The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter 7: MILF Teacher’s Mind-Controlled Gangbang

Clara was having fun spreading rumors about the students. Those vicious assholes at her college were all so eager to run with them. All she had to do was tweet something, and all the people who bullied her were having rumors spread about them.

“I can’t believe people think those stuck up cunts are strippers,” Clara chortled to herself as she read some of the tweets. Like Georgia and Brenda would become strippers named Peach and Velvet. God, people are so fucking dumb.

There were even photos, but Clara waved those off as not being real. Obviously, they were deep-fakes. It was so easy to use computers these days. It wasn’t like her lies could actually be true. She just made them up. There was no way her tweet could make anyone do anything.

But she was having fun that all those people who bullied her were getting bullied now. Having their reputations ruined. It just proved what Clara believed. People were terrible beasts, little more than monsters, and she was more than happy to destroy them.

But it wasn’t just the students she had to destroy. It was the teachers. Mrs. Daniels in particular.

“That bitch always marked my math tests wrongs. She’s a whore. Likes the boys. Always flirting with them. Always making sure they get the grades right. Let’s see how she likes this rumor.”

Clara couldn’t wait for the fun to begin. For the others to pile on and ruin Mrs. Daniels’s reputation. Clara was hoping for some good fake pics, too. Find a porn star who looked like her, morph her face on, really stick it to her.

Her fingers typing on her phone, she prepared her next tweet on the @realgossip account: “Did you know that Mrs. Daniels sucks a boy’s cock if he gets an A on the test? Imagine what she does if he aces the final! #teacherslut #BJreward”

* * *

Mrs. Daniels

“I know you can all do better,” I said as I held up the pop quiz to my class, wearing my conservative blouse and long skirt. “Your finals are tomorrow, and only Sean got a good result.” I held up his paper. “Only one of you to score over 90%. I want you all to do better. You all have to pass your finals”

The students shifted, some looking bored. How to motivate them.

“Well, I promised every student who did well on this test would get a 10 points bonus on his final—”

Phones chirped in the room, the students all hurrying to check them out. I was getting so annoyed with them. I put my hands on my hips and glared out at my students as some of them chuckled. They all looked at me, the girls shaking their heads in disgust.

“Like I said,” I continued, my pussy on fire. This was the part I loved. “Every boy who got over 90% would get a blowjob. And only Sean cared enough to try. I guess a BJ isn’t good enough from your hot teacher, huh? I know you all think I’m a MILF.” I sauntered forward, staring at the boys.

Sean was sitting up front, his brown hair combed back, this eager look on his face. He had thick glasses, probably never had a blowjob in his life. Well, he was getting one today. Other boys were staring at me with hunger in their eyes. They loved the tight pencil skirts, dark stockings, and low-cut blouses I wore. I did it to encourage them.

But it wasn’t enough.

“So,” I said as I knelt before Sean’s desk. I looked out at the guys, James, Cliff, Eric, Barry, Harris, Anton, Jordan, Frank, and Steve, ignoring the girls. I couldn’t motivate them like I could the boys. “This is my promise, every boy who gets a 100% on the finals, will get to fuck me. If it’s just one, you get me to all to yourself. But the more that get it right, well, the more who get to fuck me. Gangbang me. That’s right, boys. That’s what I’m offering up for the final. Every one of my holes, not just my mouth, is up for the taking.”

The girls all muttered angrily while the boys groaned in delight. If that couldn’t motivate them, then I didn’t know what would. My pussy clenched. I hadn’t been fucked hard in so many years. My husband wasn’t doing it, but these eighteen-year-old boys would pound me hard.

“Now,” I purred, my head sliding beneath Sean’s desk. My hands slid up his denim pant legs, scratching at the fabric. I would give him a great time. He wouldn’t know what hit him.

My pussy was on fire as my hands reached his crotch. My fingernails rasped on the jeans. I found his fastener, popped the button. His zipper rasped down. Sean gulped. I could tell he was nervous. He squirmed in his seat.

“Relax, Sean,” I cooed. “You’ve earned this. You’re are going to fire a big load down my throat, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Mrs. Daniels,” he croaked.

I was so glad I decided to start offering this motivation. Young cocks, so hard and firm. Didn’t need any little blue pill to get up. Just my sexy, mature form. My cunt soaked my panties. I wiggled my hips back and forth as I drew down his zipper. That wonderful rasp made me shiver.

I reached in and found his boxers. He had that slit in the front, the fly. My fingers slithered in and found his warm cock. He gasped as I drew him out. Desks shifted. I bet the guys were trying to get a view of my crimson lips wrapped around Sean’s cock.,

“Mrs. Daniels!” he groaned as I stroked him.

He had a nice-sized dick. Not the biggest, but it would be just right in my mouth. I kissed the tip, wanting this to be special for him. His cock twitched in my hand. Salty precum smeared over my lips, the flavor bleeding through my mouth.

My tongue flicked over his crown, bathing him. I teased him, swirling around him. He whimpered, his chair creaking as I played with him. It was awesome to gather up more drops of his precum and hear the sounds he made.

Such a cute boy.

I nibbled on his crown with my plump lips, my hips wiggling back and forth. I soaked my panties. They dripped with my excitement. When I had a chance, I would masturbate thinking about Sean’s cock. I would have such a mighty orgasm. I would cum and cum and cum remembering how I guzzled down his jizz. It would be fantastic.

I had to taste his boyish spunk. Eighteen... My son was this age.

I swallowed the tip of Sean’s cock.

“Mrs. Daniels!” he groaned, his dick twitching as my lips slid over his crown and then sealed about his shaft.

I nursed on him. I suckled with passion on his cock. This was incredible. My hips wiggled back and forth as I bobbed my head. My panties grew wetter and wetter. It was so hot to suck on my student’s cock.

I was such a cock-hungry bitch.

I nursed on him while students snickered and chuckled. They whispered around me. I didn’t care. Sean had earned this reward. And so did I for teaching him. For getting him to get such a great score on my test.

This was as much my treat as his.

“Oh, god,” he groaned. “Mrs. Daniels! That’s... I... Oh, damn!”

“Getting his first BJ from teach,” said Anton. The Black guy was sitting in the row behind Sean. “Damn, you’re just loving that cock, Mrs. Daniels.”

I was.

“Wish she would love my cock,” Jordan groaned.

“Got to ace that test,” James said. “Damn, I need her to suck my dick. That’s so hot.”

“You boys are all such pervs!” one girl muttered. Sounded like Debra.

She was just jealous they wanted me. I was forty-three and hot. My body toned and my ass curvy. I had big boobs that jiggled in my low-cut blouse. My pussy clenched, the itch building and building in my depths. Masturbating would have to wait for my break.

But it would be great.

I stroked the base of his cock, brushing his zipper on the downstroke. The teeth rubbed into the sides of my hand. I nursed on his dick at the same time, head bobbing. I slid my lips up and down, sucking the entire time.

My cheeks hollowed. Drool ran over my chin. I made such obscene sounds as I loved his dick. It was amazing. Young and firm. His wonderful precum spilled over my tongue. He groaned and panted, savoring the delight I gave him.

“I’m going to cum, Mrs. Daniels,” he groaned.

Good. I wanted that so much.

My tongue danced around his shaft. I suckled with all my might on his cute cock. He groaned, his legs shifting around me. I worked my mouth down his dick and then slid back up him. I loved the taste of him.

The flavor of his cock and precum filled my mouth.

He panted. His hands pounded the top of the desk. The salty flavor of his precum swelled in intensity. I fisted his cock faster, massaging the base. If I hadn’t pulled him out of his boxers, I would be playing with his balls.

So I just kept suckling on him.

“Mrs. Daniels!” he growled.

His cock erupted.

Salty cum splashed against the back of my throat. My entire body trembled. My pussy clenched. I wiggled my hips back and forth as I gulped down Sean’s young cum. I savored the rich and creamy texture flowing down my throat.

“That’s amazing!” he gasped, more and more of his jizz firing into my mouth. “Oh, yes, Mrs. Daniels!”

“The whore’s swallowing it,” hissed from the girls.

Every last drop. I loved it. How could I have gone all these years teaching these young hunks without nursing on their dicks. I had been faithful to my husband. Why? I didn’t care now; this was amazing. I wanted to be fucked by them all.

I hoped they all aced their final.

“Mrs. Daniels,” Sean groaned as I sucked out the last drops of his cum. I shuddered, nursing in hopes there would be one final blast of his salty delight.

There was not.

I crawled out from beneath his desk and stood up, panting. My large tits rose and fell. Drool and cum ran down my chin. The boys all stared at me with such lust in their eyes. Such animal hunger. They wanted to ravish me.

“Get a hundred percent on your finals,” I told them, “and you will get to fuck me every way you want, boys.”

“Goddamn,” groaned Anton.

“I want that so bad,” said Cliff.

“You’re the fucking best,” Jordan groaned.

Frank shook his head, his shaggy, blond hair swaying about him. This huge grin was on his face. All the girls sulked, but none of them had dicks, so I didn’t care. They didn’t need special rewards. Not like my boys did.

“I’ll see you all tomorrow for your finals.” I winked at the guys and purred, “Good luck, boys. Don’t let me down. I’m going to be soooo horny. I’ll need at least two of you to satisfy me. More will be better.”

Every guy in the class groaned in excitement.

I had a run in my nylons by the end of my next class. I had to blow three guys for getting good scores in that one. The finals would be staggered. I had three classes. Three chances to be gangbanged by my boys.

I hoped every last one of them aced it. If that didn’t motivate them, I didn’t know what would. I masturbated so hard thinking about it and screamed my head off.

* * *

It was a long week. I didn’t get to see my class who took their finals first until that Friday. I was so excited, though. I had their tests graded. Some of the girls did well, but it was the boys’ results that mattered.

They all had shown up, sitting in the front rows. They stared at me with such hope in their eyes, waiting to find out who would be getting to fuck me. It wasn’t all of them, sadly. I had nine boys in this class, but only four of them had aced it.

I hated disappointing them, but if I didn’t stick to my guns, then they wouldn’t try next time.

“Okay, okay,” I said. “Boys, you all did amazing.”

They whooped and cheered. The girls in the back folded their arms and looked so pissed off. They shook their heads. One of them had their phone out like she was going to record my gangbang. Well, I just hoped she gave me a copy.

I bet it would be hot to masturbate to it later on.

“Okay, okay,” I said, standing before them in my tight, black pencil skirt, a pair of dark-brown thigh-highs on. I had no panties and no bra, my nipples poking at the purple material of my stretchy blouse. “Sadly, only four of you aced the final.”

The boys’ smiles slipped. A few of them looked worried. Cliff looked cocky, which he shouldn’t. Sean, though, had a big grin. He knew he had killed it on the test. He pushed up his glasses, staring at me with hunger.

“So,” I said, and undid my bun. My brown hair spilled down around my face as I shook my head. The boys all salivated, staring at me with such hunger. “Four of you did make it.” I slid my hands down over my breasts and to the three large buttons holding my blouse shut. “Which means four of you get to enjoy me.”

I undid the first button.

“Mmm, yes, yes, you’re all so eager to ravish me.” I winked at them and popped the second button through its eyelet. “You’re going to pound me hard, aren’t you?”

They all groaned as I undid the third button.

I opened my blouse and my breasts swayed free. They were big tits. F-cups. Nice and soft and all natural. I had hard, dark-red nipples thrusting from my wide areolas. The boys licked their lips, wanting to suckle on them.

“Mmm, yes, yes, you’re all so eager to play with my big, soft mommy-tits, aren’t you?” I purred, cupping my large boobs and hefting them. “Yes, yes, you think I’m a MILF.”

“Fucking hell, you are, Mrs. Daniels,” Anton said, the Black stud grinning with his thick lips.

Several of the girls left in disgust, slamming the door behind them. Such jealous cunts. I didn’t care. I had my boys staring at me. I slid my hands from my tits down to my skirt. My fingers found the zipper that held them tight about my hips.

“I know I’m teasing you,” I groaned, “but I want you five that didn’t ace the test to see what you’ll get next semester if you work hard.” The zipper rasped down. “All the delights that will be yours if you study hard.”

My skirt fell off my hips and slid down my thighs, revealing the tops of my stockings and my thick, dark brown bush dripping with my juices. I stepped out of my skirt and stood with my feet apart, my hands on my hips.

More phones popped out, taking pictures of me in all my naked glory. I drank it in, my cunt growing hotter and hotter. Two more girls stalked out. I savored their retreat. I had all nine of my boys’ attention.

“Now,” I purred, “the four of you who I call, you get to enjoy me however you like. Just remember to share.” I winked at them. “There’s more than enough of me to go around. We have all afternoon for you boys to satiate yourselves. You can fuck me as many times as you can get it up.”

“God, tell us,” groaned Cliff. “I know I made it.”

“Sorry,” I said, shaking my head. “You were three points shy. Only Anton”—that had been a big surprise at how much he had improved—“Frank, James, and Sean aced it. You four, enjoy!”

The moment I had said Anton’s name, he had risen and ripped off his shirt. He was wearing only basketball shorts today and shoved those off along with his boxers. He was naked in a flash, his big dick thrusting out before him.

Clearly, he was ready to fuck me.

I shuddered and fanned my face as I stared at that big, Black cock. My cunt clenched at the heat that was brewing in my snatch. My heart pounded in my chest. My blood was on fire. Just burning hot. My hips wiggled back and forth, pussy cream running down my thighs.

Then Anton was on me. He grabbed my tits. His dark hands squeezed my ivory boobs. He ducked his head down and suckled on my nipple. I gasped at his hungry lip nursing on me. My pussy clenched with delight.

“Ooh, Anton,” I moaned. He had come prepared. He thought he would ace it. “You did amazing.”

His one hand squeezed the tit he knelt on while his other slid down my body, his fingers pressing through my bush, and found my married pussy. I gasped as he rubbed at my cunt with his big, strong digits. They were rough and thick.

“Oh, Anton,” I moaned, my nipple throbbing in his mouth. He suckled on me hard. I swayed, my heart pounding. Blood rushed hot through my veins.

I bit my lip, loving everything he did to me while the other boys stripped naked. James, Sean, and Frank were on the nerdier side. The smarter boys. The ones I wasn’t surprised had nailed it. They weren’t as brawny as Anton, but their bodies were full of boyish delight.

I gasped as Anton thrust his fingers into my cunt. I groaned, my eyes fixating on Sean’s cock as he popped out. Then James’s. A nice one with a slight curve to it. Frank shoved his pants and boxers down. I groaned as his shaft throbbing with his heartbeat. He stared at me with shock in his eyes. Like he couldn’t believe this was happening.

“That fucking Clara called it,” muttered one of the girls. “Her tweets are always right.”

I shuddered, not sure what that was about. Then I gasped as Anton pulled his fingers out of my pussy. He popped his mouth off my nub and thrust his dark digits into his lips. He tasted my tangy cunt.

“Damn, Mrs. D.,” he said after he finished sucking his fingers clean, “you are one tasty MILF.”

I winked at him.

He grabbed my hips and spun me around. I gasped, my big boobs heaving. He bent me over my desk, knocking over the pictures of my family in the process. My tits rubbed into the tests stacked on there, all the finals. They crinkled beneath my breasts, my nipples throbbing against them.

His cock pressed into my pussy lips. I groaned, eager to have his big, thick dick ram into me. He would fuck me hard and fast. He would pound me. It would be incredible to enjoy. I was so eager to have that huge cock slam into my cunt.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned. “Fuck me, Anton! You earned my pussy!”

“Goddamn, some married, MILF twat!” he growled and rammed his ebony cock into my pussy.

I gasped. I had never taken anything so big in my snatch. He stretched out my twat. It was awesome to feel. I clamped my cunt down on his dick as he slid deeper and deeper into my pussy. He reached farther into my sheath.

I arched my back, moaning like a complete whore. I shuddered, my cunt squeezing down on his dick. He bottomed out in me, reaching all the way to my cervix. I loved the feel of him stretching me out. Pleasure rippled through me.

It was amazing.

“Oh, my god,” I gasped as he drew back.

As he did, James appeared before me, shoving my computer chair out of the way. He stared down at me, the bangs of his black hair spilling over his forehead. He proffered his hard cock at my face. My lips.

“Mmm, just slide right in, big boy,” I moaned and opened my mouth wide.

James grinned. As Anton rammed his big, Black dick into my married cunt, I swallowed Jame’s cock. I groaned as he popped into my mouth. My tongue swept over his spongy crown, loving the texture of him.

Such a wonderful delight. I nursed on him. I suckled with passion. He groaned, his hand rubbing at his face. I winked at him, so glad to give him this delight. I would make sure he had such a huge orgasm.

So would Anton.

He grabbed my hips with his strong hands. He plunged forward, burying into my snatch again and again. It was incredible to enjoy. I shuddered, my cunt squeezing down on his amazing cock. He thrust into me again and again.

I squeezed my eyes shut and nursed on James. I suckled with passion on his cock, his hands grabbing fistfuls of my hair. I felt like such a whore. A teacher-whore pleasing her two students. The others were watching, James and Frank on the ends of my desk, holding their cocks.

“Fuck, Mrs. D.!” groaned Anton. “That pussy... Shit, you are so fucking tight. Hubby don’t have a dick as big as me, does he?”

No, my husband did not.

I squeezed my cunt down around Anton’s cock, reveling in those hard thrusts. He buried into me with passion. He slammed to the hilt in me with such powerful thrusts. It was incredible. I groaned, my hips undulating, stirring my cunt around his big dick.

At the same time, I suckled on James’s cock. I moaned around him, letting the pleasure that Anton gave me hum around the tip of James’s dick. He groaned, sounding like he loved my blowjob. My tongue danced around him.

His precum was incredible.

“Mrs. Daniels,” James panted. “Wow, that’s great. You really know how to suck cock.”

“Wait until you try her cunt!” Anton groaned. “Mrs. D.’s got herself one fine-ass pussy! Oh, yeah!”

He thrust harder, stirring up my cunt. My pussy clung to him, the silky friction building my orgasm faster and faster. I hurtled towards that moment when I would cum. That burst of pleasure that would shower through me. It would be fantastic.

His balls smacked into my bush, loaded with his cum. I wanted all my boys’ spunk. I nursed hard on James, loving his cock with all my might. He groaned and then his hips thrust forward. He fucked my mouth.


James pumped his cock in and out of my mouth while Anton slammed into my pussy. The watching boys, not Sean or Fred who were just waiting for their turn, groaned in envy. They were seeing the delight they would have received if they did better.

I dreamed of the day when all the boys in my class would get to fuck me after finals. Or any test, really.

All those hard, young cocks fucking my married flesh. My nipples throbbed just thinking about it, my pussy clenching about Anton’s big, Black dick. I suckled on James’s cock ramming into my mouth, his cock driving to the back of my throat.

“Mrs. Daniels!” he groaned and thrust forward hard. Too hard.

He buried down my gullet.

My eyes widened in realization as I felt something utterly naughty. I was deep-throating a cock. It was something I never thought I would do. But for my boys, I would. James’s cock plunged down my gullet. His thick, black bush pressed into my face and his balls smacked into my chin.

I felt like such a teacher-whore.

I groaned around his cock, Anton’s big dick bringing me closer and closer to my orgasm. I hurtled towards that wonderful moment. I would have such a big explosion of bliss. A mighty burst of pleasure. It would sweep over me. I groaned, my hips undulating. I stirred my cunt around that big dick. I savored that large cock plundering into me. It was fantastic to feel.

“Mrs. D.!” growled Anton as he plowed into me. “Fuck, that’s good pussy! Goddamn, I love this snatch!”

I shivered, my pussy clamping down so hard on that cock. The heat swelled and swelled in me. My toes curled as I hurtled towards my orgasm. I moaned around James’s dick. Anton plowed into me hard. Fast. I quivered, his balls smacking into my bush.

James’s thwacked into my chin.

“Oh, Mrs. Daniels!” he groaned as he pulled back, my lips sucking hard.

I trembled, shivering as Anton slammed to the hilt in me again. He filled me up. It was incredible. This was the magical moment I had been craving for days. My pussy gripped him as he pulled back. The friction was exquisite. My orgasm swelled. Swelled.


I came.

My pussy writhed around my student’s huge cock. My pussy convulsed and writhed. The pleasure swept through me. I groaned, my head tossing from side to side. It was incredible to feel. I groaned, the rapture drowning my mind.

“Mrs. fucking D.!” growled Anton. “That goddamn cunt is going wild!”

“Did she cum?” groaned Fred.

“Yes, she fucking did!”

I shuddered, my pussy going wild around Anton’s dick. James gasped as he thrust down my throat, my nose in his bush. His cock pulsed. Cum jetted straight into my stomach. That was how much of a whore I was. I savored it, my mind drowning in rapture.

My pussy rippled and writhed around Anton’s cock. He plunged into me hard and growled. Hot cum jetted into my married pussy. I groaned at that wonderful seed spilling into me. Anton’s rumbling moans filled the air.

He had earned his reward.

Both my students firing their spunk into my holes did.

My orgasm melted into joy. I had educated these boys. I had taught them, encouraged them, and inspired them with my gorgeous body. They savored my MILF flesh. My pussy milked out the last of Anton’s cum while James spilled the last of his jizz into my mouth.

“Oh, damn, Mrs. D.,” groaned Anton as he pulled out of me. “That was heaven.”

James slid out of my mouth, panting. “Wow, Mrs. Daniels, I fucked your throat.”

“Mmm,” I purred as I straightened, licking my lips. My heavy tits swayed before me. “Yes, you did.” I glanced to my right and left, Sean and Fred holding their cocks, both of them looked eager for what was to come. “You boys ready to enjoy my body.”

“Yes, Mrs. Daniels!” groaned Fred.

“Yeah,” croaked Sean.

I grabbed the bottle of lube I had left on my desk and tossed it to Sean. “Get your cock ready for me.”

“Mrs. Daniels?” he asked, glancing down at the cum leaking out of my pussy and matting my bush. A line of jizz trickled down my thigh. “Uh, you took Anton with ease.”

I scooped up Anton’s spunk running down my leg. Before I popped the treat into my mouth, I said, “You’re a bright boy, Sean. You’ll figure it out.”

Winking, I popped my fingers into my mouth and sucked off the salty delight of the Black stud’s cum. I groaned, my hips wiggling back and forth. It tasted so great. I shuddered, my body still buzzing from my orgasm.

“You are such a whore, Mrs. Daniels,” hissed Sophie. “The entire school is going to know.”

My fingers slid out. “Good. I want them to all know how I take care of my boys.” I sauntered to Fred. “Sit on my desk. I’m going to ride you while Sean enjoys me from behind.”

“Shit, yes,” groaned Fred.

He sat down on the end of the desk, knocking over another picture. It was of my husband. I shoved it farther down the desk and then mounted him. Anton’s cum leaked out of my sloppy cunt as I pressed my big boobs into Fred’s face. My brown locks danced around my face.

He groaned, his face lost in my boobs. He rubbed back and forth, his whiskers brushing my soft flesh. I reached between us and found his cock. Of course, he wasn’t as big as Anton, but I didn’t care. I just wanted a hard, young cock in my mature pussy.

I pressed him against my cunt and then impaled my snatch down his dick. “Yes!” I moaned. “Oh, god, this is so much better than my husband’s limp noodle. Mmm, you’re so virile, Fred.” I smiled at Sean lubing up his cock. “And so are you, cutie.”

“Mrs. Daniels,” Sean groaned and rushed around the desk as my sloppy cunt swallowed every inch of Fred’s dick.

Sean moved up behind me as I bottomed out on Fred’s cock. He turned his head and then started kissing up my left nipple. As Sean pressed his cock into my butt-crack, Fred’s lips found my hard nipple and suckled.

I gasped, loving him nursing me like a baby. I cooed in delight as he did, my heart pounding in my chest. Pleasure shot down to my cunt. My asshole tightened. Sean’s lubed cock found my puckered hole. He pressed against me.

I smiled and then groaned as he drilled his cock against my asshole. I had never done anal before. Now I would be double-stuffed. It was all so exciting for me. My anal ring widened and widened for Sean’s cock, my nipple throbbing in Fred’s suckling mouth.

“Oh, god, yes!” I moaned, Anton and James watching along with the other boys. “Sean, ram into my asshole. I want you to fuck me so hard! I know it’s your first time. You can do it!”

“Yes, Mrs. Daniels,” he groaned like a good boy.

“Shit,” Anton groaned, a big grin on his dark lips.

My anal ring swallowed Sean’s cock. That lubed dick popped into my bowels. My eyes squeezed shut as his cock slid into my velvety sheath. The pleasure was different. It was strange and visceral. I groaned, loving it. His cock slid to the hilt in me.

It was amazing.

My body shuddered. My tits jiggled back and forth. They had a quiver to them. Ripe and soft and rippling with my passion. I whimpered as Sean drew back. I moaned and slid up Fred’s dick. He suckled harder at my nipple. He nursed with passion on it, sending pleasure shooting down to my cunt.

Sean rammed back into my asshole while I impaled my pussy down Fred’s cock. Both their dicks slid into me at the same moment. They both filled me up. I gasped, my eyes widening at the pleasure swelling through my body. The two frictions fed each other, swirling and wrapping about each other to make something wonderful!

“Oh, my god,” I moaned, riding Fred faster, Sean’s cock thrusting in and out of my asshole.

He buried into my bowels with hard strokes, gasping, “Mrs. Daniels!”

“I know,” I whimpered as he pumped away at my bowels. His crotch smacked into my rump, my butt-cheeks jiggling.

Fred nursed on my nipple. He suckled with such hunger on me. Pleasure shot down to my pussy, meeting the delight churning in my nethers. Two different delights, the silky bliss in my cunt and the velvety fire in my asshole swirled.

I groaned, my holes squeezing about the boys’ cocks, savoring their passion as they drove me towards my climax. My head tossed, brown hair dancing around my face. The pleasure swelled and swelled in my nethers, feeding on their dicks filling up my holes.

“This is what you get if you ace my tests, boys!” I moaned. “Study hard, and you’ll get to fuck my body!”

“Goddamn,” groaned Harris.

“I’ll study so hard,” Eric panted, his phone aimed at me. “I’m putting this up on Pornhub.”

“Yes, yes, I’m Mrs. Daniels!” I groaned. “I’m a math professor, and these boys aced their final and so get to gangbang me!”

“Goddamn, that’s hot!” Steve groaned.

“It is,” James said then he darted towards me. He grabbed my free breast in both his hands and latched onto my other nipple.

I nursed two of my boys. I wished I had milk to give them. But it felt incredible. Both my nipples shot delight down to my pussy. The two boys suckled on me with different strengths and used different techniques. James nibbled on my nub with his lips while Fred moaned, his cock throbbing in my pussy.

Sean hammered my asshole. The nerd drove his cock hard and deep into my bowels. I trembled, savoring that pleasure. It swept through me. I groaned, squeezing my asshole down on that hard cock ramming into me. I rode Fred faster and faster, reveling in this pleasure.

It was amazing. Incredible. I loved every second of his dick burying into my bowels. He plunged over and over into me as I worked my cunt up and down Fred’s pussy. My nipples burst with sparks. They showered through me.

“I’m going to cum on their cocks!” I howled.

“Go, Mrs. Daniels!” cheered the watching boys.

“You’re getting me hard, Mrs. D.,” Anton groaned.

“Good!” I groaned. “You’ll have to fuck my asshole next.”

He grinned at me.

Sean slammed his cock hard into my asshole, his crotch smacking into my flesh. My butt-cheeks jiggled. I quivered in delight, squeezing my flesh around him. I slammed down Fred’s cock. He groaned around my nipples as my sloppy snatch massaged him.

James and Fred suckled with passion. I hugged them to my hips as Sean drew his cock back. My bowels clung to him. I chased him, sliding up Fred’s Dick. The pleasure burst inside of me. My body bucked.

“Oh, god, yes!” I howled, my pussy and asshole loving my two boys.

My cunt convulsed and my bowels spasmed. My holes rippled around Sean’s and Fred’s dicks. I slammed down Fred’s shaft, my pussy sucking at him. He moaned around my nipple while the fire burned through me.

He blazed out of my asshole writhing around Sean’s thrusting cock. He grunted as he buried into my spasming flesh over and over again. I groaned, shuddering through the bliss, my entire body burning. An inferno of rapture consumed me.

“Oh, fuck, Mrs. Daniels!” Sean groaned and flooded my anal sheath.

I gasped as I took my first load of cum in my asshole. My bowels rippled around his cock, sucking at him. He dumped spurt after spurt of jizz into my anal sheath. My head tossed from side to side, my orgasms intensifying.

Fred sucked hard on my nipple. His cock erupted in my cunt.

“Oh, yes, yes, my boys are cumming in me!” I howled, my body shaking. The flames burned across my mind.

Rapture consumed my thoughts.

Two streams of cum flooded my holes. Jizz splashed against my cervix and basted the depths of my bowels. I was such a naughty teacher. I reveled in the bliss that my boys gave me while the five watching whooped and cheered me on.

“You’re so hot, Mrs. Daniels!”

“Fucking sexy!”

“I’m taking another of your classes and acing that test!”

“You’re going to be cumming on my dick, Mrs. Daniels!”

“I want to suck on your tits! They’re awesome!”

I was in heaven. My orgasm blazed so hot and then burned out. I shuddered, my holes swimming in my boys’ cum. My hand slid down and found James’s cock. I gripped him. He was hard again, so ready for my cunt.

“James, get on your back,” I purred, stroking his cock. “You’re getting my pussy next.”

He slid his mouth off my nipple and moaned, “Yes, Mrs. Daniels.”

Anton grinned at me, rubbing lube onto his huge cock. He would rip my asshole open like the whore-teacher I’d become. I was so glad this idea came to me. I had wasted so many years denying my boys the pleasure of my body.

Sean, panting, slid out of my asshole. Then I dismounted Fred. Even more cum spilled out of my sloppy cunt. Two loads had been fired deep into my married depths. I shuddered and smiled. I licked my lips as the cum spilled down my thighs.

Time for load number three.

“Mmm, James,” I groaned, straddling his waist and sliding to my knees. I was going to ruin another pair of stockings. I didn’t care. I grabbed his cock, purring, “I’m going to ride you hard.”

“Yes, Mrs. Daniels,” he groaned and grabbed my jiggling tits.

I shuddered, pressing his cock into my sloppy depths. I rubbed him against my hot pussy lips and then I sank his shaft. He groaned as I swallowed his dick. I took inch after inch of him into my depths until I had him all.

“Coming for that ass, Mrs. D.,” Anton growled as he moved in from behind me.

I shuddered in delight. Then he was behind me. He pressed his lubed cock into my butt-crack. I shuddered as he rubbed it up and down my flesh. I quivered, enjoying the feel of him pushing against my sloppy asshole. Sean had broken me in for this big dick.

Even though I had just taken a cock in my asshole, my anal ring had to stretch and stretch. I whimpered. It almost hurt. That wonderful ache that let a woman know she had a huge dick in her. He popped past my sphincter and entered my bowels. My eyes bulged as he slid into me. I quivered as we went farther than Sean and kept going before his bush rubbed into my ass.

I was stuffed full of cock.

But I needed more. As Anton drew back, my bowels clinging to him, I glanced at Sean and Fred. They both had cocks fresh from my holes. I hadn’t sucked Fred off, but Sean’s dick had come straight from my asshole.

That was the nastier choice.

“Let me suck your cock clean, Sean,” I moaned. “You get my pussy next.”

“Mrs. Daniel,” he groaned, his eyes wide.

“Fucking ass to mouth!” groaned Anton. He rammed his monster dick back into me.

“Yes!” I groaned, taking his cock to the hilt in my bowels. “Just the sort of nasty treat that a whore like me wants.”

Sean stumbled up and offered his cock to me. The sour aroma of my ass filled my nose. My pussy clenched down on James’s cock. I opened my mouth wide and swallowed Sean’s. My lips slid over his dirty dick. The earthy flavor suffused my mouth. Of course, I loved it.

I suckled on Sean, polishing his pole. My thighs flexed, sliding my cunt up James’s cock. Anton grunted, slamming his dick into my bowels. His big, Black dick reamed me out. I loved it. I whimpered, taking his cock over and over in me.

“Mrs. Daniel is such a slut!” groaned Harris.

“I’m so fucking acing the next test,” panted Cliff.

“Yeah,” Eric groaned.

I whimpered my delight, sucking on Sean’s dirty dick. I bobbed my head, sliding my lips up and down his cock. He groaned, his face twisting in delight. My tongue slid over him, cleaning off every bit of my asshole.

I rode James’s cock, savoring polishing Sean’s dick. I bobbed my head, buffing him clean with my tongue. My asshole clenched about Anton’s cock. The idea of nursing on his dirty, ebony shaft swelled through me.

I was such a whore.

James kneaded my tits. He squeezed them as my pussy massaged his cock. He groaned and gasped. Anton grunted, his heavy balls smacking into my taint as he sodomized me. That huge dick of his reached so deep into my bowels.

So wonderfully far.

I squealed around Sean’s cock, the earthy flavor of my asshole slowly fading.

“Damn, Mr. D.!” groaned Anton. “Never met a teacher like you. You’re fucking awesome.”

“Yes!” James moaned, his fingers digging into my tits. “Your pussy... Oh, yes, yes!”

“You’re sucking my cock straight from your asshole!” panted Sean. “That’s so filthy. Oh, yes, so filthy.”

I winked up at the nerd, my tongue sweeping around his cock, looking for more of that sour flavor.

The earthy delight dwindled, but the salty taste of his precum built and built. I savored it, nursing on him. Drool ran down my chin. I shuddered, my sloppy cunt and asshole drinking in the friction of the two dicks. My toes curled in my nylons.

I built and built towards my next orgasm. My pussy clung to James’s cock, the silky friction fueling it. My asshole reveled in Anton’s girth, his dick stretching me out. I hurtled closer and closer to cumming.

I trembled, so eager for that big burst of pleasure that would sweep through me. I would cum and cum. My boys would enjoy all my holes over and over again.

James squeezed my tits and Anton drilled into my asshole. I whimpered around Sean’s cock. The sour flavor had vanished, but I knew he was building and building towards his orgasm. My five other students watched on in envy.

“Fuck,” panted Harris.

“I know,” groaned Steve.

“Shit!” Anton growled, hammering my bowels. “I’m almost there.”

“Uh-huh,” panted Sean.

I suckled hard on him, my asshole and pussy clenching about Anton’s and James’s cocks. All three of the boys were groaning, their moans echoing around me. I brought them closer and closer to exploding as my orgasm brimmed in my nethers.

Sean whimpered, “Mrs. Daniel!”

He fired his cum into my mouth.

My pussy clenched down on James’s cock. I impaled my twat down him as I drank Sean’s yummy, thick jizz. I gulped it down. Anton slammed into my bowels. The dual frictions of his big dick reaming my asshole and James’s shaft filling my sloppy cunt triggered me.

I burst in rapture.

I gulped down Sean’s cum, swallowing it all while my holes writhed and spasmed. James’s hands tightened in my tits while Anton groaned. He slammed into me hard. He buried his cock to the hilt in my spasming bowls.

“Fuck, yes, Mrs. D.!” he snarled and flooded my bowels with his cum.

“Oh, wow, Mrs. Daniels!” groaned James. “Your pussy is amazing!”

His cum flooded my married depths. My third load of cum of the day fired into my adulterous and mature pussy. I shuddered, my students using me. They flooded all of my holes with their spunk. Rapture smothered my mind.

This was so incredible.

The boys cheered me on as my holes drained all three young cocks. They emptied into my mouth, pussy, and asshole. I whimpered, savoring it. I hit the peak of my pleasure. I shuddered in delight, my body buzzing with such bliss.

I loved rewarding my students this way.

And they weren’t done. Oh, no, they would have to keep fucking me hard.

Sean fucked my pussy while I sucked on Anton’s big, Black dick. I polished his pole while kneeling spit-roasted between the two boys. My tits swayed back and forth as the rapture built and built in me.

I came. And so did they.

I ended up on my back, my ankles wrapped around Fred’s neck as he fucked me in the ass. I nursed on James’s cock, still tasting of my tangy pussy. Then I was flipped over and Anton reamed out my cunt again while I gave Sean a titty fuck.

They came in my pussy. My mouth. My asshole. They left me dripping in spunk. I wore my boys out. I satisfied them and knew they would all excel. I quivered, knowing that tomorrow, I would be gangbanged by another class of boys.

I loved being an inspiring teacher. I was so glad that this idea had popped into my mind. How could I have been that staid and proper bitch all these years instead of being the whore-teacher that my boys deserved?

Well, I was now. Every guy in the school would be signing up for my classes.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...