The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter Thirty-Three: Unwrapping the Slutty Toys

Clara made a tweet for three bitchy, arrogant, cunty women to be turned into gifts.

Christmas morning has arrived. It’s time for good boys and girls to open their presents!

* * *

Toy Cathy

I was a toy. Nothing more than a gift. An object to be given to the nerd that I had bullied the most in high school. I had demanded him. Insulted him. Sneered at him at every turn. I mocked him for liking Lord of the Rings even when secretly loved those movies.

I was a cunt in the worst possible way.

And now I was his gift.

Santa and his elves had wrapped me up. My hands were manacled behind my back, ribbons wrapped around my breasts and pussy with big bows to be pulled. A ring gag kept my mouth open and ready to be used while keeping me from saying a single word. I knelt before the Christmas tree eager to be unwrapped.

To be played with.

Footsteps approached. They slouched from the hallway of the small, one-bedroom apartment. Tom appeared, wearing only his boxers. He was a skinny nerd with cock-bottle glasses. He yawned as he scratched at his lower back.

“Merry Christmas me...” His words trailed off as he saw me kneeling there, my big, fake titties quivering as I trembled. The satin ribbon felt so cool and slick against my aching nipples. “The fuck?”

He pulled off his glasses, stared up at the ceiling, then put them back on. I quivered there as his cock tented the front of his boxers. He moved towards me, shaking his head. He ran a hand through his greasy hair.

“No fucking way,” he said. “Is that you, Cathy? How are you wrapped up like that?”

He noticed the tag about my throat and looked at it, reading, “To: Tom. Enjoy your new toy. From: Santa.” He dropped it and stared at me. “You’re mine?”

I nodded.

“To play with?”

I nodded again. My pussy burned with the shame of this. I was Carol, head cheerleader. My father was a CEO. He made so much money. But here I was in a dirt-cheap apartment owned by a poor-ass nerd that I despised. I wanted him to touch me. To use me. To do such humiliating things to me.

I was his toy.

“To unwrap and fuck and do whatever I want to you?”

A third nod that made my pussy clench in delight as he stared at me in awe. Then he grabbed the ribbon covering my breasts and pulled. The satin whisked. The bow vanished then he whipped the ribbon away to reveal my big breasts.

He groaned at the sight of my fake titties. He fell to his knees, staring at them up close. Then he gripped them with his hands. He squeezed them, feeling the silicone implants. I shuddered as he did that. This heat swept through me. It was so shameful to have his hands kneading them.

These tits were meant for playboys, movie stars, and millionaires to handle. Not for a poor nerd. But he squeezed them. Owned them. I groaned through my ring gag, drool running down my chin. I couldn’t stop him if I wanted to.

He had complete control over my body now.

“Goddamn,” he groaned. “Carol’s big, fake tits in my hands. Shit, this is the best Christmas ever. I don’t get this but...” An evil grin spread on his face.

Gripping my tits, he threw me down on my back. I gasped, my legs spilling out on the floor. My spine arched thanks to my hands bound at my lower back. I quivered, my big boobs jiggling. He shoved off his boxers.

His cock popped out. He was hung. How was this skinny nerd so endowed? I trembled as he threw a leg over me and straddled my torso. His cock slapped between my boobs. A titty fuck? I had never done that for any guy.

“Carol’s big, fake tits wrapped around my cock,” grinned the nerd. “And, I get to do this whenever I want, don’t I?”

I nodded, my pussy burning with the shame. Humiliation made everything hotter.

He thrust his cock through my tits. He pumped away at my boobs. It was incredible having him do that. His thick shaft pumped away between my breasts. He squeezed my tits around them, the silicone massaging his dick. His crown emerged over and over again, pink and dripping with precum.

He would cum all over my face when he erupted. I whimpered, my tongue dancing around in my mouth. His face twisted with delight as he thrust away at me. He pumped that big cock between my tits. He thrust away with such force. This was wild.

He pumped away with his cock. He fucked me with such hard strokes. He drove his dick between my tits. He squeezed them about his cock, his eyes wild with his lust as he used my big, fake tits to pleasure his cock.

“That’s it, slut,” he groaned. “Big titty slut! That’s what you are.”

I nodded, moaning.

“God, and that ring gag is hot.” He grinned. “You won’t be able to stop my jizz from firing into your mouth.”

I shook my head. I couldn’t.

He grinned and thrust harder. His glasses shifted on his nose as he pistoned that big dick in between my tits. The friction warmed my boobs. He gripped them. His thumbs played with my nipples. He massaged them with his thumbs.

Pleasure shot down to my pussy. This hot tingle that soaked through my body. I groaned and trembled as he did that. I whimpered, squirming on my back. On my bound hands. The heels of my feet slid over the carpet.

“Goddamn, what a wonderful thing to find beneath the tree,” groaned the nerd. “Shit, I don’t know what I did to get on Santa’s good list.”

It was all me. I was such a naughty slut. A pathetic, disgusting cunt that deserved to be treated like a thing for the rest of her life. That was why he was so lucky. He was the one that I had bullied the most. He needed to be rewarded the greatest.

“Just so fucking lucky,” he groaned as he fucked my tits.

I whimpered, nodding.

“And I am going to cum all over that beautiful face,” he panted. “I am going to coat you in my cum. My seed. I am going to mark you with all my jizz. God, how does that sound? Yeah, you want it. You want my seed to splash all over that slutty face.”

I nodded, aching for it. He thrusts harder. He fucked my tits with such force. He squeezed about them, his precum slicking the channel. His thumbs brushed my nipples again. More sparks flared as he drove his cock hard into my cunt.

His face twisted with pleasure. He grunted, coming closer and closer to spurting all that jizz into my face. I thrust my tongue out the ring gag, fluttering it around. I wanted that disgusting spunk splattering my face. I ached for it.

My pussy burned for that humiliation to spurt from his cock, soar through the air, and splash across my features. I wanted him to paint me in jizz.

“Fuck!” he gasped and thrust his cock forward.

He erupted. His cum fired from his cock and splashed over my features. Hot jizz landed in my open mouth. The disgusting flavor of his salty cum melted through my mouth. He grunted as he painted his cum over my face and chin.

Spurt after spurt of his cum splashed over my features. I closed my eyes as he soaked me. He showered me, groaning with his every eruption. I shuddered, my pussy clenching at the shame of this nerd jizzing over me.

“Oh, fuck, I own your ass, Carol!” he growled. “You’re my toy!”

I moaned my agreement, more of his cum splashing into my mouth. He coated my lips. It dripped down my gullet. I swallowed it down, shuddering on my back. He grunted and fired one more time. I shuddered as he panted.

“Goddamn, you are the best toy I’ve ever gotten for Christmas,” he said. “Shit, I have to do more to you.”

I whimpered, eager to be his dirty, filthy toy.

He slid off me then grabbed a fistful of my blonde hair. He yanked me up by it. Pain flared across my scalp. I moaned, squeezing my eyes shut. I ended up on my knees, my big boobs swaying. Cum fell from my face and splashed on my big tits.

He slapped his cock into my cheek. “You were a fucking cunt to me, Toy!”


He slapped his cock into my other cheek, cum splashing from the impact.

“Just a bitch to me! You were horrible!”


He slapped back and forth.




“And now you’re all mine!” He grinned at me. “I can fuck that pussy. I can breed that cunt. You think you’re better than me. I’m going to put my baby in your womb again and again, whore!”

I whimpered at that, my pussy burning. I wanted that so much. It would be the most shameful thing in the world to carry his baby. I whimpered, nodding. I would do any degrading act. He grinned at me and slapped his cock to my face again.


“You are a dirty slut now, Toy,” he growled.

He shoved my face into the carpet, smearing cum into fibers. I shuddered at their coarse feeling on my cheek. He moved around me and groaned at the sight of my shaved pussy and bubbly ass. I was hot. Every bit of me was sexy.


His hand spanked hard on my ass. “Goddamn,” he groaned. “That is a fucking ass. And that pussy... Shaved like a whore! You’re going to keep it that way!”

He thrust his cock into my pussy.

I nearly came just from his big girth entering me. It was amazing having all that dick in me. Just so much cock that stretched me out. I groaned as he sank to the hilt in me. His balls smacked into my clit. The nerd was in me.

That fucking loser that I despised.

My pussy squeezed about him. I gripped him, loving the feel of him in me. He drew back his cock. My twat gripped him. I loved the feel of him pulling back. My slutty cunt worshiped his dick. I rubbed my face into the carpet, my hands twitching against the cuffs.

He groaned and rammed back into me. His balls smacked into my clit again and again. I groaned, my pussy gripping him. I held him tight as he pounded me. He shuddered, snarling his pleasure as he buried into me again and again.

“Yes, yes, I own this pussy!” he growled.

I whimpered through my ring gag, loving his cock fucking me. He pounded me with such force. He buried into me again and again. It was a thrill to have him fucking me like that. He pounded me. Thrust into me with such force.

I shuddered, squeezing my snatch around his dick. He churned me up. I groaned, loving his dick pounding me. He groaned as his balls slapped into my clit. My bud burst with shameful sparks. They showered through me.

“You are a dirty fucking whore!” he groaned. “A slut! My filthy skank!”

I moaned through the ring gag, cum dripping down my face.

My pussy swelled with the pleasure. I squeezed my cunt down on him. I wanted to cum. His big shaft stretched me out. His balls slapped hard against my pearl as he buried into my cunt with such force. My clit burst with delight.

“I want to feel that whore-cunt spasming around me,” he groaned. “Come on, Toy! Let me feel your pussy cum. I know you want to!”

I did. I wanted to explode around his dick. I squeezed my cunt down on his dick. He grunted, slamming his cock into my pussy over and over again. I couldn’t take much more of this. I squeezed my snatch down around him.

He buried into me.

I erupted.

My pussy went wild around his cock. I convulsed and spasmed. My cunt suckled at him as he pumped away at me. My eyes rolled back in my head as ecstasy swept through me. I trembled through the bliss.

“Shit,” he groaned as he pumped away at my cunt. “Oh, shit, that’s good!”

He pounded my snatch with hard strokes. He buried into my spasming twat over and over again. He filled me up. I trembled beneath him, loving the delight of his shaft stirring up my cunt. I suckled at him. Nursed at him.

I wanted him to cum in me.

To breed me.

He thrust his cock all the way to my cervix. He pressed right against the entrance to my womb and erupted. He pumped his cum right into my womb. I felt him unloading in me. I groaned, shuddering with the delight of his jizz splashing against my cervix. I quivered, my pussy writhing around him. I suckled at him with hunger.

“Yes, yes, yes,” he groaned. “Oh, fuck, that’s good.”

I whimpered as he erupted into me again and again. He pumped so much cum into my fertile uterus. He would breed me. I could feel it. If not today, then soon. I would have my nerd-owner’s baby. I would be his breeding sow.

“Fucking hell, toy!”

My mind drowned as he spurted more cum in me. Rapture burned across my mind. I shuddered in delight. My cunt milked his dick. I wrung him dry. I loved every moment of that. I shuddered through such ecstasy. I loved this so much.

I loved being his toy.

“Fuck,” he groaned as he dumped the last of his spunk into me. “You are such a depraved slut!”

I was.

He pulled out of me and grabbed my hair. He yanked me around. I groaned at the flare of pain. Then he shoved his cock into my mouth. I nursed on him, staring up at him. I wanted to give him the best Christmas ever.

I was his present. That was my job. He grinned down at me. I knew he would do such wicked, wicked things to me.

I couldn’t wait.

* * *

Toy Laura

I trembled before the Christmas tree in my own house. I would be found by my little brother. The boy I had cockteased more than any other guy. I loved being a cock-tease. It gave me such power. To get them horny, make their dicks hard, then flounce off before they got a taste of me.

And with my brother, it was doubly fun. He shouldn’t lust for his sister. I was forbidden fruit. Two years older than him. Big, bountiful boobs. A perky ass. I perfected my cock-teasing with him. He was my subject for so many years. I had sent him to masturbate in his room so many times.

It was cruel of me.

And I didn’t care.

I reveled in making him beat off to me. That he would do something so shameful as jerk off to his own sister. Think about my forbidden fruit that he would never get to enjoy. But now he would get to enjoy it. He would get to own me. Do whatever he liked to me. That was just so hot.

The footsteps approached. He was eighteen, but I knew he was still excited to get presents. He came around the corner and froze. I heard his heavy breathing. I had my ass thrust upward towards in his direction. I wiggled back and forth.

“What the fuck,” he breathed as he moved closer. “That ass... God, is that you, Laura. Holy fucking shit. There is no way, but... but... I know that ass. You have shaken it in my face for all those years. And you’re all tied up. Gift wrapped. Are you ready for some payback?”

I whimpered, unable to speak thanks to the ring gag. He moved around me and shuddered at the ribbons around my pussy and tits. I stared up at him, his cock tenting his boxers. He looked around, his smile growing.

“Fuck, I am glad so Mom and Dad aren’t here for Christmas this year. They can have all the fun they want in Hawaii. Shit, yes.”

He moved back behind me. And groped my ass. He squeezed my rump. He kneaded my ass with those strong hands of his. He groaned in delight as he kneaded my delicious rump. His fingers dug into it. My cunt burned with the humiliating juices.

I was my brother’s Christmas gift. His toy to use however he wanted. I shuddered as he parted my butt-cheeks and exposed my asshole. He spat right on my sphincter. I groaned as he did that. His saliva pooled on my backdoor.

“Fuck,” he groaned again. Kurt dug his fingers into my butt-cheeks. “You’re mine, aren’t you. Yeah, there’s a gift tag. My toy, huh. From Santa no less. Fuck, that’s hot. No more cockteasing from you, huh? Just fucking and sucking!”

I whimpered, unable to make any more sound than that. But I was his toy. He owned me.

My brother pressed his cock in between my butt-cheeks. He slid down my crack to the asshole he spat on. His cock nuzzled into my sphincter. I shuddered as he drilled against my backdoor. I whimpered, my anal ring widening and widening.

“Merry fucking Christmas, Toy!” he groaned. “Oh, fuck, yes, I am going to enjoy using you!”

I whimpered, drool spilling out the side of my mouth and soaking the carpet. My anal ring opened to swallow his cock. The heat swelled. Then he popped into my bowels. I groaned as the heat burned deeper and deeper into my asshole.

“Fucking cockteasing bitch!” he snarled. “All my friends want to fuck this ass. They know you wiggled around in those shorts on purpose. I should make you fuck them.” He laughed as he sank deeper into my bowels. “I can make you fuck them. You’re my Toy. I can share you.”

I moaned, nodding, the carpets rubbing into my cheek. He could make every guy in the world fuck my ass. I squeezed my bowels down around him as he bottomed out in me. That was such a delight to have him all the way in me.

I wiggled my hips back and forth, savoring his thick shaft in me. It was an incredible delight to have all that cock in me. Just fantastic to feel him stretching me out like that. The shame of being my brother’s fucktoy swelled in me.

“Yeah, all the guys are going to fuck this asshole,” he groaned and drew back.

I squeezed my bowels around his cock. He groaned and slammed his dick back to the hilt in my asshole. I shuddered, the heat melting to my slutty cunt. I gripped as he fucked away at me. He pounded my bowels. He rammed into my anal sheath over and over again.

I whimpered, my eyes rolling back in my head from the force of his strokes. He buried into me again and again. He fucked me with such force. He plowed into me hard and fast. It was amazing to feel him burying into me like that.

His balls slapped into my taint heavy with his cum. He would baste my bowels with his jizz. I loved this so much. I grunted, my big boobs swaying. The satin ribbon rubbed into my nipples. They tingled while my cunt clenched.

Juices spilled down my thighs. They trickled down my thighs as he fucked me with such force. He buried into me hard and fast. I shuddered, gripping him as he fucked into me over and over again. I loved this heat swelling in my snatch.

I moaned. Groaned. Shuddered.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he groaned as he pumped away at me. “That’s it. That’s fucking it. Yes, yes, squeeze that asshole down around my cock, bitch. Yes!”

I did. I squeezed hard. I gripped him as he buried into me again and again. He plowed into me with such force. He pounded me with such rapture. I loved every second of his cock burying into my bowels. I quivered in delight, loving his shaft plowing into me.

He fucked me hard. Fast. He buried into me again and again. I loved it so much. I savored that big dick fucking me. I trembled with the heat burning in my asshole. He thrust into my backdoor with such prowess. I trembled, loving it so much.

My face contorted with the delight of his big dick fucking me. I whimpered in delight, my face contorting with passion. He buggered into me with everything that he had. He grunted as he buried his cock into my bowels.

“Fuck!” he growled and erupted.

Feeling my brother’s cum spurting into my bowels set me off. It was an amazing rush to have this pleasure surge through me. The pleasure gushed through my body and swept over my mind. The humiliating joy of feeling my brother jizz in my asshole drowned my thoughts.

“Goddamn, you’re cumming, too, slut!” he groaned. “Milk my dick! That’s it. Work my cock dry, whore!”

I moaned, doing just that. My bowels suckled at him as I moaned through the ring gag. Drool spilled out the side of my mouth. I groaned, my anal sheath rippling and writhing around him. He grunted, dumping more and more of his cum into my bowels.

“Shit,” he groaned as he flooded my asshole with all his cum. “That’s amazing. Fuck, yes!”

He ripped his dick out of my bowels. I trembled at that, my body coming down from the high of my orgasm. It was such a delight to feel this He grabbed me by the hair and yanked me up to face him. My big boobs jiggled.

He had his phone in his hand, a big smile on his lips. My little brother took a picture of me then started texting, muttering, “Hey, guys, Look at this...My new gift. My big sis is now my fuck-slut. Want to fuck her asshole?” He grinned.”Just send this to a few of my friends.”

He hit a button and tossed the phone to the side. It started dinging with responses , but he didn’t care. He grinned, his cock twitching, as he stared at me. Shame burned through me as his fingers flexed. All his friends would fuck me soon.

He grabbed the ribbon and pulled. The satin whisked then slid off my boobs. My nipples throbbed. He groaned and grabbed my tits, hefting them. He kneaded them, my pussy clenching. His cum bubbled and dripped out of my asshole.

“Very nice,” he said, nodding in appreciation. “When I breed you, these are going to be full of milk for me to enjoy.”

My eyes widened. Breed?

“Yeah, you’re mine. I’m going to breed you. Once I’m done with your ass, of course. Might not knock you up right away, but one day I will.” He smiled. “Now, you got my dick dirty. Say, ‘I don’t want to suck your filthy cock,’ if you don’t want to clean my dick.”

I whimpered, unable to speak.

“Nothing?” he asked. “Then I guess you want to suck my cock clean of your asshole. What a dirty, disgusting fucktoy you are, sis.”

He grabbed my head and shoved me down to his cock. I bent over, my big boobs swinging. I had no choice. The ring gag forced my mouth open just wide enough for his cock to slide past my lips and fill my mouth. I groaned, the nasty flavor of my sour asshole suffusing my mouth.

“Oh, that’s good,” he groaned. “Seal your lips around my dick and start sucking, Fucktoy!”

Shame burning out of my juicy cunt, I did just that. I nursed on his dirty cock. The sour flavor of my bowels suffused my mouth. I nursed on him, groaning from how degrading this was. My eyes squeezed shut as I swirled my tongue around his cock.

I buffed his cock clean of my dirty asshole. The earthy musk coated my tongue. I whimpered, my asshole tingling. His cum dripped down my taint to my pussy. I shuddered as I suckled on him. I nursed with such hunger, reveling in the shame.


“It’s open, man,” shouted my brother.

Rick, who lived across the street, burst in wearing a house robe. He gasped at the sight of me bound, my hands behind my back, my big boobs swaying as I sucked my brother’s dirty cock. Rick opened his robe, naked beneath, his cock thrusting out.

“Her asshole’s free,” groaned my brother. “Don’t touch her pussy. I’m the only one that gets that until she’s bred.”

“Damn, I can’t believe it,” Rick groaned as I suckled on my brother’s cock. “Your hot-ass sister really is your fucktoy!”

“Yup,” groaned Kurt. “And she is sucking so hard on my dick. Just nursing my dick clean after I fucked her asshole. That’s how much of a slut she is.”

“Damn,” Rick groaned as he knelt behind me. He smacked his cock on my rump then shifted it over. He pushed against my asshole. “Oh, fuck, I have wanted to fuck this ass for so long. You are such a bitch! Laura. Such a fucking cunt for shaking that ass at us! You deserve this! Payback for being a cocktease! For all those years.”

Yes, I did.

He thrust, ramming easily into my sloppy asshole. I moaned around my brother’s cock as Rick’s slightly smaller dick popped into my bowels. I was glad my brother was bigger. He owned me. He should have the biggest cock that fucked me. It was only fair.

Rick groaned. I nursed on my brother’s cock as Rick gripped my hips and fucked my bowels. He pounded me hard and fast. He buried into me over and over. My pussy drank in the heat as I sucked and slurped on my brother’s cock.

It was incredible.

I trembled, my boobs swaying as I knelt between the two boys. My brother fucked my ring-gagged mouth, driving his cock to the back of my throat. I suckled on him, nursing off the last sour traces of my asshole. Rick pounded my bowels.

I quivered, my hands flexing and wrists pulling at the cuffs. I was spit-roasted between them.

They used me. Enjoyed me. Drool ran down from the corners of my mouth as they fucked me with such passion. They drove their dicks into my mouth and asshole. My cunt dripped juices that spilled down my thighs.

My humiliating orgasm grew and grew with Rick’s every thrust into my bowels. The heat melted to my cunt, suffusing my naughty flesh. I groaned, loving what they did to me. They fucked me so hard. They both rammed their dicks into my holes. My asshole gripped Rick’s. I suckled hard on Kurt’s.

“This is so hot,” groaned Rick. “Fuck, this is amazing. Shit, I love your sister’s asshole.”

“Yeah, Fucktoy is amazing,” groaned my brother as I slurped on his dick.

I shuddered, my bowels gripping Rick’s cock. I came closer and closer to cumming. My pussy drank in the heat, my orgasm swelling. I whimpered as my brother fucked my mouth. I danced my tongue around his cock.

“Shit,” Rick groaned, his balls slapping into my taint. They brimmed with all that cum he would flood me with. “Oh, damn, that’s good.”

“Yeah, it is,” moaned my brother. “Fuck, just enjoy her bowels. Just cum in her asshole.”

“Getting there,” panted Rick as he drilled my bowels.

He was getting there. I shuddered in delight as he rammed into my bowels over and over again. It was an incredible rush. I whimpered around my brother’s cock, hurtling towards my orgasm as Rick’s dick slammed into my sloppy asshole again and again.

“Fuck!” Rick groaned and buried into my asshole. He erupted.

The feel of the second load of cum firing into my bowels set me off. My cunt writhed again. Pussy juices gushed down my thighs as the heat surged through me. I groaned, my bowels suckling at his dick. I nursed at him with hunger, reveling in every moment of his cock spurting into me.

I squealed around my brother’s cock as my orgasm swept through me. His dick twitched.

“Fuck!” he gasped.

His cum fired into my mouth.

I groaned, drinking his cum. I loved the flavor of his jizz pumping into my mouth. I gulped it down, savoring his thick and salty cum. My asshole convulsed around Rick’s cock as I savored Kurt’s cum. I drank down every last drop of it.

Waves of humiliating delight swept out of my spasming cunt. My bowels milked Rick’s dick. I swallowed more of Kurt’s cum as I trembled through this rapture. It was amazing. Stars danced around in my vision. I stared up at my brother.

“You are my fucking slut!” he growled. “Right Fucktoy!”

I whimpered and nodded as I gulped down the last of his cum. My orgasm swelled in me. I whimpered, hitting that humiliating pinnacle of rapture. My bowels wrung Rick dry. He panted behind me, sucking wind in deep breaths.


“It’s open!” cried Kurt.

Jared and Mark burst in and groaned. My brother ripped his cock out of my mouth and said, “You can use her asshole and her mouth. But if you touch her cunt, and I’ll kick your ass! My sister’s womb is mine alone! I’ll breed her. Maybe you’ll get her cunt after that.”

Mark and Jared shrugged.

I quivered as my brother grinned. He was enjoying his Christmas gift a lot. I shuddered as I had more boys to pleasure. More cocks that I had teased needed satisfaction. Rick popped out of my bowels.

I was ready to be used. I would fuck whomever my little brother wanted me to.

* * *

Toy Courtney

I knelt beneath the Christmas tree in the small apartment. It was a sad thing, probably bought on discount by the salesgirl that I had yelled out before Santa took me and trained me to be a naughty toy. The best she could by on her meager salary. She had one present beneath that tree, a long, rectangular box.

I had yelled at her like an entitled, narcissist bitch. I had never thought of myself that way. But I could see it now. An only child, my parents always gave into my demands. Especially Dad. He worked all the time and seemed guilty that he was never around. So he never denied me anything.

And it had continued in college. The world had revolved around me while I thought I was the victim. That poor me, a woman, had less rights. But people bent over backward to make me happy. And when they didn’t, I had 911 on speed dial.

Now here I was, bound and gagged beneath a Christmas tree. A present wrapped for my new lesbian owner to play with. My jaws ached from being held open for an extened period of time. My shoulders throbbed from the position. My boobs shook, my nipples throbbing.

My husband wouldn’t even miss me, would he? He wouldn’t care that I was gone. He would just be happy that he didn’t have to put up with my demands and my shitty attitude. Happy with that mistress of his. I just would disappear. No bitter and messy divorce—and I would have made it messy. I would have lied that he had beat me. I would have done anything to get what I deserved.

But I didn’t deserve any of it, did I?

I deserved to be here.

A door creaked open. Light flooded down a hallway then shut off. Footsteps padded into another room. I quivered, my pussy on fire. A toilet flushed. Then the shower turned on. She had no idea I was here. I whimpered, wiggling my rump as I waited and waited. Pussy cream soaked my bush and dripped down my thighs.

Finally, my new owner finished her shower. She stepped out of the bathroom. I saw her appear naked, her breasts small, her figure petite. Her brown hair clung wet to her head. She had a bush, her curls matted from the shower.

She froze at the sight of me.

I whimpered and wiggled my hips at her.

She stared at me like she was in a trance. “It’s you...” She stumbled forward. “The one that Santa took.”

I groaned, drool running down my chin. I nodded, my cunt on fire. I wanted her to use me. I wanted to lick her pussy. Cunts were so yummy. Santa had taught me that. He showed me I was a dirty cunt-licker. I just wanted to please women. I didn’t have to be a bitch to do that.

“Are you... my Christmas gift?” she asked, noticing the tag. She bent down and read it. “Santa gave you to me? Such a wonderful gift!”

I nodded, my pussy clenching.

“I can do whatever I want to you?” she asked.

I nodded again, my pussy blazing with the need to eat her. I whimpered, wanting to just—


Her hand struck my face. I gasped in pain as my head snapped to the side. The heat burned over my cheeks. My big boobs bounced and heaved beneath my ribbons. My eyes blinked, tears building at the edges. I turned to look at her.

“You were so mean to me, bitch!” she hissed.


She struck my other cheek. My red hair whipped around as she snapped my head to the side. My cheek throbbed. Tears stung my cheeks. My big boobs quivered, the satin of the ribbons rubbing at my hard nipples.

“Just a cunt to me!” she hissed then grabbed the ribbon. “And now you’re mine!”

She pulled. The satin whisked as it rubbed together. Then my boobs were free. She threw that to the ground and stared at my big tits. She looked at them then slapped my right boob. The stinging pain burst across my tit as it smacked into the other. She smacked my other breast. I groaned through the ring gag. Drool ran down my chin.

She ripped off the bow that covered my pussy. She stared at me, her body trembling. Then a wild look burst into her eyes. She darted into her kitchen. A drawer opened, the objects clattering around inside them. She dug around then squealed in delight.

She rushed back to me with a pair of clothespins in her hands. She opened them and closed them. They were wooden. My eyes bulged as she fell to her knees and opened them both. She thrust the clothespins at my fat, hard nipples.

“You were such a fucking cunt to me!” she hissed and clamped them.

Pain exploded through my nipples. I squealed in wordless agony as my nubs throbbed. The wood pinched them tight. I trembled, my hands pulling against my festive cuffs. I squirmed, my boobs swaying back and forth.

The clothespins bobbed and waved, twisting my nipples. Pain flared each time they moved. My cunt clenched, the heat burning through my twat. This was such a wild moment. My eyes squeezed shut, tears beading while my pussy grew hotter and hotter.

“Yes, yes, you have to pay for being such a bitch,” purred my owner. “Right?”

I nodded, my head bobbing so hard my boobs quivered. The clothespins shifted. I shuddered, more pain swelling through me. I groaned, my head shaking from side to side as my pussy burned. This heat rippled through me.

It was insane that I loved this.

“Mmm, yes, yes, you’re going to be such a good toy, right?” she purred, her hand seizing a fistful of my red hair as she stood before me.

I nodded, staring at her. I could smell the tangy aroma of her pussy.

She yanked my head forward and buried my face into her snatch. I groaned as her curls spilled over my face. Then her hot pussy lips kissed my mouth. I didn’t hesitate. I licked at her tangy twat. I stroked through her slit. I licked at her with hunger.

“Oh, my god,” she moaned, her small titties quivering. “You’re just a naughty cunt-licker!”

I whimpered into her cunt. The ring gag made it so her juices poured into my mouth as I licked her. My lips rubbed at her bush and vulva. I groaned, tonguing her snatch, brushing her clit. She shuddered over me, gripping my hair.

She held me tight, holding me to her cunt. She ground her furred muff on my ring-gagged mouth. I licked at her. I tongued her. I thrust into her depths and swirled around. Her tangy juices soaked my taste bods.

My tongue danced around in her sheath. I stirred her up. I licked and lapped at her with such hunger. The need to make her cum burned in me. I had to just make her feel amazing. I loved this so much. It was an amazing to feast on her.

“That’s it, whore!” she hissed. “Lick my cunt. Oh, my fucking god, just lick it. You’re my pussy-licking bitch! My cunt-lapping toy!”

I moaned my agreement.

I feasted on her, my big boobs swaying. The clothespins shifted on my nipples, sending more pain shooting through me. My cunt swelled with heat. I tongued her with everything that I had. I licked at her, my nubs throbbing.

They ached with my heartbeat, pinched by the clothespins. I whimpered, my entire body trembling as I tongued her. I licked at her as she shuddered on me. She tossed her head back and forth, her back arching. Her moans echoed through the room.

I licked at her with more and more hunger. I drank every drop of her pussy cream. I flicked my tongue to her clit. I fluttered against it. I wanted to suck on her bud, but my mouth was forced open. So I loved her with my tongue.

I stroked her bud. Drummed against her. I polished her pearl as she gasped.

“Fucking bitch!” she moaned. “Make me cum, Toy! Make me cum, you cunt-loving slut!”

I licked harder and harder, wanting to make my owner cum. I didn’t need to know her name. She was just Owner. The woman who could do whatever she wanted to me. I flicked my clit over her bud. Her head snapped back.

“Yes!” she howled.

Her pussy juices gushed out and poured into my open mouth. I gulped down her tangy passion. She bucked and moaned, gripping my red hair in her tight fist. Her head tossed from side to side. Her boobs quivered as I drank her pussy cream.

“You fucking whore! You’re my toy! Mine!”

I was.

I drank every drop of her pussy cream I could. It spilled over my cheeks and chin. I reveled in her tangy passion. I drowned in her juices. She trembled, gripping me hard as my tongue licked at her pussy. She grinned down at me.

“My fucking personal slut!” she moaned. “Here it comes! Yes!”

Acrid piss sprayed into my mouth. I groaned as she peed. Her salty urine filled my mouth up. My big boobs quivered, the clothespins pinching my nubs. This was so humiliating. I had no choice but to drink her golden liquid.

I drank her piss. I gulped it down like a shameful whore. She moaned as I did, her body trembling as I swallowed mouthful after mouthful of jizz. I shuddered, the humiliation and shame burned through me, making my pussy ache.

I needed to cum.

“My piss-drinking whore!” she moaned. “Yes, yes, yes, that’s who you are!”

I whimpered, nodding. I swallowed more and more of her piss. The acrid urine poured down my throat until her stream dwindled. There were a few more spurts then she panted and released my head. I trembled, moaning. I needed to cum.

“Time to unwrap my gift to myself,” she said, grabbing that one present beneath the tree. She ripped off the red wrapping paper. A dildo. A massive strap-on dildo. She tore open the box and had it out in mere moments.

Her small tits quivered as she pulled it on. I bent over, thrusting my ass in the air, my pussy dripping. The clothespins pinched my throbbing nipples. She hauled the harness up her thighs with ease and adjusted it. The dildo thrust from her. It was bigger than Santa’s dick.

“There we go,” she moaned and moved behind me. “I am going to fuck that asshole hard.”

I shuddered as she pressed her dildo into my butt-crack. She pushed it right against my asshole. No lube. I whimpered, so glad that Santa had broken in my bowels, but this dildo was huge. My Owner thrust the tip against my anal ring.

I moaned, the pain flaring as my anal ring widened and widened. She moaned her delight, her fingernails biting into my hips. This was insane. I trembled as her dildo drilled against my sphincter. I groaned, my nipples burning.

“You are fucking mine, Toy!” she moaned and thrust harder.

I squealed as my asshole stretched to its breaking point. Her dildo popped into my bowels. This burning shaft that thrust deeper into my velvety depths. The painful heat melted to my cunt aching for an orgasm.

She sank more and more of that huge, fake dick into my bowels. I whimpered, my pussy drinking in the painful heat. My orgasm swelled in me. I groaned, knowing I would cum from this. I trembled, the flavor of her salty piss filling my mouth.

“Oh, my fucking god, what a whore you are,” moaned my Owner. “You took it all!”

Her bush rubbed into my rump. I had taken it all.


She drew back. I squeezed my bowels around her, savoring the feel of her thick shaft in me. She slammed back into me. I groaned, the heat burning through me. It was insane. My big boobs swayed, the clothespins pinching my nubs.

The heat in my asshole burned to my cunt. She thrust harder and harder, hammering my anal sheath with that huge dildo. The lesbian pounded me. She groaned as she fucked me, enjoying this as much as me.

“Yes, yes, yes, you fucking cunt!” she hissed. “You fucking Karen-bitch! I’m fucking your ass now! Yell at me! Fucking slut! Yes, yes, take my dildo, you dyke pain-whore!”

I took it and moaned my delight.

My eyes rolled back in my head as I savored her every thrust. She pounded me with such force. She buried into my bowels again and again, the orgasm swelling in my cunt. Her every thrust bought me closer and closer to bursting.

I whimpered, my cheek rubbing into the carpet. My boobs swayed. I squeezed my anal sheath around that dick. The pain faded, leaving only this burning heat that fed the pressure in my cunt. I squealed as she thrust into me, my wrists pulling at my cuffs.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she moaned as she hammered my bowels.

I trembled, about to burst. I loved this so much.

She slammed the dildo hard into my asshole. The heat burned through my cunt. My wrist pulled at my cuffs as I burst in rapture. I squealed through my ring gag as my bowels convulsed around her dildo. Hot pussy cream gushed from my cunt.

“That’s right, Toy!” she gasped and drew back. “Your ass is mine! Yes!”

She stopped fucking me. My Owner had joined me in cumming. I quivered, my asshole writhing around the dildo. My cunt spasmed, sending waves of rapture through my body. I groaned, my eyes squeezing shut. I trembled on the floor.

My cheek rubbed into the carpet, my mind drowning in ecstasy. My nipples burned from the clothespins. The pleasure swept through me. It was an amazing delight. I quivered, so glad to be owned. To be my Owner’s toy.

“Oh, yes, yes, I am going to have so much fun with you!” she moaned. “So much fucking fun, Toy!”

I was so happy. This was my new life. A pussy-pleasing dyke-toy. This was so much better than being an entitled bitch.

* * *

Santa Claus

Another Christmas approached, and I thought about those three toys from last year. I had never done that before, and it was so hot. I checked and found that two of the toys were round with their pregnancies, bred by their owners. The cheerleader by her nerd as she happily gobbled his cock. The cock-tease by her brother, squealing as all the boys she bullied gangbanged her heavily-pregnant figure.

The last toy was happily between her owner’s thighs, both her nipples and clit pierced by heavy rings, her cunt shaved. When her owner pissed in her mouth, the Toy came on the vibrator buried in her pussy.

“Hoe, hoe, hoe,” I chuckled, so glad it worked out. “Merry Christmas!”

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...