The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter Thirty-Five: Lezzie Pride to His Hot Sluts

“Where’s Kimmy at?” demanded Mr. Chase, one of the firm’s three managing partners. His daughter had just become one of Mr. Carson’s sex slaves.

“She’s doing that Lesbian Pride Parade, remember?” said an aide that invisible Clara didn’t know their name.

“Right, right,” said Mr. Chase, rolling his eyes. “Had to be all ‘progressive’ and let her do it. How much money did we waste on it?”

“Well, think of the all the good PR and the tax deductions for the firm,” said the aide. “But she’ll be gone all day.”

“Bugger a nun,” spat Mr. Chase.

Ooh, that’s a good idea, thought Clara. But what’s up with all these women celebrating that they are too good for dicks? Clara didn’t mind lesbians, but this was going too far. She had to fix this. Women were meant to serve men. Not her, of course. She was a goddess. But all those bitches who sneered at her over the years had to pay.

Even if they never met Clara. They would have sneered.

“Did you know that Kimmy, the leader of the lesbian pride celebration, is secretly a gender traitor? She loves fucking men and plans to make her sister lesbians to be men’s playthings. #LezziesSlaves4Mens #SluttyDressCodes #LezziesTakeDicks”

* * *


I was so eager for the Lesbian Pride Parade. I wanted to march with my wife, Jackie. She was such a wonderful woman. I glanced over at her. She was a brunette woman with such big breasts. I was a titty girl, that was for sure. She wore a professional pantsuit like me. We were marching with the lesbian businesswomen.

We were just normal people. That was the point of this. Just normal women who worked professional jobs. I wore a mauve pantsuit that went great with my blonde hair while Jackie had chosen a lilac. She smiled at me, her brown hair pinned up in a bun. She glanced at the delicate watch on her wrist. A Rolex. The anniversary gift I had given her last year.

The doorbell rang and I opened it to find Kimmy. She was the lawyer that had organized the professional women to march in the Lesbian Pride Parade. She wore a light-gray pantsuit that looked quite good on the black-haired woman. She had a short bob of hair and pink lipstick on her lips.

“Oh, perfect, you two,” said Kimmy, clasping her hands together. “Don’t you two just look perfect. We don’t have to—”

My phone chirped. A Twitter notification. I ignored it as Kimmy looked at us in disgust. I was still shocked by what she was wearing.

A very, very short skirt. It was tartan, like a schoolgirl’s, but it barely covered her ass. She had on red stripper boots and a white blouse tied beneath her obviously braless breasts, her nipples poking against the thin material. The dusky hue of her nubs bled through.

“What are you dumbos wearing,” Kimmy kissed. “Pantsuits? Really pantsuits?”

“I thought we were supposed to be professional,” Jackie said, squirming. “I mean... I thought that was the plan for the parade.”

“Change of plans,” Kimmy hissed. “God, I knew you dumb dykes would fuck this up.”

My cheeks burned at the insult. I didn’t mean to be dumb. “Um, what can we do. I don’t have clothes like yours, Kimmy. Nor does Jackie.”

“Good thing for you dumbos, I have these!” She held up two brown shopping bags. “Put on your outfits now! Move those slutty asses. I want you wearing these clothes! Just strip naked right here. Hurry, you dumb dykes! You’re slowing us down!”

“Sorry, Kimmy!” I squeaked and took the bag. My wife did the same.

I peered inside to see red stripper boobs and a tartan skirt. It looked like the same stuff that Kimmy was wearing. That was so embarrassing. I knew that some lesbians would wear fetish or even go naked during a pride parade, but I wasn’t that sort of person.

Still, Kimmy was so POed at us. I pulled off my jacket then opened the bag and yanked out the clothes. My wife was doing the same, her eyes tearing up. We were so dumb. How could we mess this up so badly?

“Move it, you dummy dykes!” hissed Kimmy. “Don’t force me to get my whip! Move! Move!”

I squeaked in fright and nearly ripped off the buttons of my blouse getting it off. I unhooked my gray bra, my round boobs spilling out. Kimmy smiled as she started at my firm tits. She nodded with lust. I didn’t like her staring at me like that. I had a wife. She was the only one that should be looking at me like that.

Jackie’s big boobs spilled out. Kimmy groaned with this greedy glint in her eyes as Jackie’s big boobs swayed from side to side. Her fat, dark-red nipples were hard. Tears were about to spill down my wife’s cheeks as Kimmy smacked her lips in appreciation.

“Very, very nice,” said Kimmy. “Just a big-titty cow. I love it. Mmm, yes, yes, you two dumb sluts are perfect.”

“Sluts?” I whimpered, pulling on the white blouse. I drew it over my shoulders then knotted it beneath my breasts. The material stretched over my breasts, my hard, pink nipples poking against it. The hue bled through the nearly transparent material. “We’re not sluts.”

“You’re whatever I say you are,” Kimmy said. “God, you dummies will do exactly what I say. Now get those disgusting pants off. Women shouldn’t wear pants. Women should dress like sluts! Now move! Everyone’s waiting for the parade to start, dumbos!”

I unbuttoned my pants and shoved those off, losing my comfortable flats in the process. I reached for the skirt while Kimmy glanced at my gray panties and shook her head. Anger flashed in her eyes. I squeaked and shoved off my panties, too.

Kimmy licked her lips at my thick, blonde bush. I reached into the bag and found a red thong. I wasn’t shaved. My bush would spill out over it. I shuddered and stepped into the thong. I drew the thin cloth up my legs. The back settled into my butt-crack. I hated thongs. They were something men had invented to make women into glorified sex objects.

“God, that’s an ass, dumbo,” she said and slapped my rump. Then she squeezed it. “Yes, yes! You are going to show that off. And you, Jackie. God, you are just a busty, curvy whore. Look at that booty with that thong in it.”

My wife whimpered as Kimmy squeezed her plump butt, the thong my wife wore vanishing between her asscheeks. I drew on the skirt next. It was so short. I had never worn anything like this in my life. It had an elastic waistband.

I pulled it up and over my rump, dismayed at how little flesh it covered. This was so demeaning. My cheeks burned with the humiliation as my wife pulled hers on, Kimmy leering at us. I swallowed as I grabbed my red, heeled stripper boots. I thrust my feet into them and pulled them up. I shuddered at the feel of them.

I wiggled my toes in them, this embarrassment burning through me. How could I go outside in public in this? My wife’s cheeks gleamed with her tear tracks as she stood. I darted over and hugged her, our boobs rubbing together through the thin material of the cloth.

“It’s for lesbian pride,” I whispered. “We can do this.”

“That’s right,” snorted Kimmy. “Lesbian pride. “Nothing else. Let’s go, dummies! God, dykes are such idiots. Move it! Come on, you stupid dykes! Nothing but fluff in your heads! Two dumb to know what your place is. Go!”

My wife and I both squeaked and rushed to our apartment door. My cheeks burned. I could feel the skirt swirling and flashing the bottom of my butt-cheeks. It was too short, and the heels on the boots made my hips sway in ways that I didn’t like. It was too sensual. I felt like a slut.

Kimmy drove us down the stairs, clapping her hands behind us and calling us idiots and dummies. Was I a dummy? I thought I was smart, but now I felt so unsure. I held my wife’s hands, my boobs bouncing freely in the tied-off blouse. My nipples throbbed, rubbing against the thin material.

We burst out onto the street before our apartment where a van sat that had, “Kimmy’s Dumb Dyke Parade” written in haphazard red on the side, the pain fresh and dribbling down the gray body of the van in places.

Kimmy wrenched open the door to reveal a half-dozen other lesbians crowding the seats all wearing the same slutty garb. They were all looking as shocked as I felt. Some were tugging at their skirts or trying to cover their nipples bleeding through the thin material of their blouses. My wife and I crowded into the seat in the back.

“Okay, you dumbos, let’s go show off your lesbian pride!” She snickered and started up the van. She drove off.

This was for lesbian pride. I kept telling myself that as I sat pressed between my wife and a Black lesbian with a fade buzzed into the side of her head. She glanced down at her skirt that left much of her ebony thighs bare.

Soon, we were turning into the parking lot of that sleazy strip club, The Wet Pussycat. My cheeks burned, especially when I saw what was on the announcement board. “Lezzie Auction! Buy Your Dumb Dyke!”

“Kimmy, what are we doing at a strip club?” I demanded. “And why does it say that there’s a... a... lezzie auction?”

“Don’t worry about it, dumbos,” said Kimmy. “Just be good dumb dykes and head on inside. It’s time to show off your lezzie pride.”

“Oh, okay,” I said, my cheeks burning. This seemed like she was auctioning us off, but she wouldn’t do that, right? I just had to trust her. Kimmy was a lesbian. She wouldn’t betray us to men.

She pulled up to the backdoor of the strip club and hopped out. She opened the side rolling door and said, “Get your asses out, you fucking dumb sluts. Come on. Move it! Get inside. Yes, yes, this is where the parade is. Going to be parading those hot asses on stage. Yes, yes, get your fucking butts inside or I’ll use my whip.”

I clutched my wife’s hands and followed in the other women. Kimmy came in last, closing the doors on the backstage changing area. The lock clicked. Kimmy hummed as all of us milled about around the dressing tables. No one was back here, but I could hear talking through the curtain.

“Now, you dumbos!” Kimmy announced, holding a pink bullwhip in her hand. “You’re going to go out there and show your lezzie pride to all those men! Let them see how much you’re a stupid dyke! They’re going to show you what your place is! Now, Allison, you’re up first. Get that ass out there!”

“Y-yes, Kimmy!” a redhead said and darted out through the curtains.

The roar of men exploded. I held my wife’s hand. I guessed this made sense. Showing off our pride to a bunch of men. The shouting sounded... sexual. What was happening? The cheering swelled. Then there was a great applause.

“Mindy, get that slut ass out there!” Kimmy cried. “Shake that moneymaker at them. Drive them wild! I want a big cut! Now go!”

Mindy, a brunette with a nose piercing, squeaked and darted out onto the stage. Allison never came back. Neither did Mindy, Freddie (the Black woman with the fade), Courtney, Diana, Rosalita, Xena, nor Jamie. They all went out on stage until it was only my wife and me.

“Okay, dummies,” said Kimmy. “You’re the ‘Grand Finale.’ A married set of dykes. They’re going to all want you. Ooh, get out there and show off, my dummy headliners.”

“But...” I asked. “What happened to the others?”

Kimmy snapped her whip, the end cracking right before me. I jumped as she hissed, “Get those dumb asses out there, dykes, or I’ll make you.”

“Yes, Kimmy!” my wife and I squeaked together.

We clutched each other’s hands as we hurried to the curtains. We stepped outside to a stage that thrust out into a sea of men. They were all pressing in, cheering us on. I whimpered in fear. My wife clutched to me as we stared at them all. This was so strange. Why would Kimmy bring us here?

“And here they are,” a voice boomed over the PA system. “A pair of married dykes. You don’t want this set broken up. That’s right, you can buy a pair of dykes to worship your dicks.”

“W-what?” whimpered Jackie.

“Dance,” Kimmy hissed. “Dance while they bid on you, you fucking dumbos! Now!”


I jumped at the whip and started dancing. I wiggled my hips, the short skirt swaying. My boobs bounced in my tied-off blouse. Jackie danced with me, fresh tears spilling down her face. Her large tits heaved in her blouse as we shook our hips in her stripper boots.

The men loved us. They were all shouting disgusting things at us. “Dykes love cock!” and “Dykes get dirty for dicks!” and “Lezzie sluts hungry for cum!” and “Dykes serve the patriarchy!” It was awful and Kimmy grinned like she enjoyed this. Like she was some gender-traitor to the sisterhood.

She loved men. I could see it in her eyes.

Then the bidding started. Men were crying out money. A thousand for my wife and me. Two thousand. Three thousand. Kimmy’s smile grew and grew. She was selling us to men. She led us here to be auctioned off, and we were so dumb for doing it.

I kept dancing with my wife as the price climbed to ten thousand. Then thirteen thousand. Finally, for fifteen thousand, we were sold. “Mr. Black, you are the lucky owner of a pair of married dykes! Enjoy your new slutty slaves!”

“Slaves?” I squeaked.

“That’s right,” said Kimmy. She had pink collars that she opened. “Mr. Black owns your stupid asses. God, the looks on your face. You can’t believe that I would sell you out. It’s hilarious. Come on, dummies. Collar your wife.”

She thrust them into our hands then held up the whip. I whimpered in fear and opened the collar. I stared into Jackie’s brown, tear-filled eyes and thrust it around her neck. I sealed the collar on her, making her into a slave.

“Sorry,” I whispered. “We... we’re a man’s property now.”

She nodded, her tears making my eyes well up. As she put the cool leather collar about my neck, the tears fell. I swallowed, my throat burning. She tightened the collar about my throat, sealing my fate with theirs.

“Off the stages, dumbos,” said Kimmy. “Come on. Your new owner awaits. Mr. Black has a huge cock. Mmm, one of my favorites to fuck me. You’re going to learn that dykes love dicks. You’re just fooling yourself that your lesbians. That’s how dumb you are. You didn’t even realize you were sluts for men. Fucking idiots. Well, you’re learning now! Move!”


The men roared in delight at the crack of the whip. We both squeaked in fright and hurried down the steps at the end of the stage. All the salivating men parted for us. They formed a corridor of lusty gazes that led to a man sitting on a curved bench absolutely naked. His cock thrust out hard before him. I whimpered at seeing my first live dick.

“On your knees!” Kimmy cried as we reached him.


The whip struck me in the back of the thigh. I squealed in pain. So did my wife. We dropped to our knees before the man and his leer. He was tall and brawny with hairy arms and legs. More body hair adorned his chest. He lit a cigar and puffed on it.

“Suck my dick, slaves,” he growled.

I whimpered in fear. I had never done that.

* * *


The back of my thigh stung from the whip as I knelt there beside my wife. The skirt had ridden up to expose my rump as I knelt here like this. Tears ran hot down my cheeks. The collar was tight about my neck. Were we really too dumb to know that we liked dicks.

“I... I... I can’t,” Donna whimpered. “I’ve never sucked a dick.”

“You’ve sucked a dildo, right, dumbo?” Kimmy hissed. “Do it.”

Mr. Black stared down at us, the end of his cigar flaring cherry red. He blew out the aromatic smoke, his cock twitching before us. A bead of precum spilled from the tip. I shuddered at the sight of him throbbing like that.

I couldn’t do this. It was too much. I wasn’t a—


My wife and I both squealed in pain. The whips struck my ass, leaving a line of burning pain across my butt-cheeks. The thong did nothing to protect me. I groaned, wiggling my hips from side to side. I had never felt such pain in—


The whip struck us again. My wife sobbed in pain as a second welt stripped my ass. Kimmy moaned behind us, getting off on hurting us. I thought she was so nice. Our friend. But she was really a man-loving slut. And... And...

I licked at Mr. Black’s cock. I didn’t want to get whipped again. My wife joined me a heartbeat later. We climbed up the man’s cock. His shaft tasted so salty. I shuddered, my ass burning from the whip. I felt Kimmy behind me, waiting to pounce once more.

Humiliated tears spilled down my cheek as my tongue climbed up the man’s dick. I reached the crown and flicked over the tip. He groaned as I did that, puffing on the cigar. My wife’s tongue also caressed over his crown.

We were licking him together. Our lips brushed the other. We almost were kissing as we pleasured this man and his cock, his salty precum filling my taste buds. The collar felt so tight about my throat. I shuddered at the degradation of this.

“Suck that dick!” hissed Kimmy. “I want one of you with your lips around his cock and the other sucking at his balls!”

I squeaked and swallowed the tip of Mr. Black’s cock. He groaned around his cigar as I sucked on my first real dick. This was no rubbery dildo. It was warm, and it throbbed. His salty precum spilled over my tongue as I suckled on him.

My wife went down to his balls. She rubbed her face into his hairy nuts and licked at them. This was so demeaning. My pussy clenched and... I was horrified to realize I was wet. That was terrible. I couldn’t believe this was happening. That I could get aroused.

Were lesbians really just too dumb to realize we loved dicks?

I suckled on him as he groaned. The end of his cigar flared cherry red as he inhaled. Then he exhaled with a moan of delight. He loved what we were doing to him. I shuddered, my burning ass clenching. I suckled on him.

“That’s it, you dumb sluts!” hissed Kimmy. “You work that mouth up and down that cock. You’re a fucking man-slut now. Yes, you love that dick, you fucking dyke! You’re just a dirty whore for a man. I bet your cunt is dripping wet.”

I whimpered. It was.

“God, it’s so hot watching you two lezzie whores finally do something right,” Kimmy groaned. “Ooh, yes, yes, look at those ass shaking.”


“Fuck!” my wife gasped while I squealed in pain around the dick. “Kimmy!”

“I’ll whip your fucking slut-asses if I want!” hissed Kimmy. “Now switch!”


My wife and I both gasped at the hot licks of Kimmy’s whips burning across our asses.

I ripped my mouth off Mr. Black’s cock. Drool spilled down my chin. I ducked my head down and nuzzled into his nuts. His hair spilled over my face. Thick and curly and with this salty scent. I suckled on his balls as my wife nursed on his cock.

The pain burned across my ass as I nibbled on his balls. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. This was unbelievable. I couldn’t believe it was happening as I nibbled on his nuts. My wife suckled on his cock with wet slurps. He groaned louder and louder as we pleasured him.

He puffed on his cigar and watched with an evil grin.


“Switch!” Kimmy cried.

“Yes, Kimmy,” I sobbed, tears spilling down my cheeks as I darted my head up to suck on his dick. My wife, her cheeks gleaming, went down to suckle on his nuts. I swallowed his crown.

I sucked on him. He groaned, his cock twitching as I nursed on him. I bobbed my head, my cheeks hollowing with my humiliating submission. How could this get any worse? I was owned by a man with my wife and had to worship him because I was a dumb dyke idiot.

I bobbed my head, slurping on him. His precum grew even saltier. His dick twitched in my mouth. I whimpered, my pussy soaking my panties. The pain burning across my ass melted down to my cunt, only heating me.


“He’s about to cum!” hissed Kimmy. “Fist his cock and beg him to cum on your whore-faces, dumbos!”

I ripped my mouth off his cock and Donna pressed her face against mine. Our tear-stained cheeks rubbed together. He stared down at us as we both grabbed his cock. We stroked him as the humiliating reality of this situation set in.

We had to beg him to cum on our faces, all because we were such dumb dykes.

“P-please, cum on our faces, Mr. Black,” I moaned.

“Dykes faces need cum bathes,” my wife groaned like it was a slogan.

“Dyke faces need cum bathes,” I panted, fisting his cock faster and faster.

His cigar flared right as his dick pulsed in my hand. He groaned, smoke burst from his lips as his cum erupted from his cock. The jizz fired up and splashed over our features. Hot and salty jizz that bathed us in his demeaning spunk.

He coated our faces, bathing us. We were a pair of dykes that needed this. It was hot and thick. Some landed on my lips. The salty flavor suffused my mouth. I whimpered, wiggling my lips. My cunt soaked my thong with humiliated juices.

“Yes,” Mr. Black grunted for the first time. “You fucking dyke-sluts are mine!”

“Yes, Mr. Black,” I moaned, his jizz dripping down my face.

“We are, Mr. Black,” my wife whimpered. “Lezzies are slaves for men.”


“Lick each other clean!” hissed Kimmy. “Lap up that cum, sluts! Lezzies are slaves for men! And you are owned by Mr. Black. He paid fifteen thousand for you, and I get twenty percent, you dumbos!”

She laughed with cruel delight as I turned my head and stared at Donna’s face dripping in Mr. Black’s jizz. She was coated in his seed, marked by him like I was. Marked as his property. It matted her blonde hair and ran down her cheeks and to her lips.

I licked at her cheek, gathering up the jizz. The salty flavor tasted so good. I hated how much I loved this. I was such a whore. I groaned as I licked my wife again and again. Then Donna started doing it, too. She lapped at me with her tongue.

I shuddered at how wonderful it was to lick at her. My pussy burned more and more as Mr. Black rose. My tongue licked at my wife’s face as he moved around us. Kimmy laughed in delight as my tongue licked up my wife’s chin to her lips.

Then we were kissing like we used to, but now it was full of a man’s cum. It perverted our love. I whimpered as we passed his jizz back and forth. As I made out with my wife, Mr. Black slapped his cock down on my ass. He was going to fuck me. He grabbed my thong and yanked.

The clit pulled into my pussy for a moment, rubbing on my pussy and clit. Then it tore away from my body.

I kissed my wife harder as his cock slid into my butt-crack. He was going to ass-fuck me?

I whimpered at the humiliation as he found my anal ring and pressed it against my sphincter. My wife broke the kiss and licked up more cum off her chin. She kissed me again with that jizz as my asshole slowly widened.

I whimpered as my anal ring stretched to take his thick cock. My wife had no idea I was being sodomized. I squirmed there as I kissed her. Then I gasped as his cock rammed past my sphincter. Heat burned in my bowels as his dick jammed into me.

“Yes,” Kimmy moaned in the background. “Ass-fuck that slut!”

My wife broke the kiss. “Ass-fuck?”

“Yes!” I whimpered as that cock slid deeper and deeper into my bowels, my short skirt rustling and big boobs swaying in my blouse. “Oh, god, he’s got his cock in me.”

“Lezzies are sluts for dicks,” my wife whispered.

“Lezzies are sluts for dicks,” I repeated the slogan, my shame blazing hot through me.

He bottomed out in me, his crotch rubbing against my welted rump. I whimpered as my asshole burned from the friction. No lube. I whimpered as he drew back his cock. My cum-covered face contorted from the blazing ache.

My wife licked at my face. She gathered up more cum then kissed me. She thrust her tongue into my mouth coated in his cum. I whimpered at that as he fucked back into my asshole. He buried his thick dick into my anal sheath.

My owner groaned as he pumped away at my asshole. He used my body. I had sworn to only be Donna’s, but here I was being a total slut for a man. I squeezed my asshole around his cock as he pumped away at me. He fucked into my bowels with such hard strokes.

I shuddered with each one, my tongue passing cum back and forth with my wife. I whimpered, my anal sheath gripping his dick. He grunted as he fucked me hard. He buried into me with such force. I burned with such shame for...

Liking his seed.

“You fucking dyke-slut!” grunted Mr. Black. “You fucking love my cock in your asshole!”

I broke the kiss and whimpered, “Yes, Mr. Black.”

“You do,” my wife gasped in shock hurt.

“It burns and hurts, but it feels so right,” I moaned. “Dykes are sluts for cocks!” I licked cum off my wife’s face and kissed her with that jizz.

Kimmy laughed in the background as Mr. Black slammed his cock into my asshole over and over again. The pain melted down to my pussy and became heat. It fed my orgasm. A shameful orgasm. I was such a traitor to the lezzie sisterhood. I was enjoying being fucked by a man.

I was getting off on it. That big dick fucked deep and hard into my bowels. He buried to the hilt in me again and again. I loved it so much. I whimpered as I traded spunk back and forth with my wife. This was so much better than being fucked by her strap-on.

I was such a pathetic dyke.

Such a dummy for liking this.

I broke the kiss and gasped out, “Mr. Black! Oh, Mr. Black, fuck my slutty ass!”

“Yes, yes, pound her,” groaned Kimmy. “She’s a fucking slut for your cock. Ooh, Donna, your wife is going to cum like a fucking whore on Mr. Black’s dick.”

“You are?” my wife asked, her eyes full of shock and betrayal.

“I am!” I moaned, rocking back into those hard thrusts. “Oh, god, he fucks like a stallion. He buries into me over and over again. I love it. I love it so much. This is just the best. You have to be fucked by him. You need him to pound you like this.”

My wife swallowed as I groaned, my orgasm rising. Mr. Black’s cock rammed into my bowels. He fucked my anal sheath with such masculine prowess. His crotch smacked into my rump. The pain swept through me. It was an incredible rush.

I whimpered, clenching my asshole around his cock. The heat soaked my cunt and swelled my orgasm. I wiggled my hips, my ass blazing from the welts. The pain and pleasure danced through me. My head tossed, my big boobs swaying in my tied-off blouse.

“I’m going to cum!” I squealed, my asshole clamping down his cock.

“Jackie,” Donna whimpered.

Mr. Black rammed his cock to the hilt in my asshole. I exploded.

“Yes!” I howled, my bowels writhing around his cock. “Oh, god, yes!”

My flesh spasmed about him as the pleasure swept through me and spilled over my mind. I loved every second of it. This heat swept through me. It was fantastic. I groaned, my anal sheath writhing around his cock.

I suckled at him, loving the way he buried into me. He grunted and erupted into my whore ass. I shuddered, my head tossing. My bowels rippled around his dick. I suckled at him. Milked him. I nursed out all that jizz in him.

“He’s cumming in me, honey,” I moaned to my wife. “He’s flooding me with all his jizz! I’m his anal dyke-slut!”

“Jackie,” Donna whimpered as I trembled through the humiliating pleasure.

This felt amazing. The rapture washed through me. I trembled through it, my big boobs swaying from side to side as the ecstasy drowned my thoughts.

“I’m a big dummy dyke that loves dicks!” I howled, embracing my shame and humiliation.

“Fuck, yes!” Mr. Black growled as he dumped his cum into my asshole. He filled me to the brim with his jizz.

I quivered there, impaled on his cock. My big boobs swayed in my tied-off blouse. I shuddered as my wife watched on in horror. That only made my shame burn hotter, giving me more of the perverse pleasure. I was such a whore for Mr. Black.

* * *


I couldn’t believe that my wife had cum on Mr. Black’s dick. She looked rapturous. Cum smeared across her face, her brown eyes molten with passion. He ripped out of her cock as she panted, savoring the pleasure.

I couldn’t believe she had cum so hard before me. Tears sprang up in my eyes.

“Now, you blonde dyke bitch,” growled Mr. Black, “suck your wife’s asshole off my dick right now. Or else Kimmy will whip that ass raw.”

“Give me an excuse,” moaned Kimmy, her hand down her panties. “Suck that dirty dick clean, you dummy dyke!”

“Dykes are sluts for dicks,” I whispered as I crawled towards Mr. Black and his dirty dick.

He leered down at me, his cigar stuck between his lips. It had burned down to nearly the stump. He winked at me as I reached him, my boobs jiggling in my tied-off top. My pussy was so wet, I was ashamed to admit.

I breathed in the sour musk of my wife’s asshole coating his dick. I shuddered and opened my mouth wide. I slid my lips over his dirty dick. The earthy flavor of my wife’s asshole filled my mouth. I shuddered at how demeaning this was.

This was worse than just sucking on his cock. I was cleaning him. Polishing him. That was something a whore would do. That was me. I was a dummy dyke-whore sucking on on my owner’s dick. This was my life. Day after day of shame and degradation.

Because I was too much of an idiot to realize that I liked dicks.

I could have fallen in love with a man, married him, and had kids. But I had married a woman. Another dummy dyke like me. I shuddered at that realization as I nursed the earthy flavor of Jackie’s asshole off his cock.

My burning rump clenched. My pussy soaked the thong pressed through my bush to cup my twat. I trembled as I bobbed my head, working my mouth up and down his cock. I swirled my tongue around him, cleaning him.

“That’s fucking it!” he growled around his cigar. He gripped the side of my head and thrust forward.

I gasped as he fucked my mouth. He pumped his dirty dick in and out of my oral cavity like it was a pussy. He used me.

I whimpered at that, sucking hard on his dick as he pumped away. He drove his cock to the back of my throat. I suckled off the sour flavor of his asshole. I trembled there, my heart pounding in my chest at how degrading this was.

I whimpered, nursing on him with such hunger. I suckled with such passion on his dick. I danced my tongue around his cock. It was such a delight. I nursed on him with such passion. He groaned as I did that, his hips thrusting away at me.

Then he thrust his cock to the back of my throat.

I groaned as he did that. He pressed against the tightness of my throat. I shuddered at that. He pushed down my gullet. I gurgled and squealed, the panic sweeping through me as he forced his dick down my esophagus.

I choked for a moment, but he didn’t care. He just buried it down my throat. I shuddered, my hips wiggling back and forth. Pussy cream soaked my thong. I whimpered as more and more of his shaft vanished down my throat.

Then his bush was in my face. I shuddered at the feel of his curls on me. His balls rested against my face. I suckled on him. I nursed with such hunger on his cock. My cheeks hollowed as I submitted to him. My tongue danced around the shaft of his dick, buffing off cock.

I polished off the spunk. It was an incredible rush. I nursed on him. I suckled with such passion on his dick. I bobbed my head, working my mouth up and down his dick. It was an incredible delight. My cheeks hollowed with the force of my sucking.

“Yes,” he groaned. “Oh, yes, yes, just like that. Fuck, that’s it, you dirty slut.”

His hips drew back, his cock sliding out of my gullet. Then he rammed back down my throat. His hairy nuts slapped humiliatingly into my chin. I was just a thing for his pleasure. A dirty dyke fucktoy. My hips wiggled back and forth as I moaned.

Jackie watched me being used. I could feel her eyes on me as he drove that cock down my throat again and again. I had to suck in air through my nose, full of the scent of his sweaty balls that slapped my chin. The sour flavor of my wife’s asshole filled my mouth.

That dirty musk lingered even as I polished Mr. Black’s shaft clean.

“That’s it, you fucking dumbass dyke!” he growled. “Just a stupid, little lezzie-fucktoy for me to play with! Goddamn, you’re a fucking moron for coming here!”

And I felt like such an idiot for just walking into this. I was a dummy. A dummy dyke-whore that had to worship my new owner. I suckled with all my might, buffing off the last of my wife’s ass from his dick. My pussy burned with my shameful lust for this dick.

I was a whore. I just had to accept it.

I bobbed my head. I worked my lips up and down his cock. It was an incredible thrill to do that. I loved it so much. My cheeks hollowed with the force of my suckling. I nursed on him with everything that I had.

“Yes, yes, yes,” he grunted around his cigar as he fucked my mouth. His cock rammed down my throat again and again. His nuts slapped into my chin. “Just like that, you fucking dumbass dyke! Yes!”

His cock rammed to the hilt down my throat and erupted.

His cum pumped right into my stomach. I wasn’t even good enough to taste his jizz. He didn’t care about me at all. I shuddered as the jizz spilled down my throat. I gulped it down. I loved every moment of nursing down all that jizz.

It was a thrill. A wild ride to do this. I sucked on him with such passion. I nursed on him with all that I had. My tongue danced around his shaft as he pulsed. My pussy burned as he fired the last of his cum down my throat.

“You fucking whore,” he growled. “Let me see those tits! Both of your tits!”

He ripped his dick out of my mouth as my wife gasped, “Yes, Mr. Black!”

She untied the knot to her blouse and ripped it off, spilling out her big boobs. Coughing, drool running down my chin, I did the same. I ripped off my thin top, my boobs jiggling. I realized that not only was Kimmy watching us, but so were all these men. They were standing around us, witnessing our degradation.

“Now you,” said Mr. Black. “Blonde Dummy, on your hands and knees. I want to fuck me some dyke-cunt.”

“Yes, Mr. Black, I whimpered and turned around on my hands and knees. I reached behind me, shoving off my thong to reveal my thick, blonde bush.

“Face down, ass up, dumbo!” snarled Kimmy.


The whip kissed my ass. I squealed in pain and pressed my face to the ground. I rubbed my cheeks into the ground. I shuddered at that. Tears spilled down my cheeks at how humiliating this was. My ass burned with the pain from the whip crack. I was a dummy dyke-whore.

Mr. Black rammed his cock into my cunt.

I squealed in delight at how amazing it was to have his cock in me. This was wonderful. I loved the feeling of his big dick slamming into me. He had such a huge one. I clamped my cunt down on him as his nuts slapped into my cunt.

My wife watched me taking that dick. My naked breasts jiggled as Mr. Black’s hands slid over my naked sides. He had such rough hands. A man’s hands. I quivered at the feel of his squeezing my tits. He kneaded them as he fucked me.

I shuddered as he buried his dick into my cunt again and again. He fucked me with such force. He buried his cock over and over into my snatch. I squeezed my pussy down around him, drinking in the friction.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I gasped. “Fuck your dumb, lezzie slut!”

“Yes, yes, fuck my wife’s whore-cunt!” Jackie moaned. “Fuck her so good. She’s a disgusting cock-lover like me!”

“Fuck pussy!” I gasped, betraying who I was. “I love dicks! Fuck me so hard, Mr. Black!”

“Damn, I know how to find the dumb ones,” purred Kimmy. “Ooh, fuck that slut hard. That makes me so wet!”

I shuddered as that thick cock fucked into me again and again. Just pounded into my twat over and over again. It was incredible. I clamped my cunt down on his real, live dick. His heavy balls slapped into my bush.

They brimmed with his cum.

Just were full of all that spunk he would fire into me. I couldn’t wait for it all to spurt into me. That would be so amazing. I savored every second of him plowing into me. I wiggled my hips, stirring my cunt around him.

“Look at that slut go!” cried from the audience.

“Dykes love dicks!” another guy shouted.

The crowd cheered.

“Dykes love dicks!” I moaned with them, my pussy melting around this big dick fucking me. Just ramming into me again and again. I loved it. My twat melted around him. The heat swelled in me. “Yes, yes, dykes love dicks!”

I hurtled towards my orgasm, coming closer and closer with his every thrust into my snatch. He churned up my pussy with his big dick. His hands squeezed so roughly about my tits. He kneaded them as he buried his cock to the hilt in me.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I groaned.

“Fuck,” he snarled. “Squeeze that whore cunt around my dick, slut!”

“Yes, Mr. Black!” I whimpered and did just that.

I gripped him.

The friction swelled and swelled as he slammed his dick to the hilt in me. He filled me up with that huge dick. I groaned, rising towards that big burst of pleasure. I would cum so hard. Just burst on his cock.

“Yes, yes, yes, that’s so good. That’s what I need,” I groaned. “Oh, fuck, I’m going to cum so hard! Just explode on your dick!”

“Good,” he growled as he fucked me hard and fast. “Shit, that’s it. That’s a tight cunt.”

He plowed to the hilt in me. He buried deep and hard into my pussy. I couldn’t take much more of it.

My pussy exploded as he buried in me again.

I squealed in humiliated rapture as my cunt writhed around his cock. A tsunami of shameful bliss swept through my lezzie flesh. My dyke-pussy rippled around him, suckling at his dick. He grunted as my mind drowned in ecstasy.

His cock erupted.

His cum fired into my cunt. Spurt after spurt of jizz that flooded my bowels. It was an incredible rush to have him spurting his jizz into me. I loved it. My cunt writhed around his dick. This wonderful heat swept through me.

I trembled there, my body quivering with the shameful delight of his cum flooding my cunt. I trembled through all this rapture. My face contorted with such ecstasy as my cunt suckled at his dick. I milked him of his cum.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned. “I’m your whore. My wife and I are your dyke-sluts, Mr. Black!”

“We are,” whimpered Jackie as she watched.

My cunt milked out all his cum. He panted, squeezing my round tits in his strong, masculine hands. There was no mistaking those for a woman’s. Rough and with such thick fingers. I quivered as his dick twitched in me.

Then something streamed into me. Not cum. It was too strong. Too liquid. He was peeing in my cunt. I gasped at the shame of being used as his toilet. I felt my pussy swelling with all that piss in me. I trembled as more and more flooded into me.

“Fuck,” he growled. “Get ready to lick your wife clean, whore! On your back, Tits!”

“Yes, Mr. Black!” my wife moaned as more and more of that piss flooded my twat.

* * *


I lay on my back, watching the yellow urine spilling down my wife’s legs. He pissed in her cunt. Then he ripped out of her and Donna sprang into action. She straddled me, planted her blonde bush dripping in pussy cream right on my face, and relaxed.

Acrid piss poured into my mouth mixed with thick and salty cum. I had no choice but to drink it. I shuddered, reveling in the nasty flavors. I shuddered, my heart pounding a mile a minute as his piss and jizz filled my mouth.

I gulped it down as my wife squirmed over me, her tartan skirt fluttering before my eyes. Her round boobs jiggled as he aimed his cock at her and pissed on her tits. He released the last of his urine, coating them in the yellow liquid.

“We’re your dumbo dyke sluts!” moaned my wife as I gulped down that jizz and piss.

“We are!” I moaned, drowning in shame and humiliation at how much I loved this. I wanted to do this every day.

* * *


I smiled as I watched Jackie licking piss and cum out of her wife’s twat. Donna quivered there, her tits soaked in piss. My pussy clenched. There was a Lesbian Pride Parade going on. More dumbo dykes for me to sell.

I pocketed my cunt, a cool thirty thousand from the women I sold, and headed off. I loved being a traitor to the lesbian sisterhood. Dicks was where it was at. They should have all become sluts on their own. Now I would make a killing turning them into sex slaves.

I laughed, loving being a lawyer. It was fun coming up with new ways to screw people over. And once I was done selling more lezzie sluts, I’d have to find some hung guys to fuck me hard.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...