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This here is a Short story from Bee Bee

Authors note: I got this idea from Christmas eve by Darinost

Clara was looking forward to the holidays she had had a lot of fun at the end of this year and she was certainly looking forward to next year. But one thing about the holidays got her thinking about one of her high school rivals. Holly Cambers. Holly was an arrogant bitch who lorded over everybody. With her good girl piety. She always acted like a good girl. But Clara was one of the few who always saw through her facade. And she hated her mother too that woman got so many surgeries to stay young, but she’s always convincing people to support local charities that she thought was good.

Yet that woman had bankrupted two husbands. But she was always a good pious woman on the outside. Yes Clara decided for the holiday there would be a change She let out a text did you know that Holly Chambers and her mother like to have a guest dressed as Santa come over and get very intimate together? Why they even have a video of what they do together. And some third party knows about it and it’s going to be posted to all their social accounts Christmas morning and on the internet as well of course.

# Under the mistletoe

# lots of wet presents

Sure enough out went the video that holiday morning It began with “Santa” standing in front of Holly and her mother telling them that they have been very naughty and they have to take their clothes off, but if they’re good they will get to get their presents. First “Santa” fucked Holly’s face. He pulled out at the last minute and gave her a white Christmas facial. Then the reindeer games began! It was a heartwarming scene It really got the spirit of the day good pious naked Holly sat on Santa’s lap, with his cock her now buried in her warm snatch. Standing behind her was her mother wearing a big strap-on that she had bought for the holidays. Which with a little difficulty she stuck up her daughter’s butt. Soon Holly her Face still painted with holiday cheer began to sing.

Have a holly, jolly Christmas It’s the best time of the year.

For a slut to get her pussy filled While Mommy stuffs her rear.

Have a holly, jolly Christmas watch Santa pound my sluthole hard We want to show the friends we know and this is better than some old card.

Ooh ooh, (she cried in ecstasy) the mistletoe Hung above us three Santa not only can you cum in my cunt and knock me up but please piss on me.

Have a holly, jolly Christmas And in case you didn’t hear I was a complete slut this year! Have a holly, jolly Christmas mommy’s dildo is covered with my shit. We wanna show the friends we know me use my tongue to clean it.

Ho ho, the mistletoe hung above us three Mommy, when you are done may I kiss and eat your pussy

Have a holly, jolly Christmas And in case you didn’t hear I’m a slut who got a very hard fucking for Christmas This year!

That tape went to all of their friends.