The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Clara’s Mind-Controlling Tweets

by mypenname3000

Chapter Thirty-Six: Slut Trainer’s Mind-Controlled Workout

Clara was enjoying her time at the office. She browsed Twitter, smiling at the results of the “Lesbian Pride Auction” run by Kimmy, one of the lawyers at the firm. So many photos and videos of the dykes now pleasing men. Clara smiled at that. She was enjoying...

“Tired of being gawked at while working out?” read an ad that interrupted the flow of sexy pics. “Of being hit on when you just want to get your exercise on? Join Lady Vita, an all-women’s gym.”

“Oh, fuck that!” Clara hissed.

A nearby junior lawyer, wearing her new slutty outfit—a transparent blouse with a red bra and a skirt so short that almost all her legs were shown off as she sat at her desk—looked around for the source of the outburst. She didn’t see the invisible Clara.

Not on my watch, Clara thought. She wouldn’t let those judgmental bitches have a place to gather and be alone. She started typing out her next tweet to her 2.3 million followers

“The gym ‘Lady vita’ is looking for their first and only male member. The trainers try everything to get him to join, they try to 1up each other with their training routine. #sexercise #FreeTrial #HugeMember”

She hit send and grinned. That gym taken care of, she looked around the law office for her next woman to punish.

* * *


I pulled up before Lady Vita. My daughter, Allie, had just gotten a job here as a trainer. She was super-excited. So was I. She was nineteen and finally had a job. She went to community college to get a degree in sports medicine, so working as a physical trainer seemed like a great fit for her.

But she didn’t have a car. Yet. She promised to buy one with her first paycheck so I could stop driving her around.

I pulled out of the car. I just had my own workout at Planet Fitness where I liked to go. Maybe I should get a membership here? I bet it would be convenient. Plus, I would have a family discount. That would be nice, too.

I headed inside, humming to myself. I opened the door to a receptionist desk where a perky blonde with the nametag that read “Jamie” stuck to the band of the black sports bra she wore. She looked up, a smile on her lips that instantly froze.

Then her brow furrowed in disgust. She rose to her feet and slapped her hands down on the desk. “No men allowed! This is a women’s only gym!”

Lady Vita, right. I should have realized that. So a gym membership was out, but she didn’t have to be such a cunt, did she. “I’m just here to—”

“Out!” She said, pointing at the door. “Get out, or I’ll have you arrested.”

“Okay, okay, geez,” I said, holding back my tongue. “I’m Allie’s father. I’m here to pick her up. Just... Let her know that I’m here.”

“Fine!” Jamie said, her words clipped. “You can wait outside. No men allowed. Get out!”

I shook my head, muttering a few choice words like “bitch” and “cunt” beneath my breath as I headed outside. She really didn’t have to be such a nasty piece of shit about it. Christ. She acted like I was here to rape all the women or something.

My anger only grew as I reached my car and leaned on the hood waiting for Allie to appear. That Jamie didn’t have to treat me like I was garbage. My blood only grew hotter and hotter as the minutes ticked by. Where was Allie?

What was taking so long? I thought about going back in there, but I didn’t want to get my daughter in trouble at her new job. I tapped my fingers on my forearms. My phone beeped. Probably another tweet from that Clara girl.

That was a wild account. Some hot pictures of women getting put in their place. Like I wished Allie’s mother would. Back-stabbing cunt. While I was off fighting in Afghanistan, she was fucking half the guys on base.

The door opened and Allie came out. My daughter wore a sports bra and athletic shorts, sweatbands on her wrists, her brown hair tied back in a simple ponytail. She had a lot of her mother in her appearance. Then came Jamie and another woman, an older woman. A MILF with a name tag that read Lana. A headband held back her short bob of black hair from her face, her big boobs bouncing in her sports bra.

“Daddy, I have such great news,” said Allie as she stopped before me.

“Jamie’s going to apologize for being a bitch?” I almost said. But I bit it back at the last moment.

“We are starting a trial membership program to see about adding men to the gym,” My daughter said. “And so we decided to give you a free membership! Isn’t that great?”

“What?” I demanded, my anger now boiling out of me. “After Jamie there told me to fuck off because a man had dared to soil the pristine environment of your female safe space?”

Jamie winced. “I wasn’t aware of the... new policy. Lana came up with it. And I agree, you should become a member at our gym.”

“Pass,” I said. “Come on, Allie, let’s go.”

“No, no, wait,” said Allie. She darted forward and, to my great astonishment, she grabbed my dick through my jogging shorts and squeezed me. My jaw dropped as my daughter groped my cock. Then she flattened the material around my shaft as I swelled involuntarily at the taboo contact. “See! I told you my daddy has a huge member! That’s one of the requirements. The guy has to be hung! And you are, Daddy! Mom said it was the only thing she liked about you.”

“Fucking cunt,” I muttered. “Sop that. You can’t just grope my dick, Allie!”

“But you don’t understand,” she said. “I have to. It’s my job now that you’re a member of the gym! Us trainers are here to do anything to give the guy a great sexercise!”

“A what?” I gasped, my cock lurching in her jogging shorts.

“Sexercise, Daddy,” Allie said. “It’s where you exercise and have sex all at the same time!”

“And so we have to do anything to make sure you’re fully satisfied with your workout, Jake,” said Jamie. She grabbed my right arm, a bubbly smile on her lips. She reminded me of a cheerleader. I bet she was one. My ex-wife had been one.

All whores.

“Mmm, we’re just going to make sure you have a great sexercise. This is a wonderful gym. I founded it. Both my daughters are members. Plus my sister and her daughters, too.” She smiled. “Now, Jake, you get to be the first man to enter and enjoy all the new equipment that just showed up.”

“Special sexercise equipment,” said Allie. “From P Industries. Isn’t that neat?”

With Allie squeezing my dick and Jamie and Lana holding my arms, I didn’t have much choice as the women pulled me towards the entrance to Lady Vita. This was insane. Surreal. It was like one of Clara’s naughty tweets, those made-up scenarios she came up with and everyone played along with like they were real.

Because they couldn’t be real.

People didn’t just start having sex or have interns give slutty makeovers to their employees. Colleges didn’t hire security guards to give facials to girls wearing too much makeup, and now way women were competing to work at a comic book shop by being absolute whores. It was all a fantasy.


They led me into the gym that was full of women working out. Some new equipment I didn’t remember seeing when I first walked in was in the middle of the area. They appeared to be standard pieces of gym equipment—an exercise bike, leg press, bench press, rowing machine, etc—but they had extra... pulleys and rigging that I couldn’t understand the point. I mean, the exercise bike had a strange frame around it. That made no sense.

“Now, you have to meet the dress code for men at our gym, Daddy,” said Allie, her eyes bright. “Naked!”

“What?” I gasped as the dozen or so women, including a pair who looked like Lana’s daughters, all glanced over to see me. A buzz of conversation whispered through the gym as Allie fell to her knees and ripped off my shorts.

She yanked them down, exposing my gray briefs and my hard dick tenting them. Lana and Jamie pulled off my tank top that hugged my muscular body. Jamie rubbed at the tattoo on my arm, a big, red number one.

Then Allie ripped down my briefs. My cock popped out for everyone to see. My cheeks burned as Jamie and Lana gasped in delight. The MILF grabbed my cock and stroked up and down my big dick. She grinned in delight.

“Mmm, yes, yes, much bigger than my husband’s,” she cooed. “Yes, yes, this is just the cock we need for our trial program. Great recommendation, Allie.”

“Thanks, Lana,” My daughter beamed as she pulled my shorts and briefs over my tennis shoes, forcing me to lift my feet. I was so dazed by this.

“Mmm, so,” said Jamie as she popped off her sports bra, a pair of round tits jiggling free, “let’s get you started on the Pussy Poundin’ Peddler.”

My cock lurched in Lana’s hands at the sight of Jamie’s naked breasts. They were C’s verging on D’s with such a delightful firmness to them. She had a faint tan that covered her whole body. And I meant whole as she hooked the fingers in the waistband of her jogging shorts and shoved them and her panties off in a single go.

Not a line of paler flesh to be found.

She wiggled out of her shorts and panties, leaving on her pink trainers with white Nike swooshes on the outside. She straightened, her pussy shaved bare and her vulva plump and juicy, just dripping with her hot cream.

“This can’t be happening,” I muttered as she grabbed my cock and led me to the exercise bike with the strange rigging around it. “This just can’t be happening.”

“I know,” she said. “Not every day you receive a free lifetime membership at an all-women’s gym, is it? Nor the use of all the personal trainers to make sure you have the best sexercise of your life!”

“Fuck,” I breathed, the women using the normal equipment watching on as they rode bikes, worked ellipticals, used some tiny dumbbells, or even worked the climbing machine. They were all fit and gorgeous women.

Jamie stopped at the exercise bike and thrust her leg through a harness that dangled on one side of it. Then she mounted the piece of equipment, straddling where the handlebars would be and facing where the rider would sit. She thrust her leg through another harness then sort of settled into this strange sling.

“There,” she said. “Please climb up on the Pussy Poundin’ Peddler.”

I swallowed. This was surreal, but... The way that harness held her shaved twat. My hard cock would be pushing into her. The idea of fucking this bitch really swelled in me. I groaned and threw my leg over the seat. I settled before her and she grabbed my cock.

The blonde pulled me to her pussy and pressed me right against the folds of her twat. I shuddered at the hot contact with her vulva. She had such a juicy pussy. She winked at me then pushed my cock into her cunt.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned as her hot twat engulfed about a third of my dick. “Yes, yes, now peddle! Get your sexercise on, Jake!”

“Shit,” I groaned as I put my feet on the peddles and peddled.

The pulleys creaked as the wheel turned. Her pussy lowered down my dick. I groaned as her hot cunt slid down my dick until she had taken all of me. Her round breasts quivered then she slid back up my cock. Her hot pussy clenched about me as she rose, the pleasure shooting down to my nuts.

“Fuck me,” I groaned as her wet cunt slid down my pole, her juices lubing the way. “Holy fucking shit, this is incredible.”

“Sexercise!” squealed Jamie as her pussy slid up my dick again.

I grabbed her breasts, squeezing them as my peddling worked her pussy up and down my cock. There was a nice resistance, too, giving my leg muscles a workout. The machine fucked her cunt up and down my dick.

Pleasure swept through me as I savored that hot and juicy cunt massaging my dick. The heat swept through me as I peddled faster. That slid her up my cock faster, too. Then she impaled down it, her cunt engulfing every inch of my dick.

I slowed down then, savoring that wonderful twat working up and down my dick. She squeezed about me as she moaned. My hands massaged her tits as the women of the gym witnessed this naughty new exercise machine.

“Fuck,” I groaned as her pussy gripped my dick.

“I know,” she moaned, her twat squeezing around my dick. “Oh, yes, yes, let’s peddle fast!”

I peddled fast, my legs working the machine. It was different from having a woman fuck me. There was a jerkiness to how she was yanked up me then she sank slower down my dick only to be pulled back up my cock again.

Her blonde hair flew around her face as she moaned out her passion. She cried out her pleasure, her hot twat squeezing about my cock. She massaged me with that wonderful toy. I couldn’t believe how great this felt It was an amazing rapture.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I groaned, savoring that heat engulfing my dick over and over again. That hot, wet pussy working up and down me.

My legs burned with the strain, but I didn’t care. I peddled through the heat, reveling in this wonderful sensation. It was amazing to have her cunt working up and down me. Just fantastic. I loved every second of this. Every last moment of her pussy gripping my cock.

I pumped at the peddles and savored her hot snatch working up and down my cock. I loved how she gripped me. How she massaged me. It was an amazing rush. I savored every last second of this workout, the pressure swelling at the tip of my cock.

“Yes, yes, Jake!” squealed Jamie. “Work my pussy up and down that huge dick! Oh, my god, I love this cock!”

“I can tell,” I growled. “You’re just a slut!”

“I love being a slut!” she moaned. “Oh, my god, I love it so much. I was inspired by this older cheerleader, BeeBee. She was such a big slut, and I’m just like her!”

“Good!” I growled, savoring that hot cunt squeezing about my dick. “I want to feel that slutty little twat spasming around my big dick.”

“Just keep peddling!” she moaned. “You have to keep peddling. Cardio is so good for heart health! You can’t just build muscle! You need stamina!”

I peddled fast, her pussy yanking up my hard dick then sliding back down my shaft. Her juicy pussy massaged me, swelling the pressure in my balls. The need to cum itched at the tip of my dick. Her head tossed, blonde hair dancing as the rigging fucked her up and down my cock.

I rose towards my orgasm as she moaned out her delight. Her hot pussy gripped my cock, massaging me with that wonderful flesh. She brought me closer and closer to that moment of erupting I would spurt my jizz deep into her pussy.

“Shit,” I groaned, savoring that hot flesh gripping my dick. “Oh, shit, that’s so good. Oh, fuck, yes!”

“Keep peddling!” Jamie moaned, the cheerleader-trainer tossing her head back and forth. Her blonde hair danced around her head. “That’s so good. Just don’t stop. Keep peddling and... and... Yes!”

Her pussy slammed down my cock and burst into convulsions.

I groaned as my peddling slid her spasming snatch up and down my cock. Her boobs bounced and heaved as she came on me. Her hot cunt suckled at my dick, massaging the tip of my cock as I hurtled towards that moment of detonation.

“Shit, yes!” I groaned and erupted.

I stopped peddling as my cum fired into her pussy. I pumped her twat full of my cum. It was an incredible delight to enjoy. This pleasure swept through me. It was fantastic to flood this bitch’s cunt with my seed. I loved this so much.

“Oh, pump all that cum into my slutty pussy!” moaned Jamie.

“Just a fucking gym-whore!” I groaned, the ecstasy rushed through me.

I pumped more and more of my cum into her writhing snatch. I groaned as her cunt suckled at me. She nursed at me with such hunger. I trembled, loving every second of this delight. Every last moment of spilling my seed into her twat.

I leaned back and panted, savoring this moment. It was an incredible delight. She had milked my balls dry. She had wrung out every bit of cum that I had. It was the best exercise that I had ever enjoyed. I quivered, my body buzzing with the rush of cumming.

“Good job, Daddy!” squealed Allie as she bounced up and down.

I turned my head and gaped. My daughter was naked now. She had round breasts, a nice pair of melons, that quivered as she bounced up and down with excitement. Her brown bush gleamed with her pussy juices. They dripped down her pale thighs.

“You did such a good job,” she said. “Now, I’ll clean up Jamie’s pussy and lick up all your cum while Lana helps you out on the Titty Delight Rower! She’s the only trainer that’s really got what it takes to give you an awesome sexercise on that machine.”

“Huh?” I groaned as Jamie lifted her pussy off me and worked out of the harness, helped by Allie.

“Ooh, such a good workout, Jake,” said Jamie as she dismounted.

“Mmm, now for the wipe down,” moaned Allie.

She buried her face into Jamie’s shaved twat and wiped down the blonde’s cunt with her tongue. My daughter was eating my jizz out of another girl’s pussy. This was so insane. Lana took my hand and helped me off the exercise bike and to the rowing machine that had extra parts, places for someone to kneel between my legs as I did the rowing. It was complicated.

I sank down into the rowing machine, my eyes locked on my daughter’s tongue Jamie’s pussy. I had the perfect view of her feasting on my spunk. That was incest, but she looked so excited to be feasting on Jamie. The blonde moaned, her body quivering.

“Mmm, now Jake,” said Lana, the busty MILF also naked. She only had her sparkling wedding ring on. She was married and about to do something naughty to me. “You just row normal and I...” She sank between my legs on the platform. “Kneel here and do this.”

She wrapped her boobs around my hard cock.

I shuddered and started rowing.

Her tits worked up and down my cock.

As I pushed with my legs and pulled with my arms, the movement worked her tits up and down my cock. She just had to kneel there, not move, and I had an amazing experience. My dick soaked in Jamie’s pussy cream, so my dick easily pumped in and out of her breasts.

She squeezed them tight around me, forming a wonderful channel between her huge tits. It was an amazing delight to have my cock pistoning in and out of my tits as I used the rowing machine. It was built exquisitely. I couldn’t believe something like this could exist.

“Shit,” I groaned, feeling the strain in my legs and chest while the pleasure shot down my shaft from her silky tits massaging me.”

“Mmm, just keep rowing,” she purred then licked the tip of my cock emerging from between her boobs.

Pleasure jolted down my cock.

“Shit, I will,” I groaned.

I pushed with my legs and pulled with my arms, the machine working. The pulleys whisked as the cables slid through them. Her tits worked up and down my dick, massaging my spongy crown. Her tongue licked the tip. Pleasure shot down to my balls.

I loved that so much I savored that heat growing in me. It was an incredible delight to have those large tits working up and down my dick as I watched Allie feasting on Jamie. My daughter made the blonde shudder with passion.

“Just keep rowing,” purred Lana. The MILF squeezed her tits harder around my cock. “Mmm, don’t stop until you’re spurting all over my face.”

“Goddamn,” I groaned, savoring the silky pressure. Her tongue licked at my crown again and again. “Oh, fuck, that’s hot!”

“Mmm, that’s the point,” she panted. “To get men to be fit and healthy. Mmm, now keep rowing. I want your cum bathing my face!”

The women working out were all watching this. It was so wild. I had never thought anything like this was possible, but it was. I groaned, my dick sliding through the MILF’s tits, my balls tightening with the need to cum. I would have such a big burst of pleasure just a mighty explosion of ecstasy.

The pleasure built and built with her every lick and lap at the tip of my cock. Her boobs caressed me with silky flesh while her naughty tongue stroked over my slit. I shuddered, savoring this moment. This passion that would burst out of me.

I shuddered, my heart pounding in my chest, and not just from the rowing. “Fuck!” I moaned. “Oh, fuck, I’m going to cum!”

“All over my face,” the married MILF moaned. She licked me again.

“Yes!” I groaned.

“Do it, Jake!” Jamie moaned. “Oh, my god, I’m going to cum on your daughter’s face. She’s doing so good with her wipe down! Just so fucking good! Yes!”

Her round breasts heaved as she came on my daughter’s face. I watched her as I rowed. My cock slid through Lana’s tits. Her tongue swiped over the crown. I gasped and bucked as the pressure in my nuts detonated.

I came.

My jizz erupted from my cock and splashed the married trainer on the face. I groaned, the hot wife’s tits squeezing about my spurting girl-dick. Pleasure surged through me. This wonderful heat that slammed into my mind. Sparks sizzled through my thoughts.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned, my head tossing back and forth as I reveled in this delight. “Oh, fuck, that’s so good!”

“It is!” gasped Lana as my cum splashed on her face.

The pleasure surged through me. It was an incredible delight to have this ecstasy exploding from my dick. Stars burst across my vision. My face contorted with the delight of this rapture burning through me.

I growled out my pleasure as I pumped more and more cum onto her face. The MILF groaned as I hosed her down. I shuddered, a final few spurts of jizz burst from my dick. I swayed there, dizzy with the rapture of this moment.

“Shit,” I groaned as Lana lifted her head, her face coated in my cum. My pearly spunk ran down her features. She licked her lips, gathering up my jizz. “Holy shit.”

“Mmm, I know,” she said. The married woman sat up, my cum spilling onto her breasts. It was such a hot thing to witness. My heart pounded in my chest. “Ooh, that was a great sexercise, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah,” I panted.

“Wipe down!” Jamie gasped and darted over. She started licking up the cum off Lana’s face.

The Allie was doing it from the other side. My daughter licked up my cum off the MILF’s cheek. Jamie lapped it off Lana’s forehead. I just sat there panting as pink tongues flicked out and lapped up all that spunk. It was surreal.

My daughter purred in delight as she licked up more of the jizz from her boss’s face. Around us, women were working out and watching. I could feel all their eyes on us, seeing the new sexercises going on here.

It had me feeling so dizzy that such depravity was going on. I sucked in deep breaths. I felt amazing. I watched them licking clean the MILF until Allie pulled her mouth away and smiled at me, her eyes burning hot.

“Now, Daddy, let’s move onto the Anal Delight Leg Press,” she said, taking my hand. “You’re going to love this one. It’s just amazing.”

“Anal...” I stared at my daughter. “You don’t mean...?”

“That you’re going to get to enjoy my virgin asshole, Daddy,” she purred. “To be a trainer here, I have to have all my holes broken in. And since you’re our first male member, and my father, it’s only right that you get it.” She beamed at me with this dazzling logic.

Shit, when did my baby girl grow up into a slut?

She was just like her mother, only Allie wouldn’t rip out my heart, would she?

She led me to a leg press that had a similar harness to the exercise bike. I shuddered as I realized the weights were light. I would be lifting my hundred and five pound daughter, too. Fuck, this was exciting.

I sank into the seat as she worked into the harness. As she did, Jamie came behind her with a bottle of lube. She winked at me as she smeared it on my cock. She pumped it up and down, getting me nice and slick for my daughter’s asshole.

“There you are, sir,” she purred, her hand feeling nice. But I knew my daughter’s asshole would be even nicer. “All ready for your sexercise!”

“Let’s do it, Daddy,” Allie said as Jamie held push her into position. She grabbed my cock and pushed me into my daughter’s butt-crack.

Right against her asshole.

“Let’s sexercise together!” squealed Allie.

Jamie let go and gravity pushed Allie’s asshole down on my cock. I groaned as my daughter’s anal ring stretched and stretched around the lubed tip of my dick. I groaned as my daughter’s sphincter stretched around my cock and swallowed me.

“Oh, my god, that’s so good,” Allie squealed as her asshole sank down my dick. More and more of her anal sheath swallowed my cock. “Is it good for you, Daddy?”

“Yes,” I groaned as she bottomed out on me, straddling me on the leg press. “Shit, that’s good, baby.”

She beamed at me, my dick throbbing in her velvety depths. This incestuous rush shot through me. I couldn’t believe we were sharing this taboo delight. And we were being watched. By Jamie and Lana. By the other women using the gym. It was incredible.

I pushed my legs, extending them, and lifted my daughter’s asshole up my cock. She gasped, her bowels clenching on my dick. It was an incredible rush to feel that hot flesh sliding up me. It was a fantastic delight. I groaned at how amazing it was. This was an awesome pleasure.

Then I retraced my legs and she slammed down my cock. Her asshole devoured my greased dick. She bottomed out on me, gasping. Her bush dripped with juices. They beaded on her curls as I extended my legs again.

“Oh, Daddy!” my daughter squealed as she rose up my dick.

Her bowels clenched about my cock. She held me tight. The pleasure swept through me. It was an exciting pleasure to feel gripping my cock. A wonderful, heady rush that made me groan out in delight. It was incredible.

“Fuck,” I groaned as I thrust my legs again. She rose up my cock, her asshole clenching about me. “Allie!”

“Daddy!” she squealed and plunged down my hard dick again.

My leg muscles felt the burn as I pushed on the leg press, fucking my daughter’s asshole up and down my dick. The incestuous, velvety grip of her bowels melted heat down to my nuts. They swelled with the delightful pressure.

I loved every moment of this. It was an incredible delight to pump her up and down my cock. She had such a delicious anal sheath. She held me tight as I pumped her up and down my dick. She gripped me. Massaged me.

I loved it. I savored this delight. It was perfect. Just outstanding to experience. I loved that hot asshole sliding up and down my dick. She gripped me, bringing me closer and closer to that moment of eruption. To that wonderful burst of pleasure that would shower through me.

I groaned, savoring the heat of her asshole gripping my cock. She massaged me with her tight bowels as I thrust my legs out again and again. I grunted as she slid up my cock then groaned as she impaled back down my cock.

“Daddy!” she moaned, her tight asshole squeezing about me. “Oh, Daddy, this is just an amazing delight!”

“It is,” I groaned, thrusting out my legs again, raising my daughter’s bowels up my dick.

The sweet scent of my daughter’s pussy filled my nose. Her juices soaked her bush as I lifted her up and down my dick. Her asshole squeezed about my cock, massaging me. The pressure built and built in my balls.

The need to cum in her asshole swelled. My daughter tossed her head, moaning in delight. She gripped my dick with her velvety flesh as she plunged back down my dick. I groaned, loving every moment of this.

“Just keep pumping, Daddy!” she moaned. “Push through the burn and make me cum on your big dick! Ooh, you’re just stretching out my ass!”

“I am,” I growled. “You fucking love it up the ass, don’t you?”

“I do, Daddy!” she moaned, squeezing her bowels around my dick. “I love it so much. This is such a great thrill. Ooh, ooh, keep thrusting away, Daddy! I’m going to cum so hard on your dick. I love it up the ass!”

“Yes, you are,” I groaned, thrusting against the leg press and lifting my daughter’s asshole up my cock.

I groaned as she impaled back down me. Her round breasts jiggled every time she plunge down my cock. Her tight asshole massaged my dick. She felt so incredible around me. I loved it. I shuddered as she slid up me. It was such a rush to lift her anal sheath up my cock again and again.

I loved every second of this exercise. This sexercise. I groaned, the pressure building in my nuts as my daughter whimpered. Her pussy dripped with juices that ran through her brown bush to my cock buried in her backdoor.

“Daddy!” she whimpered as she plunged back down my cock. “Oh, Daddy, yes, yes, that’s so good. That’s wonderful. Ooh, ooh, I love this so much!”

“I bet you do,” I groaned, her anal sheath massaging my dick. “Yeah, you just love daddy’s big dick in your tight asshole.”

“So much, Daddy,” she moaned, squeezing her bowels around my dick. “I love it so much. Ooh, ooh, that’s so good. That’s just amazing. I love it so much. Yes, yes, that’s just awesome, Daddy!”

Her pussy clenched around my dick. I savored that heat building and building in my cunt. It was such a wonderful delight to have her anal sheath squeezing around my dick. Just a magnificent sensation. I worked the press, fucking her hard and fast up and down my dick.

She plunged her anal sheath down my cock over and over. She moaned, little more than a sex toy to satiate my dick. My daughter-fleshlight. I shuddered at the feel of her squeezing her bowels around my shaft, the ache growing at the tip.

“You are a little fucktoy, Allie,” I groaned.

“Your fucktoy trainer!” she moaned. Her head throwing back. “Just a few more pushes and... and.. yes!”

Her asshole went wild around my dick. That felt incredible. I loved every moment of her bowels spasming around my dick as I pumped my legs, working the press. Her pussy juices gushed out and splashed my stomach.

The pressure hit that bursting point. I groaned and erupted.

“Shit,” I groaned. “Oh, shit, yes!”

“Daddy!” she gasped, her asshole writhing around me.

I spurted over and over into my daughter’s convulsing asshole. She milked my dick with that wonderful anal sheath. I groaned, loving the way her bowels rippled around me. I groaned, my back arching into the seat of the chair.

“Fuck,” I groaned, the pleasures shooting through me over and over again. It was an incredible rush.

My daughter trembled, the harness creaking around her as she milked out all the cum from my balls. Her pussy squirted one more time, splashing more of her cream on my stomach. She moaned, the gym watching us. Witnessing the incestuous sight.

I panted, savoring the burn in my legs and the pleasure that hummed through my mind. It was such a good sensation. I loved it as my daughter whimpered, squeezing her bowels around my dick and relaxing them. She had such a wonderful grip on me.

It was perfect. Just what I needed to feel. I loved every second of this. I shuddered, my heart pounding in my chest. I sucked in deep breaths, my dick throbbing in her cunt. I felt so good right now. I just buzzed with the delight that she gave me. It was perfect.

Then she pulled off me, helped out of the harness by Jamie and Lana. I groaned as my daughter stepped onto the ground, her legs shaky. She had a huge grin on her face, though. She flashed me a thumb’s up.

“Great work out, Daddy,” she purred. “You really were going for it.”

“Wipe down!” Jamie moaned and fell to her knees behind my daughter. Then she buried her face into my daughter’s butt-crack and started licking her asshole.

“Shit,” I groaned as I climbed off the leg press.

“Mmm, and I have to wipe you down, too,” moaned Lana.

The married MILF dropped to knees and ducked her head beneath my cock. She nuzzled into my balls for a moment then she licked up the bottom of my dirty dick. I groaned as she climbed up and up my shaft to reach the tip.

I groaned as she flicked over the crown. She smacked her lips and winked at me as I stared down at her in shock. My daughter trembled feet away as she had her asshole eaten out by Jamie. The blonde cheerleader was licking my cum out of Allie’s asshole.

And Lana was licking up my cock again.

“Fuck, this is a full-service gym,” moaned Lana. “We’ll do anything to make sure you’re fit. You can use us in any way you want.”

I shuddered as she licked up my cock again. She reached my crown and flicked her tongue around the sides. Then she swallowed my cock. I groaned as her mouth slid over my dick. She engulfed my cock with her hungry mouth.

My hands balled into fists as the married MILF just worked her mouth up and down my dick. She polished my cock with her hungry mouth. She suckled on me with such passion. I loved it. I savored how she worked her mouth up and down my dick.

Her cheeks hollowed. It was an exciting delight to feel nursing on my cock. Just a powerful force to have loving my dick. I groaned, savoring every moment of her hot mouth working up and down my dick.

“Oh, Jamie,” moaned Allie. “Clean all my daddy’s cum out of my asshole, Ooh, and wipe down my pussy!”

I glanced at Allie as she trembled there, her round breasts jiggling. Jamie rubbed at my daughter’s furred muff, stroking through the curls to rub at my daughter’s cuntlips. Allie whimpered, her butt-cheeks clenching about Jamie’s face.

I shuddered at that dirty sight as Lana worked her mouth up and down my cock. Her hands grabbed my hips, holding tight to me. She suckled on me with hunger. I loved how she buffed my dick clean with her hot mouth.

“Shit,” I groaned, my nuts tightening.

“Just enjoy our service, Daddy!” moaned Allie as she trembled there. “Ooh, Jamie, swirl that tongue around in my asshole.”

“Such a yummy asshole,” moaned Jamie. “And full of all that cum.”

I shook my head.

The other women were moving around us, exercising and seeing the fun. They watched Lana work her mouth up and down my dick. She suckled on me with such hunger. I groaned, loving what was being done to my cock.

It was such a rush to have her hot mouth nursing on my dick. My nuts tightened as she worked her mouth farther and farther down my cock. Then she hit the back of my throat and deep-throated me. I groaned as she did that.

“Goddamn,” I groaned as I slid down her gullet.

That was a new experience.

She took more and more of my cock, her tongue sliding around my dick to buff me clean of my daughter’s asshole. My face contorted with the delight of this moment. My dick throbbed and ached. I savored this pleasure, the pressure growing and growing in my cock.

Then she slid her lips into my bush. She had taken all of my cock. That felt incredible. I loved the force with which she nursed. How she hummed around my dick, swallowing to massage my shaft. She worshiped me. Cleaned me.

“Fucking hell, that’s amazing,” I groaned.

“I’m so glad you’re enjoying the service, Daddy!” squealed Allie.

“I fucking am!”

Lana slid her mouth up my cock. She climbed higher and higher up my dick, her fingernails biting into my hips. I watched my daughter trembling as I savored her hot mouth and tight throat massaging my dick.

Then I popped out of her throat, her tongue swirling around the tip of my dick. It was an incredible delight to enjoy. Pleasure swept down my dick. I groaned, my nuts tightening at what she did to me. The heat swelled in me as she bobbed her head, working her mouth up and down my dick.

“Shit,” I groaned. “Oh, shit, that’s great. That’s really fucking great! Damn, you know what you’re doing, don’t you?”

She winked at me.

“Yeah, you do,” I groaned, savoring this pressure building and building in me. “Fuck!”

She brought me closer and closer to cumming. Closer and closer to flooding her mouth with my jizz. I groaned, watching my daughter shuddering. Jamie rubbed at my daughter’s cunt, sliding those fingers up and down my baby girl’s snatch.

“Oh, Jamie,” Allie moaned. “Ooh, ooh, that’s so good. That’s going to make me explode. Yes, yes, just keep doing that.”

“Yeah, keep doing that, you blonde bitch!” I growled. “Make my daughter cum!”

“Yes, sir!” moaned the blonde.

I shuddered, my dick throbbing in Lana’s mouth. The cheating wife bobbed her head, working her mouth up and down my cock. She worshiped me. It was an incredible rush to have her doing that. I loved what she did to me as I rose towards that moment when I would cum in her.

Just spurt all my jizz into her cunt.

I shuddered, my nuts tightening. I would have such a mighty burst of pleasure exploding out of them. I groaned, hurtling closer and closer as her tongue danced over the crown of my dick. Allie whimpered as I growled.

“Fuck!” I groaned and came.

My jizz fired out of my cock and pumped into Lana’s mouth. The MILF moaned in delight, her hands gripping my hips as I pumped her mouth full of cum. I grunted with each blast of jizz that I fired into her mouth.

She gulped it down, her eyes squeezing shut as I fired blast after blast of my cum into her mouth. Pleasure slammed through me as I groaned, my nuts unloading themselves into her mouth. I shuddered, my heart pounding in my chest.

“Oh, Daddy!” moaned my daughter, her body trembling through her own orgasm. Jamie fingered Allie’s cunt. “We have more sexercises for you, but if you have to pee, you don’t have to go to the bathroom. We’re here for you!”

“Are you saying I should piss in your mouth?” I groaned, spurting more cum into Lana’s mouth.

“If you want to, Daddy! I love you!”

“Fuck!” I groaned and fired my last blast of cum. I ripped my dick out of Lana’s lips and growled, “I have to piss so badly!”

“Daddy!” squealed my daughter. She dropped to her knees, her round breasts bouncing, and opened her mouth wide.

I thrust my cock past my daughter’s lips and unleashed my piss.

My acrid urine flooded out of her. I groaned as my piss streamed into her mouth. I flooded her with everything that I had. It was an incredible delight. I loved it so much. My piss splashed at the back of her throat.

She gulped it down. She swallowed all the piss flooding out of my bladder. It was a thrill to just hose her down. The pleasure swept through me. I groaned as I used my daughter’s mouth as a toilet. And she stared up at me with love in her eyes.

“Fuck,” I groaned in shock. “Oh, fuck, I can’t believe this.”

She winked at me.

She was such a naughty thing. I shuddered, my heart hammering in my chest. This was such a wild thing. The last of my piss flowed into her mouth and down her throat. She shuddered as I pulled my dick out of her mouth, some urine spilling down her chin.

“Mmm, wipe down,” purred Lana. She leaned in and licked my piss off my daughter’s chin and lips then kissed her, sharing that salty, acrid liquid.

“Fuck,” I breathed. “This gym...”

“We just want you to know that we’re here to service you,” she said. “Shall we try the next machine?”

* * *

Clara thought about the gym. She figured they had to have some guy in there now. And she wanted to make it even more exciting and naughty.

So she sent out one more tweet.

“Every member of Lady Vita’s gym loves the new male member. He helps the women with their pregnancy workouts. First step is to get pregnant!” #PregnancyWorkout #virile #ProteinShake

* * *


My phone chirped. Then every woman in the gym swiveled their heads. They all squealed, “BREED ME!”

“Holy shit!” I gasped and picked up my phone. I saw the tweet. Clara was a goddess. I had to breed all these women to help them with their pregnancy workouts. I grinned, ready to pump them all full of my virile seed. They needed their protein shakes injected right into their wombs.

The women rushed at me.

To be continued with Clara’s next tweet...