The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter Twenty-Two: Good Wife Turned Tramp Stamp Slut

As Clara continued wandering the mall with her submissive mommy-slave in tow, she found a tattoo parlor. Neon lights proclaimed it, “Frankie’s Tattoos.” There were pictures of the artist’s works. Designs. One caught Clara’s attention.

It had black, spiky lines spilling from either side almost like demonic wings and read: Butt Slut Tramp.

The sight of it made Clara shudder. But who should get that sort of stamp? She glanced over at her mother, still wearing her wedding ring. No longer a good wife but a slut wife. A shiver ran through the naughty Clara and she pulled out her phone.

“Did you know that Frankie, the tattoo artist in the mall, can make good wives into sluts with her Butt Slut Tramp tattoo! And those good wives just can’t resist getting some ink for their hubbies! #ButtSlut #TrampStamp #GoodWifeToCheatingWhore”

Clara hit send and shuddered as she heard notifications all going off in the mall around her. All her followers. They checked it. A few of them, all guys, paused, staring at it the sign. They started grinning, elbowing each other.

“Mommy, I have to pee,” Clara purred, eager to see who the first good wife would be.

* * *

Tonya Meyers

I hummed as I strolled through the mall, my sundress swishing around my body. I was just running a few errands at the mall. I had some shampoo to pick up for my daughter and some new shoes for Bill, my husband. He wouldn’t buy them if I didn’t do it for him.

Well, that was the joy of being a housewife. Taking care of the family.

I bet Bill would want his “boys” coming over to watch the game. I had been dreading that call all day. I’d have to let him. He had gone antiquing with me last weekend, suffering through it. So I would have to pay.

I hated his friends. They were a bunch of pigs.

One had even hit on me once.

They were all disgusting, but that was marriage. Putting up with the parts of your partner you couldn’t stand and hope they would do the same.

I noticed a few young men gathering around the tattoo parlor. Frankie’s Tattoos glowed in bright, pink neon over their heads. A shiver ran through me. I bet Bill would love it if I had a tattoo. Something that only he could see and know about. Something fun and delicious. I glanced at my clock. I really didn’t have the time, but...

I just had to get a tattoo.

This strange exhilaration rushed through me. I had never done anything like this. I had no tats, no piercings beyond my ears. I had never even dyed my hair. I was thirty-three and avoided all that stuff. I had two kids, a great husband. But...

“Excuse me,” I said to the guys.

“You going for a tattoo,” one said, a strapping college boy with a chiseled chin.

“I am,” I said. “For my husband.” I giggled. “He might like it if I had something daring.”

“Right, right,” the guy said. The others chuckled. They all leered at me like I was a piece of meat.

I hurried into the tattoo parlor, passing through a curtain of colored beads into a lobby. The walls were covered with an image from cute butterflies to evil devils and scandalous demon girls with their nipples out. Who would get a tattoo like that on their body?

Through another beaded curtain, a young woman emerged, her hair dyed purple and shaved on one side of her head, the other side spiky. She had three nose rings on the same nostril, her eyebrows pierced, her arms covered in sleeve tattoos. A riot of designs and images that were impossible for me to pick out anyone. She had on fishnet stockings, a black pleated skirt, and a tank top that hugged her round tits and had, “Satan’s Bitch” in fiery letters on the front.

“Hi,” she said, her voice bright and friendly. “Getting a tat for the hubby?”

“Yeah,” I said as she headed to me. “How did you know.”

“Oh, you have that look.” She licked her lips, her tongue pierced by a silver stud. “Come on back. I know just the design you need.”

“Umm... Shouldn’t I pick it out?” I asked as she took my arm and led me through the beaded curtains. There was a chair like from a doctor’s office, and a padded stool before a table. She had more drawings in here, these ones sketched in pencil.

“Listen,” she said. “I really know what I’m doing. Trust me, Mrs...”

“Meyers,” I said. “Mrs. Tonya Meyers.”

“Well, Mrs. Meyers, just take off that dress and pull off your panties, and we’ll get started.”

“M-my panties?” she gasped.

“Yeah,” I said. “A lower back tat is what your husband will want. Next time he’s fucking you doggy style, he’ll see it and love it.”

“Oh, my,” I said, my cheeks burning. “It’s been a while since he’s fucked me like that.”

“Mmm, this will get you all the dick you’ve been lacking,” she said. “Now dress and panties off. Maybe your bra, if it’s not fitting well. You know, let those tits breathe. Just me and you.”

“Um, okay,” I said and pulled off my sundress.

My cheeks burned as I stripped. She busied herself gathering her supplies. Did she put a fresh needle into her tattoo... gun? Drawing thingie? I had no idea what it was called. My stomach twisted. Would this hurt?

I unhooked my bra, my tits did need a break after running errands all morning. It was nice to let my big breasts sway free. Last, I peeled off my panties, my black hair falling around my face as I did so. I slid the white, cheap things off.

“Those are the panties you wear, Mrs. Meyers?” asked Frankie. “No wonder your sex life has gotten stale.”

“I have naughtier ones,” I muttered. “They’re comfortable and cheap. The naughty ones are so pricey. I can get a week’s worth of panties from a value pack for half of those.”

“Well, hop up on the stool and bend over the table. The easiest way to put a tramp stamp on.”

“Oh, what’s it going to say?” I asked, my boobs swaying as I did what she said. I knelt on the stool, leaning over. My heart pounded so fast. This was so exciting and frightening all at the same time.

“Just what you need it to say, Mrs. Meyers,” Frankie purred. The tattoo gun hummed to life.

The pricking pain began. It wasn’t childbirth, but it still wasn’t pleasant. I just thought of Bill and how much he would like my new tattoo. The thought of being fucked doggy style was such an appealing idea.

The more ink she put on my back, the wetter I felt. It was so strange.

* * *


My pussy was so wet as I worked. I loved putting this tramp stamp on married women. I had learned it did something wild to them. It turned them into sluts. I bet the guys were already filling up the lobby, just waiting to enjoy the good wife’s body.

Especially her ass.

I wrote Butt Slut Tramp in cursive letters, spiky lines swept off to the sides that sort of resembled demon wings. A stylistic design that turned the most faithful wife into an anal whore eager for any man to fuck her. They all thought they were so good and pure, not ink, just their ears pierced. So boring and vanilla. Trapped by the suburban nightmare.

I set them free. And Mrs. Meyers was about to be set free.

“There,” I said, turning off the gun. I tore off a sheet of cellophane to cover her tattoo, the area inflamed. “Keep this dry for a few days and it should heal just fine.”

“Oh, my,” she said, her plump rump right before my face. I could smell the tangy aroma of her pussy. She had been getting wetter and wetter. “I think all the boys are going to love it.” She blinked. “Wait, boys?”

“Mmm, yes, yes, I told you, you would get all the cock you need, but...” I licked my lips. “I got to get a piece of that ass before they get to you?”

“What?” she gasped as I grabbed her butt-cheeks and parted them. “Frankie, what are you doing?”

“Giving a butt slut what she needs,” I purred and buried my face into her crack.

I kissed her asshole, savoring the sour flavor of the married woman’s bowels. Mrs. Meyers gasped. My pierced tongue swept over her sphincter. She trembled, the stool creaking. My fingers dug into her asscheeks as I rimmed her.

“Oh, my,” she gasped. “Oh, I shouldn’t be doing this. I’m married, but... Oh, wow, that feels good, Frankie.” She giggled. “Ooh, no one’s licked my asshole before.”

“You just relax and let me show you who you are now, Mrs. Meyers,” I purred, my cunt on fire.

I thrust a hand up beneath my skirt. I stroked up the fishnet stockings to my pussy. I rubbed at my cunt through the gaps in the fabric, stroking my shaved pussy with delight as my tongue drilled against her asshole. She gasped in shock as my tongue penetrated into her.

She moaned as my tongue and its stud slid into her sour bowels. I loved the flavor of her. I swirled it about in her. I danced it around, caressing her. She groaned, squeezing her asshole down around me while my tongue stud caressed her bowels.

This was the part I loved. The part where I showed them they were butt sluts now.

* * *

Tonya Meyers

I couldn’t believe how great her tongue felt swirling about in me it was incredible to feel her dancing it about in my bowels. The tongue stud rubbed at my asshole. The heat melted down to my cunt. The prickling sting from the tattoo faded.

She caressed my anal sheath with her wet tongue and that hard stud. My butt-cheeks clenched about her face, holding her there while she did such wicked things to my asshole. I shuddered and whimpered, my eyes glancing down at my wedding ring.

I shouldn’t be doing this. I was a wife. A mother. But... but...

“Oh, Frankie,” I moaned, savoring my first anal and lesbian experience. “Oh, that’s so good.”

“Mmm, you should taste your ass,” moaned Frankie. “That’s delicious.”

Her tongue and that hard stud thrust back into my asshole. I shuddered, my face contorting. My naked tits jiggled as my body shook with the delight. This wasn’t me, right? But... That lower back tattoo burned with this heat that had to be answered.

It was a tramp stamp, wasn’t it? Something sluts got. Was I a slut? A slut that liked having her butt eaten out?

I groaned, never realizing just how sensitive my asshole was. My body trembled as her tongue danced around in my bowels. She swirled around in me. My asshole clenched on her tongue and the hard bit of metal. It massaged my flesh in such wicked ways.

My cheating cunt drank it in. I had never been with anyone since Bill and I started dating thirteen years ago. Now... Now... I gloried in the tattoo artist’s tongue sweeping through my bowels. My face contorted with delight. It was such a thrill feeling her lick and lap at me like this.

I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest. This wicked heat surged through me as she tongued me. I whimpered, my face contorting with delight. She did such a naughty thing to me. My boobs swayed back and forth, smacking together.

“Oh, yes, yes, Frankie,” I moaned, my butt-cheeks squeezing about her face. “You are making my asshole feel so good. I... I...”

My eyes widened as I felt the heat swelling in my cunt. It was building me towards something that should be impossible.

“I’m going to cum just from having my asshole eaten out,” I gasped. “Oh, my, I love having my ass devoured. It feels so good. Even better than having my pussy. Oh, yes, yes, I think... I’m a butt slut!”

“That’s what it says on your lower back,” Frankie purred. “Butt Slut Tramp.”

“Yes!” I gasped as she plunged that wondrous tongue back into me.

She wiggled it about, tongue and stud caressing my bowels. My pussy grew tighter with the need to cum. Pussy cream soaked my bush. My tangy aroma filled the air. My big boobs swayed as I shuddered. I gripped the table, whimpering as I hurtled towards my orgasm.

She fucked her tongue in and out of my bowels. She drilled it in deep and pulled it back. That was incredible. I whimpered at what she did to me. My heart pounded with such delight. My face contorted from it. This was such a rush to enjoy her doing this to me.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped. “Oh, that’s amazing. That’s just delicious. Ooh, yes, yes, I’m going to cum from you eating my asshole. Just... just...”

Her tongue thrust so deep, the stud massaging my flesh. The heat flowed to my cunt, joined the pressure. My orgasm burst inside of me.

A hot wind gusted out of my cunt. My pussy convulsed, juices gushing out of me. I whimpered as my asshole writhed around her wiggling tongue. Stars exploded across my vision as the rapturous gale swept over my mind.

Hot ecstasy gusted through my thoughts. My tits heaved as I moaned through my pleasure, pussy cream spilling down my thighs. I loved it. My asshole drank in her tongue swirling about as my orgasm kept rippling through me.

“Fuck!” I gasped, feeling so amazing. “Frankie! Yes, yes, I’m a butt slut wife! Oh, fuck! Oh, yes, yes! I love it!”

She pulled her tongue out of my asshole and purred, “Yes, you are. And the boys are waiting to see your new ink. You want to show it off to them?”

My orgasm still gusted through me as I moaned, “The boys?”

“Mmm, the studs that want to see a butt slut wife show off her ink.” She gripped my ass. “They have huge cocks. You’ll love them fucking your ass. And your other holes.”

I glanced down at my wedding ring. I swore to be faithful to Bill, but... My asshole burned. “Yes, yes, I want to show off my ink to the boys.”

She smacked my rump. “That’s this spirit, Mrs. Meyers. Mmm, they’re going to fuck you hard. You’ll be walking bow-legged home dripping in spunk after this.”

“Oh, god, you think?” I whimpered, my pussy burning. I needed more butt stuff. More anal play.

She helped me stand and led me to the beaded curtains. I could hear guys talking. They were eager. A pack of hounds that wanted to feast on me. I remembered them from before. How they had frightened me with their lust. They saw me as a MILF. A mother they wanted to fuck. A wife they wanted to pound.

Why had I run? They could have fucked me so hard. That tattoo told me just who I was. It was so wonderful to finally know. Not a good and faithful wife, but a slut-wife. A whore-mother who wanted dick after dick in her.

The curtains parted and there they were. All those hungry guys waiting for me. I stepped out boldly, my naked tits heaving. They all groaned, already naked and hard, ready to fuck me with passion. I turned around, thrusting my ass at them.

“You like my new ink, boys?” I cooed, my tits swaying as I twerked my hips. I made my butt-cheeks jiggle and clap.

“Goddamn, we do,” a guy groaned.

“You’re so fucking hot!” another gasped.

A third panted, “She’s got a wedding ring on and everything!”

A gross and dirty chuckle. “Hubby has no idea he married a butt-slut whore!”

“No!” I moaned. “Ooh, I need cocks in me, boys. I need dicks!”

One guy with spiked, bleached-blond hair grabbed my hips and pulled me down onto his lap facing him. I gasped as I fell on him, my big tits heaving. My pussy planted right on his hard dick. I gasped, feeling another man about to enter me. I had only been with two before my husband, and now...

Now I would quadruple that number with ease. Quintuple it. Sextuplet.

I ground my pussy on his cock, my clit bursting with sparks. The men behind me were groaning at my new art. The one beneath me grabbed my tits. He squeezed them. I gasped at how strong and rough his hands were.

“Oh, yes, yes, my married holes need to be stuffed,” I moaned, sliding my cunt up his dick until my pussy nuzzled against the tip of his cock. I loved the feel of him against me.

I pressed back on him, my cunt engulfing his cock. He groaned, his face twisting with delight. I gasped, realizing he was bigger than Bill. My naughty pussy reveled in being stretched out by a thicker dick. I whimpered in delight.

“Oh, fuck, you’re hung,” I moaned, swallowing inch after inch of his dick. He was longer, too, reaching so far into me. “Oh, that’s amazing.”

“It is,” Spike-Hair said, his hands kneading my tits.

“Fuck, I got to pound that ass,” another said. I looked behind me to see a Black guy with a huge cock thrusting at me. It was even bigger than the dick in my cunt.

“Yes, yes, fuck my ass with that ebony shaft!” I moaned, my married body quivering.

He grinned at me and pressed his cock into my butt-crack. He slid it down to my asshole primed by Frankie’s naughty licking. I shuddered as the thick tip of the Black stud’s cock nuzzled into my asshole. I quivered, so ready for him to just ram into me.

He thrust. My slutty anal ring widened and widened. My cheating cunt squeezed about the dick in my twat. I loved how big and thick he was, but he had nothing on the Black monster forcing into my asshole. I gasped, my tits swinging in Spiked-Hair’s hand.

“Oh, my god,” I squealed. “Yes, yes, ram that big fucker into my asshole! Just slam it into me. My slutty ass needs to be filled!”

“Yes,” he growled and as my anal ring widened more and more. “Fuck!”

He popped into my bowels.

I squealed in delight as his huge cock slid into my anal depths. My pussy clenched about the smaller cock as my bowels melted. The heat soaked into my twat. I shuddered, my wedding ring flashing on my left hand.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned, my body trembling with all the delight. “This is incredible. Oh, this is just amazing.”

“Goddamn,” one of the watchers growled. He grabbed his cock and aimed it right for my mouth. “Suck my dick, bitch!”

I opened my mouth, swallowing Goatee’s dick. I nursed on him, my tongue dancing around the crown. I hated giving my husband blowjobs, but sucking this cock was a pleasure. The stranger’s salty precum just made me feel more like a slut-wife.

The Black stud drew back his huge cock. My asshole clenched about it while my thighs flexed. I raised my pussy up Spike-Hair’s cock. He groaned, his fingers digging into my tits. The dual frictions burned through my nethers.

I slammed back down his cock while the Black stud rammed his dick to the hilt in my bowels. He filled me up with his huge cock. He buried over and over into my asshole. He fucked me hard. He pounded me with such force.

I whimpered, nursing with such passion on the cock in my mouth. Drool ran down my chin as I worked my cunt up and down one shaft as a thick dick plowed into my asshole. My bowels rejoiced, stretched out so much by that huge cock.

“Yes, yes, yes!” growled Goatee. He gripped my face. “You are such a fucking whore! Damn, your husband is a simp to ever let you come here.”

“Fuck, yes!” groaned the Black guy hammering my asshole. “Going to stretch out your ass. He’ll never feel this tight hole about him. You’ll be loose after my dick.”

I just moaned my delight. I loved the way his cock pumped over and over into me. He fucked me with such passion. He buried into me with just such force. I groaned, loving every moment of him plowing into me. He speared his cock into my bowels as I rode Spike-Hair’s dick.

I worked my cunt up and down him, my orgasm building and building from all the delight. Spike-hair let my tits go. He groaned as my cheating pussy massaged him. My bowels gripped the Black hunk’s big dick. His balls smacked my taint.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” he grunted, hammering my bowels.

“Shit, look at those bouncing boobs,” another guy said. He fell to his knees, grabbed my right tit, and suckled on my nipple.

I squealed around Goatee’s cock. Pleasure shot down to my cunt. My pussy drank in that delight. It built me towards my orgasm faster and faster. I whimpered, savoring that big dick fucking my bowels. My cunt melted around Spike-Hair’s cock.

“Shit, I got to enjoy those tits before she gets coated in cum!” another guy said.

He grabbed my left tit and engulfed my nub. His whiskers rubbed on my skin. I shuddered as the two men suckled with hunger on me. It was incredible to feel. My holes clamped down on the studs’ dicks. My orgasms built and built.

This fire swelled in me, fueled by everything happening to me. I savored the salty flavor of precum. My asshole melted around the Black hunk’s cock while my pussy drank in the girth of Spike-Hair’s dick. The two men suckled and nibbled on my nipples.

I slammed down Spike-Hair’s cock and exploded.

Fire burst out of my cunt and blazed through my body. My asshole and pussy both spasmed around their dicks. I shuddered, impaled on Spike-Hair’s rod while the Black stud fucked away at my convulsing bowels.

“Shit!” Spike-Hair moaned. “Oh, shit, you got a cunt”

“Yeah, Mrs. Meyers is such a whore,” Frankie purred.

“She is!” Spike-Hair gasped and erupted.

Another man’s cum pumped into my pussy. My cunt writhed harder. My orgasmic fires burned hotter. They blazed across my mind, smothering all my thoughts. They devoured each and every one of them. I groaned, my holes convulsing so hard.

“Goddamn!” Goatee groaned as I moaned and suckled on his dick. “Fuck!”

Hot cum pumped into my mouth. I gulped down his salty jizz so eagerly. I didn’t spit it out. I reveled in it as my mind burned with ecstasy. The Black stud plowed to the hilt in my bowels and grunted his passion.

His cum flooded my asshole. Spurt after spurt of his jizz pumped into my spasming bowels. I had men’s spunk spurting into all three of my holes. I gulped it down while my pussy and bowels rippled and writhed around the shafts in me.

It was so wild.

My orgasm burst through me again. A firestorm of ecstasy that blazed through my body.

The men suckling on my nipples added sparks of delight. I trembled, swallowing the last of Goatee’s salty cum. My pussy wrung Spike-Hair’s rod dry. The Black stud growled as he emptied his nuts into my bowels.

I quivered, sucking on Goatee’s cock as he pulled it out of my mouth. The Black stud’s dick fired over and over into my asshole. He bathed my naughty hole in it. I loved having a man’s cum firing into that hole more than any other.

“Fuck,” he growled as he finished pumping his cum into me.

The cock in my mouth popped out. I shuddered and looked over my shoulder. “I hope you’re not done. I want to suck that dick clean of my ass. I have to taste it.”

“Goddamn, Mrs. Meyers, you are one sick ho.” He pulled out of me, my bowels clinging to his huge dick.

“I think I am,” I purred. “And I hope one of you fine, young men will be up to fucking my sloppy asshole next.”

They all were so eager to. All thrusting their arms up into the air and waving them back and forth. They were so delicious. They made me quiver in delight. I couldn’t wait to get naughty with them. Things would be so... interesting.

I slid my pussy off Spike-Hair’s dick. His cum poured out of me. I shuddered, turning around and facing the hunk. I smacked my lips, wanting nothing more than to enjoy sucking on that huge cock. It would be just the best thing in the world.

He grinned at me, shaking his big dick at me.

“Yum,” I cooed, leaning forward. I opened my mouth wide and swallowed his dick.

The sour flavor of my ass coated the tip of his thick cock. I barely opened wide enough. My entire body shuddered at the delight of tasting my own bowels on his dick. I nursed on him, wanting to buff him clean, eager to saver that delight.

Cum ran out of my pussy and matted my bush. More dribbled out of my butthole. The young men groaned at the sight of me on my knees. They stared at me with such lust in their eyes. They were so eager for me to get fucked hard.

“Goddamn, she’s hot,” groaned the guy pressing his cock into my ass. “That tattoo, Mrs. Meyers... Fuck, you really want the world to know what you are.”

I moaned around the dirty dick in my mouth, loving the flavor. The delight. It was such a wondrous flavor. I nursed on him with hunger. I suckled with just such passion. He groaned as I swirled my tongue around his dick. I buffed off that wicked delight. I savored the nasty, earthy flavor the way only a butt slut tramp could.

My heavy tits swayed beneath me as I loved the Black stud’s ebony schlong. I rocked forward, sliding my mouth down his cock. When I went back, a dick pressed into my butt-crack. I shuddered at the feel of that naughty dick nuzzling into my sloppy asshole.

I squealed around the Black dick in my mouth as the newcomer fucked my ass.

“Mrs. Meyers!” he growled as he rammed past my loosened asshole with ease and buried into my flesh. I squeezed down on him. I shuddered, loving the feel of his cock burying to the hilt in me. It was so awesome to feel. To enjoy.

I groaned and nursed on the cock. I loved the feel of that huge cock burying into me. It was such a thrill. I moaned around the dirty dick in my mouth, nursing to polish him clean. My sloppy bowels squeezed around the newcomer.

“Goddamn,” he growled, his hands grabbing my hips.

I loved it. I savored that thick cock in my bowels. He gripped me and fucked away at me. He pumped with force at me as my tongue danced around the dick in my mouth. I suckled on this cock. I nursed with passion, savoring the girth in my mouth

“Damn,” the Black stud growled. “You’re just polishing my knob real good, ho. Mrs. Ho. That’s what you are.”

I winked at him.

He grinned at me and grabbed the side of my head. He gripped me and thrust forward. I squealed as he pumped his dirty cock in and out of my mouth. He rammed to the back of my throat, letting me taste new parts of him.

To clean off more of his dick.

It was a real delight to be mouth-fucked with a dick slamming into my bowels. Newcomer just hammered away at my asshole. I loved every second of him pounding my anal sheath. His crotch smacked my rump. My tits swung as the two men spit-roasted me.

“Can’t wait for my turn,” a guy groaned. “Fucking housewife-sluts is the best.”

“Hubby has no idea he married a butt-slut,” another laughed. “Damn, it’s going to be hot ramming in her. Just fucking that bitch.”

“She has a tasty cunt,” growled Spike-Hair. “Hot damn, I loved feeling her work that twat up and down my dick. I was watching her wedding ring the entire time.”

“And her asshole,” growled Newcomer as he pounded my bowels hard.

“Amen,” groaned the Black stud. “White bitches got amazing assholes. Mmm, and she is sucking this dick. Just worshiping me. Ain’t you, ho.”

I squealed around his cock, drool running down my chin.

I savored every moment of them fucking me like this. My orgasm built and built in my sloppy cunt. More and more cum ran out of me as they fucked me. They pounded me hard and fast. They buried their cocks into me, stirring up my cunt. I shuddered, loving every moment of it. They pounded me hard. Fast.

One cock thrust to the back of my throat, the other plowed into my asshole. Cum ran down my thighs. I quivered, my orgasm surging closer and closer. I climbed towards that big burst of pleasure. I couldn’t hold back much longer.

Newcomer rammed his cock deep into my bowels. “Fuck!”

His cum jetted into me. Feeling more jizz spilling into my asshole set me off. I burst with pleasure. My cunt and asshole both spasmed, pussy cream and jizz gushing out of my twat. I squealed around the Black dick in my mouth.

“Shit, shit, shit,” Newcomer grunted as he basted my asshole with his jizz. He pumped me so full of his cum. I quivered, loving every second of it. This was amazing. What I needed.

I squeezed my eyes shut, groaning the entire time. I wiggled my hips, stirring that cock around in my bowels as I milked him. My orgasms washed bliss over my mind. Rapture poured across my thoughts.

“Fuck!” the Black stud growled.

His cock erupted.

Thick and salty cum pumped into my mouth. I gulped down the wonderful, creamy treat. It poured down my gullet and ran straight down my throat. It was amazing. I loved every second of gulping down his jizz as I milked Newcomer’s cock. He fired a last burst.

“Goddamn,” he growled and pulled out of me. “That is an incredible ass!”

I shuddered in delight, pleasure rippling through me. The bliss died as I gulped down the last of the jizz from the Black stud. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, drool spilling down my chin. I shuddered, needing more. Lots more.

“Someone, get on your back,” I cried. “I want to ride one of your cocks with my asshole!”

“Fuck, yes!” a guy with a crew cut groaned. He stretched out his back, his dick thrusting up.

I grinned and threw my leg over him. I reached behind me to grab his cock. “This is reverse cowgirl, right? When I look away.”

“Yeah,” the guy groaned as I pressed his cock against my sloppy asshole.

My big boobs jiggled and shook as impaled my sphincter onto his cock. My anal ring widened with such ease now. I swallowed his cock with my hungry bowels. I groaned, my cunt drinking in the heat. My clit throbbed and pulsed.

“Shit,” one guy fisting his dick groaned. He aimed at my right tight and erupted.

I gasped in delight as he coated my heavy tit in his spunk. He groaned over and over again, pumping his jizz onto my boob. The hot and thick cum ran down my skin. I shuddered as he soaked my nipple in his pearly delight. He ran dry quickly.

Squeezing my asshole down around Crew Cut’s dick, I lifted my breast and brought my jizz-coated nipple to my mouth. The pearly mound of cum quivered on it. I opened my lips wide and suckled. The salty flavor of his cum melted through my mouth while a rush of heat washed through me.

I groaned in delight, savoring this pleasure.

“Fuck,” Spike Hair gasped. “That’s so hot, Mrs. Meyers.”

“Yes, it is,” Goatee panted, his cock hard again.

I winked at them as I nursed on my own nipple for a moment. Spike-Hair and Newcomer were moving closer as I slid my sloppy asshole up Crew Cut’s dick. My asshole clung to his thick shaft. I shuddered, the heat filling my snatch. I loved that. My body trembled. I nursed harder on my nipple, pleasure shooting to my cunt.

I slammed my asshole on Crew Cut’s dick, swirling my tongue around my own nub. My other boob bounced and jiggled as I worked my asshole up his dick again. I squeezed the entire way, the velvety friction soaking my dick.

I loved this delight. I rode him hard.

Spike-Hair’s and Newcomer’s dicks were now a foot from my face. I released my nipple. My tit bounced back into place as my hands shot out. I grabbed their cocks and pulled them close, my wedding ring glinting on the finger wrapped around Spike-Hair’s shaft.

“Mmm, yum,” I moaned, still riding that thick dick in my asshole. I squeezed my bowels around him as I opened my mouth wide.

I swallowed Newcomer’s dirty dick. The sour flavor of my asshole spilled over my taste buds. It was such an exciting delight. I loved it so much. I nursed on it with hunger. I bobbed my head, sliding my lips up and down his shaft while my bowels massaged Crew Cut’s thick rod.

I popped my mouth off Newcomer’s dick and purred, “Delicious. Now let’s try yours!”

I engulfed Spike-Hair’s cock. My lips slid over his crown. The tangy flavor of my pussy filled my mouth. I loved it. I savored every moment of suckling on him. He groaned, staring down at me with those hungry eyes.

“Mrs. Meyers,” he groaned as I sucked my cunt cream off his dick. I liked the sour flavor of my asshole more. But not by much.

I worked my mouth up and down his cock, drool spilling down my chin. My boobs heaved. My asshole slid up and down Crew Cut’s cock. He gripped my hips, holding me tight as I rode him. I loved it as I moaned around Spike-Hair’s dick.

I popped my mouth off him and groaned, “Mmm, that’s good.”

I engulfed Newcomer’s dick again, sucking more of my sour flavor off his dick. My earthy bowels mixed so well with the salty flavor of his precum. Nursing on his cock while riding another dick just made me shiver in delight. It was such a rush. A naughty delight. I enjoyed every moment of it. My mouth worked up and down his cock, buffing him clean.

He growled as I worked. His face contorted with the delight of my suckling. I wanted to have him bursting in my mouth. Just firing off all that wonderful cum into my maw. I would guzzle it down. Just swallow every last drop.

“Fuck,” he grunted as I ripped my mouth off his dick and switched to Spike-Hair’s.

He groaned as I nursed on him. His face contorted. I suckled more of my tangy cream off his dick, the flavor quickly being replaced by his salty precum. I slammed my asshole down Crew Cut’s dick. He grunted as I swallowed him.

“Goddamn, Mrs. Meyers,” he groaned. “I’m going to flood that asshole!”

I couldn’t wait.

I nursed on Spike-Hair’s dick then went back to Newcomer’s. Hardly any of my earthy delights remained. I savored it while it lasted, my boobs bouncing and heaving. Cum dripped off my right one. The other men groaned around me, watching the sight.

Back and forth I went, drool spilling down my chin. I fisted their cocks, stroking the one not in my mouth. They were both groaning as I climbed towards my orgasm. I was so close to it. Just so near to bursting on that big dick.

“Fuck,” growled Spike-Hair as I nursed on him. “I’m going to nut!”

“Me, too,” Newcomer groaned.

I ripped my mouth off Spike-Hair’s dick and fisted them both. “Then cum all over my face. Hose me down like the slut I am!”

“Yes!” Newcomer groaned, his cock throbbing in my hand. He erupted.

“Shit, shit, shit!” growled Spike-Hair. Jizz sprayed from his cock.

They both splashed my face. I opened my mouth wide as they rained their spunk down on me. They coated me in their jizz. It was incredible to have their hot cum splashing on my face as I worked my asshole up and down Crew Cut’s dick.

I slammed my bowels down his shaft, taking every inch of it as the other two basted my face in their spunk. My pussy drank in the wonderful delight. My body exploded in ecstasy. Pussy cream gushed out of my cunt as my asshole writhed around that wonderful cock..

“Shit, yes!” gasped Crew Cut. He exploded in my asshole. “Mrs. Meyers, you dirty whore!”

“I am!” I moaned, jizz running down my features.

My bowels massaged Crew Cut’s spurting dick. He pumped blast after blast of his spunk into me. He filled me to the brim with his jizz. It was wonderful to have his cum pumping into me. Just filling every bit of me with his passion.

I groaned, riding through the bliss. My expression contorted with the delight. It was fantastic to have him unloading in me. He pumped over and over into my bowels, coating my anal sheath with all his spunk. I loved it. Jizz ran down my features. The two who gave me a facial stepped back.

“Mrs. Meyers!” Another guy groaned.

He splashed my left tit in cum. I groaned at the warmth spilling over my breast as my tongue lick up the spunk running down my face. My asshole milked out the last of Crew Cut’s cum. He filled my anal sheath up with so much jizz. It was outstanding to have all that spunk.

More and more splashed on my left boob until that guy ran dry. I shuddered, savoring the way his cum ran off me. I was so coated in the spunk. I slid off the cock in my asshole, standing up. The boys were all hard and ready for me.

I grabbed the Black stud. This time, I impaled my married cunt down his big, Black dick. I groaned as that huge cock stretched out my pussy. I threw back my head, my hands massaging the jizz into my tits. I worked that spunk into my flesh, reveling in it.

A nerdy guy came up behind me. Glasses slammed his cock into my asshole. I shuddered, savoring his dick in my bowels as I worked my cunt up and down the Black stud’s huge cock. The pleasure burned through me.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I howled, staring at my wedding ring. My tongue licked up the cum running down my face.

The watchers fisted their cocks hard. One of them groaned and rushed up to me. I opened my mouth wide and swallowed his tip. He spurted his salty cum into my mouth. I reveled in that wondrous cum pumping into me.

“Mrs. Meyers!” he groaned.

“Fuck!” Glasses gasped, hammering my asshole hard and fast. “I never thought this would be how my first time went.”

His lucky day.

“Shit!” a balding guy said, fisting his dick.

I opened my mouth wide. He didn’t thrust it in. Instead, he fired. His cum splashed on my tongue, sometimes hitting my lips. I groaned, slamming my cunt down the Black stud’s thick cock. More jizz ran down my chin.

“Mrs. Meyers, suck my dick!” Red Head said. He must have just shown up, but he knew who I was. “When I heard about this on Twitter... Fuck.”

I turned my head and purred. “Slide right in, cutie!”

He plunged his cock into my mouth and erupted.

“Fucking whore!” he growled as he filled my mouth.

I gulped down all that cum he fired. So much of it filled my mouth. I savored the delight pouring down my throat. My eyes squeezed closed as I loved it. My pussy clenched down on the Black stud’s cock as I slid up him. Glasses hammered my asshole.

I gloried in that thick cum pouring down my throat.

I reveled in that cum pouring into my stomach.

I rode the Black stud faster and faster as I drained Redhead’s dick. He groaned and stumbled back. Another cock was there to replace him. Goatee was back. I gulped down his jizz a second time, savoring the creamy delight.

Glasses buried into my asshole and exploded.

I gasped, swallowing the last of Goatee’s cum as the jizz flooded me. Hot spurts of cum pumped into my bowels. My orgasms exploded through me. I ripped my mouth off Goatee’s dick and howled out my rapture.

“Fuck, ho,” groaned the Black stud, my cunt writhing around him while my bowels milked Glasses’s cock. “That’s fucking it! Yes!”

Hot cum fired into my pussy and asshole. “Oh, I love this so much!”

Stars danced in front of my eyes. My hands groped my sticky breasts as the waves of pleasure drowned my mind. I quivered through the bliss, my body hungering for all these men’s dicks and attention. I craved it.

I was such a wild slut.

My pussy rippled and writhed around the Black dick flooding my married pussy. My asshole worked out all the nerd’s cum. Glasses panted as he went dry. I squealed in delight, my head throwing back.

“Oh, god,” I gasped. “I need more. I need more cocks in my holes. In my asshole.”

I got them.

The studs were ready for me. I came and came and came. The world became a blur of spurting jizz flooding my holes or painting my body. I trembled on my knees. I rode cocks. I writhed on my back. Pleasure drowned my mind.

The ecstasy of being a slut consumed me. I loved it.

* * *

Clara smiled at the sight of the gangbang.

“Another successful tweet, wouldn’t you say, Mother?” Clara purred, her gorgeous body marching off, big boobs bouncing.

“Yes, Mistress,” her mommy-slut moaned. “What are you going to do next?

“Why don’t we put up a poll on Twitter. See what they want me to do at the mall.” Clara smiled. “There are so many fun things to do.”

Clara was loving this new life as a Goddess. She would remake everyone’s lives, twisting them, perverting them. She felt so liberated. She didn’t care what anyone thought. She no longer had to hide. She could take her perversions to the world.

She started posting options and hit tweet. The poll results started pouring in.

* * *

Tonya Meyers

“Did I wear all you boys out?” I asked, standing up. So much cum dripped down my body. “Well, I suppose I do need to get home and get dinner started.”

The guys grunted. Thick rivulets of jizz spilled out of my cunt and asshole and ran hot down my thighs. I found my dress and pulled it back on, forgoing the bra and panties. I didn’t need those. I was a slut. The jizz bled through my outfit, jizz beading on the outside.

Everyone would know I was a slut. I was so glad. My asshole ached for more big dicks.

My phone rang. I snagged it out of my purse as I headed out of the tattoo parlor, passing a young couple. The wife was glancing at the place. It looked like a new slut was about to be awakened. How wonderful.

“Yes, honey?” I asked, drawing notice.

“Hey, the guys were wanting to come over and watch the game tonight,” he said. “Mind if you pick up some steaks on the way home.”

“Not at all,” I purred. “Have the boys over. In fact, I have this new tattoo that I can’t wait to show them.”

“Eh, tattoo?” he asked in shock. “You got a tattoo.”

“Yep,” I purred and kept walking. More boys to fuck my holes. And one of my husband’s friends was Black. I bet Lester was hung like a stallion. I would love being a butt slut tramp.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...