The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter 16: Bitchy Cheerleaders’ Hot Nerd Lust

“Did you know that every time after practice the Cheerleaders fuck the first guy they see until all her holes are full of cum?”

* * *

I stood with the other girls who were trying out for the cheer squad. The new term was beginning, and the entire team was pregnant. There was a good ten of them with their bellies round with babies, their boobs cradled in their jiggling sports bras. Pleated skirts hugged their waists beneath their curving stomachs. They looked about to drop their brats.

“God, what a bunch of sluts,” I hissed to my friend Jessica.

“Right?” she gasped, twining a pink pigtail around her finger. She dyed her hair that cute shade and looked adorable with her big, fake boobs stretching out the pink sports bra she wore. A tight pair of black shorts hugged her rump and left her toned legs bare.

We were the hottest girls here. I was taller than Jessica. I had big, firm tits. Real ones. I didn’t need daddy to turn my A’s into Double D’s. My blonde hair spilled around my face. My hips rocked back and forth, my shorts hugging my ass like a glove.

“We’re the best girls here,” I added. “Me and you, Jessica, we’re gonna be running things when those fat sluts pop out their mewling babes.”

She nodded, her hands on her hips. Her head looked around the crowd, a big smile spreading on her lips. The other girls trying out were not nearly as hot as us, wearing stretchy pants and tank tops. They weren’t daring enough to show off their flesh.

“Okay, girls,” said the pregnant redhead. She had a peppy step despite her round belly. “I’m Kim, team captain. This is Sarah.” She motioned to a Black girl with her hair in twin pigtails, her coffee-brown belly gleaming in the sunlight from some lotion she rubbed on it. “And this is Ai.” She pointed to a Japanese girl who had huge tits that were spilling out of her top, her belly not as round as the others. “We’re the three head bitches of the squad. The three you got to impress.”

“That’s right,” a nerdy troglodyte cheered. The only guy present. He wore a pair of shorts and a tank top, his pasty body looking disgusting. He had on thick glasses, and a huge hardon tented the front of his shorts. He might be hung like a horse, but he looked like a donkey.


All the pregnant cheerleaders beamed at him. Some even blew him kisses. I wanted to gag. Don’t tell me he had knocked them all up.

“Thanks for the support, Pete,” said Kim. “He’s the only guy allowed at our practices for reasons that will become apparent once you’re done with your practice to show us what you got.”

“Yep,” Ai said. “Clara’s tweet is still very much active. Whatever she’s doing, well, you’re in her sphere now.”

“What the fuck is she talking about?” Jessica hissed to me. “This place is freaky, Laura. Did we make the right decision?”

“This is the only school that will accept us with our shit grades,” I muttered. “Daddy won’t buy off any school. He’s being a real tool. So we have to suck it up. If we’re not the hottest cheerleaders, then what’s the fucking point.”

“And we are the hottest, Laura,” said Jessica, sneering at a brunette by us. “God, why wouldn’t she die her hair from that ugly color.”

“If you’re White, then being a blonde, redhead, or dye it are your options,” I hissed. “We’ll show them once we’re running things. God, I can’t believe the entire squad got themselves knocked up by a nerd.”

“Madeline, Jasmine, Nancy, let’s see your stuff!” Kim shouted, her hands on her hips.

“Look at them prance over there,” I sneered. “They’re so eager to kiss ass. It makes me sick.”

Jessica nodded.

The girls did some basic routines, shaking pretend pompoms. One tried to a high kick and fell on her ass instead. I burst into laughter at the klutz. Laura pressed against me, snorting her own laughter. This was such a joke. We were miles above these cunts.

“God, I can’t believe we’re going to have to be on the same team as them, Laura,” Jessica moaned. “She can’t even do the splits. This is embarrassing. I’d rather go work at the gym or something.”

I sneered at her. “You’re worth far, far more than that. Just suck it up. Then our trust funds can come in. We’re going to party!”

She grinned at me.

“Good work,” Kim shouted. “I liked the hustle, Jasmine. Madeline, we’ll work on those splits. You know what to do.”

The three girls then darted over to the nerd. To my shock, the brunette fell to her knees before him. He pulled out his huge cock, and she just started sucking on it. She bobbed her head, working her mouth up and down it. My jaw dropped. Jessica did a double take.

The other girls were even confused to see that happen. Not the pregnant cheerleaders. They were just acting like that was normal. That those girls should be over there worshiping that nerd’s huge schlong. God, he might have a big dick, but they could enjoy a hot Black dude with a schlong that massive. Why degrade themselves?

“This is so weird,” said Laura as another three girls were called and set through the routine. “What is going on?”

“I don’t know.” I glanced at her. “Are you going to bitch out on me? We’re going to rule this team. Let those girls be sluts.”

She nodded.

The nerd groaned, dumping his cum down the brunette’s mouth. Then she was peeling off her yoga pants and thong. He started fucking her. He plowed into her hard and fast as the other girls in line watched. My brow furrowed.

This was getting so surreal. Nothing about this made any sense at all. The girl’s moans echoed around as the tryouts continued. Kim, Sarah, and Ai were critiquing the girls doing the simple routines as those moans echoed across the grass.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, yes!” squealed the girl. “Dump your cum in all my holes.”

“Yes!” the nerd groaned. Then he was fucking her asshole. He was just pounding her in the bowels.

I shook my head. This was so crazy. I didn’t like this one bit. Why the fuck was any of this happening. It made not a bit of sense to me. I bit my lip, my heart pounding in my chest as he fucked the girl in the ass then the next girl kneeling there, an Asian girl, just started sucking his dick clean of the first girl’s ass.

“Okay, good hustle,” said the three cheerleaders. “Okay, Jessica and Laura, you’re up.”

The three girls who had just finished were jogging over to join the line. This was so bizarre. But it was time to show off our stuff. To prove that we were a pair of wild girls who were unstoppable. We wouldn’t let others outshine us. Fuck no.

We stopped before Kim, flanked by the other two pregnant cheerleaders. They stared us up and down. I faced them with a haughty expression, trying to ignore the guy grunting and groaning as he had his dirty dick sucked.

“Let’s see what you got,” Kim shouted.

Jessica and I did a simple cadence, clapping and chanting. Then we did high kicks, splits, and back flips. We pretended we had pompoms and shook them over our heads. We did booty shakes. We worked our bodies, building up a sweat while the nerd fucked the Asian girl in the cunt and then in the asshole.

“Very nice,” Sarah said. “You two might be cunts, but you have some moves.”

“We did AllStarCheerleadring,” I said. “Of course we have some moves.”

Kim snorted. “Well, good practice. You’re done.”

Hearing her say practice was done sent a hot shiver through me. I gasped, my pussy aching. My asshole tingled. I licked my lips. I needed a guy to fuck me in all my holes. I had to have a dick in my cunt, bowels, and mouth right now. I looked around, whimpering, and then my eyes fell on Pete the nerd. He was pounding the Asian girl in the ass.

“Oh, fuck,” I moaned as I jogged over to him, Jessica falling in at my side. “Oh, fuck, I need that dick in me.”

“God, yes,” groaned Laura. “I’ve never been so horny in my life. Look at that cock fucking her ass. That should be me.”

“It should be,” I moaned as we reached the line. There were four girls before us.

Pete grunted and the girl squealed. He pumped her full of his spunk. He shuddered as he basted her with so much cum. The Asian girl trembled, her light-brown face twisting in delight. She shuddered through her orgasm. Then he ripped out of her.

“Let me suck your cock next,” I moaned, needing that ugly nerd’s dick in my mouth. “I’m way better than that bitch.”

The nerd snorted. “Wait your turn, slut. It’s this girl’s turn.”

“Jasmine,” the girl said and opened her mouth. She was another brunette. She bobbed her head, sucking hard.

I groaned. There were three girls before me. I had to wait for him to fuck them in all their holes before I got his cock. It was a nightmare. I was so horny. He pumped away at Jasmine’s face, fucking her mouth. I pulled off my sports bra, letting my round tits spill out.

I squeezed them and shook them at him. He was such a nerd. When he saw a real pair of tits, he would just freak out and come over. He glanced at me fondling my tits and snorted. Then he stared back down at the girl blowing him.

“That’s it,” he groaned. “Get my dick all nice and clean for your pussy. I’m going to fuck your cunt so hard. You’re going to love it.”

“Fuck me instead,” I moaned. “My pussy is way better than hers.”

“Wait your turn, cunt,” he barked. “And you, too, bitch. I see tits that great every day. I’m not impressed one bit.”

“Not impressed,” I gasped, staring at him with disgust. “With these tits. These tits are fucking fantastic. How can you not be impressed by them?”

He rolled his eyes and then groaned and came into Jasmine’s mouth. She moaned, sucking down his cum. I fumed as he ignored me and fucked her in the cunt. Then in her asshole. He pounded her while my poor pussy had no dick in it. My poor asshole needed to be fucked. I had to suck on a dick.

And he was fucking these other girls. The next one had a fat ass that kept rippling as he pounded her. He thrust over and over into her cunt. She brayed like a mule as he fucked her. It was so disgusting. He could have been fucking me.

“He should be fucking me,” I muttered.

“Right?” Jessica hissed as mule-girl staggered off and butterface took over. “God, how can he stare down at her ugly face as she sucks his cock.”

“Easily, cunt,” growled Pete. “Real easy. She’s not a stuck-up slut like you.”

“I’ll suck your cock way better than she will!” I moaned. “My cunt is so much tighter. Why waste your time with her, when you can have this?” I ripped off my shorts and turned, shaking my gorgeous ass at him. I smacked my rump. “Don’t you want a piece of this?”

“When I’m ready, cunt,” he grunted as butterface slobbered on his dick.

“He’s letting it go to his head,” muttered Jessica. “He knows we need to fuck his dick, and he’s getting back at us because we’d never touch him normally.”

“That’s right,” I hissed. “I’m perfect, and you’re nearly there.”

But we had to wait. He fucked butterface in the cunt and the ass. Then he had this skinny bitch with no tits blow him, squeal like a sow as she was fucked, then oink like a pig as he sodomized her. Finally, it was my turn.

* * *


“Okay, you two,” Pete said as he pulled out of the girl’s asshole. “Come suck my dick together. But you have to crawl.”

I hissed my frustration and glanced at Laura. Her natural tits jiggled as she muttered furiously. Then she fell to her knees and crawled. I joined her, my fake tits swaying beneath me. This was so degrading. Laura was right. He just was getting back at us for being hot and rich and way out of his league.


We reached him. I could smell the last girl’s ass on his dick. I breathed it in and my mouth salivated. I had to have that cock in my mouth. In my cunt. My asshole. I needed him in all my holes. I felt those judgmental, pregnant sluts watching us with smiles on their lips.

“Suck his cock well,” Kim called. “Pete’s amazing.”

“Bred the hole squad,” added Sarah. “You’ll be having his baby, too. And loving it.”

I shuddered. That was so disgusting. So was licking a cock fresh from a girl’s asshole, but I needed it in my mouth. I licked on the left side and Laura took the right. We climbed up his dick, our tongues cleaning him as we went higher and higher.

We brushed the tip. He groaned as we did that. His face contorted with delight. I shuddered at giving him pleasure, the earthy flavor of the girl’s asshole melting across my tongue. It was such a dirty flavor to enjoy.

We licked again, our tongues dancing up his shaft. I shuddered as he stared down at us, his glasses so thick. He had such a slobbering smile on his lips. He loved that we were debasing ourselves for him. He groaned as we reached that spongy crown.

I needed his cock in my mouth.

I groaned and swallowed his dick, my lips sliding over his crown. I nursed on him, tasting that sour flavor. I shuddered, my cheeks hollowing with the force of my passion. My pussy clenched while Laura gasped.

“What the fuck, Jessica,” she hissed. “I was next in line. I get to suck his cock.”

But there was no way I was stopping. Not even for Laura. I bobbed my head, working my lips up and down his dick. The salty flavor of his precum spilled over my tongue. I needed the real deal. I had to have his jizz spurting into my mouth.

I suckled hard. I nursed with passion on him. The sloppy sounds burst around me. Drool spilled over my chin. I shuddered, bobbing my head as I worshiped him with everything that I had. I moaned as I did it, my cheeks hollowing.

“You’re such a bitch,” Laura hissed. “Making me wait.”

I just moaned my delight. I would get that first load of cum. He would fire so much into my mouth. I whimpered, bobbing my head and sucking with all my might. The slurping sounds I made were so nasty. My pussy clenched, aching for his dick to fuck me there next.

He grabbed my pink pigtails and then started fucking my mouth. I groaned as he used them as handlebars, grunting with every thrust forward. He rammed his cock to the back of my throat. I slurped and groaned on his cock, drool spilling over my chin.

“Yeah, skull-fuck that traitorous bitch’s mouth,” hissed Laura. “Ooh, I’m so mad at you. That was my cock to suck.”

Pete laughed as he fucked my mouth, holding my pigtails. He was getting off on it as he buried his dick deep and hard into my mouth. More and more drool ran over my chin. My tongue danced over his shaft, polishing off that sour flavor. My boobs jiggled.

He thrust so hard, he hit the back of my throat and kept going, yanking hard on my pigtails. My eyes bulged as he rammed down my gullet. His hairy balls smacked into my chin. His thick pubic hair rubbed on my face. I groaned in shock, shaking my head.

This had not just happened. He had not just done that to me. I would kick his ass for that. Such anger swelled in me. Did he not know who he was fucking with? I suckled hard on his dick, nursing with such passion on him.

“Shit, that’s good, bitch!” he growled as he drew back, his cock sliding out of my mouth, his hands holding my pigtails like reins.

“Yeah, that’s what you get, Jessica,” Laura sneered.

He rammed his cock back down my throat. He grunted, his hands holding my pigtails as he pounded my mouth. Over and over he fucked his dick down my throat. I shuddered, moaning around him, just wanting his cum. I suckled hard.

He pulled harder on my pigtails. His balls smacked over and over into my chin. He grunted, his face twisting in delight. Then he buried to the hilt down my throat. I moaned around his cock, swallowing to massage him.

“Fuck, bitch!” he erupted. He fired his cum straight down my gullet.

I shuddered as he dumped his cum into one of my holes. The pressure diminished. I still needed him to fuck my cunt and asshole. I needed him to spurt two more loads of cum into me, but I groaned in relief at this one.

“Shit, shit, shit!” he grunted, firing blast after blast of cum down my throat. “That’s fucking it, you slut. That’s amazing.”

“Now you can let me suck you,” Laura moaned.

He just groaned as he fired the last of his cum down my throat. He panted, his chest rising and falling. I was so thrilled to have that cum in me. My pussy and asshole tingled. I needed him to fuck me in all my holes.

“Okay, bitch,” growled Pete. “I want your ass up. I’m going to fuck you so hard.”

“Yes!” Laura moaned and turned around, thrusting her ass up in the air.

I slid my mouth off his cock, drool spilling down my chin. My stomach brimmed with his cum. I turned around and hissed, “I’m bitch. You’re cunt. Idiot.”

“Idiot?” she snarled back at me as I thrust my ass up at him. “You want to be bitch?”

“Better than being cunt,” I snapped back. “Ooh, Pete, fuck my asshole.”

“But what about me?” whimpered Laura as Pete’s cock slid into my butt-crack wet with my saliva.

“I’ll fuck your cunt next,” Pete said. “If you’re a good cunt and do what I say.”

“I’ll be a good cunt,” Laura promised. “Please, please, I need your cum in all my holes!”

The pregnant cheerleaders all burst into laughter as they watched us. I shuddered, my cheeks burning with embarrassment. It was so humiliating that I wanted this nerd’s cock so much, even if he was huge. He nuzzled against my asshole.

Then he thrust. I shuddered as he pressed against my anal ring. It widened and widened to take his dick. I groaned as that happened. A hot shiver ran through me. I sucked in deep breaths, my heart pounding a mile a minute. My flesh stretched and stretched and stretched.

Then he popped into my bowels. I shuddered, savoring the way his cock popped into my asshole. I quivered there as his dick sank deeper and deeper into my flesh. I whimpered, my toes curling. This was such an incredible rush.

“Oh, my fucking god,” I whimpered, more and more of that cock vanishing into my bowels. “Shit, that’s incredible. Oh, my god, this is what I need.”

“A nerd’s dick in your ass,” sneered Laura.

“Fuck, yes,” I moaned as he sank further and further into me. “Oh, my god. Oh, my fucking god, that’s incredible.”

I quivered in excitement. This wonderful heat swept through me. I lowered my head, my pink pigtails spilling over the grass. He bottomed out in me. His hairy balls rubbed into my taint. My pussy cream spilled down my thighs from my hot cunt. I was so fucking wet.

He drew back his cock I groaned, squeezing my bowels around him. I shuddered as his dick massaged my flesh. I whimpered, my head tossing from side to side. Then he buried back into me. He plunged to the hilt in my bowels.

“Fuck!” I whimpered.

“Yes,” he growled as he drew back again. He pounded me. “That’s it.”

I groaned, squeezing my asshole around him as he fucked me. He filled me up with all his dick. He had so much of it. He was so hung. My big, fake tits jiggled beneath me as he pounded my asshole. He buried into me again and again.

I whimpered and moaned, my pussy drinking in the heat flowing down from my asshole. My flesh melted around him, feeding an orgasm that built and built in me. I whimpered as he drilled his big dick into me. I shuddered, my pink pigtails dancing.

He thrust with such force. Such passion into me. He rammed to the hilt in my bowels. He fucked me again and again. I loved it. I loved how he pounded me. It was such a treat. I groaned as he hammered me. He fucked me with everything that he had.

“Oh, fuck, fuck, that’s so good,” I moaned. “Oh, Laura, his dick is amazing. You’re going to love him fucking your cunt. You’re going to cum so hard on him.”

“Then hurry up and make him cum, bitch!” she hissed. “I need him in my pussy. I need him right the fuck now.”

“I’ll cum when I’m ready!” growled Pete, his dick hammering my bowels. “Damn, bitch, that is a tight ass. Shit, I love it.”

“I love your big dick in me!” I moaned, my pussy so greedy for this joy. “Fuck Laura. Just fuck my cunt next. Let her wait.”

“Tempting,” he groaned.

“You are such a bitch,” Laura hissed. “God, Jessica, why am I friends with you.”

“Because you can boss me around.” I quivered. “Oh, god, I love this cock. I’m going to cum so hard on this dick. Yes, yes, just keep fucking me with that huge cock. Just keep fucking me with it. that’s incredible. I love it. I love it so much.”

“Yes,” he growled, slamming his cock into my bowels. He filled me up with that dick of his. It was incredible. “Oh, fuck, that’s great.”

I loved it. I savored it as he buried into me again and again. He plowed to the hilt in me with everything that he had. I groaned, loving it. This was a pure delight. I shuddered, my face contorting with passion.

My orgasm built faster and faster from his hard thrusts. He buried into me with his big dick. I whimpered, his balls smacking my taint. My big tits heaved. I dug at the grass, hurtling towards my explosive finish. The velvety friction burned in my asshole and melted to my juicy cunt.

I shuddered at those hard thrusts. He buried into me over and over again. He plunged to the hilt in my bowels. He fucked me hard and fast. I whimpered, my pigtails swaying. He plowed to the hilt in my asshole.

I exploded.

“Oh, my fucking god!” I howled, my big, silicone titties swaying beneath me. “Yes, yes, yes! That’s what I need. Cum in me! Pete, Pete, cum in my asshole!”

“Cum in her!” moaned Laura. “I need your cock in me. I need that huge dick fucking into my snatch. Oh, please, please, just fire all that spunk into her asshole.”

“Yes!” I squealed. “Cum in me!”

He plunged that dick into my spasming asshole. He grunted. His cum pumped over and over into my bowels. Stars burst across my vision as I rejoiced. That itch in my bowels satiated by his cum flooding into me It was wonderful. Amazing. This was the rapturous delight that I needed.

He grunted as he basted my bowels with his cum. He pumped more and more of that spunk into my asshole. Stars danced across my vision. This was wonderful. I groaned and shuddered, whimpering through the bliss.

“Oh, my god, that’s incredible,” I whimpered. “That’s just so wonderful. Oh, my god!”

I milked his cock dry. He grunted as he fired the last of his cum into my bowels. I panted, my head swaying. I had such a big grin on my lips. It was wonderful. I quivered, so glad that I could get fucked in two of my holes.

But my pussy... My poor pussy needed his dick. I craved to have him ram into my cunt.

* * *


“My turn!” I moaned, my big boobs swaying beneath me. “I need you to fuck me so badly. Just ram into me right now!”

“I told you I would if you were a good cunt,” Pete growled. The disgusting nerd had such a huge grin on his face as he pulled out of Jessica’s asshole. His dick bobbed before him, fresh from her asshole.

“I’ll do anything,” I whimpered, my pussy on fire. My asshole tingled. Even my mouth itched for his dick. “Do I have to suck you off first? I’ll clean her ass off your dick so you’re clean for my pussy.”

“Oh, no, I’m fucking your pussy with a dirty cock,” he growled. “I want you to lick my cum out of bitch’s asshole. Do that, and I’ll fuck you. Don’t do that, I’ll plunge into her pussy with my dirty dick.”

“Get that ass in front of me right now, bitch!” I hissed at Jessica. “I got to lick all that cum out of you. Move it!”

“Damn,” Jessica purred. “What a cunt, Laura. You know that.”

“I don’t fucking care. Just give it to me. I need his dick in me!”

Jessica turned to face her ass at me. She had a tan rump, no lines. I grabbed her butt-cheeks and ripped them apart. There was her asshole covered in some cum. I dove down and licked at her. I tasted her sour asshole and the flavor of his salty jizz. This was so humiliating, but I had no choice.

I had to do this.

He moved behind me and pressed his dirty dick into my cunt. I shuddered as he rubbed his cock up and down my pussy lips. I shuddered as he stroked me. Then he rammed into my cunt. I whimpered as he did that. His shaft penetrated me.

It was incredible to have his filthy cock plow to the hilt in me. My pussy squeezed down on his dick, polishing him. I shuddered as he drew back his hips, my twat clinging to him. I polished his pole. He buried back into me, fucking my cunt. I needed this.

“Oh, yes, yes,” I moaned into my friend’s asshole.

I whimpered, my tongue dancing over Jessica’s sphincter. I loved the taste. It was so degrading to have to do this. I thrust my tongue into her asshole, finding more of his cum soaking her bowels I whimpered and scooped it out of her as he fucked me.

He pounded me. He thrust over and over into my pussy. He buried hard and fast into me. I groaned, squeezing my flesh around him. I shuddered as he pumped away at me. He fucked me with such passion. He buried into me over and over again.

“Yes, yes, yes!” he growled, slamming into me. “That’s a tight cunt, cunt. Damn tight!”

“Fuck that pussy!” cheered Ai. “Fuck her hard. You’re a stud, Pete.”

“Love you, Pete,” Sarah moaned, the Black girl waving in the corner of my eye. “Pound her!”

“Yes, yes, pound our newest cheerleader. Knock that cunt up!” Kim whooped loudly.

Pete groaned and thrust harder into my cunt. His big dick stretched me out. God, I had never had a dick as huge as this. No one had ever churned me up like this. It was fantastic. I squeezed about him. I loved this rapturous delight.

My tongue danced around in Jessica’s asshole. I scooped out more and more of the nerd’s cum as his outstanding cock churned me up. I groaned, cleaning his hard dick. My pussy melted around him. He fucked into me with such passion.

I whimpered, my face squeezing tight from the delight. He pounded me with such passion. He buried to the hilt in me again and again. I loved every second of it. He fucked me with such passion. He pounded me with all the bliss that I loved.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I gasped, clenching my bowels down around his dick., “Oh, that’s wonderful. That’s just fantastic. I love it. I’m going to cum so hard!”

“Keep working that cum out of my asshole,” Jessica moaned. “Ooh, there’s so much. Suck it out!”

I had to get it all out. Pete wanted me to do that. He wouldn’t ‘fuck my other two holes if I didn’t suck out all that cum. I nursed on her asshole. I suckled so hard. I was just a naughty slut. More and more of his jizz flowed out of her bowels and into my mouth.

I shuddered, squeezing my twat about his dick as he fucked into me. I loved every moment of this. It was incredible. I suckled and nursed on my friend’s asshole as he pounded me. He fucked me with such passion. He plowed into me with such force. It was incredible. I groaned, squeezing my eyes shut as my orgasm built and built in me.

The sour-salty cum soaked through my mouth. Jessica moaned as I nursed on her asshole, her butt-cheeks squeezing about my face. She held me as I drew out that spunk. I suckled hard. And then there was nothing left.

Only the taste of her asshole.

“Ooh, that was awesome, Laura,” Jessica gasped. “Hurry up and fuck her. Pump your cum into her pussy so you can fuck mine!”

“Breed that twat!” Kim shouted. “Knock both those bitches up, Pete! You’re the man!”

“Got the best cock on campus!” Ai called. “You girls are lucky to be fucked by him.”

I squeezed my cunt down on his dick. I felt too lucky to have that huge cock pounding into me. It was incredible. I whimpered, my orgasms building and building. God, would he breed me? All the other cheerleaders were pregnant. Would that be me? Would a nerd breed me?

I pictured myself pregnant with his baby, my big tits heavy with milk.

Pete slammed into my cunt and I gasped. My pussy convulsed around him. My orgasm surged through me so fast. I whimpered into my friend’s asshole, my cunt convulsing around his dick. I suckled at him as he grunted. My flesh rippled and writhed around his large cock. Stars danced around my vision. I trembled, loving this pleasure.

“Cum in me!” I howled. “Flood me with your seed!”

“Fuck, yes,” Pete groaned and buried that huge dick into my spasming flesh. He erupted.

Hot cum fired into my snatch. I shuddered at the feel of him basting me. He pumped blast after blast of his spunk into me. I shuddered, my body trembling. My boobs swayed back and forth, smacking into each other.

The rapture smothered my thoughts. Ecstasy drowned my mind. I gasped and moaned and quivered through such euphoria as his cum pumped into me. He came in my first hole. Two more to go. I whimpered, savoring every second of it.

“Oh, my god, that was incredible,” I moaned. “Fuck my ass. Pound my ass. I need it! I need it so much!”

* * *


I ripped my cock out of the bitch’s cunt. God, tryouts were amazing. New sluts to fuck and breed. I had already knocked up the original team. Now I had a whole new batch of girls. And five more were waiting for my cock once I was done with these two spoiled twats.

I slid my cock, soaked with her pussy juices, up to her asshole. Laura gasped as I rubbed against her sphincter. She still had her face buried into her friend’s bowls, tonguing around her. I smiled and then slammed my dick into her anal ring.

“Yes!” squealed the cunt as I penetrated her bowels.

The other cheerleaders, especially the original three, all clapped and cheered me on. I grinned at them as I sodomized the cunt. Her asshole swallowed my cock. I groaned as I slid further and further into her bowels. I savored every moment of burying into her asshole.

It was the perfect moment. It was just what I needed. I groaned, savoring sinking all the way into her flesh. She held me tight in her bowels. My balls rested against her taint. My bush rubbed on her rump. I drew back hips, the tanned slut whimpering.

“He’s in my asshole, Jessica!” Her flesh squeezed down on my cock. “He’s fucking my asshole!”

“I need him to fuck my pussy,” Jessica moaned. “I need him to ram his cock into my flesh and bury into my twat.”

“Yes!” I groaned and slammed back into Laura’s bowels.

The blonde moaned, her asshole clenching about my cock. Her butt-cheeks jiggled. I loved that ripple. I drew back my cock. She squealed in delight. I plunged back into her bowels over and over again. I fucked into her with passion. I fucked deep and hard into her. I loved the way she whimpered. She groaned.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I growled. I fucked into her hard and fast. I buried to the hilt in her sheath. She squeezed about me. “Oh, damn, that’s so good.”

I pumped away at her asshole, savoring how her velvety hole squeezed about me. I groaned, my dick throbbing in her flesh. I could cum and cum and cum when there were cheerleaders who needed my dick in their slutty holes.

My heavy balls smacked into Laura’s taint as I drilled into her asshole. She moaned into her friend’s sphincter, still tonguing her. Jessica tossed her head, her pink pigtails dancing. I shuddered, thrusting with such passion.

“Goddamn, I’m going to baste your asshole,” I groaned, driving my dick deep and hard into her flesh. “Just going to spurt so much jizz into you.”

“Do it!” she moaned. “Oh, do it. I need it. I want you to baste me with everything that you have in you.”

I grinned, pumping away at her. I fucked her with such passion. I slammed deep and hard into her flesh. Her cunt held me tight. I groaned, loving that delight. I savored every moment of fucking into her asshole. She felt awesome about me.

My balls slapped into her taint, heavy with my cum. Every thrust into her bowels brought me closer and closer to cumming. I gripped her hips and buried to the hilt in her. She gasped, her head snapping up.

“Oh, my fucking god, Pete!” Laura howled.

Her asshole convulsed around my dick. I groaned as I drew back. Her flesh massaged that aching point at the tip. I buried back to the hilt in her. I groaned as I slammed in deep. My dick erupted. I pumped spurt after spurt of hot cum into her flesh.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped and erupted again and again.

She squealed as her bowels milked my cock. Her hot flesh rippled around me while the rapture slammed into my mind. I savored another hot orgasm. I rode through the bliss of cumming once more. It was fantastic. I groaned, savoring every second of it.

I basted her asshole with all I had. I shuddered as Jessica spun around. Her big, fake tits heaved. Her pigtails danced around her head. I groaned as I fired the last of my spunk into Laura’s asshole. Jessica clapped her hands together.

“Let my pussy clean your dirty dick!” she gasped.

“Fuck, yes,” I groaned and ripped my dick out of Laura’s asshole. “Then I’ll let you suck me clean, Laura.”

“Mmm, yes,” she purred, cum running down her thighs from her pussy.

I fell onto my back and shook my dirty dick. “Come for a ride, bitch.”

* * *


I straddled Pete and brought his cock to my pussy. It was straight from Laura’s asshole. I shivered at how nasty this was, but I needed to get his dick in me. I had to have him cumming in me. Just firing all that spunk into my fertile cunt.

I rubbed his dick up and down my folds. No rubber on his cock. I had never fucked a guy without a rubber on his shaft. This was so naughty. I whimpered and then pressed my pussy lips around the dirty crown. I shuddered.

And impaled myself down his filthy dick.

I gasped as I took every inch of his cock. My big, fake titties bounced and jiggled. I shuddered, my pigtails dancing. I trembled, loving having his huge cock in my cunt. It was incredible. I squeezed my flesh down his dirty shaft. He reached soooo deep into me.

“Now cunt, feed bitch the cum in your pussy,” groaned Pete.

“Ooh, yes,” Laura said and stood up. She moved before me. She was tall while I was so short. Just a petite thing with huge, fake titties. She grabbed my pigtails and pulled me into her shaved cunt.

His cum poured into my mouth once more, this time flavored by her spicy pussy cream. I closed my eyes, drank it down, and slid my snatch up his dirty cock. I buffed his dick clean of Laura’s asshole as I gulped down that salty, spicy ambrosia.

I impaled my cunt back down his dick, my clit grinding into his bush. My waxed-bare pussy lips drank in the caress of his pubic hair. I slid back up his dirty shaft, squeezing my twat around him. I whimpered at how good that felt.

“That’s it, bitch,” groaned Pete. “Work that cunt up and down my dick. Buff me clean. Goddamn, you got just the right sort of pussy for this.”

“I do,” I moaned into my friend’s snatch.

“Yes, you do,” groaned Laura, her big boobs jiggling over my head.

I watched her tan boobs bouncing as I rode his cock. I polished his thick and long pole with my naughty cunt. My twat drank in the pleasure. It was incredible. I loved every second of it. Every last moment of working up and down his cock.

I groaned, my pussy melting around his dick. He felt incredible about me. It was amazing. I shuddered, my heart pounding in my chest. My tongue licked and lapped and caressed his dick. It was fantastic to enjoy.

I danced my tongue around inside her snatch, searching for more of his cum as my pussy hungered for his jizz. I slammed down him, my clit bursting with sparks. My orgasm built and built with every second. I swelled towards it, my heart pounding in my chest.

“Fuck, that’s it,” Pete groaned. “Work that cunt up and down my dick. Shit, you’re going to get flooded with cum.”

I whimpered, wanting that so much. I was so eager for it. I squeezed my twat around his dick. My pussy drank in that friction. I whimpered, working my cunt up and down his shaft. I slammed down him again and again. It was wonderful. My pussy drank in the heat of him.

My tongue danced around in her snatch. I licked and lapped at her, my eyes squeezing shut. She tasted so good. His jizz was such a treat. I loved every moment of licking and lapping at her. I feasted on her with all the enthusiasm I had.

“Oh, I’m going to cum on your lips, Jessica!” Laura moaned. “Oh, my god, that’s so good. Just keep licking like that.”

“Good,” I moaned. “Oh, god, Pete, this dick! I love it!”

“Just keep riding me. You’ll get that cum!”

“Yes!” I squealed. My last hole flooded with his spunk.

I worked harder, my orgasm building and building. Every time I slammed down him, my clit throbbed with delight. This was it. I was so close to this moment. I danced my tongue around her bud. I fluttered against her naughty bit while my own ached.

I rose up Pete. He groaned. My pussy drank it in. I slammed down him and gasped. The pleasure burst inside of me. I came on his cock. My pussy went wild. The pleasure shot through me. His cum fired into my cunt. Spurt after spurt of his jizz basted my unprotected flesh.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I squealed in delight. “Oh, my fucking god!”

I suckled hard on my friend’s nub as the pleasure rushed through me. His jizz basted me. She squealed. Spicy pussy cream flooded my mouth. I drank her passion. It spilled hot over my chin. My big, fake titties bounced and heaved as I nursed out more and more of his cum.

“Fuck,” he growled. “Oh, fuck, that’s it. Yes, yes, you’re going to be so bred, bitch.”

“Good!” I moaned while Laura just squealed above me, her pussy juices pouring into my mouth.

I milked out the last of his cum. He fired the last blast. My orgasm hit that peak. That wondrous itch faded. I had been fucked in all my holes. His cum had pumped into them all. I just wanted to melt into satisfaction.

“I need your dick in my mouth!” squealed Laura.

* * *


I suckled his cock into my mouth. It was wreathed in Jessica’s tangy juices.

Pete groaned as I did that. The nerd stared down at me with a big grin on his lips. He wasn’t that ugly. He had a certain charm to him. And this dick... God, this big, thick dick was amazing. He made me so wet just by sucking him. I loved every moment of working my mouth up and down his cock, my lips sliding over his shaft.

My tongue danced. My cheeks hollowed. I put my all into nursing on him. I suckled with passion, my cheeks hollowing. He groaned, his precum spilling over my tongue. He needed to give me more than just a preview.

I needed the real deal.

So I bobbed my head. I nursed with passion. He grunted. I stared up at him with my blue eyes, letting him see just how much I loved his cock. He stared back down, this big smile on his lips as I bobbed my head.

“Fuck, that’s great,” he growled. “Goddamn, you’re just putting your all into it, cunt.”

I shuddered when he called me that.

“Yeah, you are. Fuck!” he grunted.

“Cum in her mouth, Pete!” cheered Sarah.

“Do it, baby!” Kim called.

“You’re the man, Pete!” squealed Ai.

I shuddered, nursing hard. My cheeks hollowed. I bobbed my head, sliding my lips up and down his cock. He groaned, his cock throbbing in my mouth. The taste of his precum grew stronger and stronger. I knew he would cum hard. He would fire all that jizz into my mouth.

I would gulp it down.

“Fuck!” he groaned. “You’re going to get some cum, cunt.”

I winked at him.

I bobbed my head, nursing with all my might. My cheeks hollowed. He groaned, his cock throbbing in my mouth. His salty precum spilled over my taste buds. He groaned as my tongue danced around his crown.

His face contorted. I could tell he was close. I nursed hard. I suckled with all my might. My cunt clenched. I needed that last itch satisfied. I needed his cum to fire into my mouth. I suckled hard on his dick.

“Fuck!” Pete growled. His cum fired from his cock.

I groaned as his salty jizz pumped over and over into my mouth. The taste of his spunk satisfied that final itch in me. This was what I needed. His spunk pouring down my throat. I gulped him down as such relief fell on me.

I had his jizz in all my holes. He grunted, holding fistfuls of my blonde hair as he pumped blast after blast of his cum into my mouth. I squeezed my eyes shut and suckled out every last drop of his jizz. It was fantastic to have pouring down my throat.

“Damn, that’s good,” growled Pete. “That’s it, cunt, that’s it. Welcome to the squad. I’m going to fuck you like this after every practice.”

Somehow, that made me want to be a cheerleader even more.

He fired the last of his cum into my mouth. I shuddered as I drank it down. A wicked rush shot through me. I felt so naughty right now. I slid my mouth off his cock, drool spilling down my chin. I panted and smiled at him.

“I’m so glad to be on the squad!”

I stood up and found Jessica handing me my sports bra and shorts. She was already dressed, her face flushed. I pulled them on as Pete let the next girl in line suck his dick. He was tag-teaming the others.

“You know we’re the best, right,” I told Laura. “He had to enjoy us at the same time.”

She grinned at me. “That’s right, cunt, we’re the best. We’re going to rule this team.”

“Yes, we are, bitch.” I stepped into my shorts, my big boobs bouncing. “Yes, we are.”

I didn’t know why I had to get fucked by Pete in all three of my holes, but I had never felt better. I felt so energized. I drew on my sports bra and then hooked arms with Laura. We sauntered off, nodding to the pregnant girls who were all staring dreamy eyed at Pete.

I got it. That nerd had the best cock I had ever fucked. I was glad to enjoy it.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...