The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter 15: Jealous Bitch to Cuckqueen Slut

Clara looked at who was next on her list and smiled. Kennedy.

That stuck-up bitch! Clara chortled. She vividly remembered that cunt blowing a gasket when Clara had offered her commiserations on her boyfriend cheating on her.

“Evan doesn’t cheat on me!” Kennedy had shrieked. “I’m not a fat, ugly, disgusting troglodyte like you. My man would never cheat on this!” She had flourished her hands up and down her body to show off her big, fake tits and her perfect figure.

Clara wanted to make the rumors even more salacious. Her fingers went to work.

“You know how Evan Owens, the star lacrosse player, cheats on his girlfriend Kennedy? Did you know it’s not actually his idea? Kennedy is actually a total cuckqueen who loves watching her boyfriend fuck other women in front of her! #cuckqueen #betterpussythanmine #cheatingisfun”

She tapped the tweet button and sent her lies out into the world.

* * *


I marched up to the front door of the Delta Iota Kappa Frat House, my little sister in tow. Charisma was behind me, her heels smacking on the sidewalk just out of sync with mine. My big, fake boobs bounced in my sheath dress.

“I’m going to show you that he’s not cheating on me,” I hissed at her. “You filthy, little liar.”

“That’s just what I heard,” Charisma gasped. “That he was hooking up with Monique right now. I’m not lying.”

“Evan is cheating on me! Why would he?” I snapped a gaze at my sister, my perfectly quaffed blonde hair swirling about my face. “I’m a perfect 10. Every guy on campus wants me, but only Evan gets me. So why would he cheat on me with that Black bitch. She’s an 8 at best. Though her tits are bigger than yours.”

Charisma flushed. She really should let Daddy buy her a big pair of boobs. She had those little A cups. Even in her tight-fitting tank top, her boobs were hardly more than mounds. Her nipples were nice sized, and she had a slender set of hips and long legs, but she could be so much better if she let Daddy bust out the pocketbook.

It was why I was a 10, and my sister was a 7.

“He hit on me once,” muttered Charisma as I threw open the door.

“You just misunderstood him,” I snarled. “Why would he want you? You look like you’re twelve and not eighteen. He’s not a pervert.”

“He felt up my tits!” Charisma protested as I marched into the house and headed for the stairs. A frat brother named Derrick tried to stop us, but I just marched past him. “I didn’t imagine that.”

“Such a liar!” I hated my little sister. She wasn’t good enough for Evan. No woman but me was. And that was why he would never cheat on me.

I gave him plenty of BJs. He got to enjoy anal at least once a week. He didn’t even have to eat my pussy. I was the perfect girlfriend. There was no way he was cheating on me. Everyone was jealous and spreading such malicious rumors.

I marched down the hallway and reached his door, ripping the sock off the handle and threw it open to—

See him cock-deep in Monique’s cunt. He froze, his naked body draped over the Black girl’s ebony form. Her breasts quivered as she gasped in shock at the sight of me. Evan spluttered, lifting himself off her.

I didn’t know what to say. What to do. This had to be a joke. A prank. My Evan wouldn’t be fucking another woman when he had perfect me. Fury swelled in me while my little sister snickered in delight. I would rip off his cheating balls and—


My pussy was so wet at the sight of Evan on Monique. His cock was sliding out of her pussy dripping in cunt cream. I shuddered. I had finally caught him with another girl. Finally witnessed him cheating on me. It was as magnificent as I always imagined.

“K-Kennedy,” he spluttered. “Listen, I can explain. I was just—”

“Fucking her so hard,” I moaned, my cunt soaking my panties. “Mmm, I bet her pussy is so much tighter and hotter than mine. Get back in her, Evan, honey. Keep fucking her.”

“What?” he gasped.

“You’re cool with me fucking him?” Monique asked.

“Of course I am,” I groaned, the humiliation rippling through me. “You’re clearly hotter than me. So much sexier. My Evan deserves only the hottest girls to fuck him. Ones with natural tits and tight cunts. Not me.” I shuddered. “I’m not good enough for him. That’s why he cheats on me.”

It hurt to say those words, but they were the truth. I was a bitchy cunt. Monique was so much better than I was. My little sister stared at me like my head had just lifted off my shoulders and spun around in the air.

“Uh... Kennedy?” Evan said. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” I smiled through the shame of not being good enough. I thought I was a ten, but I wasn’t. Clearly Evan liked Monique better. He had even felt up my sister before. He clearly wanted her girlish figure. “Fuck her, Evan. Mmm, pound that pussy. Tell me how much tighter she is.”

“So much tighter,” Evan said then winced.

“Of course,” I groaned. “And my sister will be even tighter. I know you want to fuck her. That’s why I brought her.”

“You did?” gasped Charisma.

“Oh, yes, you have a better pussy than me,” I moaned. “Evan’s going to love fucking you. I’m not good enough for him, but you are.”

“What happened to my sister?” Charisma asked. “You a pod person?”

“I just... I want to watch Evan fuck other girls.” I stared at him. “Ram that dick into her pussy. Fuck her hard. Pound her. She’ll love it. She’ll cum so hard on your dick. I just know it. You’re such a stud, Evan. You deserve the best fucking cunt on your dick. Pound Monique!”

“Hell, yeah!” Evan slammed his cock into Monique’s pussy.

The Black girl gasped, “You’re fucked up, Kennedy. Ooh, yes, yes, Evan, drill my cunt. I was so close to cumming when blondie interrupted.”

“Yeah, she’s usually such a bitch, but now...” Evan grinned. “Goddamn, I’m going to fuck her hard, Kennedy. She’s going to cum on my dick.”

“Good,” I moaned and then turned to my sister. I grabbed the hem of her tight tank top and ripped it up her body. She gasped at me as I peeled it off. I threw it down on the floor, her small tits appearing. They were just such ripe and perfect handfuls. Just what my Evan deserved.

“Have you gone insane, Kennedy?” asked Charisma. “Did seeing Evan being a cheating fuck break your mind or something.”

“I always knew that I wasn’t good enough for him,” I moaned. “That he deserved better pussy than me, I just... I just was so afraid to admit it. I was such a bitch to you. I’m so sorry. You’re way hotter than me. That’s why Evan felt you up. He wants you. He’s going to get you. Now let’s get those shorts off.”

I fell to my knees before my little sister, Monique gasping and squealing on the bed as she took Evan’s big dick in her pussy. He was such a hung stud. My cunt burned to take him in me, but I wasn’t good enough. I had to find him the best pussy around to fuck.

I undid Charisma’s shorts and then tugged them off. My little sister squeaked. She had on a pair of pink panties with a white bow on the front. I smiled at them, seeing the damp crotch. She was wet, too. That was perfect.

“Those are such cute panties, Charisma,” I said as she stepped out of her jeans.

“Uh, thanks,” she said, glancing over at the bed. “Oh, my god, he’s really fucking her hard. He’s just slamming into her.”

“Yeah, he’s a jackhammer,” I groaned. “You’re going to love him fucking you.”

I hooked my little sister’s panties and yanked them off next. She gasped as I peeled them off her hips. They slid over her rump and down her thighs. Her shaved pussy appeared, hairless, her slit as tight as a little girl’s. The spicy scent of her musk filled my nose.

“Mmm, my man’s going to fuck you hard,” I purred. “You’re so lucky to be good enough for him.”

My sister shook her head in disgust. She thought I was so pathetic right now. Of course, I was. I wasn’t good enough for Evan. Despite my perfect figure and big, fake tits, he’d rather be fucking Monique with her plump C’s and that jiggling ass of hers. He’d rather fuck my sister who looked like jail-bait.

It was so humiliating, but Evan deserved the best. It wasn’t me, was it?

I stood up and peeled off my sheath dress. I threw it down, my big boobs jiggling in my bra. Evan glanced over at me. I grinned at him as he thrust hard into the Black girl. His tan and muscular physique looked so sexy over her ebony figure.

“Fuck her so hard,” I moaned. “Make her cum on that big dick. Give her all that pleasure and then jizz in her. You deserve this for being such a stud, Evan.”

“Christ, Kennedy,” he groaned, drilling his cock into Monique’s pussy. “What are you, a cuckqueen or something?”

“Yes!” I moaned, my pussy clenching. “I’m a cuckqueen.” I undid my bra, freeing my big breasts. “I just want to watch you fuck other girls. To see your big dick slipping into their cunts as you pound them hard and fast. Yes, yes, this is so hot.”

I shoved down my panties next as he pounded her. My boyfriend stared at me, shaking his head. He couldn’t believe I was letting him do this. That I was encouraging him to pound Monique and make her cum hard.

But I wanted him to do so much more.

I moved behind Charisma and hugged her from behind. I cupped her little tits as she gasped in shock, her back rubbing on my nipples. Delight shot to my cunt boiling with lust as I watched him fucking into Monique.

“I brought my virgin sister for you to fuck,” I moaned. “She’s so much better than me. You deserve to be the first cock to fuck her. You deserve to have her, Evan. To ravish her.”

“Fuck me,” he groaned, thrusting hard into Monique.

“You are one fucked up, chick,” moaned the Black girl. “Oh, my god, Evan, I’m going to cum.”

“I can’t believe this either,” gasped my little sister.

“Mmm, just eat her cunt and you’ll see she’s a virgin, Evan.”

He thrust forward. Monique gasped. Her entire body bucked and shuddered. Then her head tossed. Her boobs heaved. It was clear that she was cumming. I was witnessing her climaxing on his cock. That was so hot to see. My pussy clenched, the heat rippling through me. I groaned at the hot sight, a big smile spreading on my lips.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she squealed. “Oh, fuck, Evan.”

“Cum in her!” I moaned, pinching my little sister’s nipples. “Cum in her pussy. Flood that perfect quim with all your seed.”

“Yes!” he roared and buried into her. “Monique!” Then he kissed her.

My stomach lurched with the humiliation of watching him kiss Monique. My pussy drooled cream that ran down my thighs as I watched his tongue spearing into her mouth. He kissed her with passion as he pumped his cum into her.

She trembled beneath him, her ebony arms and legs wrapped around his tan body. I swayed, pinching my sister’s nipples. This was such a shameful thing to see. The kissing only made it more humiliating for me. I had to masturbate so badly.

They shuddered through their rapture and then broke the kiss, panting. He stared down into her eyes. She smiled up at him. The intimacy made my cunt clench. I almost swooned. If I wasn’t playing with my sister’s nipples, I would be frigging my cunt so hard right now, just cumming from the sight of my boyfriend loving another woman.

I was such a cuckqueen.

* * *

Evan Owens

I slid out of Monique, buzzing from my rapture. Kennedy was pinching her little sister’s nipples. God, I had wanted to nail Charisma ever since she turned eighteen. She looked like a piece of jailbait, but she was all legal now.

My dick throbbed, softening but not all the way. I would eat Charisma’s pussy. God, she had such a tight slit. And if she was really a virgin... I had to find out. Kennedy had the biggest smile on her flushed face, her blue eyes gleaming.

“Yes, yes, eat my sister’s pussy,” Kennedy moaned. “She’s going to taste sooooo much better than me. You’re going to love feasting on her barely legal twat.”

“And you’re cool with that, Charisma?” I asked, grinning at her.

She nodded. “If my sister hadn’t interrupted us...” She squirmed. “Well, I mean, you’re such a stud.”

“Yes, he is,” groaned Kennedy. “You’re so lucky to be good enough for my boyfriend. He’s going to make you explode.”

“Yes, I am.” I fell to my knees. I had been thinking of breaking it off with Kennedy. It was our senior year. She was looking for that Mrs. Degree, but I didn’t want to tie down to one cunt. And she could be a bitch, but now...

Christ, if she was going to bring me her virgin sister, I had to marry her. I couldn’t let a cuckqueen go. I could nail her bridesmaids on our wedding day, and she’d be into it. Probably set it up. Yeah, It was time to settle down with the perfect girl.

But first...

I breathed in the spicy musk coming from Charisma’s hairless pussy. That bald twat was so inviting. I licked my lips and then pressed my face into her virgin snatch. She trembled in her big sister’s embrace as I kissed at her vulva.

Her spicy juices soaked past my lips and spread through my mouth. I licked through her folds, parting them and brushing over her hymen. Kennedy was no virgin, that was for fucking sure.

I licked again at Charisma’s pussy, brushing her clit. Sparks flared from her bud. She shuddered and tossed her head. Her moans echoed through the room. They were girlish and surprised, almost squeaking out with her delight.

“Evan!” she gasped.

“Mmm, is he licking your pretty cunt?” purred Kennedy.

“Uh-huh,” Charisma moaned. “He’s licking and lapping at me. It feels so good.”

“Yes, it does,” purred Kennedy. “You’re so lucky, sis. You’re good enough for him to go down on you. He hated going down on me.”

She was such a controlling bitch. “Lick there. No, no, not like that. Get that tongue in me. Oh, just fuck me! That’s what you want anyway.”

Such a chore, but Charisma...

She was just enjoying what my tongue did to her virgin pussy. I savored that spicy cream. She had a freshness to her that I savored. My dick was fully hard again. My hands stroked her thighs as I stared up at those small breasts being massaged by her sister’s hands.

It was incest, if barely, and that was hot, too.

I loved her juices. Every time I licked her, she had more for me to collect. Her body spasmed and her moans were so delicious. Her cute face scrunched up, her hair the same shade of blonde as her sister’s, but not nearly as coiffed.

“Oh, that’s so good, Evan,” she moaned. “Oh, wow, that’s really good. Oh, wow.”

“Just enjoy a master at eating pussy,” moaned Kennedy. “He’s going to make you cum and then pop that cherry.”

“Yes, I am,” I growled. This was going to be amazing.

My tongue dug through her folds and brushed her hymen. There was a hole in the middle I could just stick the tip of my tongue through. Soon, I would be ripping through that barrier and fucking her cunt hard and fast.

I flicked to her clit. I danced my tongue around her bud. She moaned, her face contorting. She tossed her head from side to side and squirmed in her sister’s embrace. The sooner Charisma came, the sooner my big dick would be in her.

I suckled on her clit. I nursed on her nub. She moaned, her hairless pussy lips rubbing on my mouth. Her sister pinched and twisted those nubs. Charisma moaned in delight, her body shaking more and more.

“I think...” She trembled. “I think I’m going to cum. He’s sucking on my clit, Kennedy.”

“Then cum!” moaned my girlfriend. “Cum all over his face. Just shower him in all your cream. Then he’s going to fuck you so hard. Lucky, right?”

“Yes!” gasped Charisma. “I’m lucky that he’s going to fuck me. Not you! He’s going to fuck my cunt!”

“That’s right!” moaned Kennedy.

Her little sister exploded.

Charisma’s virgin juices gushed into my mouth. They flooded out of her. I groaned and drank them down. They poured into my mouth. It was such a treat to gulp them down. She bucked and moaned as her orgasm swept through her.

Her gasps echoed through my bedroom. I licked at her cunt and drank every drop of her pussy cream. Her juices spilled over my chin and ran down to the hollow of my throat. They were such a delight to enjoy. I lapped them all up.

“That’s it!” moaned Kennedy. “Enjoy him. Oh, yes, yes. Does her pussy taste better than mine, Evan?”

“So much fucking better,” I growled. “Your sister has one yummy cunt. Goddamn, I love it.”

“Yes!” squealed Charisma with such triumph. “Oh, Evan, that’s so good!”

She whimpered, her face contorting from the bliss of this moment. She trembled a few more times and then she panted, slumping back into her sister’s body. I licked a few more times at her cunt and then lifted my face from her.

I stood up, my cock throbbing hard, and cupped Charisma’s face. I kissed her with passion. Her lips melted on mine. She groaned, kissing me back. My tongue danced with hers. I loved the taste of her. The flavor of her mouth. It was such a wonderful thing to enjoy.

“Ooh, yes, yes, kiss her,” Kennedy moaned. I could hear this self-loathing in her voice. “Kiss him hard and fuck him.”

I broke the kiss and stared down at Charisma. “You are gorgeous, you know that? Way fucking hotter than your sister.”

It was a lie—Kennedy was perfect—but the way Kennedy groaned, that was what she wanted to hear. The cuckqueen was getting off on the humiliation of me finding her little sister hotter than her. And Charisma was sexy, but...

Kennedy had those big tits and that perfect figure.

“Go, go, fuck my little sister’s perfect cunt,” moaned Kennedy. She stepped back, squeezing her big and fake tits. “Pound her hard.”

“I cannot believe this is happening,” Monique moaned, still on my bed, my cum leaking out of her.

I couldn’t either, but I wasn’t about to put a stop to this. Not when I had the perfect chance to nail any girl I wanted. And there were few I wanted more than Kennedy’s barely legal little sister. I grinned at Charisma.

She beamed back at me.

I picked her lithe body up in my arms. Kennedy moaned, squeezing both her tits hard, her fingers buried into the silicone-enhanced boobs. “That’s it,” she whimpered. “Yes, yes, carry her to the bed and mount her. Fuck her hard, Evan.”

I sat Charisma on the bed with care beside Monique. The Black girl rolled onto her side, a big smile on her lips. She liked to party. She stroked Charisma’s flushed cheek with dark fingers.

“You’re going to love this,” Monique purred. “Evan has got an amazing cock. You’re going to cum so hard.”

“Yes, you are,” Kennedy moaned.

“Fuck, she’s masturbating while she watches,” Monique groaned and shook her head. “You’re such a pathetic bitch, Kennedy? You know that? God? Don’t you have any self-respect?”

“No!” Kennedy moaned, plunging three of her fingers in and out of her cunt. “I’m a cuckqueen!”

“Yes, you are,” I groaned, settling on top of Charisma. I stared down at her cherub face, her blue eyes shining up at me. “Mmm, you ready? If you are, grab my cock and guide me to your pussy.”

She did. I shuddered, and Kennedy moaned. Her little sister pressed my dick into that tight and hairless twat. Pleasure rippled through me as Charisma worked my dick up and down her slit, her pussy juices soaking the tip. Then she pushed me right against her hymen.

Kennedy purring in anticipation of me deflowering her little sister, I pushed forward. Charisma gasped as her hymen stretched before my cock. I winked at the girl and then kissed her on the lips. I thrust hard.

Her cherry popped.

I slid into her cunt. I loved the feel of her pussy engulfing my cock. That hot, virgin snatch surrounded me. Her flesh squeezed about me. The silky heaven was incredible. I groaned as I sank deeper and deeper into her twat.

“That’s it,” moaned Kennedy. “Yes, yes, fuck my little sister’s pussy. Ooh, Evan, you deserve that tight, hot, pure cunt around your dick.”

I broke the kiss and growled, “I’m glad you finally understand. There’s all these hot chicks that I have to fuck.”

“Yes, yes, I’ll find them,” Kennedy moaned. “Get them to you.”

I grinned. “Your sister is a pathetic freak, isn’t she?”

Charisma squeezed her deflowered cunt around my dick. “God, she is. Mmm, but I don’t care because I get to enjoy your big dick. I’ve wanted you to be in me for so long. I dreamed of this, and now it’s coming true.”

“Yes, it is,” I groaned and drew back my hips, her pussy clinging to my cock while she whimpered.

I reveled in the thrill of thrusting my cock into Charisma’s cunt. I buried deep and hard into her twat. She shuddered beneath me, her pussy clinging to my dick. It was such a rush to feel her clenching down on me with my every thrust.

Kennedy frigged her pussy with such enthusiasm. She jammed her fingers to the hilt in her cunt, her face twisting in delight. She tossed her head, her hair dancing down her back. She whimpered as she watched with such hot eyes.

“That’s it,” she hissed. “Ooh, Evan, fuck my little sister’s cunt so hard. I want her cumming on your dick. I want to hear her gasping. Moaning. Shuddering in delight. Ooh, that’ll be so hot. Yes, yes, keep fucking her. Keep pounding her with your big dick. You’re going to cum so hard!”

I slammed forward hard and fast into Charisma’s deflowered snatch. I buried to the hilt in her twat. It was an amazing delight. I groaned, her pussy gripping me. She held me tight in her cunt. It was fantastic to enjoy her gasping and moaning.

“Oh, Charisma, how amazing is my boyfriend’s cock?” hissed Kennedy, her big, fake tits bouncing and heaving. “Tell me how much you love his amazing dick fucking your twat!”

“So much!” whimpered Charisma. “He’s thrusting so deep and hard into me. He’s fucking me with everything that he has.”

“Good, good!” Kennedy moaned. “Ooh, I love hearing that. I love hearing that you’re going to have such a big climax. Yes, yes, just enjoy that cock. Enjoy it!”

“I am!” gasped the little sister, her pussy clenching down on my dick. “Oh, my god, he’s fucking me so hard. He’s pounding me with that big dick. Ooh, ooh, that’s good.”

“I know it is! You’re so lucky to have a pussy good enough for my man. So lucky!”

“Yes!” I growled, loving this new Kennedy. “Damn, Charisma, you’re so tight. I love your cunt.”

“This is so wild,” Monique groaned, rubbing at her twat. “Kennedy is getting off on it.”

“It’s so humiliating!” whimpered Kennedy, her head tossing from side to side.

“Because your little sister is tighter, hotter, and silkier than you?” I groaned. “That I would rather fuck her petite form than your busty figure.”

“Yes!” Kennedy bucked. I swear she must be cumming. She tossed her head from side to side. Her big boobs bounced and heaved. I watched her as I drilled into her little sister’s cunt. “Fuck, I’m so pathetic! My pussy sucks! I’m so glad you’re fucking good cunt.”

“Damn,” I grunted. “Your sister is fucked up.”

“I know!” Such glee shone in Charisma’s eyes. “Yes, yes, that’s so hot. That’s amazing. Oh, keep fucking me. Keep fucking me so hard, Evan. I love your dick slamming into me.”

I kissed her, savoring the sweetness of her lips. Her pussy clenched down on me as I drilled into her cunt. I fucked her hard. I plunged to the hilt in her again and again. I loved the feel of her twat around my dick. She felt amazing. My dick swelled towards my climax. I would have such a big burst of pleasure.

I pumped away at her. I fucked her hard and fast. I plunged to the hilt in her snatch with everything that I had. I loved the way her cunt clenched down on me. It was fantastic to enjoy. Her pussy squeezed about me.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned, pumping away at her snatch. “Oh, my god, you feel that big dick slamming into you?”

“I do!” she moaned, her face twisting in delight. “I love it. Oh, my god, I love it so much. Yes, yes, I’m going to burst with delight.”

“Cum on my man’s dick!” Kennedy moaned. She was still frigging her cunt. One orgasm watching me fuck her little sister wasn’t enough. “Yes, Charisma, just let that pussy go wild on his cock.”

“Mmm, yes,” Monique moaned. “Me and you, boo, got better cunts than that pathetic sister of yours.”

“We do!” squealed Charisma, her pussy clenching down on me. “Right, Evan?”

“Hell, yeah!” I groaned. “Every girl’s got a better pussy than you, Kennedy. I bet your mother’s cunt is fucking fantastic.”

“Yes!” squealed Kennedy. She threw back her head, her hand ripping from her cunt.

She squirted.

Juices gushed from Kennedy’s twat.

I groaned and pumped away at Charisma’s cunt, Kennedy’s moans mixing with her little sister’s. I groaned, loving the sounds she made. Her pussy squeezed about my dick, bringing me closer and closer to cumming.

My balls slapped into her flesh just bursting to cum in her I would fire so much. I couldn’t wait for that moment to happen. I groaned, driving my dick deep and hard into Charisma’s twat. She whimpered, her arms holding me tight.

“I’m going to cum,” she moaned, her face twisting in delight. “I can’t take much more. Your dick is amazing, Evan. So amazing.”

“It is!” Kennedy panted. “Jizz in my little sister, Evan!”

“I will!” I groaned, slamming into her little sister’s cunt. My balls smacked into her flesh. “I fucking will!”

Charisma gasped and bucked beneath me. Her pussy rippled and writhed around my dick as I thrust to the hilt in her. I drew back, savoring the way her spasming cunt massaged my dick. The barely legal cutie squealed beneath me.

“I’m cumming on his big dick, Kennedy!” she cried out, her flesh sucking at me.

“Oh, Evan, enjoy her!” groaned my girlfriend. “Cum in her. I want to lick her clean while you fuck her in the ass.”

“Holy fucking shit!” I growled and plunged to the hilt in her little sister’s twat.

I erupted.

Pleasure slammed through my body as I came in Charisma’s deflowered pussy. The first guy to ever nail her. Kennedy watched on, moaning as I basted Charisma’s twat. I flooded her with my spunk. I burst bareback in her and loved it.

“That’s it,” squealed Kennedy. “My man is cumming in your pussy! Your cunt is so much better than mine, Charisma. Yes, yes, yes!”

“Fuck, she’s cumming again,” Monique moaned. “You’re one fucked up White bitch, Kennedy!”

“Yes!” she screamed.

Charisma trembled beneath me, gasping and moaning as her pussy milked my cock dry. She worked out every drop of cum that was in my balls. I groaned, savoring the way her flesh convulsed around me.

It was fantastic. I hit the peak of my orgasm. I fired that last blast of cum into her pussy. I was so eager to watch Kennedy lick her little sister’s cunt clean of my cum while I fucked the girl in the ass. Kennedy had gone insane. I fucking loved it.

“Oh, Evan,” whimpered Charisma as her pussy’s spasms died down. She trembled beneath me. “That was wonderful.”

“Yes, it was,” I groaned. “Way better fuck than your sister ever gave me.”

Charisma beamed at me. So I kissed her. I savored her lips on me while Kennedy trembled in jealous humiliation. God, having a cuckqueen girlfriend was amazing.

* * *


I trembled there. I had cum three times watching my boyfriend fuck my little sister, and now he kissed her once more. They had just shared amazing sex. Way better than any I had ever given him. Evan deserved the very best.

Even if I couldn’t give it to him.

I pulled my fingers out of my pussy and sucked my spicy musk off them. What would my little sister taste like? I was about to find out. I slipped off the desk as Evan had his tongue jammed deep in Charisma’s mouth. My sister whimpered in delight.

Then he broke it and glanced at me. “Your sister is eager to lick all that salty cum out of your pussy. Just clean you up while I fuck you in the ass.”

“God, she’s so disgusting,” said Charisma. “I’d never do that. Lick your cum out of her pussy. Eww. We’re sisters.”

I was so disgusting. I sank to the floor and moaned, “Just sit on my face, Charisma. Pour his jizz into my mouth.”

“Fuck, yes,” groaned Evan.

He rolled off my sister and stood up, his cock thrusting out before him. He was such a hung stud. I could just tell that I was going to love this so much. It would be such a fantastic delight for him to fuck Charisma in the ass as she sat on my face.

Charisma scooted off the bed. Her slender legs flashed. She straddled me. She no longer had a tight slit. Evan’s cock had stretched her out. Jizz ran down her thighs. A drop fell on my lips. I licked it up. That familiar, salty flavor mixed with spicy musk.

My little sister tasted like me.

She sank her sloppy cunt down to my hungry mouth. I wanted to vicariously enjoy Evan through eating out his cum from my sister’s cunt. To touch the pussy that was good enough for my boyfriend made me feel like such a failure as a woman.

Charisma gasped as I licked her cunt. My tongue stroked through her folds, gathering up the jizz spilling out of her. She had so much in her. Evan was such a stud. He flooded her with all that cum. I shuddered, savoring it.

“That is so fucked up,” Monique groaned. “You’re eating your little sister’s cunt. That’s sick. You’re a fucking perverted bitch, Kennedy.”

I was.

“I love that you’re doing it,” Evan said. “You’re not good enough to fuck, Kennedy, but you’re good enough to clean up my messes. That’s something a wife should do, right. A cuckqueen wife?”

Was he proposing? Would I be Mrs. Evan Owens and watch as he fucked every other woman but me?

“Yes, yes, that’s what a cooed cuckqueen wife does!” I moaned into Charisma’s snatch. “I’ll be perfect.”

He sank to his knees, his cock bobbing. He pressed his shaft into my sister’s butt-crack. As my tongue gathered up his jizz leaking out of her, I watched as he placed the tip of his dick right against Charisma’s puckered asshole. Lubed by her pussy cream, he thrust.

She moaned, her hands grabbing my silicone-enhanced boobs. She squeezed them, digging into the flesh. I groaned, savoring the way she massaged me. It was fantastic to feel her gripping me as she whimpered. Her anal ring widened and widened.

Then her sphincter swallowed his dick.

“Fuck, yes!” Evan said with such delight. He loved sliding into my little sister’s asshole.

I groaned and thrust my tongue into her sloppy depths. I stirred around in her as his cock sank deeper and deeper into her bowels. She moaned, her fingers digging into my tits. I shuddered, my legs pressing tight together. My cunt was on fire.

Evan’s balls dragged over my face. I shuddered at the feel of them, so glad to be able to touch them as he enjoyed my sister’s better asshole. I scooped out more of his salty cum from her cunt as he drew back his hips.

She squealed in delight, her back arching. He groaned as his cock emerged from her ass. I could smell her sour musk as my tongue stirred up her sloppy cunt. I fluttered around in her, finding more cum to enjoy.

Evan slammed back into her.

“Fuck, yes!” he growled. “That’s it. That’s a fucking tight ass. Not like your loose one.”

I shuddered in delight. I was so glad that he was enjoying her. This was incredible for me to feel. He pumped away at me. He fucked me hard and fast, driving his cock into my little sister’s bowels. She moaned and gasped.

“Evan! Evan!” squeaked my sister, her fingers kneading my tits. She found my nipples, twisting them hard. “Oh, fuck, your boyfriend’s dick is amazing, Kennedy. He’s fucking my ass. Not your bitch-ass. Mine!”

“He is,” I moaned into her cunt. “Enjoy him.”

She pinched my nipples, my legs kicking. “God, I am. Oh, god, I’m enjoying his cock, Kennedy!”


I thrust my tongue into her cunt, searching for more of his cum. I was running out of his salty delight to enjoy. He groaned, thrusting away hard at my sister’s asshole. He fucked her hard. She moaned, taking him like a pro.

His balls rubbed across my forehead. The hair caress made me shudder. I was so glad to feel that as he fucked my little sister’s bowels. He pounded into her hard and fast. He held nothing back as he slammed to the hilt in her asshole again and again.

“Yes, yes, yes!” he groaned. “Charisma, I love your little boobies. They’re so much fun to play with!”

“All natural!” Charisma moaned, shifting her hips. “I didn’t need any artificial enhancement like some bitches!”

“None at all,” I moaned, the humiliation building and building that ache in my cunt. I wanted to cum so badly, but my hands were holding my sister’s thighs while my tongue searched for any more cum. I couldn’t find any.

So I licked her. As my boyfriend fucked her hard, I lapped at her cunt. I licked her with everything that I had. I gathered up her spicy juices as she shuddered on me. She moaned louder and louder. I could tell she was building to her orgasm.

I flicked her clit. She gasped, her fingers pinching my nipples. She twisted them. Distended them. I whimpered, my cunt on fire. My tongue fluttered against her bud. Then I sucked on it. She gasped, her back arching.

“Oh, my god, I’m going to cum on your cock and my sister’s face,” Charisma whimpered. “This is so fucked up. Kennedy, you’re a freak.”

“And I love it!” Evan growled, slamming harder into my sister’s asshole. “I’m going to erupt.”

I moaned my delight, sucking hard on my sister’s clit.

She trembled, her moans echoing through the air. She smeared her cunt on my face as she squirmed. He buried his cock hard into her cunt. He fucked her with such passion. I fluttered my tongue against her clit and nibbled with my lips.

“Oh, my fucking god!” squealed my little sister. Pussy cream gushed out of her cunt. “Evan!”

I drank her spicy flood of passion. My tongue flicked out to gather it up as Evan fucked her hard. He buried into her bowels over and over again, his balls sliding over my face. He grunted as he enjoyed my sister’s orgasm.

“Fuck, Charisma!” he growled and thrust forward. He didn’t pull back. He came in my sister’s asshole. “Oh, fuck, that’s great. Goddamn, yes!”

Spurt after spurt of his cum was pumping into my sister. His balls, resting on my forehead, twitched as he unloaded into her. He basted her with everything that he had. It was such a delight. He groaned as he did.

“Flood my little sister’s bowels!” I howled into her twat.

“Yes, yes, he’s pumping so much jizz into me, bitch!” She twisted my nipples. “It’s amazing. I love it. I love your cum in me, Evan.”

“Good,” he growled. “Fuck, yes! Take it all! Damn!”

He panted. His balls no longer throbbed on my forehead. He slid out of my sister. I watched his cock emerging, the sour scent of her asshole filling my nose. He plopped out, her asshole gaping open for a moment. Some of his cum leaked out and trickled down her taint to my lips.

I licked it up, savoring that sour flavor of cum and ass.

My sister slid off me and fell on her side, panting. “You are such a pathetic bitch, you know that?”

“Yeah,” I groaned. “I know.” I glanced at Evan. “Honey, may I suck your cock clean of my sister’s asshole?”

“Sure,” he said. “You can do that, you dirty, nasty cuckqueen. Damn, I am marrying you.”

“Thank you!” I moaned, sitting up, my face smeared in pussy cream. “I won’t disappoint you.”

“You better not.” He shook his cock. “Start sucking, cuckqueen. I want my naughty fiancee to get me all nice and clean. I think I’ll fuck Monique again. She looks like she needs my cock.”

“Oh, fuck, yes,” Monique moaned.

“I’ll get you nice and clean, Honey,” I moaned and grabbed the base of his cock. I opened wide and sucked his dirty dick into my mouth.

I savored the sour flavor of my sister’s musk on his dick. I slid my lips over him while thrusting my fingers into my cunt. I churned myself up. I frigged my twat. My pussy simmered with all the humiliation I had endured.

I suckled hard on him. I nursed off my sister’s sour musk. The earthy flavor of her bowels suffused my mouth. I groaned as I worked my lips up and down my boyfriend’s cock. He groaned, staring down at me with this big smile.

“That’s it, you nasty cuckqueen,” he growled. “Get my dick clean for Monique’s pussy. She’s such a better fuck than you.”

My cunt clenched down on my fingers. I suckled harder on his cock, frigging myself. Delight rippled through me as I bobbed my head. I worked my lips down his shaft, my tongue dancing to clean off all that sour musk.

“God, you’re such a freak,” Charisma said. “I can’t believe I’m sisters with someone this pathetic.”

“Right?” Monique asked. “Mmm, hurry up and buff your man clean. I want his dick in me.”

I whimpered, my tongue dancing. My fingers stirred up my cunt. I rose towards my orgasm as I slid my mouth further down his cock. I had to deep-throat him to get all the cum. So when he breached my gullet, I swallowed him.

He moaned as he slid down my esophagus. I hummed to give him pleasure, my tongue polishing his pole. I suckled and buffed off that earthy musk. I shuddered as I took more and more of his cock until my lips were nuzzled into his bush.

My pussy squeezed about my digits. I frigged myself hard and fast as I buffed his dick clean. I groaned, the flavor of my sister’s bowels dwindling more and more until it was all gone. Then I sucked up him, nursing hard.

“Fuck!” he growled. “Oh, fuck, that’s good. Damn, Kennedy, you’re such a fucking freak, you know that?”

I shuddered, so glad he recognized what I was.

“Yeah, you are,” my little sister moaned. “A fucking freaky cuckqueen.”

“I love it,” Evan groaned. “Goddamn, you keep finding me better pussies to fuck, and I’ll stay with you until the end of fucking time.”

I squealed with such delight, thrusting my fingers in and out of my cunt. My orgasm built and built as I suckled on him. I came closer and closer to cumming as his salty precum spilled over my tongue.

My big, fake titties jiggled as I bobbed my head. I worked my mouth up and down his dick. I loved the taste of him. It was such a delight. I groaned, nursing on him with such passion. I suckled hard. I couldn’t wait for that moment of eruption.

For him to cum into my mouth.

He groaned, his face twisting. “Shit, my naughty cuckqueen. Yes, yes, I’m going to fire my cum into your mouth then nail Monique. Damn, I have never had such stamina. You’re inspiring me to fuck so many women.”

I moaned in delight at that. So long as he was happy.

“Goddamn, yes, yes, I’m never letting my fucking cuckqueen go.”

His cock throbbed in my mouth. I could feel him building towards his orgasm. I shuddered and suckled hard on him. He groaned, the taste of his precum growing stronger and stronger. I suckled with all my might.

I rubbed my clit with my thumb, moaning as my own orgasm swelled. I jammed my fingers into my juicy, unworthy cunt. I shuddered, the juices lubing my digits to plunge so deep into my cunt. I trembled, ready to explode.

He groaned, “My cuckqueen slut! Yes!”

Hot cum spurted into my mouth. I came on my fingers.

My pussy convulsed as gulped down salty load firing out of his dick. I swallowed it as my cunt rippled around my fingers. Delight shot through my body. Wave after wave of bliss splashed across my mind.

I savored being privileged to at least drink his cum. I could clean him up. That was my role as his cuckqueen fiancee. And soon, I would be his wife. I would find him so much pussy. I would make him so happy.

I swallowed down his cum, thinking about our bright future as my rapture washed through me. I shuddered through my climax. He would have so many beautiful women to fuck his dick. He would cum in them, and I would watch and lick him clean.

I shuddered, my pussy writhing around my fingers as I sucked him clean. I would be the best cuckqueen ever.

“Monique, here I come,” Evan said as he ripped his cock out of my mouth.

I panted, drool running down my chin, and watched him head over to fuck the Black girl. I shuddered and kept frigging myself. He wanted her so much more than me. He mounted her and rammed into her.

“Yes!” she squealed.

God, I was such a depraved and nasty cuckqueen. I was already hungering to lick his cum out of her cunt.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...