The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter 5: Breeding the Fertile Virgins

Clara didn’t just want to get back at the bullies, but all the others who thought they were better than her.

The Home EC club was one of those. “Bunch of prissy bitches,” Clara muttered as she sat cross-legged on her bed. “Think you can lord over about how you’re ‘better’ than me.”

She began her next tweet. The last four had all been amazing. Eric was bragging on Twitter how his bullies, Bree and Allison, were now his sluts. He was playing along, obviously, helping to humiliate the girls. Another rumor said that Kirsten or Sibylla (or both) had to miss classes the other day to see the gynecologist.

#Bredbybro was the hashtag on those tweets.

It’s almost like this shit is really happening, Clara thought. But it couldn’t be that. She didn’t have the power to change reality with her tweet. She just knew how to spread salacious rumors. All those assholes at her school were more than happy to play along with them.

Which only proved that she was doing the right thing.

“Did you know that that Home EC club are really secret sluts that are begging to be whores for the nerdy chess club next door? #nerdwin, #futurebunsintheoven, #futurehomemakers”

Clara unleashed her tweet on the world.

* * *

Sally Carter

The smell of dough filled the air. Soon to be replaced by the scent of fresh-baked bread. The loaves were going into the oven. The seven girls of the Home EConomics club that I was the adviser to were all excited as they made sure their ovens were set, their loaves perfectly centered on the racks to get the evenest heating.

“Wonderful, girls,” I said, clapping my hand.

The seven girls were all dressed demurely in skirts and blouses. None of that tawdry booty shorts and belly shirts were found in here. These were girls that understood what a woman’s role truly was. To be homemakers and mothers. To raise the children while their husbands supported them. To create a family.

Not to be sluts and whores. Could a slut ever be a good mother? Could a whore ever be a good wife?

Of course not.

I was young to be a teacher, just seven years older than my girls, but I was committed to teaching them clean living. They were all eighteen and virgins with their purity rings worn on their left fingers, promises they made to their fathers not to be skanks.

I had gathered them here, a bastion against the world, where they could perfect all the skills they would need to be proper, young women. I smiled at them. Regina had a big grin on her face, her blonde hair falling loose about her shoulders. She had good childbearing hips, nice and curvy. Beside her, Taylor had a proud smile on her lips. She was a redhead, fiery but that would make her a passionate wife and mother.

“Oh, I hope they come out perfectly,” Victoria said. She had a ditzy enthusiasm. The brunette wasn’t the brightest girl, but she could cook. She would make a man happy.

“They will, girls,” I said. “Okay. Now, why we wait for them to rise, this is the perfect time to work on some sewing so—”


My cellphone’s notification went off. I had to have a phone for work. So much education was done through emails and texts these days. I hated it otherwise. Social Media was the worst thing that had ever happened to society. There was this horrid @realgossip account spreading just the worst rumors.

“Now, as I was saying,” I said, looking at the girls, “we have our buns in the oven, but we need to get some buns in your oven. You’re all eighteen. It’s time for you to pop those cherries, become mothers, and start your families with the right guys.”

The girls all tittered in excitement, especially Taylor. She squeezed her breasts through her blouse, exposing just how busty the redhead was.

“So, next door is the chess club.” I smiled at those girls. “Smart men like those are going to be making fortunes. They are going to need good women to be wives for them or they’ll fall into the traps of THOTs and sluts.”

“Boo,” Regina said. “We can’t have that.”

“No, we can’t,” I said. “So, ladies, let’s go over there and each of you is going to show the nerd how sexy and hot you are. Remember, what do guys want most?”

“A faithful wife who is a slut beneath the sheets, Miss Carter,” the seven girls chimed. Charisma squirmed on the side and Whitney fanned her flushing cheeks. Molly looked so excited. They all did.

“That’s right, girls,” I said. “So, once those nerds see that you’re their faithful slut and they have put a bun in your oven, well, they’ll marry you and make you all into their wives.”

The girls giggled in delight.

I led the way, so glad I could advise the Home EC club on how to land the man of their dreams. Not one of those muscled hunks who would just pump and dump them. No, no, they need the type of man who will love and cherish and provide for them.

Especially when they’re guzzling his cum and begging him to fuck her in the ass. When those nerds pop my girls’ cherries, they will be so in love with them. The chess club was probably all virgins, too. Guys too shy to go after those sluts.

They needed good girls.

I opened the door and found two boys bent over a chess table. They were staring at it intently. One I knew from my math class. Jason was a serious student with cock-bottle glasses, his brown hair cut short and parted down the middle. His opponent was an Asian youth, skinny and focused. Two other boys watched them. They looked up. One had braces, both had glasses.

“Uh...” the first said.

“Knight to F5,” said Jason and moved his knight. He then slapped the clock running.

“Girls,” gulped the one with braces. “There are girls here.”

Jason looked up from the game and gasped at the sight of my girls giggling and preening as they spilled out around me. They were all flashing flirty smiles and cupping breasts to show the boys they had ample teats for suckling babes.

And the nerds themselves.

I bet a few of the girls would give out titty fucks before this was over.

“Uhhh...” Jason said, standing up.

He wore khaki slacks and a plaid shirt he had tucked into his pants. He tucked in his shirt at his age. Yes, yes, he was perfect. The Asian student even had a tie. I could just squeal in delight. My girls were all so lucky. They were going to find the perfect husbands.

“Uh, Miss Carter,” Taylor said. “There’s four of them and seven of us.”

“Well, that’s simple,” I said, smiling, “these boys are all going to make it big in tech. So they can easily support two wives. A man with a good job can easily support multiple wives. And you can support each other and help out with the housework and the child-rearing while he’s at work. So pair up and pounce.”

“What is going on, Miss Carter?” Jason asked. He glanced at the Asian student. “Li?”

“I do not know,” he said, pushing up his silver-rimmed glasses.

The girls were pairing up. Regina and Taylor went for the nerd with braces. They pulled him to them. Taylor was so bold, she just kissed her nerd right on the mouth while her hands were busy unbuttoning his clothes.

Then Charisma and Whitney went for Li. They swept up the Chinese nerd in their arms and pressed up against him. They were whispering in his ears. His eyes widened. Then a grin spread on his lips.

Molly and Alexis went for the dark-haired boy with glasses that I didn’t know. “Mark!” Molly said and hugged him tight. “You’re going to marry Alexis and me. Isn’t that awesome?”

“Uhhhh...” Mark croaked.

Jason looked around stunned. Already the naughty Taylor had her boy’s pants down and was pulling his underwear off next. She rolled those tight, white briefs off and his cock popped out. She didn’t even hesitate to suck him into her mouth.

“Oh, my god,” the nerd moaned. “I don’t even know your names.”

“I’m Regina,” said the busty blonde unbuttoning her blouse. She had a huge blush on her cheeks. The shy girl was blossoming, her eyes gleaming behind her librarian glasses. “And that’s Taylor. We’re your wives. You’re going to breed us and then marry us.”

“What?” gasped the guy.

“What’s your name,” Regina said, her blouse open and her large breasts cupped in a white bra covered in purple flowers.

“E-Evan,” he stammered. Then his eyes fell out as she unhooked her bra and freed her lush, Double D breasts. They swayed with all their fertile delight. She grabbed Evan’s hands and pulled them to her tits. He groaned while Taylor sucked harder.

“Miss Carter,” Victoria said. The brunette had a confused look on her face.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. “Jason’s waiting for you.”

“But I don’t have another girl to partner up with,” she said. “Don’t I have to be a slut for my husband with his other wife? We have to be bred together.” Tears brimmed in her eyes.

“Oh, honey, you don’t have to share him with another woman,” I told her.

“B-but the other girls are, and y-you said to p-pair up.” Her entire body shook. “I j-just want to be a g-good wife t-to my husband and let him b-breed me and his other wife.”

“Oh, you will.” I bit my lip. “I tell you what, I’m single and a virgin. Why don’t we share him? You don’t mind that I’m older?”

She shook her head and sniffled. “You’d do that for me, Miss Carter.”

“Of course I would,” I told her and smiled at her. “He’s watching us. Why don’t we get him really excited by kissing each other.”

“Wives do that?” gasped Victoria.

“When they’re married to the same man they do.” I glanced at Jason. “Oh, it’s your lucky day. Victoria and I are going to be your wives.”

“What?” he gasped and then looked around.

The other girls were getting naked. Li had his lips wrapped around Charisma’s nipple. She had small breasts, but he was Asian so he probably was used to that. Besides, Molly had more than enough ample delights for him to enjoy.

“We’re your wives, Jason,” I said. “You’re going to breed Victoria and me!” Then I kissed Victoria on the lips.

It was my first real kiss. I shuddered, my twenty-five-year-old body trembling from the feel of her hot lips on mine. They were so soft and wonderful. I loved how they felt against my mouth. My tongue caressed her lips. I slid over them, loving how amazing they were.

She groaned as she kissed me back. Her tongue thrust out and then danced around in my mouth. It was such a treat. She was really getting into it. I felt Jason watching us as my hands reached behind Victoria to find the zipper holding her dress closed.

I tugged it down.

At the same time, she was unbuttoning my blouse. We were kissing each other and stripping each other naked. It was such a wonderful delight. Her lips tasted so sweet. My naughty pussy blazed with heat, aroused by turning on Jason.

“Oh, Li,” Molly moaned. “Oh, suckle on my nipple.”

“We’ll do anything for you, Mark,” purred Alexis. “Do you want me to kiss Molly?”

“Yeah,” Mark croaked.

“Taylor!” Evan moaned. “Oh, my god, Taylor, that’s so good. You’re sucking my cock.”

“Go, Taylor, go!” cheered Regina. “Make our husband cum in your mouth. Then I want to kiss you and taste it.”

“Fuck!” Evan groaned. “I want to see that.”

Victoria thrust my blouse open and slid it off my arms. It fell to the ground, my big boobs swaying in my bra. A moment later, I pulled hers off, sliding it down her arms and away from her torso. My hands went to her breasts, squeezing those round and perky mounds.

Jason had to be watching this. I groaned as Victoria squeezed my breasts. She moaned into the kiss, her tongue dancing with mine. She tasted so good. Such a sweetie. I swirled my tongue around in her mouth, teasing her.

Loving her.

She groaned and kissed me back with such hunger. She was a wonderful delight. A true treat for me to enjoy. I kissed her with passion, my tongue dancing with hers as we massaged the other’s nipples for our husband’s pleasure.

“Miss Carter,” Jason croaked.

I broke the kiss with Victoria and beamed at my future husband. He had a nice stiffy in his pants. “Do you want us to keep kissing each other and getting all naked for you? I could suck on Victoria’s nipples.”

“I just want to make you so happy!” squealed Victoria. “I love you, Jason. I’m your wife. You have to breed me and love me and I’ll love you and I’ll suck your cock and drink your cum and you can fuck me in the butt and do all sorts of things to me.”

“We’ll even lick each other’s pussies clean after you cum in us,” I purred. “How does that sound?”

“Like I’m dreaming,” Jason muttered.

“Oh, no,” Victoria gasped. “Is this just a dream, Miss Carter?”

“Sally,” I told her, my hands squeezing her tits. “Call me Sally when we’re with our husband. And, no, it’s not a dream. He said like a dream.”

Relief spilled across the ditz’s face. “Oh, good. Because I want to be your wife and your slut, Jason.”

“So you’ll...” He took a deep breath. “Suck my cock?”

“Of course!” I said as Victoria squealed, “Yay!”

I fell to my knees and undid his belt. He stared down at us, his thick glasses magnifying his eyes. He pushed them up, still looking shocked. I undid his belt. Naughty sounds echoed around the room. My Home EC girls were showing their future husbands all the wonderful skills they had in the bedroom. My pussy burned with such heat as I stared at Jason’s bulge.

He looked so huge.

Belt undone, I unfastened his fly and ripped down the zipper. He wore plaid boxers beneath. I tugged his pants off and Victoria pulled off his underwear. His cock popped out before our faces, bobbing up and down. Maybe he was average, but he seemed so huge to me. My virgin pussy clenched.


“Oh, yes, we’re going to blow this cock, Victoria,” I moaned and grabbed his dick.

“Okay!” Victoria said and then started blowing on the tip of his cock. She ran out of breath and inhaled again. Her cheeks puffed up and then she blew air on his dick, her lips puckered right.

I blinked at that and then laughed. “No, no, you suck on a cock when giving it a blowjob.”

“Why is it called a blowjob if we suck?” Victoria asked. “Shouldn’t it be a suckjob?”

“He’s the one who’s going to blow,” I said. “Blow his load. He’s going to cum in our mouths or on our faces.”

“Faces!” Jason squeaked, his voice cracking. He cleared his throat. “I want to cum on your faces.”

I winked at him then leaned forward and slid my lips around his cock. I had no idea what I was doing, and yet it was like my body just knew how to be a slut for my nerd. These wifely instincts to please my man rose in me.

I suckled hard. My cheeks hollowed as I nursed on him. I bobbed my head, working my mouth up and down his cock. He groaned, his face scrunching up with pleasure and hands balling into fists for a moment.

“Oh, my god,” he groaned, his chest rising and falling. “That... What you just did... Oh, my god.”

I was so happy to please him.

“Wow,” Victoria said in awe as she watched. “You’re blowjobbing him, Miss... I mean, Sally. You’re blowjobbing our husband.”

“She is,” groaned Jason. “Oh, my god, I’ve never had a girl... I don’t think I can last long, Miss Carter.”

I slid my mouth off his cock and passed his wet, pink tip to Victoria. As she kissed the tip and slid her lips over the crown of his dick, I said, “Sally, Jason. I’m going to be your wife. So call me Sally.”

“Right,” he said and then shook his head. “I just... Oh, wow, she’s really sucking.”

Victoria’s cheeks hollowed as she nursed on him. She gave it her all. She bobbed her head, her brown hair swaying about her cute face. It was such a delight to witness. I heard Evan groaning and glanced over to see him shuddering while Taylor’s cheeks bulged.

She had gotten naked while blowing him and fingered her pussy and... Did she have a shaved cunt? Oh, my. How naughty of her. I hoped she was still a virgin. She was always the girl who worried me the most about staying pure and maintaining her abstinence.

She had friends who were cheerleaders. And we knew how much they were sluts . Three of them were pregnant with the same guy’s baby, this nerd name Pete. He wasn’t their husband, was he? But they still wanted him to fuck them in all their holes like the whores they were.

I turned back to Victoria. She had drool running out of the corners of her lips. I licked it up.

“Oh, that’s sexy,” Jason moaned. “You two are going to have to lick my cum off each other, too.”

“Yes, honey!” I groaned, so ready to submit to my husband’s desires.

“I’m going to cum, Victoria!” he groaned. “Got to blow my load all of your faces.”

Victoria, to my relief, understood. She slid her mouth off with a wet plop. Then she pressed her face against mine, her cheek so soft and silky. She opened her mouth, and we both stared up at him with hungry expressions.

“Cum on our faces, honey!” I moaned, fisting his cock.

“Yes, yes, dear!” moaned Victoria. “Give us facials. Blow all your cum on our faces. Yay!”

His dick pulsed in my hand and then the magical moment happened. His cum fired out and splashed all over our faces.

I groaned as his jizz coated my features. Spurt after spurt of his cum fired out and splashed on our faces. It was such a wonderful thing to experience. I groaned as his white spunk painted my face. The heat spilled over my features.

My virgin pussy clenched. My boobs jiggled in my bra as he painted my features. And Victoria’s.

“Yes!” he groaned as his cock kept erupting. “This is amazing!”

He splashed his cum on Victoria’s face. He coated her in his pearly spunk. I groaned at the sight of it running down her face. I flicked my tongue out, swiping over my lips covered in his salty delight. My pussy clenched at the yummy jizz.

“Miss... Sally, you have cum all over your face,” moaned Victoria. “I have to lick it up to be a good wife.”

“Yes, you do,” I groaned.

She licked at my cheek. I groaned at the feel of my future sister-wife licking at our future-husband’s jizz on my face. She dragged up and up, her tongue so wet. Then she moaned and her tongue flashed into her mouth to savor the treat.

I turned and licked up the cum on the bridge of her nose. I climbed up her, gathering that wonderful delight on my tongue. The flavor bled through my mouth before I even pulled it back. It was the best-tasting thing in the world.

Victoria and I licked and lapped at each other’s faces. We caressed each other, licking up all the cum that we could find. It was such a wonderful treat. I groaned, gathering up all the jizz covering her face. My tongue just bathed over her features.

And hers bathed over mine.

“Now kiss,” groaned Jason. “Like the sluts in the pornos.”

I licked cum up Victoria’s chin to her lips and then we were kissing. But this time, our tongues were coated in spunk. I groaned as we traded our salty spunk back and forth. It was such an amazing treat to do.

Jason groaned as he watched, his cock twitching with his excitement. That was good. Sister-wives were supposed to excite their husband. Get him hard so he could breed them. I so wanted to be knocked up by Jason.

The flavor of the spunk slowly faded, so Victoria and I licked up more cum. There was plenty on our faces. We lapped it up while my hands reached behind her and found the clasp to her bra. I undid it and pulled it off.

“Fuck,” Jason groaned as her round tits came into view. “Oh, damn, those are hot. Let me see yours, Miss... I mean, Sally.”

I broke the kiss and smiled at the sight of Victoria’s round boobs. They had a perky quality to them. They were gorgeous. She arched her back, making her tits bounce, and stared up at Jason. I did the same as I reached behind me and unhooked my bra.

I could see him getting so eager to see my tits. My bra came undone, and I slid the straps off my shoulders and down my arms. The cups fell away and my large boobs swayed exposed. I had never shown them to a man before. I groaned as his masculine gaze swept over me.

“Wow, she’s got such big ones,” said Victoria. “She must have drunk a lot of milk as a child to get boobs that big.”

“That’s not how it works,” I said then decided not to explain genetics to the girl. It would just make her brain hurt.

“So big,” Victoria said, smiling. “Do you like her big tits, dear?”

“I like both your tits,” he groaned. “God, I don’t even know your name.”

“Victoria,” she said, beaming. “I love you, Jason. I am so happy to be your wife.”

“You have to breed us,” I moaned. “Which one do you want to fuck first?”

“Me, me, me!” squealed Victoria.

He stared at her with this look of lust sparking in his eyes. “I... Yeah, you first. I mean... You really want me to breed you?”

“I do!” she moaned. “I’m your wife. You have to put a bun in the oven. That’s a husband’s job.”

I knew that hearing those words from a chaste and virgin girl like Victoria was enough to inflame any heterosexual young man. Jason was no exception. He pushed up his glasses and stared at her in awe. Then he reached out and cupped her young and naked breasts.

I smiled at that and snuggled up to him. “Let’s get her ready for you to breed her,” I whispered. “She’s a virgin. We both are. So let’s eat her pussy out and get her all nice and juicy for your dick.”

“Yeah,” he groaned, squeezing her tits. Then he slid his hands down to her skirt.

I looked around and smiled to check on my other girls.

Of course, Taylor was on her hands and knees getting fucked by her future husband. The redhead’s big boobs swayed while she had her face buried in her sister-wife’s pussy. Regina squirmed, her large tits jiggling as she savored being devoured by Taylor. Evan pumped way hard at the redhead, getting ready to put a bun in her oven.

Molly and Alexis were both kissing, both naked. They looked so gorgeous as Mark rubbed at their pussies, stroking those virgin twats that he would soon be devouring. It was such a stirring sight to see them so happy.

Li had mounted Charisma and pressed his cock into her pussy. Whitney held her sister-wife’s hand. Charisma gasped as Li popped her cherry and sank his dick into her fertile depths. Whitney squealed in delight, squirming, eager for her turn.

I just beamed. That was such a hot sight to see.

I turned back to find that Victoria was down to her panties. They were white with little blue flowers on them, matching her demure bra. Her round tits jiggled as she stretched out on her back. I smiled as Jason peeled off her panties, and her brown bush appeared soaked in her juices. I breathed in and a tart musk filled my nose.

“Oh, doesn’t she smile ripe and fertile?” I asked Jason.

“Yeah, M... Sally.” He grinned at me. “Are we really going to...?”

“Eat her pussy together.” I smiled at him. “Of course we are.”

He looked like he was in heaven. I beamed at him and then, together, we leaned down to feast on Sally’s pussy. It would be a sumptuous feast. We would lick and lap at her. We would feast on her. It would be incredible.

Our heads lowered. He ripped off his glasses at the last moment and then our cheeks pushed together. I could feel a faint bit of stubble. He probably didn’t have to shave every day, but he was starting to have a five o’clock shadow.

He was so sexy. And he would be so rich. He would take care of our children.

“Sally! Jason!” Victoria moaned. “I want you to blow my pussy! Give me a nice pussy blowjob!”

“It’s called cunnilingus,” I purred. “Or muff diving. Or just plain old pussy licking.”

“Okay,” whimpered Victoria. “What’s a muff?”

“Your bushy pussy,” I moaned and then pressed into her silky curls with Jason.

I groaned as we found her pussy lips. We licked and lapped at her. Girls were moaning around the classroom. Guys were groaning. Evan and Li were in pussy and loving it. I savored those noises as my tongue stroked up Victoria’s tight slit.

Jason’s worked beside me. We pleasured the naughty brunette. She gasped and moaned, loving this delicious sensation. She tasted so good. This tart delight. I groaned as my tongue brushed Jason’s as we feasted on her.

“Oh, Jason!” gasped Victoria. “Oh, yes, yes. Dear! And Sally! This is so good. You’re getting me ready to be bred. Oh, I want to have your babies, Jason.”

“God,” he groaned and licked harder.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Taylor moaned. “Pound my cunt. Ooh, breed me. Then you’re going to breed Regina.”

“Oh, gosh,” the shy blonde moaned. She had the temperament of a librarian complete with the glasses. “Oh, gosh, this feels good. I... I... Taylor!”

Victoria whimpered. Her round boobs jiggled as Jason and I feasted on her cunt. It was fantastic to share this yummy twat with him. Our tongues stroked up and down her juicy flesh. Then I parted her folds with the tip of my tongue and stroked over her hymen.

Jason did the same, feeling the proof of her virginity. Then we slid up to her clit and brushed that little bud. Together, we stroked it, our tongues working. As we pleasured her, it was almost like Jason and I were kissing. It was so naughty. I loved every moment of it.

My pussy grew hotter and hotter as I feasted on Victoria’s. My juices soaked my panties. I itched to be bred, but Jason wanted the girl his age first. That made sense. I was lucky he wanted an old maid like me. Twenty-five and never been wed and bred.

I just never found the right guy.

That changed today.

I was so happy.

“Oh, yes, yes,” Victoria moaned. “I like it when you lick there.”

“Your clit?” I asked.

“It’s the fucking best!” Taylor moaned. I was shocked by her language. “Yes, yes, pound me, Evan. Mmm, cum in my virgin pussy. I’ve wanted to be fucked so hard for so long. Ooh, I’m yours. Fuck me! Breed me! Then fuck Regina.”

“Uh-huh!” he groaned. “Oh, god, your pussy is so tight.”

“I’m going to... to... cum!” Taylor howled.

“Oh, my gosh,” whimpered Regina.

“I want to cum,” whispered Victoria.

“You will,” Jason moaned and then sucked on her clit so boldly

The way a man should.

Just as Victoria was becoming a woman, Jason was becoming a man. It was so wonderful. I grabbed his cock and stroked him as he nursed on aVictoria’s clit. I licked at her lower pussy lips, right at her taint. She quivered and moaned, her passion echoing through the chess club’s meeting room.

Then she squealed and her juices gushed out. I groaned, realizing this was her pussy cream. She had cum. She had her first orgasm. It was amazing to drink down the flood. To gulp down all her juices. I loved it. My tongue licked and lapped up her cream. I drank down all that she had. I gulped it down with hunger.

She quivered through her orgasm. She moaned and gasped and shuddered. It was such an amazing delight to hear. I savored every moment of licking and lapping at her cunt. I loved every second of it. This was such a tasty pussy to devour.

“This is cumming?” gasped Victoria. “I love cumming! I love it!”

“It’s amazing,” I moaned. I had only masturbated by rubbing myself on pillows thinking of my sexy husband. I didn’t know he was in my class. That he was the nerdy guy who never made me wet before. But now he did. I was such a fool for overlooking the nerds. “Oh, Victoria, are you ready to be bred.”

She nodded.

I licked my lips as I lifted my head. Jason rose with me. He panted, pussy cream dripping down off his chin. He shuddered, looking around. I smiled at him, so glad that he could experience this moment. That he could have this joy.

“So, ready to breed her,” I asked, squeezing his cock. He twitched in my hand.

“Yeah,” he groaned.

I glanced over and shuddered. Taylor was lowering her cum-filled pussy to Regina’s mouth, the blonde on her back and Evan between her thighs, ready to deflower and breed her. To put another bun in the oven.

Li was still pumping away at Charisma, Whitney watching on and rubbing at her pussy as she watched. Mark had Molly sitting on his face. He ate her out while Alexis rode his cock. The two girls kissed each other with passion as they enjoyed their man.

“M... Sally,” Jason said, “you need to get your pussy ready to be bred, too. You have to sit on Victoria’s face so she can lick your pussy while I breed her..”

“Oh, yes,” I moaned. “I am a virgin. I need to be readied, too. You’re amazing, Jason.”

“I’ll lick your pussy, Sally,” Victoria said. “I’m a blowjobber and a muff-diver! That’s what it takes to be a good wife, right?”

“Yes, it does.”

She giggled in empty-headed delight. “I can’t wait until I have babies. I’ll suckle them.”

“And our husband,” I said. “Guys like to drink milk from their fertile women.”

“Oh, fuck, yes,” Jason moaned.

“Oh, wow,” Victoria said. “Okay, I’ll make sure I have the sweetest milk.” She glanced at me. “At least as sweet as Sally’s.”

“Oh, you’re so sweet,” I said, this pleased rush shooting through me.

I unzipped my skirt. Jason stared hungrily at my panties. They were white and soaked with my passion. I shivered as I undressed for a man for the first time. I hooked my panties, my big boobs jiggling, then I slid the underwear down, exposing my blonde bush dripping with cream.

He groaned at the sight of my pussy. Then he shot his hand out and cupped my twat. I shuddered at the feel of my husband’s fingers sliding through my folds. I quivered, thinking he was checking if I was a virgin, but he then pulled his digits away and licked at them.

“Oh, you’re sweet,” he said when he finished. “Oh, that’s nice.”

“Is it?” Victoria asked and then licked her plump lips. “Yeah for me! I get to muff-dive a yummy pussy.”

“Yes, you do,” Jason said. He stared down at her. “Damn, you are sexy, Victoria. And so are you, Sally.”

I blushed and Victoria squealed in delight.

My pussy was on fire, needing to cum, I moved to straddle Victoria’s head. I had never thought of doing things with girls until I realized that women needed to double up with the good men. The nerdy and smart ones needed two or even three virgin sluts to be their wives. And if we were going to do that, of course our husband would want us to do lesbian things.

Guys loved lesbians.

I straddled Victoria’s head. I heard her smacking her lips as I lowered my furry muff to her mouth. I sat on her face, my curls rustling, then her lips kissed at my pussy. I groaned at the warmth of them. They felt amazing.

She licked me.

That was outstanding.

“Oh, yes!” I gasped as her tongue dragged through my folds, my pussy quivering with all that delight.

My back arched. I groaned and shuddered, savoring the pleasure of this moment. It was amazing. She licked and lapped at me. Her strokes were so amazing. Her tongue caressed me with hunger, caressing over my folds.

It was better than anything I could imagine. It made humping on pillows so boring I groaned, my big boobs heaving. They smacked together. My back arched as my sister-wife loved my twat. She licked up all my juices and brushed my clit.

“Oh, Victoria,” I whimpered.

“That is so hot,” groaned Jason as he pressed his cock into Victoria’s twat.

I watched in awe as he pushed on her hymen. Victoria whimpered into my pussy. Jason stared at me. He had such determination on his youthful face. He groaned and then he thrust forward. Victoria gasped.

Then he was in her.

I beamed in delight as he sank all the way into her cunt. He bottomed out in her. She groaned and squirmed, her round tits jiggling. I grabbed those boobs and kneaded them, rubbing my palms over her nipples. I massaged them.

She lapped harder at my pussy.

“Damn,” groaned Jason.

“Breed her,” I moaned. “Please, please, breed her.”

“Yeah,” he panted and drew back his cock.

He pumped away at Victoria’s cunt. He fucked her with such powerful strokes. He buried into her again and again. She groaned into my twat. She moaned, her passion such a delight to hear. I loved every second of it.

Victoria trembled and moaned into my snatch. She licked and lapped at me with such hunger. Her tongue fluttered through my slit as Jason fucked away at her. He pounded her with hard strokes. It was so hot to watch his cock emerging covered in hey pussy cream.

“Victoria!” he groaned, thrusting away at her. His balls smacked into her, heavy with his cum. “Oh, wow, Victoria.”

“Jason!” she squealed into my cunt. “I love you! I love you so much. You’re breeding me!”

“He will,” I moaned, kneading the girl’s tits.

“Yeah, getting there,” he said, and then his hands grabbed my big breasts.

I gasped as he kneaded my boobs. They felt so sensitive. The pleasure rushed down to my pussy. I gasped and quivered as his fingers dug into my tits. He massaged them with such passion. I groaned as he dug his fingers into my flesh.

He grunted and groaned as he fucked into her. He plowed hard into her. It was such a delight to share him with Victoria. His thumbs rubbed over my nipples while her tongue brushed my clit. I gasped, my orgasm building.

“Oh, yes, Li!” Whitney moaned, her turn to get bred.

Charisma was sitting by them, her hand rubbing at her pussy, cum dripping out of her. She coated her fingers in the spunk then held them to Whitney’s lips. The girl, lying on her back and her boobs jiggling as Li fucked her hard, sucked the spunk off her sister-wife’s digits

Taylor ground her pussy on Regina’s mouth while Evan pumped away at her pussy. His strokes grew faster and faster as he hurtled to his orgasm. The pleasure danced on Taylor’s face. The busty redhead whimpered out her delight.

“Oh, I’m going to cum!” Alexis moaned, working her pussy up and down Mark’s cock.

“Me, too,” moaned Molly. “Oh, Mark! I love you!”

“Love you!” squealed Alexis.

Both girls were cumming.

I shuddered, my own orgasm building faster and faster as Jason pumped away at Victoria’s cunt. He buried his cock into her deflowered depths hard. His hands squeezed into my boobs as he drew back. She whimpered into my snatch.

Her tongue stroked over my pussy folds. She brushed my hymen and then my clit. I gasped as she danced her tongue around my bud. Then she sucked on me. She nursed on my naughty pearl. I gasped, my back arching.

“Oh, Victoria,” I whimpered.

“Are you going to cum, Sally?” groaned Jason.

I nodded to my nerd. “I’m going to cum so hard.”

“Good,” he groaned and slammed hard into Victoria’s pussy. “Me, too.”

Victoria squealed. Her legs thrashed. She moaned around my clit. Jason gasped and squeezed my tits. He drew back and I just knew that Victoria was cumming beneath me. She was squealing into my pussy as her orgasm swept through her.

“Oh, yes, yes!” I gasped as she moaned around my clit. My orgasm swelled so fast.

Jason slammed into her cunt. He buried to the hilt in her and then he threw back his head. He cried out with orgasmic delight as he pumped his cum into her snatch. He flooded her. I groaned, savoring this thrill that he was breeding Victoria.

“Yes, yes, yes, put all your seed in me!” moaned Victoria into my snatch.

I burst with rapture.

I came and bucked, my tits bouncing and heaving. I quivered there while Jason dumped all his cum into her pussy. It was such an exciting moment. The rapture swept through my body. It drowned my mind. Stars burst across my vision.

My boobs jiggled in Jason’s hands. He squeezed them. He kneaded my tits. I loved how he did that to me. It was wonderful. I groaned, stars dancing before my eyes. I bucked in delight, my cunt rippling and writhing with my orgasmic delight.

“Oh, yes, yes,” I whimpered, my head shaking.

“Your turn, Sally!” Jason said. “Time for you to get bred.”

I almost swooned, my rapture pouring over my thoughts. I quivered and hit the peak of my orgasm. Then I panted, squirming. This was so incredible. I couldn’t believe this was real. It was my turn to be bred. Finally. I wouldn’t be an old maid. I would be a wife and mother.

Jason pulled out of Victoria’s pussy. I shuddered, leaning over to see her brown bush. Cum leaked out, staining her curls. I licked my lips. I wanted to eat that pussy full of his cum. I whimpered and looked up at my husband.

The eighteen-year-old nerd grinned at me. “Eat her pussy while I breed you!”

“Yes, dear!” I squealed in delight.

In moments, I was kneeling before my husband and between my wife’s thighs. Ass up and face down. I attacked Victoria’s pussy. I licked up that salty spunk leaking out of her that was mixed with the salty taste of his cum.

Then his cock pressed on my hymen. I groaned into her twat. My tongue shot into her pussy’s cum-filled depths, no maidenhead to stop me. I swirled around in her as my virginity stretched and stretched before his cock.

A flash of pain. A surge of pleasure. My cherry popped and his cock slid into me.

“Sally!” he moaned.

My large boobs swayed as his cock slid into me. It was incredible. Like nothing else. He reached all the way into me like my pussy had been made for his cock. I squeezed down on him as he drew back, loving how he moaned.

Jason’s big dick stimulated my pussy. I licked and lapped the cum out of Victoria’s pussy. I feasted on her with hunger. My tongue scooped out all that cum in her snatch. I licked and lapped at her, loving every moment of this.

He pumped away at me. He fucked my fertile pussy with his thick cock. I felt so wonderfully full as our flesh united. I squeezed my cunt around him. He groaned with pleasure, enjoying my cunt. He slammed into me.

“Oh, yes, yes!” I moaned between scooping out cum from Victoria’s depths. The salty jizz and her tangy pussy tasted so good.

“Sally!” she gasped.

“Oh, Sally!” he groaned, plowing into my cunt.

The friction swelled and swelled my orgasm. I shuddered, building towards it as I cleaned out Victoria’s cunt. I couldn’t taste his salty cum any longer, just the tangy delight of her pussy. I fluttered my tongue around in her as he fucked into me hard and fast.

He pumped away at me, his crotch smacking into my rump. My cunt clenched down on his dick, swelling that wonderful pleasure. I whimpered into Victoria’s pussy, my own twat melting around our husband’s cock.

“Sally!” he groaned, his balls smacking into my bush heavy with my cum. “Oh, damn, you’re so good!”

“So are you!” I moaned. “Cum in me! Breed me!”

“Breed her!” Victoria gasped, her round tits jiggling.

I swirled my tongue around Victoria’s deflowered depths as Jason slammed his cock into my fertile pussy. I squeezed about his young cock as I feasted on her young pussy. I whimpered, my orgasm building and building in me.

“Sally!” gasped Victoria. “I love you!”

Her tangy pussy cream gushed out of her pussy and flooded my mouth. I drank them down as Jason rammed his cock deep into my cunt. The frictions rushed through me. It mixed with the delight of devouring her pussy cream.

I came.

My pussy convulsed and writhed. My cunt rippled around his dick. Stars burst across my vision as my cunt suckled at his dick, eager for his seed. I whimpered, loving every moment of his cock churning me up. He pumped away at me while the fires burned through me.

“Oh, Sally!” he groaned, my pussy begging his cock to cum.

He plunged into me and erupted.

“Jason!” I cried out in ecstasy, my face rubbing into Victoria’s muff.

Hot cum spurted against my cervix. My pussy rippled and writhed, milking out all the cum from his dick. Joy burst through me as he bred me. I quivered there, my heart beating so fast. The pleasure swept through me, leaving me trembling in delight.

“Sally! Victoria!” he groaned.

“Yes!” I moaned, my thoughts burning so hot. My pussy milked out the last of his cum. My orgasm burned hot for one more second.

Then I gasped and panted.

“This was awesome,” my nerdy husband moaned.

I agreed whole heartily, my pussy soaked in his baby-making seed. I just knew he had knocked me up. I would have his baby. It was wonderful.

Every girl in the Home EC club, me included, had buns in the oven. We had formed bonds with our nerds. Arrangements were already being made to move in together. We needed our men to take care of us.

And we would take care of them.

Of course, the real buns we put in the ovens all burned, but we were done practicing at playing house. It was time for the real thing. The sexy girls of the Home EC club didn’t need college any longer. And I didn’t need my job teaching. I had Jason to take care of Victoria and me.

We were homemakers now. The best role a woman could have. All those girls could be run through by guys and get knocked up by strangers, but my Home EC girls and I would be faithful to the nerds we loved.

I couldn’t wait to start this new and blessed chapter of my life.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...