The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter 11: Feminist Sluts Train the Good Girl

Clara chortled over the picture of those two size queen sluts that someone had made covered in Santa’s jizz.

“Damn, whoever is making these deep fakes is amazing!” Clara said to herself. “They’re so real.” She studied the pics of Bianca and Natalie covered in jizz with elf ears on their head.

For a mad moment, Clara almost believed that her tweets made those two girls mall Santa sluts, but that was impossible. It’s not like my tweets cause anything to happen. Everyone is just such asshats they pretend they do.

School was back in session. Christmas break was over. It was time to get back at those bitches in the Women’s Studies classes. They were such mean cunts. Talking about feminism then judging any girl who shaved her armpits as supporting the patriarchy. Clara had the perfect tweet to ruin their reputation.

Everyone knows they’re a bunch of cock-gobblers anyway, she thought as she typed.

“Did you know the girls in the Women’s Studies class that call themselves feminist are a bunch of hypocrites? They act like they are about female empowerment, but will do the most demeaning and degrading things to themselves and other girls just for a man’s approval. #4thepatriarchy #fakefeminist #worshipcock”


* * *


I walked through the college campus on the way to my Indigenous People’s Studies class. I took all the studies. There were so many ways women were oppressed. By race, class, gender orientation. It was so sick what the patriarchy did to them.

“My dad is cutting my monthly allowance to only $5000,” I whined to Lottie. She marched beside me in combat boots and an army jacket. She had died her hair blue and buzzed a fade into the left side, showing all the men that feminine beauty could come in any form.

And if they thought she was dog-ugly, that just proved they were objectifying pigs who wanted us to be walking Barbie dolls so they could make us into their Stepford wives and pump us full of babies.

“Only $5000,” Lottie said, glancing at me.

“How can I afford my loft and my Tesla?” I whimpered. “I’m supposed to fly to DC this weekend for the rally. That costs money! Ugh, he’s such a pig!”

“Your father’s just trying to control you!” Lottie said, her head shaking and boots stomping beside me. “My father is threatening not to pay for my graduate school. He’s going to make me get a student loan.”

“So you can be crushed under debt!” I gasped. “What do you have to do?”

“Stop dressing like a hobo! His words!”

“But you have such a great style!” I said. “The lesbians all love it! You’re so butch!”

“Right!” She quivered and glanced at me. “What are you going to do about your dad controlling you. He just wants you to be some trophy wife to a banker. You’ll be like your mother if you don’t watch out.”

“That bitch!” I shuddered at the thought. “She spends so much money on worthless garbage. That money could be used to educate men on how terrible they are!”

“Let’s protest your father’s company!” Lottie said. Then she gasped. “And MeToo his ass! He’s got to have diddled some secretary. Just violated her. Men! That’s what they do to women. Just make us do whatever they want.”

My eyes fell on a jock hitting on a girl. She was a brunette wearing skinny jeans and crop top. She had makeup on. I bet she shaved her legs. I hadn’t shaved mine in a month, and if any guy said that wasn’t sexy, then he was a pig that I didn’t want to fuck. Like that last guy. I blew him, and then he blanched when I told him I was on the rag and it was natural, so he should suck it up and eat me out.

The guy was wearing a flannel shirt, unbuttoned to show off the tight, white t-shirt he had on beneath, and worn jeans. He had a rugged cast to him, whiskers on the cheeks. He looked like the type that voted R.

“I bet he owns an AR-15!” I hissed. “Fucking White Supremacist. Only hitting on a White girl. Ugh, let’s lay into him.”

“She clearly doesn’t want it,” Lottie agreed. “Let’s tear his ass up, Savannah.”

“Yeah, guys like him never hit on me!” I hissed. God, he was strong and hunky.

“Toxic men don’t want a strong, independent womyn. Scared of us.”

We marched over them, my Birkenstocks slapping on the ground. I wore frumpy top and baggy jeans. I didn’t want some guy objectifying me. I used to have blonde hair, but I cut it short and dyed it purple. Daddy hated it. He once asked, “What happened to my cute princess!” I used to like my dad until my Women’s Studies class showed me the truth about him.

“Hey!” I snarled. “Leave her alone, pig!”

* * *


I struggled to find an excuse to get away from Shane. He leaned over me, grinning down. He was handsome in that bad boy sort of way, but I wasn’t interested. I had class to get to. But he kept grinning at me.

“You gotta check this place out,” he said. “You’d love it. Real fun. They got a drink there that’ll knock off your panties.”

I bet.

“Hey!” a girl shouted. A purple-haired, frumpy girl who looked like she dressed in her big sister’s clothes. They didn’t fit her at all. She had on no makeup, her face pale and blotchy. She wore Birkenstocks sandals like she was some sort of hippie. “Leave her alone, pig!”

Shane snorted in laughter. “Run along. I’m sure there’s a MAGA rally around you can go screech at!”

“Screech!” the other girl with her snarled. She wore an army jacket, her hair dyed blue and buzzed so short on the left side. That ugly style that hip girls thought made them so cool. She looked even frumpier than her friend, a sour musk rising around them both. “Are you calling her a harpy? Just because she’s loud? Gonna call her bossy?”

My phone dinged with a Twitter notification as Shane chuckled at the two girls in the trench coats. They were gorgeous girls who had marched over to come to my rescue. One was a blonde, her hair falling in wavy locks around her face covered in just the perfect amount of makeup. Lips a plump red. She wore heels to college. They both did. The other had black hair, a fall of mysterious night that accented her pale, but beautiful, features.

“What?” Shane asked. “I’m talking to Lisa. Why you two over here busting my balls.”

“We’d never bust your balls,” purred the blonde, the one who had marched over here and interrupted. “We’re just confused why Lisa’s not into you.”

“Right?” Shane said. He puffed out his chest. He was going for that outdoor look. “Just tryin’ to show her a good time. Not gonna hurt her.”

“That’s right,” the black-haired girl said. “Lisa—”

“Who are you two?” I asked, confused why they had come over here and why they were wearing elegant trench coats like they were going to an expensive dinner party instead of college.

“I’m Lottie,” the black-haired girl said. “And she’s Savannah, and we’re just very concerned about you.”

“Yeah,” Savannah said. “Don’t you understand what Feminism has done for you? You don’t have to play coy or hard to get any longer. If you want to play hide the salami with Shane, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

“I don’t want to...” I blanched. “That’s so gross. I don’t want to fuck him. I just want to get to class.”

“Why don’t you want to fuck him?” Lottie asked. She stared at me with this confused look in her hazel eyes. “I mean, he’s gorgeous. That’s a man right there. Top 10%. He gets a lot of pussy, and he wants yours. You should be honored.”

“Are you religious?” Savannah asked, the blonde leaning in. “Did your father trick you into being a Christian to shame you into not being a slut? You can be a slut.”

“I love being a slut,” moaned Lottie. “Feminism lets me fuck all the guys I want. Just dick after dick. It’s so empowering to be dripping in the spooge of a dozen men. The Patriarchy wants you to be a good, little girl and only give your pussy to your husband. You don’t have to.”

“You girls are fucking nuts,” I muttered. “I just need to get to class.”

“The Patriarchy’s really messed her up,” Lottie said, glancing at the blonde. “You know what, we should show her that she can be a cock-gobbling whore. That it’s okay to suck as much dick as she wants.”

“I don’t want to suck dick!” I screeched. Then my cheeks burned with shame, glowing so bright from shouting that out loud.

“She’s blushing,” Savannah said. “Oh, you want to suck dick, but you’ve been brainwashed to think it’s wrong. Men don’t want you to suck dick. They want you to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. But we’ll liberate you.”

“We’ll turn you into the dick-hungry whore that you deserve to be.” Lottie glanced at Shane. “Will you help us show her that there’s no shame in getting railed by a hung stud.”

Shane grinned. “Not at all.”

“You girls are crazy,” I gasped as Savannah and Lottie grabbed me and dragged me towards a classroom. It had a window in the door, the room dark. “What the hell.”

“No, no, we’re empowered,” Lottie said like I was a moron. “Mmm, when a stud like Shane comes around, a liberated woman is at his beck and call. Anal. Bareback. Ass to Mouth. Going down on another girl. Gangbang. Bukakke. Whatever he wants, a feminist gives. That’s how we show the patriarchy we’re not their Stepford wives.”

“Just imagine how ashamed your dad will be when you send him a picture of you naked and painted in twenty guy’s cum. Then he’ll know that you’re free of the Patriarchy.”

“How is being a slut that does any humiliating act for a guy liberated.”

“Because you have to be liberated from the idea that it’s wrong to be a submissive whore to a strong and handsome man,” Savannah said. “I let three black guys fuck my ass one after the other and sucked all their dicks clean. That’s how empowered I am.”

“You girls are fucking nuts!” I shouted and then gasped as they shoved me into the classroom.

They flipped on the lights. Shane closed the door behind us and locked it. I shuddered and then gasped when the two girls pulled off their trench coats. They had on corsets that did nothing to hide their bodies. Savannah had big tits that were lifted into two jiggling mounds, both her nipples pierced. Lottie’s weren’t as large, but they were round. Both girls had shaved pussy dripping in jizz that ran down to the thigh-highs stockings they wore. Lottie even had a pierced clit, a gold ring nestled in her folds.

“What the fuck are you wearing?” I gasped as they advanced in their heels, their tits jiggling in their corset. “You look like sex slaves.”

“We are,” groaned Savannah. “Sex slaves to any man who is handsome and strong enough to fuck us hard. We’re never going to degrade ourselves by being wives and mothers. We’re fuck-sluts ready to take on a guy at a moment’s notice.”

“And you can be one, too,” Lottie said. “Let’s just get you out of those clothes. Tight jeans and a crop top? What is this, middle school? You’re in college. Show off that body.”

I thought I was. My Double D tits were shown off quite well by my purple top, and the jeans hugged my plump rump. I thought I looked hot in it. Shane certainly thought so. And if I had been in the mood to be hit on, it probably would have worked out for him, but this...

They grabbed my top and started pulling it off. Shane watched, sliding out of his clothes. I shuddered as I saw his t-shirt clinging to his rippling pecs. He had biceps, too. God, he worked out. And he had a tan. I licked my lips.

“Her slut is coming out,” purred Lottie. They yanked my top over my head.

“That’s wonderful,” Savannah said. She unhooked my bra. I gasped at that, my cheeks burning as my tits spilled out.

Lottie grabbed them and kneaded my breasts. “Ooh, she’s got a nice pair of Double D’s. All-natural. That’s wonderful. But nothing wrong with getting work done to be even hotter to guys.”

“We have to please them with everything we do. That’ll show our fathers!”

“I don’t want to show my father,” I gasped. “Stop squeezing my tits. I’m not into girls.”

“Of course not,” Savannah said. “D’oh. We just pretend we are because guys find it so hot when straight girls go down on each other. You’re going to be eating a lot of pussy as a liberated woman. Guys will record it and put it up on PornHub. My first time going down on a girl was watched a million times!”

“You girls are fucked up,” I whimpered and then groaned. Shane was topless. He had a six-pack. Then he undid his heavy belt buckle. I shuddered. He would whip out his cock. This was so insane. I had to get out of here. “Get the fuck off of me. I’m leaving. I’m not going to be a fuck-slut.”

Shane shoved down his pants and boxers in a single go. His dick popped out and bounced before him. It was thick and long. I swallowed and then shook my head. I didn’t care how big it was. This wasn’t something I was interested in.

I went to grab my top when Lottie and Savannah grabbed my arms. I gasped as they dragged me towards Shane and his big dick. I squirmed and gasped in the grip, my naked tits heaving. Shane stared at them. As I squirmed, their breasts rubbed into my arms.

“Let me go!” I squealed. They brought me to Shane and then kicked my feet out from beneath me. I fell to my knees, hitting hard. “You bitches!”

“You have to learn you’re a dirty, fucking slut!” hissed Lottie, and then she spat in my face. “You’re not a woman or a wife or a mother, you’re a whore!”

“A cock-sucking skank!” hissed Savannah. She spat in my face, too.

I gasped at the heat of the liquid spilling over me. No one had ever done something so degrading to me in my life. Then they grabbed the back of my head and shoved my mouth forward. My lips slid over his cock. He popped into my mouth.

I couldn’t believe it. I had a man’s dick in my mouth. I barely knew Shane. He was in my new economics class that I just started taking now that Winter Break was over. His dick was so thick. I could taste his precum while the whores’ spit ran over my face.

My pussy clenched. Heat rippled out of me. Why did that happen? God, I couldn’t be liking this. It was disgusting. I didn’t just blow a guy’s cock. I had to like him. Get to know him. But now I had their hands forcing my mouth to slide up and down his dick.

“Damn, the slut’s got a warm, wet mouth,” Shane growled. “But she’s not sucking.”

“You have to suck,” Lottie hissed as she shoved my mouth down his cock until the tip of his dick hit the back of my throat. “Dirty, little cock-gobbles like you suck hard.” Her spit landed on my cheek.

Then Savannah spat on the other side of my face. “Suck that dick, you liberated woman. Feminists fought for the right for you to suck that dong like it’s your favorite thing in the world. I know your pussy is wet, whore.”

She bent down. As Lottie fucked my mouth up and down Shane’s cock, Savannah found the fly to my jeans. She popped the fastener. The zipper rasped down as she shoved her hand into my panties. I gasped as her finger slid through my bush and found my pussy lips.

“God, she’s not even shaved,” said Savannah in disgust. “But, mmm, that’s a juicy cunt. Yes, she’s getting nice and wet.”

I shuddered as her fingers slid up and down my slit, brushing my pussy lips and even my clit. Pleasure rippled from her touch. This shameful rapture that washed through my body. I groaned around Shane’s cock.

“You are so turned on, whore,” purred Savannah. She licked my ear. “So why aren’t you sucking his dick. You have nothing to be ashamed about any longer.”

“You’re free to worship that dick!” Lottie spat in my face again. “Do it, slut!”

My cunt clenched and more heat flowed out of my snatch.

I whimpered and then, to my shock, I sucked on the dick. I nursed on Shane’s cock. Humiliation rippled through me. I groaned as Savannah shoved her fingers into my cunt. A shiver ran through me at her touch.

She pumped away at me. I closed my eyes, whimpering around the dick in my mouth as I nursed. Spittle ran over my face. Shane groaned as I blew him. My tongue danced around his shaft as Lottie fucked my mouth up and down his dick.

“Goddamn, she’s a fucking dick-sucking champ,” he groaned. “She’s done this before. Fuck, yeah!”

“Ooh, you like sucking dick, don’t you?” Savannah purred. “You’re going to guzzle down all that cum. You’re a jizz-drinking whore. Just a cum-dumpster, aren’t you? Yes, yes, you’ve always wanted to be just fucked hard by men, but the Patriarchy made you feel ashamed. There’s no shame in wanting to have a train of hunky men run on you.”

My cunt clenched about her fingers thrusting up into my cunt. I whimpered at her words, my body on fire. An orgasm built and built from her touch. From the shame of sucking on a strange guy’s cock and the spittle running down my face.

Lottie fucked my lips up and down that cock. I suckled hard, the slurping sounds echoing through the room. They filled the air with the wet sounds of my humiliation. I groaned, sucking hard on that dick filling my mouth.

“Fuck, yes,” Shane growled. “Fuck that whore’s mouth up and down my dick. Shit, that’s really all a girl’s mouth is good for. Sucking my fucking cock!”

“That’s right,” moaned Lottie. “A feminist just loves to be on her knees worshiping a man with her mouth. Ooh, and she’s worshiping you.”

“Yes, you are,” Savannah cooed. “You’re taking that step into the freedom of being a submissive cum-dumpster. Your holes are going to be brimming with jizz, aren’t you?”

It scared me how there was this part of me that craved that humiliation. To be used by men. I didn’t want that, though. I wanted to be an economist. Go into business. Make a fortune. Not kneel on the floor while men fuck me over and over again.

Even if it felt great because...

Those fingers in my cunt churned me up. I suckled so hard while Lottie fucked my mouth up and down that shaft. I was just a thing being used by them. I squeezed my eyes shut and squealed as my orgasm burst through me.

My cunt writhed and spasmed. Waves of delight washed out of me. I shuddered, sucking hard on the dick in my mouth as the pleasure swept through me. It was intense. Powerful. I squealed as I came so hard. I couldn’t believe how great it felt.

My pussy convulsed and writhed around Savannah’s thrusting fingers. My body shook from the pleasure that rushed through me. I squeezed my eyes shut. Stars burst across my vision. I suckled hard on his dick.

“Whore’s cumming hard!” Savannah announced. “Ooh, she’s finding her inner skank!”

“Fuck, yes!” Shane growled. “I’m going to cum!”

“Good!” Lottie shouted and then she ripped my head back. My lips popped off his dick.

“What?” I gasped, my orgasm running through me.

His cock erupted.

I gasped as his spunk showered over my face. I had never had a man cum on my features before. I groaned as his jizz painted over me. He growled with such pleasure, staring down at me with such hunger in his eyes as he coated me in his spunk.

“Fuck, yes!” he growled. “You’re such a whore. Open that mouth and catch it.”

I did. I couldn’t believe it, but I did. I thrust my tongue out and caught his jizz on it. The salty flavor melted across my taste buds. I quivered, my orgasm hitting its humiliating peak as his cum spilled over my face.

I panted as he spurted a final blast that painted my forehead. His jizz ran over me. I had never been so degraded in my life. The jizz dripped onto my large breasts as they quivered. I wanted to cry at how much I had enjoyed that.

“Cum!” moaned Savannah and then she licked my face.

“Mmm, yes, yes, licking a man’s cum off another slut’s face is such an honor,” Lottie moaned.

They both licked up the jizz on me while Shane grinned down at me. He loved it. I quivered, my boobs jiggling. Their tongues were so warm and wet. Then Lottie’s found my lips and thrust in, her tongue covered in spunk.

I shuddered as our tongues danced together, the jizz melting through my mouth. My pussy clenched on Savannah’s fingers still buried into my twat. When Lottie broke our kiss, Savannah planted her lips on mine, shoveling more seed into my mouth.

“Ooh, snowballing cum,” groaned Lottie. “You’re lucky day, whore.”

I ripped my mouth from Savannah’s. “No, no, I don’t want to be a whore!”

“Looks like you’re going to have to ass-fuck her to put her in her place,” Savannah said, ripping her fingers out of my cunt.

“What?” I squealed.

“With her face buried in pussy,” Lottie said. “Which one of us do you want her to be snorkel deep in, Sir?”

“Sir?” I gasped.

“Yes, Sir, which one of us do you want to make this naughty slut eat out?” moaned Savannah. “Please make it me, Sir. I want her to make me cum so hard.”

“Yeah, but that other slut has a pierced clit,” said Shane. “That’ll be so hot to watch.”

“Yes, Sir!” Lottie and Savannah said in unison.

Lottie sank on the floor and spread her thigh-high-clad legs wide. Her shaved cunt gleamed with her juices. They trickled down her taint to her asshole. Her clit piercing gleamed as it threaded through her clitoral hood. There was no way I was going to do that.

Savannah grabbed a fistful of my hair and shoved me down into the slut’s cunt. Savannah planted my face into Lottie’s shaved twat. The tart flavor of another woman’s pussy spread through my mouth. I shuddered at it. This couldn’t be happening.

As Savannah ground my face into Lottie’s pussy, the bitch yanked down my jeans and panties in a single go. She exposed my dripping pussy for them all to see. I groaned, my nose pressing into Lottie’s pierced clit.

“Lick my snatch, slut!” she moaned. “Show your daddy that you’re not going to be his pure and innocent little girl. You’re a woman. A cunt-munching, dick-fucking, cock-loving slut!”

“I don’t want to be that!” I groaned. “Why can’t I just be a normal girl and not a whore!”


My asscheek burned from the spank that landed on my rump. I groaned, squeezing my butt-cheeks tight, my face wiggling into Lottie’s cunt. I couldn’t believe Savannah just spanked me. That bitch was going too far.

“Women fought for the right for you to eat pussy to make a guy hard and fuck your asshole, bitch!” Savannah hissed.


“You’re spitting in the face of Susan B. Anthony and Ruth Bater Ginsburg by not munching on that cunt. What would Gloria Albrecht think?”

“Fuck her!” I growled.

“Eww, no,” Lottie said. “I only fuck hot girls that get guys hard. That’s how empowered I am. Now get that tongue in my cunt. I want you making me cream your pretty mouth, whore!”

“Yeah,” Shane growled. He smacked his dick on my rump. “You want my dick fucking your asshole, you gotta earn it.”

“That’s right.” Savannah pried apart my butt-cheeks and spat on my asshole. “You know you want to be a liberated woman and take that dick in your asshole!”

She wasn’t holding my face to Lottie’s pussy and yet... I wasn’t moving. I was keeping my face in Lottie’s cunt. Did I want that big dick fucking my asshole? I had never done anal before. I wasn’t some kinky pervert, right?

Why did I cum while sucking Shane’s dick? Why did it feel so good to have my cunt fingered by her digits? I shuddered, the tart flavor of Lottie’s cunt bleeding past my lips and soaking my taste buds. A shiver ran through me.

I couldn’t love this, could I?

I hesitantly licked Lottie’s pussy. I slid through her shaved folds, getting a stronger taste of her pussy. The tart flavor melted across my tongue. I groaned, shocked by the flavor. It was... good. I swallowed and then licked at her again. And again.

“That’s it,” Lottie moaned. “Ooh, she’s getting liberated now. Fuck the hell outta her asshole, Shane. Show the bitch that she’s a freaky slut.”


“Yeah, show her, Shane!” Savannah moaned. “Mmm, do you want me to guide your dick to her asshole so you can fuck her as hard as you want?”

“Yes,” he groaned. “Goddamn, you feminists are the dirtiest chicks in the fucking world.”

“Oh, you’re so sweet to say that,” Lottie moaned as my tongue fluttered up and down her folds.

I shivered as his dick slid into my butt-crack. Savannah guided him to my asshole. I shuddered as he pressed against my anal ring. There was no way I could like this. I mean, I was sort of liking Lottie’s pussy. It wasn’t nasty or anything, but it wasn’t as good as his cum.

He drilled his dick into my asshole. I moaned into Lottie’s cunt. My anal ring widened and widened. It felt so strange. This ache grew into my pussy. This craving to have his cock penetrate into my bowels. I... I wanted him to fuck me.

I groaned into Lottie’s cunt as my virgin asshole widened further. My anal ring slid around the tip of his cock. He popped into my bowels. I squealed as his dick slid into me. This burning heat melted down to my pussy.

My twat liked it.

I... I liked it.

Shane groaned as he sank deeper and deeper into my bowels. I groaned as his shaft slid into my depths. This was so insane. This school was crazy. There were lots of rumors going around about Mrs. Daniels fucking her male students, the purity club getting gangbanged by every guy in school so long as they fucked ass and pussy. The home ec club were all in polyamorous relationships with the chess club. I had almost gotten my face fucked by the security guard that made sure girls weren’t wearing too much makeup.

How had Savannah and Lottie never been face-fucked?

No, wait, they would enjoy it.

I shuddered, my bowels squeezing about Shane’s dick. He bottomed out in me. My boobs swung beneath me. I thrust my tongue into Lottie’s pussy. I don’t know why. I just couldn’t help myself. I wanted to feast on her. Lick her.

Having Shane’s cock in my asshole just made me so hot I wanted to start doing naughty things. I shuddered, realizing things were about to quickly get out of hand if I couldn’t escape this. But... Did I want to escape this?

“That’s it, slut,” moaned Lottie. “Mmm, just a pussy-munching slut-bag. Yes, yes, feast on me. God, you got that tongue in me. You love having Shane’s dick in your asshole.”

“Say it, whore,” Shane growled. “Say you love it, or you’re not getting that ass fucked hard.”

“I... I... I love it,” I moaned into Lottie’s pussy.

“You’re becoming a liberated whore!” Savannah squealed.


My bowels clenched down on Shane’s cock, the heat of the impact exciting me more. I licked hard at Lottie’s cunt. My tongue danced up and down. I brushed her clit piercing and stroked her bud. She moaned, squeezing her thighs around my face.

Shane groaned and then he drew back his cock. I shuddered, squeezing my bowels around his dick. I loved the thickness of him as he thrust back into my asshole. I moaned, the heat melting to my pussy. My cunt drank in the velvety friction as he pumped away at me.

He grunted, his balls smacking into my taint. The slap of his balls against my flesh echoed through the air. I groaned, squeezing my bowels down around him. He groaned as he slammed into me, churning me up.

Just like my tongue churned up Lottie’s cunt.

“Oh, you fucking ho-bag cunt-muncher!” Lottie moaned. “Ooh, you’re just gonna make my twat cum, you little dyke-slut! Yes, yes, polish my fucking hardwood floors. Ooh, yes, yes, wax them with that naughty tongue, you empowered whore!”

“Yes, yes, fucking lick that cunt!” groaned Shane. “God, it is so hot when girls fucking eat each other out. Shit, slut, you got such a tight asshole. Goddamn, I knew you were a dirty freak when I saw you. Just had to crack that shell.”


“That’s right,” Savannah moaned. “Oh, Lisa, you’re turning into such a wanton whore! That’s so wonderful. Isn’t feminism amazing?”

It was.

My bowels clenched around that big dick slamming into me. I groaned, the heat of his shaft slamming into me so amazing. I groaned, my tongue dancing and swirling around in Lottie’s cunt. I feasted on her. Devoured her.

Pussy cream ran down my chin. I licked at her twat, loving the taste of her. My tongue thrust into her depths again, fucking her as Shane pounded my asshole. His heavy balls smacked into my taint. He had all that cum in his nuts that he would fire into my bowels.

It would be incredible. I squeezed my flesh down on his dick, increasing the friction. I groaned, loving every thrust of his dick into my asshole. Every plunge. It was incredible. I whimpered, my face contorting with delight.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I moaned. “Oh, god, I’m going to cum on this dick. I’m going to explode. His cock is amazing!”

“That’s right, slut!” whooped Savannah. “You’re getting it now. Ooh, yes, yes, make him cum with that whore-asshole.”

“Shit, yes!” Shane growled. “Goddamn, I barely know you, and you’re letting me sodomize you. What a fucking whore.”

I must be. I savored his dick fucking my asshole. My tongue flicked and fluttered through Lottie’s cunt. I brushed her pierced clit and batted the ring through her hood. She gasped and shuddered, her corset creaking around her. I latched onto her clit and suckled.

“Fuck!” she gasped as I nursed on her bud.

I thrust three fingers into her cunt, fucking them in and out the whore’s twat. My tongue danced around her clit and played with her piercing. She gasped while I moaned. My asshole melted around Shane’s dick, my pussy swelling with my orgasm.

I would cum so hard on his dick. Just explode. It was insane. I whimpered, nursing with all my might. Her tart juices soaked my taste buds. Shane pummeled my asshole. The stud fucked me with such hard strokes.

“I’m going to jizz!” he growled and slammed into my bowels.

He erupted.

I gasped as his cum fired into my bowels. My pussy exploded. My orgasm swept through me. My asshole convulsed around his dick as my cunt gushed juices that flooded down my thighs. Rapture crashed into my mind, stars bursting across my vision.

Squealing, I suckled hard on Lottie’s clit as Shane pumped his cum into my bowels. My asshole writhed around his dick, milking him of everything he had. He poured his spunk into me. I groaned, quivering through this pleasure. It was such an intense delight. My mind melted.

“Yes, yes, yes!” gasped Lottie. “You fucking whore! Drink my cream!”

Pussy juices gushed out of her cunt. I opened my mouth wide and drank her cunt cream like it was ambrosia. The tart delight flowed down my throat as my bowels milked his dick. I worked out his cum. I shuddered and whimpered, my bowels draining him dry.

He groaned as he fired the last of his cum into my bowels. “Goddamn, whatever your name is, you’re a fucking wild cunt! I love it!”

He didn’t even remember my name. That made this even hotter. I hit the peak of my orgasm, drinking Lottie’s pussy cream. I felt so drunk on this moment. I had no idea what would to me happen next. This was just so fucking wild.

“Ooh, that was fucking awesome, Lisa!” moaned Lottie. “You’re a pussy-licking champ. You feel so close to being liberated.”

“There’s one final test,” moaned Savannah.

I lifted my head and turned to see the busty blonde pressing her body against Shane’s side. He burst into laughter and glanced down at me. “You really think she’ll do that? Fuck, yes, let’s do it?”

What did they want me to do?

“So, which one of us do you want doing what to her?” Savannah asked, glancing at me. Her big boobs jiggled, her nipple rings gleaming.

“Why don’t you lick her asshole clean since you’re such a dirty whore,” Shane said, grabbing one of Savannah’s nipple rings and twisting it.

She quivered in delight and moaned, “Oh, yes, yes, I lick and suck all your cum out of her asshole. So she gets to sit on Lottie’s face.”

“Yum,” Lottie said. “Just crawl up my body and plant that cunt right on my mouth, whore. I’m going to return the favor.”

“Yes,” I whimpered, wanting that so much. I had just cum a second time, but I wanted more. This was so wild. I was being liberated. I was seeing the degrading delights of feminism. I glanced at Savannah. “I can’t believe you’re that much of a whore who’s willing to lick my asshole clean of all that jizz.”

“I am!” she said.

I crawled up Lottie’s body, trembling from how wicked this all felt. I licked at her nipple as I passed it, making her boob jiggle in their little mound. Then I was crawling further up, my cunt drooling. Jizz leaked out of my asshole sloshing with cum.

I straddled Lottie’s face and planted my furred muff on her mouth. She moaned and licked through my pussy. I gasped at that. Her tongue felt so good sliding through my pussy. Gentler than a man. My boobs jiggled as a shiver ran through me.

Then Savannah parted my butt-cheeks again. The blonde slut buried her face into my crack and kissed my asshole leaking cum. She darted her tongue around it. She danced about, caressing me. I gasped at the sensation.

“Oh, wow,” I groaned. “You’re... that’s... Oh, wow.”

“Mmm, just enjoy,” she purred and licked at me again.

Then her tongue pressed against my asshole already broken in by his cock. She wiggled her tongue into my bowels. I gasped as her tongue dug through my anal sheath and pulled out. She smacked her lips, enjoying the cum straight from my asshole.

As she thrust her tongue back into my bowels to scoop out more jizz, Lottie’s tongue danced around in my cunt. My eyes were so wide as I felt it. My heart pounded in my chest. This was insane. She was licking and lapping at me, just feasting on my twat.

Savannah plunged her tongue into my asshole to find more of Shane’s jizz.

“She’s a dirty whore, isn’t she,” Shane said, moving around to stand before me, his cock thrusting out at me.

“Yeah,” I said, smelling the sour flavor of my bowels on his dick.

“You as dirty as her?” he asked and seized my hair. He yanked my lips right to his dick. “I bet you are. Suck my cock clean of your ass. Show us that you’re a fucking empowered cunt or whatever!”

“Show us!” moaned Savannah and then she suckled on my asshole.

“Yes, yes, show us, slut!” Lottie gasped and thrust her tongue into the depths of my cunt.

I whimpered, feeling the jizz trapped in the depths of my ass slowly rising out of me. I quivered and groaned, my butt-cheeks squeezing down on Savannah’s face. This dizzying wave washed through me while Shane’s cock was right before my lips.

His dirty dick.

I groaned and opened my lips. I slid them over his cock and tasted my asshole. I groaned as I did it. I couldn’t believe I was doing something this filthy. This degrading. A shiver ran through me as I suckled on him.

“Fuck, yes, you are a goddamn slut!” he growled as I buffed the sour flavor of my bowels off his dick. “Hell yeah!”

I nursed on him, the earthy flavor of my asshole so good. I loved it. I savored how much of a filthy whore it made me. I polished his dick, bobbing my head and working my mouth up and down his cock I suckled hard to clean his cock.

And to get his cum. God, I wanted his cum. My pussy clenched on Lottie’s probing tongue and my asshole ached as Savannah nursed on my sphincter, slurping up the cum that she drew out of my bowels. This was so nasty. So filthy.

An orgasm built in me. A growing fire.

“Polish my fucking pole, bitch,” he growled. “Goddamn, be a liberated whore and suck my cock clean.”

I did. Drool ran down my chin.

“Fuck, you’re just as nasty as they are, whore!” He chuckled. “I wanted to date you, but you’re too filthy for that. You’re just a fuck-slut.”

I moaned my agreement and sucked harder on his dick.

I rose to my orgasm. I quivered, coming closer and closer to it with every moment. I whimpered, my pussy drinking in the delight of Lottie’s licking tongue and Savannah’s sucking mouth. It mixed with the humiliating delight of nursing my ass off his dick.

The sour flavor faded, but the salty taste of his precum grew. I nursed on him hard, my cheeks hollowing as I came closer and closer to my orgasm. I wanted to drink his jizz. To guzzle down all his cum like a complete whore.

My body trembled, my round boobs jiggling. I sucked and slurped. He groaned louder as I bobbed my head, polishing his pole. Savannah nursed hard at my asshole. I shuddered, my cunt clenching on Lottie’s tongue.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum, bitch,” he growled. “Just going to shower you in fucking cum. That’s what you want.”

I did. I wanted that so badly.

“Keep sucking that dick, bitch!”

“Keep sucking it,” Lottie moaned. “Drink down all his cum and then cream my face. I want to drink your cream.”

“Fuck, yes, cum on that bitch while you guzzle down all my cum, whore!” Shane growled, staring down at me with eyes that saw me as just a thing.

A liberated, empowered, feminist whore.

Lottie’s tongue churned through my cunt while Savannah suckled so hard on my asshole. She had to have gotten all Shane’s cum out of my bowels, but she was such a filthy whore, she kept nursing. Just like I kept polishing Shane’s cock. I couldn’t taste my ass, but I wanted his cum.

“Fuck!” he growled as I trembled, on the verge of my orgasm. “Shit, yes!”

Shane erupted in my mouth this time. I groaned as I tasted his jizz straight from the source. I shuddered and gulped down his salty spunk. I savored that thick seed flooding my mouth. It was so wonderful. Just amazing.

“Fucking bitch, drink that cum!” he growled. “That’s all you’re fucking good for!”

I exploded in rapture.

My pussy convulsed, juices gushing into Lottie’s mouth. I quivered on her, stars bursting across my vision as more and more of Shane’s cum pumped into my mouth. He was such a stud, and I was so lucky to get to enjoy him.

I quivered there, rapture burning through my body. Ecstasy blazed across my mind. I suckled so hard on Shane’s cock as Lottie lapped up my cunt cream. Savannah swirled her tongue around my asshole, teasing me. I felt incredible. Just such a naughty whore. This was amazing.

“Fucking hell!” growled Shane.

He ripped his cock from my mouth. Drool spilled over my chin. I panted, shuddering as the flames burned hotter. They consumed my thoughts. I whimpered there in wordless delight as Lottie lapped at my pussy.

“Yes!” I groaned as my orgasm hit its peak.

Savannah pulled her head from my asshole. “Mmm, look at you, skank.”

“Yeah,” I panted, leaning over, dizzy.

Lottie crawled out from beneath me. “Fuck, you got a yummy cunt, whore. I loved it. Did you find that hot, Shane?”

“So fucking hot!” he groaned. “What a goddamn slut. I loved it!”

Savannah seized a fistful of my brown hair and yanked my head back so I stared up at Shane. I gasped and panted, my body buzzing from my pleasure. She spat in my face, the hot liquid running down my nose to my lips. I licked it up as her intense, blue eyes stared at me.

“Are you a liberated slut?” she demanded. “Do you reject the patriarchy and its chains that made you into a good girl?”

“Yes!” I moaned.

“Prove it!” she hissed. “Show us how empowered you are!”

I turned to face Shane, his dick thrusting out before him. “Make me your personal fuck-slut for as long as you’ll have me!” I moaned. “I’m a feminist cock-gobbling bitch that wants to be used and degraded by you. I understand now. Feminism says I’m not as good as a man, so I have to be on my knees serving you to show the patriarchy that I’m not their slave!

“I’m yours, Shane!”

A smile spread on his lips. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked back my head. He started to gather a loogie. I opened my mouth wide. He spat in it. I shuddered, so thrilled that he had done that to me. My breasts jiggled.

“Are you going to get your nipples pierced?” he growled.

“Yes, yes, yes, Sir!” I moaned. “Anything you want! You can sell my body. Make me suck lowly nerds or get fucked by skeezy losers. You can do anything to me, Sir. I’m liberated!”

He laughed like it was the biggest joke in the world.

Lottie pulled out a collar from her discarded trench coat, her round breasts jiggling. “Oh, Lisa, I’m so happy that you get it.” She slid the collar around my neck and cinched the leather tight. “You’re going to be such an amazing fuck-slut. Your father will be horrified. He’ll know he failed to raise a good girl and instead has a whore for a daughter.”

“That’s right,” Savannah said. The busty blonde clipped a leash to my collar and thrust it at my new owner. “You’re serving one of the hunky guys. You’re so lucky. Such an empowered slut!”

I was. I crawled after my master naked and unashamed. I was his to use and discard. Feminism was so amazing for teaching me to be a cock-hungry skank. I didn’t have to think at all. I just had to look hot so guys would fuck me.

* * *


“Damn, we did good,” I said as we watched the new feminist crawling after her man. “I’m so proud of her, Savannah.”

“Me, too, Lottie,” my blonde friend said. “Mmm, we have to get to class. I hear the football team’s going to be there to teach us how to celebrate their victories on the field.”

“Brawny men with huge dicks,” I groaned. “I hope they film it. I want to send it to my dad. He deserves it for saying I have to pay for graduate school on my own.”

“Yes,” Savannah said. “Come on, slut, we have to show our daddies how empowered we are!”

Together, we donned or trench coats and headed out on our heels. So many repressed girls wanted to get married and have babies. They didn’t know what feminism had given them. They could be the biggest sluts in the world. Bigger than the dirtiest porn stars.

Savannah and I would be ambassadors of feminism and liberate as many of our sisters as we could. We would make all the feminists who came before us so proud.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...