode swelled in me. I groaned and then I thrust forward. I slammed to the hilt in my little sister’s bowels.


I groaned as I pumped spurt after spurt of my cum into her asshole. I fired again and again. It was incredible. I shuddered, stars dancing before my eyes. I shuddered as I unloaded so much of my spunk into her bowels.

“He’s cumming in me, Kirsten!” moaned Sibylla.

“I can’t wait for my turn!” groaned Kirsten.

Her lips sucked on my balls as I pumped more and more cum into our sister’s asshole. My mind burst with such pleasure. It spilled over my thoughts. I groaned and gasped, loving every moment of this.

My mind melted beneath the onslaught of Sibylla’s asshole. I groaned as I emptied the last of my jizz into her bowels. My orgasm suffused me for a few more seconds. Then I growled as the pleasure faded.

“Shit, that was great,” I growled, pulling out of her asshole. “Fuck Kim.”

“No, no, fuck us!” Sibylla said and rolled off of Kirsten. They lay side by side, though pointing in opposite directions. They both had pussy cream smeared on their faces.

“Yes, yes, fuck my ass!” Kirsten said and then she rolled over onto her hands and knees and wiggled her cute ass at me.

I groaned. I didn’t know how @realgossip knew that I would be fucking my sisters before I did, but I didn’t care. No one would believe it, and even if they did, there was no way I was stopping. Kirsten and Sibylla were too adorable.

Not even our cunt of a mother would stop me from loving them.

Sibylla guided my cock to her twin’s asshole. I grinned at her. Oh, yes, I was glad that I was finally fucking my little sisters.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...