The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter Twenty: Mommy Becomes a Piss Whore


I stared at the tweet. It was the boldest one I had ever even thought of typing. It would be insane for me to tweet this. It would mean that my tweets were real. That I was creating these deviant and humiliating acts and not just starting rumors about them.

Girls were getting fucked and bred and pissed on because of my tweets. Mine!

Had I gone mad staying in my room for all these months? A shut-in afraid of the bullying. Had my mind slipped? Tweets did not change reality. That was something a crazy person would believe. I wasn’t crazy, was I?

No, no. I was sane. SANE!

I read the tweet again and again.

My mother is secretly a closeted dyke-whore and a pee-slut that wants to drink my urine and make me cum over and over again as she obeys my every command! #lezziemommy #pissdrinkingwhore #mommyslave

The test with the gymnasts making porn seemed to prove I could change reality. Mind control people into doing whatever I sent out on Twitter. Proving that it was the cesspool of the internet. The vilest social media sight of them all. It caused so much harm. I was proof of it.

In my sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt, I emerged from my bedroom. And not to make the quick dash to use the bathroom while hoping my mother wouldn’t yell at me about staying indoors. I was going downstairs. I would... I would...

Stare in her eyes and send the tweet. I would find out once and for all if this was true.

I had gone two steps when my little sister’s door opened. Nelly popped out, her blonde hair swaying about her face. A look of disgust crossed the eighteen-year-old girl’s face. When we were younger, she used to look up to me. Idolize me. Now she despised me.

“Holy shit,” she sneered. Her nose wrinkled. “The Clara-bear emerges from hibernation. What are you up to creeping out of the den?”

I glared at her and darted for the stairs.

“God, you’re scared of your little sister!” she jeered. “That’s sad.”

I just couldn’t stand her looks. It was like those disgusted looks I got from school. I was a mousy girl. Not ugly, but plain. Quiet. I liked to read books, but they picked on me. All my life, they bullied me. I thought college would be different.

It wasn’t.

I almost fell hurtling down the stairs. I reached the first floor and sucked in breaths. I heard Mom in the kitchen. I trembled. I didn’t want to face her. She would be disappointed in me, too. She would sneer at me. Look down on me. She was so pissed at me.

Oh, yes, she was understanding. At first. But now...

I glanced at the tweet. If this worked...

I marched into the kitchen to find out if I had powers or not. The moment I entered, Mom turned her head. The smile on her lips died at the sight of me. She stopped scrubbing the sink to turn around and face me directly. Her brown hair fell around her face. It was a more lustrous shade than my dull locks. Her big boobs, which I envied so much since I still had A-cups, swelled in her blouse as she folded her arms beneath them.

“We have to talk, Clara,” she said, her words flat.

I swallowed and shivered. I should just hit the tweet. Find out. If it worked, I wouldn’t have to have this conversation. She had been trying for weeks now.

“It’s time you went back to college,” Mom said, her words hard. “Or move out.”

I flinched from the words. Move out? Go out into that cruel world. I trembled, the tears stinging my eyes. I expected her to tell me to go to college. I didn’t think she would kick me out of the house.

“It’s been nearly a full school year that you’ve been trapped in there.” Her nostrils flared. “You hardly come out except to use the restroom. So... I won’t bring you any more food. No more doing your laundry. You have a month to find a new place to live or to re-enroll for next fall.”

I trembled. I was so scared. This was my worst nightmares. I glanced down at the prone.

“That won’t save you!” Mom hissed. “I mean it. I am—”

I hit tweet.

My mother is secretly a closeted dyke-whore and a pee-slut that wants to drink my urine and make me cum over and over again as she obeys my every command! #lezziemommy #pissdrinkingwhore #mommyslave

“—such a closet dyke-whore pee-slut!” Mom finished. Her entire demeanor had changed in an eye blink. She wasn’t angry at me. She didn’t have her arms folded across her chest. She wasn’t even dressed the same. She wore... a thin bathrobe of sheer silk. Her nipples poked at the material, these dark shadows that sent this wave of heat through me.

“I just can’t hide it from you any longer, Clara,” Mom moaned, her voice throaty. “I can’t hide it. I want to drink your piss and make you cum and cum and cum!”

She ripped open her robes. I goggled at the sight of her big breasts heaving. They smacked together. She had a brown bush dripping with her excitement. I took a step back in shock even as the heat rippled through me.

“It worked,” I groaned, glancing at my phone. Already, the responses were coming in. Likes, retweets, and comments. People loved it.

“Make your mom drink your piss!”

“So fucking hot!”

“You rock, @realtweet!”

“I’ll be your piss slut, too!”

“Take a vid! Let’s see your whore-mother drinking your piss!”

“Wish my mother drank my piss and sucked my dick!”

“Holy shit,” I groaned as Mom fell to her knees. Her big boobs bounced. I wasn’t really gay, but...

It wasn’t that she was a woman, it was that she was under my power. That I could do whatever I wanted to her. My pussy clenched. The heat washed out of my cunt and rippled through my body. She looked up at me with such lust in her eyes.

“I am your lezzie mommy!” she moaned. “Your mommy slave. You can do whatever you want to me! Piss in my face. In my cunt! Use me, Mistress Clara!”

“Rip down my sweatpants and panties,” I moaned, feeling the urge to piss building in me. “Press your face in my cunt, Mom! No, Mommy! My mommy-whore. You’re my slut, now do what I say!”

“Yes, Mistress Clara!” Mommy groaned. She shot her hands out and grabbed the waistband of my sweatpants. She yanked them down my legs. I shuddered as she left me in my cheap panties from Walmart. I ripped off my shirt. I didn’t wear a bra.

Why bother when my tits were so small?

Mom hooked my panties and dragged them down my body next. I shuddered as she did it. A wave of heat rushed through me as she pulled my panties off my hips. A wave of heat rushed through me. I quivered, my cunt clenching. This was so hot. My heart fluttered faster and faster. She groaned at the sight of my brown bush.

“Such a yummy pussy,” she moaned and leaned in.

My mother’s brown hair rubbed against the inside of my thighs as she dragged my panties down past her knees. My eyes widened. I still couldn’t believe this was happening. That it was real, but there was my mother nuzzling her lips into my bush.

The curls rustled then her mouth pressed against my pussy lips. Another person touched me. A wave of heat rushed through me. I felt dizzy. My heart pounded as the woman then licked at me. Her tongue licked at me for a moment.

Then she moaned, “Piss in my mouth, Clara! Use your lezzie-mommy-whore as your personal toilet! I want to drink your urine!”

“God, yes,” I moaned as her lips sealed around my pussy. She suckled.

I shuddered at the sensation. I relaxed my bladder and let it flow. My piss gushed out into my mother’s mouth. I trembled at that stream of hot piss pouring into my mother’s mouth. I shuddered, my body quivering as my urine splashed against the back of her throat.

I could hear the noise. I shuddered at how wild that was. How naughty. Depraved.

Mom moaned as she gulped down my piss. She swallowed it. She drank it down like it was ambrosia, just slurping down the passion. My face contorted with the delight. I grabbed fistfuls of her brown hair and whimpered.

“Yes, yes, drink my pee!” I gasped. “Such a slutty mommy!”

“What?” gasped Nelly. She burst into the scene of our naked mother drinking my piss. “Holy shit, she is a pee slut. Just like it says on Twitter.”

“Yes, she is,” I moaned, savoring the thrill of dumping my piss into our mother’s mouth. “She loves it! Oh, my god, she loves it!”

I trembled, Nelly watching as our mother drank down my urine. Mom gulped it down as she nursed at my urethra. She moaned as she did, loving it. That was so fucked up. I loved it. My toes curled as my mother learned her lesson. She didn’t get to kick me out.

“You’re my lezzie-slut, aren’t you, Mommy?” I howled as I trembled through the thrill of the power I wielded. I could make anyone do anything.

“I am,” she moaned and licked at my pussy.

She lapped at me with hunger. I shuddered, her tongue stroking through my pussy lips. I had never felt anything like this. My own masturbation paled. I trembled as she brushed my clit. Sparks flared. I gasped, my small boobs jiggling.

My blonde little sister watched on in fascination. She squirmed there, her phone in her hand. She then took a picture of it and posted it to Twitter. My own phone dinged with a notification. She had replied with that picture to me.

“God, this is so hot,” my sister moaned. “You really do uncover all that kinky shit at your school. Then you found out what Mom was. How do you do it?”

“I’m amazing,” I groaned. “Right, Mommy?”

“So amazing, Mistress Clara!” She licked my cunt again. “Your pee is so nasty and your pussy is so yummy. Oh, I am in heaven. Mommy-slut heaven!”

She jammed her tongue deep into me. She swirled about my in cunt. I gasped as she did that. My head threw back, savoring the way her tongue danced around in my snatch. She stirred up my cunt. I love it. My face contorted with delight. I would have such a huge orgasm.

God, I would cum on my mother’s face and drown her in the pussy cream gushing out of me. I trembled, loving that revelation. I wanted her to drink every drop of my juices that I had. My back arched as her tongue feasted on me.

My sister watched on in awe. She wasn’t disgusted with me any longer. Oh, no, she saw that I was a girl who took charge of over mother. I made that bitch into a whore. My personal pee-slut. I shuddered, wishing I had to piss again.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I moaned, my pussy clenching around her tongue. “This is so hot.”

Mother moaned into my cunt, unable to speak as her tongue was too busy lapping at my folds.

“Yes, yes, you’re going to make me cum, Mommy!”

“Make her cum!” Nelly purred.

This was good, but I needed more. I grabbed my phone off the counter. It was time for my sister’s secret to come out. I smiled as I typed. My sister gave me a curious look while Mom’s tongue plundered my cunt.

My little sister is my ass-licking sex-slave who savors rimming my dirty butthole! She wants the world to know and tattooed Clara’s Property on her lower back. #asslover #analrimmingsis #sisterslave

I hit send. My sister’s phone chirped. She gasped as she read the message, her hazel eyes bulging. “How did you know?” She turned and lifted the back of her shirt. “I just got it two days ago.”

There it was. Clara’s Property tattooed in cursive above her ass. She whirled back around and darted past me. She fell to her knees behind me and parted my butt-cheeks. She groaned at the sight of my asshole. She sniffed.

“Oh, god, I have wanted to lick this asshole for so long,” she moaned. “I want to worship your asshole, Clara. I want to love my big sis!”

She buried her face between my butt-cheeks and licked at my naughty backdoor. I gasped at how dirty that was. How filthy that made my little sister for doing that. Her tongue danced over my sphincter, the heat melting down to my cunt.

Mom licked and lapped at my pussy with hunger. She danced her tongue around in me. I groaned, my face twisting in delight as they both pleasured my holes. My butt-cheeks clenched about my little sister’s face.

This was amazing. Outstanding I loved every moment of what they did to me. I shuddered, my features twisting with the delight of their passion. They danced their tongue around my holes. My little sister drilled her tongue against my anal ring while Mom flicked my clit.

“Oh, my god,” I gasped as my sister’s tongue popped into my bowels. “You’re a nasty butt-lover, Nelly!”

She moaned and danced her tongue around in my asshole. She stroked my velvety flesh. The pleasure melted to my cunt being so thoroughly pleased by my mother’s tongue. She caressed my clit, driving me wild.

I gripped my phone. It held such power. I could do anything with it. A huge smile spread on my lips as my mother and sister brought me closer and closer to cumming. Their tongues caressed my holes. Mom suckled on my clit. Nelly fucked her tongue in and out of my bowels.

Came closer and closer to cumming. I squeezed my eyes shut as the pressure built in my cunt. I shuddered. My sister’s tongue swirled about in my bowels. Mom nibbled on my clit with her naughty lips. I groaned, my toes curling.

“You two fucking sluts!” I gasped. “You fucking whores are going to make me cum. Yes, yes, keep it up!”

“Just want to eat your asshole!” my sister moaned. “Such an anal lover!”

She plunged her tongue deep into my bowels. She swirled it around in me. I groaned, my face twisting in pleasure.

“You’re amazing, Mistress Clara.” Mom nibbled on my clit. “I want to be your pee-slut mommy-slave forever!”

“Yes!” I gasped and came.

My pussy convulsed. Juices gushed out and poured into my mother’s mouth. I trembled, my boobs quivering. My asshole writhed around my sister’s tongue. She swirled it about in me. I groaned, waves of delight washed through my body, flooding out of my cunt.

I bucked and groaned, smearing my twat on my mother’s lips. Her tongue lapped up my pussy cream. She drank down all that delight as I shuddered through my bliss. It was fantastic. Stars danced before my eyes.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned, shuddering with the delight of my orgasm. “You fucking sluts are mine! All fucking mine!”

“Yes, Mistress Clara!” moaned Mom as she nuzzled into my pussy.

“Yours, yours, yours,” Nelly groaned. “My big sis is so fucking awesome.” She licked my asshole.

I wondered what else I could do with my phone. “Stop licking me,” I said, thinking. I gave my sister a tattoo and Mom changed clothes. “I bet I could.”

“Could, what, Mistress?” Mom moaned, lifting her face from my pussy. She had cream and piss on her lips and chin.

“This,” I groaned and typed fast. The moment I had it ready, I hit send.

I have big boobs, a perfect face, a supermodel figure. A perfect ten. #Claraisahottie #PerfectBabe

I shuddered as my big boobs jiggled before me. I gasped at the sight of them. I turned and whirled, running past my kneeling sister. My new breasts bounced before me while my hair whipped behind me. I burst into the first-floor bathroom and stared at the mirror.

I gasped. I hardly recognized myself. My face was flawless. No acne. No blemishes. My skin wasn’t sallow but flushed and full of life. There were subtle differences between my lips, my nose, and cheekbones. My hair was a lustrous brown, a rich hue instead of so dull and drab.

My tits were big and round. My nipples fat and hard. I stared at myself, awe falling over me. I looked at my stomach. Flat. My hips curving. I turned and gasped at the perky ass I had. I was hot. I could be a supermodel.

“I know you’re hot, big sis,” Nelly said, leaning in the doorway. She still was dressed in her shorts and tank top, her breasts as small as mine used to be. “But do you have to brag about it on Twitter?”

“I do,” I said then held up my phone. I snapped a selfie of myself and put it out there. “Every guy is going to want me.”

“Of course they do,” my sister moaned. “That ass... God, can I lick that ass some more? Please!”

“Get naked,” I said. Mom was behind her, those big boobs of her nice, but sagging with her age. I had to make them perfect. They were my sex slaves. I wanted them to be as hot as possible.

My sister popped off her tank top. Her little mosquito bites appeared, barely budding tits. Her nipples small and pink. She unsnapped her shorts and slid off her shorts and panties in one go, wiggling her rump at Mom.

Mom stared at her youngest daughter’s rump and shuddered. She bit her lower lip. She had become a dyke who just wanted to lick every bit of twat she could, not just mine. That was so hot. I had changed her forever.

I typed my next tweet, smiling at them. My boobs jiggled with my slightest movement. I hit send.

My mommy and sister are perfect tens with huge tits and do whatever I command. They both have huge sex toy collections so that I can fuck them. #familyslaves #clarascunts #ClaraInCharge

I shuddered as their bodies changed in the blink of an eye. It was like Mom always had those huge knockers. They were J-cups or large, and so fucking perfect. Plump and soft, swaying as she moved. My petite sister looked even hotter with her new tits. They were F-cups now. Big and round, larger than my new boobs. Their faces changed, especially Mom’s. No more crow’s feet. Her skin had a youthful glow. The extra pounds were gone. The stretchmarks.

“Get a strap-on from your collection, Mommy!” I purred.

“You know about them?” she gasped. “Okay, honey.” She turned, her huge tits heaving, and rushed for the stairs. Her ass was gorgeous. Plump and jiggling as she ran.

“And you, slut,” I purred, “get a paddle from your collection so I can spank your bratty ass!”

“Yes, big sis!” Nelly moaned, her big boobs bouncing with her. She spun and darted away, that tramp stamp still there. Clara’s Property. God, this was so hot. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have this power.

Why? How? Did it matter?

I had been unknowingly using it for months. Just unleashing it on my college. I made girls be camwhores, had a security guard cum on girls’ faces for wearing too much makeup, made Mrs. Daniels into a whore for her male students, and the purity club into anal sluts. The home ec club was all really bred by the nerds of the chess club. Pete had knocked up the cheerleaders and Bjorn was really fucking his little sisters and knocking them up.

I was a Goddess. I had such power to reshape reality with a single tweet.

I headed to the dining room table as Nelly ran back in. She held a wooden paddle in her hand, her big boobs bouncing. She stopped before me and thrust that into my hand, her eyes wild with lust for me. She quivered.

“Bend over the table,” I purred and set the paddle on the table.

She did that, presenting that gorgeous rump. I was coming to love the sight of a girl’s ass more and more. I loved this power I had. My cunt clenched as Mom came running up, her huge tits bouncing with her every step. She held a thick, flesh dildo in her hand.

“Put it on me,” I purred. “Make sure it’s perfect. I am going to fuck you so hard with it.”

“Yes, Mistress,” she moaned and fell to her knees. Her big boobs smacked together. I loved the sight of those tits swaying together. Her nipples thrust fat and hard from her tits.

She held out the harness. I stepped into the rubber. She dragged it up my legs. I quivered, my cunt clenching. This was it. She worked the straps higher and higher. She slid it over my rump. They stretched around my waist while the base of the dildo rubbed into my pussy.

Into my clit.

I gasped at that. It felt so nice on me. I shuddered as Mom stood back up. She licked her lips, this look of delight on her. She wanted me to fuck her hard. I could tell she couldn’t wait for me to fuck her hard with my big dildo.

“Pick up the paddle and spank your daughter for being a bratty bitch!” I hissed. My sister might worship me now, but I had been enduring her snide comments and insults for months now. “Punish that little whore for being a cunt to me!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Nelly moaned. “I was so bad. I couldn’t help myself. It scared me how much I wanted to lick your asshole like a dirty anal-slut, big sis. I’m so, so, so sorry.”

Mom picked up the paddle as I moved up behind her. I was a few inches taller, which worked out perfectly. I pressed the dildo up between her thighs and found her cunt. I rubbed my dildo back and forth through her pussy folds until I found the entrance.

I thrust into my mother. I gasped at the pressure on my clit while she moaned. This was wild. My face contorted from the delight. I went deeper and deeper into her cunt while I hugged her from behind. I grabbed her big boobs, my plump tits rubbing into her back. I squeezed her big jugs.

“Spank her fucking ass!” I moaned, savoring the pressure on my clit. It went away when I bottomed out. I had to keep fucking her to feel that delight.

As Mom drew back the paddle, I drew back the dildo. I thrust into her cunt. I buried in deep as Mom swung her paddle. It cracked into my sister’s rump with a loud crack that echoed through the dining room. My pussy clenched with the delight of it.

My sister squealed in pain.

I gripped Mom’s tits as I pumped away at her pussy. I owned her cunt now. I could ravish her whenever I wanted. I never would have to piss in a toilet again so long as Mom was around. I shuddered at the thrill of that.

She had wanted to kick me out, and now she would be devoted to taking care of me.


The paddle struck again. That stinging slap echoed through the dining room. My sister threw back her head and squealed in pain. I loved the sound as I thrust away into my mother’s cunt. I fucked her hard and fast. I buried into her cunt again and again, my clit drinking in the pressure of the dildo.

My nipples rubbed into her back. They were so sensitive. I groaned, loving the feel of her silky skin while my fingers dug into her big boobs. I loved their weight and their softness. I jiggled them as I pumped away at her cunt.


“Oh, my fucking god!” screamed my sister. “That hurt! Oh, oh, that hurt!”

“Good!” I moaned, slamming my dildo into Mom’s pussy. My clit burst with delight. “Spank her again, Mom! Paddle her ass red!”

“Yes, Mistress Clara!” Mom moaned and raised the paddle.

It swished through the air. I watched it. My sister was to my mother’s right, giving me the perfect view of that wood plane slamming into her rump.


Her butt-cheeks rippled from the impact in such a sexy way. My cunt clenched, the heat rushing through my body. This was so intense. So wild and wonderful to hear. To witness her asscheeks glowing from the impact.

Nelly tossed her head, her blonde hair flying. I caught a glimpse of tears streaming down her cheeks. She trembled there as I pounded our mother’s slutty cunt. I buried in deep and hard as Mom drew back the paddle again.

“That’s it,” I moaned. “Yes, yes, just spank that ass, slut!”

“Yes, Mistress Clara!” Mom moaned. She bent over, planting her left hand on the table while her plump butt rubbed into my crotch. “Oh, I hope fucking my whore-cunt is making your pussy feel so good, Mistress Clara!”


“SHIIIIT!” squealed my sister, her head tossing. Her reddened butt-cheeks clenched together.

“Oh, my pussy feels fucking amazing, Mommy,” I cooed. “And are you going to cum like the lezzie-slut you are? Huh? Is my big girl-dick going to churn up your dirty cunt until you cum?”

“Yes, Mistress!” she moaned and drew back the paddle. “I’m going to cum so hard on your dildo!”


My sister’s body bucked. She looked so cute shuddering through the pain. Her ass had such a cherry hue to it. I slammed hard into my mother’s cunt. I fucked her with such passion, my orgasm building faster and faster.


My clit throbbed and ached, drinking in that wonderful delight of her slamming into her.


My pussy clenched, the heat rippling through me while my sister squealed out in pain.


She wailed out her pain. She had been such a cunt to me. Such a fucking whore. I slammed hard into my mother’s cunt. I gripped her huge tits as I pounded her. The paddle raised again, my body trembling, on the verge of my pleasure.


“Fuck, yes!” I howled as I thrust into my mother again. My pussy convulsed. Juices gushed out of my cunt and soaked my bush. Waves of rapture washed through me. “You were such a cunt to me, Nelly. No more. You’re my butt-licking slave-sister!”

“I am!” she sobbed, trembling. “I am your butt-licking slave, big sis! Whatever you want! I want to be dominated and degraded and humiliated for being such a cunt to you!”

“Yes!” I squealed and found my mother’s nipples. I pinched them. Twisted them. I drew back my hips, my pussy spasming through my orgasms. I fucked my mother.

I pounded her cunt as she gasped in the pain of her nipple abuse. Her head tossed, her glossy, brown hair danging. Her plump butt-cheeks quivered as I fucked into her hard and fast. I buried to the hilt in her hard. I plunged into her with all my force.

My clit burst with more pleasure. More orgasms shot through me. I gasped, riding the high of my bliss. My boobs bounced and heaved while pussy cream spilled hot down my thighs. My mind drowned in ecstasy. My thoughts melted.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped. “I keep cumming fucking your whore-cunt, Mommy!” I twisted her nipples hard.

“Good!” she gasped, her head tossing. “Oh, Mistress Clara. Just pound my slutty pussy. Fuck the whole that birthed you with your clit-dick. I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum so fucking hard. I’m your lezzie-mommy slut!”

Her body heaved. My fingernails bit harder into her nipples. I twisted him, loving how she cried out in pleasure and pain as she came. I slammed the dildo into her cunt and hugged her body tight. I shuddered with her through my orgasm.

The pleasure rushed through me. The bliss. The heat. The ecstasy. Pussy cream soaked my thighs. I groaned, the stars shining through my bliss as I hit the peak of my rapture. I loved the bliss. The heat rushed through me. It was amazing.

I panted, my boobs rising and falling against my mother’s back. I let go of her nipple as my thoughts soaked in the euphoria filling my body. Every bit of me tingled from the amazing orgasm I had. They had just flowed from one to the next. It had been amazing.

“Oh, my God,” I groaned. “Yes, yes, that was amazing. How’s the ass, Nelly.”

“It hurts, big sis,” she moaned. “I deserve it for being such a bad slut.”

“Yes, you do,” I purred as I pulled out of my mother’s pussy. I stepped back, my big boobs swaying back and forth. I felt so amazing right now. Just buzzing with rapture. I wanted more. “Slut, kneel on the floor, your face down and ass up. Spread apart those butt-cheeks and let me see your asshole.”

“Yes, big sis!” Nelly slid off the table. Tears gleamed so beautifully on her cheeks. That made my cunt clench seeing the evidence of her pain. She looked so gorgeous crying. My pussy clenched. She knelt and pressed her face to the floor.

Her red ass thrust at me. She winced as she grabbed her butt-cheeks and pried them apart. Her brown asshole appeared. I shuddered at the power I had over her. The thick and flesh like dildo dripped with pussy cream. An idea formed in my mind as stared at the tattoo. Clara’s Property.

I smiled. “Mommy, get your slut ass upstairs, grab another strap-on. One with a dildo sized more appropriately for my wholesome pussy, and get back down here. I want you to don it. I need to be fucked by my mommy-slut.”

“Yes, Mistress Clara!” she squealed in delight and ran past me.

I watched her gorgeous ass shaking. God, she looked so hot now. She vanished out of sight. Her footsteps thundered up the stairs. She ran down the hallway and crashed through her bedroom door. A shiver of heat ran through me.

I had so many wild ideas. Just these naughty plans that percolated through my thoughts. My pussy clenched as Mom threw open the closet door. I heard the clatter of all the toys she must have bought thanks to my tweets. It was so wild how I changed reality.

She hurried back down. I heard her tits smacking together before she burst around the corner with a blue dildo that had a U shape to it. Double-headed. She paused and shoved one end into her cunt, the other end thrusting out from her crotch.

“Is this okay, Mistress Clara?” she asked as she hurried to me, her boobs swaying almost hypnotically.

They were such gorgeous tits.

“Yes, that’s perfect,” I groaned and sank to my knees. I stared at my sister. She whimpered, her fingers dug into her red ass. That must hurt. Fresh tears spilled down her cheek as she looked over her shoulder at me. “And so are you, sister-slut.”

I spat on her asshole.

“Your disgusting and dirty hole is ready to be fucked by my big girl-dick, right?” I asked, placing the dildo between her asscheeks. “You’re just going to be such an anal slut for me, right?”

“Yes, big sis,” she moaned, her face contorting with delight. “I’m so ready to be fucked hard by you. Just pound me. Bury that huge dildo into me again and again.”

I smiled and pressed the juicy tip right against her asshole. I nuzzled into her anal ring. The pressure on my clit increased. It felt amazing. My toes curled as I pushed harder on her. She groaned, her face twisting with the pressure of that huge dildo drilling into her flesh. She groaned and whimpered. Her anal ring stretched wider and wider.

I popped into her bowels. I shuddered as her brown ring swallowed the flesh dildo. She groaned in delight. Her face twisted with pleasure. She groaned as she shuddered there, bent over. I smiled, my big boobs jiggling as I forced the dildo all the way into her asshole.

Mom moved up behind me. She hugged me, her huge tits feeling so wonderfully soft on my back. She thrust the dildo up between my thighs. She massaged me with it. I groaned, my face twisting in delight. She rubbed it back and forth against my pussy lips.

“Fuck my cunt, Mom!” I hissed. “Fuck my pussy with that huge dildo, you fucking dyke!”

“Yes!” she moaned and thrust.

I shuddered at the dildo thrusting into me. It wasn’t as thick as the shaft in my sister’s asshole, but it still felt amazing. I never had more than a finger in there. My pussy stretched around that thick shaft. My back arched, the pleasure rippling through me.

“Oh, my god,” I groaned. “Oh, you fucking whore. Pound me. Fuck me. Make your daughter cum. That’s how disgusting of a mother you are. You fuck your daughter, eat her cunt, and drink her piss. What would the women at church say?”

“They would be so sickened by me,” she moaned. “A filthy dyke who loves her daughter’s pee. I would be so humiliated if they found out!”

I grinned as she pumped away at me. “Oh, they will. They fucking will!”

I shuddered as Mom hammered my cunt with her thick dildo. The hard, plastic shaft felt so wonderful in my pussy. I drew back my hips, matching my mother’s rhythm. Her thrust slammed me back into my sister’s asshole. The base of the dildo ground on my clit and pussy lips.

Nelly gasped as my crotch spanked her ass. I buried into her over and over again, Mom’s thrusts driving me forward. My pussy gripped the fake dick burying into me. That huge shaft felt amazing in me. My face twisted in pleasure as Mom pumped away at me.

“Fucking whore, pound me!” I hissed.

“Yes, Mistress Clara!” Mom moaned.

She grabbed my boobs and massaged my tits. She kneaded my breasts as she hammered my cunt with her thick dildo. I groaned, my hands sliding down my sister’s back. I pumped away at her asshole, my cunt clenching.

The heat built and built in me. I groaned, my boobs jiggling from the force of her thrusts. She churned me up with her hard plunges. I groaned, loving every moment of her fucking me. They were incredible.

“Oh, my fucking god, yes!” I gasped. “You’re fucking me so well, dyke! Mmm, my mommy-dyke knows how to pound my cunt.”

“Yes, yes, fuck her hard, whore!” Nelly hissed. “You’re just a filthy pee-drinking mommy-slut!”

“That’s right!” I moaned, pounding my sister’s asshole. “Isn’t she just filthy?”

“So disgusting!” my sister moaned. “Oh, big sis, you’re churning my asshole up. I’m going to cum so hard on your dildo!”

“Anal whore!” I hissed and scratched at her back, drawing my fingernails up towards her ass. She gasped as I left red lines on her flesh. “You’re my anal-fucking whore, Nelly!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” she howled as I hammered her.

Mom fucked me just as hard, her fingers massaging my breast with such loving care. She nuzzled into my neck and nibbled on my flesh. Her huge tits pillowed into my back as she drove that huge dildo into my cunt over and over again.

My orgasm swelled faster and faster. I groaned, my body on fire. I shuddered, my clit throbbing from the pressure of the dildo. I gripped my sister’s hips as I fucked her asshole. I reamed her bowels. She squealed over and over.

“I want you to cum, Mistress Clara,” Mom moaned, her fingers sliding up and grabbing my nipples. She latched open to them and twisted them.

Not hard. She rolled them between her fingers. I groaned, loving what she did to me.

“That’s it, Mommy!” I groaned as she fucked into me so hard. “Make your daughter cum!”

“Yes, Mistress Clara!” She slammed hard into me and pinched my nipples.

The delight slammed down my pussy. I groaned, on the verge of cumming. My cunt gripped the hard shaft slamming in and out of me. The hard cock that churned me up. I shuddered, my face twisting with delight.

Nelly squealed first. She gasped, her head tossing. I buried into her asshole as she bucked. She came from getting ass-fucked. That was so hot. My pussy burned, melting around my mother’s thrusting dildo as I buried into my sister’s asshole.

“Big sis, you rule!” she moaned as I did that. “Oh, yes, yes, I’m cumming!”

My orgasm exploded in me. My pussy convulsed around the dildo plunging to the hilt in me.

“Fuck, yes, Mommy!” I squealed. I gripped my sister’s hips as I bucked in my mother’s embrace.

She pounded me so hard. She fucked me with such passion. I whimpered, my pussy writhing about that amazing dildo. That hot shaft slammed into me. I groaned as I reveled in the pleasure. My mother fucked me hard and fast as I kept cumming.

“Oh, Mistress Clara!” she moaned, ramming her dildo into my convulsing cunt. “I love being your filthy mommy-slut!”

She bucked against me. All three of us were cumming. All three of us were howling out our pleasure. The rapture rushed through me. It bathed my thoughts in such wondrous delight. I quivered, savoring the passion.

I hit the peak of my orgasm, my body trembling. I had to do such naughty things. I had to show the world what whores my mom and sister were. Everyone had to know about it. A big smile spread on my lips as I quivered in delight.

“Oh, yes, yes,” I groaned. I could feel myself having to piss again. “Get that dildo out of my cunt.”

“Yes, Mistress Clara!” Mom moaned and ripped her dildo out of my cunt.

I pulled mine out of my sister and stood up. I peeled off the dirty strap-on and threw it at my sister. She blinked as she held it. She brought it to her lips and suckled on it, groaning at the sour flavor of her asshole.

“Put it on,” I said and headed to the couch, grabbing my phone on the way. “Mommy-slut, come here. I have to pee again.”

“Oh, yes, Mistress Clara,” she moaned and crawled towards me, her huge tits nearly dragging on the carpet.

I spread my legs wide. She didn’t hesitate to bury her face into my cunt. She licked at my folds again and brushed my urethra. She suckled on that naughty hole, eager for my piss to flood out of her. I aimed my phone at her.

“Mmm, Mommy, what are you doing right now?” I asked, recording her.

On the screen, her eyes flicked up and focused on the camera. “I’m waiting for my daughter to piss in my mouth because I’m a closeted dyke that wants to drink her piss.”

Behind Mom, Nelly pulled on her dildo. It thrust out from her crotch. I smiled as she rushed over and fell to her knees. She knew what to do. She brought it to Mom’s pussy and rammed that dirty shaft right into her cunt.

She fucked Mom hard as Mom suckled on my urethra, waiting for my piss to flow. I smiled, framing the shot to show all the action. I shuddered as Mom slid her tongue through my folds. My toes curled from the bliss.

“I am about to piss in my mother’s cunt,” I purred. “She wants it badly.”

“I do!” Mom moaned.

“She’s such a pee slut!” Nelly purred as she fucked Mom, her boobs heaving.

I relaxed.

My urine streamed out of my bladder.

I groaned and arched my back. The naughty sound of liquid splashing into my mother’s mouth filled the air. She groaned and gulped it down. She drank my pee again as I recorded it. My body trembled. My toes curled. My boobs jiggled.

“God, she’s drinking my urine right now,” I moaned, savoring the flow of piss squirting into my mother’s mouth. “That’s how much of a whore she is.”


My sister spanked Mom’s ass. “A dirty, fucking mommy-slut!”

I winked at Nelly and shuddered as my urine flow petered out. It didn’t last long, but it was more than enough to enjoy her drinking the dirty liquid. She gulped it down then lifted her head from my pussy and thrust out her tongue.

“AAAAHHHH!” she groaned, her uvula dancing at the back of her throat. “All gone. I didn’t waste a drop of my daughter’s pee. And now I’m going to eat her pussy and make her cum like a good mommy-slut!”

She buried her face back into my pussy and licked at it. I shuddered. She moaned, taking that dirty dildo in her cunt. Nelly pounded Mom hard, making her butt-cheeks jiggle with the impact. Mom moaned into my cunt, her tongue dancing over my folds.

She licked and lapped at me with such hunger. She feasted on me. My face twisted in delight. I groaned with everything she did to me. I groaned and quivered, my back aching into the couch. I fought to hold the camera steady and capture the fun.

Mom’s tongue thrust into my cunt and swirled around.

“Fuck, my mommy’s got her tongue so deep in my cunt!” I moaned.

“Such a yummy cunt!” she moaned.

“Make me cum!” I hissed.

She licked and lapped at my folds. She brushed my clit. My bud burst with delight. She swirled around my naughty hole while licking me. It was so hot having a slut-mother. To have the power of my tweets.

I could do anything. It was almost beyond my imagination what I should do with it.

I shuddered, humping against her mouth. My boobs bounced as the dyke-whore ate me out. My mother fasted on my taboo cunt without reservation. She licked every bit of me. Stroked my folds. My clit. She swirled around in my sheath.

“I’m going to cum fucking your whore-cunt, Mommy!” Nelly hissed.

“Yes, yes, explode fucking her!” I groaned. “I’m so close. Oh, my god, I’m so close to cumming on my mother’s lips.”

“Please, please, cum on my face, Mistress Clara!” Mom whimpered. “I want to drink all your incestuous juices!”

“Fuck!” I groaned at her words.

I was getting closer and closer. Her tongue swept circles around my clit. I stared into her eyes as she devoured me. She feasted on me with such hunger as Nelly pounded her cunt. My sister thrust away with a powerful thrust, her crotch smacking into Mom’s rump.

Mom moaned into my cunt as she feasted on me.

I held my phone as my mother suckled on my clit. My pussy clenched. I gasped and threw back my head. My cunt convulsed with rapture. Juices gushed out and bathed my whore-mother’s face. She gulped it down

“My dirty mother is drinking my pussy cream now!” I moaned. “Oh, god, she is.”

“Fuck, yes!” Nelly moaned, her big boobs bouncing as she fucked Mom’s cunt hard.

“Oh, yes, yes, I am such a dirty, filthy mommy!” squealed Mom into my pussy. “I’m cumming from loving my daughters!”

“Yes!” Nelly gasped and buried into Mom’s pussy. “So am I. Fuck, fuck, I love cumming!”

It was so hot having the three of us cum. I trembled on the couch, Mom licking at my pussy folds as the pleasure rushed through my body. The ecstasy drowned my thoughts. My face twisted from the delight rushing through me. It was incredible.

“Oh, god, yes,” I moaned, my big boobs jiggling. “I love this power. I fucking love it!”

My mom thrust her tongue into my cunt. She swirled around as my orgasm drowned my mind in ecstasy. I quivered there, hitting the wondrous peak of delight. My eyes fluttered as I reveled in the power I had over everyone.

Mom lifted her face from my cunt. I captured her lips dripping in my pussy cream. Grinning, I ended the recording then uploaded it to Twitter.

My whore-mother and anal-loving sister fucking for my pleasure! #PissWhoreMommy #AnalSlaveSister #ObedientDykeSluts

I posted it to Twitter then groaned. I had such power. But what to do with it. I quivered as Mom danced her tongue around in my cunt. Then a big smile spread on my lips. I had the perfect idea of what to do next.

Anything I tweet comes true. Suggestions? #ClaraInCharge

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...