The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter 6: Lez Stripper Career Day

Clara might not be going to her school any longer, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t paying attention to everything that was going on at her school. Today was a special day. Today, was career day. And there was a certain group of girls who thought they were going to be at the pinnacle of the business world.

Future moguls.

They thought their assholes didn’t stink and that they pissed perfume. Clara wanted to plant rumors that instead of going to career day to become business magnates and start their own Fortune 500 companies, they would have a new way to earn a living.

A new way to make a big hit.

“Did you know that the job most girls want on career day is to be a stripper? #girlsday #stemisforuglygirls #strippersluts”

She hit tweet!

That would get Georgia, Brenda, and Tonya, thought Clara. Her tweets caused rumors. Everyone was talking about how the girls of the Home EC Club were now dating the nerds of the chess club. Some were even pregnant, so the rumors on Twitter said.

Buns in the oven.

Even Ms. Carter, the club adviser, was supposed to be pregnant. #bredbyhernerd Clara loved it. She didn’t realize just how powerful her tweets were.

* * *

Georgia Sampson

“Of course I’m not going to the career fair,” Regina told me. She had a gold band on her ring finger. “I’m getting married. I’ll be a housewife. I think I’ll drop out of college. I mean, I’m going to have a baby!”

I shook my head in shock at that sentiment. Drop out of college? I liked Regina. I thought it was weird when she’d joined the Home EC Club and started wearing a purity ring, but this...

I didn’t know what to think about this.

Not only was she a slut for this nerd, but she was sharing him with this other girl named Taylor. This entire Home EC class was floating around college talking about having buns in their ovens and how they would make the perfect wives for their nerds.

It was Stepford.

This school was getting weird. Everything that @realgossip account tweeted was true. No matter how salacious. I had no idea where the owner was getting their dirt from. But she was good. I was glad I wasn’t into anything kinky.

She had nothing to tweet about me.

I headed to the career fair and quickly found my seat in the front row for Candace Meyers. She was giving a lecture on how to found your own business. I had an interest in being like Elizabeth Holmes, a young, female mogul. I mean, my product wouldn’t be a scam, but I wanted the rest. The fame. The fortune.

“Georgia!” said Brenda. “Can you believe Regina? She’s pregnant and getting married?”

“I know,” I said as Brenda sat down. She was a black-haired girl. She was dressed in a sober business skirt suit like I was. Pencil skirt, pantyhose, a blouse with just a modest neckline, and a blazer. I was in a dark blue one to compliment my auburn hair while she wore a pink one. We crossed our legs, ready to be serious.

We chatted as the other girls came in. To my disgust, there were only six of us. Six for this important meeting. So few of the girls gave a damn about their careers. They always talked about them in such nebulous ways, thinking they’ll be empowered by their useless degrees in gender studies or poetry or art history and success would just fall into their lap.

I was getting an MBA. I would be going places.

“Okay,” a beautiful woman in a business skirt suit said. She had a charcoal pencil skirt that went down to her waist, her beige pantyhose cladding her toned calves. She had a light-blue blouse and a blazer that matched her skirt. She wore her blonde hair pinned up in a bun, glasses perched on her nose. She gazed out at us. “I’m glad there are some girls here that are serious about making it. Look around. You girls are the ones who are passionate about success. Your friends and classmates are all naïve. They think the world will just deliver them their dreams.

“You have to take it!”

I applauded. So did the other girls.

“Good,” she said. “Now here’s the dirty secret. Your diplomas aren’t worth a damned out in the real world. Not if you want to have your company be traded on the S&P 500 or the NASDAQ Index. The people who do it are the ones who work their butts off. Some don’t even have college degrees. They find a hole in the market, a want people need, and they fulfill it. That is the most important thing—”

My phone chirped. A tweet from @realgossip.

“—you have to do!” Kandy said, her perky voice echoing through the room. “Pick the right stripper name. Look at me. Candace, that’s my real name but don’t tell anyone.” She giggled and winked at us. Her large, fake tits jiggled in her low-cut blouse. It was like a business woman’s blouse, but fit too tight to her body and was clear to show off her simply, black bra she wore underneath. Her skirt was so short it showed off the tops of her beige, thigh-high stockings. “So I went with Kandy. With a K to make it even more naughty.”

I giggled, nodding my head. The right stripper name. Of course. I was Georgia. That wasn’t a good one. What should I choose?

I quivered, my large breasts rising and falling in the low-cut, schoolgirls’ blouse I wore tied beneath my tits. I had dressed for success to attend the stripper presentation on career day. My tartan skirt was so short it barely covered the g-string panties I wore. I had my legs crossed, the white, knee-high socks hugging my calves.

I was glad I got here early. The room was packed with girls all wanting to be strippers, too.

“You,” said Kandy. She pointed at the girl sitting to my right, a brunette I didn’t know. She wore a slutty nurse’s outfit. “What’s your stripper name?”

“I... I don’t know,” she said. “I’m Tonya.”

“Terrible,” Kandy said. “How about... Satin. Mmm, smooth and silky Satin. It’ll have the guys you’re dancing before thinking about your pussy. In fact, why don’t you come on up here? You can help me with the demonstration.”

“Lucky,” I whimpered, squirming. If she had only pointed at me.

“Right?” asked Brenda. My friend was in a matching schoolgirl outfit, our hair in pigtails to make us look extra slutty. “I don’t know what my name should be.”

Kandy glanced at me. “Lucky, huh?” she cooed, her big boobs bouncing in her low-cut top. She was always moving. “What’s your stripper name?”

“I’m Georgia,” I said. “And I’m just struggling to find the right one.”

“That’s because you’re not thinking like a stripper yet!” Kandy said. “But you will. So Georgia’s easy. What dirty sounding fruit is Georgia famous for?”

I frowned then gasped. “Peaches!”

“Well, Peach, there’s your stripper name. You have a peachy ass, don’t you? Stand up and flash your butt at the girls behind you.”

I hopped to my feet, so excited to be showing off my plump derriere. I flipped up my tartan skirt and held it over my waist. My g-string panties would show off my ass. Only floss vanished between my butt-cheeks.

“Bend over and shake it,” Kandy said. “Always be thinking about how your moving so you can show it off to its fullest and make the guys groan and give you money.”

“Yes, Kandy!” I squealed and did just that. I wiggled my ass and someone slapped it. I gasped, feeling so naughty like I was a real stripper.

This would be the best career fair ever!

“Mmm, now doesn’t Satin look delicious in her nurse’s outfit?” Kandy asked. “Just how are you going to strip out of that easily. It has a zipper in the back. This isn’t a knot that can be untied like our two slutty schoolgirls have worn their blouses.”

I grinned as I sat back down.

“Nor is it something in the front that can tantalize the men as you reveal more and more of your tits either naked or covered in some sort of enticing bra.” Kandy motioned for Satin to turn around. She did, her brown hair swaying behind her. Kandy unzipped the back of the nurse’s outfit. She tugged a few times, the teeth clearly snagged on fabric.“Cheap zippers are the worst. They get caught easily. It’s a big pain in the as.” She jerked hard, and the zipper went the rest of the way down. “You don’t want to have things that can keep your body from getting naked easily.

Tonya was down to a pair of red panties that clung to her rump and had a white cross over the seat of her ass, and a white bra with red crosses over her nipples. Kandy looked her up and down and then nodded her head.

“Mmm, you are perfect for this demonstration,” she said. “I specialize in doing girl-girl shows while stripping. Truthfully, I love getting naked before the guys, but they’re not the ones I want to fuck.”

Giggles burst through the watching girls. I joined them. I glanced over at Brenda. She smiled back at me. This heat rushed through me. My thighs closed tight together. I put a hand on her bare thigh beneath her tartan skirt, squeezing her.

She returned the gesture.

“Now,” said Kandy.

The lights dimmed and then colorful ones illuminated the stripper pole that had been erected behind her. Music started playing. She grabbed Satin’s hand and led her back. Kandy’s hips rocked to the pulsing beat.

I nodded along, loving it. My pussy clenched. This heat swept through me. I licked my lips, so excited by what was going on here. Especially as my friend’s hand moved up and down my thigh. Heat rushed up to my pussy.

I matched her.

“Mmm, when doing a girl-girl show, you want to do a lot of naughty dancing. Grind on each other’s thighs, hump into her ass. Grope tits. Kiss. You can get explicit as you want. Get a strap-on and fuck each other. End of up in a sixty-nine. Press her up against the pole and just ravish her.”

She swung Satin around and pressed the newbie stripper into the pole. Then Kandy cupped the coed’s face and kissed her hard on the mouth. A collective groan rose through the watching girls. My pussy clenched and my hand squeezed Brenda’s thigh.

She stroked up beneath my skirt.

As we watched Kandy, she swayed her hips from side to side. Her skirt swirled over her rump. It was exciting to watch. I groaned, my cunt on fire. This was hot. My hand thrust beneath my friend’s skirt, coming closer and closer to her pussy.

Just like she did with mine.

Then Kandy broke her kiss with Satin. The busty stripper spun to face us and grabbed her blouse. She tugged and it tore free in two pieces. She threw them to the floor, her breasts bouncing in a strapless demi bra, her big tits jiggling with a firmness. Fake tits, of course

She was a stripper.

Then she thrust her ass at Satin. She wiggled it back and forth. Satin smacked it, a big smile on her face. Kandy’s tits jiggled in her bra. They swayed back and forth, so big and delicious. I groaned, the sight so hot. Then Satin grabbed her skirt and tore it away.

Now Kandy was down to just her underwear.

I shoved my hand up and found Brenda’s G-string struggling to cover her pussy. But it was just a bit of floss. Her wet vulva rubbed on my fingers. Her digits found my cunt a moment later. I groaned as she pushed my G-string to the side and rubbed at my labia.

Kandy kissed Satin again. They were both swaying, Satin pinned against the stripper pole. Her hands slid up Kandy’s body and found the clasp of her bra. With a deft twist of her hand, she popped off that clasp. I groaned as Kandy spun away, her tits exposed now.

Gasps and applause rippled through the room.

I thrust my digits into Brenda’s cunt as I watched the hot show.

Her digits buried into my twat.

As Kandy thrust her arms up in the air and humped forward in her black thong, her tits heaved. I shuddered, watching them as I fingered Brenda’s cunt. I jammed my two digits deep into her snatch. Her cunt clenched down on my fingers.

Just like my pussy did with hers.

She reamed my cunt. I groaned as she buried more and more of her fingers into my twat. I shook and shuddered. I loved every moment of this naughty delight. The pleasure shot through me. It was incredible. I whimpered, my heart pounding in my chest.

I would have such a big orgasm watching Kandy dance. Then she turned and fell to her knees before Satin. She grabbed the girl’s red panties and yanked them down. She pulled those delicious things off Satin’s hips and down those thighs in a flash.

“Oh, my god,” I moaned, my pussy clenching down on Brenda’s fingers. “That was so smooth. Like velvet.”

“Velvet!” Brenda gasped, her fingers ramming into my cunt. “Ooh, Peach, that’s going to be my stripper name.”

“Nice, Velvet.”

Kandy spun Satin’s panties over her head and then threw them behind her. They landed on the stage. Her head plunged between Satin’s thighs. The coed, her large tits held in her white bra, gasped out in rapture.

“Oh, my fucking god!” Satin moaned over the wild beat of the music. “She’s eating my cunt.”

My pussy clenched down on Velvet’s fingers. She buried them into my cunt fast as we watched Kandy going down on Satin. I whimpered in envy, wanting the beautiful and busty Kandy to go down on me.

Satin grabbed the front of her bra and then undid a clasp. Her bra sprang open and her tits spilled out. Girls were clapping and cheering. I groaned, my orgasm building and building as Velvet fingered my twat.

I plundered her cunt, watching Satin’s big boobs dance and jiggle while Kandy feasted on her. It was so hot. So sensual. I couldn’t wait until I was eating out Velvet’s cunt before a pack of horny guys. Or another stripper’s cunt.

Like Kandy’s.

“God, that’s hot,” I whimpered, my thumb sliding up her slit. I found her clit, a hard nub.

“Fuck, yeah!” moaned Velvet, her pussy clenching down on my digits. “Ooh, Peach, that’s so naughty.”

“I know,” I purred. “I’m just such a naughty, little tramp, aren’t I?”

“Uh-huh,” groaned Velvet. Her thumb slid up and until she found my clit. She massaged my little bud.

Pleasure burst through me. My cunt clamped down on her digits as my orgasm swelled faster and faster. I squirmed there, loving every moment of her rubbing at my clit. I quivered there, my legs twitching as I watched Kandy’s demonstration.

Satin tossed her head as Kandy brought her closer and closer to cumming. Just like Velvet did with me. I groaned, my snatch squeezing down on her twat. This wonderful heat rippled through me. It was incredible to enjoy.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned. “Oh, that’s so good. Kandy, you’re so inspiring!”

“She is!” groaned Satin. “Oh, my god, I’m going to cum on her mouth.

“This is so hot,” Velvet purred, her pussy clamping down on my fingers.

“Uh-huh,” I gasped, her thumb massaging my clit.

I thrust a third finger into her snatch. I reamed her out as we watched Satin trembling. She had such gorgeous tits for being a stripper. Not big and fake ones, but natural. And that was as exciting as Kandy’s. My pussy drank in all that wonderful friction as I came closer and closer to cumming. Closer and closer to that mighty burst of pleasure.

It would be exquisite.

My clit throbbed beneath her thumb’s stroking touch. She rubbed me in fast and hard circles. My head tossed from side to side. My chair creaked. My toes curled in my stripper heels. This was so hot. So exciting.

“Make her cum, Kandy!” one of the girls shouted.

“Yeah, go Kandy!” whooped another.

“You’re so sexy, Satin! Your tits are killer! I’m so jealous!”

“Thank you!” Satin moaned. Her head tossed. “Oh, god, that’s it. That’s... Yes!”

Her tits really heaved as she bucked through her orgasm. It was so hot to watch. I was so jealous that Kandy got to drink that wonderful pussy cream. That she got to lick and lap up and devour all those delicious juices.

My body trembling, the heat building in my cunt. My twat clenched down on Velvet’s fingers. I reamed three digits into her cunt, Satin’s moans rising over the cheers of the watching girls. My entire body trembled.

Velvet rubbed her thumb hard into my clit.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped and came.

My pussy convulsed around her digits. My legs spasmed as the heat surged through me. It was so exciting to feel. This was just amazing. I jammed my fingers deep into her cunt. She gasped beside me. Her snatch clamped down on my fingers.

“Peach!” she moaned. “Yes!”

Her pussy convulsed around my digits. I loved the way her hot flesh rippled and writhed around my fingers. Mine spasmed around hers, the waves of delight washing through my body. They swept over my mind.

“That’s awesome, Velvet!” I moaned.

“Oh, Kandy, yes!” Satin groaned, her boobs slapping together as she trembled. They rippled.

Mine jiggled in my blouse, my nipples poking hard at the material. I shuddered and whimpered, my orgasm hitting that wonderful peak. My pussy spasmed a final time around Velvet’s fingers. I glanced at her.

She glanced at me.

This magnetic pull yanked me forward. For the first time ever, I kissed a girl. My friend. I thrust my tongue into her mouth. I fluttered my tongue all around in her. It was fantastic to feel. This was such a stirring delight. I groaned, loving the feel of her mouth. The fun I found in kissing her.

“Well, well, well,” panted Kandy. “Mmm, let’s all give Satin a big round of applause for helping out.”

The girls wolf-whistled and cheered. I just kept kissing Velvet. My tongue danced around in her mouth. She tasted so good. I loved every moment of kissing her. She was so excited to make-out with. So inspiring. My cunt clenched with my excitement.

I kissed her with hunger, our tongues dancing around the other’s as Kandy said, “Well, as you can see, it can be quite fun dancing with a female partner. Definitely lets you indulge that passion for eating pussy. It’ll make you so much money and...” Her words trailed off. “Well, well, well, looks like Peach has herself a girlfriend. And in matching outfits.”

I broke the kiss with Velvet, blushing in embarrassment. “Sorry, we got carried away.”

“Mmm, you fingered each other’s cunts?” Kandy arched an eyebrow. “Did I turn you on that much?”

“Yes!” Velvet and I moaned together.

“Mmm, see, girls, how rewarding being a stripper can be.”

A chorus of, “Yes!” echoed around us with a few, “It was hot watching you two finger each other,” and, “God, they were just dyking out! I loved it!”

My cheeks were burning so bright, but I couldn’t help smiling in delight. Velvet and I had enjoyed something wonderful together. Something that had just been amazing. I was so glad that we were sharing in this seminar.

“In fact, why don’t you two come up and show us your skills,” Kandy said.

“Oh, god,” I moaned, my pussy clenching down on Velvet’s fingers.

“We don’t have any skills,” added Velvet. “That’s why we’re here.”

“Of course you do,” said Kandy. “You fingered each other’s pussies. That means you have the passion to be a girl-girl stripper team. And that schoolgirl look... Damn, those pigtails are nice. Make great handlebars. Come on up here.”

I pulled my fingers out of Velvet’s cunt as she did the same to mine. I groaned as I stood up and shoved my digits into my mouth. I suckled on them as Velvet and I stood up and headed on stage. Her cunt cream tasted so tangy. Just a delight.

“Mmm, they like the taste of pussy, too,” Kandy said. “Look at them just nursing on their digits. You two girls eat each other’s cunts all the time.”

I slid my fingers out of my mouth and said, “Velvet and I have never done anything together.”

“I’ve never done anything with a girl, but...” She glanced at me. “It just felt so right.”

“Mmm, wonderful,” Kandy said. “Now, we have Peach’s name, but who are you.”


“Nice,” she said as a new song started playing. “Well, Velvet and Peach. Time to start dancing.”

I suddenly felt all those eyes on me. A hundred or so girls. Satin was sitting down in the front row, her tits rising and falling. Kandy took a seat beside her and then whispered something to her. Satin nodded and slipped to her knees to eat out Kandy.

“Don’t be shy girls,” Kandy said, one leg hooked over Satin’s back. She held the girl’s face to her pussy.

I glanced at Velvet. She smiled back at me.

It was... awkward. We were trying to dance, but I felt so self-conscious. I glanced out at everyone, making my hips rock and my boobs jiggle. My cheeks burned with such embarrassment. This was so wrong. I didn’t have the skill to be a stripper.

And I wanted to be one so bad.

“Forget about us,” said Kandy. “Don’t dance for us, dance for each other.” She shuddered, Satin clearly doing a good job eating pussy. “Make love to each other without even touching.”

I stared at Velvet and she stared back at me. Those words echoed through my mind. I swallowed and just drank in how beautiful Velvet was. She had had these round breasts that quivered in her tied-off blouse, her stomach taut and her hips swelling into curves. Her skirt clung to her waist and fluttered about her thighs with her movement. Her stripper heels made her legs so sexy, and those knee-high socks were just so killer.

But it was her face. I knew my friend. I had looked at her so many times but I had never seen seen her. Suddenly, my heart was palpitating as I stared at her. My mouth went dry. I swallowed at how gorgeous she was, her brown pigtails framed her face. Her smile was... adorable.

And her eyes...

God, her eyes.

She stared at me with those dark and soulful eyes. They were invigorating. Intoxicating. They made my heart palpitate. This thud-thud drummed beneath my chest. I swallowed, my throat so dry. She was just so gorgeous.

The music beat around us.

She smiled. Shy and vulnerable.

I did, too. There was just my Velvet.

I swayed to the music, wanting to be so sexy for her. The world melted away as my boobs jiggled in my top. They swayed back and forth. She bit her lip and then she started to dance, too. Her hips rocked from side to side, her skirt swirling about her thighs. Her boobs jiggled in her tied-off top and her pigtails danced.

She was sexy. My pussy clenched, juices running down my thighs. There was no way that thin strip of dental floss called my g-string could at all compete with my lusts for my friend. I wanted her more than I had ever wanted anyone.

Our feet moved. We were circling each other, skirts swirling and boobs bouncing. I mirrored the naughty grin on her face. We spiraled into each other, coming closer and closer. Our heels clicked, rising above the beat.

And then we came together.

Breasts pressed into breasts.

Thighs to thighs.

We kissed.

Our lips melted together and the crowd thundered in applause. All those girls were watching us dance together. I felt so sexy and sensual. Not for them, but for my Velvet. We had to become the hottest girl-girl act ever.

As if she read my mind, we broke apart in a spin, dancing away from each other. Our skirts flared. I spotted Kandy nodding her head, her hand holding Satin’s mouth to her pussy. She approved. Velvet and I were doing it.

I turned around and bent over. I shook my rump at her, my skirt flaring up to flash my ass, the g-string nestled between them. She came up to me and grabbed my butt-cheeks. She pulled them apart and then ducked her head down. She licked up my g-string nestled in my crack.

“OOOOOOOOHHHH!” groaned from the watching girls.

Then she pulled her head away. I spun around to find her squatting and popping her ass. Her skirt flew up to show that booty clapping. I groaned, my hips undulating and my boobs jiggling. The girls were cheering and clapping.

“That’s it,” Kandy moaned. “Find your inner strippers and let them out!”


I spanked my friend on the rump. I didn’t pull my hand away. Oh, no, I squeezed her ass. I kneaded her plump rump. She shuddered and wiggled back against me. I savored the peachy feel of her ass.

“Oh, Peach,” she moaned. “Do it!”

I slid my hands up and found the knots holding her G-string on. I pulled tie and ripped her panties off. I held up the floss to the girls. I sauntered to the edge of the stage, hips rocking and boobs bouncing. I twirled it and threw it out into the crowd.

A blonde freshman caught it and pressed it against her nose. She breathed in how delicious Velvet’s pussy was. I knew that delight. I could still taste her lingering in my mouth. I grinned at her and then gasped as Velvet’s hands shot up beneath my skirt.

The floss ripped out from between my butt-cheeks. She held it to her nose and breathed it in. Then she shoved it up beneath her skirt and rubbed her pussy on it. she grinned at me and her hands came away. No g-string.

A tie dangled out from beneath her skirt.

She winked at me then twirled away. I gasped and strutted after her, my skirt flaring to show off the bottom cheeks of my ass. She went for the stripper pole and swung around it, the end of my panties dangling out of her pussy.

I darted my hand and ripped it out of her snatch.

“PEACH!” the watching girls squealed as I held up my recovered panties. They applauded. It was so wild. I drank it in.

I pressed the scrap of cloth against my face and smeared Velvet’s juices over my lips. Eyes closed, I reveled in it for a moment. I threw my g-string down. I spun around and bent over, flashing not just my ass, but my shaved cunt at the audience of wild girls.

Velvet slid off the pole and joined me. Together, we popped our asses at them. I glanced at my friend and she grinned at me. It could see it in her eyes. We were both addicted to this rush. Being strippers was our destiny.

A new song was played. A slow beat. We came together again and kissed, our bodies pressed tight. We did a grinding slow-dance as the beat built and built. Our lips worked together and tongues danced. I would make out with her forever.

Then the song exploded into passion.

We spun away, skirts flaring up to flash naked asses.

I caught a glimpse of Kandy shuddering, her big, fake boobs heaving as she clearly came on Satin’s mouth. I shivered, so thrilled our audience was having fun. I stopped spinning and faced Velvet. She had this big grin on her face.

We strutted towards each other. We were so in-sync. I shivered at this connection I felt. We reached each other and our hands darted out. We grabbed the other’s knot holding our blouses closed. The audience groaned.

Anticipation built.

The beat swelled as we toyed with it, tugging slightly. I felt her knot starting to give. Mine was a moment from coming undone. I shuddered at this wild passion. At any second, we would bare our tits to each other.

We yanked.

Cloth whisked.

Our blouses fell open.

We came together and kissed before the audience could really see our tits. My large boobs pressed into her round ones, nipples smooching nipples. I groaned as our tongues danced. It was so hot rubbing tit against it.

The girls were on the edges of their seats. I could feel it as they watched us kissing and working our boobs together. They wanted to see our lovely tatas. They wanted to feast on them. Lesbian passion brimmed in this room.

I broke the kiss with her and grinned. She winked back at me.

We broke apart and spun fast, the movement heaving my big boobs out. Then I stopped facing the crowd. My tits smacked together, exposed to their sight. I slid out of my blouse as Velvet did the same. Then we strutted forward on our heels.

“PEACH!” screamed the girls. “VELVET! PEACH! VELVET!”

Their cheers were intoxicating. A few of them were getting out of money. They were rushing to the edge of the stage. As we reached it. I dropped down onto my back, my feet planted on the ground while my thighs were held tight. Velvet did the same.

The music thudded through the room. We humped up at the girls and scissored our legs open. We flashed our shaved twats. Our bald beavers were on full display for a second and then our legs swung shut again as our butts smacked back down.

“VELVET! PEACH!” squealed the coeds.

We humped the air again, our legs swiveling wide open and then slamming shut. I flashed my twat again and again, fuck my hips up into the air like Velvet had a strap-on and was plowing into me with all her force.

It was insane. I shuddered, loving this heat rushing over me. This was intense. Amazing. I shuddered, the heat rushing through my body. I bit my lip, my cunt cream spilling down to my taint. My skirt flapped as we did it, my tits heaving.

Then the girls were thrusting dollar bills into the tops of my socks. I shuddered as the crisp ones slid against my skin. A shiver ran through me. I wasn’t just playing at being a stripper. I was a stripper. I had earned my first tip.


I thrust my hips up, legs wide, and one bold girl thrust a rolled-up wad of dollar bills into my pussy. I gasped as the improvised shaft sank into my juicy snatch. I shuddered as the girl who put it in burst into squealing giggles.

I felt that wad of cash in my pussy as I kept humping the air. I could feel that we had to change positions. It was almost time. One more hump up into the air and then, on a cue that neither of us gave but both of us saw, we rolled over onto our hands and knees.

My pigtails and boobs swayed beneath me. I wiggled my ass back at the squealing girls. They moaned and groaned and made such wonderful sounds as we did. It was incredible to experience. My heart pounded hard in my chest. I whimpered, wiggling my hips back and forth as my pussy soaked the wads of ones thrust into my cunt.

“They are so sexy!” moaned the girls, more bills being tucked into my socks.

I reached between my legs and pulled out the wad of ones from my pussy lips I held it before me and licked my sweet cream off of them. I shuddered and then gasped another wad was shoved into my pussy.

Then one gold girl pushed hers into my asshole. I groaned as I had cash in both my holes like a dirty stripper. I loved it and then I stood up in-tuned with my Velvet. She had a wad of ones thrusting out of her perky butt.

I grinned as I plucked it out of hers and she did the same with mine. We licked that sour musk off each other and then threw the bills onto the stage with the others that were floating down. We turned and humped our asses together.


Butt-cheeks clapped.

I shuddered as our asses rubbed together. We wiggled back and forth, our butt-cheeks sliding over each other. It was so hot. My pussy clenched down on the wads of ones in it. I glanced at the girls as we rubbed together like this, tits swaying.

Kandy had such a huge smile on her lips as she watched us from behind the horde of girls cheering for us. I shuddered, knowing that we had put on a show, but we had to do more. We had to show them while we would be the greatest girl-girl act ever!

We spun around and sank to the ground. We lay on our backs and spread our legs wide. Then we slid to each other and brought our pussies closer and closer. They inched together and then they kissed, pushing that wad of dollar bills deeper into my cunt.

“TRIBBING!” squealed the watching girls.

Dollar bills rained down on me as ground my cunt into Velvet’s. The money landed on my tits, the green paper sliding over my heaving boobs. I shuddered as my pussy burst with pleasure, my vulva sliding over hers.

Our clits brushed.

“Yes!” I moaned, sparks flaring through my cunt.

“Oh, Peach!” Velvet moaned as our buds slid away from each other.

“Ooh, that’s it,” I panted, grinding my snatch on her. “That’s just amazing, isn’t it.”

“Yeah,” she groaned. “Yes, it is. I love it. I love it so much. Ooh, I’m just going to cum so hard.”

“Good,” I moaned. “Me, too. Let’s just grind our twats together. Let’s hump and smear our pussies together until we explode.”

I whimpered and nodded.

My clit rubbed through her pussy lips, drinking in the slippery heat of her vulva. I felt her little nodule sliding over my folds. We worked our hips to bring them together in momentary kisses that had us both shuddering.

More dollar bills fluttered down on us. The girls were squealing. Some were opening their blouses and flashing their tits at us. Small ones, ripe ones, big ones. They bounced and jiggled and quivered with such delectable passion.

“Oh, I love being a stripper, Velvet!” I moaned, our clits kissing again.

“Fuck!” she squealed. “Peach! Peach! This is awesome. Be my stripping partner!”


We ground our twats harder and harder together. We tribbed with such passion, smearing out hot flesh over the other. It was amazing. I loved every second of it. I savored every last moment of this. My pussy slid over her twat.

Hers slid over mine.

I groaned and gasped. The passion was amazing. It was fantastic. This was incredible. I whimpered and gasped and shuddered, savoring the pleasure of this moment. I adored this wonderful passion. My face contorted in bliss.

“Oh, my god, yes!” I moaned. “Oh, fuck. Oh, that’s good. That’s amazing. That’s just so wonderful!”

“Uh-huh!” she whimpered, smearing her cunt against mine.

My orgasm swelled with every moment. Every last second of our shared passion. It was incredible. Amazing. I wanted to cum right now. Just explode with all the rapture brimming in my cunt. My boobs heaved, dollar bills sliding over my nipples.

The sensation of money caressing my tits was the ultimate cherry on top of the delicious sundae I made by grinding my cunt against my sexy Velvet’s pussy. I shuddered, our watches savoring every moment of our dirty dancing.

We were grinding towards our orgasms. Just building and building towards that climactic delight while our fans cheered us on. “PEACH!” and “VELVET!” echoed around us. I drank it in, loving every moment of it.

This was awesome.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned, savoring being a stripper.

“I’m going to cum!” Velvet moaned.

“Let’s cum for our fans!” I groaned, a new idea building in my head. A wicked delight I just knew would be awesome.”

I ground my cunt hard against her pussy. My clit brushed her nub. Sparks flared. Such rapture showered through me. I came hard. My body bucked. My mind melted beneath the onslaught. It was incredible.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned, my body quivering as my pussy cream gushed from my cunt.

“Peach!” Velvet howled, her juices splashing against my twat.

We were cumming on each other. Climaxing together. It was awesome. The pleasure rushed through my body. I groaned and quivered on the ground. I savored that wonderful bliss rippling through me. It was awesome. Amazing.

My back arched. My boobs heaved. More dollar bills rained on us as the pleasure plashed across my thoughts. I whimpered, savoring every last second of this bliss. It was awesome to experience. My mind drowned in all the rapture of our passion.

A big smile crossed my lips as I hit the peak of my pleasure. I quivered there and knew we had to do something wilder. Especially when I felt how much juices had gushed out of her pussy and mine. We sat in a puddle.

“Ready?” I moaned, my mind suffused with bliss.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she groaned, grinding her twat against me.

I shuddered and then we both unscissored our legs and rolled over to end up on our hands and knees facing each other. Together, we stood up, our breasts swaying. My legs shook. They felt like jelly after that amazing orgasm.

Our fans were screaming at us as we came together and kissed, our boobs rubbing over the other’s Hers felt so amazing against mine. Just such an awesome delight to experience sliding over my tits. Our nipples kissed as our tongues danced.

I broke the kiss, arching an eyebrow at her. She nodded her head, clearly ready for what was to come next. I grinned, so excited that we were going to do this awesome delight. I took her hand and we sauntered to the edge of the stage, our pussy cream soaking our thighs. My socks drank in the material, wetting the dollar bills tucked in them.

“Mmm, isn’t it so hot when a girl squirts?” I asked.

“YEEEEEEESSSS!” screamed our fans pressing forward. Behind them, Kandy watched us, her smile so large. She clearly brimmed in pride for us. She was eager to see what we would do. How we would unleash our passion.

Together, Velvet and I turned around. We faced the crowd and bent over, thrusting our shaved pussies and peachy rumps at them. We wiggled our hips together. I stared at the fans through my legs, seeing them upside down and excited.

“Who wants to get wet?” Velvet asked.

“MEEEEEEEE!” shrieked all the girls who’d come to learn to be strippers.

My hand shot between Velvet’s thighs. Hers cupped my juicy pussy. I shuddered, still so sensitive from our orgasm. Our fingers rubbed at each other. We were fingering each other’s twats again, rubbing real hard.

There was something frenetic in the way we robbed the other’s cunt. Our fingers slid up and down juicy folds, all slick with our cream. The sweet and tangy aromas of our cunts mixed, perfuming the air.

“I’m going to make you cum so hard,” I purred, rubbing up and down her slit and grinding against her clit.

“Oh, yeah?” she said. “Mmm, I know what really gets you off, you dirty slut.”

“What?” I moaned as she strummed my clit.

“It’s why you’re name Peach, of course. Because you have that peachy ass!”

Her hand slid up my pussy folds, gathering up my cream, and crossed my taint. In moments she was at my asshole. I gasped as she thrust two of her fingers into my bowels. My velvety flesh clenched down on her.

My eyes widened at that. Her digits reached into my bowels. She plunged them in and out of me. She knew me so well. My asshole was so sensitive. I clenched my sheath around her fingers as she built and built that ferocious climax in me.

The one that would have me gasping and moaning and crying out in ecstatic delight. I whimpered, the pleasure melting down to my cunt and building that wild orgasm that would have me exploding in rapture.

“FINGER DAT ASS!” chanted from the girls.

“And I know your weakness,” I moaned. My fingers found her clit. I didn’t rub it. I pinched it.

Her digits spasmed in my asshole. I twisted her little clit. She whimpered, her face contorting in delight. Her black pigtails swaying about her face. I twisted her nub, making her whimper. Moan. I brought her closer and closer to her explosion.

Just like her fingers reaming out my asshole brought me closer and closer to mine. I would have such a big one. A mighty burst of rapture that would consume me. It would be incredible. I whimpered, hurtling closer and closer and closer.

She buried her digits into my asshole. It was incredible to enjoy. I whimpered, savoring every moment of her fingering my asshole. This delight was fantastic to enjoy. I whimpered and groaned, my head tossing from side to side. I shuddered as she reamed her digits hard into my bowels. I swallowed, my fingers twisting her clit.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she moaned.

“Oh, god,” I gasped, my asshole melting around her digits.



The two chants grew with a feverish pitch, feeding my orgasms until I would explode. We would gush juices that would spray over all of them. I whimpered, my heart pounding as Velvet jammed her digits so deep into my asshole. She wiggled them around, stimulating my bowels.

I hovered on the verge. My climax swelled in the depths of my cunt. I would squirt so hard. I would drench them. I stared at my fans through my thighs, my body trembling. I was almost there. I pinched Velvet’s clit hard. She jammed her digits deep into my asshole.

“I’m cumming!” I squealed.

She ripped her digits out of my asshole as my pussy convulsed. Juices gushed out at me and bathed the audience. Through my legs, I watched my cream splashing over the cheering girls. I coated faces and breasts with my passion, the rapture sweeping through me.

Intense bliss blazed through my body. I shuddered, my heart pounding so fast. My head tossed from side to side, stars burning before my vision. I rubbed fiercely at my partner’s clit and she squealed in delight.

“Fuck, yes!” she howled.

Her pussy squirted, too.

We were both gushing juices. My body bucked as I unleashed three more squirts of pussy cream. I rubbed her clit as she gasped and moaned. My mind drowned in rapture as our audience drowned in our hot juices.

My legs quivered, growing weak from the intensity of my orgasm. My butthole spasmed. I swayed, my boobs jiggling. It was so wonderful. Such an intense and beautiful passion. I whimpered as I hit the wild peak of my pleasure. I shuddered there, the audience cheering.





They loved us.

“Bravo!” Kandy applauded, rising over the din. “Well done. Well fucking done. You two girls were born to do this!”

I glanced at Velvet, and she grinned at me, her face flushed. We kissed and knew we would be dropping out of college today. We would be embarking as a girl-girl stripping duo. We would take the world by storm.

Peach and Velvet would rock them all. I couldn’t wait to give every guy a hardon fingering my girl’s twat. Career day was a smashing success.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...