The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter 18: Two Sluts Submit for the Tip

Clara felt inspired by the viciousness and pettiness of her fellow students to take so much effort to fake every one of her bogus tweets. They had no problem tearing down whomever she tweeted about. But what would they do if she didn’t tweet about anyone?

Who would they go after then? How would it play out?

Clara decided on a test. She would tweet something generic. Not targeting any particular student. Just a situation that any student could find themselves in. She had no idea who they would bully with their fakes, but she was so interested in trying.

She got such a rush destroying all those lives. Her fingers went to work on her next masterpiece.

“Did you know the cafeteria started using school girls as waitresses? Rumor has it they’ll do anything or anyone for the promise of a good tip! #desperateforcash #submitforthetip #ass4cash”

* * *


Amber and I were heading to the cafeteria to start our shift working in the kitchen. We didn’t get full scholarships. We needed a way to cover our food and books. Working in the kitchen was that path. The school hired students, paying them basically in credit. If I worked enough hours in the kitchen a week, I would have my meals paid for. If I picked up enough shifts in a semester, I’d pay for my books.

It sucked. Washing pots and pans weren’t the glamorous jobs that I thought I would have, but it was something. It built character, or so I liked to tell Amber when we were soaked with greasy water and both bemoaning our loss in life.

I’d met Amber on the job, and we’d bonded. The curvy brunette had a killer figure and a great attitude. She could make it big on OnlyFans, but she didn’t want to be a whore. She wanted to make her money the honest way, with honest work. She inspired me. My B-cups didn’t rival her massive F’s, but the temptation of an easy buck posting nudes on OnlyFans was a siren lure these days.

We reached the kitchen and swept in past the cook, Ms. Glass. She smiled at us, her round face ruddy from the heat. She wore a hairnet that was the reason neither Amber nor I could style our hair. Just simple ponytails for us.

We changed into our clothes. Old pairs of jeans and faded t-shirts that we wore heavy aprons over. We pulled on our hairnet. We didn’t work with the food, but we did do the dishes. And there were a lot of them. They were already piling up.

We clocked on. “Well,” I said to Amber. “You ready.”

“Sure am, Kenzie!” she said, her hazel eyes sparkling. “Let’s get in there and wash—”


“—and make some tips!” Amber shouted.

Like me, she was wearing the school’s new waitress uniforms. They decided to turn one of the smaller cafeterias into a classy restaurant complete with waitresses in black skirts, knee-high, white socks, and white blouses that stretched over our bodies. Amber’s big boobs really jiggled in hers. We wore our hairs back in elegant and simple ponytails, our order books in hand.

“Remember girls,” the cook said. Ms. Glass gave us a stern look. “You need to do whatever the customer wants if you want those tips.”

“We will,” I said, so desperate for cash. Why, I would do something even a little naughty. Maybe bend over and let the customer think he could see some panties. I might even let him see those virginal, schoolgirl delights I had on beneath. I was desperate for cash. College was so expensive.

I might even trade ass for cash.

That thought made my cheeks burn.

“Let’s do this, Kenzie,” Amber said, hooking my arm. “Let’s go get some big, fat tips.”

“Right,” I said, my cheeks on fire. Ass for cash... It was so catchy. It echoed in my mind. I had resisted the siren lure of OnlyFans, but a private show... No record...

I shook my head and marched out of the kitchen with my friend. We had a swift beat to our stride as we rushed out to begin our shift. My heart hammered in my chest. This had to go perfectly. I flexed my fingers and found an empty cafeteria.

“How we were supposed to make money if there was no one here, Kenzie?” Amber whined, speaking my fears allowed.

“Don’t stress,” I told her. “Someone’s going to come. You’ll see. We just have to stay positive. It’s early. The dinner rush will start in another hour, so we—”

The doors opened and a guy walked in. I didn’t know him. There were a lot of guys at this school I didn’t know. Some were legends, like Pete the Nerd who’d bred the entire volleyball team, or NamE the Quarterback who bred both his little sisters. The school was weird. A pervy security guard came on girls’ faces, Mrs. Daniels’s was gangbanged by her male students if they aced her tests, and one of the sororities auctioned off its members as sex slaves for a secret charity auction.

Clara’s tweets, @realtweets, broke so many scandals. She would post every few weeks and reveal something else pervy going on. Like the cam-girls the school employed.

“Listen, let’s both go help him out and get some practice,” I said to Amber. “Get ready.”

Amber nodded.

We both rushed to him as he sat down at a table. He glanced up at us and smiled. No doubt our knee-high socks and black skirts were attracting his attention, along with the bounce of Amber’s big boobs. Ooh, I wish I had F’s instead of B’s.

“Welcome, welcome,” I said as I stopped before him. “I’m Kenzie, and this is Amber.”

“We’re your waitresses tonight,” Amber added. “And we’ll do anything to make sure you have a wonderful dining experience.” That breathy “anything” made me shiver. It was too much. If he was pervy.

“Cool,” the guy said, glancing at us. Then he glanced at his phone. He was on Twitter. He smiled again. “She’s never wrong.”

“Who’s never wrong?” I asked. “Did Clara post something?”

He put away his phone. “I’ll have a large glass of coke. No ice.”

“Coming right up,” we both said together and hurried off.

My pussy had a tingle. Something about the guy’s eyes made me feel all itchy. He was definitely lusting for us. That was a good thing. We were bound to get a big tip. Guys loved tipping girls who were friendly and flirty.

“We should keep up teasing him,” I said. “Be ready to do something a little risque. We need his tip.”

“Is he a big spender?” asked Amber as she grabbed a cup and pushed down on the soda fountain. Coke gushed in, syrup and water swirling together, mixing as it came out of the nozzle.

“We have to hope he is,” I said. “Anything for a tip.”

“Submit for the tip,” whispered Amber.

I liked that. Submit for the tip. Ass for cash. My body tingled.

I took the glass and she grabbed a straw in a paper wrapping. We rushed back to his table. He smiled at us, his eyes definitely appreciating the bounce of Amber’s tits. I thrust the glass at him. Amber the straw. He took the glass and then started gulping it down.

I mean he chugged it. My jaw dropped as I watched his Adam’s apple work. In moments, he had drained the huge amount of soda. I couldn’t believe it. He let out a refreshing sigh, a big smile on his lips. He nodded.

“Perfect,” he said. “So, the two of you are working one table?”

“Well, you’re the only one here,” I said.

“And we both want the tip,” Amber said and gave him a flirty wink.

He nodded. “So you’ll do anything for that tip, right.” His smile grew. “Say... kiss.”

I turned to Amber and didn’t hesitate to throw an arm around her neck, pull her close, and plant a kiss on her lips. The waxy feel of our lipstick worked together as we both groaned. Her breasts pressed into mine. I felt their full weight, a naughty tingle rippling through me.

The customer watched with hungry eyes as our tongues thrust into the other’s mouth. We moaned louder and louder as we frenched each other. I couldn’t believe it, but we had to submit for that tip. He wanted to get a cheap thrill.

It cost us nothing and might gain us the money we needed.

“Perfect,” he said when we broke the kiss, both of us panting. My cheeks burned while my pussy simmered. He then thrust the glass back at me. “Another!”

“Sure,” I said and took it and rushed to the dispenser and filled him his drink while Amber stayed behind to flirt. My cheeks cooled while I licked my lips. It wasn’t a bad kiss at all.

To my shock, he downed his second glass of soda like the first one. He just gulped it down, his throat working. I gave Amber a shocked look. She just shrugged. It wasn’t our place to judge. Good waitresses did whatever their customers wanted.

When he finished, he slammed his glass down and let out a long groan. Then he glanced at us, his eyes flicking up and down our bodies. His smile grew even broader. He licked his lips while my breathing quickened.

“Let’s see those tits,” he said. “Both of you. I want to see bare, naked tits right now.”

“Yes, sir,” both Amber and I said together, my cheeks burning with embarrassment. I grabbed the front of my tight blouse and lifted it as Amber did the same. I exposed my b-cup tits in my red bra, my heart hammering in my chest.

He said bra, too.

I swallowed and then pushed up my bra. Right here in the small cafeteria, I was exposing my breasts. The cups slid over my boobs and then they bounced out. I groaned, knowing my nipples were so hard.

Amber’s boobs jiggled out the corner of my eye. They were big and plump, her nipples twice as fast as mine. The customer smiled. He leaned back in his chair, his empty glass of soda, no ice, in his hand as he looked us over.

“You really will do anything for a tip,” he said.

My cheeks burned. “Not a tip, just to make you happy.”

“We’re here to serve you,” Amber added. “It’s the service industry, after all. Not the handout industry. But... If you wanted to remunerate us for going the extra mile, we wouldn’t say no.”

I definitely wouldn’t say no. I needed the money and didn’t want to try OnlyFans. This waitressing gig had to work out. I needed to trade ass for cash. Anything for the tip. The words echoed in my mind. It was such a soothing idea.

“Okay, okay, those are some Grade-A tits,” he said. “You can put them away before anyone else gets to see my delight.”

“Thank you, sir” I groaned, so glad to shove my bra back over my tits. I adjusted my cups and straps before pulling down my top. “So, are you ready to order now?”

“I think I know what I want, but...” He held up his glass. “Refill?”

Amber took it with a smile, her boobs back in their boulder holsters. She turned and hurried off, her skirt swirling about her ass. The customer checked her out and then glanced back at me. I hoped he wasn’t disappointed that I wasn’t as... ample as her.

“So,” he said, a smile spreading on his lips. “You’re quite the friendly girl, aren’t you?”

“I just want to make you happy,” I said. “That’s all. I’m just thankful for the opportunity to serve you.”

“Of course, of course,” he said. “I’m thrilled to give it to you.” He licked his lips. “Ah, and here is my drink.”

“You must have quite a thirst,” I said.

“True,” he said and took the soda. “There’s only one problem with soda.”

“Oh?” I asked but he was already drinking it.

Amber stood beside me, the pair of us watching in awe. How much could he drink? Wasn’t he worried about going into a diabetic coma? He kept gulping it down, his Adam’s apple working. I was so impressed that he could do this.

He sat down the cup and let out another refreshing sigh. He leaned back in his chair, his eyes closed. A smile spread on his lips. It was something naughty. It made me squirm. I didn’t like the look in his eyes. I swallowed, glancing at my friend.

She just shifted in place, looking as nervous as I felt.

“Okay,” he said and then reached down and undid his fly. He glanced at me. “Kenzie, right?”

“Y-yes,” I whimpered as his zipper rasped down. I could see his blue boxers, his cock hard. He shoved down the elastic waistband. Oh, god, he wanted me to...

“Just crawl beneath the table,” he said. “And make sure you don’t spill a single drop. That’s a good waitress-slut.”

“Y-yes, sir,” I breathed and fell to my knees. I gave my friend a panicked look. She just mouthed, “Submit for the tip.”

Those words echoed in my mind. I needed the tip. I would submit. I crawled beneath the table. It was dark. His cock thrust out of his fly, pink and throbbing. The top of my head rubbed across the bottom of my table until I was kissing at his dick. I shuddered at the taste of his precum.

It wasn’t like I had never done anything like this before, but for money... I felt like such a whore as I slid my mouth around his crown. I sealed my lips around his cock and suckled. I closed my eyes and nursed on him. I swirled my tongue around his spongy tip, giving him my all.

“You know, there is one problem I have with soda,” the guy said. “It runs right through me. I have to pee like five minutes later.”

Wait, what?

His urine streamed into my mouth. My eyes shot open as the acrid and salty liquid flooded my mouth. My cheeks bulged. I wanted to rip my mouth off his cock as the humiliating and degrading piss soaked my taste buds.

But he said to swallow every drop. I had to do this. I had to gulp down this warm, salty, nasty stuff. I swallowed. I guzzled his urine. It flowed down my esophagus to my stomach. I could feel it pooling there as more and more of his urine streamed out of his cock.

“Oh, god, that’s good,” he groaned. “Fuck, you’re such a disgusting whore, Kenzie. You’re just swallowing that piss like it’s Grandma’s peach tea. Shit, yes!”

“Oh no,” gasped Amber. “You’re not...?”

“Oh, I am,” he groaned. “And she’s earning that tip. Fuck, yes, she is. Just submitting for the tip. Damn, it’s true. I love it. Drink it all down. Just gulp down all that urine before the rest of the guys learn about this place.”

More and more and more streamed out of him. He had drunk so much soda. I had to keep swallowing it. Tears spilled down my cheeks. Only the world’s most disgusting slut would do this. A truly depraved and sick woman would swallow piss for a tip.

I guzzled that urine.

He groaned, his stream slowing to the last few spurts that washed across my tongue and teeth. I swallowed it down, whimpering. More tears spilled down my cheeks. My stomach was so heavy with his urine. I felt it sloshing around in me as I shuddered.

“And now that I pissed, I can cum,” he groaned. “That’s it. Suck that dick. You know you want to guzzle down all my jizz. A whore like you who loves piss has to guzzle spunk by the bucket. Right, Amber?”

“R-right, Sir,” Amber whimpered.

“You a piss slut, Amber?” he asked as I nursed on his cock.

“I’m w-whatever you need me to be.” I could hear the fear in her voice that she would be asked to do this. That she would have to submit to this disgusting task.

I bobbed my head, wanting to get him off. I had to please him. I was a piss-slut. A urine-whore. I would guzzle down his jizz for the money. I focused on the tip. I would get a huge one for this. I had to do this because it had to be worth it.

Would it ever be worth it?

I kept sucking, his dick throbbing in my mouth. The salty, acrid flavor lingered. I could still taste it. I shuddered at that. I whimpered as I nursed on him, my tongue dancing around his cock. Would I taste this flavor until the day I died?

Maybe. It seemed fitting since I was such a piss-whore. But this was what being a waitress meant.

“Fuck, she’s got a mouth on her,” the customer groaned. “No way I’m going to last. Shit, it was so hot peeing in her slutty mouth, Amber. Just so fucking hot. Now... Now... Fuck!”

His salty cum erupted. Spurt after spurt of his jizz splashed into my mouth. After the piss, it was a palette cleanser. I gulped it down, the thick and salty jizz spilling down my throat. He grunted and groaned as I swallowed his cum, my pussy...

My pussy clenched. I was wet. Dripping. My panties were sodden with my excitement. Was I getting off on being a whore for tips? Just how disgusting was I? Why was I such a filthy girl who would do this? I wiggled my hips as he fired the last blast of cum.

“Shit, that’s good,” he groaned. “Damn. You girls really would do anything for the tip.”

I moaned around his cock, cum and piss filling my stomach. I certainly would.

“Yes,” Amber whimpered. “I would, sir.”

“Then let’s prove it,” the customer said. “Is there someplace that we could be alone. You don’t want anyone else to see what you two are about to do, right?”

I slid my mouth off his cock and groaned, “I know a place.”

* * *


We took the customer to a side room that was used as a coat check room during parties and other events held in the cafeteria. No one would come in here. He was gulping down another soda. Poor Kenzie had tears running down her cheeks from swallowing his cum.

And he was drinking more soda. Would I have to do it, too?

Submit for the tip. I kept repeating that over and over in my head. My mantra. It was the only thing that kept me from running out of here. I just had to do this for the money. I needed it. School was so expensive. Why did it have to cost so much? It hardly seemed worth it.

“Strip,” he said, setting his empty glass on a table. “I want to see you girls both naked.”

“Yes, Sir,” we said together, my cheeks burning. Showing my tits had been embarrassing enough.

I pulled up my polo. My bra wasn’t quite back on the right since I had pulled it back over my tits. It was almost a relief to reach behind me and unhook it. I freed my breasts. They slid out, plump and jiggling. The customer grinned at us as he pulled off his own shirt.

“All of it,” he said. “Mmm, I wonder if you girls are shaved or not. Don’t tell me. I want to see for myself.”

I unzipped my skirt and let it drop. I had on a pair of virginal white panties with a pink bow. Kenzie had something similar. The blonde girl’s perky B-cups quivered as she hooked the waistband of her panties and shoved them off, her trimmed, golden bush coming into view.

“Nice,” the guy said. “Now let’s see you. Mmm, I bet you have a bush, too.”

I drew in a deep breath and shoved off my panties, revealing that I was shaved. The customer chuckled as he stared at my bald beaver. A shiver ran through me. A wave of humiliating heat swept through my body. My cheeks burned.

“Well, I guess I was wrong,” he said as he stared at us. Then his hands shot out. He grabbed a nipple each and pinched our nubs. I gasped at the flare of hot pain. A shiver ran through me while jolts of lightning shot down to my cunt. “Mmm, but you two are a pair of sluts, aren’t you?”

“We’re just good waitresses,” Kenzie whimpered. “That’s all.”

“Yes, Sir,” I said, shuddering. He twisted our nipples. It was a sensation unlike anything I had experienced. I groaned and swayed where I stood, my heart pounding in my chest.

“Mmm, yes, yes, such good waitresses,” he said, a big grin spreading on his lips. “You’ll do anything for a tip, right?”

We both nodded, whimpering and groaning as he abused our nipples. My pussy drank it in. Juices began trickling down my thighs. I shuddered at the ticklish caresses of those rivulets working lower and lower towards my knees.

He spat in my face.

I gasped as his hot spittle burned on my cheek and nose. I didn’t know what to make of it. He grinned as I just stood there, his saliva running down my face. Then he turned to Kenzie and spat on her face. She squeaked but didn’t object.

“Such disgusting whores,” he said. “You’re not waitresses. Your filthy, foul girls who will do anything I want because you want a big, fat tip.” He chuckled and released our nipples. “You also want a big, fat cock. Huh, how’s this one?”

He shook his cock at us. Together, we both said, “It’s so big!”

Our voices cooed in breathy unison. Shame settled into my flesh, burning hot across my skin.

“It’s just such a fat dick,” I added while Kenzie husked, “A big dick that will stretch out our pussies.”

He smiled. “Yes, it will. It’s going to stretch and stretch out your cunts until you squeal in delight. You’re both going to cry out in ecstasy as you cum like the fucking disgusting gutter-whores you are. For a fucking tip. A few bucks. That’s how nasty you are.”

“We are,” I moaned through the shame. I was all those things he said. I had to be to get that tip.

“Yes, yes, just... gutter-whores.” My friend swayed, looking dizzy that she had said such words.

I swallowed as he smiled and nodded, his eyes flicking from me to my friend. I could tell that he was thinking of the next humiliating thing to do to us. His eyes flicked down to our cunts, his dick throbbing before him.

“Ever eaten pussy, Tits?” he asked, flicking my nipple as he stared at me.

I gasped, my boob bouncing. “N-no, Sir. I’ve never eaten pussy.”

“You’re lucky day. Get to munching on Blondie. I want you feasting on her cunt. If she’s not drowning you in her cream before I cum in your ass, well, you’re not going to get a good tip.”

“I’ll make her cum so hard,” I squeaked in fright, my asshole tingling. He was going to fuck my asshole. “Trust me. I’ll do it.”

“Why?” he asked. “Is your asshole not one of the finest on campus?”

“Of course it is,” I gasped. I had to please him. “It’s the best, I’m just that good at eating pussy.”

“Which you’ve never done before.” He grinned. “Well, maybe you’ll get beginner’s luck. Blondie, sit on that table, spread your legs. Tits, I want to see you dive into that muff. Just snorkel in that poon and make that whore cum. She’s a piss-slut. She loves my piss. Swallowed every drop.”

“I did,” whimpered Kenzie. “And I know you’ll make me cum, Amber. I believe in you.”

I smiled at my friend. For a moment, I knew I could do this. Only to remember he wanted to fuck me in the asshole. I shuddered, my asshole tingling. I swallowed as my friend mounted the table. She spread her legs and leaned back. Her blonde bush dripped with juices.

“Fuck me, she’s wet,” growled the customer. “Drinking my piss turned you on that much, gutter-slut?”

“Yes, sir,” she moaned, her face contorting with shame. “I absolutely did. I’m such a gutter-slut.”

The shame in my friend’s voice burned through me. I would be doing things just as nasty. I could feel it. I bent down, thrusting my ass out at the customer. The sweet scent of Kenzie’s pussy filled my nose. She gave me a weak smile as I leaned over. She bit her lower lip, squirming. I winked at her.

I could do this. I could handle it. I pressed my face into her snatch. My lips nuzzled into her hot golden bush. Her curls spilled over my face. I pressed in nice and tight until I kissed her vulva. I savored the feel of her cunt on my mouth. I trembled in anticipation of my first real lesbian act.

I licked her. I lapped at her. My tongue slid up her tight slit, parting her folds. I brushed her clit. She gasped, her eyes widening. Her boobs quivered. I licked at her again. My tongue fluttered up and down her. I caressed her with hunger, wanting to make her cum.

“Yes, Amber,” Kenzie moaned, her round boobs jiggling above my head. They were such gorgeous tits. I loved the look of them. This made me so excited. This wasn’t so bad. I could eat her pussy all day long. It wasn’t nearly as shameful as swallowing piss.

A cock pressed into my butt-cheeks. It wasn’t a wet cock. Not a lubed dick. He would fuck my ass dry? Wouldn’t that hurt. I shuddered and thrust my tongue into Kenzie’s pussy. I had to focus on pleasing her. I licked at her. His dick reached my asshole.

“Mmm, you’re not objecting,” he said as his cock rubbed against me. “You know it’s coming, don’t you. You know you’re going to be taking it up the ass, and you’re ready for it, you naughty slut.”

I whimpered. I couldn’t deny it. I was ready for it. I swirled my tongue around in Kenzie’s twat.

“Such an anal whore, you want to take my dick without lube, right?” he growled and drilled against my anal ring. My sphincter widened, stretching. “Say it!”

Humiliation burned hotter in my cunt. I moaned into Kenzie’s pussy, “I’m such an anal whore, I... I... want to take your dick without lube!”

“Amber!” Kenzie gasped, staring at me in shock.

“Fucking ass-loving cunt!” growled the customer and he thrust hard.

My anal ring stretched and stretched, the pain swelling. Then he popped into my bowels. I whimpered into my friend’s asshole as this burning heat spread into my anal sheath. He sank deeper and deeper. I whimpered. The pain blazed in my velvety sheath.

My cunt loved it. I tongued Kenzie’s pussy with such force as the burning heat set my cunt on fire. A fresh rivulet of pussy cream ran down my right thigh. My tongue danced around in her cunt. I caressed her. Teased her. Loved her.

She gasped and shuddered as I swirled my tongue around in her as his dick bottomed out in me. I whimpered, tears beading the corners of my eyes. It hurt, my asshole burned, but I was doing it for the tip. Ass for cash. That... that...

Made my pussy drip. I was such a whore. A filthy prostitute willing to do anything for money. I was disgusting. Shameful. A nasty slut. I licked my friend’s pussy as my bowels squeezed down on the cock abusing me.

“Yes!” the customer growled and drew back. “That is fucking it. This goddamn asshole. Ooh, you are clamping down hard. You are loving it, you fucking whore. Shit, yes!”

He slammed back into me. I moaned, my bowels squeezing about his burning dick. It hurts just the way a disgusting slut like me deserved. I swirled my tongue around in my friend’s cunt. Her gasps and moans filled the room. She shuddered, her boobs bouncing and jiggling.

She gasped out her pleasure while I moaned my pain, my orgasm swelling despite the aching thrust of his cock pumping away at my bowels. I rose towards my filthy climax, my tongue pleasuring my friend. Savoring her sweet juices.

“Oh, Amber!” Kenzie moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, you’re going to make me cum!”

“Such an anal whore, you didn’t miss a beat when tonguing your friend’s cunt.” He buried deep into my bowels. “Fuck, you are a grade-A slut. I love it. I fucking love how much of a whore you are. Shit, yes! That makes me hot to fuck your ass this hard.”

He gripped my hips and pounded me. My boobs swayed as he rammed his big dick into my bowels. I flicked my tongue up to my friend’s clit. My asshole squeezed about his abusing dick as I nursed on my friend’s clit.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she gasped, her breasts jiggling above me. “Oh, that’s so good. That’s amazing. Keep nursing on me, Amber! Oh, Amber, I’m going to cum!”

I nibbled on her clit. I flicked my tongue around that naughty bud. Tears spilled down my face, my asshole burning so hot. My cunt absorbed the heat, the pressure building and building. How much more could I take before I came.

I moaned around my friend’s clit. The throaty pleasure rose in my throat. I suckled hard on her. I nursed with passion. She shuddered, her boobs jiggling. Her blonde hair danced around her tossing head. She trembled there.

“Fuck, Amber!” she gasped. “I... I... Yes!”

She came. She came before he did. My bowels clamped down on him as I drank her sweet cream. Her pussy juices poured over my chin. They ran down to the hollow of my throat. My bowels squeezed about his big dick. He rammed into me as I trembled. The heat swelled in my cunt.

I burst.

My bowels spasmed around his cock. I moaned into my friend’s asshole. Even though it had hurt, had been humiliating, I climaxed on his cock, proving him right. I really was a dirty whore. A filthy slut who could cum at any time. I gasped and moaned, trembling through the bliss of my bowels writhing around his dick. My asshole suckled at him. I nursed.

“Oh, my fucking god!” I moaned into Kenzie’s cunt.

“Fuck!” he grunted and slammed to the hilt in me. “Fuck, yes!” His cock erupted.

He fired blast after blast of cum into my bowels. He flooded me with his thick jizz. I groaned, my bowels rippling and writhing around his cock. I lapped up my friend’s sweet cunt cream. I drank her passion as he pumped more and more jizz into my bowels.

“Shit! You are one dirty fucking anal slut!”

“I am, Sir!” I howled, my mind drowning beneath the humiliation of this moment.

I shuddered, my bowels rippling and writhing around his cock. I milked him dry. I worked out every bit of cum from his dick into my anal sheath that I could. I rubbed my face into Kenzie’s blonde-furred muff as my asshole wrung out every bit of cum he had in him.

He grunted as he fired the last of his jizz into me. His hand seized my big breasts. He squeezed them hard. His fingers dug painfully into them. I gasped, my orgasm hitting that wild peak. My flesh writhed around him, making sure he was empty. That I had pleased him.

“You fucking whore!” he snarled and then something new streamed into me.

This was different from the cum. This wasn’t spurts, but a warm stream of... Piss! He was peeing in my asshole. I gasped at how degrading that was. I was just a toilet to him. A place to dump cum and urine. My orgasm exploded through me.

“Oh, my fucking god!” I howled. “I’m such a shameful whore!”

“Yes, you fucking are!” he groaned. “Goddamn, you love it. You’re cumming as I piss in your asshole.”

“What?” gasped my friend. “Amber?”

“He’s peeing in me, and I’m cumming like a kinky slut!” I howled, my bowels rippling and writhing around his cock. “Yes, yes, yes, I’m so disgusting. I’m such a depraved slut! Yes, yes, yes!”

“Oh, my god,” my friend moaned, staring at me in shock. In disgust. I could see it in her eyes. “You’re doing it for the tip. Submitting.”

“I am!” I gasped, more and more of his urine filling up my bowels.

I felt them stretching. I shuddered at how much piss flowed into me. All that soda he drank. He was such a demeaning customer. But that tip... I was earning it with my slutty asshole. I squealed into my friend’s pussy, my orgasm hitting the limit.

“Fuck!” he groaned, my bowels rippling around his cock. “You’re sucking the piss out of my bladder. Shit, that’s good. Almost as great as cumming. Mmm, but you got a mess in your asshole know. And I know how to get rid of it. Right, Kenzie.”

“Y-yes, Sir,” squealed my friend.

* * *


I moved off the table, trembling. My round breasts jiggled as I moved into position. My friend was quivering there, her big breasts jiggling. The customer had his dick plugging up her asshole. He had filled her with his cum and piss.

And I was such a sick whore, I was thirsty to drink it. Tears spilled down my cheeks at how much I wanted it. I was a slave to this depraved desire to guzzle down the piss and jizz in my friend’s asshole. I moved into position, bending over, staring up close at his dick in her asshole.

“Get ready,” the customer said, his hand resting on the top of my head. He gripped a fistful of my blonde hair. “Now!”

He ripped his cock out of my friend’s asshole and stepped to the side. He yanked me into place and shoved my face into Amber’s butt-crack. Her cheeks slid over my face. My lips found her asshole just as the urine and cum squirted out of her.

The salty, acrid flavor filled my mouth. But there was a sour flavor to it. Earthy. I closed my eyes and gulped down the cum and piss flowing out of her asshole. She groaned, her butt-cheeks squeezing down on my face. She was forcing the cum out of her bowels. She was making sure I had my treat.

I licked it all up. I drank it down like a good whore. I squeezed my eyes shut, shaking from the shame of this moment. I was such a whore. Just a big slut for doing this. I gulped down all acrid urine. I suckled it with passion.

It flowed down my throat to my belly, joining the first load of piss I had already enjoyed. I gulped it down with such hunger. I was just a big slut for this treat. I couldn’t stop myself from enjoying it. I quivered as I swallowed the last of it.

“All clean, Sir,” I moaned pulling my mouth from her butt-crack. I turned to face him, feeling my stomach so full of piss.

“Now that’s not true,” he said, shaking his cock at me. “My dick was just in her dirty ass. You have to clean it, too.”

I shuddered. After what I did, that was nothing. I was such a slut, I fell to my knees, my pussy clenching with aching need. I grabbed his cock, smelling the sour flavor of her asshole on him. I leaned in and licked at his shaft.

I dragged my tongue up the side of his dick. I savored that earth flavor. I enjoyed every bit of it. This was a cock that I needed to pleasure. I had to clean it up. To earn my tip. I flicked the tip and then licked from the base again, buffing him clean.

The dirty flavor of my friend’s asshole coated my tongue. That dirty taste coated my tongue. It was so filthy to do this. My cunt clenched over and over as I licked at him. I wanted his cock in me. The customer stared down at me, this big smile on his lips.

“Yes, yes, get me nice and clean for your pussy,” he said. “Mmm, I just need to be pristine. Don’t want to dirty that slut-cunt, right?”

“That’s right, Sir,” I moaned as I nursed on him. “This is the best way to clean your dick, sir.”

I slid my lips over his cock. I nursed on him, savoring that sour flavor. I just had to embrace what I was. A whore. A complete and total slut who did nasty things like suck dicks clean of my friend’s asshole to make a few extra bucks for my tip.

Just a few dollars. I was degrading myself for so little money.

That made me burn with shame, which only made me suck harder. My pussy blazed with my humiliating lust. I wanted this cock in me. My stomach gurgled with all that piss in me as I bobbed my head. I worked my mouth up and down his cock, polishing it clean.

“Kenzie,” Amber whispered, watching me. “You’re submitting so hard for that tip.”

“Yes, she is,” groaned the customer. “Thank you Clara for letting me know about this service. How many men have you done this to?”

“You’re our first shift,” Amber said.

“And already such whores,” he groaned. “Shit, that’s it. I bet my dick is clean. I need to get in that pussy.”

I nursed on him. I didn’t taste much ass on him at all. I slid my mouth off and moaned, “If that’s what you wish, Sir.”

“Yeah,” he said. “And your pussy is clean, right, Tits.”

“I haven’t had sex in three days,” she said. “And I had a shower before coming here.”

“Good, good,” the customer said as he knelt on the floor. “I want you to sit on my face. Want to have me some pussy for dessert as she rides my cock.”

“Of course, sir,” moaned Amber.

I straddled the customer and lowered myself to his cock. I grabbed his throbbing dick and raised him so he pointed at my pussy. I shuddered at this moment, so ready to impale my cunt down his cock and take him to the hilt.

“Wait, wait,” he said as I rubbed my cunt into the tip of his dick, my curls rustling against him. “I changed my mind. I want your asshole. I guess you two will just have to clean my dick again.”

“Of course, sir,” I moaned, shifting his cock back so he nuzzled at my asshole. I pressed my sphincter down on it, whimpering. I had never done anal before.

First time for everything.

Amber sat down on his face, planting her shaved twat right on his mouth. She gasped as he licked her. Those big boobs of hers jiggled. I forced my asshole to drill against him, whimpering. The burning heat spread and spread.

I impaled my full weight down on his cock.

He popped into my bowels. I threw back my head and gasped in pain as his dick burned deep into my asshole. I took him all the way back there. Tears sprang from my eyes while my cunt clenched. My pussy itched. I needed to cum. Drinking that piss out of Amber’s asshole followed by licking his dick clean had me aching for a cum.

I squeezed my bowels around him and lifted myself up his shaft. I groaned, my body shuddering. My face contorted from the feel of his dick burning in my asshole. The pain melted to my cunt. My pussy loved it.

“What’s wrong with me?” I gasped as I impaled my cunt down his dick. “Why do I love this so much?”

“You’re a dirty whore like me,” Amber moaned and grabbed the back of my head. She pulled me in for a kiss.

Our lips melted together. Our tongues danced together as I worked my asshole up and down his cock. It burned so much, but I rode through the pain. I savored every last moment of slamming my anal sheath down his cock and then sliding back up him.

Amber whimpered into the kiss, her hand cupping my pussy. She rubbed at my furry muff, adding delight to the thrill of riding my customer’s cock. I squeezed my bowels around that thick tip, working up and down him. I built and built towards that orgasm. It would be magnificent. Just a huge burst of pleasure when I came.

My lips smacked on Amber’s. They were so soft. As she rubbed my pussy lips with her naughty fingers, my hands shot out and grabbed her big boobs. I squeezed and kneaded them. I dug my fingers into her boobs, loving the way my fingers sank into them. This was the life.

Her tongue caressed my lips.

My fingers found her nipples. Big and fat. I twisted them.

She squealed into my lips and thrust her digits into my cunt. I shuddered at the wondrous sensation. I slammed my cunt down her fingers, my flesh holding her tight. I slid back up. She kissed me harder. Her tongue danced with mine. We loved each other with everything that we had.

Her fingers jammed in and out of my cunt. I rode the customer’s cock, my bowels clenching about him. I pinched her nipples hard. She whimpered, grinding her cunt on his mouth. He grunted and groaned, enjoying my asshole’s velvety massage.

“Yes, yes, yes,” he growled, his voice muffled by her cunt. “That’s it. That’s fucking it. I’m going to flood that asshole with cum.”

I broke the kiss to moan, “Yes, Sir! That would be wonderful.”

My ass burned so much. The pain met the rapture that Amber’s fingers stirred up in my cunt. I hurtled closer and closer to cumming. I was almost there. My bowels would go wild around his dick. It would be such a wondrous thing to experience.

I worked up him faster and faster, squeezing my flesh. I shuddered, so utterly close to that moment of eruption. I was nearly there. I whimpered, my face twisting in ecstasy. This was it. I shuddered and impaled my bowels down his cock.

“I’m almost there,” I whimpered.

Kenzie winked at me.

Her thumb rubbed through my blonde bush and found my clit. She massaged it as I impaled my bowels all the way down the customer’s dick. I threw back my head, gasping in rapture. My bowels convulsed around his dick. My cunt spasmed around her fingers.

“Oh, my fucking god, I’m such a whore!” I howled. “A disgusting and dirty slut!”

“Fuck, yes!” gasped the customer.

His cum fired into my asshole. I pinched Amber’s nipples hard as his jizz flooded my spasming asshole. Spurt after spurt of his cum pumped into my anal sheath. I quivered, my round tits jiggling as the rapture swept through my body.

“Sir!” whimpered Amber. “Oh, Sir, yes!”

She joined us in ecstasy. Her pussy must be bathing his mouth. He must be drinking her spicy pussy juices. I bucked, my cunt writhing around her digits while my asshole milked his spurting cock. I worked out all that delight as he pumped me full of his spunk.

“Fuck, yes!” he growled. “That’s it. Shit, you sluts are fucking depraved.”

“Anything for the tip!” I howled, hitting the peak of my pleasure, my holes rippling around her digits and his dick. “Oh, yes, yes, that’s it.”

I wrung out the last of the cum in his cock. My asshole swam with his jizz. I quivered, impaled on that thick shaft. My bowels burned. They hurt and felt good all at the same time. I whimpered, swaying from the lust.

“Damn, looks like my dick got dirty again,” he groaned.

“We’ll clean you, sir!” Amber and I moaned together.

* * *


Kenzie and I licked and lapped at his cock. We dragged our tongues up the side, polishing his dick. We knelt naked before him, cheek pressed to cheek. The sour flavor of her dirty bowels coated my tongue. It was such a stimulating flavor. So powerful to enjoy. I was helpless to resist it.

We buffed higher and higher until we were licking directly at his crown. We lapped at the spongy tip, stroking over him. Our tongues brushed. Our lips met in kisses. The salty flavor of his precum rubbed on our lips. It was so wild to enjoy this. To pleasure him like this.

All for that tip.

“Fuck, yes,” he groaned, his cock throbbing in my stroking hand.

“Mmm, we’ll clean you, Sir,” I cooed.

“Yes, yes, get rid of my dirty asshole,” moaned Kenzie.

Our tongues danced over his crown. We stroked him in just the right way. He groaned, his face contorting with delight. I stroked his cock, loving the feel of him in my hand. The dirty taste faded more and more. I didn’t want it to go.

But our tongues were just so wet and naughty as we swirled around him, it wouldn’t last much longer until...

The sour flavor of Kenzie’s asshole had utterly faded from his cock. I missed it so much. The salty flavor of his precum was good, but...

I was a dirty whore.

Our cheeks rubbed together as our tongues fluttered over the tip. He groaned, his face twisting with pleasure. Was this it? A naughty thrill ran through me as my tongue fluttered against his dick, Kenzie’s caressing the other side. He threw back his head and growled. His cock pulsed in our gentle hands.

Spurt after spurt of his cum fired out of his cock and splashed over our faces. I gasped in shock, the jizz spilling over my features and painting across Kenzie’s expression. He basted us in his spunk, unloading all his naughty cum on us.

I moaned like a disgusting whore. “Cum on me, Sir!”

Amber cooed like a filthy slut. “Baste us in your cum, Sir!”

“Fuck, yes,” he roared in triumph, clearly reveling in the delight as he coated our faces in jizz. He sprayed us down.

More and more of his spunk sprayed across our faces. He coated every bit of us. His seed ran hot down my features. My tongue slid over my lips. I gathered up the spunk. Every last drop of it. My body trembled from how much of a whore I had become.

“That’s it,” he groaned. “Damn, you girls would really do anything for the tip.”

“Anything, Sir,” Kenzie and I breathed together.

A licentious smile spread on my lips. “Like become my permanent sex slaves.”

“Yes, Sir!” I gasped with my friend. “We’d do that for a tip for sure.”

“Goddamn!” he whooped. “That’s it. You’re my sex slaves. I own you until the day I die. Then you’ll get your tip.”

It looked like it would be a long, long time before I got it, but I would submit to every filthy, degrading, humiliating, disgusting thing he requested. I was his waitress. His sex slave. His cum ran down my face, proving just how willing I was.

“Perfect,” he said. “Fuck, I’m starved. Let’s go to Five Guys. I want a decent burger, not the shit the school cafeteria gives. You girls got the money to pay.”

“Yes,” I said. “Barely. I don’t have much, but it’s yours, Sir.”

“We’re both so poor,” Kenzie added, jizz running down her face and matting her blonde hair.

“Well, we’ll have to fix that,” said the customer. “I’m broke, too.” He snapped his fingers. “You know what, I thought of the perfect way for you girls to make me money. You ever heard of OnlyFans? No point in not showing the world my two hot sex slaves and making back my investment. You’ll make me so much money. Just think of the tip you’ll get at the end.”

I shuddered in delight. I never wanted to do OnlyFans, never wanted to lower myself, but I wasn’t doing it for me. I was doing it for the tip. Both Kenzie and I moaned that we would do it for our customers. We would service him for life.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...