The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter 12: Earning that A with Anal

It was time to get back at those smart bitches, too. Clara was eager for that. She remembered how that bitch who was going for valedictorian had rubbed her brains in Clara’s face before she had dropped out of school.

“It’s so easy. Even a hamster can get it,” Rebecca Goldstein had said. “Why not you?”

“Let’s see what the deep fakes and rumor mills make with this,” muttered Clara. Her life had changed so much. She was so active on Twitter. She had thousands of followers. Her analytics were smoking hot. People were coming far and wide to find out her latest gossip. She had even had people DMing her about causing havoc at their schools.

Sending information about people who were bullies.

Right now, Clara had her focus on destroying her university and all the assholes, cunts, birches, and jackasses who went there. Her fingers typed the perfect tweet to get the rumor mills churning once more.

“Did you know that the Valedictorian and all the other ‘intelligent’ girls are really just dumb bimbos who sleep with the teachers for their good grades? #Brainsareboring #Sluttynotsmart #GPAnal”

* * *

Rebecca Goldstein

I sat in my calculus class, excited. I was well on my way to being valedictorian for my graduating class. I just needed to get the last few credits done. Did I need calculus for my pre-law degree? Nope, but I had the brains for it, so I was flaunting it.

“Okay,” Mr. Jackson said. He was a doctoral candidate working on his thesis in math that was well beyond me. It was dealing with M-Theory, which was fascinating, but I wasn’t quite there. Yet. “What are the three basic theorems on the interchange of limits?”

My hand shot into the air even before my two friends, Mai Shun and Deborah Dane could. They were nearly as smart as me, just behind me by a smidge. We studied all the time together, just dominating school and wrecking the bell curve for everyone else.

“Rebecca,” Mr. Jackson said, a big smile on his face.

“They are... One, the interchange of a derivative and an integral. This is known as the Leibniz integral rule. Two, the change of order of partial derivatives. And, Three, the change of order of integration.”

“Always got to beat us,” Mai said, rolling her eyes. The Chinese girl had glasses perched on her round face, her black hair falling about her face.

“You could let one of us answer,” Deborah said. She wore her brown hair short, a functional bob about her face. Neither of them wore makeup. None of us wanted to be stopped by Officer Lance and get a cum-facial for wearing too much.

“Excellent,” he said. “Now, what does that mean?” He pulled down a whiteboard to cover another. “Why are these three methods interchangeable and when should we use which?”

I shot my hand up again, a big grin on my face. My two friends did, too.

Phones chirped around the room. People gasped as they pulled them out. “Clara’s new tweet.”

I burst into giggles. “Yay! New tweet!”

Mr. Jackson gave me a strange look. “Uh, did you have an answer?”

“Nope,” I said, grinning at him.

“Your hand is up.”

“Is it?” I giggled again. “Silly me, I forgot.” I pouted at him and squirmed, my boobs jiggling beneath my blouse. It was so icky. I should have it unbuttoned more. How could he see my boobies with them all covered up? I started undoing them.

“Uh... Rebecca?” he asked, staring at me. “What are you doing?”

“It’s so hot,” I said after half-unbuttoning my blouse and opening it wide to show off my big tits in my white bra. I fanned my titties. Mai gasped and she did the same, but hers weren’t as big as mine. Deborah just stared down at her t-shirt. No showing off her titties, the poor thing.

“Uh, well.” Mr. Jackson shook his head. “Can anyone else answer my question. Rebecca is... not feeling well, I guess.”

“Feeling great!” I grinned at him and bounced in my seat, which made my titties jiggle in my bra and heave and look so delicious. He was such a super-duper handsome teacher. Just so yummy. I squirmed, my naughty pussy getting all hot and wet just thinking of doing wicked things to him.

“Ooh, ooh, look at his ass,” Mai purred beside me.

“Right,” I moaned. “You got a great ass, Mr. Jackson. I wanna spank it!”

“Clara’s tweets strikes again,” a guy muttered. “Damn, turned them into bimbos.”

“Shit, I can’t believe that,” another said. “How does she do it? What fucking witchcraft does Clara have?”

“I just want her to turn my biology teacher into a HuCow slut. She’s got the udders for them.”

“Quiet down,” Mr. Jackson said, looking around. “Well, uh, why don’t we just call the lesson early since you all seem distracted by—”

“Your ass?” Deborah asked. “Ooh, ooh, turn around so you can distract us more. You have such a cute butt!”

“So cute!” I said, twining a lock of my brown hair. My glasses were shifting. They were so dumb. I didn’t need these. Glasses were for smart girls. And brains were boring. I didn’t want to be boring. I wanted to be fun!

“I need to talk with you three,” Mr. Jackson said.

“Ooh, someone’s in trouble,” I cooed as I stood up with the others.

“That’s you, Rebecca, and Deborah and Mai.”

“What did we do?” I gasped and rushed down to stand before him, my big boobs heaving. “Did we do something wrong? I can make it up to you.” I grabbed his crotch and squeezed his dick through his pants.

“Rebecca!” he gasped as the other students were filing out. “What has gotten into you?”

“Nothing. Yet.” I winked at him. “Mmm, do you want to slide into me?”


“Mr. Jackson!” I cooed, fluttering my lashes. “Is something wrong? Am I not doing well in school?”

“You’re doing great in school,” he said. “And then... I mean...” He stared down at my tits. “You’re... I mean... You’re acting a little... off.”

“How?” I looked around. “I don’t have an on/off button, do I? Do you need to flip a switch.” I grabbed his hand and shoved it up beneath my skirt to my panties. “Is it my clit. Do you need to flip my clit to turn me back on?”

He ripped his hand away. “Where did that bright and serious young lady go.”

“Boo! I don’t want to be bright!”

“You don’t want to be bright? You’re a smart girl. You have some serious brain powers.”

“Brains are boring,” I moaned. “I don’t want to be smarty smart.”

“Slutty not smart!” Mai said, sliding up beside me. “That’s way, way, way better.”

“Yes!” Deborah moaned. She came up on my other side, her naked boobs jiggling.

“Where are your top and bra?” Mr. Jackson gasped.

“Too hot!” She arched her back, thrusting her round, firm boobs at him. “Don’t I look so hot? I had to take it off.”

“Yes, yes, I’m hot, too, aren’t I?” I purred and undid the rest of my blouse.

“What is the Leibniz integral rule, Rebecca?” he asked, this desperate look in his eyes.

“Uh...” I frowned. “Integral...” What’s an integral?” I rubbed at my head. “That’s smarty stuff. I don’t want smarty stuff. I want slutty stuff!” I ripped open my blouse and dropped it. Then I reached behind me to unhook my bra. “I want to do slutty stuff with you, Mr. Jackson! No learn dumb math!”

“If you don’t learn dumb math, how are you going to keep your grades up. I thought you wanted to be valedictorian and then go to Harvard Law. You won’t get that if you flunk now. You have to keep your GPA.”

“Ooh, ooh, GPAnal!” I squealed. “You can fuck my butt and give me an A! A for anal! Yay!”

“What?” he gasped.

“You’re so slutty!”Mai said. “Anal for A’s! I love it!”

My big boobs jiggled before me. I pressed my titties against Mr. Jackson, my nipples rubbing on his shirt. I rubbed at his cock through his slacks. He was so hard. He throbbed in there. That poor man. He wanted to give me an A. I just had to free him.

He looked in panic as I unzipped him. I reached in and found the slit in the front of his boxers. This was the sort of thing a girl needed to know. How to pull out a guy’s dick so he could fuck you in the ass. Not dumb math and dumb integrals and dumb... dumb... whatever it was they taught in this class. Calculations or something stupid.

“Rebecca,” he groaned. “I can’t just give you an A for sex.”

“For anal! GPAnal!”

“No.” He shook his head.

I had to show him. He had to see just how amazing my ass was. I had a plump butt and a tight asshole. I spun around and unzipped my skirt as I flounced to a desk. I shoved it down and then peeled off my panties. The tangy musk of my pussy filled my nose as I worked my panties down my legs.

I bent over the desk and wiggled my rump at him. He groaned at the sight of my plump butt-cheeks. I loved how he groaned. He wanted my ass. He would enjoy my butt so much. He would just fuck me and pound me and make me cum and give me an A so I could be a slutty valeDICKtorian.

I would have all the dicks in my V. And my A. I would have dicks in all my holes. I loved cocks so much. I mean, I only had had sex once, but I still loved them. I had wasted so much dummy time on brainy stuff.

No more!

“Fuck my ass, Mr. Jackson, and give me an A+++!”

“I can’t,” he groaned.

“You can’t fuck her ass?” Mai asked and grabbed my right butt-cheek. She parted it for me. “That delectable and yummy and hot ass?”

Deborah grabbed my other butt-cheek, fully exposing my asshole. She stroked my dirty hole with her finger. That felt so naughty as she said, “You don’t want to slide into here?” She thrust her finger into my asshole. “Really, Mr. Jackson. She’s so hot and velvety and... Ooh, I like this. I like fingering an asshole. Why didn’t we ever do this before?”

“We were dummy smart girls!” I whimpered. “Now were dummy slutty girls.”

“Yay!” Mai cheered. “I hate being smart. My parents want it, and they’re icky. I want to get fucked. I want anal!”

“Fuck her tight asshole, Mr. Jackson,” purred Deborah, her finger pumping in and out of my bowels. I groaned, my pussy clenching from the heat melting down to my cunt. “Just ram your big, huge, big dick into her butt and give her an A. You can do it. Fuck her hard!”

“I’ll make you cum and cum and cum!” I moaned, my bowels clinging to that naughty finger. “Please, please, please with sugar on top, will you fuck my ass so I don’t have to learn dumb math? Let’s do slutty stuff!”

“Fuck,” Mr. Jackson groaned. “You’re going to get me fired.”

“Never,” Mai said. “You’re doing slutty stuff with students. What’s wrong with that?”

“Anal for A! It’s perfect!” Deborah said. “You’ll love it. She’ll love it. I’ll love it. Mai’ll love it. We’ll all love your dick fucking our assholes!”

“Anal for A’s!” I moaned in delight, sighing so happily.

Mr. Jackson marched up to me, his dick thrusting out of his pants. He undid his belt buckle and unsnapped his fly. He shoved his pants down, his cock bobbing before him. He pressed that dick into my butt-crack, Deborah sliding her finger out of my bowels.

“Fuck, lube,” he growled, shifted down, and thrust his cock into my pussy.

I gasped as he slid into my cunt. He couldn’t fuck my cunt. I would only get a C for that. I needed him in my ass. But he felt so good in my cunt. I groaned, squeezing my snatch down on him. It felt so good to have a dick in me. No more learning things. I wanted to fuck things. Fuck dicks.

He ripped out of me a moment later and pressed his dick into my crack. Against my asshole. I shuddered in delight as he did that. A huge smile spread across my lips. I was so happy that he was going to fuck my ass and give me a big A.

And a big D!

“Shit,” he groaned as my tight, virgin sphincter stretched and stretched. “I can’t believe you turned into a slutty bimbo!”

“It’s so much better!” I moaned, my anal ring widening. He popped in. “Yes! My A!”

“I haven’t cum yet!” he growled. “Fucking slut. You’re going to make me cum hard with that ass, aren’t you? You’re going to work for that A!”

“Work so hard!” I moaned, squeezing my bowels down on his dick sliding deeper and deeper into my naughty sheath. It felt so amazing. So super, duper awesome. I groaned, my body shuddering as he bottomed out in me. I loved it.

He drew back. I gasped, my bowels clinging to his dick. My anal sheath drank in the friction. All these goody and naughty feelings melted to my cunt. My pussy drank it in, brimming with all these wonderful juices that soaked my bush and ran down my thighs.

I tossed my head as he thrust back into me. He fucked hard into my bowels. He buried deep and hard into my anal sheath. I shuddered, squeezing my asshole down on him. It was great. The heat swelled in my cunt.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” he grunted. “That is one tight ass, slut!”

“Yay, Mr. Jackson!” I moaned.

“Go, Rebecca, go!” cheered Deborah, her round tits jiggling.

Mai, stripping naked, whooped. Her glasses shifted on her face as her round tits jiggled and bounce. She shoved off her panties, a thick, black bush coming into view just dripping with cum. The Chinese bimbo clapped her hands together.

“Fuck her ass! Fuck her ass!” she chanted. “Fuck her ass!”

“Anal for A’s! Anal for A’s!” chanted Deborah.

“Goddamn, you three are such fucking airheads!” Mr. Jackson moaned as he plowed hard into my asshole. “Hot airheads. Damn, you girls have great tits.”

My friends moaned while my big boobs rubbed into the desk. My nipples throbbed, drinking in the friction. I loved him slamming hard and deep into me. His every thrust brought me closer and closer to cumming. I whimpered and moaned, loving what he was doing to me. He buried his dick hard into my bowels. He fucked in deep.

He groaned, his hands gripping my hips. He fucked me hard. Ass-fucking me. I felt that A building and building in me. That big, bursting A that would shower me with rapture. I wanted it. My pussy craved it. I squeezed my anal sheath around his dick to get it.

“Fuck,” he gasped. “I’m going to cum in your tight, slutty ass!”

“Yay!” I moaned, clamping my asshole about his dick. “Cum in my asshole. I want my A! Yes, yes, I want it!”

He slammed into me. I exploded.

Rapture washed through my body while pussy cream gushed down my thighs. I moaned, my bowels ripping and writhing about his dick. He groaned, slamming into my bowels and erupting. He fired his cum into my asshole.

I gasped in delight, my head tossing. Brown hair danced around my face as he basted my asshole with spurt after spurt of seed into my bowels. I shuddered, my anal sheath milking out all his cum. I loved his hot jizz spurting into me.

“Slutty not smart!” I howled, the pleasure drowning over my mind. It was so intense. Just amazing.

“Fuck, yes!” he growled, spurting his cum into me.

My body trembled, my nipples throbbing as they rubbed against the desk. Pleasure shot through my body. I whimpered, my mind drinking in ecstasy and not dumb facts. That was what a girl needed. Rapture. Euphoria.


“Goddamn,” he panted and then ripped his dick out of my asshole. “Mai, get on your fucking knees and suck me clean if you want that A!”

* * *

Mai Shun

My parents would be so super duper angry if they saw me right now.

I fell to my knees and grabbed Mr. Jackson’s cock. This was so much better than studying. That was hard. Sucking a dick was easy. I slid my lips over that cock and tasted Rebecca’s sour asshole on it. I moaned at how slutty this was.

I wouldn’t be boring any longer. Stupid brains. They kept me from having all this naughty fun. Like sucking on a dirty dick. I hummed happily, my tongue licking and slurping around his dick. I nursed on him, that sour, earthy flavor filling my taste buds.

Only a slutty bimbo slut would enjoy this. Old dumb me would have whined about how it wasted time that could be used for studying.

I shuddered at that awful word. Studying. Stupidest word ever made.

“Goddamn, that’s it, Mai,” growled Mr. Jackson. “Suck that dick clean. I’m going to fuck your ass so hard once you have.”

“So hard,” Rebecca purred. She sounded so happy. Deborah was watching, waiting for her turn to get to fuck him. She rubbed her hands over her breasts, squeezing and kneading them.

I nursed on Mr. Jackson’s dick. I suckled on him real hard. I nursed and bobbed and worked my mouth up and down his dick. My tongue danced. I had to get off all that yummy ass. I was such a slutty bimbo slut. I loved the taste of ass.

“Go, Mai, go!” Deborah cheered. “Suck that dick, you dirty, dirty slut! Yay! Cock-sucking and ass-fucking are the best ways to earn an A!”

“Why fucking teach?” Mr. Jackson groaned. “Shit, you’re just polishing that pole, Mai. Fresh from Rebecca’s asshole. God, how much of a whore are you?”

So much. I loved it.

My pussy was so hot and itchy. I had hardly used it. I had sex once, and I thought it sucked. But now... I wanted that big dick slamming into my asshole. Just fucking my bowels hard. I wanted him ramming it into me over and over again.

That would be super-duper awesomey hot. I couldn’t wait for him to bury into me and fuck me and pound me from behind. I nursed on his dick, sucking with all the passion I had. My pussy clenched while he groaned.

The flavor of Rebecca’s asshole faded, but I didn’t care. I kept sucking. There was this new, salty flavor. Was that his precum? It had to be. Which meant he was getting closer to spurting. I would drink all his jizz. That sounded so yummy.

Jizz in my belly and jizz in my asshole.

I would earn the biggest A ever! Bigger than Rebecca. I would be the biggest slut.

“Fuck, Mai,” groaned Mr. Jackson. “You’re a little cock-sucking pro, aren’t you?”

“Wow, have you been practicing doing slutty things?” Rebecca asked in awe. “That’s so cool.

“So cool,” Deborah asked.

I wished I had been practicing. I loved the drool running down my chin as I bobbed my head and worked my lips up and down his dick. I felt like such a dirty girl. It was wonderful. This was what I should have been doing instead of studying.

And now I was! Yay me!

He grabbed the side of my head, growling my name. Then he fucked his cock forward. I gasped as he pumped his dick in and out of my mouth. More drool spilled down my chin. He buried to the back of my throat, thrusting into my mouth so hard. I whimpered, loving every moment of his dick thrusting away at me.

I was amazing. I whimpered and groaned, sucking so hard. He gasped, throwing back his head. He buried to the back of my throat and then his cock pulsed. Salty, yummy, nummy cum fired into my mouth.

“Fuck, yes!” he growled. “Drink that jizz, slut!”

I drank it.

The warm and hot and yummy cum flowed down my throat to my belly. I loved how it warmed me up. My pussy clenched as his creamy and thick jizz flooded my mouth. It spilled over my tongue and teeth. I swallowed it as I loved the flavor.

“Wow, she’s gulping it down,” moaned Deborah.

“Lucky,” panted Rebecca.

“Goddamn, Mai!” growled Mr. Jackson as I suckled out the last of his cum. “You ready to get your ass fucked now? Ready to earn that fucking A?”

I ripped my mouth off his dick and moaned, “Yes, Mr. Jackson. Fuck my ass!”

“Then bury your face into Rebecca’s butt-crack, suck out the cum in her bowels, while I fuck your whore-ass from behind. Show me how much of a dirty bimbo you are!”

“Yes!” I gasped. “You’re so smart. Ooh, you know the filthiest things to do! I love it! Love, love, love it!”

I hopped to my feet, my boobs jiggling, and then spun around. I bent over and buried my face into my friend’s butt-crack. Jizz coated the inner slopes of her cheeks. I licked at her skin, gathering up the salty cum on them.

It had that same sour flavor as Mr. Jackson’s dick. I was in heaven. I lapped at Rebecca’s butt-crack with hunger. I cleaned her up, moaning as I did. I licked over her asshole. She moaned. I shuddered and licked there again, swiping up the sour, salty cum that had leaked out of her.

“Damn,” Mr. Jackson growled and pressed his dick into my thick bush. He found my pussy and thrust into me.

I squealed into Rebecca’s asshole.

His cock was so big and thick and wonderful. I should have been stuffing my cunt with dicks like this, not my mind with dumb facts. Who cared about inter... whatevers. Calculatus was so stupid! Sexy, not smart was the way to go.

He didn’t fuck me, he soaked his dick in my cunt like he had with Rebecca. My asshole ached, so ready to be reamed by his big dick. I wanted him plowing into me. I swirled my tongue around Rebecca’s sphincter. I licked and licked at her. I caressed her with hunger, licking up the cum that bubbled out of her asshole. That meant there was more in her

Mr. Jackson pulled his cock out of my pussy. He slid it up to my asshole. “GPAnal!” I moaned! Yay!”

“God damn, I can’t believe you girls became bimbos,” he groaned and pressed his dick into my asshole.

He thrust. I groaned as he did that. I shuddered, this heat sweeping through me. It felt so wicked as my asshole slowly spread to swallow his cock. I trembled as more and more of my sphincter widened to take him. I moaned into Rebecca’s butthole as my anal ring widened.

I swallowed Mr. Jackson’s cock. He slid into me, and that just felt so wonderful. I loved how he went deeper into my bowels. He just slid to the hilt in me. It was fantastic to enjoy. I groaned, my bowels clamping down on his cock. I loved the way he slid further and further into my asshole.

He bottomed out.

“Yes!” I moaned into my friend’s asshole.

My tongue danced around her sprinter, swiping up more salty cum flavored by her earthy bowels. Then he pulled back through my anal sheath. I moaned and clamped down hard on his dick. I shuddered, my boobs swaying beneath me.

He growled as he thrust back into me. He buried hard into my bowels. He gripped my hips and fucked me. He plunged into my anal sheath with powerful strokes. I shuddered, squeezing my asshole down on his dick while my tongue caressed my friend’s puckered hole.

No more cum was leaking out of her while that big dick was drilling into me. Mr. Jackson buried hard and fast into my flesh. He slammed to the hilt in me over and over again. His balls smacked into my taint.

“Fuck, that’s good!” he growled. “You’re such a slut, Mai.”

“A dirty slut that’s licking my naughty butthole!” groaned Rebecca.

“Yes, yes, go, Mai, go! Lick that bootyhole!” cheered Deborah. Her boobs bounced out of the corner of my eye.

I whimpered, loving that big dick burying into me. He pumped away at my asshole. He slammed to the hilt in me. It was fantastic. I shuddered, wanting to taste more of his cum. I bet it was in Rebecca. I just had to get it out of her.


My tongue. I could thrust my tongue into her asshole like a complete slut. That would do it. I squeezed my bowels down on his dick and thrust my tongue into her asshole. I swirled it about in her, searching for his cum. That dirty flavor increased.

“You wicked slut!” Rebecca moaned. “Ooh, ooh, Mai’s got her tongue in my butt!”

“Filthy!” Deborah moaned. “You’re so filthy! You’re so slutty! Woot!”

I was. I loved that dirty flavor. I swirled about in her bowels, and then I just tasted some cum.

I thrust my tongue in deep, my bowels melting around Mr. Jackson’s cock thrusting into me. He pounded me hard from behind. He buried to the hilt in me over and over again. I gasped as he plunged deep while I wiggled my tongue about and...

Found that cum!

Squealing in delight I scooped that jizz out of Rebecca’s anal depths. She moaned, her bowels clenching around my probing tongue and her butt-cheeks about my face. I whimpered, my asshole burning hotter and hotter. Mr. Jackson melted my anal sheath, the heat melting to my pussy.

My dirty cunt dripped juices as he fucked me. They soaked my thick bush and ran down my thighs. I loved it as I thrust into Rebecca’s asshole to find more cum. I probed around in her and found it. I savored this dirty, slutty fun. I scooped that jizz out and savored it melting on my tongue.

It was such a delight. I groaned, dancing my tongue around in her bowels while Mr. Jackson hammered mine. He fucked into me so fast and hard. I moaned as my anal sheath melted around his dick. He grunted, holding my hips in his strong hands.

“Goddamn, you little slut!” he growled. “You used to be smart, now you’re just a bimbo, Asian whore!”

“Yes!” I squealed, aching for more cum. But I couldn’t reach it. The cum was in too deep.

I had to suck it out.

As Mr. Jackson slammed his dick deep into my bowels, I sealed my lips around Rebecca’s asshole. I suckled hard. She gasped, her head tossing and butt-cheeks squeezing about my face. She whimpered and groaned. The sour flavor increased.

Cum bubbled out. Wonderful, salty, delicious cum. It spilled over my lips and mouth. I groaned as I licked it all up. I savored the salty delight spilling over my tongue. I squeezed my bowels down on his cock. He plunged into me hard and fast as I nursed his jizz out of Rebecca’s asshole.

“Mai, you big slut!” Rebecca moaned. “Oh em gee, that’s good. That’s so fucking good. You’re sucking the cum out of my asshole.”

“Wow,” Deborah whispered in awe.

“Jesus fucking Christ, that’s slutty!” Mr. Jackson growled and slammed hard into my asshole. “I’m going to cum hard in your dirty ass, Mai!”

I whimpered, nursing hard on Rebecca’s asshole. The cum flowed into my mouth. I swallowed it all down. I gulped it all down with hunger as my pussy grew hotter and hotter. The heat in my bowels warmed my cunt. I swelled towards my orgasm.

I nursed out the last cum. I suckled harder, but no more salty treat reached my tongue. I whimpered while Mr. Jackson slammed to the hilt in my bowels. He growled and then he erupted. He fired his spunk into my asshole.

I squealed in delight and came.

His cum splashing hot in my bowels felt so slutty, I climaxed. I threw my head up, my black hair dancing, and squealed, “Yes, yes, yes! I’m cumming. I’m cumming so hard! Oh, Mr. Jackson, I’m exploding!”

“Good,” he growled, his dick erupting over and over. “You’re getting a fucking A!”

“GPAnal!” Deborah squealed. “Yes, yes, yes!”

I shuddered, my bowels convulsing and writhing as I milked the spunk out of his dick with my asshole. I drained him as I shuddered through the rapture sweeping through my body. It was so incredible. I groaned, stars bursting across my vision.

I licked my lips, my heart racing. My boobs jiggled and swayed. They smacked together as I beamed in delight. This was just the best thing in the world. My head bowed, my heart pounding in my chest.

“My turn!” Deborah squealed as Mr. Jackson ripped his dick out of my asshole.

* * *

Deborah Dane

“Let me clean your dick, Mr. Jackson,” the busty Rebecca said. She stood up, her tits bouncing. They slapped together. “I’ll lick it real good.”

“No!” I gasped, glaring at my friend. “I wanna do it. It’s my turn to be slutty. I want to clean his dick so he can fuck my ass and give me the A I deserve!”

“Goddamn,” Mr. Jackson said as I fell to my knees before him. Mai was panting to the side, looking so happy.

Rebecca fell to her knees beside me, her brown hair swaying about her face. She licked her lips and moaned, “I haven’t got to suck your dirty dick yet, Mr. Jackson. I know I earned my A already, but... Please...”

“It’s my turn to GPAnal!” I moaned.

“Anal for the A!” Rebecca snapped. “Not for the blowjob. That only gets you a B.”

“I wanna be slutty!” I whimpered. “Sexy not smart. Brains are so boring!”

“You three keep repeating that,” muttered Jackson. “Fucking Clara’s tweets brainwashed you into skanky idiots.”

“Yep! “I grabbed his cock and licked the side.

Rebecca darted in and licked the other side. She just had to be the best. Valedick... whatever it was. Now she had to out slut me. Ooh, it was so infuriating. I slid my tongue up to the crown to swallow him, but her cheek blocked me.

Our tongues danced around the crown, the sour flavor of Mai’s ass such a dirty rush. My tongue brushed Rebecca’s. I was so annoyed. I didn’t like this at all. I shouldn’t have to share this with her. It should just be all me. Me!

“It’s my cock to clean!” I whined.

“Mine!” she shot back.



“I’m sucking his dick!”

“No, I am!”





“Jesus,” growled Mr. Jackson, “you both can do it. That’ll be the sluttiest thing in the world for you two to share.”

“Oh, it will be!” I moaned and then sucked Mr. Jackson’s cock into my mouth.

The dirty flavor of Mai’s asshole spilled over my tongue. It was such a wonderful delight to taste. So earthy and nasty. I shuddered, my pussy, already on fire watching him fuck my two friends, was molten. My cunt cream just dripped down my thighs.

I wanted to keep nursing on him forever. To suckle at him until the end of time. I nursed on him but Rebecca was fidgeting as I nursed off all that yummy flavor. She whimpered and moaned and pouted like a child.

“My turn!” she whined. “He said to share!”

I groaned and slid my lips off Mr. Jackson’s cock. Drool ran down my chin as I handed his dick over to her. She groaned and slid her mouth over his dick. He growled and arched his back. His face twisted with delight. He shook his head from side to side and groaned as she nursed on him. She suckled with hunger.

“Fuck,” he groaned.

I squirmed there, wanting my turn. I licked my lips, the sour flavor of Mai’s ass lingering on my tongue. I smacked my lips, my fingers flexing and relaxing. My heart pounded a wild beat in my chest. Heat rushed through me. I just wanted to suckle on that big dick so much.

“My turn!” I whimpered. “You promised to share! The dirty flavor’s going to be gone!”

Rebecca popped her mouth off, saliva running down her chin. She purred in delight, “How was that, Mr. Jackson.”

“Fucking great,” he groaned.

I swallowed his cock and groaned. I couldn’t taste any of that dirty flavor. I wanted it so much. That would make me such a slutty skank. I slid my lips lower and lower down his shaft, my tongue swiping around his dick, searching for that sour flavor. His cock brushed the back of my throat.

I tasted something.

It was faint, but there was a bit of her sour musk. I just had to take more of his dick. I had to be the biggest slut, way bigger than Rebecca, and swallow every inch of his cock. I had to deep-throat my teacher.

I just hoped it didn’t leave me stuck with a D. I needed an A. GPAnal had to work to raise my marks. I had to be the biggest whore. I would be the vale-dick-whatever-ian. I would show Rebecca all my whorish skills.

I swallowed the tip of his dick. He groaned as I fought against my gag. His cock slid down my gullet. I whimpered as I took more of his dick and there was that sour flavor. I slid down and down his shaft, the earthy musk swelling in intensity. It was so wonderful. I polished his cock with my tongue, savoring the flavor as I took more and more of him.

“Fuck,” groaned Mr. Jackson. “Deborah, you utter skank. You’re fucking deep-throating my cock!”

“Go, Deborah!” cheered Mai. “That’s so hot. Ooh, you’re gobbling him up!”

“Share!” whimpered Rebecca.

I would share, after I had cleaned off every bit of him. I went further down his cock. I took more of him into my mouth. I swallowed that big dick. The sour flavor swelled and swelled in intensity. It filled my mouth with such delight. I groaned, so eager to take him all.

I nuzzled into his bush. I had every inch of his dick in my mouth. The old dumb smart me wouldn’t ever have done this. I was so glad to be a bimbo skank slut whore. It was so awesome. I nursed on him, moaning about his dick.

“My turn! My turn! My turn!” whined Rebecca.

“She’s doing... a great fucking job,” groaned Mr. Jackson. “I can’t have her stop now. Jesus, she’s doing amazing.”

“But... but... I wanna suck your dick clean! She’s gonna get all the dirty flavor off.”

I was. I was buffing hard as I moaned around his dick.

“I’ll make it up to you, slut,” he panted. “Shit, I’m going to cum.”

I wanted him to cum. My pussy clenched, getting hotter and by the second. My juices soaked my bush as my tongue polished his cock clean. The sour flavor dwindled as I moaned around him. I suckled on him. Loved him.

His hands grabbed my head. He held me in place, grunting and groaning. Then his cock spurted. His cum fired straight into my belly. That made me feel like such a dirty, dirty whore. I quivered, loving it. I was so glad this was happening.

“Goddamn, fucking slut!” he growled. “You bimbo whore, yes, yes, take that cum. You fucking whore, take it!”

I did. He shot it into my belly. It was such a rush. I loved how he pumped all that spunk into my mouth. I shuddered as he warmed my belly. It was so lewd. My pussy clenched. I almost came just from doing that.

“Fuck,” he panted as he fired the last of his cum into my mouth. “Shit, it’s time for me to fuck that ass.”

“And me,” whined Rebecca. “How are you going to make it up to me?”

“You’re going to sit that whore-cunt on my face, and I’ll eat your pussy while Deborah rides my dick with her asshole. She’s such a slut, she’ll work her bowels up and down my dick.”

I was such a slut.

“Lucky,” Mai whimpered.

Mr. Jackson pulled his cock out of my mouth. A flood of drool poured down my chin. Then he was stretching out on his back. Rebecca squealed in delight. The busty bimbo planted her brown-furred muff on his face and shuddered.

He growled and feasted on her. I stared at his cock thrusting up. It was so long. That had all been in my mouth. And now it would all be in my butt. I shuddered, my cunt on fire. I straddled him and guided him to my pussy.

I had to have him in my cunt to get all nice and lubed.

“Here I go!” I moaned, pressing him against my pussy lips. “Yay!”

I impaled my cunt down his dick. My eyes bulged. I gasped at how great he felt. I wanted to let him stay in me, but I didn’t want a C. I needed an A. And there was only one way to get an A. I shuddered as I squeezed my pussy down on him. Then I slid up.

He growled into Rebecca’s pussy. She groaned, squirming on him, her big boobs swaying from side to side. Her face twisted in delight. She smiled at me as I slid up him. Then my cunt popped off of him. I shuddered and enjoyed that sensation.

I shifted him and guided him to my asshole, holding his wet dick. I pressed him on my butthole, grinning at Rebecca. She grinned back, her huge titties swaying back and forth. She looked like a bimbo. No thought in her mind.

“Yay!” she gasped. “Eat my pussy. That’s so hot! I love it! Yay!”

I impaled my asshole down his dick.

Or tried to.

I gasped as my anal ring resisted, stretching wider and wider. Then he popped into my bowels. I groaned, this velvety heat blazing in my asshole as I sank down him. I went lower and lower, my boobs jiggling. There was so much of him in me. I couldn’t believe it.

I bottomed out on him and groaned, my pussy clenching about his dick. He felt so big and huge and wonderful in me. I groaned, my head shaking from side to side. I whimpered, the heat of him stretching me out was so wonderful.

I quivered in delight. “Ooh, ooh, Mr. Jackson, my butt took all your dick.”

“Yeah,” he groaned. “Damn, your pussy is good, Rebecca.”

“Yay!” she squealed and ground on him, her boobs jiggling.

I grabbed her boobs. They were so hypnotic. I felt their softness. I squeezed them as I rose my asshole up Mr. Jackson’s dick. I gasped as I squeezed my velvety bowels around his cock. I gripped him hard and then slammed back down him.

I worked my asshole up and down his dick. I shuddered, loving the feel of that big cock in my bowels. I whimpered, the heat melting to my pussy. I would have such a big orgasm on his dick. A slutty climax.

“Eat me, Mr. Jackson!” moaned Rebecca. “Just eat me all nice and goody good.”

“Yes, yes, eat her!” Mai moaned.

“Ooh, yes, yes, just feast on her and eat her and make her cum!” I moaned, working my bowels up and down his dick. “While I make you cum. My anal is going to make you burst.”

“Uh-huh,” he groaned. “Shit, that’s good.”

It was so good.

I worked my asshole up and down his cock, riding him. The velvety delight melted from my bowels to my cunt. My pussy grew so hot. I loved it. My boobs bounced. I squeezed Rebecca’s tits while I worked my cunt up and down his dick.

I squeezed and kneaded her big boobs. They were so fun to play with as my asshole slid up and down Mr. Jackson’s big dick. I took him over and over again. I whimpered and moaned, my face contorting with delight.

“I’m going to cum!” I cried. “I’m going to cum! Cum! Cum!”

“Me, too!” Rebecca shuddered, her face contorting. “He’s sucking on my clit. My clit, Deborah! It’s so great!”

“Yay!” I squealed, my bowels squeezing about his dick as I slid up him.

“You two are so slutty!” Mai groaned.

“We are!” I purred, slamming my bowels back down Mr. Jackson’s cock.

I was so close now. My pussy primed. I would burst with all my pleasure. It would be super-duper wonderful awesome. I groaned, my head tossing. The pleasure dancing through me. I groaned, clenching down hard and tight.

I impaled down his dick again and again. My pussy ached. My bowels drank in the friction of his dick. This was it. I would earn my A the best way possible. I shuddered, my asshole on fire. I squeezed Rebecca’s tits, whimpering.

“Fuck!” Mr. Jackson moaned.

“I know!” I gasped. “I’m so close.”

“So good!” squealed Rebecca, her boobs jiggling in my hand. “Your tongue is so good, Mr. Jackson. I... I... Fuck, yes!”

She bucked and quivered, cumming on his mouth. He groaned, licking at her pussy. He had to be drinking up all her cunt cream. Just lapping at her. I shuddered as I worked my asshole up and down his cock. My bowels clung to his dick, heating up.

I whimpered, my boobs jiggling. Rebecca’s moans filled the air as the pressure in my bowels swelled to this bursting point. I slammed down his dick and then I gasped. I climaxed. This wonderful burst of pleasure swept through me.

“Mr. Jackson!”

Pussy cream gushed out of my cunt and splashed his stomach. My bowels suckled at his dick. I squirmed on his girth, my naughty sheath rippling and writhing around him. He groaned into Rebecca’s cunt while all this pleasure swept through me.

“Fuck, yes!” he groaned. “Here’s your fucking A, slut!”

He erupted in me.

“Yay!” I gasped as his cum pumped into my bowels. He flooded me with spurt after spurt of his cum. He basted my asshole with all that jizz. It was incredible to feel. I gasped, shuddering through my orgasm. My head shook from side to side. “So good! I’m an A! Yay!”

His jizz spurted into my spasming bowels. I milked him as the pleasure rushed through me. It was so incredible to enjoy. Mai cheered us on. I squeezed Rebecca’s big titties as she shuddered before me. It was so wonderful.

“We’re both A’s!” I gasped.


She hugged me and kissed me on the mouth. It just felt so right to do something so slutty with her. I kissed her hard, reveling in the fact that I had earned my A. It felt so wonderful to be slutty not smart. Brains were so boring, but having anal sex to get good grades.

Every girl had to do this. But they all thought being smart was so cool. Idiots. Math was dumb. Learning stupid. Cumming was the very best.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...