The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter 14: Tutoring the Fertile Sluts

There were three sluts Clara was really interested in getting back at. Clara had such a crush on their instructor, Chase. He was a senior who tutored the trio. They all wanted him like the sluts they were while pretending not to be whores.

Could Clara join? No!

They bullied her. Drove her away. It had been the last straw that had banished Clara to exile. Now it was time to get back at them. The camgirl stunt had been amazing. The school was full of sluts that pretended they were putting on shows, like Ruri and Becca’s lesdom show. It just proved how shitty the people at Clara’s school were. They were so eager to be whores and shit all over their friends.

Now it was Charlotte’s, Jackie’s, and Beth’s turn to be humiliated. To have rumors about them how they were just baby-mad sluts looking to have the hottest guy in school knock them up. Clara loved this idea. The dicks would crucifix them with rumors.

They’d even start faking photos of them being pregnant. She was still getting messages about Juliette and Annabelle’s latest stunt to out slut each other all these months later. They were pissing on each other, getting piercings, crawling around the school with butt plugs shoved up their asses. They even put themselves in stocks last week, or so the fake pics and videos showed, and were fucked by every guy they could to see which one of them could take the most dicks in them.

Clara typed out her tweet as she thought of those three freshmen cunts.

“Did you know that three freshman girls that Chase, a senior who tutors them in math and science, really want him to show them how to plow their fertile fields and how to grow bellies swollen with his kids? #fertiletutoring, #babymakingtutoringsessions”

She hit send.

* * *


I was having such a problem with science this semester. It was just so hard. I hated school. I was majoring in a Mrs. Degree, so all this dumb science I had to learn was so pointless. I just had to hold out to find a husband that would make so much money when he graduated.

Like Chase.

“No, no,” Chase said, leaning over her. “Bacteria have cell walls. It’s our cells that don’t. They don’t need to be protected from the outside. They work together to protect each other. Not bacteria.”

“But don’t our cells from walls?” I complained.

“Epithelial cells do in a way,” he said. “They’re a lot of different types of them depending on which organ of the body they’re the building blocks of. But human cells don’t have walls around the individual ones.”

“This is so dumb,” I groaned, erasing the answer. I needed to find that guy to put a ring on my finger as fast as possible.

* * *


Chase was helping Charlotte. We were in one of the study rooms in the library, our books spread around the table. I stared at the equation before me. I had to get this right. I had to figure out math. Why did this dumb trigonometry have to be so hard?

I needed to get a degree. I didn’t want to end up as a baby factory like my mother. She lived the barefoot and pregnant stereotype. She would pop out one kid and then would get knocked up again a few months later. Just because we were Hispanic didn’t mean we had to live the Catholic stereotype. I had twelve brothers and sisters.


Shoot me if that ever happened to me.

“Chase,” I groaned when he came up here. “I have to figure this out. What did I do wrong here?”

He leaned over and then chuckled. “You used tangent and not cosine.”

“What? But I thought...” I stared down at my page. I groaned. “This is so hard. I’m never going to pass. Never going to get a degree.” I would end up married to a gardener or a bricklayer or a cop or something. Just getting pumped with cum and pumping out babies like Mom.

“You’ll get it,” Chase said with such patience. He was a handsome guy. Charlotte had the hots for him. The blonde kept glancing at him as she was supposed to be working on her science work.

I tried so hard to absorb what he said. But then he had to move on Beth. She was an Asian girl who did not live up to the stereotype of brains. She was a bimbo. A complete airhead. She grinned at chase as he approached.

Why was I so stupid! I just had to get this. If I could get this, I could get my degree.

* * *


If you looked at my grades, you think I must be a wiz at math and science, but I wasn’t. It made no sense to me. But I was hot. I had big boobs. White guys loved Asian girls with huge tits. I had my teachers all giving me passing grades if I just rode their cocks.

But it was so risky. I was lucky I hadn’t gotten knocked up. I was allergic to latex, so condoms were out, and the pill just made me sick. So I couldn’t take any birth control. I had to watch my cycle, but I would mess up and end up pregnant one day.

So I had to stop trading my body for grades. I had to do it myself. My parents would kill me if my GPA dropped, so I needed Chase to help me, but it was so hard. It was so much easier to just let an old, wrinkly White guy fuck my pussy and play with my titties, but if I got knocked up...

“You made the same mistakes as Charlotte and Jackie,” Chase said, looking from my science to my math.

I groaned. “But I thought I had it.”

* * *


I smiled at Beth. She had these big tits that filled out her blouse. They stretched out the material and had such a perky bounce to them when she moved. They were an absolute delight to watch. I could just stare at them all day long.

All three girls were hot. Charlotte had that look in her eyes like she just wanted me to throw her over the desk and fuck her. She was angling to find a husband, and more than willing to look feminine to get it.

But I had ignored her. I wasn’t about to date a girl looking for a husband. I had no interest in settling down. Too many women. Jackie was different. She actually wanted to learn for herself. She was the one I wanted most to help. The Hispanic girl was attractive. She had her black hair pulled back, her big tits stretching out the crop top she wore. I would love to yank that hair as I fucked her from behind.

Beth once told me she was allergic to birth control, so she was the last pussy that I would ever stick my cock in. Shame, she was hot. What was it with Asian girls that had big tits? Why were they so damned sexy?

All the phones beeped and chirped and dinged. It was a Twitter update. I ignored it. That Social Media app was such a trash-fire these days. And there was that Clara on Twitter who was tweeting about all the fucked up things going on at this school. It was like she inspired some of them or uncovered secrets no one knew about it.

“I can’t take this any longer,” Jackie shouted. She jumped to her feet, her hands grabbing the front of her crop top. She ripped it up her golden-brown body. “I’m just like my mother. I’m a baby factory. I need to be bred and bred. I have to pump them out. I want to learn how to make babies. Teach us that!”

“The fuck?” I gasped.

“Oh, yes, yes, knock me up!” Charlotte moaned. “Knock me up and put a ring on my finger. You’ll make such a wonderful father. Tutor me in fertile passion, Chase! Breed me, and I’ll be the most devoted wife ever?”

“What are you girls doing?” I groaned as Charlotte was unzipping the dress she wore—she never wore pants.

“Oh, yes, yes, tutor me in fertile things,” groaned Beth. “I want a subject I can kick ass at! No more dumb math and science! Teach me to make babies! Babies!”

I gasped at them. They were all getting naked. Charlotte’s dress fell off her body. Her large breasts were held in a snowy bra. Her blonde hair danced around her face. Jackie ripped her bra off, her golden-brown tits bouncing out. She threw herself at me and pressed her naked tits into my chest. I felt how soft they were through my t-shirt, her nipples poking at the fabric.

She kissed me with hungry lips. Her tongue thrust past my mouth. My dick throbbed as on either side of us, Beth and Charlotte stripped. The busty Asian beauty unveiled her tits. They were huge. Like J-cups or something. So soft and bountiful with that pale-olive skin. She had the slanted eyes, too, and the porcelain face. So child-like and alluring.

Charlotte’s big boobs had fat, pink nipples topping them. She pinched them as she stood there in her panties, staring at me with her brilliant, blue eyes. She whimpered as Jackie kept kissing me with such hunger.

Beth peeled off her pants. Her gloss of blue-black hair spilled around her face as she wiggled out of her jeans, her panties sliding off with them. She stepped out of them and then hopped onto the table. She spread her legs wide, her black bush dripping with juices.

“I’m the oldest of eight,” she moaned. “My mom had two sets of twins. I know how to raise babies, but to make them... No clue! Teach me to make babies.”

Then Charlotte peeled off her panties. She had a shaved pussy. Her juices beaded on her cunt. She sat beside Beth and threw her leg over the Asian bimbo’s leg. The blonde leaned back and aimed her twat at me.

“No, no, knock me up!” she moaned. “Let’s start our family Chase! You graduate in a few months. We’re so ready to start our family. Knock me up!”

Fuck. This was so fucked up.

Jackie broke the kiss and moaned, “I have to be bred. Look at my body! My big boobs were made for nursing.” She slid her hands down her hourglass figure to the waistband of her low-riding jeans. “And these are birthing hips. I’m a baby factory. I need you to teach me how to make all those babies I was designed to produce.”

“No, no, teach me how to make babies!” whimpered Beth.

“Tutor me in being your fertile wife, Chase!” moaned Charlotte. “I love you so much!”

“I love you,” Jackie moaned, stepping out of her jeans. Then she fell to her knees. “Mmm, I love your cock, too.”

“But I thought you wanted a degree,” I groaned at Jackie.

“Math is too hard!” She grabbed my dick through my jeans. “Just like your cock. I’d rather work on making you cum than solving stupid equations. Who gives a fuck about cosine and tangent!”

She unsnapped my jeans and then ripped the fly open. I groaned as my zipper rasped down. She yanked my pants down. My cock was so hard. And there were those two beauties on the table. They were both looking so sexy.

I swallowed.

“You really want to learn how to be bred?” I asked as Jackie fished out my cock.

“Yes!” the three girls squealed.

“Jackie, suck my dick! Beth and Charlotte, sixty-nine. Lick each other’s pussies. Get your cunts nice and wet and ready to be bred.” I couldn’t pass this up. These girls were too hot. I couldn’t breed them, but I could fuck the shit out of them.

Just pound them.

Jackie swallowed the tip of my cock. The Latin slut nursed with passion. Oh, yes, the raven-haired beauty had sucked on a dick before. She knew what she was doing. I groaned, savoring the pleasure. It was incredible to feel them nursing on me. Sucking on me. It was fantastic. My face contorted with the passion of this moment.

On the table, Beth and Charlotte both got up. They turned and shifted, their big boobs heaving. Then Beth ended up on top, her cunt thrusting right at me. She settled her thick, black bush on Charlotte’s face. The blonde grabbed the Asian bimbo’s ass and feasted.

The two were devouring each other’s cunt as Jackie bobbed her head. She suckled on my cock with hunger. She nursed on me with passion. I groaned, watching Charlotte’s face buried in Beth’s bush. They both moaned and groaned. It was so hot to watch. The ache grew and grew at the tip of my dick.

“That’s it,” I growled. “Eat each other’s cunts. Yes, yes, lick those pussies. I want you both cumming. Drowning the other in cum.”

“Yes, Chase!” moaned Charlotte. “I’m such a good wife. I’ll have sex with any woman you want. Just make a baby in me and put a ring on my finger!”

“Fuck,” I groaned, Jackie sucking hard on my cock. She nursed on me with passion. I loved what I was feeling here. It was incredible. My cock throbbed with the delight of her mouth.

“Oh, yes, yes, my pussy will be all ready for your sperm to breed me!” moaned Beth. “That’s what makes babies, right? Your cum firing into my pussy.”

“My pussy!” Charlotte moaned.

“Yes, yes, that’s how babies are made!” I groaned.

The pressure at the tip of my dick swelled so fast. It grew and grew. I groaned, loving how I was hurtling towards my orgasm. Coming closer and closer to that moment of eruption. I would have such a huge burst of pleasure.

My face scrunched up. I shuddered, my heart pounding in my chest. This wonderful ache built and built at the tip of my cock. Her mouth swelled the pressure in my balls as Beth and Charlotte devoured the others’ cunts. They feasted on each other.

It was so hot that they would do that for me. Not even hesitating. It was like they would do anything to be bred. It made no fucking sense, but I was enjoying the hell out of Jackie’s sucking. Her tongue danced around the crown of my dick.

“Fuck, you three are going to my little cum-sluts!” I moaned.

“Yes!” squealed Beth.

“Your cum-slut-wife!” gasped Charlotte. “Oh, Beth! Beth! I’m going to cum! Get my pussy ready to be bred.”

“Me, too!” groaned Beth.

They were both moaning and gasping. They squirmed on the table. A science textbook hit the floor with a crash. The study room echoed with their moans and my grunts. The sloppy sounds of Jackie’s blowjob filled the air.

Then the two girls eating pussy both squealed. They trembled and moaned. I could tell they were cumming. My dick throbbed. Jackie sucked as she slid her mouth up my cock. The pressure at the tip burst.

I erupted.

“Fuck!” I gasped and fired blast after blast of my cum.

I flooded into that hungry mouth sucking on my dick. Sparks burst across my vision. I groaned, the pleasure blazing across my mind. It was incredible to fire blast after blast of my spunk into Jackie’s hungry mouth.

I shuddered, the girls sixty-nining squealing. My hand grabbed a fistful of Jackie’s raven-black hair. I held her tight as she gulped down my cum. I heard her swallowing every burst of jizz that exploded from me. I emptied my balls.

And panted, eager for that clarity of thought. I had to get out of here without fucking any of these girls and breeding them, but... My cock stayed hard. Aching. My balls were still so full of cum. I shuddered, wanting more.

Charlotte lifted her face from Beth’s pussy. Cunt cream dripped down Charlotte’s face and chin. Her blonde hair spilled around her face. She beamed at me, this look of pure, lusty joy in her eyes. My cock twisted.

“I’m so ready to be bred,” moaned Charlotte. “Please, please, tutor me how to be the best wife and mother for you, Chase.”

“No, no, breed me!” groaned Jackie. “I don’t use birth control and I’m ovulating..”

My cock twitched. Fucking her pussy would be the biggest mistake of my life, and yet...

I pulled my dick out of Jackie’s mouth. She begged me to jumpstart her baby-making factory, but I was moving around her. Beth’s hairy twat beckoned. Her big tits jiggled while Charlotte squirmed on the Asian girl’s face.

“Put my cock in her fertile cunt, Charlotte,” I commanded, moving between Beth’s thighs, her cunt right at the edge of the table.

“Yes, honey,” Charlotte moaned. She grabbed my dick with her left hand. “Mmm, I can’t wait until there’s a bun in my oven and a ring on a finger. I’m going to be the best wife ever. See!”

She pressed my cock into Beth’s silky bush. The thick curls spilled over my cock. Then my dick pressed against her pussy lips. I shuddered at the feel of her cunt on my dick. The heat melted down my cock. To my balls.

I felt the entrance to Beth’s twat. I shuddered and thrust into her. I fucked my cock to the hilt in her cunt. The Asian bimbo groaned into Charlotte’s as I did that. I slid into her while the blonde beamed at me.

“Yes, yes, fuck her naughty cunt and get your dick all ready to breed me, honey,” Charlotte moaned and then threw her arms around my neck.

She kissed me with her lips soaked in spicy cunt cream. I groaned, our tongues dancing as my cock slid to the hilt in Beth’s ovulating cunt. Her pussy clenched around me. I had to get out of her snatch. I had to pull out before I came in her.

“Chase!” Jackie moaned and hugged me from behind. Her big boobs piled into my back. She shoved me back into Beth’s silky, tight, hot cunt. “Oh, Chase, breed me next!”

Charlotte broke the kiss with me to moan, “I’m his wife! He’s breeding me next.”

“You’re not my wife!” I panted.

“Well, not until after the wedding,” she moaned, such delight on her face. “But that’s coming. I want to be a June bride!”

She kissed me again as I drew back my cock, but with Jackie hugging me from behind and humping her silky bush into my ass, there was no escaping Beth’s cunt.

I thrust back into her cunt. I slid into her silky, fertile sheath, my balls smacking into her taint. I groaned into my kiss with Charlotte. I kissed the blonde with hunger. My hands found her big boobs, squeezing them as I pumped away at Beth’s cunt.

I fucked her hard. Fast. I pounded that Asian slut’s cunt. I couldn’t stop myself. She was fertile. As much as it was a mistake, I wanted to knock her up. I wanted to prove my virility by pumping blast after blast of my cum into her snatch.

I would fill her to the brim with cum.

I thrust harder and faster at her. I fucked into her with powerful strokes. I plunged to the hilt in her again and again. I slammed deep and hard into her twat. I plunged with all my virile passion into her cunt. It was incredible to do.

I pumped away hard and fast. I buried over and over into her snatch. I fucked her with such passion. She gripped me. She held me tight. I loved it. I loved the way her cunt squeezed about my cock as I fucked her.

“Oh, Trevor, teach me to be a baby-making slut!” moaned Jackie. “Pump your sperm in me. Tutor me how to be a pregnant whore like my mother!”

“Breed me! Breed me! Breed me!” groaned Beth, her voice muffled by Charlotte’s pussy. Beth’s own cunt squeezed down hard on me, swelling that ache at the tip of my cock.

Charlotte broke the kiss, my hands still squeezing her tits. “Mmm, and make me your wife and the mother of your children. I’ll give you such handsome boys and gorgeous girls, honey. Oh, they’ll be beautiful.”

“Damn,” I groaned, Jackie’s boobs rubbing into my back. “This is insane.”

“Insanity was fighting what I am!” Jackie moaned. “Feminism told me not to be a mother. They were wrong. I need to be pregnant all the time. Oh, yes, yes, I need to have so many kids.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” squealed Charlotte. “I’ll be such a wonderful stay-at-home wife and mother. Cooking, cleaning, buying sexy lingerie so you can fuck me like your dirty whore! Ooh, ooh, I’ll do anything for you, Chase! Anything!”

“Goddamn!” I groaned, my balls tightening.

I thrust hard into Beth, the pressure nearing the bursting point in my balls. That need to erupt and breed her fertile cunt swelled through me. I would pump so much spunk into her ovulating cunt. I would soak her womb in my jizz.

Her silky pussy clung to me. She moaned into Charlotte’s pussy. The blonde whimpered, her face contorting with delight. She must be about to cum again. Just gushing her juices onto Beth’s face. I loved it.

“Drown her in cunt cream, Charlotte!” I groaned, slamming into Beth’s cunt.

“Yes, yes, drown her!” Jackie moaned, holding me so tight as I fucked Beth’s twat. “Do what our fertility tutor says!”

“Yes!” squealed Charlotte. She threw back her head, her boobs bouncing in my squeezing hands. “I love cumming!”

Beth moaned as she licked up the cream gushing out of Charlotte’s pussy. The Asian slut’s cunt squeezed down around my cock. I groaned as I slammed into her sheath. Her pussy squeezed around me then convulsed as I drew back.

“Breed me!” howled the Asian bimbo as her cunt rippled around my dick.

I buried to the hilt in her, Charlotte’s face twisting in delight before me. Beth’s hot cunt suckled at my dick. She nursed at me. The pressure hit that point of no return at the tip of my dick. I groaned, shuddered, and then I erupted.

My cum fired from my dick over and over again. I spurted blast after blast of jizz that rushed out of me. My balls emptied themselves. I sprayed her cunt with all that jizz in them. I basted her twat with my jizz. It was incredible.

“I’m breeding your cunt, slut!” I growled. “Knocking you up!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” squealed the Asian bimbo, her cunt milking my dick.

I groaned with each spurt. I trembled in Jackie’s arms. The Hispanic slut ground her bush on my ass and rubbed her tits into my back. Her fingers played with my chest hairs as I dumped the last of my seed into Beth’s cunt.

“Fuck,” I groaned, panting. I felt amazing after dumping my cum into one fertile girl’s cunt. There was no way I bred her, right?

Please, please, please say I hadn’t bred her.

“My turn!” Charlotte coed. “Ooh, ooh, you have to breed me now.”

“No, no, my baby factory needs to be started. I have to start producing them now! I can’t wait any longer. So you have to do me!” Jackie said.

I swallowed, my heart racing. This was so insane.

Jackie pulled me out of Beth. My cock popped out and then my cum leaked out, matting her bush. I stared at my seed leaking out of her. I had pumped so much in her. I swallowed, my heart racing in my chest. These girls would do anything to be bred.


“Jackie,” I groaned, “bend over and lick out the cum from Beth’s pussy. You do that, and I’ll fuck you.”

“What about me,” pouted Charlotte. “I’m your wife.”

“And a good wife does what her husband says and supports his decisions,” I said, pulling that out of my ass. There was no way a modern girl would respond to that. This wasn’t the fifties.

But Charlotte smiled at me, her big tits jiggling, and purred, “Of course, dear. Mmm, you want to fuck Jackie next, that’s fine. You’re saving your wife for last. That’s so wonderful. We’re starting our family today. Ooh, I’m going to be such a lovely bride.

Jackie moved around me and bent over. “I don’t care if you marry the puta, I just want your cock fucking my cunt and breeding me. I have kids to squirt out. Let’s get this baby factory open for business! Pump your cum into me and seed me!”

“Seed her, honey!” moaned Charlotte. She slid off of Beth, revealing the Asian bimbo’s face was smeared in cream, a big smile on her lips.

“I just want to be fucked without any condoms in the way,” moaned Beth. “If I get pregnant, I get pregnant. I just want cum in me!”

“I can’t wait!” Charlotte moaned. She hopped off the table and pressed into my arm, her boobs sandwiching it. She grabbed my cock as Jackie nuzzled into Beth’s cunt. “Let’s get you jump-starting her baby-making factory, honey.”

As Jackie feasted on my creampie, Charlotte guided my cock to the Latina beauty’s shaved pussy. Her cunt dripped with her excitement. Juices ran down her thighs. The scent filled my nose. I breathed it in and then groaned as the tip of my dick nuzzled into those folds.

Charlotte beamed at me as she gave me permission to breed Jackie. As if I needed Charlotte’s permission. She wasn’t my wife. But her tits did feel wonderful on my arm. They engulfed me in their pillowy softness.

Groaning, I thrust.

I buried my cock into that tight cunt. I fucked in deep and hard. I shuddered, loving the feel of her pussy engulfing me. She moaned into Beth’s furred muff, the busty Asian bimbo shuddering as she savored Jackie’s licking.

“Ooh, I’m going to be bred by such a smart man!” gasped Jackie. “That was my mom’s mistake. She married an idiot, but you, Chase, you’ll knock me up and make such smart babies. Ooh, I’ll produce an army of geniuses with your cum.”

“You’re fucking nuts,” I moaned, my cock buried in her tight, hot, juicy pussy.

“Seed and breed her, dear,” Charlotte said and kissed my cheek. Then she rested her head on my shoulder like she was a contented wife relaxing against her husband.

I groaned and drew back my cock. My dick slid out of Jackie’s cunt, her juices coating my shaft. I rammed back into her. Her plump butt-cheeks jiggled. They rippled with the impacts. I loved the movement. I drew back and thrust in again.

Those butt-cheeks rippled.

I fucked her hard, savoring her tight cunt squeezing about my cunt. Beth gasped and shuddered as Jackie licked that twat clean. It was so hot to fuck a girl eating my cum out of another girl’s twat. It was a real wild treat.

I gripped Jackie’s hips and pounded her, enjoying her cunt around my dick. I loved the way her snatch held me tight. It was magnificent. My balls smacked into her clit with meaty thuds. She moaned and groaned, her head moving as she devoured that cum-filled cunt.

Charlotte kept leaning on me, her hand stroking my stomach. She let out happy sighs, her breasts still spilling around my arm. She smelled nice, too. I groaned, savoring her clinging to me as I fucked Jackie’s cunt.

I pounded her over and over again. I thrust to the hilt in her with powerful thrusts. I slammed deep and hard into her cunt. Her pussy squeezed about my cock. I groaned, the pressure building and building at the tip of my dick.

And in my nuts brimmed a new load of cum.

Fuck, what if I bred her, too?

No way. There was no way they both could be ovulating.

“Oh, yes, yes, fill my baby factory with your smart seed, Chase!” moaned Jackie. “Yes, yes, just flood me. Pump that cum into me.”

“It’s so wonderful to have a guy cum in your cunt,” groaned Beth. “I love it.”

“I can’t wait,” purred Charlotte. “I made guys double-wrap. Only my husband’s cum will ever pump into my twat. I can’t wait to feel your jizz pumping into my cunt.”

“I’m not your husband,” I panted as I drove into Jackie’s cunt.

Charlotte laughed like I told a playful joke. “Oh, you. Such a kidder. I love you so much, Chase.”

What the fuck had happened to these girls?

I pumped away at Jackie’s cunt. I fucked her hard and fast. I thrust into her with powerful strokes, her pussy gripping me. She brought me closer and closer to cumming. To spurting all my jizz into her. I groaned, savoring her cunt squeezing about me.

Then Beth squealed. Her big boobs heaved as she clearly was cumming on Jackie’s mouth. I watched those large tits heaving as I pumped away at Jackie’s cunt. They were hypnotic the way they smacked together and rippled.

“Oh, my god, yes, yes, yes!” moaned Beth. “That’s so good. Ooh, Jackie, yes, yes!”

“Yummy!” Jackie moaned

“Mmm, Beth does have a yummy pussy, dear,” purred Charlotte, her hand still rubbing my stomach.

“Shit,” I groaned, the sight of her cumming hurtling me towards my orgasm.

My balls were so tight. I had to rip out of her. The pull-out method. I’d cum all over that perky ass. That would be incredible. I slammed into her, the ache swelling at the tip of my cock. I was about to erupt.

I ripped out of her, the ache swelling at the tip of my cock.

“Whoopsie!” gasped Charlotte. She grabbed my dick as my balls erupted. She shoved the tip back into Jackie’s pussy as I erupted.

“Fuck!” I growled, spurting my cum into Jackie’s pussy.

It was too late, so I slammed to the hilt in her, erupting the entire time. She gasped in delight and then she squealed. Her pussy went wild around my cock. She suckled at me. Her head snapped up, raven-black hair dancing.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned, her pussy sucking at me. “Ooh, that’s so good. Oh, my god, that’s amazing! I’m being bred by a genius! Ooh, yes, pump all that smart seed in me.”

“Goddamn it!” I snarled as I pumped blast after blast of my cum into her pussy.

“That was such a close one,” Charlotte moaned. “You almost came on her ass. I’m so glad that I saved the breeding.”

“Yeah,” I groaned, pumping the last blast of my cum into her cunt. I shuddered, Charlotte grinding on me. “I bet you want to be bred now, too.”

“Mmm, of course, I want my husband to knock me up,” she moaned. “That’s every wife’s dream.”

I so doubted that. Then an idea clicked in my mind. What if I ate out her cunt? If I made her cum, maybe I could get out of here by only breeding those two. Yeah, that was what I would do. It was perfect.

“So you ready to get your cunt eaten out?” I asked.

Her eyes widened. “You didn’t eat out Jackie’s or Beth’s pussies before you bred them.”

“Well, you’re my wife,” I said and instantly regretted those words as she squealed like a happy schoolgirl. She threw her arms around my neck. I stumbled back, ripping out of Jackie. Charlotte pressed against me, her tits rubbing into my chest. Her lips rained kisses across my face.

“Thank you!” she moaned over and over, each one punctuated by a smooch. “Thank you!”

Her lips landed on my mouth. She kissed me with such passion. My cock throbbed against her belly. I just had to be in her. I had to fuck her hard. No, no, I couldn’t do that. I had to keep my head clear, but it was so hard with Jackie and Beth watching.

“I should lick your pussy clean,” Beth said. “That’s what I learned. We have to lick each other clean after he’s pumped cum in us. Get out the excess.”

“Wow, that’s so amazing,” Jackie groaned. “Our fertility tutor is teaching us so much. He’s so smart.”

“Yep! No more dumb math and science. Just getting fucked! That’s so much better.”

Charlotte broke the kiss and purred, “I’m so ready to be eaten by you, dear. I keep myself very clean down there. I shave and douche myself. I am prepared to perform all my wifely duties, including letting you go down on me. I know some men love eating pussy.”

“Fuck,” I groaned and slid to my knees before her. I came face to face with her shaved pussy. The tart aroma filled my nose. I licked my lips and then I buried my face into her cunt.

I licked at her. I lapped and caressed her. My tongue flew over her with hunger. She groaned as I gripped her ass. I dug through her folds, wanting to make her explode. To satiate her so that I could get out of here without breeding her.

Her tart juices were delicious. She had one of the best-tasting cunts I had ever enjoyed. I dug my fingers into her and enjoyed the taste of her. It was outstanding. I licked and lapped at her with hunger. My tongue danced through her folds.

She moaned, her head tossing her breasts jiggled. She panted as I feasted on her. I licked and lapped at her with hunger. I devoured her with everything that I had. I loved the way she tasted. I watched her big boobs heave over my head.

They were gorgeous.

“Oh, yes, yes, Chase,” she moaned. “Oh, dear, you love my pussy, don’t you?”

“Uh-huh.” I flicked her clit. As she shuddered, I added, “I want to make you cum so hard.”

“Oh, Chase, you’re such a loving man. Yes, yes, you’re going to make me explode. I just know it. I’m going to cum so hard on your lips.” She trembled, her boobs smacking together. “I’m going to drown you in cunt cream.”


I thrust my tongue into her cunt. I stirred her up. She groaned, her pussy clenching around my tongue. Her tart cream ran down my chin. She had such a hot pussy. My fingers dug into her rump. I massaged her.

I worshiped her cunt.

She tossed her head. She moaned as I devoured more and more of her. It was amazing to enjoy as I licked and lapped at her with everything that I had. Her moans echoed through the room, mixing with Jackie’s as Beth devoured the Hispanic cutie’s cunt.

“Oh, dear, yes!” Charlotte moaned. “My hubby is such an amazing guy. Ooh, Chase, Chase, that’s so good!”

“Beth!” Jackie gasped. “You naughty Bimbo. Oh, my god, you got your tongue deep in my cunt!”

“So does Chase in my pussy!” Charlotte arched her back, her pussy clenching down on my probing tongue. “Oh, yes, yes, my husband is going to make me cum. Then he’s going to breed me.”

I had to use my fingers. I slid them into her butt-crack. I knew a way that always had the girls cumming. Finger their assholes while sucking on their clit. That would have Charlotte gasping and moaning and screaming her pretty head off.

My digits dipped into her butt-crack. I slid them down and down, traveling towards that puckered hole. I found it. She gasped as my pointer and middle fingers pressed against her anal ring. My tongue flicked up to her clit at the same time.

I latched on and suckled.

My fingers thrust against her anal ring.

“Oh, that’s so dirty, dear!” she moaned as her sphincter swallowed my digits. I popped into her bowels. “I love it! Finger my asshole and suckle on my clit!”

I smiled and did just that.

Her tart cream ran down my chin as I nursed on her clit. My fingers thrust deep into her bowels. Her velvety sheath suckled at them. My cock throbbed as I reamed my digits in and out of her asshole. My tongue danced over her clit. I gave her my all.

She moaned. Shuddered. Her boobs smacked together to my utter delight. I watched them as I nursed on her clit. I loved the flavor of her tart juices soaking my taste buds. Her bowels clenched about my digits. I pumped them faster and faster.

Her moans grew louder and louder. She tossed her head, whimpering and moaning as she rose to her orgasm. I could feel it building in her. I nibbled on her clit with my lips. Her bowels tightened on my digits pistoning in and out of her.

“Oh, honey!” she groaned. “Oh, dear, that’s it. That’s... that’s... yes!”

Her pussy gushed tart cream.

Her bowels spasmed around my fingers, massaging me with her velvety flesh.

As she screamed out her rapture, her tart juices flooded my mouth. I drank them down. I gulped down all her passion. Rivulets of tart cream spilled down my neck. I licked and lapped at up her passion as she moaned.

Her bowels rippled around my digits. My cock ached to fuck her. My balls brimmed with cum to breed her. A mad part of me wanted to bend her over and fuck her hard, but I held back. I had to get out of here.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes!” she moaned, her body swaying. The spasms in her asshole dwindled. “Oh, Chase, honey, that was amazing. You’re such a wonderful husband.”

“I know,” I said. “Feel better.”

“Mmm, I feel ready to be bred.”

“What?” I gasped, ripping my fingers out of her asshole.

“I’m so ready to be bred by your big dick,” she moaned and turned. She headed to the table and bent over it. I stared at her plump rump jiggling. Her juicy cunt beckoned. My cock throbbed, wanting so badly for me to run over there and fuck her hard.

But I couldn’t breed another. I had to get out of here. I had to...

An earthy scent caught my nose. I glanced at my fingers. They were fresh from her bowels and had that sour scent on them. A shiver ran through me. She would do anything, right? That was what she thought, but I knew she wouldn’t let me do this.

I rose and advanced. “I’m going to fuck you so hard.”

“Ooh, do it, dear,” she purred as I moved up to her. “Fuck me! You have to breed me!”

“Yes! Yes, you have to breed her,” moaned Jackie. She sat down beside ups, her big tits heaving.

Beth popped up to her feet, her huge tits smacking together. They were huge breasts. She cupped them and played with them. “Breed your wife, Chase. Fuck her hard and breed her.”

“I’ll fuck her hard,” I growled and pressed my cock into her butt-crack. I found her asshole. “I’m going to pound you, Charlotte, and make you explode.”

I thrust against her anal ring as she gasped, “That’s the wrong hole, honey. You have to fuck my pussy!”

“Whoops!” I groaned as her anal ring spread around my cock still wet with Jackie’s pussy. I popped into Charlotte’s bowels.

Her tight asshole engulfed my cock. I groaned as I sank into her bowels. She groaned, her anal sheath clenching around me. She threw a look behind her, pale-blonde hair dancing around her face. Her blue eyes were shocked.

“No, no, you have to be in my cunt!” she moaned as I bottomed out in her. “That’s the only way you can breed me.”

“But my cock’s dirty now,” I groaned, drawing back my hips and savoring the velvety embrace of her bowels. The pleasure rippled down from my spongy crown. I rammed back into her, my crotch smacking her plump rump. “I can’t fuck into your pussy now. You don’t want that.”

Her bowels clenched down so hard on me as she hissed, “I do! I want your cock in my cunt. I don’t care if it’s dirty.”

Those words shocked me as I pumped away at her bowels. I fucked into her with hard strokes, my nuts smacking into her taint. Her butt-cheek rippled with my every plunge. She was really okay with it? That was insane.

Her bowels held me as I pumped away with powerful strokes. Gripped her. I ass-fucked her hard. I drilled into her anal sheath with everything I had. Beth and Jackie watched on, their hands rubbing together.

“You have to fuck her pussy!” moaned Beth. “It doesn’t matter if your cock is dirty. Cum goes in pussies!”

“She needs your smart seed to knock her up,” Jackie added.

“Shit!” I groaned, thrusting away with hard strokes.

Charlotte brought me close and closer to cumming with every plunge into her bowels. Her tight sheath gripped me. My nuts smacked into her taint brimmed with all the seed I could shoot into her. I shuddered, pounding her harder and harder while that idea built in me.

I slammed into her asshole and growled, “You really want me to breed you with a cock dirty with your bowels?”

“Yes!” she howled. “Fuck my pussy with your dirty dick and breed me!”

It was such a depraved delight. I didn’t want to risk breeding her, too, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to enjoy ass to pussy. This might be my one chance. I ripped my cock out of her bowels and shifted down to her shaved pussy.

I pressed my dirty tick into her dripping folds and rammed into her fertile cunt. I buried to the hilt in her cunt, her pussy squeezing down and buffing my cock clean. I threw back my head, reveling in being in her twat.

“Yes!” she squealed as I drew back and thrust into her again.

Her pussy went wild.

“Cum in me, Chase!” moaned Charlotte as I pumped my dirty dick in and out of her spasming cunt. Her hot flesh rippled around me. “Let’s start our family! Breed me!”

“Fuck!” I grunted, thrusting away at her.

Her hot cunt suckled at my cock even as she buffed me clean. She polished my pole, massaging the aching tip of my dick. I shuddered, my face contorting from the bliss as I slammed back into her writhing depths.

I erupted.

“Yes!” she gasped as my seed pumped into her cunt.

I spurted blast after blast of my cum into her twat. I shuddered, the pleasure racing through me. I groaned, stars bursting across my vision as I pumped her full of my cum. I basted her with everything that I had. It was insane. I groaned through the bliss, savoring every spurt of cum.

I pumped her cunt full of my jizz. I bred her. She howled as I did. I shuddered, her cunt sucking out every drop of cum while Jackie and Beth clapped in delight. They jumped up and down as I fired a final spurt of spunk into Charlotte’s pussy.

“I’m pregnant, honey! Pregnant!”

I groaned as Beth and Jackie threw their arms around me. I knew there was no escape from these girls. Not until I bred them.

I was so fucked.

* * *

Nine Months Later...

I still couldn’t explain how Clara’s tweet got me into this predicament. The girls never read it, but the moment it went off, they revealed their true colors. Just like the tweet said, they wanted to be bred and they wanted to be bred by me, their tutor.

“Mmm, our baby’s going to be so beautiful,” Charlotte said as she clung to me. “But we don’t have much time. You have to marry me before he’s born a bastard. Only a few weeks left. Let’s make our marriage official.”

I sighed. There was no getting out of Charlotte’s head that I wasn’t her husband.

“I can’t wait to pop out this squirt,” Jackie said, the Hispanic girl walking on my other side. “Then you can pump another baby in me. I got to produce them. I’m going to give you twenty kids.”

I winced. “Twenty?”

“I want to be pregnant twenty-four/seven,” she moaned. “You fuck me so hard. You love how pregnant I am.”

My cock twitched. I... couldn’t deny how exciting it was to fuck them pregnant.

“I just want to have all your babies,” Beth said. “Fuck school. I want to be a mommy. Triplets are great, but I want quadruplets next time. You think we can do it.”

“My husband can give you four babies at once!” Charlotte declared, snuggling up tighter to me. “And Jackie, he’ll keep you pregnant. The moment you are out of the hospital, his cock will be back into your pussy spurting his jizz in you. We’ll have you preggers in a month.”

“Wonderful,” Jackie said.

“Yay, quadruplets!” cheered Beth as she waddled before me, her stomach swollen with our three babies.

I was so fucked. How was I supporting a family like this? But at least there was a lot of fucking. These three girls were insatiable.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...