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Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Rich Brat Turned Porn Star Slut

Note: This is an expanded version of Part 29 that has contribution from a fan named BeeBee.

Clara was done with the mall. But before she left the mall she took one last look all she had accomplished.

Frank was leading his nude pregnant slaves they sure were happy. They crawled behind him all smiles , their leashes in his hand.

A lot of women were walking into the tattoo parlor and coming out as good sluts.

Mr brenner was leaving with his wife and sister-in-law. Both of whom were dressed in mini skirts and halter tops and carrying bulging bags from the local sex shop.

Former officers Iris and tate were still covered in cum they were naked and cuffed. Being put in the back of a police cars to be taken to the station to be used as cum dumpsters.

Five catholic girls were entering the belly dancing studio three western girls wearing black silk bikini sets, mock-covered with sashes and see-through veils over their faces ushered them in.

“They look like harem whores.” joked Clara.

There was a long line of bitches waiting in line outside the comic book store. Each one willing to do whatever it takes.

A sobbing eighteen year old girl dressed in a pretty pink princess dress was being dragged out of mall by her mother talking about how her new daddy was going to set her straight.

Clara wasn’t sure where she wanted to go after the mall. There were some great possibilities she was thinking about. She decided to hit Twitter to find out if there were any ideas. She stared at all the many tweets she had been tagged in begging her to spill secrets about this or that person.

Then she was annoyed with an ad.

“Perfect Princess Pageant Coach,” was the name of the company. “I promise to turn your daughter into a beauty queen! Results guaranteed! The pageant circle and its rewards await!”

“Pageant... beauty queens...” Anger swelled in Clara. “Those are just whores too scared to do porn. They...” An idea popped into her mind. Her fingers started tweeting.

“Perfect Princess Pageant Coach is now Perfect Princess Pornstar Coach. He’ll make your daughter into the most hardcore slut possible. No matter how they resist, he’ll make her into a porn star whore. She’ll climb to the peaks of the adult world!” #BeautyQueenPornStar #PornStarTrainer #VirginToWhore”

She hit send and grinned, wondering what new porn stars would be born.

* * *

Darla Carpenter

I was not happy that my mother had dragged me to a beauty pageant coach. I sat with my arms folded. I was eighteen. I shouldn’t have to listen to her. She sat next to me, her hair perfectly coiffed, her nails immaculately done. She did all that work to make herself into the “ideal” woman for the male gaze.

“Beauty pageants are obscene, Mom,” I hissed. “They are just another way the patriarchy reduces young women into objects for the lusts of men and their vile gazes!”

“Trust me,” Mom said. “They do wonders for your self-esteem when you win, and open doors to meet men of real value. You’re young. Entering your prime. You want to get a man with means now before he finds another young woman.”

“I don’t want to be a wife for some fat guy with a million dollars in his bank account,” I hissed. “That’s not what any woman should aspire to be. I’m going to be a CEO. I’ll have the millions.”

“And by the time you achieve it, you will have hit the wall, your beauty fading, and none of the men at your social level will want you.” Mom turned the page in her beauty magazine that indoctrinated her into this bullshit. “You’ll be bitter, refusing to date beneath you because no one can stand settling for a man that makes less than her, and end up with five or six ‘fur babies’ to take care of thinking they will bring you happiness that children won’t.”

“That’s complete horse shit, Mom!” I snapped. “I—”

“Darla,” a man grunted from an open door. He was a tall guy with hairy arms and an ugly face. This was the coach? He had a bit of a beer gut. I sneered. “Come on, I don’t have all day.”

“Get,” Mom said with such authority in her tone.

“Fine,” I muttered and stood up. I slouched to the open door where the coach waited. “Teach me to be a dainty lady who doesn’t have a thought in her brain.”

“I’ll try,” he growled, staring at me. “You might be uncoachable. How much of that feminist dribble have you suckled on? Shit rots your brain.”

I glared at him, but he just chuckled and motioned me inside. It was full of elegant dresses, a makeup table with a collection of products. There was a little stage, a mock runway. Light streamed in through large windows that reached up to the high sealing. It was revolting in its girlishness and—


His phone chirped in his belt.

I looked around and was surprised that there was a bed. A couch. A mock bathroom with a tub. There was lots of lingerie on the racks. None of the elegant dresses I would have imagined. I stared at him in confusion.

“Why is there a bed here?” I asked. “What does that have to do with beauty pageants.”

“Oh, I don’t turn girls into beauty queens,” he said, his grin evil. “I’m done with that bullshit. I just teach them to be porn stars. Skip over all that pretense. Your mother is eager for you to start earning your keep. Not that she’ll get much after my huge cut.”

“What?” I gasped, staring at him. “A porn star? That’s disgusting. I won’t be—”


His hand struck my cheek. Not even that hard. It was just... so shocking that I shut up and stared at him, my eyes quivering from the stinging heat. I touched my cheek where he slapped me. What was going on here?

“A slut doesn’t use ‘I’ or ‘me’ or ‘my’,” he growled. “A slut speaks in the third person. ‘This slut’ or ‘she’. Do you understand, slut?”

“No!” I gasped, my anger rising. “I will—”


This time, it was harder. My head snapped to the side. I stumbled and gasped. My eyes beaded with tears. The pain throbbed across my cheeks. I caught my balance and glared at him in absolute fury that he had done that.

“You odious asshole, you think I’ll—”


“A slut refers to herself in the third person,” he spat, his eyes full of promise. Both my cheeks burned. I rubbed at them, quivering from the heat. “If you use ‘I’ one more time, I will bend you over and spank that plump ass of yours.” He grinned. “It is perfect for it. Do you understand me, slut?”

I opened my mouth to say, “I understand,” but then cringed, my cheeks burning. Could I say this? “P-porn is demeaning to women,” I stuttered instead. “It dehumanizes them and t-turns them into objects for m-men’s lust. It’s wrong.”

He grinned. “That’s correct,” he said. “Do you understand that you’re here to be turned into an object fit for only satisfying men’s lusts?”

“No!” I gasped and tried to run from him. “I won’t do it!”

As I turned, he grabbed my black hair and yanked me back. Pain burst across my scalp as he hauled me around. There was such promise in his eyes that he would spank me for using the “I” pronoun. I quivered in fear, my cheeks burning.

“T-this... this girl is sorry for saying ‘I,’” I whimpered. “P-please don’t spank this girl.”

“This slut,” he corrected. “Say it, or I will spank that ass until you can’t sit on it for a weak.” He pulled harder on my hair. “Do you understand, slut?”

“This...” I swallowed, tears about to spill down my burning cheeks. “This... sss... This ssslut understands.”

Humiliation burned through me at having to say something so horrible and demeaning. I just had to get through this. Get back to my mother. There was no way she brought me here for this. No way at all. Tears spilled hot down my face.

“Good,” he said. “Good. Now, slut, strip naked I want to get a look at you.” He stared at me in my baggy sweater and loose jeans. “Fucking hard to tell how good your figure is in all that crap you’re wearing. Take it off.”

I shook my head. I couldn’t do that.

He smiled wickedly. “You won’t strip for me?”

I shook my head again, trembling. What would he do to me if I didn’t take off my clothes?

He turned and headed to a table. I quivered as he picked up a pair of heavy-duty scissors. They didn’t have sharp ends but rounded tips on the blades. He moved towards me with them. Fear trembled through me as I stared at them.

“These are trauma sheers,” he said. “They are designed to cut off clothes from injured people, including jeans, without hurting them.”

My eyes bulged. “Wait, I—” My words caught in my throat as that pronoun slipped out. “This slut will take off her clothes. You don’t have to cut them off... her.”

“Too late,” he growled and seized me by my hair. He yanked back my head as he thrust the scissors towards my neckline with his other hand.

The scissors cut down my sweater so fast. In moments, it was hanging open to reveal my large breasts squeezed into a restraining bra that compressed them down and forced them to be flat. He blinked at that.

“Are you trying to hide how big your tits are?” he said in surprise. He stared at me like I was a freak.

“T-to hide them from the m-male gaze,” I sobbed. “This... this slut isn’t... an... an... object.”

“But a slut is an object,” he growled. “Especially a busty slut.”

He slid the scissor down into my cleavage, the rounded tip sliding over my skin. With a snip, he sheered through the bra band, underwire and all. My huge tits sprang out. He gasped at the sight of my F-cups bouncing there.

He cupped one with his hand, squeezing it. I shuddered at his disgusting touch. He flicked out his thumb and massaged my wide areola. To my horror, my nipples puckered up from the heart of the pink ring. He grinned as my other nub hardened, too.

“Yes, yes, you are a naughty slut,” he said. He pinched my nipple. I gasped at the heat shooting down to my cunt. This couldn’t be happening. That couldn’t be my pussy getting... wet... “You are going to make me so much money being fucked on camera.”

I glanced around the room. This was a porn studio. No, no, this couldn’t be happening.

He released my nipple then lightly slapped my breasts. He grinned as they rippled from the impacts. He nodded in satisfaction then shot his hand down and hooked the front of my jeans, pulling them from my skin. The scissors darted after.

He cut down my right leg, kneeling and working quickly. He was ruining my clothes. I quivered there, hands covering my tits. I would have to... to... wear one of those skimpy outfits to leave here. I trembled, my heart beating so fast.

More tears tickled down my body as those stupid scissors cut my jeans with such ease.

My pants barely hung on, clinging to my left leg. He started from the cuff this time and cut up the front of them. Already, my black boy shorts were on display. Not sexy panties. Those were invented by the patriarchy. Another way of forcing women to please men and not to allow them to wear something comfortable.

He cut up to the very top. My jeans fell off. I swallowed as he went to my shoes. I thought he would cut them off, but he just ripped them off and my socks. In moments, I was down to my boy shorts. He leered at me and took a big step back.

“P-please,” I whimpered.

Take your panties off yourself” he said calmly. “Or else he snarled.

This hairy slob was a monster. An ogre who wouldn’t relent until I was naked.

I was helpless what could I do. Even more slowly, my eyes full of tears and pleading silently for mercy, I bent over and slid my shorts down my thighs and legs until I stepped from them, totally nude.

“Turn around.” He said

Fearing more punishment I did so.

“Now bend over and pick them up”

I began to bend my knees. He jumped over and grabbed my hair, so he could turn me around.


“A porn star always bends at the waist. You must always show of your assets” He pinched my nipples hard. “this is what you are an object for men’s approval show your goodies at all times don’t forget again.”

He stepped back and I bent over at my waist giving my tormentor a great view picked up my underwear .

He walked over, took them and cut them up.

“Don’t talk during the inspection.” He began examining my body like a car.

“It’s a cute look on you, slut,” he said. “Casual. For the right sort of scene, they’re perfect, but...”


He opened and closed the scissors.

“P-please,” I whimpered as he brought them closer to my panties. This was insane. I had to put a stop to this, but there was nothing I could do. This hairy slob was a monster. An ogre who wouldn’t relent until I was naked.

The scissors slid into the leg hole of my panties and cut up. In moments, he was pulling them off, revealing my black bush, wild and untangled. He stared at my big bush then. He stroked my legs and glanced at my armpits.

“I almost thought you wouldn’t shave your legs or pits,” he said.

“I... That’s just good hygiene,” I whimpered.

“Some guys like that thick bush,” he said. “We’ll let you keep it. For today. I might change my mind, slut.” He rose. “So, on your knees.”

“W-what are you going to do m.... this slut?” I whimpered as I trembled, my hands struggling to cover my ample tits and ass.

He grabbed the top of my head and shoved. I gasped as my legs buckled. I landed before him, my face at level with his crotch. He wore a pair of gray slacks, his cock bulging the front of them. I swallowed. He couldn’t mean for me to do that. Blowjobs were the most demeaning thing a man could make a woman do.

“Pull my cock out and suck it, slut,” he growled. “And if you bite, you will regret it.”

I shook my head, whimpering. This was too much. I wouldn’t—


His hand smacked my face. I gasped as the pain spilled over me. It burned. He didn’t even do it that hard, but it was enough to make me shiver. He arched an eyebrow.

I shook my head again. I wouldn’t do it. I would draw the line at—

He seized my by the hair and turned. He marched to the table, forcing me to crawl or be dragged. My knees smacked into the hardwood floors. I winced as I scurried after him, my big tits bouncing and heaving. This was insane. This couldn’t be happening.

He grabbed from the table a wooden paddle. My eyes bulged. He grinned down at me. “You going to suck my cock, slut?”

I shook my head again, cringing. My butt-cheeks clenched.

“Good,” he said with a vicious grin. “You have an ass made to be spanked, slut!”

He yanked me to my feet with a hard jerk, my scalp burning. Then he bent me over the table and easily pinned me down. My boobs rubbed into the cool, Formica surface. My nipples throbbed. This strange heat grew in my twat.

Why was I getting turned on by this? It was sick. I wasn’t a slut. I wasn’t! I would refuse to do anything this terrible, horrible—


Pain exploded across my rump. I gasped as the heat melted down to my pussy and joined that hot itch already forming there. I groaned, my butt-cheeks clenching.

“Are you going to suck my cock, slut?” he growled.

“No!” I gasped then cringed as I knew the next—


The paddle slapped down across both my butt-cheeks. I bucked on the table, held down by his hand. My nipples rubbed into the table. Pleasure burst from them as the burning agony set my cunt on fire. This was insane.

“Damn, I love watching that plump ass jiggle, slut,” he said. “You have an ass made for this. You are going to be a fucking star.”

“This... this slut doesn’t want to be a star,” I moaned, my cunt itching even more.


I bucked at the pain, whimpering from it. It hurt so much. It was just a cock. I could just—

No! I could not surrender. I could not become a slut for—


The pain roared across my rump. My twat clenched. Pussy juices soaked my bush. I whimpered and trembled, my nipples throbbing against the smooth, cool surface of the table.


I squealed at the pain.

“Like a sow,” he groaned. “Love that sound. Mmm, you want to keep making it, or do you want to suck my dick like the slut you are, sow?”

I squeezed my eyes shut. I had to refuse. I had to be strong. It was just a spanking. “No!”


I bucked and sobbed out at the pain. My pussy burned so hot. I shuddered there, sucking in wild breaths. Tears spilled out of my eyes. My butt-cheek clenched. The pain spilled about it. I would have to keep taking—


Agony burned across my butt-cheeks.

“This slut will suck your cock!” I howled, the pain blazing across my ass. My pussy burned hotter than it ever had. “This slut will suck your cock!”

I couldn’t stop myself from saying those words. He released me and stepped back.

“Now get on your knees and suck my dick like you love it.”

I shivered there I whimpered, it was then that I realized I would have to do this. I would have to suck his dick, or he would keep spanking me I’ve got to get out of here. My ass burning, I slid off the table, turning to kneel before him. The trip of my knees bending in cooperation was soul crushing.

“Wait, before you finally use your mouth for something useful put these on.” he handed me pair of high heel shoes. I slipped them on of course the patriarchy loves to put women in ridicules high shoes. I couldn’t wait to take them off. But to my horror I snapped a small lock on the left one. Before I could register what he had done he snapped one one the right. “You will be wearing those for months get used to them. Now suck my dick.”

I was really doing this. I was just afraid of another slap. Of that hot itch in my thighs. My heart hammered in my chest as I stared at that bulge in his slacks. It was so big. How could I do this? I had never done it before.

“If you make me spank that ass again after you promised to suck my dick, slut, I will make you regret it,” he growled.

I squeaked and shot out my hands. My ass burned from his spanking. I unzipped him. Then I unfastened his slacks. He wore nothing beneath. His cock just shot out. It was thick and pink. The tip throbbing and dripping precum. This salty scent filled my nose. This was disgusting.

I whimpered as I didn’t know what to do. Suck on it, I guessed. I grabbed his cock with a tentative hand. He throbbed. I didn’t like that at all. More of that liquid was spilling from the slit at the tip. Precum... It must taste awful.

“Taking too long, slut!” he growled and pinched my nose.

I couldn’t breathe. I had to breathe. My mouth opened wide to inhale.

He shoved his cock past my lips. My eyes bulged as that salty shaft speared to the back of my throat. He filled me up. I panicked, my arms flailing. I had to breathe, but my mouth and nose were both sealed shut.

This was terrifying.

I didn’t know what to do.

Then he released my nostril. I sucked in deep breath, his cock filling my mouth. He grabbed the sides of my head, holding me in place and stared down at me with disgust in his eyes. Disappointment in me. Why?

“I thought a slut like you would know at least how to suck a dick,” he growled. “Come on and nurse on it. Work that tongue. You’re a fucking useless slut, you know that? Nurse!”

I suckled.

My cheeks hollowed as I sucked on him as hard as I could. The salty liquid, his precum, spilled over my tongue. I shuddered and swirled my tongue around his cock. I danced about him, tasting his precum and his shaft. I grimaced.

He held the side of my head and fucked his cock forward and back. He buried to the back of my throat then pulled back. My lips slid on him I kept my teeth away from his shaft and kept sucking him. Caressing him. I whimpered as I did it.

My pussy grew hotter. Wetter. This itch to be... filled with this cock swelled in me.

This was disgusting. Humiliating. Why was this happening to me?

“That’s it,” he groaned. “Spoiled, little White girl thought she was hot shit. But you’re just a big-titty slut. A thing. A cum-dumpster. Yes, yes, suck that cock harder. Put some fucking effort into it, slut! Come on!”

I nursed harder. I made these sloppy, obscene sounds. Drool spilled down my chin. I felt it running hot over my chin. This was so humiliating. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. That I was submitting to this foul act, but I was.

“That’s it,” he groaned. “Yes, yes, work that tongue. That’s a good slut.”

My pussy clenched at his praise. This... eagerness rose in me. This desire to earn his acceptance. To be his slut.

I wouldn’t do that. I had to fight this. I wasn’t a thing to be used. I wasn’t a slut. I was a virgin. I had never been with a guy. He had no right to call me that depraved and disgusting word. And yet I was sucking hard. I was nursing on him.

He groaned, his dick throbbing in my mouth. I was... pleasuring him. More drool ran down my chin. I quivered at that humiliating sensation. It worked down to my chin and fell off. I squeezed my eyes shut as he groaned his delight.

“Yes!” he growled. “Yes, yes, that’s good. That’s real good. Damn, I love that.”

I nursed on him. I suckled with such passion. I nursed on him with hunger. He groaned as I loved his cock like that. I bobbed my head, working my mouth up and down his shaft. He grunted, his dick twitching in my mouth.

“You are even moving on your own, little slut,” he groaned.

God, I was. I was sliding my lips up and down his cock. My tongue caressed him. My pussy clenched. I itched so much to touch it. But I wouldn’t. My boobs jiggled and bounced. They slapped together from the force of my bobbing head.

He grunted each time I suckled. His head threw back. I was making him feel good. I couldn’t stop myself from acting like a slut. What was wrong with me? This wasn’t me? I didn’t believe in this. I had to resist the patriarchy.

But his cock... his precum... tasted good.

No, no, no! I couldn’t internalize this misogyny. I couldn’t. No matter how wet it made me.

A bead of pussy cream dribbled down my thighs as he grunted. The salty flavor of his precum grew. He shifted his hand, grabbing the top of my head. He held a fistful of my hair then ripped his cock out of my mouth.

“Fuck!” he gasped as he fisted his dick with his other hand. “Yes!”

“What?” I gasped in confusion. “Why are—”

His cock erupted.

Hot cum sprayed across my face. I gasped in shock as the jizz splashed on my features. It spilled over me, running hot. I trembled in shock. In horror that he could do something so despicable. He showered my face in his spunk.

“Yes, yes, yes!” he groaned, his dick spurting again and again. “That’s it! Yes, yes, little slut!”

All I could do was close my eyes as the humiliating jizz painted hot over my features. Some landed on my lips. In my mouth. The salty flavor of his seed suffused me as he groaned, holding my head in place as he hosed me down.

“That’s it,” he groaned. “Damn, that was good, slut.”

“I... I...” spilled from my mouth.

“What did I just hear?” he panted.

“Er... Uh... This slut... doesn’t understand... why you... you...” Tears beaded my eyes at the humiliation. My shoulders shook as the tears spilled down into the cum. They mixed with the spunk running down my face.

“Money shot,” he panted. “You’re being trained to be a porn star. Got to prove that the sex is real.” He grinned. “Now on your knees. Time to break in that pussy.”

“What?” I gasped. “No! I’ve never!”

“A virgin?” He grinned evilly. “Damn, I love this job. Turn around or...”

I shook my head, his cum running down my face. My tears spilled with it, my boobs shaking. My pussy burned for that huge dick to ram into me. To fill me up with that massive cock and fuck me so hard. But I wouldn’t do this.

“Well, well, slut,” he said and grabbed the paddle again. “I love it when they make it hard on—”

I squeaked in fright and squealed, “This slut is sorry!”

I turned around, my entire body shaking with my tears, fright, and that burning lust. My boobs jiggled beneath me as I presented my rump to him. I knelt there like a bitch, my bush soaked with my juices, my ass blazing from the last spanking.

“This slut is sorry! This slut is sorry!” spilled from my lips. “This slut is—”


Pain exploded across my ass. I threw back my head, jizz flying from my face. The pain blazed through me. My ass went numb for a moment. More tears spilled down my cheeks and mixed with the jizz coating my cheeks.

Then his cock pressed into my bush and found my pussy lips. As the pain was fading from my awareness, I realized what was about to happen. He pushed on my hymen. Letting out an evil chuckle. the bastard thrust.

I squealed as my hymen ripped.

My cherry popped and his disgusting cock thrust into my deflowered depths. My boobs swayed forward as the force rocked me. His crotch spanked into my burning ass. I squealed at the pain in my cunt that was swallowed by the heat.

This roaring, wild, depraved heat that welcomed his foul cock in my pussy. He soiled me, stole my virginity, and my cunt loved it. That treacherous hole squeezed about him, drinking in the pleasure of him filling me up.

“That’s it, little slut,” he groaned. “Now you’re broken in. Goddamn, you’re wet, too. You got off on the pain. The humiliation. Fucking little masochistic slut. Thought you were a princess, but you really are a whore craving to be used!”

No, no, that couldn’t be true.

As he drew back, I moaned. My eyes widened. His cum ran down my face and dripped on the floor. He rammed his cock back into me. A wave of pleasure rushed out of my treacherous cunt and spilled through my body.

My boobs swayed as he hammered my cunt. He pumped away at my snatch. He fucked me hard and fast. He buried to the hilt in me again and again. I gasped, my twat clenching about him as he buried over and over into my snatch.

I shuddered, my twat gripping him. He fucked me harder. Faster. He buried to the hilt in my cunt. He pounded me with passion, and the pleasure rippled through me. I clenched my teeth against the waves of bliss. I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of hearing me moan like a slut.

I wasn’t a slut.

“Goddamn, that’s good,” he grunted. “Yes, yes, that’s fucking amazing. You got a cunt, slut. Tight and juicy. Just made for taking big dicks. Ooh, you are going to have so many cocks fuck you in the next few months. You’re going to have a loose pussy in no time. Be all fucking used up.”

I whimpered as my pussy gripped his cock, the pleasure increasing.

“Yeah, that makes you hot,” he groaned. “I can feel it. Your pussy is eager to take all those fucking dicks, slut!”

I squeezed my eyes shut, fighting the pleasure. The rapture built in me. His cock plowed into me hard and fast. It was incredible to have that happening. I shuddered with his every thrust. I gritted my teeth with his every plunge into my cunt.

My pussy drank in the pleasure. I quivered, hurtling closer and closer to cumming. I fought it. Battled it, squeezing my twat around his dick. He groaned and buried harder into me. The increased friction made it feel even better.

“Goddamn,” he groaned. “Let me hear you moan, slut!”

I wouldn’t give him that satisfaction.

“Come on!” he snarled. “I want to hear how much you love my dick.” He pulled back.


His hand smacked down on my burning rump. I threw back my hips and screamed. “Fuck!” He buried his cock into me, pleasure rushing on the heels of the pain. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

“That’s it!” he groaned.

“Oh, my god,” I gasped, unable to stop the words pouring out of me as he fucked my snatch. “Oh, my fucking god! Yes, yes, this slut loves your dick!”

I couldn’t say those humiliating words, but his cock slammed into me. More pleasure spilled through my body. My boobs swayed beneath me as I squealed like a whore on his thick dick slamming into me over and over.

“This slut loves it!” I gasped. “This slut... is going to cum! Yes, yes, this slut is going to cum on your cock!”

“Fuck, yes!” he growled and buried into me. “Let me feel that pussy going wild, slut!”

“Yes!” I squealed as he drew back. The pleasure built into my cunt as he buried back into me. “This slut is going to... to... Yes!”

I exploded.

My pussy spasmed around his dick. My massive orgasm swept a tidal wave of pleasure through me. I shuddered at the ecstasy sweeping over my mind. The pleasure was intense. Amazing. My mind melted with the bliss as my cunt writhed around that thick shaft pumping away at me.

“Goddamn, little slut,” he groaned as he enjoyed my pussy writhing around his cock. “Fuck! I can’t resist busting bareback in your pussy! Your first creampie, whore!”

He buried to the hilt in my spasming pussy and erupted. I squealed as I felt his cum painting my cervix. The rapture swept through me. It was amazing. Ecstatic. The pleasure melted every thought I had. My cunt rippled around that huge dick pumping me full of his seed.

This was so humiliating. That made the pleasure even more intense. Cum ran down my face as I howled like a slut. I was a whore. My pussy milked his cock, hungry for all that jizz to fill me up. I quivered there, just a thing to be used by him.

My mind melted with the rapture. I shuddered from the pleasure that rushed through me. I whimpered, my cunt on fire. This was insane. So much of his cum filled me up. I groaned, my twat rippling around his dick.

I groaned as he fired the last of his cum into me.

“How was that?” he growled and ripped his cock out of me.

His cum spilled out of my pussy and matted my bush. I shuddered. He had filled me up. “This... this slut... This slut liked it.” My cheeks burned with shame and humiliation. I shuddered and sobbed at how disgusting I was. “This slut... is just a dirty sow.”

“That’s right,” he said and pressed his wet cock between my butt-cheeks. “And now that dirty sow has to have her asshole broken in.”

I didn’t even have the strength to fight any longer. I was broken. “This slut... understands... Fuck this slut in the asshole and make her cum like a shameful, disgusting sow!”

He chuckled. “Damn, I am the fucking best!”

He found my asshole and thrust it against my backdoor. My cunt clenched, forcing out more of his cum. It spilled hot down my thighs. My cheeks blazed with the humiliation of this. There was nothing I could do but let him use me.

Enjoy being his slut.

My anal ring widened more and more, that dirty hole so eager to swallow his cock. I whimpered then gasped as he popped into my bowels. He had such a huge dick. I shuddered as more and more of him slid into my asshole. He sank into me.

“This slut... is such a disgusting... whore...” I grunted as more and more of his cock slid into my bowels. “This slut... likes... it!”

More tears spilled down my cheeks. Caused as much by my admission as from his evil laugh. He enjoyed that he had broken me as much as he savored my tight asshole. He sank to the hilt in me, his crotch rubbing into my burning ass.

My bowels clenched about him as the humiliation burned through my body. He drew back his cock. I gasped, my asshole clamping down on his dick. The heat melted to my cunt. My snatch drank it in, dripping with his cum.

Darla Carpenter slipped more and more away as he rammed that big dick into me. I gasped in delight, savoring his cock filling my bowels. He fucked me hard and fast. He buried into me again and again. I shuddered, squeezing my bowels around him. I loved the way he pounded my anal ring.

This was so shameful, but... “This slut loves being fucked in the ass!”

“That’s right!” he growled, burying his cock into my bowels. “You’re nothing but a slut. A whore that men around the world are going to beat their meat to. You are going to be the star of so many men’s dreams, little slut.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” I gasped, the more shame I felt, the more pleasure I took in what he did to me.

I squeezed my bowels down around his cock as he fucked me hard. He buried into me over and over. He fucked me with that amazing cock. He buried to the hilt in me with such powerful strokes. I loved it so much. It was fantastic to have him driving into me like that.

My anal sheath gripped him as my pussy drank in more and more of that pleasure. My orgasm swelled closer and closer to drowning me. I groaned, loving what he did to me. It was fantastic to have that big cock ramming into my bowels.

“Yes, yes, yes,” he grunted, burying into my tight ass. “Goddamn, slut. You are going to make me cum!”

“This slut... wants you to cum on her face!” I moaned. My humiliation swelled even more. My bowels squeezed about his dick. “Yes, yes, this slut wants that so much. This slut is so eager for it.”

He grunted, fucking hard into. “Then let me feel that asshole going wild around my dick, Slut. Let me feel you embrace this!”

I squeezed my asshole down around his cock, rising towards that moment when I would burst with rapture. I shuddered at how hot this was. I quivered as my pussy swelled with the pressure from the heat blazing in my anal sheath.

His nuts slapped into my twat full of the cum that would erupt onto me. It was such a fantastic delight to have him fucking me like this. I shuddered, my body trembling. My boobs jiggled from side to side as he fucked me hard. He hammered me with such force.

I groaned, gripping his dick with everything that I had. I loved how he held me. It was fantastic to enjoy his dick slamming into my bowels. I quivered with delight, rushing towards that amazing burst of pleasure. That humiliating explosion of bliss.

“This slut is going to cum!” I squealed as he drove his cock into me. “Yes, yes, yes!”

I came.

My bowels rippled and writhed around his dick. He grunted as he buried to the hilt in me. He plunged deep into my flesh. It was incredible to have that massive dick plowing into me. I whimpered, my asshole spasming around him.

His nuts slapped into my taint as waves of delight washed out of my cunt. My pussy spasmed. Hot cream soaked my bush and flooded down my thighs. I drowned in the ecstasy. The rapture. I savored this delight so much.

It was such a thrill to enjoy this passion. I loved it so much. My mind melted with the passion he gave me. He churned me up with his amazing dick as he grunted, hurtling towards his own eruption. I quivered, his cum dripping down my face.

“Cum on this slut’s face,” I whimpered. “Coat this slut in all your cum!”

“Yes!” he snarled and ripped out of my asshole.

He grabbed a fistful of my black hair and yanked me around on my knees to face him. His cock twitched and throbbed. I grabbed him, the shame of doing this shot rapture that flooded down to my convulsing cunt.

“Cum on this slut’s face!” I begged, staring up at him. “Just hose this slut down!”

“Yes!” he growled.

I opened my mouth wide as he erupted. I caught his jizz on my tongue. The salty flavor soaked my taste buds. More of his spunk splashed over my cheeks and forehead. He drenched me with his disgusting seed.

More landed in my mouth. I groaned at that degrading thrill of tasting his cum. He painted my face, grunting with each blast that he fired over me. I quivered, my big boobs heaving. Jizz dripped down onto them.

I panted as he grunted, firing one last blast of jizz across my face.

“Thank you,” I moaned, savoring the humiliation. I was barely Darla Carpenter now. “This slut needs to be coated in your cum.”

“Goddamn, I am good,” he said. “Now open wide and suck my dick clean.

“Uh...” I swallowed. “But that’s disgusting. That was just in m... this slut’s asshole!”

He slapped me in the cheek with his big dick. “And? You’re a slut. You do disgusting things.”

“But... but...” I stammered. This was too much. Darla Carpenter would never do that. She would never suck a dick fresh from her asshole. “This slut can’t do—”

He slapped me with his cock harder. “Can’t? Oh, you can, slut. You can open that fucking mouth and swallow my cock.” He bent down and pinched a nipple. Hard. “Do it!”

I yelped at the pain. His fingernail bit into my nipple. He twisted it. My mouth opened wide. He released me. I rubbed at my nipple, tears in my ears. Cum ran down my cheeks as he brought his cock to my lips.

“Do you want to feel worse?” he asked. “Or are you going to admit you’re a slut that loves degrading herself?”

I... I... was a slut. I loved degrading myself. Darla Carpenter died in me. I became Slut. I was Slut. A dirty, nasty, disgusting whore that would suck a cock straight from my asshole. I would buff that dick clean and love it.

I opened my mouth wide and leaned forward. I slid my lips over his dirty dick. The earthy flavor of my asshole suffused my taste buds. It was such a foul flavor. Nasty and whorish. I suckled hard on him, buffing him clean.

He groaned, “That’s it, Slut. That’s how you clean a man’s dick after he’s used that dirty asshole. Mmm, suck that cock clean.”

I nursed on him as he gripped the sides of my head and pumped his cock at my mouth. He thrust it in and out like he had the first time. I groaned, drool spilling down my chin. The sour flavor of my asshole suffused my mouth.

I buffed him clean, polishing his pole as he fucked into my oral cavity. It was quite the shameful delight to have him ramming that dick into me. My sloppy cunt clenched, the heat building and building in me as he fucked my mouth hard and fast.

He drove his cock to the back of my throat as I suckled on him. He hit my tonsils each time. I quivered, my big boobs jiggling. Cum dripped from my face onto my breasts. He grunted, this wicked gleam in his eyes.

“Time to swallow all my cock, Slut!” he snarled.

His cock rammed to the back of my throat and kept going. Panic swept over me as I gagged. I choked, gurgled. He kept forcing it. He rammed his dick down my gullet. The flavor of my asshole swelled as his dick plunged down my esophagus.

He stretched out my throat. I whimpered, fear washing through me. His balls slapped into my chin. I sucked in panicked breaths through my nose. I could still inhale air. I gurgled about his cock. My tongue buffed the base of his shaft, the earthy flavor strong.

He drew back his cock. I suckled and gurgled. I slurped, more drool running down my chin. He groaned and rammed back into my throat. He slammed down my gullet with force. His balls slapped into my chin again and again.

He grunted. Groaned.

“That’s it, Slut,” he groaned. “I knew you were a fucking pro. Yes, yes, deep-throating my big dick. Yes, yes, you’re going to make me so much fucking money!”

I whimpered around his dick as he rammed that big cock down my throat. I gurgled and gagged on his dick. Spittle ran down my chin as I gurgled. My cunt clenched as he fucked me with such force. He buried that cock down my throat again and again.

He grunted and groaned as he fucked me like that. He buried that big dick down my throat again and again. His nuts cracked into my chin. He grunted, his face twisting with delight as he plowed into my mouth over and over.

“Fuck,” he grunted. “You fucking pro, Slut!”

He ripped his cock from my mouth. I gasped and coughed, my throat raw. He fisted his cock and grunted. His jizz fired over my features again and again. He painted me with more and more of his spunk, grunting with each blast. His face twisted with the pleasure as he unloaded.

I quivered as he grunted his delight. He drenched me in a third load of his spunk. He panted, his chest rising and falling. It was over fast. He looked at his limits. I whimpered, his cum dripping down my features.

“Goddamn, you are going to be a star, Slut!” he groaned. “Were just go to make some changes. Definitely pierce those fat nipples. Shave that bush. Maybe a belly piercing. Yeah, that’ll be nice. And some ink. Maybe a corset tattoo to look like it’s cupping those huge tits of yours. Yeah, we have a lot of work over the next month to get you ready, but...

“You are going to be a star, Slut.”

Dripping in cum and burning with shame, I smiled at him. “This slut can’t wait to be filmed being a complete whore. I’ll do anything!”

He laughed evilly.

I couldn’t wait.

The next thing I knew he snapped something around my neck. I reached up it was a collar. He turned to face me.

“Okay slut that’s a shock collar it will zap you every time you break one of these rules.

Number one From now on I do the thinking. Thinking is bad for you you don’t have a thought in your pretty empty head. That means no reading, no making plans, no watching any television I don’t approve of.

Number two you will remain naked, you will wear clothes when I say you can then you wear what I tell you to wear.

Number three you don’t go anywhere without my permission.

Number four you will maintain your form. (I choose your diet and you will exercise whenever I say you will.)

Number five I am your owner now. You will view me as such.

Number six under no circumstances will you ever orgasm without my permission.

Number seven You only speak when spoken to and then in a high girlish voice. And not more than two syllables or else. Remember no whats to hear what a slut has to say anyway. Is that clear to you dumbo.

Still with shame. But accepting reality I nodded yes.

“Good” he said

Mother came in

“Hello miss carpenter you can both go home for now”

“thank you” mother shook his hand and turned her head. “Come slut we are going home.”

I, no slut hesitated.

“Does slut have something to say?” My, no sluts owner said

Trying to sound like bimbo “can slut please put on one of those outfits?”

He laughed “No slut you will be naked for the next two weeks at least.”

My. No sluts face red with humiliation my mother led slut out of the building to the car. Naked collared and wobbling on those high heels to what the rest of my life had suddenly become.

* * *

After a whole month of training we were finally at the studio Slut’s owner was wearing a nice suit my mom was wearing her usual clothing. Slut was wearing a pink top at least two sizes too small that read FUCKTOY in different colors. A shiny black mini skirt so short you could see the bottom of sluts ass. There was no reason for slut to wear anything underneath. Of coarse slut’s high heels were still locked on. Slut’s owner had attached a leash to slut’s collar and he was leading slut.

Slut knelt like a good girl beside it’s Owner, the leash tight about It’s throat. The porn producer for my first ever shoot was on the other side of the table. Mom was here, too, eager for that minuscule coat of the revenue.

“Here we are” my owner said he shook hands with the producer.

“This is slut her pointed to me.” I gave a girlish giggle (tee hee) and a small wave.

“Yes, yes,” said the producer. He had a goatee and a beer gut. He glanced down at me.

“I need fresh meat for a 25 video deal that will be shot over the next three months. She does have to be available when we need her and she needs to keep looking in great shape like she is now.”

“Have I ever let you down?” my Owner asked he patted my ass. “It’s name is slut I think you will find it’s body is just what you need.”

He unzipped my top. “Look at these tits.”

Next he removed my skirt. Just like we practiced He had me turn and bend over, thrusting my fingers between my legs to show how my pussy was wet with anticipation, “Offer yourself, bitch,” he barked and Slut quickly assumed the correct position. My owner knew what he was doing thing and decided to show off what a good trainer he was.

“Crawl for us bitch, dangle those tits.” And slut obeyed, traversing the floor on hands and knees, it’s titties dangling like udders beneath her. “I assure you that she is extraordinarily obedient,” the my owner continued. “do you have any questions for little miss slut over here?”

“Yes I do” the producer said

“Come here, sluts owner called. Slut got up (still naked) and skipped over.

And looked at the producer right in the eye.

“Yes sir”

“what should I call you”

“Slut is my name. But you can also call me Bitch, Cunt, Fucktoy, Dumbo and anything else you like. Slut is a good girl here to make you Happy.”

“And what are your cunt, ass and mouth for?” he queried.

“For you to use anyway you like.”

“And if I hire you what won’t you do?”

“Slut will do anything you say.” Slut recited carefully and sincerely, “Slut just wants to entertain men anyway they wish.”

“In fact your cock is hard, please let slut do what cunts are for.”

Once his cock was dutifully sucked, the men talked while us bitches just looked Pretty. It felt so right.

“And you have it so that I get 95% of her earning,” my Owner said. “And her mother gets 5%.”

“Yes, yes,” said the producer. He had a goatee and a beer gut. He glanced down at me. “For a 25 video deal that will be shot over the next three months. She does have to be available when we need her and she needs to keep looking in great shape like she is now.”

“Have I ever let you down?” my Owner asked as he signed the contract. Then he shoved it at my mother. “Sign, bitch.”

“Right, right,” Mom said. She scrawled on the contract. “You’re going to be such a big star, Darla.”

“Yes, you are,” growled the producer. “Now your turn, slut.”

I rose and picked up the pen, my naked boobs jiggling. They had fat, gold rings thread through them now. I stared at where my real name was. My legal one. It was so strange to see Darla Carpenter. I wasn’t that whiny, feminist brat any longer.

I was Slut.

I signed my real name, though. It was a legal contract. I would make 0 from my porn appearances. It would all go to the man who trained me. Who owned me. He gave an evil laugh. I was just another of a stable of girls he turned into porn star sluts.

“You know, Mrs. Carpenter,” he said as I knelt there. “You could make quite a fortune in the MILF scene.”

“Oh?” Mom asked as she took my Owner’s card. “You think so?”

My Owner grinned. “I’m the best porn star trainer there is.”

How long before Mom was Slut, too?

Not long.

My Owner knew how to put a woman in her proper place. I was so glad he had done that to me. I was so wet and eager to film my first scene. To put all my training to use.

I would be the best porn star ever.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...