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What follows is a fan story written by beebee who wants it shared with all of you!

Lawyer to Maid (A Clara’s Mind Control Tale)

Clara walked around the office looking for more fun she overheard two women gossiping about two lawyers.

“Is Laura here yet?”

“No did you hear about how she clashed with jack the other day?”

“Laura is definitely going to get rid of Jack.” One said

‘Oh I agree. There is no doubt about that. She has made it her personal crusade. But who could blame her the way he stares at her chest.”

“Yeah, but Jack is actually a pretty shrewd lawyer. He won’t go down without a fight.” said the other. “Besides the way she shows off those things. Who could blame him?”

“I wonder why she shows them off she hasn’t been on a date in two years.”

“She just likes disappointing men. Don’t worry Laura’s no pushover. “They both laughed

Clara thought for a minute

Clara grinned she let out a tweet

The reason Laura is always trying to get Jack dismissed from the firm is that she really wants him. She has tried to deny it but she can’t anymore. She is going to give up, march right over to him and get him to claim her as his bitch. But he will be really skeptical. However she is willing to give, do and promise whatever it takes. Which will is stronger? # Take me anyway you like # Anything you want me to do # don’t hold back I want to be yours.


I was on my way to work was thinking about a client that I would have to compete with my arch rival Jack for. I hate him the way he always stares at my chest It’s clear that he doesn’t like working at a firm that has more women than men. I was going to get rid of him that was much was for sure. Suddenly my phone went off.

“Do you know what” I said to myself. “I have always been infatuated with Jack! It’s time to stop pretending and take action. I would have to make a couple stops on the way to look my best. But first I called one of the partners to make sure that Jack got the client.

“Don’t worry” I said to myself He’ll have time for the client and me.” But my priority right now is making myself what Jack would want I would have to make a couple stops on my way to work.

With my bag in hand I approached his office his fat secretary stood up as I approached.

“Can I help you?” she asked.

“No I will announce myself” I replied

Dumb Tart I never liked her. I was at his office door. Well this is it I knocked on his office door.

“Come in”

Before I lost my nerve. I marched right into his office.

“Laura, what do you want?” he asked

Fortunately he was staring at my boobs like he always does. Usually I don’t like it but now it filled me with relief. “Jack” I said with a timid voice. “I need you to claim me as your sex-toy.”

He opened his mouth in shock.

I want you to take me right now, and I don’t want you to hold back at all I want to be yours be completely yours.”

As I said this I slid my business jacket to the ground, pushed my chest forward and began unbuttoning my shirt.

While I did I kept talking. “I’ve always touched myself at night thinking about you just taking me over my desk. Like the slut I really am.” My shirt dropped to the floor. Revealing my sexy Victoria secret bra. Next I undid my pants “I need you now. Please have your way with me. They dropped revealing my matching bright red panties and I stepped out of them.

I stood half naked in his office.

I reached back shoving my chest forward. “I know that you’ve always stared at these. I know I’ve complained. But the truth is I get wet knowing that you stare at them knowing that you would claim them. Like I know you’re about to claim my whole body I unhooked the back of my bra my heavy 38DD tits came out for him to use as he saw fit.

“Well they are all yours now you can do anything you want with them.” I placed my bra on his desk.

“I know you men like trophies when you claim bitches like me. So would you like to remove my panties yourself so you can enjoy having a naked cunt in your office?”

“The bag has a camcorder in it I told him in case you want a memento of you claiming me anyway you like.

“Actually” he said “I’d like you to get dressed and leave my office. I don’t know what your game is and I don’t care. I’m sure you’re just trying to get me fired.”

I was in total shock I’m in nothing but my panties. How can he think I’m kidding?

“No. I’m serious I’ll do anything you want. Look.” I reached into the bag removed the camcorder and turned it on. “I Lauren Coleman I’m really hot for Jack Sprouse. What I need is for him to make me his good little bitch. And to prove it I put the camcorder down on his desk stepped back dropped the bag on the floor next I dropped my panties.

Do you like my freshly shaved pussy? I asked. “One of the reasons I handed that client over to you this morning was so I could get myself shaved for you.”

He said nothing. Well I wasn’t done.

“Oh Mr. Sprouse” I said in a sexy voice. “May I please borrow a pen sir?” He snorted with derision as he handed me one I dropped the form to the floor. I then bent over giving him a great view of my ass which I wiggled as I signed it. I wrapped the document in my panties handed it over to him.

“Will you please claim me as your own now and use me like I know you have always wanted?” Anything, any fucking thing you want to do to me is fine! Or anything you want me to do I want to make up for what a nasty feminist I’ve been.


I don’t know what this bitch’s game was and I wasn’t interested in playing but just to be sure.

“Why me and why now?”

“Because you are a real man.” The bitch said. “Ever since we met. We’ve been trying to outdo each other and it’s always made me wet. There have been nights when I have masturbated to the idea of you tying me up in my office just to get one up on me.”

“This is the truth is.” The naked slut said you just make me sooo horny… Because you’re so big and strong… Because you could manhandle me in any way you wanted to. I would let you because I’ve wanted to be yours or belong to a man like you. Please make your fun with me. Punish me for every wrong.”

“Oh please put me in my place. Whenever I’m in my office all I can think of is you grabbing me by my hair, tearing away my clothes…. Right there in the office and taking my body anyway you like making me scream in pleasure that’s all I can think of.”

“Please, Jack, wouldn’t you just let me give you a good time… please right here I’ll be so good”

“Give me a chance to prove myself. I want you to claim me as your own personal toy. I want to be your fine ass bitch.”

“Listen Dumbo we both know this is just a ploy to get me busy so you or one of your friends can get a client over me.” I said “I’m no fool.”


I couldn’t believe it I was naked in his office begging him to make me his but that clearly wasn’t enough I knew what I had to do.

“I’ll resign” I said in despair. I had hoped to keep my job but I had known it might be necessary. “I’ll never practice law again.” All I want for you to make me you’re bitch and use me like a toy.


Now I was willing to believe her

“If you want me to claim you as my bitch you are going to have to do more than resign. You are going to sign over all your clients to me or whoever I choose. You are going to recommend me for that promotion we have both been fighting for. And you will help a friend of mine get your old job. Then I will claim you as my bitch if that is what you want.”

Her smile was flawless.

“Done” She said

“Good. Miss Davis” I called to my secretary. “You can put your phone down the camcorder got everything. Please come here.”


I turned around startled. I didn’t know that the secretary had been watching me from behind the whole time recording me strip myself naked and proclaiming the need to be taken and made into a bitch. I had always been rude to her and I was a little nervous how she would handle the situation now that it was reversed.

“Will you please escort Miss Coleman to that corner and make sure she stays there until I have something to say to her. Oh and please keep her quiet. I have some phone calls to make.”

“Oh and Laura Miss Colman is your boss while I’m away you be good now.” I went with her hopefully she would tell my new lord that I was behaving.

“Well you finally show your true colors.” She sneered you’ve always been so nasty to me. Asking me to give you dirt on my boss. Putting me down for daring to be a secretary instead of doing college for years. And now we see the real you. A slut begging to be used. Well you’re gonna get used in ways you have never con sieved of and if you’re lying well everybody is still going to laugh at you.”

She escorted me to a corner. Where she ordered me to stand facing the wall. She removed my expensive watch.

“There is no reason for you to know what time it is.” She said after a little bit she walked away I have no idea how long I was there before she came back. She told me to turn around and close my eyes I felt something getting stuffed in my pussy!

I opened my eyes in shock. She was stuffing a stapler in my cunt. I almost squeaked but she put a hand over my mouth and said. “He told you to be quiet.”

Not long afterwards she called me over to the desk. And said i should smile I waddled over both because my heels were still on, I had assumed they would be off by now and because of that stapler in my cunt. But as instructed I was smiling the whole way she recorded my journey with the camcorder. She handed me two papers. I looked them one was my resignation the other a letter of recommendation for some guy I did not know. “Sign it bitch she said you always laughed at me for being a secretary but now you’re a nothing. I sighed away my job still naked with a smile on my face he was claiming me I was going to be his.

Next she had me waddle over to a mirror that she had set up where she aimed the camcorder so both my ass and my tits were visible.

She took out her cell phone and called Jack. After she told him that I signed it. She gave the phone to me it was Jack.

“Well Laura.” He said. “Maybe you are telling the truth. Now that you’ve resigned you have accomplished phase one of becoming mine. But now we work on phase two. While she takes your resignation upstairs for filing I want you to think about everything wrong you’ve ever done. I want all the dirt there is on you and any of your colleagues here as well. If you still want to be my bitch of course.

“I do. I do.” I chirped

“Good. Now why don’t you thank Miss Davis for all her help?”

“Yes sir, I will. Thank you Brenda.” I said politely.

“That’s Miss Davis to you Skank.”

“Thank you Miss Davis.”

“Happy to help my lovely slut.”

“Now while I am out. You will leave that in there. She pointed to the stapler in my cunt and if that is on the floor when I get back I’ll tell him and maybe he won’t want you.” She walked out of the room.

I have no idea how long I was alone there but eventually she came back in the room with a box of all my personal items from my old office. She put it down and handed me a plastic mat and which she told me to spread out and stand on after that she gave me a bottle of water which I drank immediately next she handed my two big black dildos and raised my hands holding them to what she called the right angle finally she pulled the stapler from my pussy and put something small in it she examined my hair and make-up after a few touch ups. She aimed the camera at me so with the mirror the camera could catch both my sweet cheeks and big tits she said.

“Okay she’s ready.” She called.

Jack and two other men I didn’t know walked in. I was a bit uncomfortable being naked in front of three men, but that was part of being claimed I told myself.

“Well Laura.” Jack said “I’ve got to admit I’m not as skeptical as I once was. You have resigned and this man here Edward Teague has just taken over your job. And this man here Jonathan Crane is going to be taking over here in this office as I will be moving up now as for claiming you. I want you to say in this camera what you want me to do.” What you must do next is confess your sins to this camera and these witnesses.

Still in that pose I spoke to the camera.

I confessed it seemed that we were there for over an hour I confessed to intimidating witnesses I confessed to bribing someone one from another firm to get me evidence I confessed to witness temperament to convincing my clients to committing perjury. And to a whole host of other things. Plus a lot of things that I knew feminists had done. The man that I want to belong to commanded me and I obeyed. And I obeyed looking like a total slut that video would be in court if he wanted to send it there and they would all see me completely naked in that slutty revealing pose.

Once I was finished, while still in that pose I asked what’s next. “Gee Laura.” Jack asked. “Are you nervous?”

“Well a little bit.” I said in a quiet voice at that moment I felt a huge buzzing in my pussy. I noticed Miss Davis had pushed a button on some device. That thing in my vagina it teased the piss out of me I stood there in front of the four of them naked holding two big dildos with my piss rolling down my legs having confessed to a whole host of crimes. I felt defeated and I knew my life as I knew it was over.

They all started laughing at me. “Look at the stupid naked cunt that can’t even control her piss.” One said. “Yeah” said another. This is where feminist lawyers end up.”

“Well yes.” said Jack “But don’t worry I’ll find a good use for her. I looked up in hope. Well bitch clean the mess up.” He commanded.

I started walking towards the tissue Box. “No Dumbo” He said “Use your tongue I got down on all floors and I started lapping up my piss with my tongue. They all laughed at me some more, miss Davis was cracking up as she held the camcorder at me recording my shame.

Once I was finished all three of them stepped forward they pulled their cocks out and they all started coming on me my face my tits my back even they gave me a sperm bath while she held that camcorder at me.

“Well Miss Davis” Jack said “Since she is such a bad and stupid girl, I guess you’re the sitter until we get back make sure she doesn’t get into any more trouble.” The three men stepped out taking the tape with them.

“Well let’s get this back inside where it belongs.” She said as she shoved the stapler right back in my pussy after that she escorted me right back to the corner. “You are one screwed up bitch you do know that right?” she asked I nodded yes

“Well I have to take care of a few things you don’t move.” She left me there. For a while when she came back she made an announcement.

“You can take the stapler out now. He’s ready for you.

I turned around pulled it out and started walking but she stopped me. “I think that you should crawl to him unless you’ve got a problem with that.”

It was a good idea I got down on all fours and I crawled over to him where he sat there smiling evilly yeah that was a good sign right? I asked myself.

“Well Laura I have decided to put you to a test. To judge whether or not you really want you really want to be my bitch.

My heart lept. “If you wanna be my bitch you’re gonna have to sign A few more things.” But first let me tell you a few things about your world.

“We showed those videos to some very interesting people as we speak your law license is being revoked. Efforts are gonna be made to sue you. Plus there might be some jail time.”

I was frozen speechless on the floor in front of some documents in front of the man that I wanted to claim me as his own.

“Please have mercy. I begged with tears in my eyes. “Please don’t send me to jail let me be yours. You’re bitch. You’re slut. Your cunt. You’re a walking mouth pussy and ass attached to some nice tits.”

He patted me on the head.

“Don’t worry I made some plea deals for you. First is this document he handed me. This for you to sign literally everything you own over to me your every account your every penny every possession that you own so nobody can take it from you when they sue.

I signed it eagerly. He’s right for him to claim me he literally has to own everything I do. I don’t know why I didn’t do that in the first place I should have had that contract when I walked in.

He picked it up He looked at it then looked at me with a smile. “Doll face.” He said to me. “Take off those shoes and those earrings you don’t own them anymore.”

I did. Now I was a literally naked bitch I did not have one possession in the world. “Now that car” he said “That’s a very nice car I understand that it’s on credit?”

“Yes sir.” I said quietly.

“Oh I like being called sir.” He snickered at me.

“Oh good” He said “I’m sure it will be repossessed soon. Wouldn’t want you to have a good credit rating it’s not a healthy thing for a bitch to have.”

“I nodded eagerly. “Yes sir that is correct sir.”

Next he said you have to sign these plea deals if you don’t want to go to jail. First you are going to finish testifying against any feminist lawyer you can. Second you are going to be under house arrest for the next 15 years. Don’t worry it’s going to be my home.”

I signed the first plea deal which meant that I owed thousands of dollars for my transgressions. The second plea deal which I signed more eagerly made me his maid and his home where I would spend my sentence. He gave me a contract for me to be his live in maid along with a very long list of all my new responsibilities. I would be paid a pittance most of which would go to all my new debts.

“Of course if I’m not happy with you, you will go to prison I’m sure you can be someone’s bitch there.”

I was happy. I wasn’t going to jail and I was going to be this man’s bitch. After all if I’m living in his home I’m his bitch.

“And don’t think that makes you my bitch.” he said staring at me. “That just makes you my live in maid. We’ll get to making you my bitch later.

I was disappointed but still hopeful next he handed me a contract for me to legally change my name to Barbie Dohl.

“OK Barbie put this on.” He handed me a very small and slutty costume and slutty and a pair of stilettos. “Pick up that box” he pointed at the box that had my stuff from the old office which already had the business suit I had been wearing that morning in it. We are leaving we are going to Laura old apartment so I can fuck you until you are my complete slut.

All smiles I picked up the box and followed him out to what my life had suddenly become.

It was finally evening and people were wrapping up as we left. But still people stared at me in my small costume. It didn’t cover my private areas very well and I didn’t walk very well in those high stilettos. But we made it to Jack’s car.

He popped open the trunk. “Get in there Miss Dohl”

I climbed into the trunk. I’m really starting to feel like just another one of his toys my pussy felt so wet at the thought of being 1 of Jack’s toys it was a dream come true.

We got to the garage of my apartment building he let me out let me out and we went he spent in we went past the doorman who clearly checked me out I still felt a little objectified when Jack snickered about what a slut I was.

We walked in and the first thing he said was “Ok show me what you got.”

I happily shed off my costume dropped on my knees and helped undo his belt of his pants swallowed his wonderful cock but I’ve been wanting to suck for I don’t know how long and sucked for all it was worth this is what I am now.

Just this morning I was a proud feminist lawyer with a lot of money and now I was practically a slave he had everything that I ever owned and I was exclusively his maid and all I really wanted was to be his fuck toy and I would prove myself worthy

After I finished swallowing his cum I dropped to my hands and knees and said “Please allow me escort you to the bedroom master Jack.”

He motioned with his hand that I could and I crawled to the bedroom that I had owned this morning and now don’t.

Once there He lied down on the bed at this point he was naked himself and he instructed me to get on top and demonstrate why he should let me be his bitch and I didn’t need to be told twice. I jumped on that amazing man and I began humping him for all I was worth.

Being careful to shove my tits in his face I began bashing feminism and women in general.

“Please let me be your bitch.

“I can do this every day.”

“I’ll do anything you want whenever you want.”

“You’re my master please be the master of my pussy.”

“No the master of my body”

“Feminism is a lie. We should all be owned we should all be taken we should all be used.”

Ohhh I groaned riding his big cock for all I was worth. “Let me be yours. My titties, my ass, my pussy, they are yours now. I’m going to work hard in your house by day and I’m going to work hard in your bed at night. I finally have all that feminism out of my head and I am now what I was meant to be a hard working care taking slut.

And you can spank me if you don’t like how it’s done my ass is yours to punish. Use me anyway you want.

Finally he climaxed in my pussy. Oh it felt so good. I was becoming his bitch I just know it.


Well that was one of the best fucks I ever had and seeing as I now owned everything this fuck doll ever had and she was my live in maid. It was pretty clear that I could get whatever I wanted out of her. But I would tell her that tomorrow for now I was fed up with hearing her talk. We’d have to do something about that she was pretty before she opened her mouth even when she said such sweet things. Besides servants should be seen and not heard.

I rolled her off with me. “Barbie” I called. Oh calling my new slave by her new first name got me so hard.

“Do you own any duct tape?”

“Yes master Jack” she said brightly

“Good go get it and while you’re there do you own any beer.”

“Yes Master Jack.”

“Well bring two back with you. Now get.” I gave her ass a good smack and off the naked former lawyer/feminist went. On those stilettoes they were going to be fun

She came back in record time though Carrying two beers and a roll of duct tape she happily placed one beer in my hand and placed the Royal duct tape on the bed.

“Do you think one of those beers is for you miss Dohl?”

She looked a bit startled. No of course not she said placing the other one near me.

“Good because my servants do not drink.”

“Of course sir” she said quietly

I pried a good piece of the roll of duct tape and put it over her mouth.

“There you talk too much. I expect my maids and my bitches to be seen and not heard. Nobody wants to hear you talk nobody ever has nobody ever will especially me. I don’t ever wanna hear about how you feel or what you do when you’re not taking care of my home or my Dick. Because realistically you’re a household appliance now. Understand? You can nod for yes.

She nodded eagerly.

“Now turn on some music and dance while I drink my beer.

Barbie Dohl

I started dancing to the music I played. I did my best to be a sexy slut with no morals, giving him a good show of all my goodies. I shook my tits showed my ass. Everything I could to look sexy until he finished his second beer and his cock was nice and hard. Then I climbed back in the bed get out on top of him and fucked for all I was worth. On and on and on up-and-down up-and-down. The duct tape over my mouth kept me from screaming in pleasure. But that was fine he didn’t need to hear a word I said, finally he climaxed into my pussy.


It was actually a good fuck. “Okay Bitch that’s enough go sleep on the couch tonight. Tomorrow I expect breakfast to be ready at 7:30 wake me up with a blowjob. Now get out of MY room.” I commanded. She curtsied and left. I went to sleep I had a lot to do tomorrow.

I awoke the next morning to the sight of my new maid miss doll and her little French-made costume holding a breakfast tray Good morning master would you like ne to suck your cock.

“That’s good you should do that for the future I expect to be woken up yeah expect to be woken up by a blowjob but 1st get naked you do not get dressed until I say so ever.”

She happily dropped the costume crawled naked into the bed and began sucking my cock while I ate the pancakes she had prepared for me.

Barbie Dohl

One: I was to catalog everything I had owned. I only had five days until my house arrest became official and everything had to be cleaned out before as my master informed me I would be breaking my lease. He instructed me to put my personal items in one suitcase.

Two: I was to take the bit of cash that I had. As all my credit cards were already canceled. And go to a couple places, one of them was a tattoo parlor my master gave me an envelope with the instructions for what he was to give me and a blindfold. So I wouldn’t see it and some tape to put over it so my master could see my face when he saw how he marked me.

Three: I was to Go to a certain shop and pick up an item but item that I was told to pick up but not told what it was.

Before he went to work and I begin taking up taking apart Laura’s life. Master Jack instructed me to join him in the bathroom first he ordered me to take a cold shower which I did. I got in the shower in front of my new master the water was very cold he sat there watching me after 10 minutes he told me to come out.

When I came out he had taken a shit and he informed me that before I dried off I had to wipe his ass. He handed me my law degrees.

“Use these bitch their toilet paper now.” He told me/

I did so happily. I’m his bitch and it’s my job to do what he says and with a smile on my face still cold I’m got on my knees took my law degrees and cleaned my master’s ass.

Master Jack went off to work. Work seemed to have changed for him. The office went through a number of changes. But that wasn’t for a lowly maid like me to worry about. I spent the morning going through “my” belongings. Though they were no longer mine what was valuable what wasn’t.

Then I got dressed in normal clothes for what I knew well might be the last time for at least a few months I went out since my car was still at the office although it was probably reposed by now I had to take the bus I hadn’t done that in years. Then I went to the sex shop to purchase the item my master had sent me to get. It was already wrapped the owner gave me a very is very funny face as I paid for whatever it was.

Next I went to the tattoo parlor where I gave him the envelope my master had given me. He grinned as he read the letter and he only grinned more as I stripped naked in front of him. He put the blindfold over my eyes and began to administer the tattoos. I had no idea what they would say finally he puts the tape over them I got the impression he took some pictures but I could not say for sure but he told me I didn’t have to leave a tip, Somehow my underwear disappeared while he was working.

But I was done I went home stripped down put on my maid uniform and cleaned up the place. I knew I would likely never see it again but I was a maid now and cleaning is what I do. Master Jack came by after work He ordered me to strip naked and step in front of a full length mirror then he ripped the tape off of my naked body revealing my new tattoos.

I gasped when I saw them in the mirror.

WORKS HARD BY DAY AND NIGHT on my right thigh

FEMINISM MADE ME A SLUT on my left thigh



FUCKTOY in multiple colors above my pussy

Plus a barcode above that and that same barcode above my ass like a tramp stamp.


My former rival and new maid stood in shock at the tattoos. I was actually a little nervous if she would truly accept them. But once the shack went over her pretty face she immediately turned around and her face full of hope said.

“Does this mean I am your bitch master jack?”

Not yet I told her I need you to say into this camera what that means.” I aimed a camera at her

I Barbie Dohl formerly Laura Colman want to be Jack Sprouses bitch. I want him to have complete access to my body and use me as he sees fit and anything that he wants me to do I’ll do it. I renounce feminism and all I want is to be fucked a lot and to be very well fucked. I don’t care if he has other women. I don’t care if I’m not his primary woman. I don’t care if he uses me on the side or however he deems to use me. The word no is not in the vocabulary

I will have relations with other women in front of him or other relations with anyone he tells me to have relations with I will wear what he tells me to wear and I will do what he tells me to do I happily give him everything I own and I hope he will view me my body and my soul as just other possessions for him to use as he sees fit.

“If that’s really what you want then that’s what you will be.” I said. She jumped for joy. But you’ll have to wear this.” I handed her the package she had purchased from the sex shop she opened it up and it was a chastity belt.

“You’re going to wear that at all times bitch I told her it will only be taken off when I am using you.” Her reaction was she put it on smiled and said. “Well master how do I look?”

“Fine bitch” I told her. “Tomorrow a moving crew is coming to take everything out of here I have already examined the list what is valuable will be sold what is not valuable will be donated. You will be here to serve them beer, sandwiches and of course blowjobs that belt is the only thing you will be wearing. I’ve also looked through the personal items you want to take they are going to be burned. You have a problem with that?

“No master” she said

“Good next there’s been a room put away for you in my house a very small cramped room with a bed in a closet and a couple more of those French-maid costumes.

That is where you will be when I am not using you or when I am entertaining guests.

I pulled out a skimpy dress from her closet that would be saved for when she testified against those other feminists.

After that I told the bitch to get her maid costume on then to pick that suitcase up for burning and follow me.

Barbie Dohl

I followed Master Jack out of the apartment, and down to the parking lot to Master Jack’s car. He popped the trunk and I put the suitcase in. “Well get in with the other stuff bitch.” Master Jack commanded. I climbed in it was uncomfortable in there with the suitcase as well and I could feel the vibrators in the belt already working getting me wet but they would stop before I came.

After a while we arrived at a park Master Jack ordered me out of the trunk and to leave my costume in it outside at night completely naked except for my belt and carrying a suitcase with my most personal items I watched as Master Jack lit a fire and ordered me to throw the items in one by one I threw my photo albums in saying “I’m Master Jack bitch now” I threw my usual clothes in saying “I’m Master Jacks bitch now and I don’t need this.” I threw the last bit of my personal items into the fire saying “Laura Coleman Coleman no longer exists. I’m Barbie Dohl now”

“Good bitch” master Jack said patting me on the head. He showed me the driver’s license I had once owned. He threw that into the fire then he removed my belt ordered me to get on my hands and knees. He got behind me and without warning he shoved his dick in my ass. In the front of me the last bit of my old life burned and behind me my master and owner was having his way with my ass.

I looked at my master such manly dominance I was so happy to be his maid and bitch this was truly a happy ending for me so long to my old life. Hello to a happy life as Barbie Dohl Master Jack’s maid and bitch.