The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter Twenty-Three: Hags Transformed into Young Sluts

Clara’s day was still going strong at the mall. She and her slutty mother were having so much fun doing so many naughty things. Thanks to her powers as a Goddess, she could rewrite the world with a single tweet and make any perverted thing happen.

“You disgusting pig!” a woman shrieked. “I saw you staring at her ass. Jesus, she’s eighteen. You’re forty-four, you sack of shit!”

“You’re staring at some jailbait’s ass in front of my sister!” another woman hissed. “She should divorce rape your ass and find a real man.”

Clara’s gaze shot to the people. The man was holding so many shopping bags. He was clearly their pack mule. The wife must weigh three hundred pounds. She was overflowing the spandex dress she wore like her fat ass belonged in anything that tight. She had chins that jiggled as she berated her poor husband.

For what? thought Clara. Staring at some hot girl’s ass?

“Come on!” the bony woman said. She must be the sister. A skeletal witch who looked like she would cut you when you hugged her. All sharp angles. “You should be on your knees that my sister doesn’t take everything you have, you fat bitch! Now move! No complaining! We have a lot more shopping to do.

Clara didn’t know any of their names, though. How could she tweet about them? Then inspiration stuck her. She snapped a picture of the unhappy man, his fat wife, and bitchy sister-in-law. Clara attached it to a tweet and started typing.

“The two women in this picture are about to become eighteen-year-old sluts for the man. Busty, hot whores who will do anything to make their man happy!” #HagsToSlut #BitchesToTarts #OldToHot”

* * *

Frank Brenner

I so fucking hated shopping with my wife and that shriveled hag she called a sister. Shelly was bad enough with her shrill voice and all that fat. She had put on the weight the last few years, giving up trying to be sexy. Of course, she claimed it was my fault.

My fault she gotten fat? I didn’t attach the feedbag to the sow.

A camera flashed out of the corner of my eye.

I almost wanted her to divorce me, but she would ruin me with the alimony. I wasn’t about to pay for her to get liposuction so she could find another sucker. Thank god the only thing that could get her fat ass moving was shopping.

But even that was breaking the bank. I wanted to strangle them both.

“Move faster, Frank!” Shelly hissed as her fat ass waddled before me.

“You’re slowing us down, pig,” Victoria hissed. “We have three more shops to hit. They have a sale going on. Move!”

Another pair of hot teenagers, eighteen and gorgeous, strolled by in those jeans that hugged their asses. My wife hadn’t looked that great at that age. I fucking married the wrong slut. I bet she poked a hole in the condom. That’s why she got pregnant and trapped me.

I wanted to look, but I kept my eyes forward so I wouldn’t have those two fucking cunts yapping at me any longer today. They were bitches waiting to tear me apart. They both glared back at me like I had looked.

They were just pissed off they weren’t as hot as them.

“Now you’re looking at them!” my wife snarled.

Some phones chirped around us.

“When you should be looking at us,” my wife purred.

I gaped as my fat wife and her harpy sister weren’t standing in front of me. Instead, there were two naked and busty girls. Barely legal hotties. Eighteen with huge, perky tits. The sort that defied gravity because of the suppleness of youth. One was black hair like my wife, the features vaguely familiar. The big nose gone. The extra chins. The only fat on her was in those huge mammaries and the curve of her ass. She was shaved, her stomach flat and toned, her thighs supple. The other one had my sister-in-law’s brown hair. Instead of disgust in her hazel eyes, there was unbridled lust.

“Oh, Frank, you have got to fuck us!” moaned the black-haired girl that almost sounded like my wife. That voice wasn’t full of contempt but lust. It was young, sweet, like she had been when we met. “You have to ravish us right now. You’ve been so kind to carry our clothes.”

“Yes, yes, so kind,” giggled the brunette, her huge tits jiggling. The pair were definitely sisters, but how could they be my wife and Vivian? “We lost all our clothes when we stopped being hags and became sluts!”

“No longer bitches, Frank!” The black-haired beauty bounced in place, her huge tits heaving. My cock throbbed in my pants. “We’re now your tarts, honey.”

“We’ll do anything you want, brother,” purred the brunette. “I am your sister. By marriage. Isn’t that naughty?”

“Anything, Frank,” cooed the black-haired slut. “I’m your wife. It’s my job to be your personal slut. What do you want us to do?”

The shopping bags fell from my hands in a crinkle of plastic. I couldn’t believe this was happening. How had my wife and her shrew sister become these fucking perfect-ten hotties? Neither of them ever looked this good at eighteen.

Those heaving breasts and dazzling smiles. Those eyes were full of love and not contempt. Lust not derision. They wanted me. My back straightened as a big smile spread on my lips. My cock swelled in my pants, throbbing with my excitement.

“Shelly, I think we overwhelmed our man with our sexiness,” purred Vivian. “I think we’ll just have to rip off his clothes and ravish him.”

“Yes, yes, I can’t wait to get home!” squealed Shelly, and she threw her arms around my neck.

My suddenly eighteen-year-old hot wife kissed me with such passion. Her lips melted to mine, tasting so sweet. She thrust her tongue into my mouth and swirled about in mine. I groaned, savoring every second of what she was doing to me. My dick throbbed so hard in my pants.

Shelly’s hands tore at my shirt. She ripped it up my body as our tongues danced. I didn’t fight her. Didn’t care we were in the fucking mall where everyone could see us. Let them fucking watch. Let them see I had a hot, young wife who had a slut for a sister.

We had to break the kiss to get my shirt off. Instantly, my wife’s big, young breasts pressed into my chest, her nipples so hard and her tits so soft. Then my sister-in-law pressed into my other side, her wonderful boobs as amazing as Shelly’s.

“Fuck,” I groaned.

“Do we make you hard, honey?” my wife purred.

“Do we, Daddy?” my sister-in-law purred. “We’re younger than your kids. Do we make you hard?”

Before I could answer, my sister-in-law kissed me. Her lips were just as sweet as her sister’s. Her tongue thrust into my mouth she kissed me with such passion. It was just a wonderful delight to have her tongue playing with mine.

My wife squeezed my dick through my pants. “Mmm, I think we did make him hard. But we have to find out for certain, Vivian. We have to take his jeans off and see just how hard we’ve made him.”

Shelly broke the kiss and winked at me. My wife and her busty sister sank to their knees before me. They stared up at me with those gorgeous, young faces. They were hotter than any of the barely legal tarts wandering the mall. It was like the universe had rewarded me for all these years of misery.

The sisters attacked the fly of my jeans. They fumbled with the fastener. It popped open. They ripped my jeans down my legs, exposing my cock stretching out my black Fruit of the Looms underwear. My cock throbbed beneath it.

They rubbed their faces into my underwear, caressing my cock through it. I shuddered, groaning at the delight of them breathing in my scent like it was intoxicating. Then they tore down my underwear. They licked their lips as they stared at my cock springing free.

“Doesn’t my husband have the hottest cock there is?” purred my wife.

“Yes!” her sister groaned as they both grabbed my dick. “You’ve been hogging him for too long.”

“She’s been ignoring me for too long,” I growled. “Now you two are going to suck my cock together.” I had been watching a lot of porn the last few years. “And I am going to cum all over your faces!”

“Yes!” they squealed together and licked my cock at the same time.

My wife and her sister slid their tongues up my dick. I shuddered at the feel of them bathing me with their passion. A shiver ran through me as they reached the tip. They caressed over the crown. Pleasure shot down my shaft to my balls.

It was so incredible. Everyone in the mall was walking by not really caring what we did. They passed us by as the two licked and lapped at my dick. A naked girl and a MILF who was eating her pussy out were the only ones really paying attention.

I smiled as the young hottie winked at me.

I turned back to the two trollops loving my dick. Their tongues brushed each other as they caressed me. God, would they do lezzie shit with each other? Sister incest made my dick throb. Not that step-sibling crap on Pornhub. Real incest.

“Fuck,” I groaned as their tongues bathed my cock.

“Mmm, suck a yummy cock,” my wife purred.

“I love your dick, Daddy,” her sister cooed, winking at me.

They made me feel amazing. I grinned from ear to ear. Their tongues caressed my tip. I groaned with the delight of it, savoring every second of them swirling their tongues over my dick. They slid their lips up and down my shaft, kissing at it.

Then my sister-in-law swallowed my cock. She slid that dick into her mouth, finally putting it to some good use. She suckled hard. I groaned, savoring the way she nursed on me. It was amazing. This pleasure shot down my shaft as she bobbed her head.

“Mmm, that’s it,” cooed my wife. “Suck my hubby’s big dick. Just worship that cock, you nasty whore. I know you love it. You’re such a slut for big dicks. Mmm, that’s why you’re just bobbing your mouth like a whore.”

Vivian was bobbing her mouth like a whore. She suckled on my cock with hunger. Her cheeks hollowed as she nursed at me. She swirled her tongue around me. I groaned, my face contorting with the delight of this woman nursing on me.

She suckled up my shaft, nursing with such force on me. I groaned at that. My face twisted with the pleasure of her hot tongue. My cock throbbed in her mouth as she loved me. My balls twitched at how hot this is.

“Mmm, now share,” Shelly cooed. “I never sucked my husband’s cock right, but now that I’m his young slut, I have to do it.”

Vivian ripped her mouth off my dick. “Fine. You can love him, sis. Suck him like that tart you are!”

My wife winked at me and swallowed my cock. I groaned as her mouth slid over my dick. She felt incredible around me, her mouth so warm. Her tongue swirled around my cock. She loved my dick. It was the most beautiful thing my whore-wife had ever done for me.

I savored it. I loved what she did to me. It was incredible having her nurse on me. She suckled with such passion, bobbing her head. I loved how she did that. I savored the way she nursed on me with all that hunger.

“Yes,” I growled. “Just like fucking that, slut! That’s how you use your mouth.”

“Yes, yes, suck our daddy’s cock with that naughty mouth,” cooed Vivian. “Make him cum.”

“On your faces,” I growled. “Then you two are going to lick it off each other and kiss and share it.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Vivian moaned and winked at me.

My wife squealed around my cock and suckled even harder. This was amazing. They really were sluts for me. I don’t know how they could have de-aged and got so hot, but I was glad. I was fucking thrilled that I had them nursing on me like that. It was incredible.

Shelly popped her mouth off and traded me off to her sister. Vivian swallowed my dick and bobbed her head, working her mouth up and down my dick. I loved it. I loved every second of it. My dick throbbed as the pressure in my balls built.

“You’re going to shower us in all your cum, honey,” cooed my wife, her big tits jiggling. “I can’t wait to lick it off my sister. It’ll be so hot!”

“Yes,” I gasped, the pressure building and building at the tip of my cock. My balls tightened from the sucking force Vivian gave me. “You two are my sluts!”

“Yours, honey!”

Vivian popped her mouth off my dick and moaned, “We’re your personal fucktoys, Daddy!”

“Yes!” squealed my wife as she swallowed my cock.

I couldn’t take much more of this. It was so hot having them worship me like this. My face contorted with the delight of this. I would have such a huge orgasm. Just burst in rapture. My balls twitched as my wife nursed on my dick.

Vivian licked her lips, so eager for it. My sister-in-law wanted my cum showering over her face. Her sister’s face. My dick twitched as my wife suckled with passion, drool running down her chin and her big boobs jiggling.

“I’m going explode!” I gasped, the pressure bursting in my nuts.

My wife ripped her mouth off my cock and pressed her cheek against her sister’s just in time. My cum erupted from my dick. I groaned as my pearly spunk splashed over the sisters’ faces. I hosed the sluts down.

They opened their mouths to catch the cum on their tongues, eager to enjoy my spunk like the tramps they had become. My balls twitched as I emptied them on their faces. My heart pounded with the rapture screaming through my veins.

“That’s fucking it, sluts!” I moaned.

“Hose us down, Daddy!” my sister-in-law moaned.

“Yes, yes, just spray all over us, Daddy!” my young wife moaned.

I groaned, my dick spurting across them. I had so much cum backed up. I had so much jizz ready in my balls. It sprayed across them both. I groaned as I reached that peak. Stars danced across my vision. I swayed there, my heart pounding bliss through my veins.

“Oh, Daddy, you fired so much cum,” purred my wife. “Just coated us in all your jizz.”

“Such a naughty daddy,” her sister moaned. “We’re drenched. I suppose we’ll have to lick each other clean. Just lap up all that cum off each others’ faces and share it. Would that make you happy, Daddy?”

“Would it, Daddy?” my wife cooed, her eyes so big. The cum ran over both their faces, the pearly jizz spilling down cheeks and splashing on those huge tits they had.

“Yes!” I groaned. “Lick each other clean, sluts!”

The sisters turned their heads and attacked the cum on each others’ faces. They licked and lapped with such vigorous hunger, their tongues scooping up my pearly jizz off the other’s cheek or chin or forehead. My wife licked jizz off her sister’s chin, tongue flicking to those plump lips.

I groaned as they kissed. They swapped my cum back and forth, snowballing my jizz like it was the greatest thing they had ever tasted. I shuddered, my cock throbbing and aching as I watched the tableau before me.

The incestuous, slutty sight had my dick still hard and ready.

They broke the kiss to lick up more cum. They gladly lapped up the jizz from each other’s cheeks and chins and noses. Their lips met, swapping more of my pearly spunk before they went back to cleaning each other up.

Soon, only streaks of my jizz were left. They stared up at me, my wife asking, “What do you want to do next to us, Daddy?”

* * *

Shelly Brenner

“Sixty-nine,” my husband said. He was a beefy-face man with thick, hairy arms. Stout but still strong. He had touches of gray to his brown hair, making him seem even more handsome. My pussy melted at his command.

My sister stretched out on her back, her legs spread wide. Her shaved pussy dripped with jizz. It was so wonderful to be young and hot. No longer that fat bitch angry at myself for being a pig and so jealous at all those young girls that my husband noticed. I was so afraid he would cheat on me.

Now he had my sister and me as his hot, young sluts. He didn’t need anyone else.

I crawled over her body. My heavy tits spilled over her face. She licked at my nipple, sending a naughty thrill through me. I had never done anything with a woman. I wasn’t gay before, but now I was a slut. And sluts were all bisexual.

My boobs spilled over hers next, our nipples caressing. Sparks flared. My husband groaned, watching the incestuous sight. My tits dragged down her stomach as I came face to face with her cunt. Her tart aroma filled my nose. I hungered for her.

Vivian grabbed my ass and pulled me down to her mouth, parting my butt-cheeks in the process. I buried my face into her cunt. I licked at her. I lapped with hunger at her pussy while she feasted on mine. She slid her tongue through my shaved folds, brushing my clit.

“Goddamn,” my husband growled. “Two fucking sisters sixty-nining? That is the fucking hottest thing in the world.”

“Mmm, it’s naughty,” I moaned. “She tastes so good.”

“I love the taste of my sister’s cunt, Daddy.” Vivian licked my pussy to prove her point.

I moaned and thrust my tongue into her cunt. Her hot sheath squeezed about me. I was just so ready to make her cum. I wanted to drink every bit of her juices. Just gulp them all down. It would be fantastic. My tongue swirled around inside of her.

“Keep her butt-cheeks apart, slut,” my husband growled and his cock plunged into my crack and pressed open my asshole. “I’m going to finally get that anal you’ve been denying me for twenty-four fucking years!”

“Yes, yes, fuck my asshole!” I moaned into my sister’s cunt.

My husband thrust his cock, wet from our blowjob, against my asshole. My anal ring burned. Spit wasn’t enough lube, but I was his slut. I shuddered as the heat swelled and swelled. I tongued my sister’s twat while she licked mine, sending soothing bliss to meet the growing discomfort.

My anal ring surrendered. His shaft plunged into my virgin asshole. I moaned and shuddered on my sister as his cock slid deeper and deeper into my bowels. The heat burned down to my cunt being stirred up by my sister’s twat.

“Fuck, yes, slut!” growled my husband as he went deeper and deeper into my bowels. The burning heat made me whimper. “You’re fucking tight.”:

“I’m glad my asshole pleases you!” I gasped, my body trembling.

My sister’s tongue lapping at my cunt soothed the burning in my asshole. Pleasure and pain mixed in me as my husband bottomed out in me. I loved the feel of his cock filling up my bowels. I squirmed on my sister’s mouth as she feasted on me, his cock so deep in me.

He drew back, the pain lessening. I suckled on my sister’s clit as he thrust back into me. The pain melted into pleasure as my sister fucked her tongue in and out of my cunt. He pumped away at my asshole with such hard strokes, pounding my bowels.

The pain turned into bliss as my asshole relaxed around his cock. I was such a slut, I was even enjoying being ass-fucked by my husband. I squeezed my bowels around his cock, increasing the burning friction that melted to my cunt.

“Fuck, you are a goddamn whore, Shelly!” he growled.

“I am!” I moaned and nibbled on my sister’s clit.

She suckled on mine as my husband speared his cock into my asshole over and over again.

He fucked me hard. Fast. He drilled into me with such prowess. He fucked me with such force. I loved every second of him pounding me. My face scrunched up as I nursed on my sister’s clit. I suckled hard, screaming toward my climax.

My husband’s crotch smacked my butt-cheeks as he plowed into me. He buried to the hilt in my burning bowels over and over again. I loved it so much. I savored every moment he pounded me. Every second he buried that dick into my bowels.

“Oh, fuck her hard,” My sister moaned and nipped my clit.

I squealed and exploded with rapture.

I suckled on her bud as my asshole writhed around my husband’s pounding cock. My juices gushed out and bathed my sister’s mouth. I soaked her with my passion. My husband pumped away at my writhing asshole, grunting and groaning.

“What a fucking slut I married!” he growled as he slammed into me.

“Yes, she is!” squealed my sister. She bucked beneath me, my nipples rubbing into her stomach adding more delight to my orgasm. Her tart juices gushed out.

I drank down my sister’s cunt cream as my husband plunged his cock all the way in my bowels and erupted. His nuts twitched against my taint as he pumped load after load of his jizz into me. He flooded my bowels with all that spunk.

“Shit, yes!” he snarled as he dumped his cum into me.

My bowels writhed around his cock while my cunt spasmed. My sister licked up my juices while I savored her cunt cream. I drank down the incestuous delight as we both trembled together. The pleasure spilled through us. It was incredible to have all that bliss rippling through me.

My mind melted beneath the onslaught of bliss. I hit the peak of my orgasm as my husband pumped the last of his spunk into my bowels. He emptied everything he had into me. It was such a wonderful feeling.

“Oh, god, that’s amazing,” he growled and ripped his cock out of my asshole. “Vivian, you know what you got to do now, you fucking whore?”

“What, Daddy?” my sister cooed into my cunt as I licked at her tart pussy.

* * *

Vivian Masters

“Time to put that fucking mouth to use and suck my dick clean!” growled my brother-in-law as I knelt before him, my face dripping in my sister’s tangy cunt juices.

“Yes, Daddy,” I purred. “Whatever you want!”

I opened my mouth wide and leaned forward. I would take every inch of this dirty dick into my mouth, polishing off my sister’s musk like the incest-loving whore I was. I just wished Frank was my real daddy or big brother. That would be so hot.

I suckled on him, my tongue dancing around his cock. The pleasure swept through me as I savored that earthy flavor of my sister’s bowels. It was so hot knowing this dick had fucked her skank ass and now I got to enjoy every bit of his dick flavored by her.

I bobbed. Sucked. Slurped. Drool ran down my chin as I showed the women of the mall how they should take care of their men. My sister and I were reborn as young sluts. We had a chance to do it right. And we would.

I was Frank’s barely legal tramp.

“Fuck,” growled Frank. “That’s it. Put that bitch-mouth to use. Sucking dicks is what you were born to do!”


My sister’s hand landed on my rump. “Fuck, yes, Vivian. You suck that dick. You love it with that dirty mouth. I want you gagging on him. Just sucking and slurping until he spurts all that jizz into your whore mouth.”

I squealed in delight and bobbed my head, working my lips up and down his cock, taking every inch of him I could. My tongue swirled about him, loving cleaning his dick. I shuddered at the filthy flavor suffusing my mouth.

“Now, you, whore,” Frank said to my sister. “Be a good wife and lick your sister’s asshole.”

“Just a good wife?” cooed my sister as she moved behind me. “I thought I was a wicked wife. A naughty, slutty, kinky whore-wife who is just dying to rim her sister’s asshole for you, honey.”

“Fuck,” he groaned.


Both my sister’s hands slapped down on my rump. I groaned at the stinging sensation. She dug her fingers into my rump. A shiver ran through me. She parted my butt-cheeks and exposed my naughty sphincter to her hungry gaze.

Her black hair spilled over my rump as she pressed her face into my ass-crack. She nuzzled right against my dirty sphincter and licked it. She rimmed my backdoor as I sucked her bowels off her husband’s cock.

It was so hot having her tongue just swirling over my asshole. She rimmed me as I polished Frank’s pole. My man stared down at me with such hunger in his eyes. We were his sluts, and he loved it. He loved every fucking moment of it.

“That’s it,” he growled as my sister’s tongue caressed my asshole. “Fucking whores.”

“Mmm,” cooed my sister against my asshole.

She drilled her tongue against my backdoor as I slid my mouth further and further down my man’s dirty dick. I groaned as my sister wiggled her tongue into my asshole. She swirled it around in my dirty hole. I shuddered.

His cock reached the back of my throat. I didn’t stop. I had to clean all of him. I swallowed his cock.

“Fuck, yes,” he growled. “That’s it, you goddamn whore.”

My sister fucked her tongue in and out of my asshole while I deep-throated her husband’s cock. His dirty shaft slid deeper into my mouth, giving me more of that sour delight to polish off him. I loved it. I licked and lapped at him, my cheeks hollowing as I nursed on him.

“Fuck,” he groaned, his dick throbbing in my mouth. “Goddamn, that’s incredible. Yes, yes, just clean every inch of my dick, whore!”

I would.

My sister kissed my asshole and thrust her tongue into my bowels over and over again. I slid my lips further down her husband’s cock, savoring that sour flavor. I loved it. This heat swept through me. It was amazing to enjoy. I loved the thrill of what we were doing to him.

My sister fucked her tongue in and out of my bowels. She drilled it into me. It was fantastic to enjoy that while I cleaned more and more of that earthy musk off his dick. He went further and further down my gullet.

I hummed to massage him with my vocal cords. I swallowed. My lips came closer and closer to his thick bush. I smelled the salty scent of his balls. I groaned, my cunt melting from the naughty things my sister did to my asshole.

“Shit!” growled Frank. “You can fucking take every inch of my dick, whore. Finally, there’s something you can do that’s worth a damn, bitch.”

There was!

My lips nuzzled into his bush. The curls spilled over my lips and cheeks. My nose nuzzled into his strands as I finally took him all. I swirled my tongue around the last of his cock, cleaning off all that sour musk. I had done it.

I slid my mouth back up his cock, sucking the entire way up him. He groaned as I did that. My cheeks hollowed, his dick throbbing in my mouth. His glans slid out of my throat. My tongue swept around him.

“Fuck, yes!” he growled and grabbed my head.

My bowels clenched down on my sister’s tongue as he fucked his cock down my throat. His shaft buried down my gullet. Hairy balls smacked into my chin. He drew back. I suckled the entire time, drool flooding out of my mouth.

“You are such a fucking slut, Vivian!” he growled. “My slut!”

I squealed my delight. I would scream it out if I could.

He mouth-fucked me hard. His dick plunged down my cock over and over again. He buried to the hilt in me. He screwed my face with such passion. It was fantastic to enjoy him using me like this. I was just a hole to satiate him.

My sister kept swirling her tongue around in my asshole, teasing me as this mighty dick rammed down my throat over and over again. His fingers tightened on the sides of my head. He drew back his cock until only that wonderful tip remained.

“Fucking whore! Swallow!” He erupted.

His salty cum fired into my mouth. You better believe I swallowed. I gulped down that jizz. I drank down every bit of it that I could. The pleasure shot through me. I squeezed my eyes shut and drank down all that wondrous jizz.

“That’s it!” he snarled. “Drink that spunk.”

“Drink it!” my sister moaned.


My butt-cheeks stung from her double spank. I shuddered, my throat working to guzzle down every salty drop of my man’s seed. I nursed hard, working it all out. I didn’t waste a drop of it. I shuddered, my cunt on fire as I swallowed every bit of it.

“Goddamn,” he growled as he pumped the last of it into my mouth. “You love cum, don’t you?”

I slid my mouth off his cock and moaned, “You better believe I do. I just adore cum.”

“There’s more in you sister’s asshole.” He grinned down at me. “Lick it out of her!”

I squealed in delight and turned to find my sister already spinning around on her knees, using the waxed floor of the mall. She bent over, presenting her plump rump. It was just amazing to see her jiggling booty. I drew back my hand and slapped them down on both her butt-cheeks.


“Oh, yes,” she gasped as I parted her asscheeks. “Eat my ass, bitch!”

Already, cum had spilled out of her asshole and coated her butt-cheeks. I ducked my head down there and licked up that salty cum, presenting my plump rump to Frank. I shuddered, savoring the sour flavor infused in his cum that had leaked out of my sister. This was so exciting. Such a thrill.

Frank pressed his cock into my butt-crack. I groaned and knew what he wanted. My tongue licked up more of the cum that had leaked out of my sister’s asshole. I found her backdoor and shoved against it. I popped inside to find more of that dirty jizz.

* * *

Frank Brenner

I thrust into her asshole. She squealed as I penetrate her tight bowels. Her anal ring, loosened up by my de-aged slut-wife, swallowed my cock with whorish enthusiasm. I groaned, my dick working deeper and deeper into her bowels.

A big smile spread on my lips. I groaned, loving the thrill of sliding deeper and deeper into her asshole. It was magnificent to feel her sliding onto me. Her anal ring widened further and further. She whimpered into my wife’s asshole.

“Oh, god, Vivian, get that tongue into my cunt,” groaned Shelly. She clamped her butt-cheeks around her sister’s face. “You’re such a dirty whore! I love it! Don’t you, honey?”

“God, yes,” I growled as I sank to the hilt in her asshole. “I fucking do!”

It was incredible being in that delicious asshole. Pleasure swept through me. My cock throbbed in her bowels as I drew back. She squeezed about me, massaging me with her velvety flesh. A big smile spread on my lips as I buried back into her.

I fucked my sister-in-law hard. Fast. I buried into her bowels with such hard strokes. She groaned, clenching about me as she licked and lapped at her sister’s asshole. I slid my hands down her body and found her breasts.

I squeezed them. Kneaded them.

“Fuck, yes!” I growled, pumping away at her. “You two are mine.”

“Yes, yes, yes, honey!” squealed my wife. “Oh, god, Vivian, get that cum out of me.”

“I can’t reach it all,” she moaned as I slammed into her bowels.

“Then suck it out, you dumb bitch!” I snarled, my balls smacking into her taint.

“Yes!” she squealed and started doing just that.

My wife moaned as the nastiest suckling sound filled the air. A big smile spread on my lips as I heard it. I buried into her asshole with such force. I plunged to the hilt in her, loving every moment of burying into her flesh.

Vivian squeezed her flesh around me as I drilled into her. I fucked her hard and fast. I pummeled into her bowels, my nuts tightening as she kept sucking and slurping my cum out of her sister’s asshole. It was so nasty.

“Shit,” gasped Vivian. “No more cum.”

“Then eat your sister’s cunt!” I moaned. “Make my slut-wife cum!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” gasped Shelly. “Make me cum!”

Vivian slid her lips down to her sister’s hairless twat and feasted. The lesbian incest sent such a surge of delight through me. I buried my cock to the hilt in her bowels, my nuts tightening. The ache at the tip of my cock swelled.

Shelly wiggled her hips, her black hair tossing as her sister licked and lapped at her cunt. The incestuous sight had me thrusting so hard into Vivian’s velvety bowels. I loved it. I buried to the hilt in her again and again, plowing into that juicy depths.

“Goddamn, fuck!” I groaned, my balls tightening as they slapped into her taint.

“I’m going to cum!” Vivian moaned. “I’m such an anal fucking slut, Daddy!”

Her bowels convulsed around my dick. I groaned as I buried into her. I savored her sheath sucking at my cock while she moaned into her sister’s cunt. Shelly gasped. My wife threw back her head, her black hair whipping across her shoulders.

“Fuck, Vivian!” squealed my wife. “You cunt-munching slut! Yes!”

My wife shuddered as she came, too. She must be flooding Vivian with all that cream. It would be gushing out of her cunt and bathing her mouth. I loved it, my dick throbbing and aching in Vivian’s writhing asshole.

“Shit, whore!” I grunted and erupted.

I dumped my cum into Vivian’s asshole. I sprayed her bowels with my jizz. A big smile spread on my lips as I pumped blast after blast of cum into her asshole. Her flesh spasmed around my dick. I groaned, my face twisting with delight. People glanced at us, witnessing how a man dealt with his barely legal sluts.

The pleasure surged through me. My mind reeled from the power of it as both my whores squealed. The two sluts moaned and gasped, Vivian drowning in her sister’s cunt cream as I pumped that ass full of jizz.

I hit the peak of my pleasure. I wanted more. Needed more. My wife had those big tits now. She always had large ones, and there was one thing I wanted her to do to me that she never would. I never even asked.

“Shelly, you are going to give me a titty fuck!” I growled.

“Yes, honey!” my wife moaned and crawled from her sister. “I’ll buff your dick clean of my sister’s asshole with my big tits.”

“Good,” I growled, my dick throbbing and twitching. I ripped my cock out of Vivian’s asshole. I pointed to the wall. “Sit there. I want to rest my head on your tits while your sister pleases me.”

“Yes, Daddy,” my sister-in-law cooed. She crawled to the wall and sat against it, her legs spread wide. Pussy cream dripped out of her pussy and jizz out of her ass. Her big tits jiggled.

I sat between her thighs on the mall linoleum and leaned back. My head settled between her tits, her soft boobs rubbing into my whiskered cheeks. A big smile spread on my lips as my cock twitched and throbbed.

My wife crawled towards me. I glanced and noticed that the naked girl and the MILF were doing something else. She was fucking the MILF with a strap-on doggy style and watching the fun. She kept glancing down at a phone and smiling.

“I don’t ever want to see you two whores on your phones in front of me,” I growled. Young people were obsessed with them like that gorgeous girl over there. Checking her notifications while fucking a MILF?

So sad.

My wife settled between my legs and bent over. She engulfed my dirty cock with her big, lush tits. She squeezed about them and smiled at me. The warmth of her tits engulfed them. It was a delicious sensation to have those soft, plump tits around my dick.

She worked her boobs up and down my cock. I groaned, arching my back and savoring her big tits sliding up and down my dick. Vivian held me, her soft boobs rubbing into my cheeks. I felt so relaxed right now.

I could just float away.

My wife worked her tits up and down my dick. She squeezed them tight about me, her boobs so soft. Her tongue flicked the dirty tip, tasting her sister’s asshole once more. My wife moaned, loving what she did to me.

“This is so fun, honey,” purred Shelly. “All those passing guys are checking out my ass and cunt, but my body is all yours.”

“Yes,” Vivian moaned, her hands stroking my chest. She twined my chest hairs around her fingers. “We’re all yours.”

“Goddamn,” I groaned, savoring the whorish submission while my dick throbbed in my wife’s soft tits.

She worked her boobs up and down my dirty dick, polishing my pole with those lush mounds. Their soft, silky warmth engulfed the crown of my cock again and again, sending delight racing to my balls. My nuts drank it in, growing tight with my cum.

My wife’s tongue flicked across the crown of my dick every time she slid her tits down me. She bathed me. It felt amazing. I groaned, shifting between them. My back arched and cock twitched in her boobs embrace.

“Fuck, that’s good,” I growled.

“I know,” she purred and licked my cock again. “I love the taste of my sister’s ass on your dick.”

“Mmm, it’s just so wonderful to taste, Daddy,” Vivian cooed, her hands stroking my chest.

I turned my head and nuzzled my lips into the inner swell of her large tit while her sister’s big boobs worked up and down my cock. I shifted in delight, savoring the pressure building at the tip of my dick. Especially when my wife licked my glans.

Guys grinned s they walked by. Many of them were carrying their wives’ shopping bags. They flashed me thumbs up, approving how I had my women treating them. Their ladies shot the guys dirty looks.

“I am never doing that to you,” one shrill woman hissed. “I would be caught dead before I did that let alone in public!”

The girl with the phone snapped a picture, still thrusting away at the MILF’s cunt. The girl’s perfect tits heaved as she typed on her phone.

“I just glanced,” said her husband. “It’s not like I expect you to kneel before me and suck my cock right here and now.”

The girl tapped her phone and the woman spun around. Did she look younger? And she had been wearing clothes, right? God, her tits were huge. “Why don’t you expect me to suck your dick, honey.”

She fell to her knees and pulled out his cock right here and now, nursing on him the way a woman should. The bags he held fell from his fingers and rustled on the ground as he enjoyed his wife or girlfriend’s blowjob.

Nice. I was glad he was getting his knob polished.

My own dick was being buffed clean by my wife’s tits. My cock was probably sparkling by now with how tight she squeezed them about me. The silky friction was fabulous, the pressure rising and rising in my nuts.

My wife licked my cock over and over as she worked her tits up and down me. I groaned, my head shifting between my sister-in-law’s big boobs. The pressure tightened in my nuts. I savored this delight. I was hurtling towards a big burst of pleasure.

“Fuck, yes,” I growled. “Just like that. I’m going to cum.”

“All over my face?” cooed my wife.

“Yes!” I snarled.

“Good,” she moaned, sliding her tits down my cock.

I couldn’t last much longer. Her boobs felt too amazing. I groaned as she slid her tits up and down my cock. She engulfed the tip once more. The pressure swelled and swelled. Her boobs slid back down. Her tongue lashed my crown.

“Make him cum!” Vivian groaned. “Make Daddy cum.”

“Mmm, I will,” Shelly promised, her tits sliding back up my cock.

My balls tightened while the guy getting blown groaned.

The girl fucking the MILF squealed out her own pleasure. The woman gasped, “Your mommy-slut is so happy to make you cum, Mistress!”

I groaned at that. It was so hot. Incest. Sex slaves. It was perfect. I loved every moment of it, the pressure about to erupt from my balls as my wife slid her tits up to the tip of my cock. She engulfed my dick with her soft tits.

Vivian cooed, “Cum on her face, Daddy! Cum!”

“Suck that cock, honey!” growled the man getting blown groaned. “I want to cum!”

She moaned, her big tits heaving.

“Let’s go have more fun at the mall, Mommy-slut,” the gorgeous girl with the phone said and marched off naked, her mother scurrying after holding a dildo dripping in her own pussy cream.

“Cum on my face, honey!” my wife whimpered and licked the tip of my cock.

She slid her tits up my cock, engulfing my crown. The pressure burst in my nuts. As she slid her boobs back down, my cum shot up my cock and splashed her face. Spurt after spurt of cum jetted out of me. I groaned, the pleasure slamming through me.

“Goddamn, yes!” I growled as my wife opened her mouth wide to catch the spurting jizz.

Most splashed on her lips and cheeks, but some fired right into her open mouth. She groaned, squeezing her tits around my spurting cock. My head tossed between Vivian’s soft mammaries. I groaned, the pleasure slamming through me.

“Fuck, you are such whores!” I snarled as I hit the peak of my pleasure.

“Your whores,” my wife moaned, cum dripping off her face onto her tits.

I stood up and didn’t even have to tell Vivian. The moment I was out of the way, she leaned forward and licked my jizz off her sister’s face again. I smiled as the two sluts shared a jizz-filled, incestuous kiss, my body buzzing with the rapture of this moment.

“Swallow all that cum, honey!” the guy groaned, his naked and busty wife gulping down that jizz. “Yes!”

I grinned, my mind coming down from the high. I watched my wife and her sister trading my cum back and forth. They were still bitches but in a new way. An exciting way. A smile spread on my lips as I settled on what to do next.

“Come on,” I groaned. They broke the kiss and stared up at me with such submissive eagerness. “Gather up those clothes. We have to take them back. You need different shit. There’s a sex shop near here. Collars, corsets, butt plug tails. So many things for my two bitches to wear.”

“Yes, honey,” my wife cooed as her sister purred, “Mmm, wonderful, Daddy.”

They followed naked behind me, carrying all that garbage they bought. I would get all my money back then play with them right. I couldn’t wait to walk my two eighteen-year-old bitches with their collars snug about their throats and leashes in hand.

I would have lots and lots of fun playing with my new pets.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...