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Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter 19: Gymnasts Make a Porno

A nagging thought had been building and building in Clara’s mind. Am I really changing things?

It seemed impossible, but sometimes, with some of the deep fakes she saw, she wondered. She had to do something that would never be possible. She knew about the school’s gymnastics team. They were hard workers. Hardly had the time to have fun.

They would never star in a porno produced by the school’s A/V club. Schools didn’t sponsor pornos. Deep fake photos were one thing, but a 30-minute porno... That would be much harder for the people to create. It would be a proof. There would be some great Photoshopped pics, but video...?

No way.

Sorry, girls, thought Clara. She had nothing against the gymnastics team. She just wanted a group of girls she knew weren’t sluts to test this on. She drew in a deep breath and typed her tweet.

“Did you fund new costumes and a trip to the championships, the gymnastics team teamed up with the video audio geeks to make and sell their own porno’s. #GymasticSluts #FlexiablePorn #AVPorno”

* * *


I was stretching with the other members of the team. We were in our leotards and tights, getting ready to work hard. I was still sore from the last practice. We had a competition coming up. We were all busting our humps to be ready for it. We had to be ready to go.

This was it. The big one. We had no room for error.

“Stretch those legs out,” Ms. Jenny said. She was our coach. “I don’t want any injuries today. You don’t want to pull a hamstring, Dominique. So stretch.”

“Yes, coach,” Dominique said, the black girl bending over.

“Sheila, I know your sore, but work past the pain,” the coach shouted, looking at me. “Come on.”

We were the only ones here, of course. This was our gym. We had a floor mat, rings, the horse, and the vault. Everything we needed to practice.

“That’s right!” I shouted, bending over further. I put my palms flat on the blue tumbling mat. “We have to be limber—


A chorus of our phones off to the side with our gear rang out.

“—to make the hottest gymnastic porn ever!”

The two nerds from the AV Club had spent the last hour setting up. They were putting out cameras and lights, running chords to a computer they had on a rickety table. They were rigging a series of microphones to hang over us and pick up the sound. It was all high-tech stuff.

“Looking good in those leotards,” Coach Jenny said.

We were all wearing special leotards that could be ripped off easily. There was a tear on the crotch that opened them up to let our pussies be seen, and they tore easily if they needed to be ripped open to show off our tits. They were also slightly transparent, our flesh bleeding through. Especially Dominique. The pink of her leotard could not hide her ebony skin.

“Okay, okay,” George said, the director. “Let’s start with stretches. Make two rows. Girls in the back, I want you staring at the girl’s ass and pussy in your face. You’re getting turned on. She’s got a hot butt. A yummy cunt. You want it in your face. Breathe in her excitement. Okay?”

“You heard the director, girls,” Coach Jenny said. She had been given a camera and told to film.

I ended up with the redhead Aubrey before us. She had round boobs that jiggled in her blue leotard, her nipples peeking out of the material. She fell to her knees before me. I joined her, my face already almost planted into her pussy. The other girls were doing the same. I shuddered, my blonde hair spilling about my face.

“Okay, and action!” cried George.

“We have to stretch to be ready to compete,” Aubrey said. She sounded so stilted. She arched her back and thrust her rump into the air. “Stretch, stretch, stretch, girls. We have to be so limber for our meet.”

“Mmm, so limber,” I moaned, leaning forward and sniffing at her rump. I could smell the fabric and something faint. A spicy musk. Was that her pussy? This was exciting. I still couldn’t believe that we had to do porno, but it was a fund-raiser for our club to get new equipment. So we had to do it. “Look at you stretch, Aubrey.”

“I’m really feeling it,” she moaned as I leaned in closer, sniffing again. I licked my lips.

The cameras were moving around us, watching us. Filming us being naughty. This was all so strange. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. I had no panties on. My leotard drank in the delight. And so did Aubrey’s. A wet spot formed, the spicy musk of her pussy growing stronger.

“Ooh, you are looking good, Aubrey,” I purred.

“Oh, thanks, Sheila,” Aubrey moaned, her hips wiggling. “I really want to win.”

“Yeah,” I panted. “ I just want to dive into victory. You know, lick and lap at it. Just gobble it all up.”

“Oh, okay,” she said. “That’s a weird way to see it.”

“Mmm, not from where I’m stretching. It looks perfect. Just so yummy. Ooh, yes, yes, just a juicy delight I want to lap up.”

“Uh...” She looked back at me. “Oh, god, are you looking at my pussy.”

“It’s just right in front of my face,” I moaned, getting into this whole porno thing. “I mean, you are just shoving your cunt practically into my mouth. If I just lean closer...” I planted my face right into her pussy, feeling the wet fabric on my lips.

“Perfect,” the director said. “You’re doing great Sheila.”

“Sheila!” gasped Aubrey. “What are you doing.”

“Mmm, just enjoying this yummy cunt. You smell good, you know that. Mmm, I could just spend all day with my face in your twat.”

“But we have to keep practicing,” she said. “So you have to stretch.”

She pressed her pussy harder into my face as she did. I licked at the crotch of her leotard, tasting the fabric and the spicy cream that was bleeding through. She gasped as I did that. She groaned, throwing a look over her shoulder at me.

“W-what are you doing?” she gasped. “Y-you’re licking me.”

“Mmm, you taste so good,” I moaned and licked harder. “You just got such a yummy pussy. Ooh, and you’re shaved. I can feel that. I just want to eat you out.”

“But... but... the competition!”

“Who cares! I want to be the best at licking your cunt. Mmm, let’s just have fun, Aubrey! Look around.”

“Oh, my!” she gasped. The other girls were doing the same thing. Dominique had her face in Aliza’s cunt and Mercedes did the same thing to Jamie. “What are you all doing? We have to practice.”

“But pussy,” Dominique moaned. The black girl shuddered, her hair pulled back to a frizzy puff at the nape of her neck. “Let’s get our tongues all nice and limber with some cunt munching!”

“Yes!” I squealed.

“And rip those leotards open,” the director ordered from off-stage.

I grabbed the tab holding Aubrey’s closed. It was up by her taint. I yanked it open, Velcro tearing apart. The flap fell to reveal her shaved pussy dripping with her juices. I had never eaten cunt before, but the school needed me to do this.

The boosters would pay good money for the tapes and fund our program.

I pressed my face into Aubrey’s pussy and licked my first ever cunt. My tongue danced over her twat. I loved the taste of her. The feel of her against my tongue. This was a treat. My tongue danced over her folds. I licked and lapped at her with hunger. She groaned, rubbing her cunt back into my mouth.

I slid my tongue through her folds. I caressed her, licking and lapping at her with hunger. I just wanted to enjoy every drop of cream that she had in her. I lapped at her with hunger, savoring the spicy flavor. This was so good. I liked eating pussy.

“Oh, that’s good,” she moaned, grinding her snatch into my mouth. “Yes, yes, just feast on me.”

“Ooh, you want me to eat your cunt now?” I purred, the other girls gasping and whimpering near us.

“I do!” she gasped.

“Good!” I thrust my tongue into her twat and swirled it around. “Mmm, you’re going to enjoy everything I do to you.”

“I want that!” she purred as my tongue darted back into her cunt. “Yes, yes, I want that, Sheila!”

Wow, that hole tasted so good. I was just in heaven licking at her snatch. I caressed her flesh. I licked at her pussy walls, so eager to make her gasp and moan and cum. I wanted her to cum so much. That would be excellent.

She humped back into me. I loved how she did that. She rubbed her snatch against my mouth, smearing her juicy flesh on my lips. I loved how she did that. The cameras were rolling. My cunt was getting wetter and wetter.

I shoved a hand down between my legs and ripped my own crotch open. I rubbed at my curls. I stroked through my wet bush and found the lips of my pussy. I rubbed myself as I licked at her snatch. I tongued her with hunger, loving how she whimpered.

I thrust two of my own fingers into my cunt.

“Yes!” I gasped as I worked those digits in and out of my cunt. I thrust them in deep and hard. “Ooh, that’s good.”

“Yeah, it is,” moaned Aubrey. “Ooh, Sheila, that tongue. That tongue is awesome. I’m going to cum on your mouth.”

“Good!” I groaned, my two fingers thrusting in and out of my cunt with fast plunges. My snatch squeezed about them.

My tongue danced through her snatch. She clenched her twat around my probing appendage as I stroked her sheath I loved how she gripped me. She held me tight. Her butt-cheeks clenched before my face. She whimpered.

I frigged my pussy faster and faster. My fingers plunged into my cunt as I tongued her snatch. I ground the heel of my hand on my clit. I felt the cameras moving about us, recording what we were doing. Getting close-ups of my tongue dancing through my friend’s snatch, and my fingers churning up my own cunt. It was wild.

Hot. My orgasm swelled faster and faster. I rose towards that moment when I would explode. I shuddered, my tongue soaking in that wonderful pussy cream. That spicy delight coated my taste buds. But I had to do more for Aubrey.

My clit throbbed against the heel of my hand. I moved my lips lowered and latched onto my friend’s bud. I suckled on her.

“Sheila!” she squealed. “Oh, my god, I’m going to cum so hard! Yes! Yes! I love this!”

I nursed on her with hunger. I suckled on her with such passion. It was incredible to do this to her. My tongue danced around her. I licked and lapped at her with hunger. It was such an amazing delight to enjoy the taste of her pussy.

My tongue caressed her clit. I licked and lapped at her with hunger. My tongue slathered over her bud as she moaned. I plunged my fingers hard into my juicy pussy. The camera held by Coach Jenny got in real close.

“That’s it,” the coach purred so softly. “Make that slut cum.”

I nibbled on my friend’s clit.

Aubrey threw back her head, red hair dancing, and howled, “Yes! Fuck, yes, I’m cumming!”

She almost screeched out that last word as a flood of pussy juices gushed out and bathed my mouth. I groaned, drinking them down. I gulped them, swallowing every last drop of them I could. They were amazing. Such a treat to drink down.

My tongue danced over her pussy lips. I jammed my fingers deep into my cunt as I drank her spicy cream. My clit burst with sparks. My pussy clamped down on my digits. I squealed with delight as I joined her.

“Fuck, yes!” I moaned.

“That’s so hot!” whimpered Aubrey. “Ooh, I love it. You made me cum, but... but...” She gasped and jumped to her feet. “We have to practice! Practice!”

I licked my lips, smiling as Aubrey’s round boobs jiggled in her leotard. I stood up and stretched. Without my leotard sealed closed, it was riding up my ass as I wiggled my hips. I pulled my fingers from my pussy and suckled on them.

* * *


I couldn’t believe how well Sheila had made me cum. That was certainly unlike anything I had felt before. It had been amazing. I shivered, my heart pounding in my chest. I was so ready for us to do such naughty things to each other. My heart raced.

“Okay, girls,” I said, staring at them. “We’re going to practice hard.”

“That’s right,” Dominique purred. She marched up and ripped open my leotard.

I gasped as she did that, my round breasts bursting into view. The torn, stretchy cloth framed them. My mounds jiggled. “Why did you do that?”

“You got those great tits,” she said. “Show them off.”

“And what about yours?” I gasped and grabbed the front of her hot-pink leotard, her ebony breasts all but shown by the thin material. I tore.

The cameraman caught the ripping material. They were filming every bit of this. I shuddered, knowing so many people would see our team being whores on camera. But we had to do it. We had to be gymnast sluts and make one hot porno.

“Let’s start with tumbling, girls,” I purred. “Sheila!”

“Sure!” she said and ripped off her leotard entirely. She had a slender build, her breasts small, hardly jiggling. Her blonde hair flowed around her face. She took a running start then dove into a handstand flip.

She tumbled and flipped and cartwheeled naked, the cameramen catching her youthful body quivering. She landed at the far end, a big grin on her face, her blonde bush gleaming with cream. She licked her fingers again.

Aliza went next. The black-haired girl did a handstand, her legs scissoring apart, showing off her pussy lips. She bent her back over and came upon her feet, her boobs jiggling. She jumped into a tumble, a roll, then she was doing back to back flips until she popped up before Sheila on her hands.

Without missing a beat, Sheila pulled Aliza to her. The black-haired girl, her dark tresses spilling onto the mat, spread her legs wide, doing a split. Sheila buried her face into the proffered pussy while Aliza did the same.

“Damn,” Dominique said as we stood there, the cameras all on them as they sixty-nine in such a wild position.”

“Right,” I said, my pussy on fire.

“I have an idea for our turn,” Dominique said. “Mmm, it’s called tribbing, but we’re going to have to be real, real limber to do it.”

“We want to make flexible porn,” I said with a smile.

She nodded.

Sheila and Aliza filled the gymnasium with their gasps and moans. They were feasting on each other with hunger. Aliza’s legs twitched as she held her splits and her handstand. I don’t know how she did it, but she got Sheila off first.

“You fucking limber slut!” Sheila howled. “Oh, my god, I’m drowning you, Aliza! Yes!”

Aliza joined her a moment later, spasming so much that they both fell over, the cameramen catching it. Coach Jenny had a wicked grin on her face as their perversity was immortalized. My cunt was on fire, my boobs hard.

Jamie went next. She had the biggest boobs in the group. They bounced and heaved as she tumbled naked across the floor, twirling her exercise ribbon after her. She killed it on this routine. She did a triple spin in the air and landed, her tits smacking together and rippling.

Then Mercedes took off at a running spring and flipped and tumbled down the course, her ponytail whipping behind her. She jumped high at the end and landed on Jamie’s shoulders, planting her pussy right into Jamie’s hungry mouth.

I blinked in surprise and smiled as Mercedes moaned, clearly getting eaten out. Jamie’s big boobs heaved as she shifted her balance, just devouring our teammate. Jamie’s thighs were taut with the strain, but she kept eating it.

Then Aliza sat up and buried her face into Jamie’s twat and devoured her. I shuddered at the sight. The moans. My pussy ached more and more. I wanted to do my friend’s plan. Dominique stretched her back, her ebony breasts jiggling.

Then Mercedes came, squealing atop Jamie. Her ponytail whipped behind her. She rolled off backward and landed onto her feet, Jamie gasping and moaning as she bathed Aliza’s mouth with pussy cream.

Then the cameras turned on us.


“Go get them,” purred Dominique.

My rump stung. I burst into a run and launched into my routine. I tumbled, my boobs bouncing. It was so different doing it this way in my torn leotard. The world spun around me. I did a backflip before I launched into a sideways spin. I hit the ground and came up in my stance, throwing my arms wide.

My tits quivered as I sucked in breaths. The cameras were on me, then they turned to show Dominique rushing at me. She was magnificent, her ebony body, clad in the torn pink, was a wonderful blur. A bright and dark shadow. My cunt clenched as she came closer and closer to me. I shivered, wondering what she meant by “tribbing.”

I was about to find out.

She came to a rest before me. Her tits jiggled from side to side as she smiled at me. She had such hunger in her eyes. The cameras were on us. It was our turn to do something naughty for the audience. My pussy clenched with anticipation.

Dominique threw up her left leg and put it on my right shoulder. She arched her eyebrow at me and scooted closer on one foot, shifting it around on the mat. My eyes widened as she nodded. I lifted my left foot high, so limber I could do a standing split, and placed it on her shoulder.

My lips stretched apart. My cunt felt so open right now. Then she scooted closer and closer to me. I groaned as our breasts pressed tight. Ebony and ivory coming together. A shiver ran through my body. This was it. I sucked in a deep breath, my tits rising against hers. Our nipples brushed. Sparks flared.

“Oh, my god,” I moaned.

Our pussies kissed. I felt her hot folds on mine. We were rubbing them together. It was so wild. I had never imagined anything like this in my life. My toes, my foot thrust up beside her head, curled. I whimpered at the imagined press of our flesh.

I could feel every fold of her pussy. Her clit rubbed into my twat. I whimpered, the cameras watching us. We hugged each other tight. I shuddered, her lips right before mine. They were wet with Aliza’s cunt.

She kissed me. I groaned, our pussies pressed just as tight as our lips. I felt her heart thundering as our tongues danced. My hips moved. I gasped as I slid my pussy lips against hers. Pleasure rushed through me. This was different from having my cunt licked.

I was tribbing with my friend. Pussy kissing.

Our nipples brushed as we humped together. Sparks flared down to my cunt that drank in the silky caress of her twat. Our shaved folds pressed tight together. It felt incredible to experience this with her. To share this delight with Dominique.

And the cameras were recording every last detail.

They moved around us, filming us. I saw the smile on Coach Jenny’s lips as she watched us humping together. She winked an approving eye at us.

I grabbed Dominique’s ass. She cupped my rump. Our fingers kneaded each other as we pulled each other tighter and tighter. Our pussies smooched. Clits slid through the other’s folds until they finally brushed.

I broke the kiss to gasp, “Oh, my god, Dominique!”

“Right?” She grinned at me. “It’s incredible, isn’t it. Mmm, we’re going to cum hard.”

“Yeah,” I moaned, my hips undulating, rubbing my clit into hers. “Ooh, our pearls keep brushing.”

“God, clit-kissing is hot,” she moaned. “Mmm, you like it when I do this?”

She ground her clit on mine. Sparks burst from my bud and showered my pussy.

“Fuck, yes!” I moaned. “Dominique, that’s incredible. Oh, wow, I’m going to cum hard.”

“Mmm, then let’s cum together, Aubrey.” She rubbed her clit hard into mine. “Let’s shower each other in cunt cream. Just bathe the other in pussy juices. How does that sound?”

My fingers dug into her flexing rump as I moaned, “Fantastic!”

Balanced on a foot each, we tribbed each other. We ground our cunts together, working ourselves closer and closer to that moment of eruption. It was an incredible delight. I shuddered, loving the feel of her pussy on mine.

My orgasms built and built. Her fingers kneaded my rump as we tribbed our twats together. Juices ran down my right thigh. A mix of our passion. The heady aroma of spicy twat and tart snatch filled the air, our aromas mixing.

“God, that is so hot,” moaned Sheila from where she watched with Aliza. “Did we look that hot?”

“I hope so,” Aliza purred. “That handstand was hard to maintain with you eating my cunt that hard.”

“Such a yummy cunt,” cooed the blonde.

I had yet to eat a pussy. I wanted to. This was so hot to rub our pussies together like this. I shuddered, my orgasm building faster and faster. I shuddered, my rump clenching beneath her finger as our clits met over and over again.

Every time they kissed, such delight showered through me. I whimpered, savoring their meeting, my pussy growing warmer and warmer. My juices ran hotter down my thighs. Dominique moaned, her face twisting in delight before my eyes.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned. “Oh, my god, that’s good.”

“My pussy is melting against your cunt!” Dominique moaned. “Just getting hotter and hotter.”

“I know!” I gasped. “It’s amazing. I’m going to melt against you. Oh, that’s so wonderful. I love how our clits kiss!”

“Yes!” she gasped, her pussy smearing on mine. “Ooh, I’m getting so close. I’m almost there.”

I nodded, our nipples brushing. Pleasure burst from my nubs and showered down on my cunt. A rain of rapture that drenched my pussy. I quivered, a storm building and building in me. I would just explode with a howl of ecstasy.

Our clits slid together. Brushed.

The storm crashed through me.

“Dominique!” I howled, my body bucking. My pussy convulsed, juices flooding out to bathe her pussy.

“Yes, yes, Aubrey!” she gasped. “That’s so good. I’m cumming so hard.”

I felt her juices bathing my cunt. Mine bathed hers. We drenched each other as we shuddered through the bliss. Our breasts bounced together. Howling winds of ecstasy blew through my body. My mind quivered as the cyclone of rapture whirled over my thoughts.

We bucked and moaned, grinding our twats together. I struggled to hold my balance as the jolts of rapture struck my mind. I swayed, my pussy rippling with delight, then I crashed to the mats. Dominique landed near me, moaning out her delight.

“Oh, my god,” I whimpered, my body trembling. My toes flexed and curled. “Oh, that was so amazing.”

The cameras stared down at us, capturing the scene. I smiled up at them. This would be such a hit for the school.

* * *


I shuddered as the guys from the AV club watched. Sheila and I were kissing while Aubrey and Jamie made out. The other girls were out of this scene. Coach Jenny moved around us with one camera. Mercedes had the other.

“Holy shit, what are the gymnastic team doing?” asked George. He was a geek with glasses and brown hair.

“Fuck me,” said Kurt. He was tall and had black hair. The other guy that had cum. “They’re naked and making out.”

“We’re having practice,” Aubrey said. The redhead stood up, her round boobs bouncing. She covered her tits with one hand and waved at them to go. “Get out of here. This is private.”

“No boys allowed,” I added, standing up and covering my tits.

“That’s right,” Sheila huffed. She bounded to her feet, her small breasts hardly quivering. She covered her bush. “This is the girls’ gymnastic teams. Run off.”

“Uh-huh,” said George, looking at us. “And what part about getting naked has to do with practicing gymnastics.”

“It...” I faltered.

“It helps us move more freely,” said Aubrey, her cheeks bright red. “Now go!”

“And the kissing?” asked Kurt. He grinned at Aubrey. “Things were getting pretty hot and heavy between you and Jamie.”

“And this place smells like pussy,” said George. He breathed in. “A way better smell than usual, but... Not what you girls are supposed to be doing in here.”

“But it is,” I gasped. “Now go! Get out!”

“I guess if we do go, we’ll have to tell the president about what’s going on,” said George. He gave such a regretful shrug. “He won’t be happy that the gymnastic team is not practicing, but dyking out.”

“Just munching on that hair pie.” Kurt winked at Sheila. “I bet Dominique likes yours.”

“W-what?” Aubrey whimpered.

“Or you can let us help,” George said. He advanced on Sheila and me. “I mean... you two look so wonderful together. I bet you make a great team.” He was already unbuttoning his jeans. “You know, on your knees, sucking my dick.”

“W-what?” I gasped in mock shock. “But we’re not into guys.”

“I’d learn to get into it,” George said, my cunt on fire. God, I was into guys. I hoped George had a big dick. I loved sucking on a White boys’ dick. Made me feel so bad. They deserved to worship me. Reparations or some shit like that. “ON your knees.”

He whipped out his cock and shook it at us. I shuddered at the White boy’s nice dick. Not the biggest, but the nerd had girth and length to him. His balls covered in thick, brown curls. I glanced at Sheila.

“I don’t think we have a choice,” Sheila said. “I don’t know how to suck a dick, but...”

“I think we’ll have to learn,” I told her and fell to my knees. Aubrey and Jamie would take care of Kurt, the cameras moving into film us. “Oh, god, I hope the other lesbians don’t find out about this.”

“It’ll be our secret,” George said, winking down at us. “No one will ever find out.”

This naughty tingle ran through me feeling the cameras recording around us. Everyone at our school would see it. That would be so hot and exciting. I couldn’t wait for my fellow students to wink at me and not suggestively. White boys would all be begging for a chance to get blown by me.

I’d show them how sistahs can love them.

I fell to my knees with Sheila beside me. The White gymnast pressed her cheek into mine as we leaned in. I licked my chops and seized that ivory shaft with my dark fingers. I stroked up and down him as we kissed at the tip.

George grinned down at us, nodding. He was so ready to get blown by a pair of gymnasts. My tongue slid out and licked his crown. Sheila did the same on the other side. We dragged our tongues over the wrinkled texture and met, gathering up his precum.

“Lesbians, huh?” snorted George. “And here you are sucking my dick like pros.”

“It’s such a yummy dick,” cooed Sheila. She licked at the side. “Mmm, just so delicious.”

“Yes, yes, we’re both so thrilled to lick at you.” I fluttered my tongue against his other side. “Maybe we’re not dykes at all.”

“Maybe we just needed a stud to show us his cock.”

George groaned. I could imagine all the guys at home just spanking it to us doing this.

Our tongues bathed the crown of his cock. I licked at him with such delight in my eyes as I peered up at him. I stroked his cock, wanting to give him the royal treatment. I wanted him cumming in my mouth. On my face.

God, we’d have to do the money shot, right?

Sheila sucked his cock into her mouth. I blinked in surprise as the blonde bobbed her head. She worked her mouth up and down his cock with hunger. She bobbed with such hunger. He grinned at her, hunger in his eyes.

“Hey!” I gasped in indignation. “I was going to suck his dick!”

“You can lick my balls,” said George. “Mmm, I bet you secretly want to lick my hairy balls, Dominique.”

I shuddered. He was right. I ducked my head down and nuzzled into his nuts. His curls tickled my lips. I sucked his salty nuts into my mouth. I licked at them, swirling my tongue around his balls. They were full of all his cum.

Sheila suckled with passion. The wet sounds she made echoed around us. I trembled at how naughty it was. How nasty. She nursed on him with such hunger while the cameras pressed in. Coach Jenny came real close to us, capturing me loving the White boy’s balls.

“Goddamn,” he groaned. “You gymnast-sluts are earning my silence. Hot damn, you are. Just keep that up. That’s amazing.”

I groaned, nursing on his balls. My lips massaged his nuts. I felt the little ovals. Flesh and full of his yummy sperm. I suckled on them, loving the salty flavor. A man’s flavor. Eating pussy was fine, but this was what I craved.

And the whole school would know it.

Sheila slurped on his cock. She worshiped him, the lucky slut. I wanted to suckle on him like that. I wanted to make him grunt and groan. That would be so awesome. My tongue danced around his nut, sliding over those curly hairs.

They tickled my lips. My nose.

“Fuck, yes,” he gasped. “Now switch! I want to feel Dominique’s mouth loving my dick.”

I popped my mouth off his balls. “Yes, you do, White boy. I’m gonna love that cock. You’re gonna be firing so much cum into my mouth.”

“No, no, my mouth!” moaned Sheila after she ripped her mouth off his dick. Drool spilled down her chin.

“We’ll figure something out,” groaned George, winking down at us.

I brought my mouth to his cock covered by Sheila’s spit. This was the hottest indirect kiss of all time. I planted my lips right on the tip of his cock. I slid over him, my jaw opening wide to take him in. I loved the texture of his crown. Then his smooth shaft.

My tongue explored around him, playing with his slit. Salty precum spilled over my taste buds. I moaned, my cunt clenching. I wiggled my hips, the ruins of my leotard clinging to my body. My boobs swayed as I savored the moment.

I suckled.

“Damn!” George growled. “Goddamn, that’s good. That mouth. And Sheila... Suck my balls. Just nurse on them.

We pleasured him. Loved him. Worshiped him.

Spittle ran out of the corners of my mouth as I bobbed my head. I made such wet and obscene sounds. I loved the flavor of him. I nursed with passion I suckled on his cock with such joy, my pussy growing hotter and hotter.

I bobbed my mouth and slid my lips up and down his dick. It was amazing to enjoy. My tongue danced around his cock as I did. My breasts swayed. I loved feeling them move as I worshiped his cock. The White boy groaned.

I winked at him. He would spurt so much jizz when he came.

I couldn’t wait.

The flavor of his precum grew and grew. His head threw back. The cameras moved around us as I nursed with sloppy passion. I slid my mouth down his cock until he brushed the back of my throat. Then I worked back up him moaning the entire time.

“Oh, my god,” he groaned. “I’m going to cum.”

“You have to cum in my mouth,” Sheila moaned. She pressed her cheek against mine. “I sucked on you first.”

I kept nursing on them.

“I have an idea!” he groaned and ripped his cock out of my mouth. “It’s... Fuck!”

I could see the glee in the nerd’s eyes as he erupted. His glasses shifted on his nose as his cum fired out at us. I had never had a guy cum on my face before. He splattered us in spunk. It splashed over our features. I shuddered as the cum ran down my face.

It was thick. Creamy.

“Fuck!” he gasped.

“Oh, my god,” Sheila moaned.

“Yes, yes, jizz on us!” I cried.

I groaned, loving the way it spilled over my features. My eyes squeezed shut. The spunk ran hot down my cheeks. He splashed it on my mouth. He grunted and groaned with each spurt. Every blast of his cum painted from my face to Sheila’s or from hers to mine.

He panted as he ran dry, the cameras focused on us. I turned to face my friend. She was drenched in it. I shuddered and then groaned as George peeled off his shirt and sank onto the tumbling mat. His cock thrust out over him.

“You gymnasts are limber,” he growled. “You should have no problem riding me.”

I shot a look at Sheila, cum running down her pale features. Her blue eyes widened. We both wanted his cock.

“It’s mine!” I shouted, springing for his dick.

“No, I want him!” she squealed.

I threw myself across his lap and straddled him. I grabbed his cock. He must have popped a Viagra or was just really turned on, because he was still hard. I impaled my cunt down his dick, taking every last inch of him, his cum running down my face. Drops landed on my breasts, the jizz running over them.

“Ooh, you’re not fair,” Sheila gasped. She planted her furred muff on his face. “I’m going to make you pay!”

“How?” I asked, squeezing my cunt down on his dick.

“By doing this!” Sheila grabbed the back of my head and yanked me to her face. She pressed my lips into her cum-smeared cheeks. “Start licking!”

“Oh, you’re crazy,” I groaned and did just that.

I licked at her. I lapped at her with hunger. My tongue dragged up her cheek, gathering that salty cum. My pussy clenched about George’s cock at the same moment. I slid up him. My pussy clung to his shaft. He groaned as I did that.

“Fuck!” he moaned into Sheila’s cunt.

“That’s right,” Sheila moaned. “Mmm, lick my pussy while she cleans my face!”

“I’ll clean it!” I moaned and slammed my cunt down his dick.

I took his cock to the hilt. My pussy clenched around him, drinking in the friction. I savored how amazing he felt in me. I squeezed about him and slid up his dick. I shuddered, my pussy gripping him. The pleasure rushed through me. I shuddered, savoring his girth.

I slammed back down his dick. I took his cock all the way in me. My pussy clenched about him, savoring that girth. That wonderful thickness massaged my walls and built my pleasure. As I did, I licked at Sheila’s face.

Lapped at her.

I gathered that salty cum.

I licked up the spunk on her. I dragged my tongue up her over and over again. The salty spunk melted across my taste buds. I traced the lines of cum to her forehead. I licked it off the bridge of her nose. Her chin. I followed that cum everywhere.

I loved it.

“Oh, god, this is so hot,” I moaned.

“It fucking is,” growled George into Sheila’s pussy.

“Mmm, that’s so hot,” gasped my friend. “Lick my cunt!”

My pussy squeezed about George’s cock as I worked up and down him. I slammed my shaved twat into his pubic hair. His curls tickled my cuntlips and my clit. Pleasure rippled through me. Then I rose up him, loving the feel of his girth.

It was such a thrill. A rush. My face contorted with my delight. I shuddered, riding him faster and faster. The pleasure built and built in him as my tongue licked up to my friend’s lips. I kissed her and shoved his cum into her mouth.

She moaned.

Our lips worked together. Tongues caressed.

It was so wild. I made out with my fellow gymnast as I worked my pussy up and down that thick shaft. I hurtled towards my orgasm. I would have such a big one. My cunt would work out all that cum that was in his nuts.

I rose towards my orgasm. I came closer and closer. My pussy drank in the friction of him. My boobs bounced as I kissed Sheila. Our tongues danced together, sharing that spunk. She tasted so good. Felt so good.

“Fuck, yes!” Aubrey moaned nearby. She had her face in Jamie’s cunt while Kurt fucked her from behind.

“Ooh, eat my pussy, Aubrey!” squealed Jamie. “You’re such a good cunt muncher!”

Sheila broke our kiss. “And she has such a yummy pussy.”

I grinned at her, slamming my cunt down George’s cock. “How’s the nerd doing?”

“Ooh, he is tonguing my pussy,” gasped Sheila. “I’ll be drenching his face in no time. Just gushing my juices.”

“Yum!” groaned George.

I smiled, hoping Sheila had a cum as big as mine. A huge one brewed in me. My cunt drank in the friction of his thick dick. I worked up and down his girth, hurtling towards that orgasm. My clit burst with sparks every time I bottomed out on him.

My pussy swelled with the pressure of my climax. I arched my back, cum running down my face. I licked up what reached my lips. My boobs bounced. Sheila squirmed before me, her cute face brimming with delight.

“Oh, my god,” Sheila moaned, throwing back her head. Her small breasts jiggled. “That’s... I... Yes!”

She bucked, cumming on his face. She flooded him with her pussy juices. I shuddered at that, my pussy sliding up his dick. His thick shaft stimulated me. I reached the pinnacle, my orgasms about to burst through me.

I slammed my cunt down his cock and came.

My pussy convulsed around his dick. My cunt rippled and writhed, sucking at his cock. The pleasure rushed through me. I threw back my head. Stars danced before my eyes. I shuddered, my head tossing from side to side. The pleasure rushed through me and spilled over my mind.

“Oh, my fucking god!” I gasped, bucking on him. “I’m cumming on a dick!”

“It’s so amazing!” squealed Sheila. “I love cocks and boys!”

“Me, too!” Aubrey moaned from the other threesome, getting fucked from behind by Kurt.

My boobs heaved as I rippled through my orgasm. George groaned, his cock throbbing in my cunt. Stars burst across my vision. I wanted him to cum in me, but we were shooting a porno. I gasped and ripped my cunt off his dick.

I grabbed him, aimed him at my tits, and stroked his juicy dick.

“Fuck!” he growled, Coach Jenny aiming the camera at the action.

Cum splashed onto my tits. He fired over and over, bathing my ebony boobs in his pearly spunk. I savored the feel of his hot jizz splashing on my body. He grunted as he fired the last blast of his seed on me.

I arched my back, my tits rising and falling. The cum spilled hot over my flesh. Sheila leaned over and licked it up. Her tongue slid over my boob and caressed up that naughty jizz. I shuddered, a big smile spreading on my lips.

“I am so glad that we decided to do naked gymnastics,” I moaned.

“Mmm, me, too,” Sheila moaned.

She licked cum off my nipple, held it on her tongue, and kissed me. She shoved the tongue into my mouth. I closed my eyes and savored that passion. In the background, Aubrey moaned louder and louder, rising towards her climax.

Coach Jenny went to film their finish. I stood up, breaking the kiss with Sheila. I shuddered, watching Aubrey feasting on Jamie’s cunt. Jamie squealed, gushing her pussy cream into Aubrey’s face. Then the redhead herself was moaning.

“God, that’s hot,” Sheila said, a big smile on her face.

Kurt ripped out of Aubrey’s pussy. The two girls turned to face him. He came all over them. Kurt grunted as they thrust out their tongues like the good little sluts. I grinned at the sight. With a final grunt, the nerd finished jizzing on their faces.

“And that’s a wrap,” George said. “Great job, girls. This is going to be a bestseller.”

The six of us rushed together and hugged, our naked bodies bouncing up and down. Making a porno was one of the hottest things we had ever done together. I was so thrilled that we had done something so wild. That we had pulled it off.

“I can’t wait to make Flexible Sluts 2,” Aliza said. “Next time, I’m getting in on the threesome action.”

“We totally have to do a gangbang next time,” said Sheila. “Get the football team in to fuck us.”

“Yeah. Maybe Bjorn, if he’s not too busy fucking his sisters.”

“Ooh, they had their babies last week,” Aubrey said. “Daughters.”

“Hot.” I smiled. This was a wonderful day. I was glad we made a porno. “Well, fun’s over. We have finals to practice for. Back to hard work.”

* * *

“Holy shit,” Clara said as she watched the porno. It was two weeks later, and it was out.

Flexible Sluts 1 was out. There they were. Aubrey, Sheila, Aliza, Dominique, Jamie, and Mercedes. They were doing such naughty things with each other. Eating pussy. Getting wild. Some guys started fucking them. Clara shook her head in shock.

Did I really make this happen? She swallowed. Do my tweets really change reality?

A surge shot through her. Just this morning, her mother had yelled at her for spending all her time shut up in her room. “You’re an adult, Clara. I’m not going to put up with this for much longer. Go back to school or move out!”

A shiver ran through Clara. She had to test it.

My mother is secretly a closeted dyke-whore and a pee-slut that wants to drink my urine and make me cum over and over again as she obeys my every command! #lezziemommy #pissdrinkingwhore #mommyslave

She typed it out but froze at hitting send. If her powers were real, she was about to transform her mother into something else. Could she do it? She swallowed and headed for the door. She would give her mother once more chance.

Then she would pull the trigger and hit the tweet.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...