The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter 4: Sexy Bullies Mind-Controlled into Sluts

“People are actually believing Bjorn is fucking his sister,” Clara chortled as she lay on her rumpled bed. The bullied girl had become a shut-in. If she never left her bedroom, they could never hurt her again. “This is amazing.”

Her @realgossip was blowing up. She had 300 followers already and her tweets were getting retweeted and commented on. Rumors speculated that Kim the cheerleader was pregnant with nerdy Pete’s kid because, of course, she and her fellow cheerleaders had to be fucked in all three holes after practice.

It was so hilarious to Clara that her lies were being believed.

Bjorn was getting ragged on. Called a pervert all over the place. His reputation as the hunkiest guy on campus run through the mud because he fucked his barely legal sisters, a pair of twins. This was working out better than Clara thought.

“You are all such idiots for believing these,” Clara muttered.

Well, she had more bullies to get back at. Bree and Allison liked to humiliate nerdy boys. They would bully them, pick on them, cocktease them, then blackmail them for money. It was sick Clara wouldn’t mind ruining their reputation.

So she tweeted: Did you know Bree and Allison think that the most humiliating thing they can do to a boy is to let him fuck them in every hole? Today they found a new victim. #dumbsluts #nerdwhore

* * *

Eric Johnson

“Here,” I muttered as Bree and Allison cornered me in an empty history classroom. “It’s a $100. That’s all I could get.”

“That’s it?” Bree asked as she snatched the bills from me. She was a blonde with Double D tits that stretched out her tight corp top. The red cloth hugged those boobs like a second skin. She wore no bra, either, her nipples poking hard.

“A measly $100?” Allison demanded. The brunette had even bigger tits. She’d come back from summer break no longer an A-cup. Now she was an F or G. She wore a belly shirt that only covered the top halves of her tits, the bottom swell left bare, naked and lovely. She had a flat belly and curving hips. “That’s not enough.”

“How are we going to keep people from knowing you’re a perv for this little amount? What did we tell you?”

“F-five hundred. But it’s all I can get.” I shuddered, panic rippling through me.

“Well, then we’ll just have to tell what you did,” Bree said, thumbing through the bills. “I mean, this is barely going to cover our makeup.”

“I know,” said Allison. “What about those boots. There nearly two big ones. I wanted them so much.”

“Please, don’t,” I groaned.

“Don’t, what?” asked Bree. “Tell everyone how you grabbed our tits.”

“How you cornered us and kissed us and then shoved your fingers into her cunts as we struggled to escape?” Allison purred, malice in her voice.

“Just to send a tweet,” said Bree. “Hashtag MeToo, and your ass is done.”

“Then we’ll go to the school and tell them what you did,” Allison said. “You’ll be bounced out of here faster than a quarter off a stripper’s ass.”

“Wait, what?” Bree asked. “That doesn’t make any sense.”

“It doesn’t?” Allison shrugged. “Doesn’t matter, you’re gone. Unless...”

“You get us the other four big ones by... Tomorrow.” Bree glanced at the brunette. “That seems fair.”

“I can’t,” I groaned. Then I swallowed. “Besides, no one is going to believe you.”

“Really?” Allison smiled. “Because you’re too pathetic to actually grab our pussies. Mmm, you don’t have Trump’s balls, that’s for sure. Still, everyone will believe us. It’s ‘believe all women,’ doofus. You’re toast.”

How was I getting out of this? My phone chirped; a Twitter notification.

“God, he is pathetic,” said Bree. She stared at him. “You know what, he’s such a pathetic and disgusting slut, I bet he’d fuck us.”

“Yeah,” Allison said. She gave me this look like I was an insect. “He’s such a sad sack that he’ll fuck our pussies and our asses.”

“Dump cum in our mouths.”

“W-what is going on?” I frowned. “Are you two trying to... to... get some real proof.”

“Proof?” snorted Bree. “Why do we need proof that your such a foul and loathsome cockroach that you would fuck our cunts?”

“Whip that cock out and get some of this,” said Allison and she unsnapped her jean shorts, her boobs jiggling in her belly shirt, those plump and ripe mounds shaking.

“Uh...” What the fuck was going on here?

Allison shoved down her shorts to reveal a purple thong trimmed in pink that cupped her pussy. She wiggled out of her shorts. I couldn’t help it. I was chubbing up. Then Bree just popped off her crop top and those natural Double D’s of her spilled out to my left.

I gasped at them. They were soft and had this heavy sway to them. They jiggled as she began unfastening her skinny jeans. My dick throbbed, fully hard now. This couldn’t be happening to me. Allison was stepping out of her shorts and then she peeled off her thong.

Her shaved twat appeared, juices coating her bare lips. A spicy musk filled the air. I shuddered as I stared at her snatch. Then she stepped out of her panties and her green eyes shot to mine. Disgust spilled over her freckled face.

“Eww, you’re so pathetic that you’re getting hard staring at our bodies,” Allison hissed. She peeled up her boob tube. Her plump, fake tits jiggled. They had a perkiness to them, way firmer than Bree’s natural tits.

“Yeah, you’re chubbing up like a fucking loser staring at our naked bodies,” Bree added, her boobs jiggling as she worked off her skinny jeans. “Only a worm would get hard staring at us. God, be a man not some nerdy little shit.”

“What the fuck is going on?” I gasped. “Are you...? Are you saying that it’s not normal to get hard at the sight of you two naked?”

“Yeah,” Bree said. “Only a complete, perverted, wussy little cunt like you would get hard. Whip that dick out. Show us how much of a loser you are.”

Before I could do it, Allison was already unzipping my fly. “Too much of a man to do it himself. God, you are so fucking hard. Have you no shame.”

“Are you two fucking with me?” I muttered.

“We’re insulting you,” Allison said as she pushed down my boxers and jeans. My cock spilled out hard and...

Was it bigger than normal?

“God, he’s got a big cock, too,” said Allison. “What a dork.”

I almost said, “A dork is a whale’s penis so it would be big,” but it was hard to do more than groan as she stroked me. She worked her hand up and down my cock. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. Bree was naked now, her purple panties on the floor, her pussy also shaved though she had a blonde landing strip leading to her slit.

“God, you’re going to fuck us, aren’t you?” sneered Bree. “You’re going to ram that loser cock into our pussies and fuck us like the turd you are. God, Eric, why can’t you be a man instead of a sniveling boy?”

“By not fucking your pussy?” I asked, baffled.

“Oh, are you going to cry because we know what a complete pervert you are? You’re a dickwad loser who wants a piece of my sweet ass!” Bree purred. She bent over a desk. She wiggled it, her pussy framed by her thighs. Juices ran down her cunt. “Come on, show us how much of a sad, degenerate perv you are by fucking my cunt!”

I just stood there dumbfounded.

“Don’t pretend that you’re some decent and hunky guy,” Allison said, her hand still on my cock. She yanked me by the dick.

I gasped as I stumbled to Bree, my jeans and boxers tripping me up as they bunched around my ankles. I stopped before her, my cock rubbing into her rump. Then Allison dragged my tip down and pushed me right against her friend’s pussy.

“Ram that dick in there, pervert!” she hissed. “God, you’re so disgusting. Fuck Bree’s cunt and prove it. Prove how much of a loser you are.”

I felt that pussy against the tip of my cock. I shuddered, feeling that wet, hot kiss of a snatch for the first time. A girl wanted to have sex with me. I couldn’t help but thrust forward. I slammed into her cunt, ramming my cock into her silky depths.

I gasped as her cunt engulfed my cock. I savored my first taste of pussy ever. I buried to the hilt in her and groaned. My balls smacked her clit. I shuddered as her twat squeezed around me. My hands grabbed her hips.

“Yeah,” Allison moaned, rubbing at her cunt as she stood beside us, her big, fake tits quivering. “Mmm, fuck that cunt like the dumb nerd you are. You’re such a disgusting loser for even thinking of sliding into her cunt.”

“If these are supposed to be insulting me,” I groaned and drew back my hips, “then you two are crazy. This is fucking awesome!”

“God, you love my pussy,” moaned Bree, her twat clenching down on me as I plunged back into her pussy. “What type of man loves fucking pussy?”

“A normal one!” I groaned, savoring the heaven of her cunt wrapped around my dick. I pumped away at her. I fucked her snatch with passion. Her pussy clenched about me.

“Nope,” moaned Bree. “Oh, god, you’re a pervert. A disgusting loser who’s fucking my cunt so hard. God, you’re going to make me cum. You’re just a pathetic fuck-up!”

“By making you cum?” I asked, my ego swelling. My dick was giving her pleasure?

“Yes! Only a loser makes a girl-cum! God, you should be so ashamed for doing this, dickhead!”

This was madness, but I loved it. I thrust away at her cunt, savoring the pleasure of her embrace. All that fear from before had melted beneath the pleasure of the slut’s pussy. She squeezed her twat around me as I drew back, massaging me.

Pleasure flowed through me. It was incredible to enjoy. I thrust away at her pussy, Allison watching as she rubbed her cunt like a whore. I groaned, my dick throbbing in Bree’s twat. She humped back into me, her butt-cheeks rippling from the force of my thrusts.

“God, yes!” she moaned. “Ooh, I’m going to cum so hard on your big, dumb dick!”

“So hard,” Allison moaned. “Oh, god, he’s such a loser.”

“Yeah,” I muttered. “Just a loser going to make her cum like a slut!”

“Uh-huh!” Bree moaned. “A fucking slut getting her cunt reamed by a big, disgusting dick.”

She claimed it was disgusting, but she was moaning like a whore as I plowed into her. She shuddered, humping back into my thrusts. She rotated her hips, stirring her snatch around my cock. The pressure built and built. I groaned, rising towards that explosive release.

My balls tightened. My hands gripped her hips. I plowed into her with such force. I fucked her with vigor. Her pussy massaged my cock. The tip of my dick drank in the pleasure. It shot down to my nuts.

I would have such a big orgasm.

I was fucking my first pussy, and I made her moan like a slut. Her blonde hair tossed as I slammed into her. I fucked her with all my might, pounding the slut. Allison whimpered near us, fingering her snatch as she watched.

“Such a goddamn loser!” groaned Allison. “Prove it by making her cum like a slut on that big dick!”

“Yeah, your dumb, nerdy cock is going to make my cunt explode!” Bree panted. “Oh, god. Oh, yes, yes, you fucking shithead! Fuck me! Pound me! I’m going to tell everyone how your big dick made me cum!”

“Yeah!” I panted. “Do that! That’ll really humiliate me!”

“Won’t be able to show... show... your ugly face!” screeched Bree.

Her pussy went wild around my cock. I gasped as I felt her climaxing cunt rippling around me. It was so intense to feel. The pressure rose and rose. The ache at the tip of my cock climbed to an explosive release.

I ripped out of her pussy before I could cum. I grabbed my cock to fist it and jizz all over her ass or twat. Allison gasped and grabbed my cock She shoved me back to Bree’s cunt, pushing my dick into her spasming hole. The hot flesh sucked at me.

“You have to cum in her like a fucking loser!” the brunette moaned, her big tits heaving.

“Yes, yes, give me all that nasty cum! Flood me! Everyone’s going to now you jizzed in my cunt, you fucking nerd!”

I erupted.

I pumped my cum into the slut’s pussy. I fired over and over, her twat rippling around me. Pleasure slammed into my mind as I dumped my jizz into her snatch. Rapture rushed through my body. She howled, her pussy sucking at me.

“Everyone’s going to know your big dick dumped so much cum in me!” howled Bree. “Oh, god, I’m cumming again!”

“Tell everyone!” I moaned, pleasure slamming into my mind.

I felt like such a king. Why they thought this would be humiliating or shameful, I had no idea. I savored spurting blast after blast of cum into her pussy. My mind melted from the bliss. I hit the peak of my orgasm and fired the last of my cum into her.

I panted, my mind struggling to understand. It was like the rules of bullying had been twisted upside down. I pulled out of her and took a step back, my dick twitching and throbbing. Pussy cream dripped from my dick while my jizz leaked out of Bree’s cunt.

“God, that’s so terrible,” said Allison. “You made her cum hard and dumped all that jizz in her.”

“Just an asshole for making me feel so good,” groaned Bree.

“Look,” Allison said, grabbing my cock. She fell to her knees before me, her fake tits bouncing. “I’m going to have to suck your cock. That’ll show you how much of a filthy loser you are.”

“Yeah,” I groaned in complete agreement. They could call me whatever the fuck they wanted so long as they made me cum again.

I mean, they were really just insulting themselves and didn’t realize it.

Allison opened her mouth wide and slid her lips over my cock. I groaned as she sucked on me. My cock throbbed in her mouth. I hadn’t even gone soft. That was how much they turned me on. I groaned, my dick throbbing in her mouth.

She bobbed her head, her lips working up and down my shaft. My balls tightened and the pleasure spilled down my dick to my nuts. It was so hot watching Allison buff off her friend’s cunt cream from my dick. This was just such a wild day.

“Mmm, look at you,” sneered Bree. “Just loving having your dick blown. Can’t you stop being such a loser for one fucking moment?”

“God, no,” I groaned. “I’m such a loser. Yeah, yeah, such a loser for letting your friend suck my cock like a complete whore.”

Bree just shook her head and shivered in disgust. Then she hugged me from behind. Her tits pushed into my back. She held me and stroked her hands up down my stomach. I groaned at the feel of those big and soft boobs rubbing into my back.

“Mmm, you love me hugging you, too,” she groaned. “I can tell. Filthy nerd.”

“Uh-huh,” I said. “Just love those big boobs on my back, Bree. Damn, and my cum is just leaking out of you. You’re such a slut.”

“You made me into one!” she hissed. “With that nasty, big dick of yours. Made me cum like a whore. Girls shouldn’t cum at all. Shouldn’t have sex, but then some slimy loser like you shows up and makes us.”

“And you turn into whores and have to just fuck my cock and suck it and do all sorts of depraved acts?” I groaned, my toes curling as Allison suckled with passion on my cock.

“Yes! Going to make us cum and cum and cum. You suck so much, Eric.”

“Not as much as Allison does.” I shuddered at that suckling pressure on my dick. “Damn, she’s going to nurse all the cum from my balls.”

“Loser balls,” moaned Bree. “God, hurry up and cum. I want to be fucked by that dirty dick again.”

“Whore,” I groaned.



This was so surreal. These two had gone insane, and I didn’t care. Allison’s warm wet mouth and nimble tongue were bringing me closer and closer to cumming. She sucked and slurped, so ready to swallow all my cum.

My nuts tightened. I rose towards that explosion of cum. I would have such a big burst of jizz. Just hose her down. I could feel it swelling faster and faster in my nuts. She nursed with such passion on me. She suckled with such force on my cock.

“Damn,” I groaned. “You’re about to get a mouthful of my nasty cum.”

Allison sucked harder.

“Jizz in her, you fucking dweeb!” moaned Bree, her boobs rubbing into my back, her nipples massaging me in circles. “Just dump your dirty cum into her mouth.”

“Like she’s my cum-dumpster?” I groaned.

“Yes!” hissed Bree.

I erupted.

That sent me over the edge. I growled as I dumped my cum into Allison’s mouth. Her green eyes squeezed shut. She moaned as he gulped down my cum. She swallowed blast after blast of my jizz. I reveled in how amazing this was. I groaned, stars bursting across my vision.

They twinkled and gleamed. I shuddered while my mind melted from all the bliss. It was incredible to enjoy. I loved every time my dick spurted. She gulped down my cum. She swallowed it all, moaning the entire time.

“Fuck, you’re such a whore, Allison. My fucking cum-dumpster.”

“Good, you’re done,” Bree moaned. She darted to a desk and sat down on it. She leaned back onto her elbows, thrust her legs up into the air to form a V, her cum-filled cunt on display. Jizz leaked down to her butt-crack. She grabbed her asscheeks and parted them, exposing her sphincter matted in my spunk. “Fuck my ass. That’s how dirty you are.”

Allison slid her mouth off my cock with a loud, wet plop. She stared up at me, cum and drool coating her chin, and purred, “Yes, yes, you’re such a nasty nerd. Go fuck her in the ass. Pound her and make her cum like an anal slut. Only a truly disgusting boy would do that.”

“Yep,” I said and turned, my dick still hard. I stepped out of my pants and boxers then headed to her, my wet cock bobbing before me.

Bree stared at me, her boobs jiggling. I took off my shirt as her legs twitched. Then she grabbed my cock and pulled me to her pussy. She rubbed me up and down her slit, coating the tip in my cum.

“Assholes and dorks lube up before fucking a girl in the ass,” she said. “I can’t cum if it hurts.”

“And only a loser would make you cum like a skank from being ass-fucked?” I asked, amused.

“God, you don’t even have any fucking shame,” she said. “Just going to bugger me and make me scream my head off in ecstasy. Go to fucking hell, shithead!”

“Yep,” I said as she slid my cock down her pussy lips to her taint. She pushed me right against her asshole.

I thrust.

She groaned.

Her face contorted as my cock drilled against her anal ring. Her tight sphincter held for a moment, then she surrendered. Her asshole widened and widened to swallow my cock. I groaned, shocked by how great this felt. It was amazing. I groaned, sinking into her ass deeper and deeper. I couldn’t believe how great this was.

“Fuck,” I moaned as I sank deeper and deeper into her bowels.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Her legs wrapped around my waist. She hooked my neck down and pulled me in. “Fucking kiss me like a disgusting nerd as you ass-fuck me!”

“Ass-fuck the slut hard, loser!” Allison moaned.

I kissed Bree with hunger as my cock sank to the hit in her bowels. My arms wrapped around her. I held her tight as her asshole squeezed about my cock. She held me wrapped up tight in her. I shuddered; the pleasure of her anal sheath was amazing.

I savored it. I kissed her with hunger as I bottomed out in her. It was so different from her pussy. This rougher texture engulfed me. A velvety delight that had me groaning as I drew back. She groaned, her bowels clenching down on me.

I shuddered at how good it was. I moaned into her lips and slammed back into her. I thrust to the hilt in her. She shuddered, her flesh holding me tight. My face contorted. This was just amazing. It was such a treat to be in her bowels.

I pumped away at her. I fucked her with hunger. I buried to the hilt in her bowels. I plunged deep and hard into her asshole. This pleasure surged around me. It gripped me tight. I groaned, my balls growing so tight as I pumped away.

I fucked her with passion.

With vigor.

“Yes, yes, yes, you fucking loser!” gasped Allison. “Pound her asshole. Fuck, you’re so sad. Big dick just willing to fuck a girl in all her holes. You’re fucking us both, too, and spurting your cum in us. God, you’re the worst guy at this school.”

I broke the kiss and groaned, “Uh-huh, and what does that make you two whores?”

“Girls who have to endure cumming hard,” moaned Bree, her bowels squeezing about my cock. “Just have to suffer by experiencing so much pleasure. Oh, god, your big dick is melting my asshole! You suck so much!”

“Yeah, and you’re such a fucking whore going to cum on my big, nerdy, disgusting cock!” I growled, pumping away at her. “How pathetic does that make you?”

“You’re the one fucking her!” Allison hissed. “Don’t insult her. Bad enough you’re going to make her cum like an anal slut with that dick. You insult us, and we’ll tell everyone how your cock makes us cum and cum and cum!”

“I don’t see the downside!”

“Fucking perv!” she hissed.

I just shrugged and fucked Bree’s asshole. I rammed into her deep and hard, fucking the shit out of her bowels. My balls smacked into her flesh, the pressure growing and growing in my nuts. I would have such a huge explosion of cum.

I would baste the whore’s asshole with my jizz. God, they could call me what they wanted. This felt incredible. Bree’s asshole squeezed about my dick as she rocked back into my thrusts. Her blonde hair tossed as I pounded her.

My hands slid up her body and found her breasts. I squeezed those lush mounds. She moaned, her bowels clamping down hard. My cock throbbed in her cunt. I savored that thrill of ass-fucking her. I thrust into her nice and hard. I fucked her with everything I had.

“Oh, god, you’re going to make me cum faster playing with my tits with those dirty, foul hands!” moaned Bree. “God, yes, yes, you’re kneading my tits and going to make me explode.

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, staring into her eyes as I fucked her. Those tits felt amazing. I squeezed and kneaded them. “Just want to make you cum like a whore. I bet you’ll really explode if I twist your nipples.”

“You wouldn’t?” gasped Bree.

“Do you know how powerful her climax will be if you’re twisting her nipples, asshole!” Allison hissed. “Are you trying to make her go multi-orgasmic?”

“Why not!”

I pinched her nipples.

She gasped. Her back arched as I tweaked them, my cock plowing into her bowels hard and fast. I buried into her with such force. I groaned, enjoying the thrill of her asshole massaging my cock. That velvety delight brought me closer and closer to cumming.

Nearer and nearer to dumping my cum into her ass. I would baste her. Just shower her in every drop of jizz I could. I plowed hard into her. I fucked her with passion. I slammed to the hilt in her over and over again.

“Yes!” I moaned. “Oh, my fucking god.”

“It’s so sick that you’re enjoying ass-fucking her!” hissed Allison.

“She’s letting me!” I groaned.

“To humiliate you!” Bree moaned. I tugged on her nipples, stretching out her natural Double D’s. She gasped, her bowels squeezing down on my cock. “But you’re too much of a fucking blockhead to realize how pathetic you are.”

“I think you’re too much of a stuck-up bitch to admit that you love my dick fucking your asshole!”

“That’s the problem!” she snarled. “Girls shouldn’t enjoy getting fucked in the ass. Only disgusting pervs would want to make me feel this good. Oh, god, I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum from you twisting my nipples, dickhead!”

She shrieked.

Her bowels rippled about my cock.

Pussy cream gushed from her snatch and splashed my stomach. Her squirting passion filled the air with her tart musk while the juices ran down to my cock and soaked my balls. She gasped and moaned, her body bucking and shuddering.

She squirted again, drenching me in her pussy cream while her asshole rippled and writhed around my cock. She moaned out her pleasure, her face twisting in rapture. I pinched her nipples hard, savoring the delight of her bowels sucking at my dick.

“You fucking cunt-loving dickwad!” hissed Allison. “You made her squirt! Do you know how hard a girl has to cum for that? Ugh, why are you the worst fucking dweeb in school?”

“Because you girls are such cunts! Fuck, yes, I love feeling that asshole writhe around my cock. But I bet we can make her squirt again.”

“No, no, no,” Bree whimpered. “I shouldn’t feel this much pleasure. It’s so intense. I’ve never cum so hard in my life, bastard!”

I slid my hand from her breast, down her stomach, and to her cunt. I followed the landing strip right to her clit. I rubbed at her bud. My fingers flew across it like the sluts in a porno do to make themselves squirt again.

I plowed into her asshole, her bowels rippling around my dick, her orgasm still raging through her. She bucked, her tits bouncing. Her face contorting. She shook her head, her anal sheath growing hotter and around my cock.

“No, no, no!” she groaned. “Don’t you dare make me scream my head off! Don’t you fucking dare, shithead!”

I rubbed fast at her clit. She squealed.

Her pussy cream squirted out of her pussy and bathed my stomach again. Her asshole convulsed harder. I growled and buried to the hilt in her spasming bowels. Her flesh sucked at me. This hunger rippled around my cock.

“Fuck, yeah!” I howled and spurted my jizz into her. I erupted over and over again. I pumped my spunk into her snatch. I flooded her with every drop of jizz that I had ready in my nuts. The pleasure blazed through my mind.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned, her body trembling. “Oh, damn, that’s good. That’s fucking amazing. Oh, my god. Oh, that’s wonderful. That’s so terrible how good it feels. Yes, yes, yes, you are the worst. The fucking worst for making me cum this hard!”

“I know!” I groaned, reveling in their stupid bullying tactic. They had gone insane, and I didn’t care. I pumped her asshole full of my jizz. I basted every inch of her bowels with my cum. The pleasure hit that wonderful peak.

“Fuck, yeah!” I panted. “Oh, damn, you loved that, didn’t you.”

“Mmm, I did,” purred the slut. “I fucking did. That was great. Ooh, you’re such a shit-licking cocksucker for making me do that!”

I winked at her.

“Asshole!” hissed Bree. “Such a loser for enjoying that.”

“You know how truly pathetic he is?” Allison asked. She sat down on the desk beside Allison. “He’ll even slide his dirty dick into my cunt. Just fuck me with a cock fresh from your asshole like the fucking disgusting knob-gobbler he is.”

“Only knob-gobbler here is you, Allison,” I said.

“And you enjoyed me sucking your dick!” she spat back. “And you’re going to ram that cock into my pussy. That dirty, filthy dick. Oh, yes, yes, you’re going to make me buff your dick clean with my cunt and make me cum and cum and cum like a whore. That’s what a terrible dickhead you are. Fuck, why do you have to be so fucking shitty.”

I winked at her and ripped my cock out of Bree’s asshole. “You’re right. I am that shitty. I just got to fuck the hell out of your pussy with my dirty dick. I’m going to cum so hard. That’s how much of a dweeb I am.”

“Fucking loser nerd!” Bree panted, her tits rising and falling.

Allison’s big, fake tits jiggled as I moved between her thighs. I smiled and grabbed those big and lush tits. She gasped as I squeezed them, feeling the silicone implants. My dick throbbed as I massaged those boobs.

“You know how pathetic I am?” I asked.

“How?” she demanded. “You can’t possibly be more of a piece of shit than you are now.”

“By having you put my cock into your pussy and begging me to fuck that pristine cunt with my dirty dick.”

“Really?” Bree asked. “You’re that much of a fucking loser?”


As I kneaded Allison’s fake tits, she grabbed my dirty dick and brought me right to the entrance of her cunt. “Please, please, fuck my pristine cunt with that dirty dick!”

“Yes!” I growled and thrust.

“I’m going to retch!” groaned Bree. “That’s so disgusting. She’s going to love your dirty dick fucking her. You’re going to make her into such a kinky whore. Fucking jerk.”

“Right?” I groaned. “I’m the worst.” I smiled, reveling in that tight, juicy pussy squeezing about my dirty dick.

Ass to fucking pussy. It was a treat I never even imagined I would get to enjoy. These two had lost their minds, and I would enjoy every second of it. I drew back my hips. Her cunt clung to my cock. The pleasure shot down my dick to my balls.

I groaned at how they brimmed with such cum. I shuddered and thrust back into her cunt. Her snatch squeezed around me, buffing my dick clean of Bree’s asshole. My balls smacked into the slut’s taint. I squeezed Allison’s fake tits, kneading those firm, silicone mounds as I rammed my shaft into her.

She moaned and gasped, her thighs hugging me tight. She whimpered and moaned, her face twisting with pleasure as her snatch polished my pole. It was so incredible. She was such a slut. I never wanted this to stop.

It was amazing.


“Shit, shit, shit!” gasped Allison. “That’s too good. Goddamn, why do you have to make every depraved and kinky thing feel so good.”

“Because I’m a bastard!” I growled, ramming into her.

“Yes!” Bree hissed. She rubbed at her cunt, still lying on her back.

“Scoop my cum out of your asshole and feed it to Allison,” I growled.

“Jesus, you just get more and more pathetic!” Bree moaned and reached down. She slid her finger through her crack, my jizz bubbling out of her asshole. She scooped up a big glob of her ass-flavored cum and thrust it at Allison’s mouth.

The brunette slut opened her mouth wide as I slammed into her cunt. She sealed her lips around Bree’s fingers and sucked. Allison moaned, her freckled cheeks hollowing as she nursed off the jizz from those digits.

“Goddamn,” I groaned, reveling in this kinky passion.

“You are so nasty!” panted Allison. “Damn, he wants to see me eating more of that yummy cum. I could taste your ass.”

I smiled.

Bree obliged while giving me dirty looks. She brought fingers coated in my pearly jizz to Allison’s mouth. She sucked off the digits while her pussy brought me closer and closer to cumming. I pounded into her cunt hard.

Soon, Bree had to work her finger into her asshole to scoop out more of my jizz. I watched as Allison’s mouth opened wide in hungry anticipation. Then she moaned like a whore as she cleaned the fluids off.

“You are so getting off on making her enjoy your perversion!” Bree moaned, her left hand fingering her twat.

“Look at you,” I said. “Masturbating.”

“Because you’re so pathetic!” she moaned and thrust three of her fingers into her cunt. “Such a loser. I have no choice. Fuck, I’m going to have a nice cum.”

“I’m going to have a huge one on his foul dick!” gasped Allison. “Ooh, give me more cum, Bree!”

“Uh-huh,” Bree whimpered.

She dug her fingers of her right hand deep into her asshole. She wiggled around and drew them out. Not a drop to be found. She groaned and then she sucked her own dirty fingers into her mouth while glaring at me. I imagined her screeching, “You’re such a perv for enjoying watching me suck my sour fingers clean.”

“Oh, god, that’s so good,” Allison moaned. “You’re shitty cock is going to make me cum so hard.”

“Let me feel that pussy writhing around my dick,” I moaned. “Then beg me to jizz in you. Bareback the way you love it!”

“God, you fucking loser. Cum in me. Jizz in my pussy. Yes, yes, you’re such an asshole for... for... I’m cumming!” she howled.

I kneaded her silicone breasts as I slammed my cock to the hilt in her spasming pussy. That wonderful flesh rippled around my cock. Thee pleasure shot through me. I groaned and erupted. I pumped my spunk into her cunt. I fired over and over into her snatch.

Stars burst across my vision. I groaned, pumping spunk over and over into her. I rode this high. I loved it. These girls were such sluts. Just whores. I groaned as I hit that peak of my rapture. I shuddered there, my dick twitching in her pussy.

Then I slid out of her.

I panted. Before I could even react, though, Bree was on me. She fell to her knees, sneered, and then sucked my pussy-soaked dick into her mouth. I groaned as she nursed on my cock with hunger, her hands gripping my hips.

“Eww, gross,” groaned Allison, her fingers scooping up my cum leaking out of her shaved pussy and popping the jizz in her mouth. When she sucked them clean, she added, “You’re making her suck your cock now. Look at her, she’s enjoying it. Why would you do that to her?”

“Guess I’m just an asshole,” I said, shrugging.

I loved every moment of her mouth working up and down my cock. She sucked me with such passion. Her tongue danced around my dick. I groaned, watching Allison scooping up my spunk and sucking off her fingers. Her silicone tits jiggled as she did it.

More of my cum leaked out of her shaved twat for her to scoop out. She brought my jizz to her mouth with greedy hunger. She moaned as she sucked her fingers clean like she felt as much pleasure as I did.

“You’re even enjoying me cleaning my pussy,” she hissed. “What sort of guy does that.”

“A pathetic one,” I said, shaking my head.

“No shame,” she said. “That’s your problem.” She thrust more jizz-coated fingers into her mouth.

Yeah, I was the one with no shame.

I glanced down at Bree as she bobbed her head. She worked her mouth up and down my cock. I groaned and then grabbed her head. I smiled down at her and thrust. I slammed my cock to the back of her throat.

She grabbed my hips and sucked harder. She moaned as I fucked her mouth. The suction was incredible. Her lips slid up and down my cock and her tongue danced around the tip and shaft. I hit the back of her throat.

And kept going.

She choked, coughed, and spluttered, but she didn’t fight. Oh, no, she swallowed my cock. In moments, I was sliding down her gullet. I shuddered as her esophagus massaged my dick. She moaned, the humming delight reaching through me.

“Oh, fuck, that’s good.”

“Shit, you’re making her enjoy deep-throating you?” Allison hissed. “Let me guess, going to cum straight down her belly so she’ll be even more of a whore.”

“You better believe it,” I groaned.

I slid to the hilt down Bree’s throat. She moaned around my cock, her lips pressed into my bush. I groaned and drew back. She sucked the entire time. She nursed on me. I groaned, the pleasure spilled down my shaft.

I fucked my cock, plowing in and out of her throat. My balls smacked into her chin. It was incredible. The pressure swelled and swelled. I groaned, my nuts tightening. I would have such a huge explosion.

I gripped her head. She moaned, sucking and slurping. She groaned around me. The slut didn’t try to stop me. No, no, she loved it. She glared up at me, but I didn’t care. That just made this hotter. She was the whore being humiliated.

Not me.

“Fuck, yes!” I groaned.

“Just going to cum down her throat like a fucking dick!” Allison hissed. “Then you’re going to flip me over and bugger my ass.”

“Oh, yeah!” I groaned. “My dick will be soaked in saliva.”

I shuddered, building and building to my orgasm with every thrust into Bree’s mouth. She moaned and groaned, her passion humming around the crown of my cock. The pressure swelled in my nuts slapping her chin.

I groaned as drove my cock down her gullet. I bottomed out in her. I groaned, threw back my head, and erupted.

I pumped my cum straight to her stomach. She moaned as I did. Allison watched me dumping my load into her friend’s stomach. The pleasure slammed into my mind. The rapture pummeled me with every eruption.

“Fuck, yes!” I moaned.

“God, how can you just cum down her throat?” hissed Allison.

“Easy! I’m a loser.”

“Yeah,” she moaned as I trembled through my orgasm. I fired the last blast of cum.

I ripped out of Bree’s throat and mouth. She coughed and panted. I turned to Allison. She still sat naked on the desk. I grabbed her and flipped her over. Her plump booty jiggled. I pressed my wet cock between her butt-cheeks and found her asshole.

She growled with disgust as I pressed on her anal ring. Then she groaned as her sphincter widened and widened. I popped into her velvety embrace and smiled. I savored the heat of her bowels as I sank into her asshole.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I moaned, my balls full of another load of cum.

“God, you fucked my throat like a filthy pervert, and now you’re ass-fucking Allison?” demanded Bree.


“Dickhead!” Allison moaned as her bowels clenched around my cock. “I’m going to cum on this cock fucking my asshole.”

“Yes, you are!” I groaned and bottomed out in her.

I planted my hands on either side of her on the desk. Then I drew back my hips. Her bowels clung to my cock. I groaned at how great that felt. Then I slammed back into her. I buried to the hilt in her bowels. Her velvety flesh welcomed me.

I pumped away at her. I fucked her with so much passion. I plowed into her hard and fast. I buried my dick into her with such powerful strokes. I pounded my bully’s ass with glee. I smiled as I pumped away at her bowels. I fucked her with such passion.

“Asshole!” she grunted. “Oh, you fucking dickhead! Going to make me cum again! Such a jackass! I hate you!”

“I know!” I groaned. “You’re going to explode.”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

Her bowels clamped down so hard on me. I groaned, pounding her bowels as I rose to that climax. I didn’t even care if she came. Fuck her. I thrust into her as fast as I could, just savoring the pleasure of her asshole.

Her velvety flesh massaged me. The ache swelled and swelled with every thrust into her bowels. Her anal sheath hugged me. I groaned, my face scrunching up. Bree watched, glaring at me as I came closer and closer to cumming in the slut’s asshole.

“Fuck, yes!” I gasped.

“Ooh, keep fucking me with that nasty dick! You’re going to make me fucking cum, asshole!”

“Maybe!” I groaned, on the verge of exploding.

I slammed into Allison’s asshole and detonated.

I pumped my cum into her bowels, not caring that she hadn’t reached her orgasm. I groaned, the pleasure slamming into my mind. Stars burst across my vision. I shuddered, gritting my teeth. Then she howled in rage and her bowels convulsed.

“You fucking dickwad!” she moaned. “Your cum! Your foul, disgusting cum is making me climax so hard!”

“God, yes!” I groaned, pumping spurt after spurt of cum into her asshole. My sixth orgasm.

The pleasure blazed through my body. I shuddered, my cock throbbing as I spurted my cum into her bowels. I gripped her hips and dumped all my spunk into her. I emptied my nuts into her writhing anal sheath. I groaned, savoring this rapture.

“Fuck,” I panted while she whimpered. I pulled out of her.

“Tomorrow,” Bree said, arms folded beneath her, “you get our four hundred or will make you fuck us again. We’ll make you be a lowly, disgusting cockroach that enjoys pounding our cunt and assholes and making us cum.”

Did they hit their heads?

“And we’ll tell everyone how hard you made us cum,” Allison added. “You don’t want that.”

I don’t? Everyone would know I was a stud. I honestly didn’t see the downside. Fuck paying their blackmail. I would just satiate my perverse and disgusting desires by fucking the two sluts as hard and as fast as they secretly craved it.

Somehow, my bullies had become my whores. I didn’t understand it, but I loved it.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...