The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter 8: Hot Slut Facials

Clara had so many people she wanted to get back at.

“God, that is so amazing,” she said, seeing the deep fakes of Mrs. Daniels getting gangbanged by her students. It was so good. “Though it’s scary how amazing technology is.”

Because they had to be deep fakes, even the videos that were made of the married teacher getting fucked. Clara was just making things up. If they weren’t deep fakes, then Clara had some magical power which, of course, was nonsense to the girl.

How could she know some cosmic joke was being played.

“Who to deal with next,” she thought. She glanced to her makeup table and her sad attempts to use lipsticks and rouge to make herself pretty and it had always backfired. Some girls plastered themselves in it.

“Cunts wear too much makeup,” Clara said, smiling. “Something has to be done.” She glanced at Twitter. People were starting to guess she was the owner of @realgossip. She wasn’t sure how, personal data was so easy to get to these days, but she didn’t care. Let them all know she was behind it.

She typed: “Did you know, to prevent girls from using too much makeup the security guard ‘randomly’ skull fucks the girls with his giant cock and covers them with his huge load? #BlackTears #goodforyourskinn #solobukakke”

She typed send. Her tweet went off to her several thousand followers.


* * *


I wanted to be a cop, but the best I could do right now was a security guard. Still, I was at a college. I had a belt and a badge. I didn’t carry a gun, but I had a Taser and mace. It was my job to make sure that the students weren’t smuggling in guns.

Couldn’t have another Virginia Tech or anything. So I kept my eyes vigilant as I moved through the crowd. Of course, I had to stare at the college coeds asses. Eighteen, nineteen, and twenty-year-old girls with tight rumps. Just doing my job. Yep.

One good thing about having a small cock; no one noticed my erections.

Suddenly, notifications sang out. It seemed like every student’s phone had gone off at the same time, a mix of rings, bells, chimes, and other sound effects. They whipped out their phones, all staring at them.

I didn’t care. I had a job to do. I had to make sure that girls weren’t wearing too much makeup to school. If they were, I had to skull-fuck them and then cum all over their faces. It was why I was hired. I had a big dick and I produced so much cum.

I could single-handily coat a girl’s face in jizz. A one-man bukakke party. It was a gift that I was eager to use and...

There was a girl, her platinum-blonde hair swaying down her back. She had a killer ass. Just gorgeous. I couldn’t see her face, but I was certain she was wearing too much makeup. For some reason, all the hot girls did. It was just a fact. If she made my dick throb, then she must be wearing too much makeup.

“You!” I roared, marching down the hallway. “Makeup inspection!”

* * *


I blinked as the other girls stopped around me. I looked around, confused. “Makeup inspection?”

It was my first day. I had just transferred in and I was hoping to make a good impression. I looked around at the girls who were all closing their eyes. One was wiping at her face with a cloth, rubbing off the makeup she wore.

“You, the blonde,” growled a deep voice. I turned to see a tall, young man with brown hair in a flattop. He had the face of a drill instructor.

“M-me?” I asked as he stopped before me. “Did I do something wrong?”

“Yeah, you’re not on your knees,” he said. “This is a makeup inspection.”

The other girls around me all hurried down the hallway. One muttered, “Thank god I’m not as hot as her.”

“Why do I have to kneel?” I asked, confused.

Guys were crowding around now. They were grinning and nodding at each other. I swallowed, my cheeks burning. I didn’t get this at all. I looked around, my hair dancing down my back. They all looked like hungry lions on the savanna, and I was a lost gazelle.

“It’s a makeup inspection,” he said and then rubbed his finger across my cheek. “Too much foundation, such a whorish shade of lipstick, deep mascara, and that rouge. I have to fix it. You know the drill. On your knees, slut.”

“S-slut?” I squeaked. “I just transferred here. This is my first day.”

“Then that’s a good thing,” he said, smiling. “I’m Officer Lance, and I do the makeup inspections.”

“You’re about to get skull-fucked!” a guy shouted from behind me.

“It’ll be good for your skin,” said another guy, his arms around a smirking girl.

“Yeah,” the girl said. She had a plain face and almost no boobs. “Everyone knows cum is the best moisturizer for a slut’s face.”

Officer Lance’s hands fell on my shoulder and pushed. I squeaked as my knees buckled and then I ended up before him, face to face with the massive bulge in his gray sweatpants. He didn’t wear any utility belt, just the stretchy sweatshirt fleece.

“What is going on?” I demanded. “This can’t be happening.”

“It’s the rule,” Lance said with feign reluctance. “Sorry, my hands are tied. I have to fuck your mouth and jizz all over your face.”

“What?” I gasped.

He shoved his sweatpants down. He wasn’t even wearing boxers. His big cock flopped out. He was huge, way bigger than any guy I had been with. He seized a fistful of my blonde hair before I could step back out of his reach.

He yanked hard.

I screamed out in pain at the sudden pull on my tresses, my roots burning across my scalp. His cock slammed into my open mouth. The watching boys, and a few plain-looking girls, cheered on the man.

“That’s it,” he groaned, more and more of his cock sliding into my mouth. “Time to get skull-fucked. Mmm, you’re going to get a mouthful of cum. Just going to love every second of it, aren’t you? It’s why you wore all that makeup.”

I shook my head, moaning my protest around his huge cock. Humiliation burned through me as the guys were snapping photos or just watching this disgusting man slide his dick all the way to the back of my throat.

He drew back, my lips sealed about him. I couldn’t believe this was happening. It was so wrong. He slammed back into my mouth, plunging to the back of my throat. The salty flavor of his cock swelled through my mouth. I whimpered as he pumped away at me.

“Goddamn, you got a mouth on you,” he growled. “You were born to suck cock, weren’t you, slut?”

I whimpered.

“Yeah, do that,” he groaned. “That whimper. That’s good.”

“Fuck her mouth, Officer!” whooped a watching boy.

“Pound that whore’s mouth!” a girl cried out and then clapped.

“Going to get covered in cum!”

I blinked my eyes, tears forming. I couldn’t cry. My mascara would run. I’d have black tears flowing down my face, but it was so disgusting to have this cock slamming into the back of my throat. The thick shaft pumped away at me.

I shuddered as the big cock slammed to the back of my throat. Drool ran down my chin. This was so humiliating. More photos were taken. I squeezed my eyes shut, wanting to block out all the people watching me.

The first tear ran down my cheek.

“Black tear!” whooped from the crowd.

Applause thundered around me. They were happy I was getting mouth-fucked by this man. He gripped my hair hard, keeping my head in place. I glanced up at him, pleading with him with my eyes. He grunted, staring down at me with this huge grin.

He loved it. He wasn’t about to stop fucking my mouth. This was a nightmare. This couldn’t be happening to me. It was my first day at my new college. I wanted to make a great impression. I wore a cute outfit, put on some adorable makeup, and now... now...

Now it was all being ruined.

More tears fell. I could feel the mascara running down my cheeks as he slammed his cock to the back of my throat. His salty precum suffused my taste buds. He was going to cum in my mouth. I’d have to swallow his jizz.

“Look at those black tears,” said the man, shaking his head. “Definitely too much makeup. But we’ll fix that. You wanted to tart yourself up, so you’ll get a good covering on my seed.”

Wait, what?

“Yeah, bukakke the shit out of her, Officer Lance!”

“Coat that skank in jizz!”

“God, I love watching a whore get a facial!”

“Drench her!” cheered one of the girls.

“Yes, yes, do it, Officer Lance!”

“Just doing my job, whore,” he growled and thrust harder.

He hit the back of my throat and kept pushing. My eyes bulged. I choked and gagged as he rammed his cock down the back of my throat. He slid it down deep. I gurgled on it, making such wet and obscene sounds.

His balls smacked into my chin. I had swallowed every inch of his cock. It was all the way down my throat. I couldn’t believe this was happening. It was insane. More tears spilled down my cheeks. I whimpered around his cock.

“Yes, yes, that’s it,” he groaned, pulling back. “Massage my cock with that throat. You’re going to make me cum so hard.”

I didn’t want that, but I couldn’t do anything to stop him.

More drool ran down my chin. I shuddered as he rammed back down my throat. He fucked my mouth and throat hard and fast. Shame burned through me. My mouth was nothing more than a hole for him to fuck.

His balls smacked over and over into my chin. I sniffed, struggling to breathe through my nose. He growled, his face twisting with pleasure. My hands clenched into fists as he skull-fucked my mouth so hard.

“BUKAKKE!” the watching students started cheering.



“Getting there,” groaned Officer Lance. “Whore has a great mouth.”

He was really going to cum on my face!

I shuddered, the humiliation shaking my body. Tears spilled hot down my cheeks. I sobbed around his cock plunging down my throat. He groaned and then ripped his cock back. He burst out of my mouth.

“No, please!” I gasped, drool spilling down my chin. “Don’t cum on my—”

He erupted.

His cock spurted blast after blast of jizz. Thick wads of cum sprayed into my mouth and then across my lips and nose. I squeezed my eyes shut as so much spunk sprayed my features. His dick was like a firehouse.

It splashed over me, running hot down my features, coating me utterly in spunk. The jizz soaked into my hairline. It splattered on my new top, soaking the fabric. I quivered there, his hand clutching a fistful of my hair.

I couldn’t get away from him. I was stuck as he spurted more and more of his jizz onto my face.

He drenched me.

Soaked me.

I sobbed as the students cheered.


They clapped.


They thought this was fitting. I shuddered as he kept spurting. He drenched my face with his spunk, grunting and groaning the entire time.

“Fuck, yes!” he groaned. “Mmm, there you are. Okay, you can go. I hope you learned your lesson, slut.”

I nodded. I stumbled to my feet, everyone snapping pictures of my face covered in cum. I had to get to my class. Shoulders hunched, I rushed down the hall, the cum coating my face. It clung to my features, a mask of white.

“Don’t wear so much makeup, skank,” a Japanese girl with pigtails said as she stepped out of a bathroom.

I hunched my shoulders down even lower and rushed faster down the hallway. I was almost to my class.

I burst into my classroom. The professor looked up and grinned. “Ah, our transfer student. Wore too much makeup, huh.”

I just nodded, still sobbing, my shoulders shaking.

“Well, find a seat. I hoped you learned not to be such a slut.” He grinned. “But remember, it’s good for your skin.”

“Y-yes, sir,” I croaked and rushed to my seat.

* * *


“See you later, Ruri,” my friend said to me.

“Ciao!” I said, bouncing on my feet and thrusting up the peace sign. My pigtails swayed around my face.

I glanced at the large bathroom mirror. I was wearing not much makeup. Just enough to enhance my features. I wouldn’t trigger Officer Lance’s makeup inspection, right. Was the mascara too much? I had on a light shade of lipstick and no rouge. I would be fine. My brown pigtails fell around my Japanese features.

I was perfect.

I flounced out of the bathroom and headed to my next class. A girl came rushing down the hallway just covered in cum, platinum blonde hair bouncing down her. Streaks of black were mixing in with the jizz from all the mascara she wore.

“Don’t wear so much makeup, skank,” I shouted.

I shook my head and hummed. I wanted to skip to my next class. I was feeling good today. I passed the intersection where she had come from. I kept going straight instead of to the right. Didn’t want to run into Officer Lance just in case. I should be fine.

A hand grabbed my pigtail and yanked me around.

“What the fu...” My scream died as I came face to face with Officer Lance. “I... I... I’m not wearing any rouge or much foundation.”

“Nope,” he said. “Still...” He grinned. “It’s just too much.”

“But... but...” I glanced at a girl walking by. “She’s got way more on than me. Look at how red her lipstick is.”

The plain girl, her jeans squeezing tight about her waist, causing her to have a muffin top. “Naw, she’s fine. It’s you.” He looked up and down my cute, slender body. I wore a belly shirt and a short, pleated skirt. “You are the one with too much makeup on.”

He seized my other pigtail and yanked down. I gasped and fell to my knees before him. He gripped both of them like handlebars, his cock tenting the front of his sweatpants. Even though he had just skull-fucked that blonde chick, he was still hard.

“Please, please, Officer, I’ll go take it off,” I whimpered.

“You should have done that before I saw you,” he said. “Now pull out my cock and take your inspection like the whore you are.”

I whimpered, wanting to be strong, but the guys were gathering. The girl with the muffin top came back, smirking. It was like... I was so pretty, she was glad I was about to have my mouth fucked and jizz sprayed all over my face.

Jealous cunt!

“Fine,” I muttered and yanked down his sweatpants. “Let’s just get this over with.”

“That’s the spirit, slut,” he said.

My cheeks burned at that. Tears of humiliation were already building. With how much mascara I had on, I would soon have black tears. I could tell that pics of me getting skull-fucked would find their way to Twitter.

@realgossip would be making fun of me.

Everyone would know I had been bukakked by the security gurad. I whimpered, the impending shame of the judgmental gazes I would receive already had the tears forming in my eyes. Officer Lance gripped my pigtails. I hooked the front of his sweat pants and...

Out flopped his cock.

I swallowed at how big he was. That thick shaft would soon be ramming down my throat. He would be fucking me hard and fast. Just thrusting his dick over and over into my mouth. I sighed, hating how humiliating this was.

I opened my mouth wide, closed my eyes, and took my punishment.

He rammed his cock to the back of my throat, moaning, “That’s it, slut.”

His cock tasted salty. Lingering bits of cum spilled over my tongue. I closed my eyes, wanting to get this over with. I sucked on him. The faster he came, the faster I could run off with jizz on my face. The tears fell as I nursed on his dick like a complete whore.

“Mmm, yes, yes, suckle on my cock, skank,” he groaned. “And you came equipped with these handlebars, too. So helpful.”

He yanked on them, forcing my mouth down his cock. I gurgled, drool spilling down my lips. He brushed the back of my throat and relaxed his grip. Shuddering, I slid my lips back up his cock, sucking the entire way.

“Fuck, yes!” he growled and yanked again.

My scalp burned as he fucked my mouth down his cock. Then I would slide back up him, drool running down my chin. The sloppy sounds of my sucking echoed through the hallway. The guys were chuckling and laughing.

Smartphones out, they were recording it all. Every last humiliating second of it. I groaned, in shame, black tears spilling down my cheeks. Officer Lance groaned, fucking my mouth up and down his cock, groaning every time.

His salty precum soaked my tongue. I whimpered, my cheeks hollowing. I clutched my hands tight together as I endured the humiliation of wearing too much makeup. But I hadn’t. He only picked me because I’m hot.

It wasn’t fair.

“Fuck that slut’s mouth!” whooped muffin top. She had so much makeup slathered on her ugly face.

“Yea, pound that whore’s mouth!” a guy shouted.

“Skank is sucking, too! Listen to her!”

“She wore all that makeup to get jizzed on!”

“Whore wants the full bukakke treatment!”

“Yeah, she does!”

I didn’t. I just wanted it over.

Lance grunted and groaned as he fucked my mouth. My tongue danced around his cock, stroking him. He groaned as he fucked my mouth up and down his shaft. He pulled on my pigtails. He abused my cuteness for his pleasures.

He grinned down at me with evil delight, enjoying every moment of fucking my mouth with his dick. I hated how this was making my pussy wet. It was so shameful. The pics would be all over social media.

My parents would see this.

My cunt clenched.

“Fucking hell, you suck dick, whore!” growled Officer Lance. “Yes, yes, just like that, you fucking Jap skank. Nurse on my cock, you little whore. You dress like that, so you want this. Yeah, you are sucking hard. You want my cum coating your face, ho.”

Did I?

I wore all that mascara... Did I want black tears? Was I some sort of masochistic slut? My pussy was getting hotter and hotter as he fucked my mouth. He grunted, pulling on my pigtails, sliding my lips down his cock. The more people looked at me, the more pictures they took of my ruined mascara and mouth stuffed with dick, the more my pussy itched.

“Yes, yes, you deserve this, slut!” he growled. “Keep sucking. I’m going to cum all over at that adorable face.”

I whimpered and suckled as hard as I could. My cheeks hollowed as my lips slid up his shaft. Then I squealed as he yanked on my hair, plunging my mouth down his cock. The salty flavor of his precum swelled and swelled.

He was almost there. My tongue caressed his crown, eager to coax out every drop of cum he had in his balls. He would fire out more and more of that spunk. It would coat my face. Shower me in so much jizz. I would be a bukakked whore.

“Fuck!” he growled and ripped his cock out of my mouth. “Skank!”

He erupted.

My open mouth caught his salty cum. It splashed to the back of my tonsils. Then he yanked on my pigtails, moving my face around in the stream of cum. It sprayed everywhere. Over my cheeks. Up the bridge of my nose. He drenched me in jizz.

“Take that, whore!” Muffin Top cheered, bouncing up and down.

“Goddamn, he’s coating her!”

“He is!” I cried out, my pussy on fire. I was wet. I needed to cum as he drenched more and more of my face in jizz.

“Fucking whore!” Officer Lance growled, his stream of salty jizz splashing in my open mouth again.

I gulped down his cum, trembling there. He groaned, his spray dwindling. He soaked my blouse and then went dry. I panted, cum dripping off my face. He grinned at me and winked. I shuddered as his jizz ran down my face.

“I-it’s good for my skin,” I whimpered.

“That’s right, skank,” he said. “Next time I see you, I’m going to fuck your throat.”

He didn’t mention makeup at all. He didn’t care. He just wanted to fuck a hot girl’s mouth and jizz over them. So... so... why not wear all the makeup and really get coated. I shuddered and stumbled to my feet. I hurried to the restroom to take care of my whore-cunt, jizz dripping down my face. I licked my lips, savoring the salty flavor.

Guys jeered as I passed, but I flounced with my head straight and my pigtails dancing as I reached the bathroom to masturbate my hot, naughty cunt.

* * *


I whistled as I continued my patrol. I had a jaunt to my step after that Asian girl with the pigtails. She barely had any makeup on except that mascara, but who cared, she was sexy. Just smoking hot. She deserved a white facial and black tears.

The halls had grown empty fast. Classes were on. There was always this downtime, but I had a dick that needed sucking. So I peeked in on the classes, looking for the perfect girl to fuck. Not one of the plain-faced girls or the muffin tops chicks. One who was tight.

I whistled, my huge cock tenting the front of my sweatpants. It was strange wearing the security guard’s shirt with a pair of sweatpants, but they were comfortable and let me get my cock out as fast as possible.

“Lucky bastard,” George said as he passed me. Another security guard, he had the full-on equipment belt with the taser, pepper spray, cuffs, and radio. “I wanted the job.”

“You got to have the right cock,” I said, shrugging. I peered in and looked around. “Oh, damn, look at her.”

He came up beside me and peered in. “You looking at Becky.”

“The brunette with those huge cans?” I asked.

“Yeah, that’s Becky Big Boobs, as I’ve heard her called.” George chuckled. “She’s got the biggest tits on campus, or so the rumors say. Every guy wants to fuck her. Look at those tits. They are from heaven.”

They were huge, stretching out the magenta crop top she wore. The busty cutie was writing down on her notes as the professor lectured. I stared at her face. She barely had any makeup on, but those tits... I shuddered as those tits were made to be enjoyed.

“I’m going for it,” I said. “Makeup inspection.”

“She’s barely got any on,” George said.

“And?” I asked. “Are you an expert on what is or isn’t too much makeup on a girl?”

“Naw, I guess that is your job.”

“Damn fucking straight it’s my job. I have to make sure that the hotties aren’t tarting it up. If they are...” I grinned. “Well, then they deserve to be coated in my spunk, don’t they?”

“Yes, they do,” George said. “I can’t wait to—”

“George,” squawked from his walkie-talkie. “We need you over on the quad.”

George sighed and grabbed his mic clipped to his epaulet and turned his head. Pressing the button he said, “You’re really breaking my balls. Lance is about to give a makeup inspection to Becky Big Boobs.”

“Don’t give a fuck who he’s jizzing on,” growled the voice. That must be Roger, our captain. “His job is to jizz on whores, yours is to break up fights. Now get that ass moving.”

“10-4,” groaned George. “You mind waiting?”

“Sorry, I have to get my inspection quotas in. Can’t take a break.”

“Shit,” he growled and walked off. “You are the luckiest son of a bitch, you know that.”

I grinned and grabbed the doorknob. I yanked it open. The professor blinked and glanced over at me. He saw me and sighed. “Makeup inspection, Officer Lance?”

“Yes,” I said. “I was passing the halls and saw a girl that has on too much makeup.

A blonde groaned and buried her face in her hand. She had quite a lot on. The girl next to her gave her a conciliatory pat.

“Becky,” I growled, marching to her. “You have on too much.”

“What?” she gasped. “I have on some foundation and lip gloss. How is that too much?”

“It looks gaudy to me,” I said.

The girl who had buried her face in her hands looked up in shock. She had such deep mascara on, she would have black tears running down her face. Becky, however, would just have normal tears. She folded her arms beneath her breasts.

“Why is it you only pick the hottest girls in school,” she demanded, her large mounds quivering.

Were those J-cups? They must be.

“I pick those who violate the rules,” I growled. “Now, top and bra off, you don’t want them to stain.”

“You mean, you want to see my big tits,” she huffed. “Professor Roberts!”

“You heard Officer Lance,” her professor barked. “Top and bra off. He’s going to drench your face in cum. The last thing you want is to have that blouse and your bra ruined.”

“Yeah,” another guy echoed.

“Looks expensive,” a girl said with her heart cut butch short and not a bit of makeup on her face. She stared at those tits with hunger. “You don’t want any stains.”

“You’re all such fucking perverts!” Becky huffed and stood up. She peeled off her blouse. Her large tits jiggled in the red bra she wore. “Just want to see my big tits, huh? Never seen a pair of natural J-cups, right?

“Nope,” said the guy sitting by her. “Goddamn, you have the biggest tits.”

“Yeah, yeah,” she hissed and glared at me. She reached behind her and unhooked her. “I’m not going to give you the satisfaction of crying.”

I grinned as she undid the clasp to her bra. “The only satisfaction I get is from doing my job right.”

“And cumming on hot girls’ faces does what for you?”

“I can’t help it that it feels good,” I answered. “It’s simple biology.”

She slipped off her bra and tossed it on her desk. Every guy in the room, the professor and me included, groaned at the sight of those huge tits swaying free. They had such a jiggle to them. They were perfection. My cock throbbed with the desire to just fuck her mouth. I also wanted to enjoy those tits. It was a conundrum.

But I wasn’t allowed to touch their tits. Just fuck their faces.

“On your knees,” I said, shoving down my pants so my huge cock could flop out. “Open wide.”

Still glaring at me with such loathing, she knelt. Her big boobs bounced and jiggled. She opened her mouth wide with defiance. I grinned and grabbed a fistful of her brown hair. I rammed to the hilt in her mouth.

Her lips sealed around my cock. I groaned as I penetrated all the way to the back of her throat. She sealed her mouth about my shaft. The tip of my dick luxuriated in the wet warmth of her. She folded her arms beneath her breasts and did nothing. No sucking. No tongue play.

That was okay.

“Becky, you need to learn that girls shouldn’t cake their faces in makeup,” I groaned, drawing back through her warm, wet mouth. “If you do, we know what will happen. It’s like you wanted to be covered in cum.”

“Yeah!” nodded the guy beside her.

“She’s just a little slut,” moaned the lesbian, squirming. Was she getting turned on watching me fuck the busty girl?


As I pumped away at her body, her boobs jiggled. They had such a lovely sway to them. It was quite stirring to witness as I buried my cock to the hilt in her mouth over and over again. Her lips massaged my shaft while the tip rubbed across her tongue and the roof of her mouth.

She glared up at me the entire time. I grinned, loving her defiance as I fucked her mouth. I shifted my grip on her hair to hold the sides of her head. I fucked my hips faster, my heavy balls swinging as I buried to the back of her throat.

Drool ran down her chin.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I said, winking. “Becky, you have to learn that this is a school. Not a place to prance around like a whore.”

She growled, her anger humming around my cock.

“You’ll learn, though,” I panted, pumping away at her mouth. “If I have to give you daily cum baths until you learn your lesson then that’s what I’ll have to do.”

Her eyes filled with even more disgust.

Having her glare at me with those angry eyes made me feel like I was a bug. A thing she hated. Which made it all the hotter that I was pounding her mouth. I skull-fucked her hard, driving my cock to the back of her throat.

Drool spilled down her chin and landed on her heavy tits. That was a hot thing to witness. I loved the sight of her spittle running over her large, soft boobs. I slammed harder in her, loving that more spit spilled out and landed on her breasts.

“Goddamn,” I growled. “You love it, don’t you?”

She narrowed her eyes, her disgust with me such a turn-on. It made me feel like a filthy boy for doing this. So naughty for fucking her mouth with my big cock. I groaned, the ache building and building at the tip. I thrust harder.

My cock hit the back of her throat.

She gagged as I slammed my cock down her gullet. My face twisted with pleasure as I rammed my cock to the hilt in her mouth. My balls smacked into her chin. I heard her tits slap together. She growled, her passion humming around my cock, her vocal cords massaging them.

“Yes!” I growled. “You’re going to learn your lesson and not be a slut!”

I drew back, savoring how she continued to rage at me, screaming her fury around my cock. Her defiance made this sweeter. The pressure in my balls grew and grew as I slammed down her throat. My balls smacked into her chin again.

That heavy thud echoed through the classroom. Mr. Rogers stood nearby, observing his student’s punishment. The lesbian licked her lips. Guys groaned, sitting up in their seats to watch me drill my cock down Becky’s gullet.

“Fuck her mouth hard!” groaned Mr. Rogers. “Teach that slut not to wear so much makeup in my class. It’s distracting.”

“Yeah!” moaned the lesbian. “Pound her mouth. Make those big boobs shake.”

Becky squealed in frustration, the passion rippling around my cock. I groaned as I fucked in and out of her gullet. She gurgled as I rammed down her throat. She hated me so much with those fierce eyes, fueling my orgasm.

My balls, cracking into her chin, tightened with the cum I would fire into her mouth. I groaned, pumping away hard and fast at her. I thrust into her with powerful strokes, eager to explode all over her face.

“Fuck,” I groaned.

“Jizz on her!” Mr. Rogers groaned. “Punish the slut.”

“Yes,” whimpered the lesbian.”

“Getting there,” I growled, ramming my cock down Becky’s gullet. “You want me to cum all over that face. Coat you in spunk and wash away that gaudy makeup!”

She snorted, the air burst from her nose and spilling over my cock. I grinned, the pressure at the tip of my cock hitting that breaking point. I ripped my cock out of her mouth and grabbed it in my free hand.

“You are such an ass—”

Becky’s words cut off as my cum splashed on her face. She sealed her mouth shut as my jizz gushed out on her. Pleasure swept through my body. My mind burst with ecstasy as the rapture fired from my dick.

My cum spurted out of me so fast, it was like a constant stream of jizz. It basted her face. It washed over her features, coating her in my spunk. I groaned with each pulse of bliss, my cum hosing over her features.

“Fuck, yes!” I groaned.

The guys cheered. The lesbian licked her lips.

I coated every bit of her face in my jizz while my cock kept erupting. I groaned, aiming my dick down and coating her tits. She squealed in shock, her eyes snapping open as I basted her huge J-cups with my spunk.

“You’re only supposed to cum on my face!” she gasped, jizz dripping off her lips as she spoke. “Not my tits, asshole!”

“I slipped!” I groaned, coating those big, lush mounds in spunk. “Fuck, yes!”

I fired the last of my cum onto her big breasts. Her nipples poked through the jizz, hard and pink. The cum ran down her stomach towards her jeans. I was a one-man bukakke crew. I panted as she hopped to her feet.

“Fucking jackass!” she snarled and grabbed her clothes. “I’m reporting you to the administration.”

“We all saw him slip, Becky,” Mr. Rogers said.

“Yeah,” the lesbian moaned. “Becky, wait up, I’ll help you clean up.”

“Oh, you are not touching me, you sick bitch!” Becky snarled and then marched out of the classroom.

I just smiled. Another successful makeup check. I pulled up my sweatpants and looked around the room. None of the others were just hot enough to need my treatment. I whistled and headed out. I would find other girls.

* * *


“God, she is such a slut,” I said, shaking my head as the gangbang in Mrs. Daniels’s class was underway. Last semester, the boys had to ace their finale to fuck her, now they just had to get every question right on her pop quiz. And those questions were so easy, every boy in class had gotten all of them right.

The slut was eager to take them all on. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out she was pregnant.

My white hair bounced around my face. It wasn’t naturally white, of course. I dyed it. The hue matched my face, my heavy layers of foundation making me as pale as snow. My black lipstick and heavy mascara made me pop.

I just had to avoid Officer Lance. But he had a pattern. I knew it well. I just had to go the back ways, stay out of the main corridors, and he would never spot me. There was no way I was giving up my goth look.

No fucking way.

I hit the stairwell and rushed down them. This would pop me out on the backside of the building. I’d duck out a side door and head back to my dorm. I hummed as I went, taking the stairs two at a time while someone was coming up them whistling.

I hurtled down and then gasped as I came face to face with Officer Lance coming up. We met on the landing. His whistle trailed off as he grinned at me. “Well, well, look at you.”

“I’m goth!” I gasped. “I don’t do this to be a slut. I do this to look pale and deathly.”

“And the wispy skirt that barely falls past your ass, the fishnet stockings, and the transparent top showing off your strapless bra are... What? Coy? Demure? Whorish?” he asked.

“To look cute,” I said, smiling.”

“Drop to the floor, open that mouth. It’s time to get painted.” He groaned. “You wanted to have a pale face.”

“It takes forever to do my makeup,” I whimpered as my knees hit the ground. “Can’t you just fuck me instead? Let me off with a warning.”

“Naw,” he said. “You are fucking hot.”

Tears burned in my eyes. It took me an hour to do this, and he was going to ruin it. I had a date tonight. I didn’t have time to redo it. I squeezed my eyes shut, the tears already building. My mascara would run.

“Come on, open wide,” Officer Lance said. “I don’t have all day.”

I forced my mouth open and he rammed his cock past my lips. He thrust away at my mouth, not even holding my head as he pounded me hard. He thrust that cock into my mouth over and over again, my tongue sliding around it.

I shuddered, my date tonight ruined. I had such a hottie lined up, too. The singer of an emo-metal band. He looked fucking sexy in his leathers. I bet he had a big dick. I was supposed to be perfect for him. Now this dumb security guard was ruining it.

This was my chance to become a groupie. Black Vomit at Christmas would hit it big. I just knew it, and I would miss out on it because of this asshole.

I shuddered, the tears flooding down my cheeks now. He chuckled, enjoying them as he fucked my mouth. He pounded me. My cunt itched. He had such a huge dick. I would have gladly taken this cock in my cunt.

He could even creampie me.

I could clean that up with ease, but this...

“Goddamn, you have such a white fucking face,” he groaned. “I think you’re paler than my jizz. That’s so fucked up.”

I shuddered around his cock. There was no getting out of this. He would be coating me in spunk. I squeezed my eyes shut, whimpering. All my plans were ruined. There was no way that he would want to see me covered in spunk.

The security guard fucked me harder and faster. He drove his cock to the back of my throat. I shuddered and knew what would come next. Why did he have to be so huge? His cock was so thick. This would suck.

He hit the back of my throat and pressed on my gullet.

I gagged and gurgled. My hands balled up into fists as he forced his cock down my throat, stretching it out. I groaned, drool spilling down my chin. His balls smacked into my chin a moment later. He groaned as he savored my gullet.

“Love being down a slut’s throat,” he groaned and pumped away at my mouth.

He rammed his cock down my throat over and over again. I hated this. My night was ruined by this asshole. My pussy clenched, aching to have this huge cock in my snatch instead of being wasted down my throat.

This did nothing to me but humiliate me.

His grunts and moans echoed around us. He pumped away at my mouth, driving his hard cock forcefully down my gullet. His balls smacked heavily into my drool-coated chin as he came closer and closer to erupting.

“Fuck,” he panted. “You’re going to get coated in jizz.”

I whimpered, more tears falling.

“Just covered in my seed, slut!”

Officer Lance rammed his cock down my gullet. I squealed, hating this so much. I would rather he had just fucked my pussy. At least then I could have cum on this huge dick. I gurgled as he pulled back, black tears running down my cheeks.

Then he ripped out of me and growled, “Fuck!”

His cock erupted.

Hot cum pumped out of his dick. He basted me in his jizz, his moans of pleasure echoing through the stairwell. I shuddered as he painted me with spurt after spurt of his jizz. It was so thick and disgusting. It was ruining my makeup.

I shuddered, fresh sobs shaking my body. How could I go on my date tonight looking like this? I had to keep the jizz on me until I went to bed. That was the school rule. I shuddered as he pumped more and more of his spunk on my face.

“Fuck, yes!” he growled. “You are looking fine now, you goth whore!”

I shuddered as every inch of my face was coated in his spunk. The jizz ran down my features. My tears spilled out into it, carving lines of black into the white spunk that he painted on me. My hands balled up as he fired the last of the spunk on my face.

“You’re ruining my date!” I gasped.

“You don’t know that,” Officer Lance said. “Maybe he’s into girls covered in cum. You never know. Lots of freaks these days.”

“Really?” I asked, blinking. Then I blanched at the idea of a rock star being into something that gay. “Ew, why would I want to date a pussy like that? Even if he is in a band, no thanks!”

He chuckled. “Well, either way, it’s better for your skin than all that shit your caking on it. If you want to have a white face, just hit me up.”

I nodded and then shuddered. “Don’t you ever want to fuck one of our pussies instead?”

“I’m not being paid to fuck your cunts,” I said. “I get off in thirty minutes. I don’t mind fucking you with your face covered in cum. I’ll just take you from behind.”

I shuddered and licked the salty jizz on my lips. He did have a huge cock, and my date was ruined tonight...

* * *


I wasn’t surprised when the goth girl was waiting for me. It happened. They all knew I had a huge cock, and they were all sluts anyway.

“God, I love this job,” I said as I came up to her caked in cum, black stripes running down her cheeks from her mascara tears. “Let’s get that cunt of yours stuffed with dick.”

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...