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Chapter Thirty-One: Santa Makes Sluts into Toys

It’s Christmas and Clara wanted to have some fun.

“Guess what this year Santa is snatching 3 young bitches from his naughty list and after extensive reeducation, they are going to be gifts to 3 down on their luck people who they have been rotten bitches to. #MerryXmas #HoeHoeHoe #SeasonForGiving #ChristmasToy”

* * *


“What are you doing here?” I sneered at that disgusting nerd from my high school. I hadn’t seen him since graduation last June. “Still trying to see up my cheerleader skirt again!”

“I... that... I...” the nerd stammered.

“What are you even doing here?” I hissed. “This is a place for normal people, not bottom-feeding scum like you. You get out of here before—”

Red flashed before me. The air hissed. Cloth tore. Then I gasped as my big, fake tits—my graduation present from Daddy—were bouncing free. They were exposed. Where was my trendy, Michelle Dors feather trim halter shift dress along with my bra and panties. My cheeks burned as I was completely naked before that foul and disgusting nerd.

I screamed as something red engulfed me. It swept me off my feet. I gasped, surrounded by darkness and cloth. I was in a bag. “Hoe, hoe, hoe!” bellowed a Santa Claus. “Got me a naughty one!”

“What the fuck!” I screeched, my blonde hair spilling around my face. “You’re ruining my hairdo!”

* * *


I strolled through the mall in my low-cut blouse and skinny jeans that molded to my rump. My whaletail thong peeked out the back, letting everyone get a nice glimpse of how naughty I was. Guys were staring at me.

And the guy who stared at me the most was my younger brother that I made carry my shopping bags. I knew he was staring at my ass. The little dweeb always lusted after me. It was so much fun to make him drool over me then call him a disgusting pervert.

Cockteasing guys was the best, but my little brother was so much fun to drive wild. He would have to go spank it to me, but I would interrupt him and embarrass him and mock him. It was so much fun. I put an extra sway to my hips, feeling his eyes on my ass. He would—

Red flashed before me. I caught a glimpse of a thick, white beard as cloth tore. My brother groaned. I blinked and gasped, my big tits were on display, bouncing free of my bra that was gone. I was buck naked.

“That ass,” groaned my little brother, seeing my perfect, bubbly butt for the first time without anything in the way. “Yes!”

“Don’t you fucking look at me!” I squealed.

“Hoe! Hoe! Hoe!” bellowed Santa Claus. I caught a glimpse of him opening a red bag then he swept it over me. I screamed as I fell into it and pressed into another naked girl.

“Who the fuck are you!” screamed the girl I was tangled with, the bag swinging.

“Merry Christmas!” the deranged Santa Claus called with the bag slung over his shoulder as I thrashed in the bag.

* * *


“You stupid bitch!” I hissed at the store clerk, holding up the terribly wrapped gift. “My dog could shit out better wrapping than this!”

“I’m so sorry, miss,” the store clerk stammered. She cringed before me. “It’s my first day. I’ll do better. I—”

“Where is your fucking manager!” I snarled. “I am going to get your pathetic ass fired for trying to pawn this terrible job off on me!”

Tears sprang in her eyes. “F-Fired. I’m s-so sorry that I... I...”

“Don’t you fucking cry, bitch!” I hissed. “I’m the one that has—”

My clothes tore. I gasped as my red hair flew around my face. My big boobs bounced. I stared down to see that I was naked. I whirled about, the people in line behind me staring at me in shock. The men’s eyes widened in delight as they leered at my naked form.

“Don’t you fucking look at me!” I screeched, covering my big boobs and squeezing my thighs shut to hide my pussy. “Who did this to me? I’m going to have you all arrested for this! All of you!”

“Hoe! Hoe! Hoe!” a jolly Santa Claus bellowed, his beard swaying, his cheeks rosy, and his belly jiggling. He stared at my naked body, his fingers opening to drop my torn dress.

“You!” I snarled. “I am going to destroy—”

He unslung the heavy, red sack on his back and opened it. He swung it at me in one smooth motion. It engulfed me. I gasped in shock as the bag somehow sucked me in. I tumbled into naked flesh. Two other girls screamed and shouted.

“What the fuck is going on?” I screamed as the bag swung, pressing me into the two naked girls. “I’m going to sue you all! My lawyer is going to bend you over and fuck your asses bloody in court! Let me go!”

* * *


I squirmed with the other two women that had been kidnapped by this deranged Santa Claus. I tumbled back, my fake tits rubbing across their big boobs and arms and sides. A pussy brushed my face. Tits slapped my cheeks. We were tumbled about in the suffocating bag.

“Hoe, hoe, hoe!” the evil Santa bellowed. And I swear he was calling us whores. I could feel it. This monster had taken us for some reason. The world spun. Then it was cold. I could feel the temperature plunging.

“What is going on?” one of the women in here whimpered.

“Fucking sue you!” the other hissed. “If I had my phone, I would have the fucking FBI on your ass! The F! B! I!”

The bag suddenly turned over and we were falling. We squealed as we landed in powdery snow. I gasped at that. Snow? But it so rarely snows where we were. It was in the fifties most days. How the fuck could there be snow. I spilled away from the other two girls. One was a redhead, and the other a brunette. They both had big tits. Natural tits, the disgusting cows. Not perfect, silicone titties like me.

“On your hands and knees, whores!” a slender man who stood no taller than my boobs said. He had the height of a child but was clearly an adult male with pointed ears and a hard cock that thrust out before him. He wore a green cap and nothing else. The cold didn’t make his dick shrink. “Now!”

He cracked a red whip over our heads.

“You heard him!” another short person said. I swear they were elves. Slender and graceful, almost beautiful like Legolas from those nerdy movies I would never admit that I had watched and liked. “On your hands and knees, hoes!”

“Hoe, hoe, hoe!” the mall Santa who had kidnapped us said, pointing at us each in turn. “You three were on my naughty list, and I decided to do something about it this year.

“On your hands and knees!” a third elf shouted. He looked identical to the other two, his cock thrusting out hard with an angry, red tip. “Now!” He, too, cracked a whip.

“You c-can’t do this,” whimpered the redhead who had been threatening to sue.


The whip struck her in the rump. She squealed in pain and jumped forward, ending up on her hands and knees. My eyes were so wide. The brunette joined her a moment later as I stared at the red welt forming on the redhead’s ass.

The elf stared at me, this wicked grin on his face as he pulled the whip taut between his hands.

I squeaked in fright and ended up on my hands and knees, too. My fake titties quivered beneath me, my blonde hair spilling around my face. Tears gathered in the corners of my eyes. I trembled, so afraid as Santa took off his red coat.

He had a barrel-wide chest that was surprisingly strong. His belly was big, but it was clear that he had muscles. His arms were thick and strong like logs. His eyes twinkled with jolly delight as he stared at us. He had suspenders on that he took off.

“The missus let me take three naughty sluts to turn into gifts for those they victimized,” growled Santa as he pulled off his suspenders. His red pants fell off. A huge dick emerged, surrounded by thick, white pubic hair. “You’re going to be trained to be good girls for your new owners.”

“Owners?” I squeaked.



I squealed in pain. A stripe of burning stings burst across my rump. My butt-cheeks clenched as the heat melted down to my pussy. I whimpered, quivering there and trembling. Tears spilled down my cheeks.

“You will speak when given permission,” Santa Claus said. “Gifts are objects. Toys to be played with by their owners as they see fit. If they want to whip their gifts.”



For a moment, I thought it was me that had been whipped, but then the brunette beside me squealed in pain, her head tossing back.

“Then they can,” continued Santa Claus. “If they want to shove thick butt plugs up their asses, they can.”

Something pressed between my butt-cheeks. I turned around and saw that one of the elves had a huge candy cane with a cone-like tip that he pushed against my anal ring. My eyes widened as it stretched open my asshole.

“No, no, no” I whimpered as the candy cane thrust into my asshole. My head tossed back as pain flared into my asshole. It burned. “Take it out! I don’t do anal!”

Another elf slapped his cock into my face. “You do now, hoe! You’re a toy! A gift your new owner can do whatever he wants with you.”

“Or she,” another elf said and slapped the redhead in the face with his cock. “Mmm, we’re going to train you fucking bitches good. You’ll be perfect toys when we’re done.”

“Hoe, hoe, hoe,” laughed Santa Claus, his big belly jiggling, his huge cock throbbing.

“No, no, no,” whimpered the brunette. Then her head tossed as she had a candy cane butt plug thrust into her asshole. She whimpered, her head tossing. “It’s so big! Take it out!”

The elf who slapped me in the face with his cock, leaving precum dripping down my cheek, smacked her next. “Quiet, toy! You’re a thing now. Things only talk when they’re told to.”

“You’re living dolls that your owners are going to love playing with.”

“Sex dolls,” Santa said with an evil grin and that horrid twinkle in his eyes. He slapped his belly as the redhead gasped, her asshole filled with a candy cane butt plug. “And, of course, toys have to be collared so everyone knows what they are!”

The elf who had violated my asshole with the candy cane opened a red collar with a silver bell on it. The bell tinkled as he leaned down and wrapped it around my neck. He cinched it tight. I trembled, musical tinkles rising from me, my bowels clenching around the burning shaft in me.

He slapped my face with his cock hard, my cheeks stinging. Tears fell down my cheeks. This couldn’t be happening. I was a good girl. I had only cheated on three of my boyfriends. And they were fucking other girls, so it was okay. And maybe I had hit a guy with my car, but he didn’t die.

The brunette was collared then the redhead, the elf slapping them in the face with his big dick. Santa watched on, grinning at us. I trembled, my heart pounding. Fear rippled through me. I didn’t know how I was getting out of this.

“P-please, please, I’m not a naughty hoe,” I whimpered. “I’m a good girl.”

He snapped his fingers and a roll of parchment appeared that fell to the snow. He looked at it, shaking his head. “Ripped the head off your friend’s Snow Bunny Barbie so you would be the only one to have one. Gave her a haircut on purpose that left her with short hair.” Tsk, tsk. “And that was when you were five. Bullying. Cheating. Breaking objects and blaming the maid. You were that young when you lost your virginity then blackmailed the teacher to get passing grades. More bullying. So much bullying. No, no, you deserve to be here.”

“But...but...” I stared at him. “I can explain that all. He came onto me. He was the—”

He fell to his knees before me and rammed his cock into my mouth, cutting off my words. “This is what your mouth is for, toy,” he growled. “Sucking dicks. Not whining like a spoiled bitch. Now suck it. I know you can. You’ve sucked off thirty-seven different boys and men. You’re a pro at this. Your new owner is going to love your cock-sucking skills. So suck!”

I shook my head. Or tried to. His hands gripped my head like a vice.

I wouldn’t suck his dick. I wouldn’t give in to this perverse—



The whip slapped into my ass. Pain burst across my rump. I gasped, my eyes bulging. I whimpered as the agony blazed across my butt-cheeks. Tears fell down my cheeks. I moaned around his cock.

“Suck, hoe!” Santa growled. “Suck that cock, you dirty, little toy! Or else...”

My butt-cheeks burned. I squealed and started sucking. I nursed on him with all the force I could. I had given hundreds of blowjobs. I knew what I was doing. If I made him cum, then he would be nice to me. Guys were always nice to me after I had blown them.

They would do things for me. Like beat up nerds or give me A’s or buy me pretty jewelry.

I bobbed my head, sucking on Santa’s cock. His belly jiggled before my eyes. He stared down at me with that wicked twinkle in his eyes. He laughed as I suckled on him, his dick throbbing in my mouth. His salty precum spilled over my tongue.

I danced my tongue around his crown. I swirled about him. I loved the way he throbbed in my mouth. My butt-cheeks burned from the whips. My pussy dripped. It was always exciting sucking a dick.

“That’s it, toy,” growled Santa. “Yes, yes, you suck dick like a pro. A fucking whore who wants that cum. You want my jizz, don’t you?”

NO, no, I didn’t. I shook my head.

“Yes, you do.” He chuckled again. “You’re a dirty toy. You crave cum. You want to have all that spunk. All you slutty toys do.”

“That’s right,” one of the elves hissed. His hand grabbed my burning ass. “You’re starting to drip. This turns you on, toy.”

I couldn’t admit that. I shook my head around Santa’s cock.


My eyes bulged. The elf had spanked me. He had smacked his hand on my ass. Pain burst from the welt striping my ass. My cunt clenched, the heat melting through it. I suckled so hard.

“Hoe, hoe, hoe,” laughed Santa Claus. “You really are sucking that dick now, Toy.”


The pain burst across my rump again. I groaned as that happened. I suckled so hard, wanting to please him so the elf would stop spanking me. I bobbed my head, working my mouth up and down his cock. I suckled with passion.

The others watched. I could feel them staring at me as I loved his dick. They were judging me. Thinking of me as a whore. A toy. I wasn’t a toy. I just didn’t want to get whipped. That hurt so much. My pussy clenched, my cunt cream spilling down my thighs.


“She is dripping wet, Santa,” the elf growled, his hand squeezing my rump.

I squealed at the pain, nursing so hard. My pussy burned. Ache.

“She wants a dick back there,” the elf added, pulling his hand away.


“Disgusting slut! She’s made to be a toy.”

“She is sucking my dick hard,” groaned Santa. “Just the way a good toy should. That’s it, toy, you are going to be guzzling down my cum soon. I know you want it.”


“All you toys love to drink jizz.”

No, no, I didn’t want to drink Santa’s jizz, but I couldn’t stop sucking. If I did, then I would keep getting spanked. I had to keep performing. I was a cheerleader. That’s what we did. I squeezed my spanked rump, the heat swelling through me as my asshole gripped the candy cane.

Santa’s cock throbbed in my mouth, my pussy burning hotter and hotter. I needed to be touched. I needed to burst with rapture. I ached for it as drool ran down my chin. I danced my tongue around Santa’s dick. The salty precum swelled.

“Hoe, hoe, hoe!” he bellowed with jolly delight.

His cock erupted.

His jizz spurted into my mouth. I groaned at how thick it was. How creamy. It filled my mouth in moments. I had to swallowed. I gulped it down as more and more of his spunk fired out of his cock. His belly shook as he emptied his cum into my mouth.

My pussy burned and my asshole clenched on the candy cane butt plug. I whimpered, more and more of Santa’s thick jizz pumped into my mouth. I had to swallow it all. I hated doing that. It was just so humiliating to swallow a guy’s cum.

“Look at that,” groaned Santa as he fired a final spurt of jizz. “The Toy did her first nice thing. She swallowed her first load of cum. You’re learning to be a good toy already. Your new owner is going to love pumping his nerdy cum down your throat.”

I whimpered. A nerd? It couldn’t be...

I saw the twinkle in Santa’s eyes and knew it was. No, no, no, this could not be happening. Why did this happen to me? I was good. I wasn’t a toy. I trembled there as Santa ripped his cock out of my mouth. Drool ran hot down my chin, my belly full of his spunk.

“Do you have an objection, Toy?” he asked me.

I hesitated. I almost blurted out that he couldn’t, but my ass burned so badly from the whip. “T-Toys aren’t supposed to speak.”

He winked at me and moved towards the brunette.

* * *


I whimpered. Santa was moving towards me. He stared down at me as I quivered. My asshole clenched down on the candy cane butt plug. I quivered, my pussy on fire. This was so terrible. I would rather have my disgusting brother stare at me than be here, kneeling in the snow.

I wasn’t freezing, either. Then I would be numb. I would love some hypothermia right now.

“Another naughty toy,” Santa said, shaking his head, his cock dripping with the blonde’s pussy cream. “Let’s see.” A roll appeared with a snap of his fingers. “Oh, my, a cocktease. You drove men wild—your own brother—until they have to masturbate. You don’t even give them a handjob. What a wicked thing you are. But don’t worry, we’ll teach you to love dicks. Won’t we, elves!”

The elves laughed around me as they picked me up and turned me around. I shuddered, one of the elf’s cocks right before me. I sealed my mouth shut, shaking my head. I wouldn’t suck a dick. That was nasty. Demeaning.

Then the elf pinched my nose. My eyes widened. I couldn’t breathe. My face burned. My lungs ached. I had to breathe. I had to gulp in air. I whimpered as he kept pinching and pinching. Then I gasped in a breath.

The cock rammed into my mouth. I shuddered as he released my nose to grab the side of my head. The elf’s huge dick fucked away at my throat. He pumped hard and fast. I couldn’t believe this was happening. He drove his cock to the back of my throat again and again.

My eyes bulged as the elf gave a wicked chuckle. I shook my head, whimpering. He rammed his cock to the back of my throat and kept going. I gagged. Gurgled. I choked on him, but his dick rammed past my gullet and down my esophagus.

His hairy balls slapped into my chin.

“Yes!” he bellowed in delight. “Oh, she’s got a throat on her, Santa. A perfect deep-throating slut! Yes, yes, that’s it. That’s amazing, Toy. You’re going to be the perfect gift for your little brother!”

I whimpered as the disgusting cock kept ramming down my throat. It plunged to the back of my esophagus and pulled back. I groaned, hating this. It was so nasty. His balls slapped into my chin as he fucked my gullet.

Then Santa’s cock nuzzled into my shaved pussy. I gasped as he rubbed his cock up and down my slit. I was wet. Soaking wet. Juices ran down my thighs. Why was I so wet? I wasn’t cock-teasing anyone. My asshole clenched down on the candy cane as this horrible realization rippled through me.

Did I like this?

“You are so wet, Toy,” Santa groaned. “Eager to be a good slut? To pleasure your owner and whomever he lends you to? Yes, I think you are, Toy. You got a pussy just made to please your owner. You’ll make a perfect gift. Hoe, hoe, hoe!”

He thrust into my cunt.

My eyes bulged. It was an amazing delight to have Santa’s cock huge dick in me. He stretched me out. I moaned around the elf’s cock ramming down my throat. I shuddered, gurgling about that shaft as Santa fucked me. It was fantastic to feel it pumping away at me.

I whimpered, hating how much I loved being fucked by that huge dick. This couldn’t be happening. Why was I enjoying this? It was humiliating to be getting pleasure from this, but my orgasm swelled as he pounded my cunt with his big dick.

He fucked me hard. Fast. He buried deep into my cunt as he grabbed the candy cane and fucked it and out of my asshole. I whimpered, gripping it. Another pleasure rippled through me. Two frictions melted through my nethers.

My orgasm built.

“That’s it, toy,” the elf groaned as he fucked his cock down my gullet. His balls slapped into my chin. “You’re going to be gagging on your owner’s dick all the time. And you’re so good at it, Toy. Never had a girl deep-throat my dick with such ease.”

“A natural-born toy,” Santa groaned as he drilled my cunt.

My asshole clenched about the candy cane he thrust in and out of my bowels while my pussy melted around his cock. Was I a natural-born toy? I was loving that dick. It shamed me to feel my orgasm building and building.

A huge one.

A gigantic one that would drown me with rapture. There was no stopping it from bursting through me and sweeping through my body. I whimpered around the elf’s cock ramming down my gullet. Tears brimmed in my eyes.

I did love this. I was such a slut. A disgusting toy.

The tear spilled down my cheek as my orgasm swelled faster. I squeezed my cunt and asshole around Santa’s dick and the candy cane. I loved them both. I moaned around the elf’s cock as he plunged it hard down my throat.

His balls smacked into my chin swelled my orgasm, too. The humiliation of it. The shame of being used by them. I whimpered around his cock, my pussy burning. Santa rammed his dick deep and hard into my cunt. He shoved the candy cane deep into my asshole.

I burst in rapture.

“That’s it, Toy!” Santa moaned. “Hoe, hoe, hoe!”

He fucked my pussy hard as I convulsed around him. I whimpered, humiliating pleasure surging through my body and splashing over my mind. I whimpered, my cunt convulsing around his dick as my asshole writhed around the candy cane Santa buried deep into my bowels.

He buried deep into me and erupted.

His cum pumped into my pussy as the elf buried his dick down my gullet. He groaned and spurted his jizz straight into my belly. That was even more humiliating than if he had spunked in my mouth. I whimpered, my cunt writhing around Santa’s cock as my orgasm burst with more shameful bliss.

Tears spilled how down my cheeks. I was a toy pleasuring these two men.

The other elves laughed around me. “Look at that Toy! She’s cumming like a whore!”

“A fucking slutty Toy!” the other elf moaned. “Makes my dick so hard.”

“Just a toy!” the elf dumping cum into my stomach moaned.

“Hoe, hoe, hoe,” Santa bellowed with jolly delight as my cunt milked his dick.

I spasmed around him, working out all the cum in his nuts. He filled my pussy with blast after blast of his spunk. He soaked my cunt because I was a Toy. I whimpered at that as the elf fired the last of his cum down my gullet.

Santa moaned as he emptied his nuts into my snatch. I trembled, my body burning with rapture. My orgasm peaked in me. I trembled, wanting more. My disgusting body craved to be fucked over and over again.

* * *


Santa ripped his cock out of the brunette’s cunt. I swallowed, my red hair spilling around my face. He moved before me and shook his head, his cock dripping with pussy cream. I swallowed as he stared at me. My ass still burned.

“You were misnamed, Toy,” he said as he snapped his fingers and looked at a list. “You’ve called the cops thirty times last year.” He shook his head in disgust. “You bully and browbeat everyone around you, thinking your selfish desires are the center of the universe. Mostly women, too. Don’t have the courage to scream at a man?”

“I... Well... They all deserved it,” I whimpered.

“They made mistakes, and you shriek at them like a five-year-old throwing a temper tantrum.” He sneered. “So impressive to make them cry because you never grew up. Well, that’s perfect. You’ll be a toy. A gift that will never get to use that tongue for anything other than licking pussy!”

He grabbed me by the hair. I gasped as he yanked me towards the brunette. She panted, tears spilling down her cheek as she whispered something over and over again. “I’m a Toy. I’m a Toy. I’m a Toy.”

“I’m not a toy,” I whimpered, my asshole clenching down on the candy cane. “I’m the head of HR for my company. I’m important. I have a husband.”

“He’ll be happier with that mistress of his,” said Santa. “He’ll be getting divorce papers for Christmas and your children will have a new mommy by New Years. She’ll be a much better one.”

“But... but...” My stomach roiled. A mistress? He cheated on me? I chose him. He was mine. “How dare he cheat on—”

Santa shoved my face into the brunette’s pussy dripping with his cum. He shoved me deep into it, my nose and mouth buried into hot flesh. The sweet taste of her juices mixed with the salty flavor of Santa’s seed. I whimpered, wiggling my hips back and forth.

“It seems you promised your husband anal sex for your five-year anniversary then weaseled out of it,” said Santa as he kept my head pressed into the brunette’s pussy. He grabbed the candy cane and ripped it out of my asshole. “What a terrible wife you are. Don’t worry, your husband’s mistress has a well-used asshole. He dumps at least a load into her backdoor every workday. Then she sucks his dick clean. What a good girl she is. Not like you.”

“Please,” I moaned. “I’m not gay. I don’t like pussy!”

“Better learn to love it, Toy,” he growled as he pressed his cock into my butt-crack.

A wave of panic shot over me as he slid down to my asshole and pushed his dick against my sphincter. I whimpered as he nuzzled against my backdoor. He was so huge. He couldn’t fit back there. He would hurt me if he did.

“Wait, wait, I’ll eat her pussy,” I moaned. “Just don’t fuck my asshole.”

I licked at the brunette’s pussy. She gasped in delight, her welted butt-cheeks clenching before my face. The candy cane shoved into her asshole wiggled back and forth. My tongue slid through her folds, gathering her sweet pussy and salty cum. I hated jizz so much. It was so strong, but her sweet cream wasn’t terrible.

Mixed, they were tolerable.

I could eat this pussy to keep Santa from fucking my asshole. I tongued the brunette hard and fast, eager to show Santa that he didn’t have to do this to me. That he didn’t have to pound me in the asshole. It would hurt. I thrust my tongue into the brunette’s pussy, swirling around in her.

“Oh, wow,” she groaned. “Oh, that toy is just going to town on my pussy, Santa. She’s really going wild.”

“Hoe, hoe, hoe!” Santa bellowed with jolly delight and thrust.

“Wait!” I squealed as my anal ring widened and widened before his thick cock. It burned. I’m eating her pussy!”

“I never agreed to that,” he said. “You’re a Toy. Toys don’t get a choice if they’re ass-fucked or if they eat pussy. That’s up to their owner. Now keep eating that pussy, Toy!”

“I’m not a—” His cock rammed past my asshole and entered my bowels. I squealed at the burning heat. It hurt and felt good all at the same time. It was so strange. He sank deeper and deeper into me. I shook my head as much as I could, rubbing my lips into that sweet, cum-filled pussy. “Oh, god!”

Santa chuckled again as he sank to the hilt in my bowels. I groaned, squeezing my asshole around his dick. This was really happening to me. He was really fucking my asshole. I groaned, my bowels squeezing around him as he bottomed out in me, his bush rubbing on my welted ass.

I whimpered as he drew back his cock, his hand still pushing on the back of my head, pressing my mouth into the brunette’s pussy. A mixture of cum and pussy cream spilled past my lips. My asshole burned around his cock. It hurt and yet my felt so good. The heat melted to my twat.

He thrust back into my asshole, and I groaned. I groaned in pleasure. That couldn’t be right. I couldn’t have just groaned in pleasure. This couldn’t make me feel good, but as he drew back and thrust in again, I moaned.

I whimpered. Groaned. Shuddered. My tongue flicked through the brunette’s folds as my pussy grew hotter and hotter. The heat from my asshole melted through my snatch. Santa’s cock pounded my bowels and... and...

I liked it.

“That’s it, Toy,” the brunette moaned. “Mmm, lick that pussy. You like my cunt, don’t you?”

I... I did. That sweet flavor was so delicious. So much better than that nasty cum, but there was less and less of it with every lick. I thrust my tongue into her snatch, wiggling it about in her, soaking in her hot cream and gathering up the jizz.

My boobs swayed beneath me, heaving and smacking together. I whimpered, my body rocking to the rhythm of Santa’s thrusts. Was I a toy? Just a thing to be fucked. A slut to be pounded in the ass by his big dick? I shuddered at the thought.

But... but... he was fucking me so hard and I loved it. Just like a toy would. He was pounding me with such force. He buried into me again and again. My bowels clenched about him. I held him tight as he fucked me with that big dick. He pounded me over and over again.

“Oh, god,” I groaned into the brunette’s pussy, tonguing her faster and faster.

The flavor of Santa’s cum dwindled. Soon there was only the taste of her sweet pussy. Her shaved cuntlips rubbed on mine as I devoured her. I licked at her with such a feverish passion as that thick dick pounded my asshole.

My bowels clenched down around him. Santa’s dick pumped away at me. His heavy ball slapped into my taint. It was this wonderful delight that buried into me again and again. I whimpered as I thrust my tongue around in the brunette’s pussy.

I tasted only her sweet pussy juices.

I groaned at that delight. I feasted on her as my bowels clenched down on Santa’s cock. I trembled as he buried into me over and over again. He fucked me hard. My orgasm swelled in me. He pumped away at my asshole with such hard force.

“That’s it, Toy!” growled Santa. “Lick that pussy!”

“She loves my pussy, Santa,” gasped the brunette toy. “She’s got her tongue so deep in me. Ooh, it’s so good. I’m going to cum on her mouth.”

“Drown her, Toy!” Santa moaned. “Drown the pussy-licking toy with all that sweet cream.”

“Yes, Santa!”

I wanted her to drown me. I whimpered, melting towards my orgasm as Santa fucked me so hard. My tongue swirled around in the other toy’s cunt. She moaned, her pussy squeezing about my tongue. I thrust into her over and over again. She groaned, her rump wiggling.

I had to make her explode. I went for her clit. I always made my husband suckle on my bud to make me climax on him. I nibbled on her pearl. I suckled on her. She squealed in delight, her hips wiggling. My nose rubbed into her pussy.

Then she cried out, “You dyke-toy, yes!”

Pussy cream gushed out. I groaned, drinking her twat juices. The sweet delight poured over my mouth and tongue. I drank her as I squeezed my asshole around Santa’s big dick. I trembled as he buried into me hard and fast. The pressure in my cunt burst as I drank the Toy’s passion.

I climaxed.

“Hoe, hoe, hoe!” Santa groaned as my asshole convulsed around his dick. “What a Toy!”

“Yes, Santa,” I moaned, pleasure rushing through my body.

His cock pumped away at me. He fucked me with such force. He buried into me with such passion. He plowed into me hard and fast. He grunted, burying into me with everything that he had. I loved it. He fucked into me with prowess.

And erupted.

His cum jetted into my convulsing asshole. My asshole writhed around him. I suckled at him with such hunger. I nursed at him with everything that I had. It was an incredible delight. I tossed my head back and forth, whimpering through this bliss.

I was a toy. A thing. A pussy-licking slut.

My asshole wrung Santa’s cock dry as I trembled through my orgasm. I whimpered, my tongue fluttering through the brunette’s twat. I licked and lapped at her with hunger. I drank her pussy cream all up. It was a treat to devour her.

I panted as my orgasm died down. Santa ripped his cock out of my asshole. I trembled, my body shaking with pleasure. I rubbed my face into the brunette’s pussy, savoring how good it felt not to have to be the one in charge.

Not having to yell and scream. That was someone else’s job now.

* * *


Santa moved towards me, his cock bobbing before him. It was fresh from the redhead’s ass. I shuddered as he grinned at me. Then I was grabbed. One of the elves pulled me down onto his cock. My shaved cunt rubbed on him, wet and dripping. The other ripped the candy cane out of my asshole.

“You know what to do, Toy,” Santa growled.

Aching to cum after watching the other two bitches getting fucked, I whimpered, “Yes, Santa!”

My pussy needed a big rod in me, and the elf had a huge cock. I slid my twat up to the tip of his dick then shoved dripping cunt down his shaft. I moaned in abject delight, reveling in his cock filling me up. It was so embarrassing to be this much of a horny bitch, but...

I was a Toy. A thing to be fucked and used. To take pleasure in being degraded. Santa held his cock before me fresh from the redhead’s asshole. I could smell her earthy bowels on it. That scent permeated my nose. I groaned, licking my lips. I just had to... to...

Suck him clean.

No matter how dirty this was, I ached to do it. I was such a dirty whore. A filthy toy. I opened my mouth wide and slid my lips over his cock. My cunt clenched on the elf’s dick. He groaned, his hands squeezing my big, fake tits. He kneaded them as I rode his cock.

The flavor of the redhead’s sour bowels suffused my mouth. I nursed on Santa’s dirty dick. I nursed on him with hunger. My cheeks hollowed and my cunt clenched down on the elf’s cock. Another elf pressed his dick into my butt-crack and found my asshole.

I shuddered as he thrust against my loosened backdoor.

I squealed around Santa’s dirty dick as the elf’s cock sodomized me. Heat burned in my bowels and melted to my cunt working up and down the other elf’s shaft. I whimpered around Santa’s cock, sucking hard as all my holes were stuffed.

I whimpered, nursing on Santa’s cock and polishing him clean. I worked my cunt up and down the elf’s dick while the other buggered me. He fucked me with passion. He pounded me with such force. His balls smacked into my taint.

I had two dicks filling my nethers. My pussy and asshole gripped those dicks. My boobs jiggled in the elf’s squeezing hands. He kneaded me as I rode his thick dick. I worked my cunt up and down his thick shaft as the other fucked me in the ass.

The pleasure built and built. I swelled towards my orgasm as I nursed on Santa’s dirty dick. I bobbed my head, polishing off the sour flavor of the redhead’s asshole. I groaned, savoring the degrading flavor and the salty taste of his precum.

I was a thing these three men were using.

Santa and his elves reveled in treating me like their toy. They played with me. My holes gave them pleasure. I groaned, realizing I was nothing but three holes. A mouth, pussy, and asshole to be used by men. By my new owner.

The nerd I bullied.

I trembled at how degrading that would be to be owned by him. I suckled hard on Santa’s cock, my orgasm swelling so fast. I hurtled towards it. My pussy melted around the cock I rode. My bowels gripped the thick shaft sodomizing me with such force.

My orgasm built and built from the friction. The heat from my asshole mixed with the fire in my cunt. I whimpered, nursing on Santa’s cock. The dirty flavor of the redhead’s bowels had faded. I had buffed his dick clean.

Drool ran down my chin. I whimpered, my entire body burning. I wiggled my hips from side to side, hurtling towards that bursting pleasure. I bobbed my head, my blonde hair swaying about my face. I suckled with passion.

“Yes,” groaned Santa. “That’s it, Toy. Be a good girl and make us cum.”

I squealed around his cock. I wanted to make them cum.

I worked my cunt faster up and down the elf’s cock. He groaned, his hands kneading my tits. He dug his fingers into them as I slammed my cunt down his shaft. My asshole gripped the other elf’s dick, the pleasure building and building in me.

It was so degrading to please them all. I wiggled my hips, stirring my cunt and asshole around the elves’ dicks. They both groaned as they enjoyed my holes. My bowels and my pussy massaged their cocks.

Drool ran down my chin as I suckled on Santa’s cock. I closed my eyes. Whimpering.


I hurtled towards my climax as I pleased them with my worthless holes.

I impaled my cunt down the elf’s cock as the other buried into my bowels. It was too much for me to handle. I groaned and exploded with humiliating rapture. I squealed around Santa’s thick dick as the rapture surged through me.

My cunt convulsed. My asshole writhed. I nursed hard on Santa’s cock as the waves of ecstasy surged through me. I groaned with delight. My head tossed from side to side. I whimpered as my mind drowned in bliss.

“Dirty Toy!” the elf fucking my asshole moaned.

He erupted.

“Fucking slut!” the elf in my pussy panted.

He exploded.

Their cum fired into my two holes. I trembled, my twat rippling and writhing around their spurting shafts. I groaned, my eyes squeezing shut. The pleasure rushed through me as I milked them. I worked out all that spunk. It was an amazing delight.

“Hoe, hoe, hoe!” bellowed Santa as his dick erupted.

All three of their cocks pumped their cum into my holes. I shuddered, gulping down Santa’s salty jizz. His hot cream spilled down my throat. I swallowed it all as my pussy and asshole milked the elves’ rods.

They pumped more and more of their spunk into my holes. They filled me up with such rapture. It was an amazing experience. Stars danced before my eyes. I trembled, my boobs swaying. The elf flooding my cunt squeezed my tits.

“Fucking Toy!” he growled.

“Dirty fucktoy bitch!” the other moaned as he filled my asshole.

I was those things.

I shuddered, gulping down all the cum I could. I swallowed everything that I could. My pussy and asshole wrung them dry. They fired the last of their spunk into me. I swayed, dizzy from the rapture surging through me. It spun about me.

Just such a delight to enjoy being a worthless toy. Just a thing to be played with. I understood now. It was a gift to be given to a nerd. He might not even keep me. He could give me to another. Discard me. I had no value.

Just three holes. Nothing more.

* * *

Santa Claus

I smiled as all three toys were gift-wrapped for their new owners. Red ribbons were wrapped around them. They covered their big boobs and their pussies. Their owners would have lots of fun unwrapping them. Ring gags were thrust into their mouths so they could be ready to be used.

Their hands were bound with cuffs that had the look of Christmas wreathes. They were all ready to go into my sack, be delivered, and be appreciated by their new owners.

I swept them up and threw them over my shoulder before heading to my sleigh. The three of them squirmed in there. They would be going to good owners. Two good boys and one good girl. I cracked my whip. The reindeer leaped into the sky.

I flew through the air and reached the first house. I placed the cheerleader-toy before the tree, gift-wrapped for the nerd she bullied. Then I was back up the chimney and heading to the next house. It was the brunette-toy’s own house.

She was a gift for her brother that she had cock-teased so much. He would enjoy her.

Last, the Karen-toy I soared to that poor salesgirl that had to endure the bitch’s last rant. Now a good pussy-licker, the Toy would be perfect delight for the salesgirl to enjoy when she woke up. I knew she would cum and cum and cum on the bitch’s mouth.

I knew all three toys would all be appreciated.

“Hoe, hoe, hoe! Merry Christmas!”

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...