The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter 17: Sorority Slut Slave Auction

Clara hated those THOT cunts at Sigma Lambda Tau sorority. She had been working her way down her list, getting back at everyone who had ever teased or bullied her. Now it was their turn. And this was an important day.

According to the spam that they’d dared send to Clara, today was the annual “Date a Sorority Gal” to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. A charity auction where the five hottest girls would be auctioned off for a “date” to the richest of the school’s alumni. It was said that girls could go for a million dollars or more.

And for what? thought Clara. Dinner with an airhead? Maybe she would put out for you. I think they should get a lot, lot more for their money. Or, at least, everyone should think they did.

According to the flyer, the bidding started at 9 PM. It was 8:58. The perfect time to put out the “truth” about the sorority. All those terrible students at her college would eat it up. The deep fakes would be made to make it look like Clara’s tweets had come true.

They can’t really be coming true, right? She wondered. Clara hadn’t left her home in months. No, no, it’s insane to think my tweets can change reality. They’re just a lot of horny nerds making deep fakes and everyone else piling on like the bully assholes they were.

Her fingers typed fast. She hit send.

“Did you know that the Sigma Lambda Tau Sorority doesn’t auction off girls for a ‘charity date’ once a year to raise money? No, it’s a slave auction, the girls sold to the highest donors! #sexslaveauction #sellingsluts4cash #sororityslave4life”

* * *


I was backstage of the performing arts center where the Date a Sorority Gal auction was about to begin. It was such an honor for our sorority mother, Ms. Perkins to have selected me to be one of the five hottest of the sorority but I was nervous as I waited in my elegant, black dress the expensive cut showing off my tits and ass perfectly.

The competition had been vicious. All the girls wanted it, but only five of us could be chosen by Ms. Perkins. She marched up and down the five of us, looking us over. Lacie, Portia, Dawn, Lisette, and I were each wearing a different style of dress. Bold red, sultry purple, and shiny silver. All of us were aching to make an impression on the rich alumni here tonight.

Some single, others looking to replace their current wife with a new, younger model. This was my chance to land that wealthy husband and leave college behind. I could be on the next Real Housewives if I bagged a millionaire for a husband.

“Very good,” Ms. Perkins said. “Portia, straighten that back. Let those tits be seen.”

“Yes, Ms. Perkins,” Portia said, doing just that, thrusting out her breasts.

“Very nice,” the sorority mother purred. She was a tall woman with her black hair in a matronly bun and a pair of dainty glasses on her nose. It gave her the feel of a sultry librarian at times or a stern housekeeper at others. She had on a long skirt and a blouse buttoned up to the collar. “Oh, Dawn...” She adjusted the girl’s neckline up. “You don’t want to show off your nipples. You’re not whores. You just want to wow them. These are very wealthy men and you need to make as much money as possible.”

“Two minutes, Ms. Perkins,” one of the stage hands shouted. They were drawn from the school’s drama club.

“You heard him, girls,” said Ms. Perkins. “You need to be perfect. Beverly, that skirt—”

A chorus of dings and chirps and cracks echoed through the back stage. Everyone grabbed their phones. It must be another one of Clara’s tweets. She was always revealing the school’s most scandalous secrets.

“That skirt is too long,” said Ms. Perkins. She grabbed the waistband of the short, tartan skirt I wore and rolled the waistband to raise the hemline. “There. I want a hint of those lovely virginal panties to be seen when you go prancing out there.”

“Yes, Ms. Perkins,” I breathed, my breasts rising and falling in the white blouse that was tied beneath my boobs, leaving my stomach bare. I was so excited for the slave auction. Ms. Perkins had chosen me to spend the rest of my life as a millionaire’s sex toy. Auctioned off for charity. It was such a dream come true.

“Keep that back straight, Portia,” Ms. Perkins said. The dorm mother slapped the riding crop against the thigh-highs boobs she wore. They were black leather, matching the corset that lifted her big boobs into two lush mounds. Together with her glasses remained perched on her nose and her hair in its perfect bun she looked like an S&M version of Mary Poppins. Stern and dominating, gorgeous and naughty all at the same time. “Don’t force me to send you out there with an ass already reddened.”

“Sorry, Ms. Perkins,” gasped Portia, straightening her back again. Her boobs bounced in the band of light-blue cloth tied around her boobs. She was dressed like a sexy genie harem girl, complete with a transparent veil.

“You girls have to be absolute sluts out there,” Ms. Perkins hissed, smacking the riding crop into her leather boots again. My pussy clenched at the stinging hit. My nipples throbbed, still aching from being pierced. So did my clit, a new gold ring threatened through my clitoral hood. “You must be complete whores so those millionaires will buy you. I don’t want any of you going for a measly $100,000. I want you to go for at least a million. So make them want you, sluts! Make them ache for you.”

“Yes, Ms. Perkins,” we all cooed. I played with my pigtails, my blonde hair gathered into an innocent but naughty look.

“Thirty seconds,” the stagehand said, staring at the five of us with abject lust. But he didn’t have the money to afford us. He was just a broke college kid. We were being auctioned off to men with wealth and means. Men who mattered.

Who would own us for life?

“You are all... adequate.” Ms. Perkins sniffed. “So come alive out there. If any one of you goes for less than a million, I will whip your ass bloody. I don’t care who owns you. I have a reputation to maintain. I have never auctioned off shoddy merchandise.”

It was the closely held secret of the sorority that the members weren’t auctioned off on dates but as slaves. There were thousands of pupils were going to the school, so who would notice that five girls just dropped out of college.

“Portia!” Ms. Perkins snapped. “Get your ass out there. I want you to be their dream genie.”

“Yes, Ms. Perkins,” Portia purred. She put her hands together before her, palms pressed tight, fingers extended. She swayed out there with such a delightful roll to her hips, little bells tinkling around her feet.

“And her is our first slut of the night!” boomed the MC. “Portia the Genie. She’ll make your wishes come true, gentleman.”

It was so nerve-wracking having to wait. To listen to Portia putting on her show and then the men bidding for her. It was fierce. Though it started out at $100,000, it was rising quickly. Portia didn’t disappoint. Ms. Perkins gave a satisfied nod when the bidding crossed a million and kept going. She tapped her riding crop into her thigh, nodding along. I knew her pussy was juicy.

She had made me eat it out many times during the month of training.

“Sold for $3.4 million,” the MC announced. “Enjoy your genie, sir.”

“Oh, he will,” cooed Portia, her voice throaty with delight. “Whatever does my Master wish for?”

I didn’t hear the answer, but it made my hairless pussy clench. A wet heat rushed through me. I wiggled back and forth, soaking the schoolgirl panties I wore. With now pubic hair, Ms. Perkins had me lasered so I would never grow a bush, there was nothing but the dainty underwear to sop up my excitement.

Lisette the sexy nurse went up next, her ass rolling beneath that tight, white miniskirt. Her heels clicked, her white fishnets looking so perfect on her thighs. She stepped out and purred, “Does someone need a... checkup?”

The throaty sound brought a groan.

Lisette went for $2.9 million. Then Lacie pranced out dressed like a slutty girl-scout, complete with a sash with merit badges for all the naughty things Ms. Perkins had taught her. “Mmm, I have some naughty cookies for sale. Who wants some. They’re fresh.”

The men all wanted her cookies. Lacie went for $4.1 million. Ms. Perkins nodded in absolute delight then glanced over at Dawn and me. I couldn’t help but gulp at that. It was clear that Ms. Perkins expected great things from us.

Dawn sauntered out in her sexy stewardess outfit, her skirt swirling about her lush thighs, her large boobs jiggling in the tight top that came complete with a tie that nestled in her cleavage. She looked like a 40’s pinup model with her hair styled into this voluminous delight that danced around her shoulders.

“Mmm, who wants to come fly with me?” she husked.

She sold for $2.8 million. Ms. Perkins did not look happy. She gave me a look. I gulped again. I put on my flirty smile as I headed to the stage. My tartan skirt swirled about my rump. I wore knee-high socks and black saddle-buckle shoes. My boobs jiggled in my schoolgirl blouse. The ribbons I tied about my pigtails matched the pattern of my skirt.


The riding crop hit my ass as I strode by Ms. Perkins. “You better do amazing! You better not go for less than $3.5 million, or else.”

“Yes, Ms. Perkins,” I squeaked and then rushed up the three stairs, my boobs bouncing. I stepped onto the stage, hidden by the curtain. The MC could see me.

This was it.

I happily skipped out onto the stage, my act in my mind. My pigtails and big boobs heaved. My skirt flared to flash those white, virginal panties I wore. The stage lights almost blinded me. I couldn’t see the audience, but I could feel them.

All those men with their hungry gazes lusting for me. They wanted me. To own me. One lucky man would get that privilege. He would get to collar me and do whatever he wanted to me. Fuck me. Breed me. Whip me. Turn me into his maid. Make me walk his dogs. I had no idea what my life would be like going forward.

It was all out of my hands. I just had to obey. Ms. Perkins taught me to obey with her riding crop. I would be the best slave ever.

“Excuse me, Mr. Auctioneer,” I purred after skipping to him. I put my hands behind my back and rocked back and forth like a little girl. My nineteen-year-old boobs jiggled in my blouse. “Is this the slave auction?”

“Why, yes it is, young lady,” he said, staring at me with open lust. He was a handsome enough man, but not a millionaire. As long as my master had wealth, he could young or old, fat or skinny, ugly or hot. It didn’t matter.

“Yay!” I squealed and jumped up and down, my skirt flaring up to flash my innocent panties at the stage. They were so wet with my excitement. My tits heaved in my tied-off blouse, threatening to bounce out and show off my lovely, all-natural F-cups. “I want to be sold as a slave. I’ll be a good one. Pretty, pretty please.”

“Aren’t you a little young to be a slave, Missy?” he asked, looking me up and down.

I thrust my tits out at the crowd. “What do you hunks think? Am I old enough to be your slave?”

A great cry of, “YES!” roared from the crowd. Hundreds of men were all so eager to own me. My pussy clenched. A wave of heat rushed through me.

I blew them all kisses, using both hands and flinging them wide. “Thank you, thank you, you won’t be disappointed in me!”

“I don’t see how they could be,” the MC said, staring at my tits again. “But don’t you think you’re over-dressed to be a slave, Missy? They have to go around naked.”

“Oh, really?” I gasped. “Oh, no.” I bit my lower lip. “I really have to get naked?”

“Oh, yes.” The MC glanced at the crowd. “Right, gentleman.”


The stage shook with their excitement. I shuddered in delight. This was better than I could have imagined. They all wanted me so much. I quivered there, pretending to be shy and demure. I looked down and wiggled. Squirmed. My boobs jiggled.

“I suppose...” I purred, my cheeks blushing bright red with my excitement. “If I have to...”

“I’m afraid you do,” the MC said with mock solemnity, his face grave and serious.

“Okay,” I purred. “I’ll do it. I’ll be the bestest and cutest slave you gentlemen have ever seen!”

I pulled on the knot tying my blouse closed. The cloth whisked and then fell away from my large, all-natural F-cups. I slipped out of the blouse, wiggling as I did. My boobs swayed back and forth. They smacked into each other, my soft flesh rippling with such pillowy softness. I dropped the blouse and pretended to cover them.

“Are my tits too big for you?” I asked. “They’re all-natural F-cups.”

“NOOOOO!” roared back from the crowd.

“Yay!” I squealed and jumped up and down, my tits heaving. My gold rings flashed in the stage lights.

As I did, I noticed Ms. Perkins watching me from off-stage, her eyes intense. Her riding crop in hand. Oh, she would spank my ass so hard I fucked this up. She would embarrass me in front of all these hunks.

“I’m so glad you all love my titties.” I grabbed my nipple rings and tugged them. “And don’t I have such pretty jewelry. My daddy passed away, and I’m all alone, I need a new daddy to buy me such pretty things.”

A collective groan of pure lust roared from the audience.

I reached beneath my skirt and then pulled off my panties. I bent over, my tits dangling before me and swaying back and forth like heavy pendulums. I felt so naughty as I rolled the cotton panties down my thighs. I noticed the MC leaning to check out my naked ass, my skirt riding up high.

I peeled my panties down to my shoes and then gasped. “Oops, I forgot to take those off, first. I’m such a silly girl, aren’t I?”

Beaming at the audience, I shuffled around until I faced away from them. I bent over to take off my shoes, my skirt riding up once more to flash my naked ass and shaved cunt to them. More moans rose from the audience. Pussy cream ran hot down my inner thighs. I hoped they could see my clit piercing.

I hummed as I slowly unbuckled my shoes. I wiggled my hips back and forth, my tits jiggling. I loved this so much. I would be such a perfect slave to my Master. I would be his schoolgirl, his nurse, his genie, his catgirl, his whatever he needed me to be. I was so lucky to be chosen by Ms. Perkins.

She watched me like a hawk as I slipped off one shoe and then another. Then I stepped out of my panties. I snagged them up. They were wet. I turned around and held out my panties to the crowd, letting them see the virginal white soaked by my juices.

“Oh, no, my panties are all wet and sticky,” I said. I sniffed them. “They smell nice, though. All spicy. Why did they get wet?”

“You’re a hot slut,” the MC said. “I think we all agree she’s doing a good job convincing us she’s ready to be a sex slave, but she needs to do more.”

“More?” I gasped. “What more can I do?”

The MC reached beneath his podium and pulled out the thick dildo that was waiting for me. All the girls had used sex toys on themselves. He tossed it to me. I snagged it and pressed it between my boobies, sandwiching the shaft.

I couldn’t wait to give my master a titty fuck. He would love it so much. I would be the best sex slave ever.

I pulled the dildo from my tits and purred, “Am I supposed to lick it?”


I giggled and licked the rubbery shaft. My tongue danced over it. I could taste Dawn’s sweet juices on them. She had just used this in her cunt. I shuddered as I cleaned the dildo, my tongue dragging up the veiny sides to the crown.

I swirled my tongue around it, the men groaning as they watched on in abject lust. They were all so excited for what was to come. My pussy dripped more juices down my thighs. My skirt swirled back and forth as my tongue caressed over the little slit at the top. It was so life-like.

I suckled on the cock. I worked my mouth up and down it, nursing and slurping on it. The sucking sounds echoed through the hall. That was such a naughty thing to hear. I loved it. My pussy was on fire. Juice ran down my thighs. I would have such a huge orgasm fucking myself with this dildo.

The men were groaning and whistling and moaning. The MC watched on with such fascination. He must have such a huge hardon. He didn’t get to touch the slaves, though. Ms. Perkins would make him regret it if he tried.

Drool ran down my chin. I nursed. I suckled. The men groaned louder.

I popped it out of my mouth. “Ooh, that’s naughty. It makes me feel all tingly.” I smiled at the crowd. “What else do I do with this? I want to be the bestest slave for you all.”

A lot of shouts burst from the crowd. Too many to understand any of them. But I already knew what to do. I widened my eyes in shock. I dropped my jaw and then quivered, holding the wet dildo between my tits again, coating my boobs with my saliva.

“I’m supposed to do that with it?” I gasped. “But... but... that’s so dirty.”


“Okay,” I whimpered and then turned around. “But just because I want to be the best. I want to make you all so happy as your cute, schoolgirl sex slave. And you’ll be my Daddy-Master.”

I bent over, letting my skirt ride up to show off my cunt and asshole again. I stared at them between my legs, my pigtails dangling to the floors. I worked my sock-clad feet further and further apart. It was easy on the waxed stage. I was so exposed, pussy and asshole revealed to their eyes.

I pressed the dildo into my cunt, coating the tip in my juices. I could feel them all holding their breaths, waiting for the moment when I thrust the dildo into my cunt and fucked myself to a screaming orgasm with it.

But I didn’t push it into my cunt. Oh, no, I had to be filthy. I had to be a nasty slut willing to do anything for my Master. There would be no doubts that I was their whore. Their obedient and submissive sex slave, ready and eager to play.

I shoved the dildo past my taint until the tip nuzzled into my asshole. “It’s so dirty back here, but... I’ll do it for you, Daddy! I’ll fuck my asshole with this big dick.”

I pressed the dildo hard against my sphincter as the audience groaned again. I loved it. I had such power over them. I was the sex slave, and yet it felt like they were all helpless before me. They would do anything for me. It was such a rush.

My anal ring widened and widened as I pushed on the dildo. I gasped and whimpered and groaned. My boobs jiggled. More pussy cream ran down my thighs, hot rivulets pouring out of my molten cunt. I quivered as I shoved hard against my asshole.

The dildo popped into me.

“Oh, golly!” I squealed. “The big dick is sliding into my asshole, Daddy. Yes, yes, your big cock is deep in me. Ooh, Daddy, don’t you love being in my tight and naughty asshole. I know it’s dirty, but you just love fucking my bowels.”

The audience moaned. I smiled. I had them. I could feel it as I shoved the dildo to the hilt in my bowels.

I worked that big dildo in and out of my bowels, cooing my wanton delight the entire time. My asshole clung to the shaft, the heat melting down to my cunt. The heat fed the volcanic passion in me, the orgasm that would erupt through me.

I shuddered, staring at the audience, the millionaire men, between my legs. I shuddered, toes curling in my knee-high socks. I whimpered, thrusting the dildo into my cunt over and over again. I shuddered at the feel of the fleshy shaft reaming me out.

“Daddy! Daddy!” I moaned. “I miss your cock in my asshole. Your cum in my pussy. Your jizz on my big tits! I miss it so much. I need a new daddy to fuck me like a dirty whore! Yes, yes, yes!”

The words were so naughty to say as I fucked my asshole harder. Faster.

“Oh, yes, yes, your cock always feels so amazing in my bowels, Daddy! Ooh, yes, yes! I’m going to cum on your big dick. You love it when I cum on you!”

I thrust the dildo into my asshole faster and faster. I quivered, squeezing my bowels around the dildo. The pleasure swept through me. It felt so incredible. I groaned, my face twisting in delight. I groaned again, savoring the heat of this moment. It was fantastic. I shuddered, savoring every last second of it. Every last moment of having my asshole reamed by the toy.

My pussy drank it all in. My orgasm swelled in me. The volcanic pressure built and built in my cunt. Molten juices spilled down my thighs. I hoped the men could see just how dripping wet I was. My boobs shook. My face burned from all the blood.

I felt light-headed, which only swelled my orgasm faster and faster. I slammed the dildo into my asshole and then drew it back. I clung to that naughty toy. It felt so incredible in me. I screamed, on the verge of exploding with ecstasy.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned. “Daddy! I miss you, Daddy. Be my new daddy and fuck my ass and pussy! Spank me when I’m bad! Make me suck your cock and drink your cum! Or lead me around by my nipple piercings, Daddy!”

I slammed the dildo deep into my bowels. The heat melted down to my cunt. The pressure exploded in me.

“Daddy!” I squealed as my pussy convulsed, juices gushing out and flooding down my thighs.

Stars burst across my vision. My bowels writhed around the dildo. I gasped my pleasure as the molten lava poured hot through my body. Ecstasy melted my nerves. Rapture covered my mind in hot euphoria.

My pigtails danced across the floor as I quivered in delight. I whimpered and moaned, my pussy cream spilling hot down my thighs. I jammed that dildo deep into my asshole, savoring the shaft thrusting into me as my pleasure rushed through me.

“Oh, Daddy, I miss you!” I whimpered, my entire body trembling.

My orgasm hit that wondrous peak. I panted, trembling. I staggered and almost fell, my socks slipping on the stage. I turned around, my pigtails flying, boobs heaving, and asshole squeezing on the dildo. I faced the men again, dizzy from the bliss.

I ripped the dildo out of my asshole and cooed, “I’m Beverly. Won’t you be my Daddy-Master?”

I licked the dildo fresh from my ass as the MC said, “The bidding starts for Miss Beverly at $100,000. Do I hear $150,00?”

The house lights came on, letting me see the crowd easier. Hands were raising paddles with numbers on them. 43 bid. And then 29. for $200,000. A quiver shot through me as the auctioneer spoke with such calm deliberation.

I kept licking the dildo clean of my sour ass, savoring the filthy flavor. This wicked shudder ran through me as I did it. I stared out at all those men who were bidding for me with such heat in my eyes. This would be incredible.

$400,000 then $450,000.

I giggled and preened, my big boobs jiggling and my skirts whirling about my thighs.

29 bid $500,000. I really couldn’t see the men. They were sitting all over the place and the lights were too bright for me to make out details. But I could see their paddles rising.

17 then 31 then 05 all bid at me, driving me up to $650,000. I was nearly up to three-quarters of a million. But I had to get so much higher than that.

I suckled on the dildo, working the dirty toy in and out of my mouth with one hand. The other grabbed the hem of my skirt and slowly dragged it up my thighs.


I drew it up higher, about to show off my pussy.


I unveiled my dripping cunt for them while sucking the earthy flavor of my bowels off the dildo.

$800,000! $850,000! $900,000! $950,000!

Then it happened.

$1 million! It went to 33, his sign waving in the air as drool ran down my chin. I suckled and slurped on the dildo, my cheeks hollowing.

$1.1 million now. It was no longer going up by $50,000 but $100,000. No one seemed to care. They were raising their paddles the moment the auctioneer announced the next price. “Do I hear $1.5 million!”

15 flashed up.

“$1.6 million!”

29 waved his paddle.

$1.7 million!”

05 shot up.

It was so hot. I crossed $2 million. My pussy clenched. I would be such a valuable sex slave. I nursed on the dildo, now tasting only the rubber of the shaft. I quivered, still flashing my pussy to all of them. Then I pulled the toy out of my mouth and shoved it into my cunt.

“$2.5 million to 29,” the auctioneer boomed. “Do I hear $2.6 million?”

13’s paddle flashed up into the air.

I worked the dildo in and out of my cunt, quivering there in my knee-high socks and holding my skirt up. I whimpered, my face contorting with the delight of the thick and veiny shaft plunging into my youthful cunt.

“Don’t you want to be my daddy?” I cooed in the direction of paddle 05. “And slide into my schoolgirl pussy with your big, throbbing dick?”

I crossed $3 million, the paddles shooting up so fast. 13, 29, 05, and 33 were all vying for me, driving my price up higher and higher. I groaned, working my dildo in and out of my cunt faster and faster. My pussy juices spilled down my shaft. I didn’t care which one won. I just wanted to be owned by a millionaire. By a man who would be willing to pay so much for me.

The price grew higher and higher. It was only those four bidding for me now. I was so happy. I beamed at them as I worked my dildo in and out of my cunt. I shuddered, my face contorting with the delight of this moment.

“Do I hear $3.9 million?” the auctioneer asked.

05 shot up.

“$4 million?”

13’s paddle appeared.

“Yes, yes, you want to be my daddy,” I cooed, working the dildo faster in and out of my cunt. It was such a wondrous delight to enjoy this thrusting shaft as they bid on me. I shuddered, biting my lower lip. I was so eager for this burst of pleasure. I wanted to just explode with delight. “You’re going to take care of me, right?”

05 and 13 battled for me. The other two had dropped out now that it was in the four millions. I couldn’t even comprehend how much money they were spending on me. I could feel. Ms. Perkins watching on, a smug smile on her lips. I had surpassed her expectations.

“$4.9 million?” the auctioneer asked.

13 didn’t hesitate. He shot his paddle up into the air. I quivered, my cunt clenching down on the dildo I fucked into my cunt. My big boobs jiggled as I stared at my potential owner.

“Do I hear $5 million?” the auctioneer asked, staring out in the direction of 05. Everyone waited. “Going once, going—”

The paddle shot into the air.

The auctioneer snapped his gaze back to 13 as he said, “Bid is $5 million for Beverly, do I hear—” He didn’t even finish his sentence. “5.1 million to number 13. Do I hear $5.2 million?”

I quivered, staring in 05’s direction. Would he spend that much on me? My pussy squeezed about the dildo buried in my cunt. I wiggled my hips back and forth, my boobs jiggling. I wanted him to bid for me.

“Going once,” the auctioneer said, speaking so slowly. “Going twice.”

This was 05’s last chance to own me. If he didn’t speak out, I would belong to 13. I shuddered, just so thrilled to be worth so much. I was that hot. That desirable. I would be the best fucking sex slave in the world for the man who spent over $5 million to own me.

“SOLD!” The auctioneer cried, slamming down his hammer on the podium. “To 13. Come and collect your slut, sir. You’re earned her.”

“Yes, Daddy, you have!” I moaned and ripped the dildo out of my cunt. I dropped it on the stage and then fell into an inspection stance like Ms. Perkins had taught me. Hands behind my back, legs apart, tits thrust out. My pigtails swayed. I smiled, my boobs jiggling.

My owner appeared, still holding paddle 13. A few of the stagehands met him, talking to him. They held pillows with a variety of collars and leashes for him to grab to claim me. He could permanently mark me with tattoos or branding later, or just purchase a customizable collar so everyone would know who owned me.

As he marched to me, I shuddered. He was a tall and handsome man in a tuxedo that fit him well. He had on a red bow tie and a hungry smile graced his lips as he advanced on me with his collar and his leash in hand.

“Thank you for buying me, Master, you won’t be disappointed,” I purred to him as he stopped before me. I could smell the wonderful aroma of cigar smoke wreathing him.

“Daddy,” he said as he opened the collar and slipped it around my neck. The leather fit snugly, sized ahead of time for my neck. This was a premium slave auction. “Call me Daddy.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I moaned, my pussy clenching. “I’ll be such a good slave-daughter to you.”

His smile only grew wider. He grabbed the leash. It had two clips on it and he attached one to each of my nipple rings. “I know you will be.”

“How do you want me to—”

“Good girls are silent until instructed,” he growled and shoved his hand into his pocket. He pulled out a ring gag.

I opened my mouth wide, so ready to gagged by him. He shoved into my mouth. He wasn’t gentle. The metal ring bruised my lips. I shuddered at the pain, quivering as he buckled it securely in place. I could moan and suck his cock, but not speak. It was perfect.

He then pulled out a pair of handcuffs covered in pink fuzz from his other pocket. He was ready to buy a slave. I turned around without needing to be told, and placed my wrists together, ready to be cuffed.

He slapped them on. The ratchet of the metal made me shiver. My cunt clenched and my boobs jiggled. The weight of the leash pulling on my nipple rings sent jolts of pain through me. I groaned at the sensations, my pussy drooling with excitement. He cuffed me. Gagged me. Owned me.

I turned to face my owner, my new Daddy-Master. He tugged on the leash, pulling me after him. I tottered after him on my ankle socks, my skirt swirling. Juices ran down my thighs. My boobs jiggled and bounced, the leash pulling on my nubs.

He kept giving the leash sharp tugs, forcing me to stumble forward. My nipples burst with pain each time he did that. I kept falling behind on purpose so he would have to do it again and again, my pussy drinking in the torment. I whimpered and moaned, drool running down my chin.

I couldn’t help it with the ring gag keeping my mouth open.

We walked down the aisle, the other men staring on in envy. I walked back straight and head high. I was my Daddy-Master’s schoolgirl slut and proud of it. My skirt swished and swayed as my hips rolled. I padded after my owner, such joy bursting through me.

$5.1 million. No other girl had ever been sold for that much. I was the best! The most valuable piece of ass in the world.

We left the auditorium behind and entered the atrium. He headed for the doors where valets in red vests opened the door. They stared in hunger at my naked body, wanting to get a touch of me. But they didn’t have the money to afford me.

Outside, a limo pulled up. A sharply dressed chauffeur with hot eyes opened the door for us. I could see him wanting to grab my ass. Maybe my Daddy-Master would reward his employee with my cunt. Or maybe my Daddy-Master would be the only one who would use me.

I could be his forever or passed around as a cheap party favor. It didn’t matter. I was a slave.

“On your knees, little girl,” he groaned. “Face down, ass up.”

Just the way a bitch-slut like me should be positioned.

I did as he commanded, pressing my face down into the floor of the limo and thrusting my ass up into the air. I quivered, my pussy on fire. I couldn’t wait for him to use me. That would be such a wonderful moment. My cunt dripped juices. They ran hot down my thighs.

Would he fuck my cunt or my asshole? I was fine with whatever he chose. I would pleasure him however he wanted. I wiggled my rump at him as the limo pulled away from the auditorium. From my college. I would never come back.

I didn’t need college.

Clothes rustled behind me. A tux jacket fell to the floor beside me. Then a bow tie. A dress shirt followed. Shoes kicked off. Slacks came off next. I quivered here, my cunt on fire. Pussy cream ran hot down my thighs as I waited. My nipples throbbed, the leash still attached to my rings.

Boxers came down. Then socks attached to garters. He was naked. He was ready for me.

“My daughter has been a naughty slut,” he growled and smacked his cock down my rump.

I moaned my agreement. So naughty.

“Fucking her asshole with a big dildo while everyone watched.” He shook his head. “That is what a whore would do.”

I wanted to purr out, “I am a naughty whore, Daddy!”

“So you must be a whore! A disgusting slut. A naughty schoolgirl bitch who loves having big things shoved up her asshole. She wants to be fucked hard.”

I did. So much.

He slid his cock into my butt-crack. I trembled as he went lower and lower down my rump until he found my asshole. He nuzzled against my sphincter. I felt him pressed there, ready to bury into me and make me explode. He drilled against me.

“Just a fucking whore who needs to learn her place!” he snarled and thrust with all his might against my asshole.

There were no pussy juices to lube the way. I groaned into my ring gag as my asshole burned as it widened to swallow his cock. His dick popped into my bowels. I whimpered at the heat of being fucked without lube. It hurt in this wonderful way.

It felt so right to have his cock ramming deep into my bowels. I squeezed down on him, savoring the roughness. The burning heat melted down to my slutty cunt. My schoolgirl pussy drank in the delight. I shuddered as he grabbed my hips.

He drew back, grunting and groaning. He slammed back into me, his balls smacking my taint. I savored that delight. I squeezed my bowels around his cock, loving the way he buried into me. He slammed to the hilt in my asshole.

I groaned, drool leaking out of my ring gag and forming a puddle on the floor of the limo.

“That’s it, you fucking dirty girl!” he grunted. “You’re my bitch of a daughter! Never listening! Never fucking doing what she’s told. Just whoring around! No longer! I own your slut-ass. You’re my skank! My slave-daughter now!”

I squealed my delight. I wanted to cry out, “Your slut-daughter forever!”

My Daddy-Master pounded my asshole with such hard strokes. He buried into me with passion. I groaned into the ring gag, savoring the delight of him ramming into me. He fucked into me with such heat. He buried hard and fast into my flesh.

I whimpered, squeezing my bowels around him. He pumped away at me. He fucked into me with such hard strokes. I groaned, loving every moment of him ramming into me. I squeezed my flesh around his cock. I loved the way he pounded me. He fucked me with such passion. He rammed his dick to the hilt again and again.

My ass burned with pain and pleasure. I drank in the two different delights, my cunt swelling with the pressure. My naughty pussy fed on the two delights as he pounded me. He grunted with his passion, his hands squeezing my hips.

“Yes, yes, you fucking listen now, whore!” he growled, his hand caressing my sides, reaching for my boobs. “You fucking slut!”

I moaned, my bowels clenching about his cock.

“Goddamn, you love it up the ass, too, don’t you?” he growled, hammering me hard. He grabbed my tits, holding them tight in his hands. “Yeah, you do. You fucking love it. You’re going to cum like a fucking whore on my dick. Just squeal out all that delight.”

I would. So hard. I squeezed about him, wanting that pleasure to burst through me.

He grunted, slamming into me with such passion. He buried hard and fast. He pumped away at me. He plunged to the hilt in my bowels. I groaned, loving the way he fucked me hard. Fast. I shuddered, squeezing my flesh around him.

“Finally!” he growled, kneading my boobs with his strong hands. “Finally you are fucking mine. No running off with those fucking losers. No being their slut. You’re my whore! My fucking sex slave! My little girl is never leaving me again!”

I tried to scream, “Never!” but it came out muffled.

My orgasms built and built. I was so close to it. My pussy burned. Hot cream ran down my thighs as he buried into me again and again. He fucked me with such passion, his fingers digging almost painfully into my boobs.

His cock buried to the hilt in my asshole. He drove so hard and deep into me. I squeezed my eyes shut and burst into rapture in that moment. The pain in my asshole became ecstasy that swept through my body. My bowels convulsed around his dick while my pussy writhed.

“You just came on my dick!” he gasped, pumping away at my spasming bowels. “You’re my slut!”

I was. His slut. I would prove it every day.

The ecstasy burned through me. My mind blazed with rapture. Pussy cream flooded hot down my thighs. I groaned, his fingers digging into my boobs as he buried his cock to the hilt in my convulsing asshole.

“Fuck, yes!” he snarled. “Mine!”

His cum fired into my bowels. Hot spurts of jizz that pumped over and over into my flesh. I loved it. I savored the delight, my asshole milking his dick. I moaned and groaned, the ring gag keeping my mouth open.

Stars danced across my vision. This was so incredible. The best orgasm of my life. My first as his sex slave. My Daddy-Master made me cum with his dominating cock. My bowels worshiped his dick, milking out all his cum.

He flooded me. My bowels brimmed with his jizz. I shuddered as I hit the peak of my pleasure. He groaned, releasing my tits. He panted and then ripped his cock out of my asshole. I whimpered, my eyes closed as I savored the delight.

“Fucking whore,” he growled and grabbed my leash. He tugged hard on it.

My nipples burst with wondrous pain. I swiveled around in place on my knees, whimpering from what he did to me. I came face to face with his dirty dick. He stared down at me, his face dripping with sweat, flushed from ass-fucking me.

“You got my dick dirty,” he panted, staring down at me. “What does a good girl do when she gets her daddy’s dick dirty?”

I didn’t hesitate to lower my head and slid his cock into my mouth. The ring gag was the perfect size for him to slip into my maw. I could just seal my lips around his cock to suckle on him. My tongue danced around his cock.

The sour flavor of my asshole filled my mouth. I loved it. His cum leaked out of my butthole and ran down my taint to my juicy cunt. My boobs swayed beneath me. My fingers twitched, the handcuffs rattling.

He grabbed my head and fucked my mouth up and down his dick. “Polish my cock, you fucking whore! That’s it. Fuck, yes. You’re going to do this every time.”

That sounded heavenly.

I nursed off the flavor of my asshole from his dick with such hunger. My cheeks hollowed. My tongue danced around his shaft, getting as much of him clean as I could. The wet sounds of suckling and slurping filled the back of the limo.

He worked my lips up and down his cock as I nursed with all my passion. I groaned, wanting to polish off every bit of my ass as I could. The salty flavor of his precum grew as he worked my mouth up and down his dick.

“That’s it, bitch!” he snarled.

I shuddered at the insulting words.

“Yes, yes, just work that mouth up and down my cock like a good fucking whore.” He shuddered. “You won’t blow anyone but me. You’re all daddy’s!”

I moaned my promise as I suckled hard on him.

I nursed with all my passion. I loved him with everything that I had. He groaned, his cock throbbing in my mouth. I savored the way he twitched. This was so much fun to enjoy. My cheeks hollowed. I nursed on him with all that I had.

“Fuck!” he snarled as the sour flavor of my ass faded. “That’s it! That’s how a good girl loves her Daddy’s cock.”

I stared up at him, my pigtails swaying as he fucked my mouth up and down his cock.

I sucked and slurped and made such obscene sounds. My pussy burned. My fingers itched to frig my twat and play with his balls. I wanted to feel those hairy nuts twitching in my grip as his cum splashed into my mouth.

I nursed with all my might, sucking as hard as I could. He threw back his head. The salty flavor of his precum swelled. His face twisted with delight. I knew he was close. I danced my tongue around the crown of his dick.

“Fuck!” he grunted and then his cock erupted. “Swallow it all like a good girl!”

Of course, I swallowed his cum. I gulped down his salty seed, reveling in my Daddy-Master’s seed pumping out of his dick. His jizz warmed down to my belly. My cunt clenched. I wished I could finger myself. My wrists pulled at my cuffs.

He grunted with each blast of cum. He spurted more and more of his thick and yummy spunk into my mouth. I groaned in delight as I swallowed each and every blast of jizz he had. I squeezed my eyes shut, savoring the passion.

“Goddamn, you’re such a good girl,” he panted. “My good schoolgirl-slut. Yes, yes, swallow it all down. Damn!”

I gulped down the last of his cum, wishing there was more. I suckled hard on him, my tongue caressing the crown of his dick. He shuddered and then collapsed back, his hairy chest rising and falling as I nursed on him.

“That was amazing, slut,” he growled. “Damn, you look just like my daughter. But you won’t run off to be a whore, will you?”

I slid my ring-gagged mouth off his cock and shook my head, pigtails dangling. I would never, ever run away from my Daddy-Master. I was so thrilled to be owned by a millionaire. This was so much better than graduating from college and getting some shitty job.

I was his. Every woman needed to be owned. They were all too stuck up in their own asses to realize it. But I had thanks to Ms. Perkins.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...