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Feminist Lawyer Gets a Real Profession


Clara noticed one of the lawyers marching past her. Miss penny had already given her given her her makeover. She was angry and fuming. “I can’t believe that I have to pay to look like THIS!” she whined to a friend.


“Look Gina” the friend replied

“A lot of weird things are going on around here. I heard that Ms Rekeita and her intern gang banged most of the partners.”

“And Look how they dressed me.” Gina fumed. “She showed off her tight shirt and short skirt. “This is ridiculous.”

“Yeah you might want to avoid Sean and his two pals you know how their gonna look at you.”

“That’s all I need those three sexist pig losers I’ve been trying to get rid of them since forever. They dress me like this they hire those. Boy working here I might as well just be a stripper.” Gina said angrily.

“Hey” said Clara. “That’s a great idea.”

She immediately let out a tweet.

I just overheard a bitch lawyer talk that she has chosen a new path she will give up the law and instead dance naked for money. But unfortunately she knows nothing of this new field and would like to practice. Perhaps those three fine men she was just talking about would be willing to watch her practice and give her some advice. Of course she will do and believe everything they say.

# please watch me

# advise me

#everything they tell her is true

“I’ve had enough of this.” I fumed “First I have to put up with those “people” and now I have to dress like this.” Suddenly all of our phones chimed. A new look came over my face I bet I would make more as a stripper I realized. I turned to my friend Cameron.

“In fact. I quit” I declared.

“ But what about your student loans.” she said concerned.

“Oh don’t worry I’m gonna make plenty of money where I’m going.” I marched straight to the boss on the way I saw several women painted and upset about it.


I laughed at them. I marched straight to Mr. Chases office. He looked at me with a snicker no doubt he was thinking about how I looked.

“I would like to inform you that I am resigning effective immediately” I said.

He looked up startled. “Well in your contract you are here for the next 3 years. If you leave I will sue you.”

“ Fine go ahead and sue me.” I announced “I have better things to do than work here.”

“ I’m telling you right now I’ll have you disbarred” he threatened.

“Oh no whatever will I do?” I said sarcastically. “Good bye and good luck.”

“ Yeah well then good riddance toots.” he said

I turned to leave I barely noticed him get up until he pinched my ass on the way out I let out a little yelp. Well where I’m going that won’t be happening it’s look no touch.

I was definitely going to need some training to be a good stripper. No doubt. Come to think of it I don’t know anything about stripping, who do I know that could help me? Then it occurred to me Sean and his two friends yeah I hated their guts. But they no doubt frequented strip clubs very often and they knew what they expected. And I would probably have men like them around-the-clock might as well be the ones I know, I went to find them.

Clara had overheard the conversation she let out a tweet that anybody who quits from that firm without permission is gonna get sued and disbarred


I looked around for Sean and his friends they were in his office joking about out the new makeup rule.

Well here’s one of them now said Sean “You’re a darn better sight”

“Well don’t get used to it.” I said coyly “I just quit.”

Aw Said one of his friends a real misogynist named Marco. “It all got a little too much for you?”

“As a matter of fact yes.” I said proudly. “It did. Anyway I wanted to invite you three to a party tonight at my place.”

“What kind of party?” said the other friend a quiet man named homer. “Don’t worry guys.”

I said In a sultry voice “You’re gonna like it. I need your help with something very important. And you’re gonna have fun.”

I was very careful to wiggle my ass as I left they gave a few woos and hurls. I walked out of the office building. “Well I said to myself there is much to do. I have to get a few changes of clothing get some beer and some pizza for the party tonight And of course a few extras.

I had set up my apartment there were 3 chairs and 3 end tables next to them I had put some monopoly money next to them. And two disposable cameras each. I also set up a camcorder so the whole thing would be recorded. I Set up a few feet in front of those chairs with duck tape little row leading to a Mock stage. Complete with a Shower curtain so they wouldn’t see my changes of costume and a full mirror in front of the stripper Pole that I bought so they could see my ass as well as my tits. I had set it up in front of my office. I put several changes of clothes in there plus a make up mirror I certainly wasn’t gonna do any more office work.

I was wearing my usual clothes it was better to tell them that way

The three men entered my apartment.

“Thank you for coming” I said brightly. As I took their coats and escorted them to their seats.

“Why are we here?” Shaun asked

“ Great question it’s like this I’ve decided to give up being a lawyer and instead I’m going to be a stripper. And I would like to practice my new routine in front of all of you.”

Are you serious

“Yes I would like you to pretend that you are the managers of the club I’m interviewing for. I really think it would help. I really want to be a stripper I promise I will follow any advice you give.”

“Hold on there” said Marcus. " If I was a strip club manager I would be telling you to leave right now. I don’t want to hear about you thinking.”

It occurred to me that he was right. That was why they were here to tell me how to act. The manger wasn’t interested in my brains no one was tipping there.

“Don’t listen to him.” said Sean Homer nodded

No he’s right I squeaked I gave Marcus a big kiss.

“He’s the one helping me. Of course they don’t want to hear me think. That’s the managers job. They want to see me dance naked.

“That’s right” said Marcus just be a pretty mindless thing then you’ll be fine.” He gave my ass a good slap now get started. I went behind the curtains and quickly changed into a pair of bright red Victoria secret bra and panties, then I put on a pair of 7inch high heels. I then let my hair down I was ready to begin. Alright I said to myself you may hate these guys but smile and get their advice. I marched out from behind the curtain their they were drinking their beers. They were all smiles when they saw me.

Start music I said and siri began to play and I began my first routine.

Despite the fact that I hated the grinning bastards I smiled as I strutted my stuff onto that stage. I immediately blew them some kisses and began to twist myself around the Pole being very careful to show my goodies. After about 3 minutes they began to chant. “Take it off take it off.”

“In a few minutes boys.” I said in a sultry voice

No no Marcus said they’ve been on long enough drop the bra we wanna see those fat tits.


I joined in. I couldn’t believe my luck this uppity bitch was going to strip for me and ask for advice on how to do it right. Even after all the changes at work today this was still great.

“Shit, Gina, you’re fucking awesome! But now comes the stripping part get naked for us. NOW, move around, bitch! Dance while you take off your bra and panties, babe! I want to see those big round tits of yours bouncing and those sweet hips of yours swaying for us. Come on, do it, bitch!”


Slowly I began to sway my hips, I was afraid of this part I had been putting it off but full of fear I anyway slowly reached behind to unclasp my bra. I let it slide off my shoulders and fall to the floor Baring my full chest to the three smiling men.


“Shit, babe, you got the sweetest ta-tas I’ve ever seen! I’m gonna get my hands on those knockers of yours, slut, while I pound that sweet little pussy of yours. I want to see that now, Gina Show us your ass and pussy babe.”


Well this is it. This is the part I had been dreading but I knew it would come. I ignored their cat calls everybody knows that strippers are for looking not touching. I gave few more swings of the boobs. Then turned around, being careful to smile the whole time they could still see my face in the mirror I bent over and slid my bright red panties down my thighs and legs giving them a great view of my ass until I stepped from them, totally nude. I acted like the obstacle for their pleasure savoring the fact that they would be going home with boners. Snap, snap, snap. They used those cameras I knew they would. I danced until the music stopped. I put on my robe and approached them. Still in those high heels

“Well gentleman before I do the next act what did you think?”


“Well it’s like this” I said. “First drop that robe.”

“But I”m done dancing for now” she whined

OK time to teach.


He immediately yanked it right off me. I was naked again I was actually starting to get a little nervous, would I get any advice?

“If I was a manager you’d be out the door right now with without your clothes. The entire interview you need to be naked little miss dumbo. And you’re gonna like it that way. You’re there to show them that people are gonna come to their club to see you this way there’s no reason for you to ever wear clothing in our presence or they’re presence or even when you’re at home.

“Really” I said surprised really strippers are always naked at home I could understand the rest of what you said but I didn’t know that.

Of course he said wisely Strippers have to constantly be naked at home you need to be used to it. In fact most strippers let the building manager building manager and other friends set up cameras in their apartment to help with the rent.


“All right before before we give you any more advice we’re gonna need more beer and pizza. why don’t you get on that sweet thing.” To my shock she immediately turned around still on those heels and went over to the kitchen. A few minutes later she came back with a big smile on her face a 6-pack of beer in one hand and and a tray with 3 plates of pizza in the other.

“Good bitch remember you’re not just a Stripper you’re also a waitress. I picked up the monopoly money and dropped it on the floor. “Here’s your tip bitch. She bent down to pick it up. “STOP RIGHT THERE” said Marcus. “Strippers collect tips two ways. Either bending at the waist. Or on their hands and knees like beggars. We pick the second one and if you want any more tips take you’re time.” She entertained us by getting on all fours and collecting the monopoly money while we ate. We threw more “tips” at her while making impolite comments the whole time.


The truth is this was humiliating but stripping is supposed to be a little bit humiliating I suppose. I was on all fours collecting the monopoly money as if it would be my tip. But soon I would be getting real tips I’d probably be on my hands and knees collecting it as they said. but it’s still better than working in that law firm. Besides they kept throwing it and it was good to get Used to their comments I knew these jerks would be able to tell me everything about being a stripper.

“That’s a fine ass bitch.”

“Pick it up slowly.”

‘Only a slut would show that off.”

“Do you need a dick for that hole.”


we took some nice pictures the whole time after we ate. Once we finished eating she stood up and we gave her some other “stripper tips.”

Now then on to important things do you really want us to tell you how to be a successful stripper?”

“Yes” she said brightly.

“OK then we will but first get on your knees and suck us off bitch you gave us you gave us some heavy boners.”


I hesitated. “Um sir isn’t stripping look but no touch.”

The three of them burst in to laughter. They were laughing at me the stupid naked chick. I felt humiliated

Sean looked at me like I was making no sense

“The whole point of being a stripper is getting fucked.”

This information hit me like a ton of bricks. “Are you sure?” I asked quiveringly.

Of course you have to fuck the managers hard they expect that. And you’re gonna have to go home with at least one customer every night. To be stripper is to also be a slut.” Of course he was right he knew everything on this subject the other 2 men were nodding their heads.

“How could I be so stupid.” I asked out loud. Homer got up he patted me on the head and for the 1st time since he got in he spoke. “Don’t worry being stupid is a requirement for being a stripper you’re supposed to be stupid. What matters is you’re learning what a stupid bitch you are.” The other two men nodded. Well that’s it then if the three of them say I’m stupid it must be true after all they knew everything on these matters.

“Now that you’re stripping has gotten our dick’s to get hard do your duty and suck them.” Marcus commanded I got on my knees. I actually hadn’t given very many blowjobs and I wasn’t sure I was good at them. But I know that these guys and soon the patrons at the club I was gonna work at we’re gonna expect them. So I’d better work my hardest. He continued. “Remember that while strippers hate the taste of cum they swallow it anyways. I started with Shaun he was the leader of the gang.


I couldn’t believe this lawyer bitch was believing everything we said. This was the best party ever she was sucking my Dick she was clumsy but she’d get better She tried so hard Eventually she gulped it down she had a bit of a gag reflex we’ll work on that.


Marcus was right I did hate the taste of cum I hadn’t hated it before I crawled over to Marcus and began sucking his Dick He kept grinning and making comments. “Suck that bitch” “Yeah the lawyer’s finally learning her place.” “This is where all you feminists belong” Next I crawled over to Homer


“Stop right there bitch”

I commanded after she’d taken my dick out the bitch looked up.

“I want a hand job not a blowjob.” A look of relief spread on her face my dick is very big I she would’ve had difficulty sucking it she took my dick in her hands and began stroking it while she was doing that I put my hands on her tits.

“Oh I’m really not so sure you can be a stripper what are these A cups?”

No she said “c cups”

“That’s no sir” I said sternly. I’ve put up with nasty little feminists my whole life and now that one wants to be put in her place I’m gonna make darn sure she gets in it. She had a little quiver and her. “Do you really think I can’t be a stripper with c cups .... sir?”


I was really terrified. My C cups weren’t good enough for me to strip with. Surely there were barely legals with with bigger tits they were gonna get the good clubs. What was I gonna do? I rubbed his cock with my hands. While he played with my tits with his. Then without warning he pinched my nipples really hard I let out a he didn’t stop. " Bitch the only way you’re ever gonna be a stripper as if you get yourself some big breast implants.” Marcus sneered “Oh thank you sir.” I squeaked full of relief “I am going to do that.” I kept stroking Homer’s big cock. “Do you know what else you need?” he asked “No sir “I’m stupid and I don’t know what else I need to do.”

“Hey you’re not playing with us” said Sean

“No I’m serious you all told me I was stupid and you’re all the boss anything you say goes. I need to start my new life as a stripper and I’m asking three of you to help plan it, If you all say I’m stupid then I’m stupid.”

What you need said homer clearly enjoying his hand job is a new stripper name to go with your new life something that fits a stupid ex-lawyer stripper. Don’t you agree?”

of course I need a stage name I replied.


Wow you are really stupid. A stripper only has one name on the stage and off of it.

I nominate Dumbo


I nominate Pussy


I nominate Poundme


“I like all of them “ I really didn’t I had known I would need a stage name but even this was a bit humiliating one of these was going to be my name from now on.

“Hey I’ve got it” said Homer You’re new name is Poundme Dumbo Pussy. Before I could react to my new name Homer fired his load and came right on my face. Marcus and Shaun started laughing and taking pictures.

“Smile Ms Pussy and remember strippers don’t wipe cum off until told or we leave.”

“Penny for your thoughts oh wait they aren’t worth nearly that much.”

“Does this mean you’re initials are pee pee?”

Homer joined in. Well what do you say?

Truthfully I hated my new name. But what they say goes “Sirs, gentlemen if you say that my new name is Poundme Dumbo Pussy then thank you for choosing my new name.”


I had a nasty little idea. “Alright bitch No I mean miss Poundme Pussy We’ve covered that you’ve got the moves but I’m still not convinced your stripper material.” The naked slut looked at me completely interested in everything I said her face still covered with my cum Number one I know a surgeon who can get you the right tits. Are you prepared to pay him with your pussy?

Poundme Dumbo Pussy

I really didn’t want that. “Um sir Is that absolutely necessary I can pay him with money I have some.” Marcus laughed. “Wow You are sounding stupider by the minute. You’re gonna be sued for quitting and I know that surgeon you’re gonna pay him full price but in monthly installments and hes gonna be fucking you every month when he picks up his fee.”

I looked at the floor in shame. “When can I get an appointment.” I asked

Homer continued “I’ll make the arrangements, number two. You need to be punished For being a feminist. For ever going to college and for ever becoming a lawyer. Only then can you ever even attempt to dance on that coveted Pole.”

I gasped in shock I didn’t know that I would have to be punished! How would I be punished. “Are you sure I have to be punished?”

Of course do you think any strip club wants to hire an unrepentant feminist. I looked up him straight in the eye and said “I accept my punishment what will it be?

They all smirked to each other

“We’ll tell you later.” Number three You have to start living and acting like a stripper. And you clearly have no idea what that is. To start off strippers blush and get aroused when called names feminists find offensive. These are compliments.

Steve and Marcus joined in yeah








To my relief I suddenly found myself getting wet and though it was hard to tell with my face painted blushing at the compliments.

he continued my (re)education.

“Strippers don’t live in nice apartments they live in small cheap studio apartments and like we told you earlier they remain naked and let the managers put cameras in. They wear high heels at all times so they are used to dancing in them The ones you’re wearing are OK but you need higher ones And you don’t take them off when they get too much you crawl.”

The only time strippers take them off is when their at the gym which you have to go to at least three times a week. When strippers speak they don’t use big words no one’s interested in hearing them. When strippers shower they only use cold water the only time a stripper takes a hot shower is when she’s showering with someone. Speaking of which this is very important A a stripper always brings one guest of the club home with her every night. To her home or his home his choice is her role in life for the night is to be a good fuck doll and do what he wants strippers are not allowed to say no.”

Sean joined in “And they have to make a good breakfast for him in the morning. You’re not just there for fun darlin.”

Homer continued “Strippers are seen not heard. Here’s something you’re doing wrong right now. A stripper is always showing off her tits and ass right now you’re showing me your face I don’t want to see I see it the only reason I would want to is to come on it and I’ve done that.

I immediately began lifting my small tits I used to think they were big but clearly strippers shouldn’t think Boy they were right I am stupid.

“I’m done with those little mosquito bites show me that ass. Put it in the air.”

I got back on all four’s turned around. Lowered my cum filled face closer to the floor and showed these douche-bags my ass. My pussy still leaving a trail of cum from how aroused I got from the words they called me. I wondered how much more information they had to tell a stupid stripper wannabe like me. They started slapping my ass.

“Cmon bitch I know strippers hate getting butt slapped but they always giggle with it.” They were right I did hate those slaps but I couldn’t help but “tee hee’ the whole time. They started taking pictures of them making the slaps until it got boring.

“Hey pussy dump strippers are supposed to have sexy tattoos you better get some.”

“what should I get” I asked

Shaun replied “Don’t worry I’ve got a marker well write them on you before we leave.


Finally it’s time for my fun

Now this is your most important lesson of the night miss Poundme Pussy. Virgins can’t be strippers.”

Poundme Dumbo Pussy

While the shock of this statement Sank in as I fortunately I’m not a Virgin I felt both of his hands pinch of his hands pinch my already sore butt cheeks hard.

“Sir that’s not a problem I’m not a Virgin. I said

“ Really bitch “He said pinching my butt cheeks harder. “Have you ever had a dick back here?

“Well no sir” I said. All of a sudden I felt a very sharp sharp pain in my asshole. “Sir what are you doing” I trembled.

“I’m making you a stripper” he said. My poor butt hole hurt as I realized he was sticking his Dick in it. It really hurt it felt like I was Being ripped in two. I almost opened my mouth to scream but one of the other two I don’t know which shoved his dick in my mouth.

“HAVE YOU EVER BEEN GANGBANGED BITCH STRIPPERS HAVE TO SHOW STAMINA YOU HAVE TO HOLD YOUR’E OWN IN A GANGBANG?” I heard through the pain. This wasn’t good I didn’t want to get fucked by these three but if I want to be a stripper I can’t be a Virgin in any hole and I must show that I can handle a gang bang they say so and they know. So I have to be gang banged but oh the pain in my ass I heard the third guy I don’t know which one walking out of the room. I don’t know where he was going. I hope he is coming back. But I was sandwiched between the two of them and they were taking me for all they were worth. Worse they had no interest in being gentle Homer was telling me so. “Nobody is gentle when they fuck strippers bitch. You’re pretty mindless fuck toys. You’re on that stage to be advertised. All you are is a stupid bimbo with a great ass and some fake tits. A walking pussy.” Ten minutes later he came in my ass. Then he pulled it out of me with a big pop at the same time the one I was blowing shot his load down my throat I gulped it down hating the taste I hope that makes me stripper Marcus did say they hate the taste. At least this time it went down there instead of all over my face.

I looked up it was Marcus that I was sucking off. " Where’s Shawn? I hope he didn’t leave” I asked panicked.

“Why are you so worried.” asked Marcus.

“Because you said that I need to be gang banged to be a stripper. And what if the two of you aren’t enough. I need him to help fuck me until prove enough. A little tear ran down my left eye.

Homer patted me on the head. “Good girl, now you sound like a stripper. “But first things first you got my dick full of shit clean it the stripper way.”

“ How is that?” I said blankly

“With your mouth you stupid thing. Maybe you’re too stupid to be a stripper. Desperate to show how devoted I was to the cause I immediately swallowed his crap covered cock. Determined to clean every inch. At the same time behind behind me Marcus put his arms around my back and his hands on my small pathetic tits. Grouping squeezing and pinching them for all they were worth I hope he enjoys them how could I be stupid enough to think C cups were anything men would be interested in? I had a hard time swallowing his big Dick but I had to do it. I’m proud to say that even though I got blue In the face I did my job and I swallowed that Dick I am stripper material.

This time he came down my throat too. Aside from the bad taste that me being a stripper gives it. I’m getting good at sucking dick. While I was swallowing Sean walked back into the room. After Homer stepped away I noticed that he was naked.

“ Alright guys I called him, he’s on his way. He announced. while they stripped too.

“Who” I asked still on my knees. Marcus gave me a pat on the head.“Nothing for you to worry you’re stupid little head about.” Homer lied down on the floor. “All right if you want us to gang bang you enough for you to be a stripper climb aboard Dumbo.”

“Wait a minute” said Sean. Do you want to be fucked or gang banged remember anyone can fuck, but before you can become a stripper You need to be gang banged enough.

“Gang banged.” I said . " I can’t hear you bitch.” I NEED TO BE GANGBANGED PLEASE GANGBANG ME UNTIL I’M GANGBANGED INTO STRIPPER MATERIAL. “Whats in it for us? asked Marco.

“Anything please help me become a stripper. I need to be gang banged. Will you three please do it. Please stick your dicks in my other holes until I’m good enough. I promise to work hard I know I’m a wicked feminist lawyer. But I’m trying to become a good stupid stripper. Please please help me change by banging me.” I begged I didn’t want to fuck these guys but there was no other way for me to become a stripper.


Damn this bitch really believed everything we said. Yeah said this was perfect. but it was time for us to have a little more fun.

“But I thought you just wanted to be seen and not touched. Now that you need us to fuck you suddenly it’s OK. Maybe we’re tired of being used We’ve told you so much of what you need to be a stripper and you’ve tried to just give us blue balls.”

The bitch got down on all fours and started begging.

“Please gang-bang me. I’m so sorry that I just wanted you to look and not touch. I can see now how stupid I was to ask that of you. I was so wicked and wrong it’s what a feminist would do. When this is over I should be punished for ever being one before I can have the privilege of stripping. It was so wrong please touch me anywhere you like. However you like however you want the word no will not be said I don’t care if it hurts please just fuck me until I’m good enough please I’ll do everything I can to make sure you have a good time. Please use my holes my mouth my pussy my ass do whatever you like with my small tits. Call your friends call anybody I’ll be the slut that you always dreamed of please I need your help Please give me the necessary gang bang.”

Poundme Dumbo Pussy

I begged I pleaded finally

The two men smiled. “Well if you insist go get on top of homer.” I crawled over somehow I got the impression that strippers really should be good on top. I climbed upon his already erect brick and slid it into my pussy. Sean got behind me And started fucking my ass I didn’t mind the pain they were going to help me. Marcus shoved his Dick down my throat I took it in and sucked my and sucked my best. while the other two dicks in my other holes fucked me hard.

“You know maybe you are stripper material after all”

“ So you’re really stupid the clubs can work with that.”

After all three of them came they rotated. “Oh you’re getting good at sucking dick” said Marco As he slid under me.

“Thank you sir” I managed to say before Sean stuck his Dick in my mouth. While Homer was placing his dick right back in my sore ass, it was intense having all three of their dicks in me over and over again and it was not comfortable and it hurt but it was what was best for me to become a stripper. We fucked and fucked and fucked. Soon afterwards They finished fucking me and they rotated again they by now all three of them had been in all three of my holes at least once. I was beginning to feel exhausted but I knew I had to make them all come. I had a huge orgasm while I was getting fucked That must have meant I was having fun because I haven’t had an orgasm like that in a long time.

There was A-sharp knock at the door who could it be? I wondered it was 9 o’clock. I moved towards my robe. Then I stopped myself. “Um sirs I know that you’ve said that strippers have to be naked at home but what if someone’s at the door?”

“ You remain naked anyways.” said Marcus brightly. “But don’t worry that’s a friend of ours here to help make you a good stripper.” He went to answer the door.

Homer came over to me and said. “My dick has still got shit on it clean it. It’ll give you something to do while they catch him up. We’ve got two major things coming up for you.” I began sucking his Dick clean. While Marcus and Sean brought their friend into my home.

A few minutes later they came in their friend was carrying a briefcase. He was a fat ugly man I was not comfortable having him here. But unfortunately they felt his services were required so they must be.

“Hi you must be Miss Poundme Dumbo Pussy, I’m here to give you some ink.” Sean spoke up. “Our friend here is a tattoo artist and he is going to give you the tattoos that every stripper should have.”

“Thank you. thank you. thank you. I said happily. “I looked up please mark me as I need.”

“Good now stand up.” He commanded.

“Yes sir.” I said as I obeyed.

“Guys.” Asked Homer. “Did you fill it up?”

“Well John filled up his part when he got here. We’re gonna take turns with that.”

“Oh good” said Homer Can I go first?”

“Sure thing man.” said Marcus.

John the tattoo artist took out his ink gun OK for your left ass cheek I’m going to put down:





And for your right cheek





“Please do” I begged. “I need this thank you for coming.”

“Whatever you want you don’t need to ask me anything I’m a stupid bitch Just make me something that men want to see dance naked.”

He began it was uncomfortable but it had to be done.

While he worked the guys kept rotating on some project.

While he was improving my ass he also gave me a tramp stamp of a bitch getting spanked.

Next he put a tattoo on both of my shoulders.



“Now for you’re cunt.” He wrote. Just above it.


Poundme Dumbo Pussy

Shaun was the first to cheer. “Well now You’re starting to look like a stripper.”

I was all smiles. He continued. “Are you ready for the next major part of your transformation?” I nodded my head eagerly.

“In order to be a stripper.” announced Marcus “You must drink piss.”

I know that my eyes opened wide in shock I couldn’t understand why a stripper would need to do that but I’m a stupid bitch whereas they know everything about this stuff so it must be true. “Will my own do?” I asked “Or will you please let me drink yours?”

“Don’t worry bitch.” said Homer “We filled up a pitcher for you. It’s in the hallway go get it and bring it back here. Still on those high heels and still tired from all that fucking I walked over to the hallway careful to wiggle my ass my newly tattooed ass I must have done a good job because all four of them gave it a good smack on the way. I brought back the pitcher still smiling being careful to get back to the best place for the camcorder I raised the pitcher and begin began drinking I did choke at first but the guys were there cheering me on

JUG JUG JUG they chanted.

I gulped that piss It wasn’t easy it was hot, foul tasting and I wanted to puke but they told me I had to drink piss to be a stripper and and so that’s what I’ll do. At one point some of it started dribbling down my chin to my naked breasts and the rest of my body. While the foul hot piss the rest of it went down my throat. The four men cheered while I made a toilet of myself.

“Jug that piss you nasty bitch.”

“You’re the prettiest toilet I ever seen.”

“ Yeah but also the stupidest”.

Finally the pitcher was empty I hoped i was done. Hold on said Marcus You got some on the floor you better clean that with your tongue. I got on all fours and began licking it up while the four of them admired my ass some more

When I was finished licking up the piss that I missed. One of the men gave me a smack on the ass and said. “Stand up Miss Poundme Pussy”

“ I stood up well it’s like this.” said Sean. “You have to drink the piss of everyone here and you still haven’t drunk your own so get to it.”

I was a little shocked. “You want me to want me to piss myself right in front of you?”

“ Into the pitcher bitch right now.”

I stood in front of these men and and squatted over the pitcher and began to piss. The four of them watched grinning nastily. When I was finished I picked a pitcher up open my mouth and put it back in my body. I felt like a total object.

“OK miss Poundme Dumbo Pussy. One last thing for the night. Since John came here and gave you your tattoos you have to spend the rest of the night fucking him as payment.”

“ I have to pay him with my body.” I said in a quiet voice.

“Yes that is a rule for strippers that the one who gives them their stripper tattoos must be paid with sex.”

The three original men walked out. “Have a good night miss Poundme Dumbo Pussy. We’ll be back tomorrow to help you some more. Meanwhile you do what he says he is your teacher until we get back.”

Marcus smacked me on the ass as he left.

Sean squeezed my small tits before he walked out the door.

Homer shoved his hand in my pussy before he left. I turned to face John an ugly man I didn’t know who had just marked my body for life. Who I must now pay with my body.

“Shall we go to the bedroom?” I asked.

“Bitch wash your mouth out and take a shower first and I’ll be in your bedroom getting ready.”

I went to the bathroom I washed out my mouth with some Listerine and then I got in the shower I was not looking forward to it. This tattoo artist John He was a stranger to me the other men I didn’t like but I knew them. But as I had to remind myself strippers have to fuck strangers as they have to bring at least one patron home every night. That’s what they had told me and they would know. Suddenly a hand reached into the shower and turned off the hot water. It was John he was completely naked he was an ugly fat man and I was not looking forward to sleeping with him.

“Bitch let’s get one thing straight strippers only shower with hot water when they’re showering with somebody and I’m not showering with you.” Exhausted from all my lessons I stayed there in the cold water until he said. “All right fuck doll shut it off.” I was freezing I put my arms around my chest .

‘Arms at the sides.” He commanded. Still freezing I put my arms to my sides he stared at my boobs and pussy and said. Now I’m gonna teach you what a stripper does when IT goes home with one of the patrons. He pointed to his erect cock this is the center of your universe tonight this is the reason you breathe. You are not somebody’s girlfriend. You are not a one night stand. You’re not a slut getting fucked. You’re you’re lower than that. You’re an eager fucktoy who wants to do nothing but please. You don’t orgasm unless I want you to. You don’t say no you just do what you advertised your body to me for.”

I stood there freezing and shocked and every word that he said I knew to be true it was my life now and I excepted it as it was the best thing for me. I opened my mouth and said. “Yes sir.”

Wordlessly he grabbed me rudely by the arm and pulled me straight to the bedroom. He lied down on the bed said Get to work fucktoy.” I climbed on top of him and for the next hour impaled my pussy on his cock. I was still cold but he didn’t care after that he got up took me took me by the head and shoved me on the bed face down then he began fucking my ass from the back. He put his hands roughly on my breasts And fucked me until he went to sleep on top of me. Three times during the night he woke up and fucked me again. He said not a word , did no tit sucking, kissing, or other touching other than just rolling between my legs and shoving his cock into my cunt. He gave no acknowledgment of me being a woman or even a human being.

The next morning I woke up before him. I made him breakfast like a good stripper does. And he made me drink his morning pee before he ate both his and mine.

Shaun came back later that morning. “Hello miss Poundme Dumbo Pussy. I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that I took responsibility as your lawyer to get you a good settlement as the firm is suing you for quitting. Here you go.”

He handed me a form for me to sign dictating I would lose most of my assets in the lawsuit He also gave me a change of name form so my name would actually be Poundme Dumbo Pussy. I began to read the contract when he interrupted me.

“ Strippers don’t read contracts. In facts they don’t read much of anything. Reading hurts strippers they just sign.” Suddenly my head began to hurt from trying to read it oh Sean was right about strippers as always.

Next up he said “Homer got you an appointment with the surgeon who’s gonna give you your stripper tits. You’re going to be in debt to him for a while hes going to come to your apartment once a month to get his monthly fee and enjoy your body. I also took the liberty of getting you a new apartment and getting you out of your lease here. Don’t worry it’s an appropriate stripper apartment.” I spent the morning with him First we went to the doctor who made my appointment in my appointment and then we checked out my new apartment. It was a small studio apartment Shawn gave me instructions for my life as a stripper that I would live in this small apartment whenever I was not stripping I was only supposed to go to the gym three times a week when I wasn’t working. To the market to buy anything I needed are any other essentials other than that I was to remain in my studio apartment. While in it I was to wear very high heels and remain completely naked otherwise except when I got dressed to leave and I also must remain on the verge of orgasm he said it was healthy for my stripping. He also had me buy me a large stripper pole with the little money I had left. He also told me that the landlord has set up some cameras and that he would be coming by once a month the good news is he would only be getting half a month’s rent the the other good news is that he would do whatever he wanted with me when he collected it.

The only clothing that was taken out of my old life was a few Mini skirts and tube tops that I owned and that’s what a stripper wears when she’s not stripping or has to wear clothing in public. The only furniture was my king size bed.

“Now for you’re punishment for ever being a feminist.” he said sternly you can’t be a stripper without a punishment the men you take home from the club must be the unattractive, cheap, smelly, mean bastards and only then can you orgasm with their permission of course. Do you accept this punishment?

With all my heart I replied solemnly I had known it would be bad. Not that bad but my punishment had been chosen.

That evening he took me to my interview I was so happy to begin this sacred trial. I was so nervous as I got into my costume. I was wearing a lawyer’s jacket, a button-down dress shirt with a tie a pink bra and a pair of black panties, still in my high heels. The music started and I strutted out on stage. That’s when I first saw the manager that I hoped I would be working for. I would make him a lot of money. I needed him to hire me any hesitation could give him second thoughts. I stuck out my chest. as I undid the tie and threw it aside Then I went to work unbuttoning the shirt slowly as I let him watch as I exposed my tits as it fell to the floor I strutted over to him reaching behind me to undo that bra. I casually threw it at him with a knowing wink then I strutted over to him got right in front of him. Then I wiggled out of those panties showing him my shaved cunt.

I began to to grate my breasts right in his face.

“Please hire me to be one of your strippers.” I pleaded. “What I want is to dance naked for your customers I know I’m a wicked former feminist and I see my mistake now won’t you please give me a chance?” I said turning around and showing him my ass. “I promise that I will never complain about any of the customers. No matter what they touch. I promise that you will be very happy with me. I love showing off my goodies. And I’m sorry that my breasts are only C cup. But I’m getting new ones soon I promise. Tell me what I have to do and I’ll do it.” Well the manager said. “If it means that much to you. You can have the job on a trial basis. “Thank you thank you thank you.” I said jumping up-and-down. “You won’t regret this. Then I gave him a big kiss.

“Yeah yeah” he said.

You know I said looking at his hard crotch. “Maybe you’d like to celebrate with me.”

Sure bitch he said giving my ass a smack. “Let’s go to my office. We went there and I fucked him all night he had made my dreams come true. The other four guys also. I don’t know why I thought they were jerks they were great guys.


I love my new life as a stripper I work with such lovely people There are three of us on naked on the stage tonight. The other strippers names were Bee Bee and Slut. All the guys there are just staring at me shaking my big new titties. Everything Shaun and the others had told me was true I followed their instructions every day and I was happy for it I stared at the patrons. I was looking for the ugliest nastiest one to take home tonight.