The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter Twenty-One: Mall Bitches Turned Bred Slut

Clara desired to play with her powers even more. After making herself into a perfect woman, she wasn’t afraid to leave her house. She had nothing to fear from the world. Not so long as she had her phone. A simple tweet and things would change.

Am I god? Clara wondered. She certainly was playing the role, rewriting the world as she saw fit. She had her mommy-slut drive her. Rewritten into being a piss-drinking, incest-loving dyke, Clara’s mother would do anything Clara wanted, such as go around naked and leashed.

When Clara reached the mall, no one cared that her mother was a naked whore. They glanced at her, men certainly lusted for her, but it was normal. Clara’s tweets had rewritten the world. Her perverse mind quivered in delight.

She wasn’t sure what she was doing at the mall. It was a whim she followed. She thought about shopping, but she could have anything she needed. She was here for something else. Something that would be grand. Ideas flitted in her head. Maybe she would make every woman who entered the mall crawl on their hands and knees begging guys to fuck them. Husbands would sell their wives cunts so they could earn the money to buy that new purse or pair of shoes.

“God, what the fuck are you doing here, Frank?” a shrill voice hissed. “Are you perving on the lingerie models? Is that it!”

Clara’s head snapped around. Before Secret Delights, the local lingerie store, there were two blonde girls both in the trendiest of outfits. Tight skirts and crop tops that hugged their breasts. One had big tits and short, blonde hair, a pixyish bob. The other, the one berating the nerdy guy, had a bubbly butt and perky tits that bounced as she faced him.

With her peroxide hair, she looked like a living barbie doll.

“You little worm!” continued the bitch. “You just wanted to peep on us buying bras and panties. You followed us, you fucking slug!”

“N-no, Veronika,” he gasped, waving his hands in protest. “I was just going to—”

“God, he was at the comic book store,” the one with the short bob of hair said. “Buying some busty superheroine wearing practically nothing so that you can pretend she will save your pathetic life!” She ripped the bag from him and threw it to the ground then spat on it.

“Paris!” the nerd gasped. “They’re not that—”

“Probably has crusty underwear from jacking into it all the time to lingerie mannequins,” busty Paris said, shaking her head. She stamped on the bag now.

Clara’s fingers were already at work, typing as fast as she could now that she knew all three of their names. The brats were about to pay. She smiled as she hit send. Her hundreds of thousands of followers all got the notification.

The fun was about to begin.

“Frank is a nerd with a huge cock that sluts like Veronika and Paris just want to suck in the middle of the mall! #bigdickhoes #brat2slut #nerdlovers

* * *


“You’re just a filthy nerd who can’t be here because—” I shouted at the disgusting pig before me as my phone chirped. “Because you have a big dick that deserves to be sucked.”

“What?” Frank gasped as I fell to my knees.

“Nerds always have the biggest dicks for hoes like us,” Paris moaned as she dropped to her knees beside me, her tits bouncing in her top.

My hands shot out and fumbled at the fastener of his jeans. I had to get it out right here. “God, I love hung nerds. I’m such a slut for them.”

“Veronika?” Frank asked, pushing up his glasses. God, he was cute, and that huge dick bulging in his jeans just begged to be worshiped.

“Mmm, you’ve been holding out on us, big boy,” I moaned as I ripped open his fly. His cock bulged his boxers. That big and throbbing cock looked so yummy. “You know you want me to suck that big dick of yours. I bet it’s just aching after visiting the comic book shop.”

“You don’t have to dream of busty superheroines fucking your cock,” Paris groaned as I ripped down Frank’s boxers. “I’m a big titty slut who wants to love your nerdy dick!”

Said nerdy dick popped out. He packed a monster. A foot of thick cherry cock for us to love. I knew he was a virgin. Girls looked down on nerds. They didn’t know the joys of loving them. They were all cunts who bullied them.

My fingers had trouble wrapping all around this big dick. I licked at the left side of his dick while Paris took the right. My pussy clenched and my nipples throbbed atop my perky breasts. I wasn’t wearing a bra, so they were jiggling as I dragged my tongue up his cock. I reached the tip and flicked over his spongy crown.

My tongue brushed Paris’s.

He groaned, his cock throbbing in our hands. “You’re really blowing me here in the mall.”

“Dick like this has to be blown wherever you can get it,” moaned Paris.

“Uh-huh,” I moaned and licked at his cock again.

Paris and I gave his dick a tongue bath. We ran our tongues over him, caressing him with all our hunger. It was so much fun to do this. My tongue caressed over his dick. I loved him with just everything that I had. He shuddered, his face contorting with delight.

My tongue danced over him. I licked and lapped at him. He groaned with such throaty passion. He adjusted his glasses, staring down at us through those cock-bottom lenses. I winked at him, my pussy on fire, just soaking my thong. I reached his tip.

This time, I swallowed him.

I slid my lips over his thick crown. He groaned, his cock throbbing in my mouth. I savored the thrill of doing that to him. My cunt clenched with such hunger as my lips sealed around his cock. I nursed on him, his salty precum spilling over my tongue. I savored that wonderful delight.

“That’s it, Veronika, you slut,” Paris husked. “Just suck that big dick. Mmm, worship that cock. That’s a nerd’s cock you’re blowing, slut.”

It was. I quivered, nursing so hard on him. The joy of loving Frank’s dick swept through me. I had never been so delighted to suck a cock in my life. I was such a lucky slut to get to do this to him. I was fortunate that I could nurse on his rod.

This cock deserved to be sucked. To be worshiped by a slut like me. I quivered, my pussy melting.

“Oh, my god,” Frank groaned. “That’s... You’re... Oh, my fucking god. That’s awesome.”

I bobbed my head, nursing on him with such passion. I loved the way his dick throbbed in my mouth. It felt so wonderful doing that. Paris leaned in and licked my ear. A shiver ran through me. I bet she wanted her turn.

Naughty slut.

I slid my mouth off his cock and grinned at her. “Want a turn?”

“God, yes!” she moaned and swallowed his dick.

He gasped as Paris worked her mouth up and down his cock. He gasped as she nursed on him with such passion. She suckled like a whore on his cock. It was such an impressive moment. I loved it. And so did Frank.

And that was what was important. He deserved to have his cock sucked by the best whores around. To be worshiped by sluts like us. I was so thrilled that he could enjoy Paris’s mouth working up and down his cock.

“Mmm, is she sucking you good, big boy?” I purred.

“Yeah,” he groaned. “Fuck, Veronika, I can’t believe this is happening.”

“Believe it.” I winked at him. “You’re going to love it. Just get ready to cum hard. You’re going to spurt all that cum into her mouth. Hot, right?”

“Yeah,” he breathed, his face twisting with delight. “Holy shit, she’s going to make me cum.”

“You want to cum on our faces?” I asked, staring up at the nerd. If he didn’t have those glasses and a love of comic books, he would be so ugly. But he was a nerd.

And that made him hot.

“God, yes,” he groaned. “You’ll really let me jizz all over your faces? I mean, that’s pretty fucked up. You’re that much of a whore?”

“We are,” I moaned. “Right, Paris.”

She slid her mouth off his cock with a wet plop. Drool spilled down her cheeks. “That’s right. We’re such sluts for your big cock, Frank.”

As she spoke, I swallowed. I engulfed that big dick. I slid my lips over his cock, just eager to have him cum on our faces. My pussy clenched as I worked my mouth up and down his cock. I stirred my tongue around him, making him groan and gasp. That was important. I wanted him just spurting all that spunk. It would be so hot when he drenched us.

His dick throbbed in my mouth while drool ran down my chin. That was the sign I was giving him a sloppy and loving blowjob. Drool. The more that ran down my chin, and the more sloppy sounds I made, the happier he would be.

He groaned and gasped, his dick twitching in my mouth. He shuddered, loving what I did to him. It would be amazing to have him spurting cum into my mouth. Just firing all that delight over and over. He groaned, his face twisting with passion.

“I think...” He shuddered. “I think I’m going to cum!”

I ripped my mouth off his cock with a wet smack. A fresh river of spittle flowed down my chin while I pumped my hand up and down his big dick. I fisted him and pressed my cheek right against Paris’s, aiming his shaft at our faces.

“Cum all over us, big boy!” I moaned, my heart racing. “Just jizz on us with all that spunk.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” groaned Paris. “I want your cum spilling down my features. God, that’ll be hot, won’t it?”

“Yes!” he groaned, staring down at us with this look of undisguised lust in his eyes. “That would be amazing. I... I... Fuck!”

His cock erupted.

Hot and thick and nerdy cum splashed across my face. I closed my eyes and bathed in the copious amounts of spunk that splashed over my features. My cheeks, forehead, nose, and mouth were all drenched in the spray of his spunk.

Paris squealed beside me. He must be splashing us both with his jizz. I opened my mouth and thrust out my tongue, catching salty spunk. The flavor melted across my taste buds. That was one-hundred-percent geek-spunk.

What a rush.

“Oh, my god,” he groaned. “You’re both such whores. I’m really drenching you.”

“You’re really drenching us!” I moaned, savoring the cum spurting over my face. He splashed more and more on us. It was such a rush to have him cumming over us. “Just keep coating us with all that wonderful spunk.”

“Yes!” he groaned, his cock pulsing in my hand.

A final splash of cum landed on my face. It was so hot to feel him running?over me. My pussy clenched, the heat rushing through me. I opened my eyes and glanced at Paris. She wore a mask of pearly spunk that ran down her features.

I turned to Paris and started licking the cum off her cheeks.

* * *

Clara shuddered, her mother licking at her pussy beneath her skirt as she watched the fun. The facial had been hot, but more was needed.

“Paris wants to take that big dick in her pussy and get bred by her nerd! #nerdbabyonboard #bredbythenerd!”

* * *


It was so hot to lick the cum off Veronika’s face. I was glad I was on the pill because—

My phone chirped with a Twitter notification.

My pussy clenched. I was so glad I wasn’t on the pill. “You have to breed me, big boy!”

“What?” Frank gasped as I ripped off my crop top. My big boobs spilled out. A slut like me didn’t need to have a bra on.

“You heard me,” I moaned, flipping up my skirt and spinning around. I bent over and wiggled my ass at him. “Just rip off my thong and breed me. I need to have your baby in me!”

“Oh, god, you are a whore for nerd cock,” Veronika moaned. “I could never go that far.”

“I know,” I moaned, my big tits swinging beneath me. “Mmm, come kneel in front of me so I can lick of his cum while he breeds me.”

“Goddamn, that’s so hot,” Frank groaned and fell to his knees. He hooked my thong and ripped it to the side so hard he ripped the thin material. “Sorry!”

“Don’t be,” I moaned. “That was hot. You’re so eager to breed me that you tore my panties. Now you can fuck me hard!”

“Yes!” he groaned and nuzzled his cock into my shaved cunt. As he did that, Veronika crawled before me, her face dripping in all that wonderful cum.

The big nerd slammed his cock into my cunt. He buried deep and hard into my snatch. I groaned, clenching my pussy down around his girth. I loved the way he filled me up. It was so hot to have him in me. I whimpered, my boobs swaying.

He gripped me and drew back. My pussy clenched about him. I loved how amazing his cock felt in me. I groaned as he slammed back into me. He buried to the hilt in my cunt. He fucked me so hard with that huge cock of his.

I licked his cum off Veronika’s face. I lapped up the salty delight, feeling like a naughty kitten. People strode by us in the mall, seeing a pair of sluts serving a hung nerd. I wanted them to witness how we were such trollops for his big dick.

Especially me.

“Oh, my god, Paris,” groaned Frank as he gripped my hips. He fucked into me hard and fast. “You’re pussy is so tight. Oh, wow, your cunt feels amazing around my cock. Yes, yes, yes!”

“Mmm, fuck her,” Veronika moaned as I licked cum off her cheek.

We kissed, my spunk-coated tongue thrusting into her mouth. She moaned while I groaned, Frank’s big dick thrusting over and over into my snatch. He filled me up with that big dick. He knew how to ram it into me to give me all the pleasure I craved. He slammed that huge shaft into me. It was so amazing to feel him doing that. He churned me up with his cock.

I loved it. I savored it. My pussy clenched down on him as he pumped away at me, my tongue passing his spunk back and forth with Veronika. More jizz ran down our faces to add more salty delight to our snowballing kiss.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Frank grunted as he plowed away at us. “This is incredible. OH, yes, yes, your pussy is so tight around my cock.”

I broke the kiss to moan. “My cunt’s so tight so you’ll fire all that cum in me and knock me up. I want to have that jizz in me!”

“Yes!” squealed my friend. “Ooh, breed the whore. She’s so wild. Such a trollop.”

“Mmm, I am,” I purred and licked the jizz off my friend’s cheek.

She lapped at me, too. We licked each others’ faces clean. It was so much fun to do that. I just licked and lapped at her with such hunger. I caressed my tongue over her face, gathering up all that yummy cum that was on her cheek.

She moaned as I did that. She squirmed as I licked over her while he pounded me. Then we kissed again. We shared his spunk as his heavy balls smacked into my clit. The sparks flared, building me towards my orgasm.

I would have such a big orgasm on his dick. I squeezed my twat down on him. He groaned, burying hard into me again and again, his nerdy cock churning my cunt. Pussy cream ran down my thighs. I whimpered into Veronika’s lips.

She broke the kiss and moaned, “Breed her, Frank! Fire all that jizz into her cunt! Ooh, yes, yes, that’ll be so hot!”

“So fucking hot!” I moaned, squeezing my cunt down around him. I was so close to cumming.

“Shit!” he gasped and slammed his cock to the hilt in me and erupted.

Hot cum splashed on my cervix. The kiss of his jizz on the entrance to my pussy sent me over the edge into rapture. My cunt spasmed and writhed around him. I suckled at him, the pleasure rushing through my mind.

“Oh, my god, yes!” I gasped. “Oh, that’s so good. Fuck, fuck, fuck, you’re flooding me with all that cum.”

“I am!” he groaned. “Oh, damn, I’m breeding you!”

“Yes!” I howled, the rapture drowning my mind.

Veronika licked my lips coated in salty cum and kissed me. She shoved the jizz into my mouth. The pleasure rushed through me as I made out with her, more and more spunk flooding my cunt. My pussy rippled and writhed about him. I shuddered, savoring this bliss.

“Oh, my fucking god,” groaned Frank as he pumped the last of his cum in my pussy.

I broke the kiss and purred. “I know you bred me. Oh, yes, yes, that was awesome.”

* * *

“Mom!” gasped Clara as she unleashed a stream of piss into her mother’s mouth.

“Paris looks good six months pregnant, but Veronika wants it up the ass! #babymomma #assslut”

In a heartbeat, Paris’s already big boobs grew in size as her belly became nice and round. Clara shuddered at her power.

* * *


“Mmm, I just have to eat that pregnant pussy out,” moaned Veronika. “I love eating your pussy. It’s so hot that you bred her six months ago.”

“Yeah,” Frank said. “I mean... that was hot, right. It was here, wasn’t it.”

“Mmm, I think so,” I said. “God, you have to fuck me in the ass with that huge dick. I love anal!”

“She’s an ass-slut,” Paris moaned as she sank on her back holding her pregnant belly. It was so hot seeing that fertile curve, proof that she was the ultimate nerd lover. Not me. I was still on my birth control.

My perky tits swung beneath me as I leaned down and thrust my ass up in the air. I had a bubbly butt all the guys loved. I knew that Frank would be no exception. He would just pound the hell out of my asshole while I licked his cum out of Paris’s cunt.

I pressed my mouth into her pussy, her tangy juices soaked my lips followed by a flood of his salty cum. I licked at her pregnant snatch, sliding up her folds as I wiggled my plump rump at Frank. He groaned and smacked his wet dick on my butt.

“God, you got a hot ass, Veronika,” he groaned. “Damn, you know that.”

“I know,” I purred. “Know fuck me hard. Bugger me. I want to cum on your dick.”

He slid that wet cock into my butt-crack as my tongue licked up his jizz leaking out of Paris’s pregnant stomach. Her hands rubbed her belly, stroking over that curving mound she was so proud of. I couldn’t blame her.

She did look hot. I guessed I would be like her, too. Just reveling in having a big baby bump if a nerd bred me. Not that it would happen any time soon. For now, I was just having fun fucking Frank’s big dick. I couldn’t wait to have him in me the first time.

Wait, how have I not fucked him if he had bred Paris six months ago?

His cock nuzzled into my asshole, banishing that strange thought. All that mattered was the joy of fucking him now. I would have that huge dick slamming into me. He pressed against my anal ring. I stretched and stretched to devour him.

“Yes,” I groaned into my friend’s pussy. My tongue licked up the jizz leaking out of her. It was so yummy. My tongue stroked up and down, my heart beating faster and faster.

My anal ring swelled around his cock, swallowing him. He groaned, gripping my hips. Then he popped into my bowels. In moments, he was sliding deeper and deeper into my asshole. I groaned at that delight. It was so hot having him venturing into my bowels.

I whimpered, my tongue dancing around Paris’s cunt to scoop out more of her cum as his dick plunged into my anal depths. I swirled about in her, teasing her as I took every inch of the nerd’s huge cock. I whimpered into her cunt.

“Oh, damn,” groaned Frank. “Oh, damn, I’m really in your asshole.”

“I know,” I whimpered. “Now fuck me. Fuck my ass. I’m an anal slut, I can take it, big boy.”

“Oh, she can take it!” whimpered Paris, her round belly quivering as I licked out more of his cum.

My tongue explored in her depths as he drew back his cock. I gripped him, savoring his girth. He filled me up. My body shuddered and boobs jiggled. He rammed back into me. He fucked me with such passion. I groaned as he slammed to the hilt in me. It was awesome to have him ramming into me.

He pumped away with such passion. He buried into me with all this force. I loved it. He plowed deep and hard into me. He fucked me with such passion. It was incredible to take. I whimpered, savoring every moment of him pounding me.

“Yes, yes, yes,” he grunted as he sodomized my ass.

I whimpered into my friend’s pussy. I scooped out more of his cum as she slammed his cock to the hilt in my bowels. His heavy balls smacked into my taint. He drew back. I whimpered, clenching about him as I loved what he did to me.

“God, your ass is so tight, Veronika!” he groaned as he buried into me. “And the way it jiggles... That’s so hot!”

“Good,” I moaned. “I want you to cum in my dirty asshole!”

“Yes, yes, cum in her,” Paris moaned, her thighs squeezing about my face.

I dove into her pregnant pussy, reaching deep into her tart depths to find more of his jizz. There wasn’t much left in her. I had to have it all. I squeezed my bowels down around his cock, the heat melting to my cunt, as I found the last of his spunk.

I scooped it out of her. I shuddered, her tart juices mixed with that last bit of salty passion. His dick slammed into my bowels as I enjoyed this moment. I savored it as he pumped away at me. He fucked me with such powerful strokes.

He drove his cock to the hilt in me again and again. I loved this so much. My face contorted with the delight of this moment as I rubbed into Paris’s pregnant cunt. I would explode. Just burst with pleasure from this ass-fucking.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned into Paris’s cunt. “Frank! Frank! Pound my asshole!”

“Fuck, yes!” he growled, grabbing my big boobs. “You’re such a slut, Veronika. Just such a whore!”

“I am!” I moaned, clenching my asshole down around his cock. “Ooh, ram that dick into me. Fuck me hard and fast. Just bury that dick to the hilt in my asshole. Oh, my god, that’s wondrous. Yes, yes, that’s just the best!”

I thrust my tongue deep into Paris’s pregnant pussy and scooped out the cum brimming in her depths. My asshole clenched down on that big dick fucking me, my orgasm swelling so fast. The heat melted to my cunt, just filling that naughty hole.

He grunted, fucking into me so hard. He buried that big dick into me with force. I loved every moment of it. Every last stroke of his cock into my twat. He buried hard and deep. I shuddered, my face contorting with delight.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned. “Oh, that’s it. Just like that. Fuck me hard!”

He slammed into me. He buried into my cunt with such force. I loved what he did to me. It was outstanding. He plunged deep and hard into me. He filled me up with his cock. His balls smacked into me with all that jizz.

I couldn’t find any more of his jizz in Paris’s tangy cunt. I licked through her folds. I swirled about in her, loving the taste of her. Then I flicked up to her clit. I lapped at her little bud. I caressed her. She moaned with such delight.

“Oh, yes, yes, I’m going to cum on your face, Veronika,” she moaned. “Just explode. Oh, that’s so good. That’s amazing. Yes, yes, don’t stop doing all those wonderful things to me!”

I flicked my tongue through her twat. I caressed her with hunger. She shuddered, her whimpers echoing through the air. Her pregnant belly heaved as I suckled on her clit, my bowels squeezing around that big dick fucking my asshole.

“Veronika!” grunted Frank, his hands squeezing my tits. He held me tight as he buried his dick deep and hard into my asshole. “Yes!”

I savored the sounds he made as he fucked me. His cock plunged to the hilt in my asshole. I squealed around Paris’s clit as the pleasure melted from my bowels to my hot cunt. My pussy drank it in, my orgasm swelling faster and faster.

“Fuck!” I moaned and came.

“Oh, damn,” he gasped as my bowels spasmed around his dick. He erupted.

His jizz fired into me. I shuddered, suckling hard on Paris’s clit. My pussy gushed juices down my thighs and sent pleasure rushing through my body. Waves of delight drowned my mind. People were watching me cum like a whore on his dick.

“Yes, yes, yes!” my pregnant friend moaned. Her pussy cream flooded my mouth. All that tangy delight poured into me.

I drank it down as my asshole writhed around his dick. I suckled at him, loving every moment of my asshole writhing around him. It was insane to enjoy. I loved every moment of my bowels rippling and writhing around him.

He groaned as he pumped more and more cum into my asshole. I milked him while I drank my friend’s pussy juices. My pleasure carried me into the very heights of ecstasy. My body loved all that nerdy spunk flooding my asshole.

“Oh, yes, yes, Frank, I love that you’re a hung nerd!”

* * *

Clara smiled at Veronika’s outbursts. I’m glad you love fucking hung nerds, thought Clara. Mmm, but Paris, you need some more love.

Clara started typing as she said, “Mmm, Mommy, my asshole needs to be licked.”

“Yes, Mistress,” her depraved dyke-mommy moaned.

“Paris has to clean that dick so Veronika can be bred by the nerd! #DickCleaner #AssLover #nerdbreeder”

* * *


“Oh, god, I have to clean that dick of your ass so he can breed you,” I moaned. I rolled onto my hands and knees, awkward since I was six months pregnant with Frank’s baby. I had a nerd on board. I hoped my son was into Star Wars and Star Trek and... other Star Things.

“Oh, yes, yes, I’m off the pill and ready to be bred,” Veronika moaned as she crawled off his cock.

Frank’s huge dick popped out of her asshole. It was so dirty that I was doing this, but I just had to clean off that cock of her asshole. I smacked my lips, my pussy drooling with anticipation. My pregnant belly and swollen tits swayed beneath me. My boobs had gotten so big. I loved it.

“Open wide, slut,” Frank said with such confidence. The nerd knew how to handle sluts like us.

I opened my mouth wide, the sour flavor of my friend’s asshole filling my nose. I smacked my lips then kissed the tip of his cock. I closed my eyes as I swallowed his spongy crown. The earthy musk suffused my taste buds.

I groaned as I slid more and more of his cock into my mouth. I had to buff him clean. I had to work my lips up and down his dick and make him ready to breed my friend. Veronika was finally on board with it. Finally ready to be bred by him.

“Fuck, yes,” he moaned, his cock throbbing in my mouth.


My ass stung as Veronika cooed, “Suck that dick clean. I want to be bred!”

I shuddered and swirled my tongue around that dirty cock. I polished Frank’s nerdy pole with my tongue. The geek pushed up his thick glasses and groaned out in delight. His big cock throbbed in my mouth. I loved how thick he was. How wonderful.

He was just an absolute treat for me to enjoy. I suckled on him with passion. I worked my mouth up and down his dick, suckling on him with everything that I had. I bobbed my mouth, loving every moment of scrubbing his cock clean with my tongue. That sour flavor filled my mouth.

“Ooh, you are buffing that cock clean, slut!” whooped Veronika. “Look at her go, people. That’s a whore who knows how to clean a dick. She gets it. Mmm, you got a hottie licking your asshole.”

“That’s my mom!” a girl answered. “She’s my piss-drinking slut.”

“Nice,” Veronika answered. “Paris and I are sluts for Frank’s big dick. We love hung cocks. He’s going to breed me.”

“Excellent!” the other purred.

I loved this. It was so hot. I watched the people passing us in the mall as I bobbed my mouth. I swirled my tongue around that dirty cock, savoring every moment of cleaning him. My pussy grew hotter and hotter.

I was getting closer and closer to being bred. That would be such a wonderful moment. I couldn’t wait for it to happen. Things would be so wild. I would let him just do anything to me. My hips wiggled from side to side, pussy cream dripping down my thighs.

I suckled with hunger. I nursed with passion. I loved that wonderful dick throbbing in my mouth. The flavor of her asshole dwindled and dwindled. I shuddered, my baby belly swaying beneath me. I loved being pregnant.

I bobbed my head faster and faster, taking more and more of his cock. I had to deep-throat him. Clean off every bit of my friend’s asshole. That was the most important thing to do right now. My tongue swirled around as he reached the back of my throat.

I swallowed him.

“Fuck, Paris!” groaned Frank as I deep-throated his dick. “Oh, damn, you’re just swallowing every bit of me.”

I moaned around his dick. That was the plan. I wanted to swallow every inch of his cock. Just gulp it all down. It was such a hot thing to do. I nursed on him, buffing off the flavor of Veronika’s asshole. The more I took down my throat, the more dirty delight I got to enjoy.

My pregnant pussy clenched as I nuzzled my lips into his bush. I took every inch of him. His balls rested on my chin. He groaned, his cock throbbing in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around him and drew back my cock.

He groaned as I did that. His face contorted with delight. His dick throbbed. I loved every moment of nursing on him. My tongue danced around his cock while I moaned about him, humming to make him cum even faster.

He groaned as I buffed his cock clean. He grabbed the sides of my head then pounded my face. He thrust into me over and over again. I loved what he did to me. How he fucked my mouth like that. It was hot and wild.

“Slut! Slut! Whore!” he grunted, his balls smacking into my chin.

His cock plunged down my throat. I was his pregnant whore. I loved it. My cunt clenched as he fucked his dick down my gullet again and again. His nuts cracked into my taint as his pubic hair rubbed into my face.

I loved every second of this. It was amazing. Awesome.

I nursed on him with such hunger, drool spilling down his throat. He buried his cock down my gullet, his nuts slapping my chin. I breathed in his manly musk, his pubic hair tickling my face. He grunted. Groaned.

His cum fired into my belly.

He unloaded blast after blast of his cum into my stomach. I loved it. I was such a slut for him, I didn’t even care that I missed out on tasting it. I just wanted to swallow all that spunk. I gulped it down with such hunger.

“Fuck, I’m ready to breed you, whore!” Frank growled as he fired the last of his jizz into my belly.

I rubbed my pregnant stomach, so happy right now.

* * *


I sat my asshole right on Paris’s mouth. The pregnant whore moaned as the nerd’s cum leaked out of my asshole right into her mouth. She gulped it down as he knelt before me and aimed his cock at my cunt. I leaned back. I had gone off the pill a month ago for this day.

I think. It was all such a blur. But... It had to be for this dick. It was magnificent.

I planted my hands on the linoleum, my perky titties jiggled. A few guys snapped pics of me. They were handsome, so I wasn’t interested. Unless that had glasses and a love for nerdy shit, I didn’t want their cocks near my pussy.

“Breed me, Frank!” I howled as Paris suckled on my asshole, drawing out the nerd’s cum.

“Fuck, yes,” he growled and shoved my cock right into my shaved pussy. He rubbed up and down me, my cunt aching to have him bury into me.

He slammed to the hilt in my cunt. I gasped as he entered my fertile depths. My butt-cheeks clenched on Paris’s face. I squeezed about her as she drank that cum leaking out of my bowels. The pregnant slut was such a whore. I loved it.

And I loved this cock filling up my cunt. Frank stretched me out. There was so much of him in me. It was awesome to enjoy. I shuddered, squeezing my cunt down on him, wanting him to just fuck me hard. He could pound me like the dirty slut I was.

He drew back his cock. I shuddered, my pussy clamping down on him. I whimpered as he held me tight. His big dick throbbed in my twat. A big smile spread on my lips. He groaned and slammed back into me. He pumped away at me.

“Yes, yes, yes!” he groaned, slamming hard into my cunt. “Shit, that’s good. You got such a yummy twat.”

“Good,” I moaned. “Ooh, just fuck me like that. Fuck me hard. I love it. I love it so much.”

“I can tell!” he growled, pounding me. “Shit, you love that. You love my cock plowing into you.”

“Love it so much,” I moaned, loving the way he plowed into me. He rammed hard and fast. “Oh, yes, yes, just fuck me so hard. Pound me with that huge dick!”

He pounded me. He fucked me. He rammed into me with every bit of his cock. It was magnificent to feel. I quivered there as he thrust into me. He buried that big dick to the hilt in me. I loved it.

My face contorted with the thrill of him slamming into me. He buried over and over into my cunt. My pussy clenched about him while Paris licked at my asshole. She rimmed me then suckled on my sphincter, drawing out more of his cum.

“Oh, yes, yes!” I moaned, my perky tits bouncing. “Pound me with that huge, nerdy dick! Just ravish me!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” he growled.

He plunged into me again and again. He slammed that cock to the hilt in my fertile pussy. I squeezed about him, my face contorting with the delight of this moment. I groaned, my face contorting with every plunge into my cunt. He buried deep and hard. He thrust to the hilt in me.

“Oh, god, you’re going to pump me full of cum!”

“I am, whore!” he growled, his balls smacking into my taint.

They were so heavy with his cum.

“Flood me with your baby-making seed!” I gasped. “Drown my womb in your cum!”

Paris moaned into my asshole, clearly loving it. My pregnant friend thrust her tongue against my sphincter. In moments, she was past it and swirling around in me. I groaned as she did that. I loved the way she caressed me.

My face contorted with the delight of her tongue dancing through my bowels. I loved it. My boobs jiggled. I groaned, my pussy growing hotter and hotter. I hurtled towards my orgasm. I would milk his cock dry.

Work out every drop of cum that would leave me bred and happy.

He slammed into me, my pussy drinking in the friction. I swelled towards that orgasm. I hurtled closer and closer to it. My heart pounded in my chest, pumping the bliss through my veins. My pregnant friend swirled her tongue around in my asshole.

“Oh, that’s it!” he grunted. His hands squeezed my tits. He kneaded them as he buried into me and erupted. “You’re my baby-factory slut!”

“Yes!” I howled and joined him.

As his cum splashed against my cervix, soaking my womb in his seed, my cunt writhed and convulsed around him. I shuddered, my boobs quivering in his hand. He squeezed them as he pumped more and more of his jizz into me.

My asshole writhed around my friend’s tongue while my pussy milked his cock of every drop of seed in his balls. The pleasure drowned my mind. The ecstasy of being bred by the nerd consumed me. It was so wonderful. I groaned and quivered through that delight.

“Yes!” I howled, hitting the ceiling of my climax. “Oh, Frank, you bred me! Your big nerd-dick bred my cunt!”

“Goddamn, I did!” he roared, such pride in his voice. A huge smile spread on his lips. “I fucking did!”

* * *

Clara smiled at the pride on Frank’s face. She typed in her next tweet as Veronika dismounted her friend. Clara stared at that flat belly and hit TWEET.

“Veronika is thrilled to be six months pregnant with Frank’s baby. But Paris needs some anal loving! #PregnantAnalBitch”

Phones across the mall chimed as Veronika knelt there with a curving belly, her perky breasts now large and jiggling. She clutched at her pregnant belly, so proud to be six months pregnant with her nerd’s baby.

Clara smiled in delight.

* * *


I stared at Veronika’s body. I was so glad we got bred at the same time. We would have Frank’s nerdy sons or slutty daughters together. I didn’t know which I wanted more. If one of us had a nerdy son and the other a slutty daughter, we could raise them right.

Frank’s wet cock pressed into my asshole. I shuddered as he thrust into my bowels. He slammed into me. A big smile spread on my lips as he pounded my asshole. I was his slut. That was just the most important thing in the world.

I loved his every thrust. His every grunt.

It wouldn’t be long before we were both cumming.

Then Veronika would have to clean his dick off. That would be so hot.

He pounded me. Hammered me. He buried that cock into my asshole again and again. He drove me wild, my pregnant pussy drinking in the heat he generated with that thick dick sodomizing me. I squeezed my eyes shut.

“Cum in my asshole, Frank!” I gasped. “Please, please, cum in me!”

“I will!” he growled. “I fucking will! Shit!”

His cock erupted. Hot jizz spurted into my bowels. My pregnant pussy went wild. I howled for everyone in the mall to hear. I screamed out my passion while Veronika rubbed at her belly and licked her lips.

She was hungry to clean his dick off like the slut she was.

My asshole suckled at his dick. He pumped so much in me. He flooded my bowels with every drop of his cum. I hit that wonderful peak of bliss as he grunted, spilling his last spurts into me. I quivered, so thrilled to please my nerd.

* * *


I swallowed his dirty dick. I reveled in the flavor of Paris’s asshole on his cock. He had just cum in her pregnant ass, now I had to clean him. He groaned as I bobbed my head, working my mouth up and down his cock. He was so thick.

So hard.

“Mmm, that’s it,” cooed Paris. She hugged me from behind, her round belly rubbing against my back. “Polish that geeky pole.”

I whimpered in delight.

She rubbed my pregnant belly as I bobbed my head. I slid my lips up and down his cock, swirling my tongue around his dick. He groaned as I did that. His face contorted with delight. I stared up at him as Paris massaged my stomach.

She rubbed me with her gentle hands. I so loved that I was bred. I bobbed my head, my boobs jiggling. They were so big. I couldn’t wait for my breast milk to come in. That would be hot. I nursed on him, sucking with such hunger on his dirty dick.

“That’s it,” cooed Paris. “Buff that dick clean.”

“Yes, slut!”

I was such a slut.

“Clean my ass off his dick.” Paris licked my earlobe, her hands stroking my curving stomach.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” groaned Frank. “You’re going to make me cum.”

I winked at him.

“Just going to drink down all my jizz, aren’t you? Just the way a good whore should?”

I nodded, sucking on him with hunger.

I slid my lips down his cock then suckled back up him. He throbbed in my mouth as my tongue worked off the earthy flavor of Paris’s bowels. The salty flavor of his precum mixed with that dirty delight. I loved the flavors.

My pussy clenched. Juices dripped out of my bred cunt. Paris nibbled on my ear, her pregnant stomach rubbing in my back. She made me tremble. I moaned louder around Frank’s cock. He groaned, his chest rising and falling.

“Fuck, you’re such a good cock-sucker, Veronika!” he groaned.

“Mmm, I’m glad she is,” purred Paris. “You deserve a whore worshiping you.”

I nodded, my cheeks hollowing.

I slid down his cock until he was at the back of my throat. I cupped his hairy balls, kneading them as I worked back up his dick, sucking the entire time. His nuts twitched in my hand. They held the delicious treat I craved.

Drool ran down my chin as I loved him. I worshiped the nerd’s cock. He pushed up his glasses, grunting and groaning. His dick twitched in my mouth. Was he getting closer to cumming? I bet he was. How could he resist my hot mouth?

“Mmm, make him cum!” moaned Paris, her hands roaming over my curving belly. Her touch was so naughty. “That’s it.”

“I’m so close!” he grunted.

“You hear that?” purred Paris. “Get ready. He’s going to cum! Just fire all that jizz into your mouth. You drink it all down, slut!”

“Every fucking drop!” he growled. I loved how authoritative he was.

I suckled with all my might.

“Fuck!” Frank groaned.

His cock erupted into my mouth. Paris rubbed my pregnant belly as I gulped down blast after blast of cum. I trembled in my friend’s embrace, her curving stomach caressing my back. Frank groaned as he basted my mouth with so much salty cum

I swallowed it all. I loved it spilling down to my belly. I quivered, Paris caressing my stomach. This was so wonderful. I was so glad that I was a slut for nerds. That Frank had knocked us both us. It was wonderful being pregnant with his children.

We’re going to be such naughty mothers, ran through my mind as I gulped down Frank’s cum.

“Fuck,” Frank growled. “Damn. I have to get down to the anime shop. There’s this statue of Rem that just came out. And Ram. I want to get them both.”

He ripped out of mouths, more concerned with his nerdy shit than us sluts. That felt so right to me. I was happy that he would be off to get his stuff. Paris and I had some sexy maternity lingerie to buy for him. It was why we were in front of the lingerie store, after all.

* * *

“Paris and Veronika are Franks happy pregnant slaves. Leashed and collared, they’ll have naughty daughters to raise to love his big dick.” #Nerdwives #Preggoharem #FrankPregoSlaves!”

Clara smiled as reality shifted. Instead of the sluts going into the lingerie store, Frank led his pregnant slaves through the mall. They crawled behind him, their leashes in his hand, naked. Their heavy breasts and round bellies swayed beneath them. They were both a pair of bred sluts.

What else should I do at the mall?

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...