The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter Thirty: Bitch Lawyer Turned Bimbo Slut

After leaving the mall with her naked mommy-slave in tow, Clara wasn’t sure where to go next. The mall had been a blast. From making Christian missionaries into belly dancing harem-sluts to making every bitchy girl want to degrade herself to work at a comic book store, Clara had a lot of fun.

But there were more places that bitchy, cunty, and arrogant women could be found. She had to find them. Punish them. She was a goddess of justice and vengeance getting back at all those who had ever demeaned her.

Who had so bullied her that she had spent nearly a year hiding in her room?

No longer. Clara was in charge, and she would show the world that there were consequences to being a cunty Karen.

Wanting to think, she went to her favorite coffee shop. Before the bullying had driven her into hiding, she had come here every day to have a wonderful peppermint-chocolate latte. She ordered her drink, sat on a chair, and used her kneeling mother as an ottoman.

She sipped at her drink, thinking of where to go next. The park? That could be fun. Maybe the hospital? Had to be a bitchy doctor or nasty nurse that could use some punishment. Or just some ungrateful patient. A restaurant would have lots of possibilities. But which one? A church? Lots of uppity women at a church.

“Hey!” a woman shouted, snapping Clara out of her thoughts. “What the fuck? There is soy milk in this. That’s not the cream I wanted. I ordered almond milk, you stupid, retarded monkey!”

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” Jake, a tall and dark-haired barista said. He wore a green apron with a t-shirt that fit over his slender frame. “I got them mixed up.”

“I heard my assistant order mine with almond milk, you troglodyte cretin!” snarled the woman. She was dressed like a professional in a russet blazer and pencil skirt with a white blouse, her black hair pinned up in a bun. With her was a mousy-looking assistant, young and nodding with support.

“That’s what I said!” the assistant snapped, echoing her boss. “Mine had the soy milk! How could you fuck that up! It’s so damned simple, that’s why a high school dropout loser like you is working here! How dumb are you?”

“It’s real simple to fix,” said the barista, trying to take the drinks back. “Just let me put the right cream in your drinks.”

“Don’t you know who the fuck I am?” the black-haired woman shouted. “I’m a lawyer that can destroy your fucking dumb ass! I’m a senior partner. I’ll bring so much legal fucking pain down on your scrawny neck! Do your fucking job right!”

Clara’s fingers already were moving.

“The bitchy Karen lawyer and her mousy assistant are really bimbo sluts that need to be filled with cream in all their holes. The barista knows just how to service them! #ILoveCream #CreamFilledBimbo #CreamOnTop”

* * *

Clair Duval

Such fury burned through me. How dare this disgusting, little rodent mess up my drink. This cockroach who had infested this coffee shop disgusted me. He was lucky I was wearing my Louis Vuitton heels, or I would crush him. But they were too expensive to waste on a pissant like him.

My petite assistant nodded her head. She wore a baggy blouse that hid her slender form. She had her arms folded, glaring down her nose. Her blonde hair fell in a short bob around her face. I heard her put my order in right.

She could do her fucking job correctly. Unlike this shit-eating moron.

“I want to speak to your manager about the shoddy training that is going on here!” I snarled, my anger boiling through me. “I—”





A series of cell phone notifications rang through the coffee shop as I glared at the... the...

My anger melted into this bubbly joy. I shook my head then burst into giggles. I struggled to understand what I was doing. I had been yelling. And that wasn’t nice. I stared at the man. He was very handsome.

“I...” I giggled. “Oh, my, I just... Ooh, what was I yelling about? I don’t normally get mad. I’m a nice woman.”

“Very nice,” Angelina, my assistant said. And she was a great assistant. Her ass was so cute. She had big boobs that were spilling out of her low-cut blouse and jiggled with her.

I shook my head, my loose mane of black hair swaying. “What’s going on, cutie?”

The barista held a pair of drinks in his hand. Were those my drinks? I reached out to take one.

“It has the wrong cream in it,” he said, pulling it back. “Don’t you remember?”

“Nope!” I said, smiling. “It’s too hard remembering dumb things. I like to remember good things.”

“She’s very good at it,” my assistant nodded, her boobs jiggling.

“See my assistant is so smart!” I giggled. “I’m so very, very good. I’m the bestest lawyer lady there is. Just the bestest. So what’s this about the wrong cream? Ooh, do you need me to sue someone? I can do that. Just sue them into pudding!”

I bounced up and down, my big boobs nearly spilling out of my low-cut top. They were so huge. Just ginormous titties. “Do you like my titties? That’s how I got hired. I was the lawyer with the biggest tatas. All the senior partners love them. They told me I would be their titty lawyer. All the clients love them too.”

“Yeah, I bet they do,” the barista said. “Fucking bimbo-lawyer, huh? And you’re very particular about your cream, right. Right cream in the right drink.”

“Yeppers!” I smiled. “I’m training her to be a great titty lawyer, too. But maybe she’s a booty lawyer. Since she’s my assistant.” I burst into giggles at how funny I was.

“Yeah,” the barista said, his brow furrowing. “Whatever.” He moved out from behind the counter. “I know what type of cream a titty lawyer like you needs.”

“Oh, goody gumdrops!” I squealed, bouncing up and down. “What sort?”

He unzipped his skinny jeans and whipped out his cock. He had a big dick that thrust out before him. I gasped at it, my mouth salivating. My assistant quivered beside me, whimpering. Her big, fake titties jiggling, about to spill out of her blouse. Like me, she wore no bra.

We had a dress code that the senior partners insisted us titty lawyers and booty assistants had to wear. No bra. No panties. Thigh-highs stockings. Short skirts. Low-cut blouses.

I fell to my knees and grabbed his cock in both hands with greedy hunger. I darted my head forward only to smack into Angelina’s. My assistant and I both gasped at the impact. I shook my head and lunged in again, hungry for that cream.

My cheek rubbed on hers as we both kissed the tip of the barista’s cock. He groaned as our tongues danced around his dick. We were licking and lapping at him. It was so much fun. I was so glad that we were doing this. That we were pleasing him.

A hot shiver shot through me as my tongue and hers danced over his cock, licking up his pre-cream that leaked out all salty and yummy. He groaned, his dick throbbing in my hands. He stared down at us, smiling.

“That’s it, you bimbo-bitches,” he growled. “This is what you wanted. Why you made that huge fucking scene. Yes, yes, lick that cock. Suck it. I am going to cream all over your faces!”

“Yay,” Angelina moaned in such delight. I understood. That was so exciting to have him cream on our faces. It made me shiver in delight I wanted him to just cream all over us, too. “Cream on us!”

“Yes, yes, please, cream all over our naughty faces. We’re so wicked.”

He grinned and winked at us.

I quivered in delight and licked at his big dick. I lapped at him, loving the pre-cream spilling out of his cock. It was such a treat to enjoy this yummy pre-cream. Angelina’s tongue brushed mine. I shuddered with glee as we shared this treat.

Then I slid my lips over his cock as she gasped. Well, she was my booty assistant. I suckled on his big dick, my big boobs jiggling in my blouse. They shook as I worked my mouth up and down his cock like a good booby lawyer.

I was so good at giving oral arguments. I nursed and suckled. I was trained by the best lawyer-whores the firm had. I suckled with such force on this big dick. He groaned as I showed him all my legal techniques.

Serving with my tongue. Filing my bobbing mouth. And the wicked suckling arguments I made that had him gasping and moaning. I was just the bestest lawyer-slut there was. No other booby lawyer had a mouth as good as mine.

“Ms. Clair, that’s so hot,” moaned Angelina. “Ooh, ooh, just suck on that dick. Show him all your skills. I learn so much from her.”

“Show me, bimbo,” growled the barista. “Your turn to suck me, assistant.”

Angelina squealed in delight as I ripped my mouth off his dick. She suckled him into her mouth with greedy hunger. I sighed in delight, so proud of her legal technique. The barista groaned, his face twisting with delight.

“That’s how you service your client,” I purred. “Mmm, work your mouth up and down that case. Yes, yes, just suckle on him so hard. And don’t forget to bill him for all your hard work.”

Angelina moaned, her cheeks hollowing as she nursed on his cock. She suckled with all her force. She was bobbing her head and loving his dick. He groaned, his face twisting with the pleasure she gave him. I found that so hot. It was such a delight to watch her bobbing her head. She worked her mouth down that dick then suckled back up.

My pussy clenched, my shaved twat dripping with passion. I groaned as she suckled. She nursed with everything she had, putting her all into loving his dick. She would make such a great lawyer when she was ready.

“Now let a professional bring him to the finish,” I moaned. “Our client wants to cum on our faces. We have to deliver!”

Angelina ripped her mouth off his dick and moaned, “Yes, Ms. Clair!”

I smiled at her before I suckled his big dick into my mouth. I slid my mouth over him, my fingers unbuttoning my blouse. I bobbed my head, freeing my big tits. I slid out of my blouse, my huge, natural tatas bouncing the way they should when a booby lawyer was arguing her case.

The barista moaned as I worked my mouth up and down his dick. I suckled with passion, drool spilling down my chin. I nursed on him with such passion. My cheeks hollowed with my hunger. He groaned as I worked my mouth faster and faster.

I nursed on him. Suckled on him. He groaned. My assistant removed her blouse. Her big, fake tits jiggled out. They were so firm with hard nipples. She watched on with eagerness as I suckled with all my might.

“Fuck,” groaned the barista. “You’re going to get that fucking cream you crave, you bimbo-bitch!”

I ripped my mouth off his cock and moaned, “Yes, yes, hose us down! Give us that yummy cream!”

My assistant fisted his cock. I squeezed my big boobies, kneading my I-cup titties. My fingers dug into my flesh as she stroked his cock. He groaned, pre-cream dripping from the tip of his cock. He threw back his head.

“Goddamn, yes!” he snarled.

His hot cream sprayed out of his cock and splashed on our faces.

I moaned, closing my eyes and reveling in all that salty cream splattering my beautiful face. The thick jizz spilled over my cheeks and nose. I opened my mouth wide, catching the yummy stuff on my tongue. The flavor melted through my mouth.

More spilled down onto my big tits. They bounced and heaved as the spunk rained over us. It was a thrill to have all that spunk spray on us. A real thrill to enjoy it. I groaned as more and more spunk fired from his dick.

“Such yummy cream!” I moaned.

“I love it!” Angelina moaned beside me. “Coat us! Coat us in your cum!”

“Fucking bimbo-cunts!” he snarled, more and more of his hot jizz splashing on my face.

I squeezed my boobs as his hot cream dripped on them. I kneaded my huge titties, quivering as he fired the last of his cum on our faces. It dripped down my cheeks. More of his spunk ran down the bridge of my nose to my lips.

I loved that spunk spilling hot over my flesh. This was delicious. I trembled, so thrilled to have his cum dripping over me. He panted as I turned to my assistant. She had a mask of that thick, pearly cream on her face, too.

“There you fucking bitches are!” he growled. “Lick up that cream you want. Fucking enjoy it!”

“Gladly,” I moaned and licked up his salty cum off Angelina’s face.

My big, natural titties rubbed into her fake boobies as my tongue dragged up her cheek. I groaned at the taste of that salty cream. I loved the flavor of that delicious spunk. Her tongue licked at my face, too. She was licking at me.

I was licking at her.

It was so much fun to do this. I was having a blast licking at her while she licked at me. Our tongues danced over each other’s faces. My cunt clenched as the flavor of all that salty cum melted across my taste buds.

Then we kissed.

Our lips met. We shared his cream, both of us moaning. Our big boobies rubbed together.

“Fuck,” the barista groaned, clearly impressed with our busty legal work. “You fucking whores are making my dick ache more. God, I have more cream to give you.”

“Yay!” I squealed into the kiss.

We passed his cum back and forth, sharing that salty cream. It was wonderful to lick it off her face and share it with her. My assistant did the same. She was a good assistant. She licked up more and more of the cum from my face and thrust it into my mouth.

I savored that so much as my pussy grew hotter and hotter. The hot barista rubbed at his cock as he stared down at us. He had a big smile on his lips. He wanted to do something else to us. I quivered and broke the kiss.

“What do you want to do to us?” I squealed. “Where do you want to pump your yummy cream next?”

“That fucking pussy,” he growled. “I want to fuck me some uptight, lawyer-bitch cunt!”

“Ooh, my cunt is very tight,” I purred. “And I’m a trained lawyer-bitch! So just fuck me so hard. Ram into me.” I shifted, kneeling. I thrust my ass up into the air and rubbed my face into the floor, smearing cum on it. “Just go to town on my cunt.”

“Yes, yes, Ms. Clair is a skilled pussy-negotiator,” Angelina moaned, her hands grabbing my butt-cheeks. “Just go to town in her cunt. You’ll love how she mediates with her cunt!”

“Goddamn,” the barista groaned. “You fucking bimbos are wild.”

“Thanks!” I said, beaming. I looked around at everyone watching us. Seeing me being such a professional bimbo-lawyer. I would let myself be fucked any time and anywhere.

He slapped his cock against my butt-cheek. I shuddered as he dragged that thick shaft, soaked in our saliva, down and down to my pussy. He pressed it against my twat, nuzzling into my labia before thrusting into my snatch.

I gasped in delight as his wonderful cock slammed to the hilt in my skilled pussy. I squeezed down on him, ready to give him the best pussy brief I could. I would have such a big orgasm on his dick. It would be so hot. I was so ready for it.

“Goddamn,” he groaned as he gripped my hips. He drew back his dick. I groaned as he rammed back into me. He buried to the hilt in my cunt, his nuts slapping into my clit. Sparks flared.

All that delicious and yummy warmth swept through me. The marshmallowy goodness swept through me. I loved that amazing delight pouring over my mind. So sticky with all that pleasure. I didn’t have to think about anything but goody feelings when I was being fucked oh, so hard by a man. When I was being such a good bimbo-lawyer.

A pussy-lawyer with a perfect cunt!

He pumped away at me. He fucked me with that big dick. I loved it. He buried into me again and again. He fucked me with such force. He thrust that wonderful dick into my cunt again and again. I loved it so much.

It was amazing to have him ramming into me like that. He fucked me with such passion. He rammed into me with such force. I squealed in delight, clamping down my cunt and wiggling my hips around his dick.

“Ooh, ooh, isn’t fucking a lawyer so much better than being fucked by one?” asked my assistant.

“Fuck, yes,” groaned the barista, his big dick churning me up.

“I love your cock!” I gasped as he hammered me. “I love it so much. You’re fucking me so hard. That’s so hot. Yes, yes, just keep fucking me like that. Keep pounding me with that big dick.”

He groaned, slamming into me with such force. He fucked me with such passion. I loved this so much. I savored his cock ramming into me with all that passion. He fucked into me with so much force. It was a thrill to feel him hammering me like this.

My orgasm built and built as this man fucked me like the bimbo law-slut I was. It was so incredible I whimpered with each thrust. My big boobs swung beneath me. I gasped and moaned, so eager to have all his cream pumped into my pussy.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I gasped, my head tossing from side to side. “Oh, you’re driving me wild! I want your cream in my naughty pussy!”

“Fuck, yes,” he growled. “A bimbo-slut loves her cream!”

“I do!” I squealed. “I’m a bimbo lawyer-slut! A law-whore!”

“I want to be a law-whore,” my assistant moaned. She squeezed her boobies, digging her fingers into those fake titties as she stared at me.

“You will be such an amazing booty-lawyer,” I moaned. “That ass is just meant for your clients to fuck!”

“Yay!” she squealed. “Thank you, Ms. Clair! You’re my role model. I want to be just as much of a slut as you!”

“You will be!”

“Fuck!” groaned the barista. “You fucking bimbos are driving me wild. I’m going to cum so hard in your cunt. Just flood you with all that cream.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” I gasped, my orgasm about to burst in me. His heavy balls slapped my clit again. Sparks flared. “Ooh, I want all that cream in me!”

He drove his cock hard into my cunt. He fucked deep into my snatch. I loved it. I clenched about him, savoring that delight. The pleasure built and built in me. It was this wild delight that would burst through me. I groaned, wiggling my hips from side to side, my entire body quivering as I hurtled towards that big burst of pleasure.

It would be an amazing one. Just an awesome explosion of delight that would wash out of me. I squeezed my snatch around his dick. I loved how big he was. How thick his cock was. It was an amazing feeling him drilling into me. He buried that dick hard into my cunt.

His nuts slapped my clit.

“Yes!” I howled and climaxed.

I shuddered as my pussy went wild about his dick. Pleasure rushed through me. It washed so gooey and thick into my mind. I squealed, my boobs swaying from side to side as he fucked my convulsing cunt with such force.

“Yes!” he snarled and buried into me. “Fuck!”

He fired his cream into my writhing cunt. I gasped as he splashed my cervix with his seed. He flooded me with all that cum. I quivered through the bliss as more and more of his cum pumped into my snatch.

My pussy suckled at him, nursing out the jizz as the waves of delight spilled such warm bliss around my mind. I quivered, my boobs swaying back and forth beneath me. My hair swayed around my face as I groaned through this delight.

“Oh, that’s so good,” I moaned. “Ooh, yes, yes, that’s really good. Thank you for the cream.”

“You’re welcome,” he panted. “I bet your assistant a taste of it, too. Lie on your back. Let her lick it from your pussy.”

“Oh, my gosh, that’s such a great idea!” I squealed, my pussy clenching down on his cock. “Yes, yes, let’s do that! I love it!”

I crawled off his cock, so eager to let Angelina eat the cum out of my pussy. I wanted that so much. It would help her with her legal education. She would become a bimbo-lawyer with as much skill and talent as I had.

It was so important to mentor young sluts!

* * *

Angelina Carson

I quivered in delight as Ms. Clair settled on her back and spread her legs. She was such a role model of sluttiness for me. I was so thrilled to be her assistant. I wanted to be a booty-lawyer that was even half as whorish as her.

“Just get that face in there and lick,” Ms. Clair moaned, her beautiful and all-natural tits quivering. “Mmm, just feast. You don’t want to hold back. Bimbo-lawyers have a duty to our clients. We have to make them happy with all our legal skills. Eating creampies, doing anal, giving titty fucks, and more. We have to have all these important lawyer-slut skills.”

“I want to learn,” I moaned and buried my face into her pussy.

I rubbed my lips into her shaved vulva, the salty cream, mixed with her salty juices, leaked out of her. I licked at her. My tongue caressed her. She had such a yummy tasting pussy. I just wanted to feast on her. Devour all that cum out of her.

I wiggled my hips back and forth, my butt-cheeks jiggling. I had such a plump rump. My fake titties, bought by the law firm when they hired me, quivered. I loved this so much. My tongue thrust into her pussy to lick out that salty cream.

“Damn,” the barista groaned behind me. He pressed his cock into my butt-crack covered in Ms. Clair’s pussy juices. “That is so fucking hot.”

“Yes, yes, help the bimbo become a bimbo-lawyer,” Ms. Clair moaned as his dick slid down my crevice to my asshole. “Fuck her so hard. She has to learn to multitask. To give oral arguments while taking her client’s big brief in her ass!”

“I do!” I squealed as he thrust.

His dick drilled against my asshole. I fluttered my tongue around in Ms. Clair’s spicy cunt to find more of that salty cock-cream. I licked it out of her as my anal ring widened and widened. I moaned as my sphincter swallowed his cock.

He slid into my bowels. His thick shaft penetrated into me. I groaned at the velvety friction. That wonderful heat melted through me. It was such a wild thing to feel. I whimpered as he slid deeper and deeper into my asshole. It was an incredible delight to have him sliding into me like that.

“Fuck,” he panted as he sank to the hilt in me. “Goddamn, that’s good. That’s real good. Shit!”

I squeezed down around him, loving that big dick in my asshole. It was a hot delight. I wiggled my hips, stirring my asshole about his thick shaft as he bottomed out in me. He groaned, his hands sliding up my body to grab my big, silicone-enhanced tits.

I tongued Ms. Clair’s sloppy cunt as the joyful rush of being a lawyer-slut-in-training surged through me. He pulled back his dick, his hands kneading my big knockers. He groaned, squeezing my fake titties as my bowels clenched about his shaft.

“Goddamn, that’s good,” he groaned as he rammed back into me.

I moaned into Ms. Clair’s pussy as he pumped away at my bowels. He fucked my anal sheath with that big dick of his. It was incredible to feel him thrusting away at me. He rammed into me over and over again. He buried that amazing cock into my flesh with such hard force. I loved it so much.

I rubbed my face into Ms. Clair’s shaved twat as he fucked me. He buggered me with such force. He fucked my asshole with everything that he had. It was such a rush to feel him burying into me like that. He pounded me with such force.

“Don’t forget to eat me,” moaned Ms. Clair. “Feast on me, you bimbo-slut!”

“Yes!” I squealed, so eager to just feast on her.

I licked her as he fucked me. He pumped away at me as my tongue slathered through her folds. He pumped away at me. He fucked me with such force. I loved it. I savored him ramming into me again and again. It was incredible.

My bowels melted around him. I loved how he pounded me again and again. It was a real treat. A mighty thrill to feel him ramming into me again and again. I drank in that delight as he fucked me with such force.

He pounded me.

Rammed into me.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned, savoring every thrust. Every plunge. Every last thrill.

It was so wonderful to eat her pussy and to be fucked in the asshole. It was so hot to have that big dick ramming into me. To feel that mighty shaft plowing into my backdoor. My anal ring squeezed about his shaft as I licked the cum out of her pussy.

But there was less and less of that salty cream to enjoy. I thrust my tongue into her depths, wiggling about in her spicy sheath to find more. I whimpered, my asshole clenching down on his cock. I wanted cum. I wanted to drink it.

But there was no more left.

I whimpered, swirling my tongue around in her pussy. I lifted my face as he fucked me, staring imploringly at my slut-mentor. She shuddered, her big boobs quivering. He grunted, squeezing my fake titties as he plowed hard into me.

“No more cum,” I whimpered.

“Just keep licking me,” she groaned. “Make me cum. Yes, yes, you little bimbo-slut! Make me cum!”

“Yes, Ms. Clair,” I gasped, his dick plowing deep into my bowels.

I ducked my head down. I licked at her cunt. My tongue danced over her folds. The wonderful taste of her spicy cunt was so delicious. I loved her pussy almost as much as his cream. I tongued her folds. Brushed her clit.

She moaned, squeezing her thighs about me. The bimbo-lawyer loved what I did to her. I feasted on her as he drilled his cock into my bowels again and again. He fucked me so hard, my orgasm swelling and swelling in my cunt.

Pussy cream dripped down my thighs. The naughty trickles made me whimper as the sexy barista hammered my bowels. He buried his cock into me, his nuts slapping into my taint. I squealed and latched onto Ms. Clair’s clit.

He drew back. The heat swelled in my cunt. I trembled. Then, as he buried back into me, I exploded.

I suckled hard on Ms. Clair’s clit as the pleasure gushed through me.

My bowels spasmed around his thick dick as my pussy convulsed. Juices poured down my thighs. I nursed on her bud as he drew back through my writhing asshole. He grunted and buried back into me, his hands squeezing my big boobs.

“Shit!” he grunted and erupted.

Hot cum jetted into my bowels. I squealed in delight, nursing on Ms. Clair hard. The bimbo-lawyer gasped, her head tossing. Her big tits jiggled and swayed. Then she bucked. Her pussy cream gushed out of her and bathed my mouth.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she moaned, her passion echoing through the room. “Oh, that’s so good. That’s amazing. I love it. I love it so much.”

“Damn,” he grunted, more and more of his cum flooding into my bowels.

“Ooh, ooh, this is awesome!” I moaned, drowning in spicy cream. “This is just amazing. I am so happy. I love being a bimbo-slut!”

More and more of his cum dumped into my bowels as I licked at Ms. Clair’s pussy. My orgasm swept through me. It hit that wonderful peak in me. I groaned as I shuddered, my asshole milking out all that cum in his balls.

All that cream that filled my asshole.

I whimpered, my orgasm hitting that peak. I shuddered, savoring the pleasure. I rubbed my face into Ms. Clair’s pussy, wanting to learn to be such a dumb bimbo-slut like her. Just fucking and being fucked and cumming.

Being a bimbo-lawyer would be so awesome!

* * *

Clair Duval

I panted there, savoring all that wonderful bliss that my assistant gave me. “Ooh, you’re going to be such a goody good bimbo-lawyer one day!”

She lifted her face and beamed at me. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Angelina crawled off the barista’s big dick. He grunted as he popped out of the slut’s asshole. Thenwith her blonde hair sweeping about her face and her fake titties quivering,she scampered up my body to kiss me.

She planted her lips, covered in my spicy cream, right on my mouth. I groaned, kissing my sexy assistant. It was so hot to mentor her into being a whore just as good as me. Her tongue danced around in my mouth. She was a good kisser.

“So, bimbo-lawyer,” the barista growled. “What do you do when your client has a cock dirty from a slut’s asshole?”

I broke the kiss with my assistant and moaned, “Why, suck her client’s dick clean. Everything must be done right. No clerical errors that can get this case dismissed.”

“That’s right,” said the barista.

I quivered in delight as my assistant rolled off me. I sat up, my pussy dripping with juices. I grabbed his cock and breathed in. There was that sour musk of her asshole. I groaned and opened my mouth wide.

I swallowed his cock. He shuddered as I slid my lips over his big dick. I groaned, loving the flavor of her asshole on his dick. That dirty, earthy flavor that all bimbo-lawyers had to love to be experts at their jobs.

I suckled on his big dick as my assistant gasped, “Wow. You’re just sucking my ass off his dick.”

I popped my mouth off and moaned, “Yep. You have to be ready to do this. If you can’t handle this, then you’ll never be a bimbo-lawyer!”

I suckled his dirty dick back between my lips. I nursed on him with hunger. He groaned, his dick throbbing in my mouth. I loved the earthy flavor that soaked my taste buds as I loved him. He had an amazing one. His cock just had such a wonderful flavor.

I nursed hard on him, wanting to polish off all that yummy, dirty flavor. My pussy clenched with my every suckle as my assistant watched on with such big eyes. She fondled her fake titties as I suckled her asshole off this amazing dick.

Drool spilled down my chin as I bobbed my head. My huge tits swayed as I worked. I moaned, savoring the earthy flavor. I stared up at the hunk, so eager to clean his cock and to get all his yummy, salty cream.

Straight from the source.

“That’s it,” he groaned. “That’s it. Clean that dick. Polish off all her ass, you fucking slut.”

I winked at him, sucking hard. My tongue worked, buffing his dick. The flavor faded. I whimpered, wanting more of that earthy delight. So I showed him just how impressive my cock-sucking skills were. I slid my lisps down his cock until he pressed into the back of my throat.

I found more of her earthy musk to clean off as I swallowed his cock with ease. No gagging. No choking. I was a bimbo-professional!

He groaned as I worked my gullet down his cock, staring with such wide eyes. He had clearly never had a bimbo with my legal skill blowing him. I worked my mouth further and further down his cock, swallowing more and more of him.

He shuddered, groaning as I took him to the hilt. It was such a thrill to swallow all of his cock. Just such a delight. I nursed on him with everything that I had. My tongue danced around him, polishing his pole. He shuddered and groaned as I did that. He stared down at me with awe.

I winked at him.

I took every inch of him. My tongue danced around his dick. I polished off every bit of her dirty ass. I groaned, loving it. I breathed through my nose, humming to massage his cock with my vocal prowess. He stared down at me in awe.

“Fuck, you are incredible, slut!” he gasped.

“Isn’t she?” squealed Angelina. She clapped her hands together, her fake titties jiggling. “Ms. Clair is the best bimbo-lawyer around. None can out legal-slut her!”

My heart burst with such wondrous joy to hear her say that. I whimpered around his cock, polishing off the last of her ass. This was such a wonderful day.

I was mentoring a cutie and showing the barista all my skill. Men had to pay hundreds of dollars an hour to receive my legal talents. He was getting them pro bono. Mmm, because he had a pro-bone that I was sucking on.

“Shit,” he groaned as I slid my lips up his cock. “You fucking whore!”

I groaned, drool running down my chin. I kept sliding up and up him, my tongue dancing around to make sure I had gotten all of her ass. I tasted nothing earthy. Just the salty flavor of a man’s yummy cock. I quivered as he popped out of my throat.

I nursed with more and more hunger on just the tip of him now. I suckled on him with everything that I had, my cheeks hollowing. I wanted his salty cream now. A reward for a job well done. I wiggled my hips, dancing my tongue around his tip.

“Shit, you’re going to get a mouthful of cum,” he panted.

“Oh, she’ll love it,” moaned Angelina. “That’s the dream of every bimbo-lawyer. To gulp down all that salty cream. Flood her mouth.”

“Getting there,” he groaned, his cock throbbing in my mouth. “Fuck I am getting there.

I bobbed my head, big tits jiggling. He groaned, his cock throbbing in my mouth. I loved the flavor of his pre-cream spilling over my tongue. Such a wondrous delight to blow him. To work him to that moment of eruption.

My pussy grew hotter and hotter as I bobbed my head. I worked my mouth down his cock then back up him, my cheeks hollowing. More drool ran down my chin. He groaned, his face twisting with the pleasure I gave him. His handsome features contorted by delight.

“Shit!” he growled.


That salty cum pumped into my mouth. All that wonderful jizz that I craved. I moaned in delight. I gulped it down, spurt after wonderful spurt of his cum. It was an amazing thrill to feel spurting into my mouth. I groaned, swallowing it all down. My cheeks hollowed as he fired it.

I groaned, loving it. He pumped more and more of that spunk into my mouth. More and more of that jizz. It spilled over my tongue. The salty delight soaked my taste buds. I groaned, quivering in delight as all that spunk fired out of his cock.

All that wonderful jizz just melted over my taste buds. It was a heavenly delight. I savored it so much. I gulped down his salty cream as he grunted with each blast. He fired it all while I nursed it down with such hunger.

“Shit,” he groaned. “That was amazing!”

He panted as he fired the last of his cum into my mouth. I slid my lips off his cock and purred out my delight. I opened my mouth wide, stuck out my tongue, and aaaahed. He stared down at me, my uvula dancing.

“Fuck,” he groaned. “What a slut you are.”

“Why are you doing that, Ms. Clair?” Angelina asked, her hands gripping her big boobs.

“To show him that I had swallowed every drop,” I purred. “A bimbo-lawyer must always swallow her client’s cream!”

“Right!” she said, a big smile spreading on her lips.

“And there’s more of my cream in her asshole, slut,” said the barista. He nodded to my assistant and her gorgeous booty. “Better clean her up, too.”

“Oh, yes,” I moaned in delight, so eager for that.

Angelina knelt there, her booty quivering. Pearly jizz coated her butt-crack. I squeezed her asscheeks and parted them. I buried my face into her crevice and licked. I lapped up that sour-flavored cream. It was so much fun.

I licked and lapped up all the jizz that had leaked out of her asshole before I turned my attention to the main delight. I pressed my lips right on her puckered sphincter. More of his jizz bubbled out of her and filled my mouth.

I swirled my tongue around her. She groaned, her butt-cheeks clenching about my face.

“Ms. Clair,” she groaned.

“Fuck, that is so disgustingly hot,” groaned the barista.

He pressed his cock to my butt-crack. He slid it down and down to my asshole. I quivered, so glad to take him in another hole. He found my anal ring and pressed against me. He pushed and pushed on my sphincter.

As my asshole stretched to swallow his dick, the tip of my tongue pushed on her anal ring. She groaned as I popped into her bowels with ease. I found his cum and scooped it out. As I did, my asshole widened to swallow his cock. He groaned and popped in.

I shuddered as his dick filled my asshole. He sank into me. He went deeper and deeper into my bowels. I groaned, loving the feel of his cock working into my anal sheath. I loved it so much. This was such a thrill.

More and more of his cock filled my bowels. I loved this so much. I savored this heat rushing through me. It was amazing to feel that big dick sliding into me. Just a thrill to have him pushing deeper and deeper into my bowels.

I loved it.

“Fuck,” he groaned as he bottomed out in me. He had all his cock in me. “That’s good.”

“It is,” I moaned and thrust my tongue back into the cutie’s asshole.

I swirled my tongue around in her. I scooped out his jizz. I pulled it out of her anal sheath, loving the taste of his cum seasoned by her earthy bowels. She moaned, her asshole clenching about my probing tongue.

I licked out his cum as he fucked me.

He pumped away at my bowels. I groaned, squeezing my anal sheath around his big dick. I loved how he filled me up. He thrust into me again and again. He hammered my bowels with that big dick of his. He fucked into me with everything he had. I loved it so much.

It was incredible to have him ramming into me. He fucked into me with such passion. He buried that big dick into me again and again. I loved it so much. He pounded me. Fucked me. He hammered my cunt with that delight. It was amazing.

“Ms. Clair!” groaned Angelina as my tongue danced around in her asshole. I tongued her with such hunger.

I gripped his cock with my bowels as I scooped more of his cum out of her butthole. He fucked me with everything that he had. I loved his cock slamming into me as my tongue probed into her anal depths. I quivered as I quested for more cum.

And couldn’t find any more.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned into the cutie’s asshole. “Oh, that’s fucking good. Ooh, just fuck me like that. Hammer me with your big dick!”

He fucked me with such force. He buried into me again and again. I loved it. As he did, I sealed my mouth around the cutie’s asshole and suckled. My assistant moaned as I nursed out the last of the salty cum from her bowels.

That earthy-flavored cream spilled through my mouth. I loved it. I clenched my asshole down around that big dick. I savored that huge cock ramming into my bowels. It was a treat to have him slamming into me as I nursed out his spunk.

“Shit,” he groaned.

I squeezed about him, savoring his cock burying into me. The pressure rose and rose in my cunt. I was so close to cumming. No more spunk spilled out of her asshole. So I just tongued her as he fucked me hard. He pounded me with his passion. It was an amazing delight.

I rose towards my orgasm as he buried into me. His heavy nuts rammed into me. I danced my tongue around in her sour bowels, savoring that dirty flavor. I quivered, my pussy on fire. Cunt cream ran down my legs as he brought me to the brink.

He slammed his cock hard into my asshole, my tongue swirling through my assistant’s yummy bowels. The heat from the client’s hard stroke melted to my cunt, meeting the pressure swirling in there. I squealed.

And detonated.

My asshole writhed around his cock. My bowels convulsed and writhed, suckling at him as he drew back. He grunted, squeezing my big, soft boobies. He gripped them as he buried back to the hilt in my writhing anal sheath.

“Goddamn, slut!” he snarled and erupted.

He fired all that wonderful cream into my bowels. “Yes!” I moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, yes!”

I tongued my assistant’s asshole as my anal sheath milked the barista’s spurting cock. All that wonderful jizz fired into me. Spurt after spurt of spunk that filled my bowels with all that yummy goodness. I quivered, waves of delight washing out of my cunt.

My pussy convulsed, sending more and more bliss rushing through me. Pussy cream gushed down my thighs as he grunted. He dumped his cum into my bowels as I trembled through all that bliss. He squeezed my tits one last time.

“Shit,” he groaned as his dick twitched in my bowels. “That was fucking amazing.”

He ripped his cock out of my bowels. I shuddered and pulled my lips from my assistant’s sour asshole. “Now, Angelina, the client has just cum in my asshole. What do you do?”

“Ooh, ooh, I suck his dick clean!” she squealed.

I smiled as she crawled past me and went straight for the hunk. I knelt there, his cum dripping out of my asshole, and watched as she opened her mouth wide. She swallowed his cock, polishing his dirty dick clean of my bowels.

I let out such a proud sigh. She would make such an amazing bimbo-lawyer one day. Ooh, I couldn’t wait to see her blossom into her legal-slutdom. It would be a magical day. Until then, I would train her well.

Being a bimbo-lawyer was the bestest best!

* * *

Bimbo-lawyer... Titty-lawyer... Booty-lawyer...

Those ideas rang in Clara’s mind as she left the coffee house and the two bimbos getting stuffed with the barista’s manly cream. She knew where she had to go. Lawyers were some of the worst people there were, and if the other female lawyers were as stuck up cunts as that bimbo, then Clara had a lot of work ahead of her.

She smiled as, with her mother in tow, she headed to the nearest law office. But she had to do something first. Something that would make this even more fun.

“Whenever Clara wanted her and her mother to be invisible, they will be,” she tweeted.

Then she wanted them to be invisible. Her mother gasped as Clara smiled. This would be an amazing rush to play around in the law office. She marched out with such a jaunt in her step. She would have so much fun.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...