The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter Thirty-Four: Three Slutty Interns Drenched in Seed

Invisible, Clara continues drifting through the halls of Coman, Shine, & Chase, the massive law firm where she had decided to have lots of fun. Her mother was just as invisible as the slut trailed behind Clara. The wicked girl held her phone in hand, looking for new tweeting opportunities.

“God, can you believe what a fucking putz Mr. Carson is,” said a female voice.

“With those greasy hands of his,” another said. “I feel so dirty every time he hands me a piece of paper with those smudges on them. Does he dip his hands in a bucket of KFC every five minutes?”

“My father said this would be a great place to intern, but he didn’t say I’d have to smile to that horrible pig every day,” the third said. “And what is with these outfits?”

“Right?” gasped the first. She was a blonde that huge tits filling out a low-cut blouse. A skirt that barely fell past her ass clung to her plum rump. She tugged it down. “What is your father thinking with this new dress code.”

“And the makeup,” the second said. She was a brunette, her hair falling past her shoulders. She wore a halter top that cupped her pert tits. She pursed her pouty lips together, painted a bright red. “I feel like a hooker not an intern.”

“Sorry,” said the third girl. She had black hair and round tits held in a strapless, black bra that was clearly visible through her see-thru top. “I’ll complain to Daddy about it, but Mr. Chase says this is the new rules. Just wants to stare at ass. He’s such a dog. I should have Daddy fire him.”

Anger swelled through Clara. These three girls needed to learn their place and not talk about their boss this way. So Clara began her tweeting.

“The three interns complaining about their boss, Mr. Carson, are really sluts that will do anything to claim him as their man. #JustCantShare #Anything2Win #FightFightFight”

“I’m going to tell Daddy to make him my man,” the black-haired girl said.

“Not if I get him first,” the busty blonde said and darted down the hallway.

The brunette and the black-haired sluts squealed and chased after. Clara giggled at that. Chasing Mr. Chase. I’m so fucking clever!

She hurried after them, her mom trailing after. Clara wanted to watch the fun while getting her snatch eaten a time or three. The trio of squealing interns crashed into a door labeled, “Victor Chase, Senior Partner.”

Inside was the blond man from the HR meeting. He looked up with those cold eyes of his at the three sluts rushing towards him. His brow furrowed in anger. He rose and slammed his hands on his desk as the three whores reached his desk.

“What the fuck are you three hussies doing barging in here!” he snarled. “Get the fuck out of my office this instant! I don’t care whose fucking daughter you are! I’m working, you fucking bitches!”

Clara didn’t like that response. I didn’t tweet about his reaction. D’oh.

With her mother licking at her pussy like a happy MILF-slave, Clara made a second tweet.

“Mr. Chase loves to see girls compete for his huge cock. He hides a huge stack of sex toys in his office. And is always ready to cum. #CollarThoseSluts”

* * *

Debra Chase

“But I just want to be your slut,” I moaned, quivering from his anger. I wanted to be his slut so badly even if he had greasy fingers. Then his rage vanished as my phone chirped with a Twitter notification. “Daddy will give you a big reward if you let me be your personal fucktoy. Don’t be mad.” My father was one of the three founding partners of the law firm.

“No, no, I’ll be your whore,” the busty Gina said. She had those big, fake titties that her daddy had bought for her along with a new nose. “Please, bend me over and fuck me hard.”

“I can be your personal intern, Mr. Chase,” Jennifer moaned, the brunette rubbing at her little titties through her halter top. “You don’t want either of them. They’re just dirty sluts. I’m pure.”

He stared at the three of us. “You all want me to make one of you my slut, huh?” He opened a desk drawer and pulled out a collar while his cock bulged in his pants. “One of you wants to wear this.”

He tossed it on the desk before the three of us. My pussy clenched as I squealed, “Yes!” as the other two moaned the same. “Pick me!”

“You have to compete for that honor,” he said, a big grin spreading on his lips. “Not just anybody gets the right to wear my collar. You have to prove it.” He then pulled out the desk drawer and emptied it on his desk.

Toys spilled out. Sex toys. My eyes widened at the sight of the dildos, strap-ons, vibrators, butt plugs, anal beads, and more. I flicked my eyes up to him. Did he think that I would compete with these toys?

“Mr. Carson,” I said, folding my arms across my low-cut blouse and hissed, “My father is your boss, so you’ll pick me or—”


My head snapped to the side. I groaned, my cheek burning. Tears sprang to my eyes as I realize he’d slapped me. He had dared lay hands on me. Then I stared at him, my protest dying on my lips as I saw how in charge he was.

“And you’re just a slut. Get naked and compete now!” His voice rumbled through the office.

I found myself leaping to obey. I had to prove that I was the best slut. That he had to choose me. I wanted him to be my man. My future. He would rise far. Succeed my father. I had to get a hold of him now. Make him divorce his first wife. Be his trophy wife. His nubile slut-wife.

My top was off then my blouse. My round breasts bounced and jiggled. Jennifer’s pert tits appeared, her nipples and areolas puffy. Gina’s big, fake tits came out. They were large and clearly made of silicone. They hardly jiggled as she shoved off her skirt and revealed her shaved pussy.

I had to catch up. Jennifer bent over as she pushed off her panties, revealing her curvy rump. Her panties dropped down her long and lush thighs, her trimmed bush dripped with her excitement. Hardly slut material when she wasn’t shaved like me.

I shoved my panties down to reveal my shaved cunt dripping with my pussy juices. I was a slut. And Mr. Chase would see that. He would choose me. I would win this contest. I stood there naked and proud, cupping my round tits.

“Grab a toy and let me see you cum,” he growled.

I snagged a big, fleshy dildo, cooing, “Sadly, it’s not as big as your dick. I’ll just have to settle.”

He grinned as I thrust that thick shaft into my pussy without a problem. I was used to taking big, Black dicks in that hole. I shuddered as I swallowed the thick toy. I quivered as a wave of heat rushed over me. It was such an incredible delight. My back arched as I stood there, legs spread wide, my feet twitching in my stiletto heels.

Maybe this new dress code was perfect.

Gina went with a vibrator. She turned it on then slammed it into her cunt. She leaned over as she did it, letting her big tits jiggle before her, swaying as they resisted gravity’s pull. The blonde cow moaned as she worked the vibrator in and out of her snatch.

Jennifer went with a clit rocket. A small vibrator that she pushed into her trimmed bush. She gasped, her little titties jiggling. Her blue eyes squeezed shut and plump lips pursed together. She was such an amateur. She’d never out slut me like that.

“Oh, I wish this was your big dick fucking me, Mr. Chase,” I moaned, working the dildo in and out of my cunt. I shuddered at how delicious the thick shaft felt in my cunt. I clenched about the rubbery cock, working it in and out. “Just wish it was you.”

“Yeeeessss!” groaned Gina, her eyes fluttering as she fucked her cunt with the vibrator.

“Mr. Chase,” whimpered Jennifer in an almost virginal way as she rubbed the clit vibrator around her pussy lips and bud.

Mr. Chase just grinned. He stripped naked as we fucked ourselves. His tie came off. He unbuttoned his shirt. He was in pretty good shape, making use of the building’s gym. His cold eyes slid over us as he kicked off his shoes. I whimpered as he undid his belt. His slacks fell off, his cock bulging his boxers.

I moaned like a wanton slut, my tongue sliding over my lips. “Yes, yes, show off that big dick!”

He grinned as he shoved down his boxers. His cock popped out. I quivered in delight at the sight of that big dick. He popped out, twitching and throbbing. It was a hot delight to witness. My cheeks burned as that dick throbbed before us. I shuddered in delight, wanting to just suckon him.

He started stroking his cock as he moved around us. I trembled as he fisted his cock, staring at our rumps. I thrust out my ass as I fucked my pussy with the dildo. He grunted behind us, the sound of his masturbation filling the air. That glide of skin on skin.

“That’s it, you sluts,” he growled. “That’s fucking it. Yes, yes, just like that. That’s what I want to see. You are just so gorgeous. Damn, that’s good.”

I shuddered at his words. They were such a delight to hear. My heart pounded in my chest. This wild beat that would sweep through me. My cunt clenched with the heat. I would have such a big climax just feeling him staring at my ass.

“Damn,” he growled. “Goddamn, that’s it. I have a gift. I can cum and cum and cum! Fuck!”

I gasped as his jizz sprayed on my ass. His hot cum spurted across my butt-cheeks. I groaned as he bathed me in his spunk. He coated my butt-crack. It ran over the curves of my rump as I worked the dildo in and out of my cunt. My round tits jiggled.

Then he shifted and Jennifer gasped. I glanced back to see his cock not so much spurting cum as releasing a stream of pearly jizz. He was like a firehouse spraying nothing but his thick seed. I shuddered as the hot cum ran down my thighs and taint. It reached my pussy.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes, Mr. Chase,” Jennifer moaned as he painted her curvy rump.

Then he shifted to Gina, gushing over her ass. The blonde’s fake titties shook as she moaned, working the vibrator in and out of her cunt. Her hair danced as he coated her in his cum. I shuddered, my pussy clenching on my dildo as his jizz ran hot down my legs. This was so amazing.

“On your knees, sluts,” growled Mr. Chase as he stopped cumming. He moved before us as I dropped to my knees.

The other two followed.

He erupted in Gina’s face. Her features vanished in a flood of white spunk that coated her. She opened her mouth wide. His cum filled up her oral cavity. She gulped it down as the jizz spilled down on her big boobs.

Then he was spurting into Jennifer’s face. She tossed her head, reveling in the cum coating her features. She pressed the clit rocket into her bud, moaning in delight. I shuddered, ramming the fake cock into my pussy again and again.

I had to win.

“Mr. Chase!” I moaned. “Soak me in your jizz!”

He shifted over and erupted in my face.

I opened my mouth wide as the stream of salty, hot cum poured over my face. He soaked my features in all that jizz. I loved it so much. I quivered in delight as the cum poured into my mouth. He filled me up faster than I could swallow it.

I jammed my dildo into my pussy and exploded.

My cunt writhed around that fake dick. I moaned as Mr. Chase kept hosing me down like the naughty slut that I was. I reveled in his cum splashing across my features. It was so exciting for him to do that. I quivered there as he drenched me in cum.

“Mr. Chase!” I moaned in delight. “I want to be your slut!”

He grinned down at me as the cum poured down my face and legs.

* * *


“No, no, pick me,” I groaned in between the two sluts. I licked my lips, tasting cum for the first time ever. It was so good. “I want to be yours, Mr. Chase. Me!”

“You picked that little clit rocket,” Debra hissed as she ripped the huge dildo out of her cunt. “What sort of slut can’t take even one of the small vibrators on the table in her pussy.”

“The virgin kind,” I moaned. “I’m pure, Mr chase.” His cum spilled onto my small tits. I rubbed at my puffy nipples, trembling from my orgasm. “I still have a hymen. You can pop my cherry.”

He stared down at me, a grin spreading on his lips. Then he gripped me by the hair and yanked me to my feet. I squeaked as he threw me over the desk. Dildos and other sex toys spilled off the tables and clattered on the floor. My cum-coated titties rubbed into the desk.

He snagged one of the dildos and pressed it between my butt-cheeks. I gasped as he pushed the end of the dildo against my asshole. Covered with the cum he fired on my rump, he pushed against my anal ring. I groaned as he drilled against my backdoor.

It widened. I whimpered. I had never even thought to put anything back there. Then I gasped as he rammed it past my asshole and into my bowels. I squirmed on the table, moaning like a whore. I was so turned on from the little vibrator that had made me cum.

“Oh, Mr. Chase!” I moaned as he shoved the dildo into my bowels’ depths.

“Mmm, now for the best part,” he growled and pressed his cock through my trimmed bush.

I shuddered as he rubbed it up and down my slit. He pushed against my hymen. I groaned as my maidenhead stretched and stretched. My bowels clenched on the dildo he rammed in there. Then I groaned as he thrust harder.

My cherry popped.

“Mr. Chase!” I squealed as he slid into my deflowered pussy. “Yes!”

“Fuck,” he groaned as he sank into my pussy. “That’s fucking perfect, slut.”

I shuddered, savoring having both my holes filled. My pussy and asshole clenched down on his dick and the dildo buried in my bowels. I licked up the salty cum coating my face as he pulled back his cock. Pleasure rushed through me. Then he fucked back into me.

I gasped in delight, taking my first cock. Proving a virgin like me could be a slut worthy of Mr. Chase. I whimpered as he fucked into my twat over and over again. He fucked me with such force, the pleasure sweeping through me.

I moaned out in delight as he fucked me with such passion. This was incredible. I clamped my cunt down on him, savoring that big dick thrusting away at me. Then he grabbed the dildo and plunged it in and out of my bowels.

“Oh, my god, Mr. Chase!” I moaned. “That’s so good. That’s amazing. Yes, yes, yes! That’s wonderful!”

“Mmm, so fucking tight,” he groaned as he fucked me with his cock and the dildo. He pumped away at both my holes. “I’m going to fill your pussy with cum!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” I squealed in delight, my orgasm building and building.

He slammed deep and hard into me. He buried his cock into my snatch over and over again. I squeezed about him, whimpering as the pleasure swelled in me. I wanted him to cum in me. I craved him to fire all that jizz into my pussy.

My asshole melted around the dildo while my pussy gripped his thick dick. I loved him fucking me so much. It was outstanding. I loved it so much I savored him burying into me again and again. I loved it so much. My holes burned with the frictions.

“I’m going to cum!” I moaned. “I’m going to cum just the way your good slut should, Mr. Carson! I’m going to explode!”

“Yes!” he growled, “Explode, slut! Let me feel that pussy going wild. You want my cum!”

“Every last drop, Mr. Carson!” I whimpered as he buried into me.

I exploded.

My pussy went wild around his cock while my asshole convulsed around his dildo. I quivered, the waves of delight surging through me. I had never felt anything like this in my life. It was incredible to feel all this bliss surging through me. All this wonderful delight.

He plowed into my writhing snatch and grunted.

His cum shot into me. I shuddered as the scream of his cum splashed against my cervix. He soaked my womb with all his jizz. More and more of his cum flooded my pussy. I shuddered as I felt myself stretching to take it all.

My body bucked, the rapture drowning my mind as my tummy swelled, my womb expanding as he flooded me with more and more of his cum.

I gasped, feeling my stomach bulging like I was growing a baby. A cum baby. I shuddered as he grunted, my pussy writhing around his cock as he inflated my womb. I quivered in delight as he gave me a jizz pregnancy.

“Yes, yes, yes, Mr. Carson,” I moaned as my belly expanded more and more.

“Fuck,” he growled and stopped firing.

I couldn’t believe how much cum had filled my womb. He ripped out of me. Jizz gushed down my thighs in a thick flood, but more of it was trapped in my uterus. I stood and stared down at my cum-baby bump. I stroked it, looking like I was six months pregnant.

“Oh, Mr. Carson, I’m your slut!” I moaned. “You have to pick me.”

He grunted and turned to the others. He stopped over Gina and her big, fake tits.

* * *


“Debra,” growled Mr. Carson as he stood over me.

I stared at that cock. He had inflated Jennifer’s womb with his cum. She looked like she was having his baby. This quiver shot through me. I had no idea that was possible. Why did I ever bad mouth this man?

“Mmm, what do you need, Mr. Carson?” Debra purred, cum dripping down her face. The cunty daughter of one of the founding partners stood. “For me to put on the collar?”

“No, you stupid slut, put on a strap-on so we can double-fuck this whore together,” growled, Mr. Carson. “I’m ready for anal.”

“I’ve never done it up the ass,” I moaned. “I’m an anal virgin.” I squeezed my tits soaked in his jizz, feeling the silicone implants beneath them. “How does that sound?”

“Like I have to break in that ass, whore!” he growled. “Make it a big dildo, you dumb skank.”

“Yes, Mr. Carson,” Debra said while Jennifer just panted, rubbing her cum-pregnant belly.

Debra found a strap-on with a thick, ebony shaft thrusting through the harness. She gleefully put it on and pulled it up her thighs. The dumb slut thought she would be chosen. He was fucking my virgin asshole. What had he done to her? Cum on her face and ass? Big whoop.

I was pleasing Mr. Carson with my asshole. Not hers.

Debra’s round, jizz-smeared tits jiggled as she finished donning the strap-on. Then she stretched out on the floor beside me, smiling. I grinned back at her, my tongue flicking out to gather up some of the salty cum that had leaked down my lips. I straddled her and grabbed the brown dildo and lifted it to my hungry cunt.

“Mmm, this is going to be good,” I moaned and impaled my cunt down it.

I shuddered at that hot shaft buried into my pussy. I sank down it, shuddering in delight. This heat swept through me. I groaned at how wondrous it was. How amazing it felt sweeping through me as I sank my cunt down it.

I looked back over my shoulder at Mr. Carson and purred, “Come fuck my virgin asshole and make me your slut, Mr. Carson. I’m so much better than a deflowered cunt. I’m a whore through and through. Break in my ass and make me all yours!”

“I’m away bigger slut than her,” moaned Debra. Her hands cupped my large tits. She squeezed them, feeling the silicone in her breasts. “I’ll suck that dick clean after you pound her ass. That’s how much of a whore I am.”

“Oh, I can do that, too,” Jennifer said brightly. “That sounds yummy.”

“Yes, it does,” I purred as Mr. Carson pressed his cock into my butt-crack. Anger swept through me at that fucking slut. She would not out whore me. “Now fuck my asshole, Mr. Carson. I want your big dick to fill me with all your cum!”

His cock found my asshole as he chuckled. Debra kept massaging my big boobs. She kneaded them as his dick drilled into my anal ring. I quivered as my backdoor opened to swallow them. It was so wild. This was a wondrous moment. I was so thrilled to enjoy this.

Just so grateful that I could have such wanton pleasure.

His cock pushed harder against my backdoor. My anal sheath widened as my pussy clenched down on the ebony dildo. Then he popped into my bowels. I gasped at that. The heat swept through me. My back arched and tits jiggled before me.

“Oh, my fucking god, yes!” I moaned as he broke in my cherry asshole.

His thick cock sank into my bowels. I shuddered as more and more of him plowed into my anal sheath. My face contorted with delight. The pleasure swept through me. It was an amazing rush to have all that cock sliding into my bowels. Just a wondrous heat to feel him venturing into my asshole.

He filled me up. I loved having all of him in me. It was a wild rush. I squeezed my bowels down around him, savoring the feel of him pulling back. My asshole melted around his dick. It was a wondrous passion. I shuddered with this heat as he buried into my bowels. He plunged into me deep and hard. He fucked me with such force.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned. “Oh, my god, that’s so good. That’s incredible. Ooh, that’s so passionate. Just fuck me hard. Ram into me with that huge cock.”

“Yes!” he growled, fucking into my bowels with such hard force. He buried into me again and again. He plowed deep and hard into my anal sheath. I loved what he did to me. He buried into me with all his might. “You fucking slut!”

“I am!” I moaned as I slid my pussy up that dildo. Then I slammed down the shaft as he buried into my anal sheath.

“Fuck!” Debra gasped, her eyes widening. Her hands dug into my tits. She massaged them as I worked my pussy up and down the strap-on. “Ooh, you’re going to make me cum working that pussy up and down the dildo.”

“I’ll cum first on your big dick, Mr. Carson!” I moaned, my boobs jiggling in her hands. “I’ll cum so hard on your big dick. I’ll make you explode in me! You’ll flood me with cum and inflate my bowels!”

“Fuck,” he snarled and hammered my anal sheath, driving me down Debra’s dildo hard.

I gasped, the two frictions burning in me. My pussy worked up and down the dildo, gripping the rubbery shaft with my silky flesh. My velvety anal sheath clenched about Mr. Carson’s hot shaft ramming into me. I groaned, the two delights swimming in me.

I quivered and moaned, loving being double penetrated. My hips wiggled from side to side, stirring both shafts around in my holes. Mr. Carson’s heavy nuts slapped into my taint. They were so huge. I just realized that they were bigger than any nuts I had felt slapping into my taint.

It was fantastic. Amazing. I whimpered, rising towards my orgasm as I slammed my cunt down the dildo. Debra arched her back. She gasped, her face twisting as the pressure on her dildo must be driving her wild.

But there was no way I would let her cum first.

No fucking way.

I squeezed my bowels around Mr. Carson’s thrusting dick, increasing the friction for him to enjoy as he rode me. I quivered, savoring the delight surging through me. This was so wild. So amazing. I wanted to just cum so hard. That would be perfect.

I shuddered, slamming my cunt down the dildo. My twat drank in that friction as the heat melted from my asshole. The two delights swirled through my nethers, feeding my impending orgasm. I quivered, Debra squeezing my tits.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned, my voice echoing through the office. “Oh, hammer my asshole so hard. Just fuck me with such passion.”

“Fuck, yes!” he snarled. “Let me feel that slutty asshole milking my cock.”

“I’m getting there,” I whimpered.

“Me, too!” Debra purred, her hands squeezing my big tits. She kneaded the silicone beneath as she arched her back. “Oh, yes, slam that cunt down my dildo. Ooh, ride it! Let Mr. Carson see how much of a slut I am!”

I shuddered, ignoring her. My clit ground into her pubic bone on every plunge down the dildo. The pressure swelled in me I was so close to cumming. I hurtled towards that plunge into ecstasy. I just needed a few more moments.

“Oh, fuck, yes, I’m cumming!” Debra squealed, her body bucking.

And I knew she was faking it. That little cunt.

“I’m such a slut, I’m cumming already!” she moaned, her fingers digging into my boobs.

I plunged down the dildo, my clit grinding into her pubic bone. Mr. Carson’s cock plowed to the hilt in my anal sheath. I gasped as he did that. Then I exploded. My cunt writhed around the dildo as my asshole convulsed around his cock.

“Cum in me, Mr. Carson!” I moaned. “Be the first man to ever flood my bowels with jizz!”

He snarled and buried to the hilt in my writhing asshole as I bucked on Debra’s dildo. The pleasure rushed through me and smothered my mind in ecstasy. It was outstanding to enjoy. I shuddered, stars dancing before my eyes.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I moaned. “Cum in me, Mr. Carson!”

He drew back his cock, my asshole suckling at him, then he thrust back into me. He filled my anal sheath to the hilt with his huge dick. I groaned as he did that. The pleasure burst inside of me. It was outstanding to feel his cum spurting into me.

“Yes, yes, yes,” he snarled as he gushed his cum.

And it was like when he came on our faces, a gush.

A stream of his cum flooded into my bowels. I bucked in delight as all that cum fired into my anal sheath. My bowels writhed and convulsed around him. I spasmed as more and more of his cum filled my bowels.

I gasped as I felt myself expanding.

I stared down past my big boobs to see my stomach bulging with an anal cum-baby. I gasped as more and more of his jizz spurted into me. I quivered, my pussy clenching on the dildo. I bucked on that thick shaft as he inflated my bowels.

“Oh, my fucking god!” I moaned as he flooded me with so much cum. “Yes, yes, that’s so good. That’s just so hot. Pump your slut full of all that cum, Mr. Carson! Just flood me. Oh, god, yes, yes, yes!”

My belly swelled larger and larger. Debra gasped, her hands stroking over it. The look of surprise on her face was perfect. I loved that as she swallowed. This was a woman who did not expect this to happen.

That made me smile. My lips spread so wide as she stared in shock at that big belly that had expanded before me. I groaned as my writhing asshole milked out more and more of Mr. Carson’s cum until he grunted.

He ripped out of me as I swayed there. My orgasm hit that wonderful peak. It was so hot. So wonderfully delicious to experience this moment. My heart beat faster and faster. I quivered there, loving every naughty moment of this.

I stroked my cum-baby bump and grinned, winking at Debra. I mouthed, “I’m his.”

* * *


I quivered before Mr. Carson, my body buzzing from my orgasm. I bet that slut thought I faked it when I came before her, but I didn’t. That clit massages was incredible. I felt so good, and now I was ready to bring it home.

“Here,” said Mr. Carson. He tossed a double-headed dildo to Jennifer. “Thrust one end in your cunt than the other into this slut’s pussy. Fuck her with it, slapping your butts together. Understand.”

“Yes, Mr. Carson,” the cum-pregnant brunette said. With her little tits, having such a swollen belly looked even more obscene on her. She was so slender and so fertilely pregnant.

Her womb was full of his cum.

She moved to us with that awkward waddle. I opened my mouth wide and knelt here on my hands and knees, ready to be mouth-fucked by Mr. Carson. I would take that big dildo in my mouth. He would ram it down my throat.

I would love it.

The earthy flavor of Gina’s asshole filled my nose. I breathed it in as his cock came closer. He grabbed a fistful of my black hair and thrust his dick at my lips. He rammed his dirty shaft right into my mouth. The sour musk filled my taste buds.

I groaned as Jennifer gasped. I suckled on Mr. Carson’s dick. My tongue swirled around his dick, buffing him clean of all that ass. It was so good. Such a treat. I loved the flavor. I stared up at him, his cold eyes staring back down at me.

I bobbed my head, working my mouth up and down his dick. I suckled on him with all my might as Jennifer pushed the other end of the double-headed dildo into my pussy lips. I groaned as she shoved it inside of me.

Her butt-cheeks soon pressed on mine.

“Okay!” Jennifer said in her bright and cheery voice. “Here I go!”

She rocked forward, the dildo sliding out of my cunt. I moaned as she slammed it back into me. It was so hot to have her fucking my pussy as I buffed his dick clean of Gina’s asshole. I suckled on him, that earthy musk fading as I cleaned him.

“Fuck,” he growled, staring down at me. “That’s it, you nasty slut. That’s the mouth you kiss your father on the cheek, right? Does he know it’s a dirty mouth that sucks dicks from another girl’s asshole?”

I shook my head and suckled on him hard.

“That’s right,” he growled. “He has no idea that he raised the biggest fucking slut in the world.”

Joy burst in me. I was the biggest slut. Me! That meant he would pick me to be his personal slut and fucktoy. He would marry me and fuck me and make me his whore-wife. It was so wonderful. I had already won, and I just had to have fun now.

I suckled on his cock with hunger, polishing off the sour flavor of Gina’s asshole. Jennifer rocked back into me over and over again. She slammed the dildo into my rump as her butt-cheeks slapped together. Pleasure rippled through me.

It was so wonderful to have that dildo ramming to my cunt again and again. It was just a wonderful delight. I suckled Mr. Carson’s thick cock with such hunger. I quivered, loving the flavor of that sour musk on his dick.

My tongue buffed him clean.

“Ye, yes, yes,” gasped Jennifer as she slammed that dildo back into my cunt again and again. “This is so amazing. I’m going to cum so hard, Mr. Carson. I’m your slut! Me! Me!”

“We’ll see,” groaned Mr. Carson, his cock throbbing in my mouth.

I slid my lips farther down his shaft, reaching more of his dirty cock to clean with my tongue. I buffed off all of Gina’s asshole with such hunger. I wanted to make him cum. I wanted to enjoy every moment of his spunk spurting into my mouth.

His cock hit the back of my throat. My tongue wiggled about his shaft, polishing him clean. I moaned, my round tits jiggling as Jennifer slammed back into me. She drove that double-headed dildo into my pussy. Our cum-smeared butt-cheeks slapped together.

“Damn,” he growled, staring down at me. He was clearly expecting me to take all that cock.

So I did it. I deep-throated my first dick.

I groaned as that cock sank down my throat. It was such a hot delight to enjoy his cock sliding down my gullet. I loved every moment of it. This hunger swept through me as my cunt clenched down on that naughty toy as I swallowed more and more of his dick.

Jennifer fucked me as I buffed his cock. I worked my lips slowly down his dick as I reveled in that dildo fucking into pussy. I gripped it as his cock throbbed in my throat. I stared at his blond bush. I came closer and closer to it, cleaning off Gina’s sour asshole.

“That’s it,” he growled as I reached the base of his cock.

I pressed my face into his bush. His curls caressed my nose, cheeks, and lips. I polished off the last of Gina’s ass as my orgasm swelled in me. Jennifer fucked that dildo back so hard into my cunt. The pleasure was intense. Amazing. I hurtled towards a big climax.

I wanted to cum so badly. I quivered, clutching on the dildo. It was wonderful to have it fucking into me. I moaned around his cock, buffing him clean. It was amazing. I started to pull back, but he grabbed me by the back of the head.

He forced me to stay with his cock buried down my throat.

“Fucking slut,” he growled. “Goddamn, can’t hear you whine about who your daddy is right now. Shit!”

He erupted.

His cock sprayed cum straight into my belly. A stream of jizz that warmed my stomach. I groaned as his cock throbbed in my mouth. He released the back of my head, letting me slide up his cock. It was so hot as he filled me with his cum.

His cock slid out of my throat. The stream of jizz flooded out and filled my mouth in a heartbeat. I shuddered as I tried to swallow it, but there was so much cum gushing from his cock. It squirted out the sides of my mouth and ran down my chin.

“Yes!” Jennifer gasped, slamming the dildo into my cunt.

I burst with rapture.

My orgasm swept through me. My cunt writhed and spasmed around the toy as I guzzled down his cum. It poured down my throat and filled my stomach. More and more. An endless stream that swelled my belly. I could feel it distending. Distorting.

My stomach grew like the others had. He inflated me with his cum. It spilled hot down my face. I groaned, stars dancing before my eyes. Rapture washed out of my cunt and bathed my mind. I quivered as more and more of his salty spunk flooded my mouth.

“Fuck,” he groaned as I quivered there. My belly grew heavier and heavier with his cum. There was so much in me. I shuddered as he fired more cum. “Yes!”

His cock went dry.

He ripped it from my mouth as I quivered there, my round tits swaying. Jizz dripped from my chin and cheek. I stared down at my belly. I was distended. I had this big cum belly. Like I was pregnant with his child.

“See, see,” I moaned. “I’m the perfect slut for you! Pick me!”

“No, no, pick me!” groaned Jennifer. “Oh, I came so hard fucking her with the dildo. It was such a treat to rock back against her. I know you loved it, too. You found it so hot.”

“And fucking my virgin asshole wasn’t hot?” moaned Gina. “You know I’m your slut. Pick me! I’ll be your perfect whore-wife!”

He grinned down at us. “Daisy-chain.”

* * *

Victor Carson

The three girls fell into a daisy-chain. The three bitchy, worthless interns. They were finally doing something worth paying them, well, nothing. We didn’t pay them a fucking thing. They were like slaves.

I glanced at the collar on my desk. No, they were slaves. They just had to realize that. They did now. They had to obey me.

All three of them look pregnant, inflated with my cum. That was so sexy. It would drain out of them after a while or be absorbed by their bodies. Then I could inflate them again and again. My little fucktoy slaves.

Who needed interns when I would have these three working for me. And one of them was the boss’s daughter. He wouldn’t want her after seeing what a fucking slut she was. I’d let him fuck her, of course. I had to curry favor with the founding partners.

I was a senior partner. As high as I could go until one of those old farts retired. I had to be ready to take their place. Until then, I would enjoy these little sluts writhing on the ground before me. My dick throbbed at the sight of them.

I grabbed my cock and stroked it a few times, the pressure building and building at the tip, then I erupted.

I sprayed the girls down as they writhed there. I hosed them with my cum, loving coating them in my jizz. They all shuddered as my jizz fell on them. The jizz hosed them down, coating them in my pearly spunk, drenching them

They were mine.

Utterly mine.

I thought I heard a woman laugh. I looked behind me. Saw no one.

I shrugged and went back to hosing down my sluts. They moaned, writhing together as I coated their cum-pregnant bellies. They moaned into each others’ cunts, licking with whorish passion on each other at my orders.

They all competed to be the biggest slut. God, they were such whores.

“Eat that pussy,” I growled as the pleasure coursed through me.

I fired more cum on their faces. I drenched their hair. I marked these bitches as mine.

My cock erupted over and over again. Each time, pleasure slammed into my mind. I groaned, quivering there, loving every moment of it. This was such an amazing delight to coat these girls in my cum.

“I want you cumming!” I growled.

They moaned, all feasting on the other’s pussy. A chain of obedient sluts licking cunts and moaning in delight. They squirmed, trying to cum first like that mattered. They were all shuddering. Boobs jiggling. Dripping in my cum.

In my seed.

I smiled at that.

It was a true delight to coat someone in passion.

To utterly drown them in my seed.

It was proof that I owned them.

I breathed heavily as their pants grew louder and louder. The fucking sluts were rising and rising towards their orgasms. They were hurtling closer and closer to their climaxes, eager to just gush their juices and experience rapture.

That was why they were so easy to control.

They were slaves to those horny cunts.

They wanted a man to fill them with cum. It was biology. They couldn’t help themselves.

Gina squealed first, cumming on Jennifer’s face. The former virgin drank down all the pussy cream. She shuddered then squealed, gushing juices to soak Debra’s mouth. A moment later, Debra moaned and shuddered.

The three of them filled my offices with their pants.

Their eager moans.

They all wanted to be my slut. To claim me. They thought they could own me by being complete whores. They were so, so wrong. A smile spread on my lips, my body buzzing with all this delight. I felt so good right now.


They all squealed and shuddered through their pleasures. Then they rolled apart, staring up at me with eager eyes. They lined up, all dripping with my cum, their bellies inflated with my seed. All stared up at me with hopeful eyes.

They all wanted to be my personal sluts.

“Who should I pick?” I said, savoring the hope in their eyes as my cum dripped down their faces, mixing with the pussy cream that was smeared on their whorish lips. My smile grew and grew with how intoxicating it was.

Three bitches kneeling before me felt so right.

* * *

Clara shuddered on her mother’s tongue. The invisible goddess came, flooding her mother with all her pussy juices. As she did, she watched the fun. The three girls were kneeling, all with swollen bellies and dripping in cum.

Cum pregnancies, thought Clara. How hot. I didn’t mean to give him a dick like that, but... How intriguing.

“I’m clearly the slut,” said the black-haired girl who was the daughter of one of the senior partners.

“No, no, it’s me,” said the blonde with the big, fake tits.

“Please, pleased, pick me,” said the deflowered virgin, her hands caressing her belly like she had a real pregnancy and wasn’t inflated with cum.

Mr. Carson held the collar in his hand then grinned and reached behind him. He pulled out two more. “You’re all my sluts! I have to keep you all.”

“But you’re supposed to leave your wife and marry me!” gasped the partner’s daughter.

Mr. Carson snorted. “Who wants to marry whores? You’re my sluts. I own you. Put on your collars and shut your mouths. I have work to do. We’ll fuck later.”

“Yes, Master,” the three girls said together and let themselves be collared. Then, for good measure, Mr. Carson shoved ring gags in their mouths. They all knelt in the corner the way good little bitches should, unable to whine and complain any longer.

Clara found it a job well done. She pushed her mother’s face from her pussy and left to find more fun at this law firm. It was a blast.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...