The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter Twenty-Four: Bitch Cops Turned Sluts

Clara continued her travels through the mall. Not to shop. Not in the traditional sense, anyway. She was looking for bullies and bitches and cunts to humiliate. If a man was a dick to his wife, he might have to watch her get gangbanged. If a woman was a Karen to a guy, she’d be putting her mouth to its proper use drinking his piss.

So when she heard a commotion at the sort of quiet, dead-end of the mall past the major chains where a few specialty shops eked out an existence, she found something that made her smile. With her phone in hand, she watched the two female cops harassing the skater.

“What were you thinking,” the first cop said. She was young, her red hair in a bob. It was hard to tell how great her body was beneath her uniform, but she looked sexy. “Skateboarding in the mall.”

“I was just working—”

“No!” the second woman said, shaking her finger beneath his nose. She had blonde hair gathered in a ball at the nape of her neck, her face just as youthful as her partner’s. “You don’t get to make excuses for doing something so dumb and reckless.

Maybe Clara wouldn’t have interfered, but the skater boy was cute. Tall and scruffy, his brown hair mused. He had a lanky build, his jean shorts sagging, a pair of red Converse shoes making a bold statement. A chain connected to his wallet tucked into a back pocket. Clara didn’t like that such a cutie was getting harassed.

Not at all.

She spotted the officers’ nametags and started making her tweets.

“Officer Iris and Officer Tate are two masochistic cop-sluts that secretly want to be dominated by the men they harass!” #CopSlut #BatonSodomy #CuffedAndFucked

* * *

Officer Shannon Iris

“You can’t be skating in here,” I said, glaring at the young man. He was one of those scruffy skaters. Thought he could do whatever the fuck he wanted. I despised them.

“Sorry, sorry,” the youth protested. He wasn’t more than eighteen. “No one comes down here. And those steps are perfect—”

“People come down here!” my partner, Officer Tate, snapped. “So shut up before you talk yourself into any more trouble. You’re lucky all we’re doing is writing you a ticket.”

“A ticket?” he groaned. “Come on. I didn’t—”

“Shut up!” I barked. I hated twerps like this. I—

His phone beeped with a notification.

—hoped he would be the one who knew our secret. My pussy itched. The more I yelled at this cute boy, the more I wanted him to be dominant. To slap cuffs on me. To force me to be his bitch and ram my nightstick up my ass. I wanted to be forced to suck his cock fresh from Officer Tate’s asshole.

But they never knew it.

The youth grabbed his phone and pulled it out.

“You’re checking your text messages now!” Officer Tate hissed. I knew why she was angry. This was another disappointing man. Not an alpha, but a beta bitch who didn’t know how to put women in our places.

“Holy shit,” the skater gasped. He glanced down at his phone. “Clara says you two a pair of masochistic sluts!”

“W-what?” I gasped, my pussy clenching. “That’s not true. Why would you say that.” I smacked his phone out of his hand. It hit the ground and slid across the floor.”

“Oh, you’re going to pay for that,” he said, this cocky grin on his lips. He had gained such confidence. Where had this manliness come from? A tweet. How did this Clara know about us?

A shiver ran through me. My pussy clenched with such heat. I wanted it to be true. I wanted him to do treat me like a whore. Did he have the guts? Or was he just some poser whose dick would wilt beneath our anger?

“I’m going to do so much more to you,” I hissed and pulled out my cuffs. “You’re under—”

He snagged the cuffs from my hands, a big grin on his face. Then he snagged Officer Tate’s from hers. Billie swallowed in shock as he held them both before us. Shiny metal. I could see my face in it. My pussy burned hotter.

“Strip, bitches!” he growled. “I want you naked and on your knees right the fuck now!” He then yanked my nightstick off my belt. It was black-painted metal. The tanto style with the handle thrusting off the side. He smacked it into his thigh. “Right the fuck now, whores!”

I shuddered. My cunt melted. Finally. I had become a cop to find a man willing to stand up to my authority. To discover that there were still real men left in this world. My fingers tore at the buttons of my blouse.

Officer Tate did the same beside me, the blonde as frantic as me. The skater’s smile spread as he watched us stripping before him. He licked his lips, his hunger so obvious. He was going to do such hot things to us. I couldn’t wait for all the wicked things he would do to us. My pussy melted just thinking about them.

I threw off my blouse and ripped off my bulletproof vest beneath. The Velcro tore. I tossed it to the side then yanked off my white t-shirt. My large breasts bounced in my sports bra. The skater grinned. He tapped the nightstick into his thigh over and over again.

“That’s it, sluts,” he said as Officer Tate ripped off her sports bra. Her big breasts spilled out. A pair of E-cups that bounced before her. Her hard, dark-red nipples poked out at him. He grinned and flicked her nub with the end of the nightstick.

She moaned in pain and quivered, her fingers ripping off her utility belt.

She dropped it with her handgun and taser to the ground. It hit with a clang. She was bending down to untie her boots. I peeled my sports bra up my torso and over my head, my big tits swaying. The skater smiled and flicked my pink nipple with the nightstick.

A burst of pain shot from my nub. Just the sort of agony a masochistic slut like me craved from a real man. I had finally found him. I bent down to get my boots off. I had to be naked for him. He was standing over us, just grinning. His cock tented the front of his baggy jean shorts.

“Yes, bitches, I am going to fuck you both up!” he promised. “You’re going to be squealing like the sluts you are. How does that sound?”

“Wonderful,” Officer Tate moaned.

“I want to, Master,” I groaned as I ripped off my first boot and sock. Then I attacked the other one.

Officer Tate bounced to her feet and started undoing the leather belt she wore through her pants belt loops. Yeah, cops wore two belts. Our utility belt and a normal one. We had these clips that held it all together. Going to the bathroom was not fun.

My boot off, I ripped off my utility belt and bolted to my feet, my tits bouncing and smacking together. I undid my belt and ripped open my fly, catching up with Officer Tate. I shoved down my pants and panties in a single go, my trimmed, fiery bush coming into sight. The tangy aroma of my pussy filled my nose.

“Mmm, a landing strip,” the skater said as Officer Tate shoved down her pants and panties. A strip of blonde hair led to her puffy vulva shaved of any hair. “But that bush is cute, too. I don’t mind some au naturale pussy. Not if it comes with a slut. Goddamn, you’re showing the mall that you’re a bunch of sluts.”

“We are,” I moaned, fully naked. “We’re going to get in so much trouble, but I don’t care.”

People were watching. Two naked women, a Black woman who stared at us dumbfounded, and a fat guy that had his phone out filming it. There would be a permanent record of our slutiness. That made my cunt really melt.

“Hands behind your back, sluts,” snapped the skater. “Now!”

I jumped and whirled around my tits swaying. I thrust my hands behind me just like he ordered, my heart pounding. He slapped on my own cuffs. They ratcheted about my wrist. He didn’t tighten them, but they weren’t coming off. In moments, I was bound.

I shuddered in pure delight. A huge smile spread on my lips. I quivered in delight, pussy cream soaking my bush and dripping down my thighs. Officer Tate stood next to me, her big boobs jiggling like mine. He cuffed her in moments. We were both helpless. At his mercy.

I could die happy.

“Kneel and suck my cock, Officer Red,” he growled. “Now!”

“Yes, Master,” I moaned and turned to face him. I fell to my knees and stared at his bulging crotch. “Uh... Your cock isn’t out, Master.”

“So get it out, slut!”

“Yes, Master,” I moaned, my arms twitching, the cuffs biting into my wrists. I had no choice. I had to just lean and pull down his fly with my teeth.

I nuzzled my face into his crotch. I smelled the denim and something salty beneath. I used my teeth, fighting to push the brass button through the pants. I fought to do it, my teeth scraping over it. I felt everyone watching me, a rivulet of pussy cream running down my thighs.

I whimpered as I kept working at it. I just couldn’t get it through the eyelet with my teeth. I tried a few different techniques, but my teeth kept sliding down the back, biting at the threads holding it on. Then they snapped.

I spat the button out on the ground.

“Did you just tear off the button, bitch,” he growled and swung the baton.


I gasped as he spanked my rump with it. Not a full swing, but I felt it. A bruising pain that melted delight down to my wicked cunt. I moaned and snagged the handle of the zipper with my teeth and dragged it down.

His shorts fell off his hips. His cock tented the front of his striped boxers. It was easy now. I grabbed the cloth and tugged, working the elastic waistband down his hips and cock. I felt so wicked being forced to do this.

Just the way a woman should be treated.

“Yeah, that’s it,” he growled. “You’re hungry for my cock. You want it, don’t you, Officer Red?”

“Yes, Master,” I moaned around the cloth in my mouth. I kept tugging.

“And Officer Blondie is just shuddering and watching on in envy. She wishes she was you right now. She’s aching to be forced to do something so humiliating.”

“I am,” whimpered Tate. “Ooh, I want to just be abused by you, Master.”

A young woman laughed in the background as I worked the boxers down, growling like a bitch in heat. The cuffs rattled, metal biting into my wrist as I tugged. His cock sprang out and smacked me in the forehead. I shuddered, loving the warmth on me.

I licked up his shaft to the tip, drinking in the salty flavor of his dick. I reached the tip and stroked over the crown of his salty cock. I loved the taste of him. She groaned as I bathed his flesh and licked up his precum.

Then I swallowed his dick.

“Fuck, yes,” he growled as I slid my mouth down his cock, my big boobs jiggling.

As I bobbed my head and loved his dick, he leaned over me. He pressed the end of my metal baton between the cheeks of my ass. I shuddered as the cool metal found my asshole. He pressed it right against my backdoor. He knew everything that a woman needed.

To be sodomized by a real man while sucking his dick. I moaned around the skater’s cock as my anal ring parted. He pushed the tip against me. I shuddered, my cuffs rattling. The makeshift dildo popped past my sphincter and entered my bowels.

“Goddamn, that worked,” the skater growled. He slid the baton into my asshole deeper and deeper. He must be gripping the handle. He had such control. “Fuck, yes!”

I sucked his dick as he fucked the baton in and out of my asshole.

I squeezed my bowels around that naughty nightstick as I suckled on him. I nursed on him with all I had. I loved it. My head bobbed, mouth working up and down his dick with such hunger. He groaned, His scraggly face burned with his passion.

He grinned at me as he fucked the baton in and out of my bowels. He fucked me hard and fast. I loved what he did to me. The heat of it swelled through me. I moaned around his cock. I suckled with such passion on him.

His dick throbbed in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around him, loving the flavor of his precum. He groaned, jamming the baton into my asshole so hard and deep. My cunt drank in the heat. The cuffs bit into my wrists.

I was bound. Helpless. Forced to suck cock and be sodomized.

My orgasm built and built.

“Fuck, that’s nice, Officer Red,” he groaned. “Fuck, you give good head. Yes, yes, I’m going to blow. Just flood your bitch mouth with cum!”

“Yes, yes, do that,” moaned Officer Tate. “Cum in her whore-mouth. Make her drink all your jizz!”

I suckled with all my might, wanting that so much. I ached for his cum to fire into my mouth. For every drop of his jizz to pump into my mouth. Drool ran down my chin. My boobs bounced and heaved. My bowels gripped the baton, my pussy melting from the heat burning in my asshole.

“Fuck!” he growled and slammed the baton deep into my asshole. His cock erupted.

The moment the skater’s hot cum fired into my mouth in front of all these eyewitnesses, I exploded. My cunt went wild, gushing pussy cream that splashed on the mall floor. My asshole writhed around the baton as I gulped down his spunk.

I swallowed every drop of the salty jizz that fired out of his dick. It was amazing to swallow every last drop of his seed. I quivered with such delight, moaning as I drank down all that spunk. There was so much of it.

“You fucking whore!” he growled and fired the last blast.

I trembled, moaning as my orgasm surged through me. It spilled humiliating delight through my body. I nursed on his cock, suckling on him as my pleasure peaked in me. I was such a cop-slut. Finally, a real man stepped up to put me in my place.

* * *

Officer Billie Tate

“That’s it,” growled the skater as he shoved the dirty baton into my mouth. “Suck Officer Red’s ass off it. Get it nice and clean.

I knelt on my knees, hands cuffed behind me. My big boobs swayed beneath me. The butt of the baton was on the floor. I held it in my mouth and suckled on it. My tongue swirled over the cool surface, savoring the dirty flavor of Officer Iris’s asshole. Shannon tasted so good.

The skater pressed his cock against my pussy. He rubbed up and down my shaved folds. This wicked heat rippled through me. I wanted him in me so much. Just pounding me like the whore I was before all these witnesses.

There were a dozen people now watching, men and women both. They were filming us. Watching our shame. Our humiliation. I moaned around the baton in delight.

The skater thrust his cock into my cunt. “Officer Blondie, that twat. Fuck, that is a twat. You got a wet pussy. Was it hot for you watching your partner sucking my dick and getting sodomized?”

I moaned around the baton, sucking hard.

“Yeah, you loved it,” he growled, pumping away at my cunt. He fucked me with such force. He buried into me again and again.

He plowed his dick deep and hard into my snatch. I loved it. I savored every thrust. My pussy squeezed about him, drinking in the friction of his every thrust. Pussy juices ran down my thighs. My boobs swayed back and forth while the cuffs bit into my wrists.

Shannon watched me. The redheaded cop’s boobs quivered as she knelt nearby. Pussy cream stained her thighs. A puddle of her cream had splashed the floor. Her tangy scent still filled the air I loved it as I nursed her sour musk off.

In moments, it was gone, but that didn’t stop me from sucking on it as the skater fucked my pussy. He pounded my whore-cunt with hard thrusts. He buried his dick into me with such forceful strokes. I whimpered, my pleasure building and building.

“Yes, yes, yes, Officer Blondie,” growled the skater. “You got a fucking tight-ass cunt. You’re going to make me cum. Just fucking explode.

I moaned in delight, my hips working from side to side. I stirred my bowels around his dick, wanting him to make me pop. I hurtled closer and closer to that delight. I loved what he did to me. It was fantastic.

He pumped away at me. He fucked me hard and fast. His nuts slapped into my clit. Pleasure burst from them and rained through my body. I moaned around the baton, sucking on it hard as he fucked me with that big dick of his.

“Fuck her naughty cunt!” hissed Officer Iris. My partner’s big boobs quivered as she stared at me with such envy in her green eyes. “Pound her. Fuck that slut. She deserves to be used. She’s a bitch!”

“And you’re not?” the skater grunted, thrusting away.

“Oh, I’m such a huge bitch-slut,” moaned Iris. “I’ve been looking for a man to put me in my place. Yes, yes, fuck her. Cum in her.”

“Make you lick her clean?” asked the skater as he buried his cock hard into me.

“Oh, that would be so humiliating,” purred my partner. She licked her lips.

The skater laughed as he slammed his cock into my cunt.

His hands slid up my body. He found my breasts. He squeezed them as he pounded my twat. He buried to the hilt in me over and over again. My orgasm swelled and swelled. I whimpered around the baton. I held off cumming.

He had to erupt in me first. I needed his spunk to utterly dominate my cunt and put me in my place. He could knock me up. A real man wouldn’t care. He would just pump his seed into my snatch. I quivered, so eager for it.

His nuts slapped into my clit over and over. The sparks were so hard to resist. I groaned, savoring the pleasure of his big dick as he fucked into me hard and fast. I loved it. My face twisted with delight as he plunged hard and fast into me.

“Fuck,” he groaned. “Oh, fuck, that’s so good. That’s it. Slut!”

His cock erupted into me.

The moment his cum splashed on my cervix, my orgasm exploded. My cunt went wild around his dick. I buckled, arms flexing, cuffs biting into my wrists. I whimpered around the baton as his jizz spurted over and over into my convulsing cunt.

The pleasure surged through my body and splashed my mind. He grunted, bathing my snatch with his seed. I loved it. A real man was dumping his cum into my wicked cunt. I quivered, my mind drowning in rapture.

Stars danced across my eyes as I milked his cock.

“Yes, yes, flood that cunt and make me lick the bitch clean!” moaned Officer Iris.

“Fuck, yes!” growled the skater. His cock erupted a final time. “You take all that cum, slut!”

I did, my cunt suckling at his dick, making sure I wrung out the last of that jizz in him. I felt so dizzy. The pleasure shot through me. A big smile spread on my lips. I groaned, savoring the pleasure surging through my body.

It was utterly amazing. I loved it. I savored that pleasure surging through me. I quivered, hitting that wonderful peak. I trembled there. My heart pounded so fast. It was just the absolute best thing in the world.

I felt so amazing. I shuddered with such delight.

“Fuck,” he growled and ripped out of me. “Get that bitch-ass over here, Officer Red!”

* * *

Officer Shannon Iris

I crawled towards him, my big boobs jiggling. My knees ached, but didn’t care. His wet cock thrust out before him. He had ripped off his shirt, his torso slender but he had curly hairs. He watched my tits, a lopsided grin on his face.

“I want your face snorkel-deep in her quim, bitch,” he growled. “I want you licking and lapping up my cum from her cunt right the fuck now.”

“Yes, Master,” I moaned and turned.

Officer Tate’s cunt leaked out his cum. Her pussy lips gasped open. I leaned in and licked up the jizz that had coated her folds and her clit. I slid over her, savoring the mix of salty jizz and sweet twat. She gasped, her butt-cheeks clenching as I lapped at her.

He pressed his cock into my butt-crack. Wet with her pussy juices, he slipped with ease down to my asshole as I licked and lapped at his cum leaking out of her cunt. I gathered up all the sweet-flavored jizz that poured out of my partner.

“Since your ass is already broken in,” he growled and thrust his cock into my bowels.

Loosened by the baton, he had no problem ripping past my anal ring. I squealed at the burning heat that shot through my asshole. I rubbed my face into Officer Tate’s shaved cunt as the skater sodomized me with his thicker cock.

He reached deeper, too. His balls smacked into my taint. I shuddered, his bush tickling my ass-cheeks. He gripped my hips and drew back. The cuffs bit into my wrists as I spasmed. My tits swayed beneath me while my tongue licked at my friend’s cunt.

I stroked through her folds, gathering up the cum as he slammed his cock back into my asshole.

“Fuck, yes!” he growled in delight.

“Oh, yes, yes, fuck her ass while she licks my dirty cunt clean!” moaned Billie. My partner wiggled her hips, rubbing her cunt across my face.

I licked at her with hunger, my tongue stroking through her folds as the skater hammered my asshole. He drove that thick cock into my cunt again and again. My pussy clenched, drinking in the heat. I whimpered at the delight.

He used my asshole. I was just a thing for him to fuck and dump his cum in. I loved it. My tongue stroked over my partner’s clit. She shuddered, her butt-cheeks clenching. Her whorish moans mixed with my delight.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he growled as he ass-fucked me hard. “That’s it, you fucking sluts. Goddamn, that’s it.”

I thrust my tongue into Officer Tate’s pussy, scooping out his salty cum. I loved that delight. I squeezed my asshole around his cock as he fucked me hard and fast. He buried his dick to the hilt in me again and again.

My boobs swayed beneath me. My arms twitched, fighting to break free, but the cuffs were unyielding. I just had to be a slut. I just had to let him fuck me hard. No choice but to take that big dick in the ass.

I quivered, moaning my delight into my partner’s cunt. I lapped out the wonderful jizz in her. My tongue caressed through her folds I search for more spunk. She groaned, her butt-cheeks clenching. The blonde cop whimpered as my tongue found more cum to enjoy.

“Yes, yes, yes, you fucking whore,” the skater groaned as he fucked my asshole hard.

“Pound me!” I gasped. “I’m a dirty slut who loves it up the ass!”

“God, make that cop-bitch cum!” a guy called. “Fucking uppity bitches. You put them in their places like a fucking champ!”

A cheer ran through the watching crowd. The skater was a hero for dominating us. I shuddered, squeezing my bowels down around his cock. He grunted as he pumped away at my asshole. He buried deep and hard into me.

The heat melted to my cunt. All that wonderful friction melted my pussy more and more. My juices soaked my bush and ran down my thighs. His balls slapped into my taint so full of his cum. He would hose me down.

I wanted that so much.

I sealed my lips around Officer Tate’s cunt. I nursed on her with hunger. I suckled with passion, drawing out all that spunk that brimmed in her. I wanted that delight pouring over my taste buds. Jizz spilled out of her sweet pussy.

“Oh, god, you fucking cunt, Officer Iris,” she moaned. “Suck that jizz out of me, whore. Yes, yes, just drink all that cum out of my twat. I love it. I fucking am enjoying every bit of it. Yes, yes, that’s it, whore!”

I shuddered, my orgasm building and building in my pussy as he ass-fucked me harder. His nuts slapped into my taint, brimming with all that cum he would fire into me. He would hose my dirty bowels down with his spunk.

“Fucking whore!” he grunted as I suckled out the last of his cum from my partner’s pussy.

“She is!” moaned Officer Tate as I attacked her cunt with my tongue, eager to make her cum. I wanted to drink down her lips.

I found her clit and nibbled on it with my mouth. I suckled. Nursed. She groaned, her butt-cheeks clenching before my face. I loved this delight. I savored her pussy cream spilling down my chin as she moaned louder and louder.

Then she squealed and her pussy juices gushed out. A flood of orgasmic passion gushed out of her and bathed my mouth. I groaned, licking up that delight. I lapped up every drop of it. I drank all that wonderful cum. I guzzled it down. I drank every bit of I could.

It was fantastic. She tasted so wonderful. I licked and lapped at her with hunger. I devoured her with such fierceness. She groaned, wiggling her hips and smearing her twat into me as he fucked my asshole hard.

“Shit, you cumming on that whore?” grunted the skater sodomizing me.

“Fuck, yes!” gasped Office Tate. “She’s drinking my pussy cream like it’s ambrosia!”

“It’s so fucking good!” I moaned, squeezing my bowels around his dick. I was so close to cumming.

He plunged into me and erupted.

“Fuck, yes!” he growled. He spurted over and over deep into my ass.

I gasped, loving the way his spunk pumped into me. He basted my bowels. I was so close to cumming as he unloaded in me. His cock erupted again and again. I strained, needing just a little bit more stimulation to make me cum.

“Shit, yes!” he growled, basting my asshole. “Fucking whore!”

“I am,” my hands fighting to reach around and diddle my clit. My face fell from my partner’s pussy. I rubbed my wet cheek into the linoleum. I was almost there.

“Goddamn,” he growled and fired the last of his cum into my asshole. “Fuck, I always got to piss after busting a nut.”

He wouldn’t? My pussy clenched.

His piss streamed into my asshole. It was so different from his cum firing into me. I shuddered as that hot urine flooded my bowels and mixed with his spunk. The degradation of it shot down to my dirty cunt. I detonated.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I howled, my bowels spasming around his dick while pussy juices gushed out of my cunt and splashed the mall floor again. “Oh, my fucking god!”

“The bitch is cumming from having me piss in her ass!” the skater groaned as more and more of his urine flooded me. “Goddamn, she’s a fucking dirty bitch!”

“I am!” I squealed, drowning in rapture.

My asshole rippled around his peeing cock. I shuddered, my cheek rubbing into the floor. I could smell the dust on it. I whimpered through my rapture. His cock spurted a few more times as my mind drowned me in ecstasy.

Rapture swirled around my thoughts as he ripped his cock out of my asshole. I quivered, filling so full. I panted, my orgasm reaching the utter heights of depraved, humiliating pleasure. All these people saw us being used.

It was so wonderful. Finally. Chief Curtis would be pissed, but... I couldn’t help being a masochistic slut.

* * *

Officer Billie Tate

“Lick her ass clean, slut,” the skater said. He threw the handcuff key on the floor as I moved behind the panting Officer Iris. Piss and cum trickled out of her asshole, ran down her taint, and soaked through her red bush.

The skater zipped up and hopped on his skateboard as I moved into position. He winked and pushed off, skating brazenly through the mall like a boss. The crowd around us had grown to twenty or thirty people.

“Have fun with the sluts!” the skater shouted. He thrust his hand into the air, two fingers thrust up in a V. “Peace!”

Then he was gone and the crowd was pushing in around us, salivating for us. They were so eager to fuck a pair of slutty cops. To use us. I was eager for it, too. Cocks came out as I pressed my face into Officer Iris’s cunt. I licked up her tangy pussy cream and the acrid urine that had dribbled out of her.

This was so humiliating. My cunt dripped with juices as I licked up her taint, gathering up the piss and cum. I reached her asshole and sealed my lips around her. I just let the sour-flavored urine and spunk dribble into my mouth.

“Goddamn,” a guy said behind me. He just slammed his cock into my pussy. I had no idea who he was, but he was eager to fuck my cunt. The stranger gripped my hips and fucked me.

I was helpless. I had to let him pound my cunt. To use me.

My tongue swirled around my partner’s asshole. Shannon moaned as I did that. She squeezed her butt-cheeks around me. More of the urine and cum spilled into my mouth. I moaned at the mix of dirty flavors and gulped it down.

“Goddamn fucking uppity bitches,” a Black guy said. He knelt before Officer Iris and grabbed a fistful of her red hair. He yanked her head up from the floor and rammed his big, ebony cock into her mouth.

She groaned around him, her butt-cheeks clenching about my face even tighter. She suckled with sloppy passion. I moaned as the guy fucking my cunt just thrust away. He pounded me hard and fast. He buried to the hilt in me, his nuts slapping my shaved pussy lips and clit.

Other guys were moving in around us, stroking their cocks. The skater had left us at their mercy. I shuddered, my wrists bound behind my back. My boobs swung beneath me as I squirmed, undulating my pussy around the stranger’s dick pummeling me.

“Goddamn, look at these sluts go,” growled a guy to my right fisting his stubby dick.

“Fucking cops thought they were better than that kid,” another guy said. He fisted his dick, his gut thrusting out before him. “He showed these cunts.”

“Yes, he did,” the one fucking my cunt grunted. He pounded me hard, stirring up my pussy.

I whimpered, my cunt clenching down on him. The trickle of urine and cum from my partner’s asshole slowed. I had to fix that. I suckled hard on her. I nursed with passion. I had to draw out every drop of jizz I could. I needed it.

I wanted to have such a big orgasm.

So I had to be as filthy as possible.

My tongue thrust into her asshole. I pressed into her and found more of that naughty liquid waiting for me. I clamped my cunt down on the dick fucking me and nursed on her. I suckled up the cum and piss in her bowels, mixed with that earthy flavor.

She moaned around the Black guy’s cock. She suckled on him as I drank that dirty delight pouring out of her asshole I gulped it down, my orgasm building and building. My clit burst with sparks from the stranger’s nuts slapping into me.

“Goddamn,” one of the guys fisting his dicks moaned.

His cock erupted. Cum splashed on my side and ran down to my swaying breast. He painted me in his spunk, erupting over and over again. The pleasure shot through me. The degradation at being jizzed on by a complete stranger. I was a cop. An authority figure.

And they fucking used us as things. It was glorious.

Another guy erupted, splashing Officer Iris’s back and sides while the guy jizzing on me basted my arms. I groaned, ropy lines of cum falling across my body. My orgasm swelled. I nursed out the last of the piss from my partner’s asshole.

“Shit!” the stud fucking my twat moaned. He buried into me and erupted.

Hot cum pumped into my snatch. I closed my eyes, my cunt writhing and spasming around that spurting cock. My orgasm swept through me. I squealed in delight, cumming hard, his jizz basting my womb with all that spunk.

“Goddamn, fuck!” another guy gasped.

“Shit, yes!”

Jizz splashed on me from both sides. I lifted my head from between Shannon’s butt-cheek and took a blast of cock-milk right in the face. I groaned, closing my eyes and bathing in that wonderful cum splashing across my features.

I was being drenched in cum. It was amazing. Wonderful. I quivered in delight as my pussy milked the cock spurting in me. I quivered through the delight, hot spunk raining across my body. I was such a dirty whore.

“Goddamn bitch!” the Black guy moaned and fired spunk into my partner’s mouth. “Drink that cum. Fucking whore!”

“Drink it!” I howled, my orgasm rippling shame through my body. “Oh, fuck, yes!”

Jizz splashed on my tits. It landed in my blonde hair. They coated me in it as my pussy milked out that cock. The mall crowd cheered our humiliation. They loved that we were a bunch of dirty whores being used by the men.

“Put those cunts in their place!” echoed from the crowd. “Show those slutty cops what their new role is. Fucking cock-loving whores!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I howled, my orgasm hitting that amazing peak, my cum-soaked tits heaving. This was incredible.

* * *

Officer Shannon Iris

I straddled this Mexican guy. He held up his golden-brown dick. I shuddered, cum running across my body. I nuzzled my pussy into that wonderful cock and impaled myself down him. I gasped as I swallowed his big dick.

“Fucking puta!” he growled. “I knew you fucking cops were just a bunch of whores! Sucking the fucking politician’s dicks.”

“Now I’ll suck any guy’s dick!” I moaned as I bottomed out on his cock. “Yes, yes, just give them to me.”

A guy moved up to me, thrusting his cock at me. I opened my mouth wide and suckled him in me. My lips sealed around his dick. I shuddered, tasting sweet pussy cream from my partner. I heard Officer Billie Tate moaning in the background as she was used.

I slid my cunt up the Mexican’s dick. His cock massaged my cuntal walls. The pleasure rippled through me. My cum-coated tits bounced as I slammed back down him. I suckled on the dick in my mouth, nursing on him.

“Gotta fuck that ass,” another guy said.

He pressed his dick into my butt-crack. I froze in my riding, my fingers twitching. He stroked up and down my crevice until he found my aching asshole. He pressed right against my backdoor. I whimpered in delight. He drilled against me. My anal ring widened and widened.

I groaned as he popped into me. My entire body trembled, the heat sweeping through me. This was incredible feeling his cock slide deeper and deeper into my bowels. I had three dicks in me. I moaned, sucking hard on the cock in my mouth.

“Fuck!” that guy groaned.

His cock didn’t erupt with cum. He pissed in my mouth. The acrid liquid filled my mouth. I gulped it down. I swallowed every drop of it as I worked my pussy up and down the Mexican’s cock. The guy fucking my asshole thrust away.

The dual frictions were so hot. I savored them as the urine poured down into my stomach. I closed my eyes at how humiliating this was. I slammed my cunt down one cock as the other pounded my asshole. I shuddered at the pleasure building in me.

“Fucking whore!” the guy pissing in my mouth moaned. “Just a fucking toilet. All you fucking female cops are good for.”

“Amen!” a guy shouted.

I suckled on him, drawing out the last of his urine. He ripped his cock out of my mouth. Drool ran down my chin. I shuddered, my tits heaving. The jizz dried on them, making them a sticky mess. I loved it.

“Yes, yes, I’m just a toilet!” I moaned. “A fucking cum-toilet to be used. Oh, yes, yes, fuck my ass!”

“Ride my cock, puta!” the Mexican growled. “Shit, you got a tight cunt. Instead of arresting Chicanos, you should be fucking them.”

“That’s right!” I moaned. “I’ll fuck every man. I’m not a racist. I want all your dicks. Use me! Abuse me! Oh, yes, yes, I’m going to fucking cum!”

I slammed my cunt down that thick dick, my clit bursting with pleasure as I ground my bud into his pubic mound. Pleasure sparked through me while my asshole melted around the other cock fucking me. That big dick plowed into me hard and fast.

My tits bounced and jiggled. I groaned as I worked my twat up and down that amazing dick. I whimpered, loving all these people watching me. That naked girl was typing on her phone, a wicked grin on her face.

Chirps echoed around the room.

The cock fucking my asshole thrust faster and faster. The friction melted to my cunt stuffed with all that dick. I loved it. It was so incredible. I groaned, my pussy slamming down the Mexican’s dick. He filled me up with so much cock.

I squealed in delight, about to burst. My pussy and asshole clenched down on the cocks. The dick in my bowels plowed in hard. I gasped, the heat mixing with the fire building in my cunt. I ground my clit into the Mexican’s pubic bone.

Sparks flared.

I exploded.

The fire raged through me. The hot flames burned through my body. I gasped and moaned as both my holes spasmed around their cocks. My tits heaved and bounced. I whimpered as the stars danced before my eyes. It was so incredible to have this rapture blazing through me.

“Fucking puta!” The dick in my cunt erupted.

“Yes, yes, I’m such a fucking whore!” I howled as my cunt writhed around his dick.

I milked his cock, savoring his cum soaking my womb. The rod fucking my asshole slammed in hard. The guy grunted. His jizz flooded into me. I shuddered, two dicks erupting in me at the same time. I was in slut heaven.

My head tossed. My jizz-matted hair clung to my face. I whimpered, the flames consuming my mind. I gasped and moaned as all this rapture burned through my flesh. Every bit of me blazed with ecstasy as I reveled in being a whore.

“Fucking bitch!” a guy growled. His cock erupted in my face.

I bathed in his cum. I shuddered as his spunk splashed on my cheek. I opened my mouth and gulped it down. I swallowed every bit of that jizz that erupted from his cock. I savored the spunk raining over my features. My tits heaved the rapture surging through me.

Cum splashed on my tits. Another dick was spurting from my other side. I whimpered, letting the jizz bathe over me. I howled out my ecstasy, my voice echoing through the mall while the watching crowd cheered the men on.

* * *

Officer Billie Tate

The cock fucked my asshole while I nursed on another dick in my mouth. I savored the sour flavor of the ass on it. I loved that taste as they used me as whores. My orgasm built and built with their every thrust into me.

They fucked me hard and fast. My tongue polished that dirty dick. I whimpered, my tits heaving. Cum dripped off them. This was so wonderful. I never wanted this to stop. I wanted to keep experiencing this humiliating bliss.

To be used by men. What was better for a woman?

I nursed off that dirty flavor from the dick in my mouth. The other fucked my bowels hard. The heat melted to my cunt. Another orgasm built and built in me. Cum splashed on me from the sides, men grunting as they hosed me down.

I rocked back and forth, my tits swaying beneath me. I squeezed my eyes shut, my orgasm swelling faster and faster. The spunk ran over my body. Soaked my hair. Ran out of my pussy and poured down my thighs.

I was a whore. A bitch. A cum-dumpster.

I exploded.

My orgasm swept through me. My asshole writhed around the cock hammering me. I squealed around the dick in my mouth. I nursed on him, drool dripping down my chin. I shuddered as another cock erupted onto my body, painting me in spunk.

“Shit!” the guy fucking my asshole groaned. He ripped his dick out of my bowels and jizzed on my ass.

He painted me in ropy lines of spunk as my cunt spasmed. My mind drowned in rapture. I nursed hard on the cock in my mouth, cum coating me everywhere. My handcuffs rattled from behind me. I whimpered in delight, my tongue dancing around the cock in my mouth.

“Shit!” the guy fucking my mouth moaned.

His cum erupted.

Hot jizz pumped into my mouth.

I gulped it down.

I swallowed all that spunk as more and more jizz splashed on my ass. My back. Soaked my hair. I groaned, my pussy writhing. Hot cunt cream ran down my thighs. I quivered in delight, my mind melting from all the rapture.

“I’m a dirty whore!” my partner howled.

The crowd whooped and cheered.

We were put in our places. I loved it so much. It had finally happened. Finally, we could stop being such uppity bitches to men. Stop being dominant. They had finally realized we were weak whores begging to be used.

And I loved how they used us.

* * *

“What the fuck is going on?” an older cop flanked by three other officers said.

Clara smiled. Her last tweet was working. The commanding officer of the sluts had just arrived to find them. He would have a new role for them. The crowd melted away. The two sluts were quivering on the ground covered in cum.

“You fucking whores!” growled their commander.

“C-Chief Curtis,” gasped the redheaded cock, her holes leaking spunk. “We were just—”

“Being fucked like a pair of dirty sluts?” he snarled. “Your equipment scattered across the mall? You think you’re fit to be fucking cops? Hell no. You’re fit only to be the squad’s cum-toilets.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” the blonde cop moaned. “I’m a cum-toilet. Use me!”

“Get them the fuck out of here!” the commanding officer said. “I want them chained in the middle of the fucking squad room. Free pussy for any cop to enjoy!”

Clara smiled. She loved her powers. She was having so much fun at the mall. She wondered what would happen next. She hoped there would be more uppity bitches around. She snapped her finger to get her mother to follow and marched off.

She was eager to find out what fun she would have next.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...