The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter 13: Schoolgirl Becomes a Camwhore

Clara hated the dean at my college. He was just the worst.

And he deserved to have perverted rumors about him. Rumors that would destroy his career. He did nothing for Clara when she reported the bullying to him. Nothing. But now that her tweets were believed like gospel and everyone played along, like how everyone now claimed those smart girls had become bimbo sluts and were only succeeding through anal.

It was so much fun.

Clara lay on her bed, staring up at her phone. She had so many followers on Twitter now. Over ten thousand of them now. She was getting to be so popular, she was thinking of applying to get herself a Blue Check Mark.

Her fingers went to work.

“Did you know the school budget got cut again, so the dean is going to pick 20 lucky girls to be the official school camgirls? Sure beats a bake sale! #jobtraining #fuckonfilm #schoolgirl2camgirl”

* * *


“The dean would like to see you in his office,” the text message read.

I swallowed. Was he finally going to take seriously how Officer Lance gives me a facial every day even when I don’t wear makeup? Not a bit. He always makes me take my top and bra off, too, covering my large tits in cum. It sucked that I had the biggest tits in school. Just sucked so much. It wasn’t fair that the lecherous security guard got to violate me under the guise of his makeup check.

No one wore too much makeup any longer unless they were facial sluts. Girls who wanted to walk around dripping in jizz. This school was so fucked up. Rebecca Goldstein just became an airhead who’d rather masturbate in class than pay attention. She had all male teachers so she still kept that GPA through sex.

The feminists had all gone crazy. They were jumping on any girl that wasn’t a subservient whore to men, telling them that liberation came through kneeling on the ground and begging a guy to fuck you in the ass and then the pussy, and that wearing a man’s collar was the ultimate goal of feminism. They wanted to be little more than sex slaves, eschewing the “traditional” gender role of wife and mother in favor of disgusting whore.

As I walked through the halls, I passed a nerdy guy that had two girls clinging to his arms, both wearing engagement bands. Then I strode by one of the pregnant cheerleaders who had gotten knocked up by this other nerd who they fucked after all their practices. Even more disgusting, the school’s quarterback walked by with his twin sisters behind him, both of them pregnant, too, with shirts that read, “Bred by My Big Brother.”

I almost blundered into Officer Lance, but he was face-fucking that goth girl that insisted on wearing full makeup and white foundation. He was fucking the hell out of her face, grunting and groaning as the goth slut loved it.

I finally managed to reach the dean’s office. I was so ready to quit. To tell Dean Pheleps that I was down with this stupid school. I wanted to go to one where I could wear some makeup and not have to worry about an insane security officer skull-fucking my face every day.

This school was the worst.

“You can go right in, Becca,” the secretary said. She could wear makeup. Officer Lance could only go for us coeds.

“Thanks,” I said and opened the door to the dean’s office.

He sat behind his desk, a balding man with a thick, brown mustache on his upper lip. It made him look like some creep from the seventies. Like he shouldn’t be allowed around anyone not an adult. I was surprised Chris Hansen hadn’t popped in and asked him to sit down.

“Oh, Becca, wonderful,” he said, his hands folded before him.

“Is this about my complaints against Officer Lance?” I asked, sitting down on my seat, my big boobs jiggling in my crop top. I hardly ever wore a bra any longer. I had to take my top off every day. Sometimes twice.

“We looked it into it,” said the dean, “and it’s all up to Officer Lance if he feels a girl has too much makeup on.”

“I don’t even wear any,” I said.

He leaned in. “You don’t? Well, you have amazing skin then. You look flawless.”

I glowered at him. “Then why am I here?”

“The school has an exciting opportunity for you,” he said, rubbing his hands together. “There is an exchange program with Oxford in the UK, and we were wondering if you’d like to study abroad for a semester. We think you are a perfect fit for this program.”

“You mean, get out of this school?”

“Yeah.” He smiled. “We do have to do a fundraiser. We’re going to have a bake sale to get some cash to do this. You’ll have to be a big help.”

“Of course,” I said. “I’d love to.” My heart beat with such joy. I couldn’t wait to get out of here. “When—” My phone beeped. I ignored it. “When do we get started with the bake sale?”

“Bake sale?” He looked at me confused. Then he lifted his phone. “Bev, send in Ruri.”

The door opened and a Japanese girl I didn’t know stepped in. She was clearly a student here, a petite thing wearing a tight t-shirt that molded to her little breasts. It was clear she had no bra on. Her skirt was short and pleated, a tartan affair. She also had on such heavy makeup. She must want to get caught by Officer Lance.

“Ruri here will be your partner,” the dean said. “We thought her petite form and your busty figure would be the perfect contrast for your performance.”

“Er, performance?” I asked.

“For the fundraiser.” The dean stared at me. “The one you just agreed to.”

“Right, the bake sale.”

“Bake sale?” He shook his head. “No, no, you two are going to be camgirls for the school starting today. You’ll go live here in a few minutes. We want you to put on a great show with each other to raise a lot of money for the school. We’re having some budget problems. I decided that twenty girls would be perfect to become camgirls for the school.”

“You mean...” I swallowed. “Have sex on camera.”

“Oh, yes,” Ruri cooed. She perched on the edge of the desk and crossed her legs. She had on long, fake eyelashes. “Me and you are going to go at it hot and heavy for all the pervs out there.”

“Schoolgirls to camgirls,” added the dean. “I told you about it when you walked in.”

“No, you didn’t,” I gasped. “You were talking about sending me to Oxford.”

“Oxford?” He looked so confused. “Why would we send a girl there. That’s a serious school. No, no, we’re giving you a chance for some future job training while making money for the school. You’ll get some easy credits out of it, too.”

“Job training?” I stood up. “You think that being a camgirl is job training?” I was so furious.

“Of course.” He fumbled around and then pulled out a folder. “Our numbers show that 7 out of 10 girls that graduate from our college go on to open up OnlyFans pages and become camwhores. Might as well get you some experience. I mean, with tits as big as yours, you’ll be opening up your OnlyFans page before much longer.”

“What?” I asked.

“Let’s go,” Ruri said, grabbing me by the arm and pulling me from the desk. “We’re all set up over here. This is going to be awesome.”

“But... but...” I spurted. “This isn’t right. I’ll refuse. I’m not here to become a camwhore. I’m here to get an education. I won’t do this!”

“Are you sure?” He gave me serious look. “You’re on academic probation as it is. Refuse, and you’ll be kicked out. A black mark. Every college will turn you down.”

My blood ran cold. “But I’m not on academic probation.”

“Well, all I have to do is add a little note to your file and...” He smiled at me. The threat in his eyes. He would do that to me. He would ruin me.

I slumped, the fight melting out of me as Ruri dragged me from the room. I couldn’t believe this was happening. How could the school want me to be a camgirl for money? That was insane? What was wrong with this institution.

“Ruri, you can’t be cool with this,” I groaned.

“What?” She threw a look back at me. “This is my chance to be a breakout hit and use that to get a porn career and my OnlyFans page up and running. Ooh, I knew I should have gone to that stripper presentation. I hear Georgia and Brenda are making out as bandits with their lesbian exotic dancer act. Me and you, Becca, this is our chance to be just as famous.”

“I don’t want to be part of a lesbian sex act,” I moaned. “I’m straight.”

“Ooh, yes, yes,” purred Ruri. “That’s great. But save that for when we are performing. That’ll make the chat go wild if they think I’m forcing you to be my lezzie slut.”

“But you are!”

She dragged me down a hallway with names like “Studio A,” “Studio B,” “Studio C,” etc. We stopped at Studio F. She opened the door and dragged me into what looked like a little girl’s room. But only part of it. A bed with stuffed animals. Some lacy curtains behind it. A shelf. It was all cutesy where the camera could see it. That set on a tripod aimed at the bed and the pink-painted wall behind it. The paint sort of petered out, the walls unfinished in the second half of the room.

There was a computer next to the camera turned to face the bed. A chat window was there. People were already chatting while a timer counted down from 58 seconds. I shuddered as I realized this room was about to go live.


God, I can’t wait for this to get started. Bring on the tits! I want to see some fucking boobies!


Right! Right! Titties! I want to see some lezzie whores dyking out!


My clit is so fucking hard right now. I’m so wet. Bring on the lezzie whores.


Yes, yes, going to frig my cunt so hard. Ooh, I love watching fucking dyke shows!


Schoolgirl dykes! That’s so fucking hot.


almost there. I’m so fucking hard right now.


Bring on the hotties! I want to see the hotties. Oh, yes, yes, here we go. Schoolgirl dykes!


Show fucking time!


I hope there are big boobs. I love big boobs. Playing with my big boobs right now!

Don’t just stand there,” purred Ruri. Get down to your bra and panties and get on the bed.”

“I’m not wearing any bra,” I groaned, swallowing as she stared at me. Then I unsnapped my jeans. “I’ll take my pants off, okay. But I’m not going to be any good at this. I’m not gay. I’m straight.”

“You let me worry about that,” Ruri said and peeled off her t-shirt. She had small titties with hard, dark-brown nipples. She left her skirt on, that swirl of tartan barely covered anything. “Move it!”

She was so intense. So in command. I couldn’t believe it. I swallowed and peeled off my jeans. I lay on my back, my heart pounding in my chest. More comments were flying up and down the chat window. The timer was down to seven seconds. I shuddered and fell on the bed, lying on my side. I didn’t know what to do. How to pose myself. I could see myself on the screen, looking so awkward.

Three, two, one, and then it went live. The camera turned on, a red light on it. I shuddered as the chat exploded. Text appeared and flew by for a moment. I swallowed. What was I supposed to do here? I squirmed.

Then Ruri crawled into view. “Hello boys and girls,” she purred. “I have a naughty show for you. I’m Ruri, and this straight, little bitch is Becca. She’s scared of pussy and tits and all that stuff. But she’s wandered into my territory.


Fuck yes! Lesbian domination. Ooh, you make that straight slut gay with those little titties!


Fapping hard. I am fapping hard. Dominate that straight bitch! You’re so cute, Ruri!


Marry me, Ruri! Marry me!

“Eww,” Ruri said and grimaced. “Why would I want to marry someone with a cock when I can play with yummy pussies.”


I have a pussy. Marry me, Ruri! Marry me!

“Maybe,” she cooed. “But I have this straight, little bitch to fuck here.”

“Please, I don’t want to do this,” I moaned. “I’m not into girls. I’m straight. I was forced to do this. I don’t want to. Ruri, just let me go. You can put on a show.”

“Let you go?” She grabbed a fistful of my brown hair and yanked me up. Her pigtails danced around her face as she stared into my eyes. “You’re my little slut. Now open your mouth.”

I whimpered and did. She spat in my mouth. The chat burst with activity. A moment later, she sealed her lips on mine. She kissed me with passion, thrusting her tongue into my mouth. She danced it around in there, plundering my mouth.

I whimpered, not sure what to do. If I didn’t do this, my college career would be done. But I didn’t want all these strangers to witness me having sex. Especially not with a girl. I wasn’t into girls. This was too crazy.

She broke the kiss. “Now suck on my tongue, bitch!”

Ruri thrust her tongue out from her lips. I shuddered, the chat scrolling fast. Comments were bursting across the screen. They were coming so fast as I stared at that wiggling tongue. Ruri gripped my hair harder, pulling my lips to her mouth.

I groaned and slid my lips over her tongue and suckled hard. My pussy clenched. This strange, humiliating heat rose in me. This was so degrading. I was being forced to do this by this crazy dyke. Ruri was clearly enjoying it as I suckled on her tongue.

How was this more embarrassing than when she spit in my mouth.

She pulled away a moment later and threw me down on the bed. She grabbed the hem of my shirt and lifted it, pulling it up to expose my bellybutton. I swallowed as she stared down at me with such hunger in her slanted eyes.

“Mmm, Becca, should I take off your top?” she asked in a coy and teasing fashion.


Let’s see those big boobs. They look as huge as mine. I want to see them.


Fuck yes! Show those boobs. Show those boobs!


So goddamn hard right now. I am fapping it. I want to see those titties. They look so huge.


How big are they? God, I want to see them naked.

“Well, Becca-Bitch,” Ruri purred, “how big are these tits!”

She ripped my shirt open. I gasped as the fabric tore in her hands. The chat exploded again. Comments zoomed by as the rip reached the neckline. Then the cloth was pulled away to expose my big tits. They jiggled and quivered. My nipples were hard. Why were they erect?

Ruri grabbed my boobs. She squeezed her hands into them. The Japanese girl licked her lips, her pigtails spilling off her shoulders as she leaned forward. She shook my tits, making them jiggle and ripple. I swallowed, my cheeks on fire.

“Well, Becca-Bitch?” Ruri asked. She spat on my right nipple. The saliva almost burned. “How big are you straight titties?”

“They’re...” I swallowed. “36 G’s.”


She’s barely bigger than me! That’s so hot. She’s got a great pair of boobs.


G-cup titties! Fuck, yes! Becca-Bitch is such a fucking hot girl.


I can’t wait to make her my little cunt-munching bitch. Oh, my god, I bet Becca’s got a secret hunger to eat cunt. To just go to town on hot pussy.

“Do you?” Ruri asked. “Mmm, do you want to go to town on hot pussy like pillowqueenz suggests?”

“N-no,” I moaned, my heart hammering. “I’m straight. I’m not into girls.”

“Then why are your nipples hard?” Ruri demanded before she spat on my left one. She ducked her head down and licked her spit off a moment later.

I gasped at the wet contact of her tongue sliding over my nub. Pleasure shot down to my cunt. I groaned, the bed creaking beneath me. I couldn’t believe this was happening. That I was really having this girl licking at my nipple. But she was dancing around my nub, her fingers digging into my tits.

Her pigtails slid over my boobs as she darted her head to my right nipple and licked her spittle off that one. Her tongue danced around my nub then her mouth sucked it into her mouth. She nursed hard on it.

I gasped, my pussy clenching. My back arched. My brow contorted from the delight.


That’s what I’m talking about. Schoolgirl sucking on those big titties. Getting a fucking tip.


Ooh, yes, yes, flicking my bean and giving you some love! You two are so fucking hot together. Just amazing.

I could see money coming in. Not just what they paid to watch the show, but the donations that they made. The tips they were giving us as we were getting naughty. They were loving it. They were witnessing my humiliation at the hands of Ruri.

Her lips nibbled on my nub. Then she suckled on my nipple. Pleasure shot down to my cunt. I shuddered, my face contorting from the delight that was rippling through me. My heart pounded in my chest. This was insane. This couldn’t be happening.

But the users were loving it. pillowqueenz and clitflicker were both talking about masturbating their cunts. They were women who were getting off on me being dominated by a lesbian. shadeenuts and assfucker were stroking their cocks.


Just so hard! Ooh, you two are so fucking hot.

“Please,” I shouted. “I’m not doing this because I like it!”

Ruri shot her mouth up. “You’re not you fucking lezzie-slut!”

She smacked my right boob. I gasped at the stinging pain while my tit quivered and shook. It smacked into my other. They were both quaking. My wet nipples waved on top of them. While my cunt clenched.

“Then let’s find out,” she said and rolled off the bed. Her skirt fluttered, flashing her naked ass. She darted across the room and picked up a thick dildo and a pair of scissors. My eyes widened at the sight of those.

“No, no,” I gasped, sitting up, my big boobs jiggling. My torn shirt fluttered around my torso. “What are you going to do?”

“Show them how hot your cunt is,” she purred and jumped on the bed, the scissors in one hand. She tossed the dildo down beside me and then sat on my stomach, forcing me down. My legs faced the camera. “Mmm, yes, lesteroth, I’m going to cut off this little whore’s panties and we’ll find out how turned on she is.”

“Please,” I gasped, struggling. “You can’t do this. Ruri! Stop this!”

“But the audience wants it. big_jizzie and pillowqueenz are both so excited. lesteroth just blew his load. Now clitflicker is cumming. I have to do this.” Ruri squirmed on me. I could feel the shaved folds of her pussy rubbing hot on my cunt. “Don’t move. I don’t want to hurt you on accident.”

I stiffened at those words. A shiver ran through me as she lifted the waistband of my panties. Then she thrust the scissors between the cloth and my skin. The whisk of cloth being cut filled the air. My pussy clenched. They would all see my shaved folds.

“Mmm, Becca-Bitch, you’re shaved,” she moaned. “That’s so hot. I had no idea that you would have a bald beaver. No hiding how wet you are.”

“God,” I whimpered, my pussy on fire. I was wet. Why? Nothing about this made any sense. I shouldn’t be turned on at all.

She made the last snip and ripped my panties away. I was bare and naked. I clamped my legs shut, not wanting to show my cunt on camera. My heart hammered. The scissors clattered on the floor then Ruri’s hands grabbed my thighs.

She was surprisingly strong. She pried my legs apart and forced me to almost doing the splits. I groaned, feeling my pussy lips part. I was utterly exposed. Juices trickled down to my taint. I was so wet. I heard Ruri breathe in deeply.

“Yes, pillowqueenz, her cunt does smell delicious,” moaned Ruri. “A sweet musk, big_jizzie. Just wonderfully sweet. And I hope you can all tell how dripping wet she is. Oh, good, lesteroth. I’m glad that you’re so turned on by her straight cunt. So is she.” Ruri threw a look over her shoulder. “Mmm, you’re going to be my dyke bitch, aren’t you?”

“No,” I moaned.

“Yes, you’re going to lick my pussy.” She grabbed her skirt and ripped it off of her. Velcro tore and then it was gone. She was naked now. Then she began backing up. She crawled over my body and passed my quivering tits. In moments, her shaved cunt hovered over my face. A tart musk filled my nose. “Feast on me, Becca-Bitch!”

She planted her bald twat right on my face. My mouth. I gasped as her tart juice spilled past my lips and across my taste buds. This could not be happening. I could not have this crazy dyke’s cunt planted on my mouth. I quivered, struggling to move my head, but she had me pinned with her weight.

“I don’t feel any licking, Becca-Bitch,” she cooed.

“I’m not going to eat your cunt!” I hissed. “I’m not into pussy. I like cock not twat.”

“Oh, she’s shy everyone,” Ruri purred. “But that’s okay. I have just the thing to encourage her. That’ll make her go wild.” She shifted. “Yes, pillowqueenz, that’s a vibrator. Ooh, that’s great that you have the same one mamaboobz. She’s going to love it.”

“Vibrator?” I gasped.

The toy hummed to life moments before it was pressed against my pussy lips. I gasped as it was shoved into me. My back arched as the toy slid into my cunt. The buzzing shaft jammed deep. I groaned, my body bucking.

I whimpered, shocked that this was really happening. That I was having my pussy reamed by a thick buzzing toy. I groaned, shaking my head. But that only rubbed my mouth across Ruri’s bald twat. More of her tart juices spilled past my lips.

“Ooh, there are you are,” Ruri purred.

Something clicked and the vibrator hummed faster. I squealed into her cunt at how shocking the increased buzzing had become. My pussy clamped down on the toy, feeling every bit of it vibrating away in me.

Why did it have to feel so good? All those perverts were watching my pussy lips clenching down on that vibrator while Ruri ground her bitch-cunt on my face. Her juices soaked my lips and ran over my chin and cheeks. The tart scent of her filled my nose.

She humped against me, rubbing her twat up and down my face over and over again. I groaned the vibrator buzzed away in me. The pleasure swelled and swelled in me. I would have an orgasm for the delight of all those filthy perverts.

“You’re not licking my pussy, Becca-Bitch,” she moaned.

“Sorry, Ruri-Cunt,” I hissed back. “I’m not a dyke like—”

She pinched my nipple. Hard.

I screamed in pain as her fingernail bit into my flesh. I opened my mouth wide, her pussy cream spilling past my lips as her cunt ground on me. She twisted my nub. Abusing it with her fingernails. My twat clamped down on the vibrator buzzing away in me.

“You have to lick my pussy, Becca-Bitch,” she cooed. “Then the pain stops. Look, assfucker wants you to do it.”

“assfucker can go fuck himself!” I hissed.

“Oh, I’m sure he’s fapping hard,” Ruri cooed. “Ooh, and shadeenuts is, too. They want you to lick my cunt. mamaboobz wants you to be a little dyke slut and eat me.”

I shuddered on the bed, pain throbbing from my nipples while pleasure hummed through my cunt. I squirmed on the bed. I loved every moment of it. The two opposing sensations throbbed through me. They rippled through my body.

I groaned into her cunt, fighting it. The vibrator buzzed, sending waves of delight through my body. My nipple pulsed. Throbbed. Burned with agony. She twisted it back and forth as I sobbed and moaned into her hot cunt.

“pillowqueenz really wants you to eat me, Becca-Bitch, while clitflicker finds it hot that I’m abusing your nipple. She wants you to hold out for as long as you can.”

This was so insane. My nipple hurt so much. I just had to lick her pussy. If I did that, the pain would stop. I swallowed, her cunt cream in my mouth. The tart juices didn’t taste... terrible. They didn’t really taste bad at all. I just... had to lick.

I closed my eyes and slid my tongue through her folds.

She gasped, her back arching. “Becca-Bitch just licked me!” Her asscheeks clenched before my face. “Oh, Becca-Bitch, that’s so hot. Lick me again.” She twisted my nipple. “Now!”

Pain bursting from my nub, I licked her again. And again. My tongue frantically flicked up and down her cunt. I had to lap at her to keep the pain away. She released my nipple. I moaned and feasted on her. I licked up her tart cream, the throbbing agony in my nipple fading.

The pleasure in my pussy swelled as I ate the bitch’s cunt. I feasted on her with all I had. She moaned, her back arching. Her moans echoed through the filming room while the fans must just be going wild watching her ride my face.

“That’s so good, Becca-Bitch!” she moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, eat my cunt. Mmm, we’ll make you into a pussy-loving dyke. God, you’re good at that.”

“I was?”

“Yes, yes, it was like you were born to eat pussy. Oh, my god, you’re a genius. You just know where to lick.”

I couldn’t believe that. I had no idea what I was doing. I was just lapping at her folds, caressing her clit and flicking over her hole. I thrust my tongue into her pussy. Should I be doing that to her? I liked it when guys did it to me. Her tart juices soaked my tongue.

“Oh, fuck, yes, you naughty slut!” Her butt-cheeks squeezed tight before my face. “Yes, yes, yes, fuck that tongue in and out of my cunt. You’re such a natural, Becca-Bitch. You were born to be a lezzie camgirl.”

I shuddered, my orgasm swelling. The vibrator hummed away in me. It churned me up. That was incredible. Pleasure grew in me while small waves of delight washed through me. I groaned, my pussy burning. The toy massaged my cunt with such skill. I couldn’t hold out much longer.

I moaned into her pussy as I tongue-fucked her. I thrust in and out of her tart depths. She shuddered on me, moaning in delight. More and more of her cream spilled over my cheeks. She was so wet. She must be a gusher.

“I’m going to cum!” she moaned and leaned over, grinding her pussy lips into my mouth. She grabbed the vibrator and pumped it in and out of me. “I’m going to explode and gush, Becca-Bitch!”

So was I.

I whimpered and moaned, my tongue dancing over her folds. That naughty vibrator thrust into my cunt and pulled out. I shuddered, my pussy clenching tight to her. I groaned, my heart pounding so hard. Blood hurtled through my veins. I shuddered, my toes curling.

She jammed the vibrator deep into me. I gasped and came.

Squealing, pleasure gushed out of me. My lips sealed on her clit. I suckled on her as the rapture gushed out of me. It flooded out of me and had me trembling on the bed. It was such an amazing delight. I groaned, the pleasure bursting through me. My legs thrashed and kicked.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned around her clit. I suckled again.

“Becca-Bitch is cumming!” gasped Ruri. “And so am I!”

Her pussy cream gushed out. A flood of tart juices splashed against my mouth. I opened wide and drank them down. Waves of pleasure washed through me. A tsunami of bliss hurtled out of my spasming cunt as I drank down her passion.

I gulped it all down. Her tart juices filled my mouth. I spasmed and groaned. My entire body quaked. The pleasure rushed through me. It was fantastic to feel. I whimpered, tossing my head from side to side. The pleasure was intense. Amazing. I reveled in every moment.

“Oh, she’s such a natural pussy licker!” gasped Ruri. She spilled off of me. “Oh, my fucking god, that was awesome.”

I blinked, my large breasts rising and falling. I sat up, panting. Pussy cream dripped from my chin and spilled down my large breasts. The room spun around me. I felt dizzy from what I had just done. I had just eaten a girl to an orgasm.

I had cum while doing it.

Shuddering, I ripped the vibrator out of me. I panted there, trying to come to grips with what I had done. I had licked her cunt with such gusto. I had feasted on her. I couldn’t believe I had done that. Then the text scrolling on the screen caught my attention.


Well done, Becca-Bitch! That was so fucking hot! I love how you made Ruri buck. You ate her pussy like a pro.


I want you to eat my pussy like that. Please, please, please, Becca-Bitch. You’re a fucking natural at it. Wow, I am so impressed.


Fucking hot! I came so hard!


Wow! Wow! Wow! That was the hottest thing. Ruri turned you into a dyke, Becca-Bitch!

“I’m not a dyke!” I panted, shaking my head. “I’m not.”


After how hard you ate that cunt, can you really claim you’re not? Fuck, you made Ruri explode. You should have seen how much you made her buck. That was fucking amazing!


Well fucking done, dyke! Becca-Bitch, you’re my new favorite lezzie camwhore!

“No!” I shouted. “No, no, no, that’s not me. I’m not a dyke. I love guys. I don’t love—”

Ruri grabbed a fistful of my brown hair and yanked me around. She kissed me hard on my lips covered in her tart cream. Her tongue darted inside. I shuddered, my pussy clenching. A wave of heat rushed through me as she danced her tongue around in me.

I shuddered and gasped as she did that. I couldn’t break away from her. It was like our lips were glued together. Her hands gripped my boobs now. She held them as I... as I... I kissed her back. My tongue was playing with hers. My lips were dancing on hers.

She broke the kiss. “Ooh, yes, you’re my little dyke toy, aren’t you, Becca-Bitch.”

“N-no!” I moaned, shaking my head while her hands squeezed my big tits.

“Liar,” she purred. Then she ducked her head down and suckled my nipple into her mouth. I gasped as she nursed on me. My pussy clenched.

She suckled on the very nipple that she had abused. I groaned as her hot mouth felt so amazing on it. The suction was incredible. I whimpered, my head tossing from side to side as she nursed on me with her hunger.

It felt so good. So amazing. My pussy drank in the heat that shot down from my nub. The heat swelled through my cunt. I swallowed, hating how much I liked it. Her hands played with my big boobs. She kneaded them. Her tongue danced around my nipple between her suckles.

The chat caught my eye.


Suck on those big, fat, yummy nipples, Ruri! God, I wish I could be nursing on them!


Right. Those tits are hot. I want to just bury my face in them. Ruri is so fucking lucky.


So lucky. I’m getting hard again. Ooh, I am going to fap so hard to this. And Becca-Bitch, you fucking love it, don’t you?

“N-no,” I moaned, my pussy clenching. Ruri suckled so hard while my pussy was getting hotter and hotter. “I don’t. I like guys. I’d rather have a guy do this to me.”


Liar. You want to have two girls sucking on your nipples while you eat out my cunt!

My pussy clenched as I wrenched my eyes from the screen. My other nipple throbbed, aching to have a girl’s mouth sucking on it. I licked my lips, Ruri’s tart pussy cream still coating them. The flavor had me trembling. It wasn’t bad at all.

“What’s happening to me,” I moaned, shuddering.

“You’re turning into a dyke-whore camslut!” purred Ruri, her lips popping off my nipple. Then she winked at me and ducked her head down.

I gasped as her hands pushed me to lie down. At the same time, she nuzzled her face into my cunt and licked at my twat. Her tongue danced up and down my shaved folds. My eyes widened. I groaned, shocked by how good that felt.

My boobs jiggled as Ruri feasted on my hot pussy. She licked and lapped at my snatch. I groaned, my face contorting from what she did to me. I groaned, my back arching. I couldn’t believe this was happening, but it was. She was feasting on me.

And I loved it.

I whimpered and moaned as her tongue danced up and down my folds. Why did she have to be better than a guy at doing this? Why did her tongue have to feel amazing lapping at my cunt? I groaned, my body trembling. She licked at me with hunger, brushing my clit. Pleasure burst through me.

I whimpered. Bucked. My boobs jiggled and I humped against her. Comments flew. I knew what they were saying without having to look. They thought I loved this. That this was the best thing that I had ever felt. No one had ever eaten my cunt as good as Ruri was.

“No,” I whimpered.

“Oh, yes, yes,” Ruri purred. “You love it, don’t you?”

I shuddered, unable to answer that. It was such a betrayal of who I thought I was. A straight girl. Now here I was enjoying having a lesbian eat me out. Ruri’s tongue thrust into my cunt. I gasped, my pussy clenching. I groaned, my face contorting.

My face twisted in delight. My orgasm grew and grew as she danced her tongue around in me. Then she thrust it deep into my cunt. She swirled it about in me. I groaned, loving how she did that to me. My face contorted. My pussy clamped down on her tongue.

“Oh, my god,” I moaned, my head turning to the screen.


Becca-Bitch fucking loves it. Ruri is going to make her cum.


Dyke alert! We got a new dyke being born before our eyes.

“Oh, god,” I whimpered, my orgasm swelling and swelling. She just felt too good. I couldn’t hold out. “This... I...”

Ruri nipped my clit with her teeth. Not hard, but enough to make me buck. My tits heaved as a small wave of pleasure washed through me. I groaned at the orgasmic preview to cum. She flicked her tongue over my bud, soothing it.

“Mmm, you’re going to be a lezzie camwhore, aren’t you?” she purred and then licked my clit again.

“I... I...” I squirmed there. “I think... I think I am!”

I gasped at those words. I had just said them. The chat exploded. Emojis flew by. I groaned as Ruri suckled on my clit. She nursed hard on me. I groaned, my face twisting from the pleasure of this moment. My cunt clenched.

My orgasm built fast now. I had admitted it. Ruri was turning me lesbian. She was making me into a dyke whore. I groaned, my pussy clenching tight. I whimpered, my boobs jiggling. She thrust two fingers into my twat and suckled hard on my clit.

“I’m a fucking dyke!” I howled and climaxed.

My pussy convulsed around her fingers. Stars burst across my vision. I bucked from the detonation that surged through me. I whimpered and moaned, my head tossing from side to side. My boobs heaved as my mind drowned in the rapture that burst out of my cunt.

“Ruri!” I howled, the chat exploding as much as I was. “Oh, my fucking god, Ruri!”

I trembled through my orgasm, my pussy rippling around her digits. I shuddered, my body trembling. I squeezed my thighs around her face. She ripped her digits out of my cunt and licked up the juices gushing out of me. So much of my passion spilled from my body.

“Oh, Ruri, Ruri, Ruri!” I moaned as I hit the peak of my pleasure.

She lifted her head from my cunt. I stared at her cute face smeared in my pussy cream. I had drenched her. The sweet aroma of my juices filled my nose. It was such a heady aroma to breathe in. Her tart cunt and my sweet twat.

She liked her lips and purred, “Want more?”


“Kneel facing the camera. Let me grab a strap-on!”

“Yes, Ruri!” I moaned and rolled over onto my hands and knees, my tits swinging beneath me. I stared at the camera, panting. I could see the flushed whore on screen. This porn star ready to be fucked by a strap-on.

Me! That was me!

Ruri headed over to the table. She picked up a big, red dildo on a matching harness. She stepped into it, a big grin on her face. It was clear that she was eager to pound me hard with that delight. I shuddered at the sight of her stepping into it.

It bobbed before her as she pulled it up her legs. I shivered at the sight of her working it up and up her thighs. She grinned at me as she did it, her little titties hardly moving at all. Her pigtails danced, though.

“Ooh, she’s going to fuck me so hard with that,” I moaned. “Oh, wow, she’s just going to pound me with that thing. It’s huge.”


I can’t wait to see her fucking you with it.


Ruri has those cute pigtails. I’m so in love with her.


But Becca-Bitch as those huge tits that are swaying before her. Those are sexy AF.

“They are,” I moaned, getting into this. “Ooh, here she comes.”

Ruri darted over, her big, red girl-cock thrusting out before her. She hopped onto the bed, her dildo bobbing and quivering. Then she was behind me. I groaned as she thrust the tip into my cunt. She rubbed it up and down my hot flesh. I quivered, so ready to be fucked by her.

Ruri grabbed my hips and thrust. The dildo rammed into my cunt. I groaned as that huge shaft filled me up. I shuddered, my face scrunching up from the pleasure of this moment. I trembled, loving the feel of her sliding into me. Just burying deep and hard into my pussy.

“Oh, my fucking god!” I moaned, squeezing my cunt down on that dildo. “That’s incredible.”

“It’s about to get better,” Ruri moaned and drew back.


Fuck the shit out of her, Ruri! Just fuck her so hard.

“I will!” Ruri moaned, my pussy clenching down on the withdrawing dildo. Pleasure rippled through me.

The toy popped out.

I gasped in disappointment then groaned as she pressed the toy into my butt-crack. Right against my anal ring. My eyes bulged as she thrust the pussy-lubed dildo against my asshole. My sphincter widened and widened. I groaned at the pressure. My entire body shook.

Then she popped into me.

I groaned as she slid her dildo into my bowels. My face scrunched up from the pleasure of this moment. I groaned, my head tossing from side to side. This was as incredible. I whimpered, my heart thundering as she slid deeper and deeper into my bowels.

“Holy shit, she’s ass-fucking me!” I howled.

The chat blurred by, the comments coming too fast to read. I could only quiver as that huge cock stretched my asshole to my limits. She was all the way in me. Ruri gripped me as she drew back her hips.

My bowels clung to her fake dick. My asshole squeezed about her. I groaned, loving the feel of her drawing back and back. Then she rammed back into me. The velvety friction melted down to my cunt. It flooded through my snatch.

She pumped away at me. She thrust into me hard and fast. I groaned as she plunged to the hilt in me over and over again. I moaned as she buried deep and hard into me. My bowels squeezed about her. I loved the feel of her ass-fucking me.

She buried into me over and over again. I groaned, my bowels squeezing about that hard shaft pumping away at me. Ruri fucked my bowels with that huge dildo. I groaned, loving it so much. My toes curled.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I moaned, the chat slowing enough to be read. “She’s ass-fucking me so hard.”


I bet she fucking is.


So hot, Ruri! Your pigtails are so cute bouncing as you ass-fuck Becca-Bitch!


Pound her hot ass! Pound her!

“She fucking is!” I moaned, my bowels squeezing about that dildo.

My tits heaved. They swung back and forth as I rocked to Ruri’s strokes. She buried that dildo into my bowels over and over again. She plunged deep and hard into me. My bowels clenched about her, my cunt drinking in the heat.

I was so close to cumming. I would have a huge burst of pleasure. Ruri moaned as she fucked me. She pounded me so hard. She buried her dildo into the hilt of my bowels. She filled me up with her wicked girl-dick.

“I’m going to cum ass-fucking Becca-Bitch!” Ruri moaned.


Go, Ruri, Go!

“Yes, yes, go, Ruri, go!” I moaned, squeezing my bowels around that rubbery cock fucking me. The increased friction brought me closer and closer to cumming. “This is amazing. Yes, yes, this is awesome.


Got my vibe buried in my cunt. So hot.


Fapping hard. Ruri, you’re so adorable as you fuck Becca-Bitch! And she’s so hot. Love the big tits!


Love them titties!

Ruri buried the dildo to the hilt in my asshole. The heat melted down to my cunt. I gasped out, clenching my bowels around the thrusting shaft. My pussy drank it in and then burst with rapture. Ecstasy gushed out of my cunt.

I came like a whore.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I howled to the camera, stars bursting across my vision. “Oh, Ruri, I’m cumming like a lezzie-bitch!”

“Yes, you fucking are!” she moaned and buried the dildo to the hilt in my spasming bowels. “So am I! Yes!”

I trembled, the pleasure rushing through me. Waves of ecstasy splashed over my mind. My bowels rippled and writhed around the dildo. I suckled at the toy while pussy cream gushed hot down my thighs. My cunt spasmed, too. Rapture drowned my mind.


So fucking hot! Those big tits are just swinging.


Hottest camshow ever! Just the fucking best.


I’m cumming so hard on my vibrator. So hard type fuck


Becca-Bitch! You’re so fucking amazing. I love you!

“I love you!” I howled, my bowels spasming around Ruri’s dildo. “I love being a lezzie camwhore! Yes, yes, yes!”


We love you Becca-Bitch! We love you!


You’re just so amazing. Oh, god, you both are. Ruri, you fucked the shit out of Becca-Bitch!

Ruri moaned, “I did. I so fucking did, lesteroth! Ooh, she’s such a hot bitch. I am so glad to be able to turn her dyke before you all.”

“Yes, yes, thank you, Ruri, for making me into a lesbian camgirl!” I moaned, hitting the peak of my rapture. “I can’t wait for our next show!”

“Yes!” she moaned and ripped that massive dildo out of my asshole. “Well girls and boys, that’s it for Ruri and Becca-Bitch. But we’ll be back. Mmm, you won’t believe what I’ll be doing to her next!”


Bye! I can’t wait. That show was hot!

Ruri tapped a key on the laptop and the show ended. I collapsed on the bed realizing Dean Pheleps was right. Being a camwhore was something so exciting. I couldn’t give this up. This was so much better. Job training that I could use.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...